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Greetings from STEMsocial, one of the oldest projects on this chain!

As you all know, STEMsocial aims at providing, on Hive, a space for STEM experts and passionate bloggers to freely share their knowledge in a great social media environment. In other words, we aim at building a unique way to communicate about the STEM disciplines.

We feature all kinds of STEM articles delivered by our community members, and we are happy to be able to learn day after day about the specific topics brought by our authors.

However, we noticed at the same time that... we do not know most our community members. Moreover, why stopping at blogging? Lifefeeds could be put in place as well!

And so, this is why we made this post!

Getting to Know the STEM enthusiasts on Hive and beyond

So, are you a STEM expert with credentials in any STEM or similar discipline (Bachelor, Master, PhD, etc.)? Are you a dedicated STEM hobbyist heavily involved in some field(s) for many years? Or, are you simply a lover of all things STEM?

Please let us know! Tell us a little bit more about yourselves!

If you already have a Hive account, you can leave a 1-2 line blurb about yourself in the comments section of this post, write a proper post within the STEMsocial community (#hive-196387), or even do both (to ensure we don't miss you).

If you don't have any Hive account and are interested in joining STEMsocial? Pass by Discord, the Hive Chat, Twitter or Facebook to reach us out and get a free account. You can also have a look to to get it by yourself.

Towards STEMsocial live events

The content available from STEMsocial is currently in the form of blogs. While blogging is certainly the most popular and minimal way for content creation, we live in the 21st century and we would like to go beyond that.

To start, with all STEMsocial talents on board, we aim at setting up live events (hopefully) monthly. During these events, one of our experts will, for about an hour, discuss and share his knowledge on a given topic. Of course, each presentation will be followed by a question session from any attendees.

In other words, we want to make the best out of the resource we call people here in the community.

But before all that, we need to know which experts are around. In a second step, we plan to set, together with our (voluntary) experts, a proposal for the topics to be discussed in May and June. The practical details will also be discussed and setup soon (video recording, discord, 3speak, etc.).

If you like what we do, please consider:

PS: This article has been formatted for the STEMsocial front-end. Please see here for a better reading.

 3 years ago  

Let's start this initiative with a little blurb about me.

I am Benjamin and I am professor at Sorbonne Université, working in the field of theoretical high-energy physics (the theory side of particle physics and cosmology). I discuss in my blog my own research work, as well as recent ideas appearing in particle physics, astroparticle physics and cosmology.

For more details I recently wrote an introduction here.

This is a very nice initiative! I am biologist by training, with a PhD in Immunology and I am working for more than 10 years in clinical research and drug development. I would really love to see this community growing. I dream that at some point the problems arising from the peer-reviewed scientific publication industry (with its publisher dominance and the nonmonetary, only reputation value of the authors) may be effectively solved by a blockchain based publication and value approach. This was the initial thing a thought of, when I joined Steem. I am very curious what we can establish here on HIVE. I am ready to participate.

 3 years ago  

Hello here! Sorry for the delay in answering, week-end time is always complicated for me, with the boundary conditions (i.e. the family). I would love to see you on-board and also writing about your field here.

Concerning the peer review process, I like to show how we are an example in particle physics. Our main journals are all open access (the community pays for that), all our preprints are available on the arxiv before even getting submitted (and this holds for many many years) and we even have the scipost initiative that is an open access online journal where even the referee reports and the replies to them are publicly available. I wish this could serve as examples :)

By the way, would you be interested in a holding a live event (a la AMA, with video + recording and so on) about a topic related to your field?

Thank you for your answer. The open source initiatives are really a progress. However, I feel with all the new possibilities the blockchain technology brings to us, there might be a dezentral, peer-reviewed process possible that also distributes the value of publication directly to the authors of that paper. We will see what will develop in this regard.

I am happy to contribute to the mentioned project. Maybe @suesa is interested to do a conjoined format about clinical development or cellular immunology. I might also need some technical support/advice...

Not before the 31st of August. I'm struggling to get my MSc despite the pandemic, and that day is when I am supposed to turn in my thesis. Don't have enough mental resources for a productive cooperation with someone else, and wouldn't want to give anything but my best!

pressing thumps for a successful time writing your MSc! It is clear that you don’t have the nerves to to an extra project on top. But lets keep the idea for later on.

 3 years ago  

Don't worry, if you are interested we can schedule you for the fall or the winter.

 3 years ago  

Several people tried to bring this already in the past. Personally, I don't know. Do we really need a blockchain for this?

Also, how do you define a peer in a decentralised way?

Concerning the live events, I will be the test case number 1 and we are still at the stage of defining things. So no worries, we have time!

Physicists have led the way in open access! Although I fear perhaps the attachment to arXiv has led to a very PDF-centric publishing infrastructure. I'd love for publishing to be more web native.

 3 years ago  

This is true for the PDF part. I like what some journals do (EPJC for instance) where you can access the articles in a browser in a quite readable way (although I usually prefer the PDF so that I could annotate them).

Are you aware of Pevo project?

Thank you for making me aware of this. The steem-post from @pharesim is 4 years old, and the downloadlink of the whitepaper seems unfunctional. Is this project still ongoing?

I shut the website down with the launch of Hive. The project has not received interest from anyone since the end of the bull market (go figure the kind of people coming before), and it all still talks about Steem, so I chose to bury it. Can dig out anything you're interested in...

Thank you for your swift answer. It might be to early as the science guys are not so many and we have to wait for mass-adoption to get enough participation. However, it is god to have something up in the sleeve for the time right behind the next bull-run. Maybe it has already started 😉

 3 years ago  

It's safe to exit the server then?

Nothing happening there since a long time, I thought about closing it down already - but I still have a bit of hope left for the future. No need to stay around for you.

 3 years ago  

If there's any speck of hope, then ama stick around a little longer.

I think the project is dormant now. Maybe it will get revived. Who knows? But it was a good idea.

 3 years ago  

I love this idea. I am a PhD student in cell biology working on fibroblast heterogeneity in wound healing, fibrosis and tumor stroma. Though that work has been on hold since lockdown. As of now we have started working on High throughput screening of compounds to tackle virus. I would be bit caught up in that, however I will try my best to participate as audience as well as volunteer (if possible) in this initiative.

 3 years ago  

I am really glad to see you are still around and I truly hope you will resume posting soon! I hadn't seen anything from you for some time.

I noted your wish to help us and I note your name as a volunteer! I will reach you out on discord at some point when the way to proceed will get clearer to us as well.

 3 years ago  

Now, he just did. :)

 3 years ago  

Indeed! I will have a look later on this week.

 3 years ago  

Its strange I am not getting notification for all replies. I came to this post because I happed to share this on my facebook group and now I notice replies.

 3 years ago  

Some glitches with an RPC node?

@dhimmel : See this :)

Thanks @dexterdev. I'll take the opportunity to introduce myself.

I'm Daniel Himmelstein and have a PhD in Biological & Medical Informatics. I combine public datasets and use machine learning to understand human disease. Another focus of mine is making science more open. For example, I created Manubot which will let you write a manuscript on GitHub and collaborate openly with scholars around the globe.

Keywords: bioinformatics, computer science, networks, open science, Python, reproducibility, drug repurposing

Since a picture is worth 1000 words, here's an image of a network I created (source):

Visualization of Hetionet: a network that condenses decades of biomedical research into 11 node types and 24 edge types. Learn more at

 3 years ago  

Hello Daniel and apologies for the delayed answer. Week-end times are always complicated for me and I am swamped by unexpected work those days (Wednesday will be better).

It is really great to have you here and we would love to have you posting on STEMsocial if you feel so. I am asking even if I know you are more of a comment person, which is great too as we always need more people engaging our authors. If on the other hand, you would like to hold any of these live events we are trying to organise, I would be happy to chat about it with you!

Concerning open science, feel free to have a look to my reply to the comment of @fragmentarion. You may get some interest in it.

I'm interested in the live events! Would be happy to lead one... might be a couple months before I have an internet connection that could handle the task.

 3 years ago  

Great! I have noted your name. By the time we will have everything fully settled, autumn will be there too so that it will probably match your agenda as well :)

Are you still in Liberia?

No. Was only in Liberia for 10 days. Now am in New Hampshire... although at times the internet quality is not much different (:

 3 years ago  

That's a funny coincidence. I was planning to visit New Hampshire this summer (together with the US North-East coast). However, whilst the flights are booked, it is not clear we will be able to come due to the COVID situation...

That was a cool intro @dhimmel. :)

 3 years ago  

Sounds interesting. Can't wait to see you at the live event

 3 years ago  

Alright. I am Shaid, a PhD student in plant ecology and a teaching/research assistant in biological science department. I love to discuss topical issues that are plant related as well as issues relating to climate change.

Beyond that, I love interesting and relatable science contents on the chain and the Internet as a whole.

 3 years ago  

Haha finally you wrote it! Glad to see it. Any interest in volunteering for an event? :)

 3 years ago  

Of course. I will be more than glad to volunteer at any point

 3 years ago  


Hello... I was a PhD student in Computational Biophysics who submitted his thesis in this January. I can talk about some of the aspects of my research, tutorials regarding setting up systems for molecular dynamics simulations, etc. Hope this live events initiative is a success. :)

 3 years ago  

I hope this event will be a success too. I assume that you, as an organiser, is a volunteer as well ^^

 3 years ago  

As you all know my name is Carlos I am an experimental physicist, dedicated to the area of semiconductor materials, currently I don't work in a laboratory for the reasons we all know! I am also doing analysis of small projects. I also do other activities through the web. At this moment my passion is STEMsocial and soon I will be writing again and of course I will continue contributing to community and healing activities. Since I started in 2017 I have not lost my motivation and have been here in good and bad times and I hope it will continue to be so for a long time.

 3 years ago  

Ahaha finally you did it! I was about to ping you on discord ... ;)

As you, I hope this project to last for a long time, and to have you on board for a long time as well! :) By the way, do you want to volunteer for a live general audience talk on semi-conductors?

 3 years ago  

I would love... the problem is the language :P

 3 years ago  

I see... No problem. I was just asking!

 3 years ago  


I am a psychology and cheese addict 😬

 3 years ago  

When the lockdown is over, I will try and get you your favorite cheese :)

Weeeeee :D

 3 years ago  

I'm lactose intolerant :P

 3 years ago  

What about the psychology of cheese? More seriously, any hope in blogging again soon?

I can build a case for the therapeutic properties of cheese 😍😝. As for your latter question .... Oops! I do have a few things in mind though ... I guess I better start putting them down in words :)

 3 years ago  

I know the feeling. I would love to blog once per week... I would love to... That's however surrealistic at the current time :D

Hey ho.

I am doing research in the fields of toxicology and risk assessment of chemicals in food as a post doc at the University of Vienna, Austria. My blog (which can also be found here)is all about toxic stuff and debunking myths around science. I also run @de-stem, the german subcommunity of @stemsocial, together with @chappertron, a fellow biologist.

Nice blog you've got going on there @sco. It was a relief to see there is a version of it in English (or, at least most of it?). Your category 'bad science' has planted a little seed in my head which might motivate me to develop a similar project on 'bad psychology'! Who knows ... :)

I hope you and the family are all safe and healthy over there.

 3 years ago  

Hi sco. I am missing your posts. Really! Any chance to resurrect them at some point? And more important question, would you be part of the volunteer list for the live events?

I underestimated the work that is required to pursue a academic career. At the moment I am completely full with writing project proposals. That in combination with students, my contract ending in december, a (relatively) new child and COVID-19... I would love to continue blogging, but atm it's just not possible, I fear.
As for the live event, what exactly would that mean for me?

 3 years ago  

Congratulations for the baby! I understand the feeling perfectly well (you can check the state of my blog those days :D ). Dealing with everything is an art (I quite fail at this at the moment, personally). Good luck for everything!

In terms of work, the life event is expected to be a kind of one-hour event with a general audience seminar followed by a question session. We have not thought yet about the details.

Let's keep it like that, then: I will have a look at the first live events, consider the ammount of work it would require to organize one in similar quality, and will then decide whether to do it.

 3 years ago  

I am still very unsure about the first event schedule. Too much on my plate at the moment. Anyways, you will be kept informed ;)

Hello guys. I'm Mohammed Hassan, known as emperorhassy by my friends and also on the blockchain. I'm a graduate of Engineering physics and a Post Graduate Diploma student of Education. I've enrolled for an MSc. in Experimental Solid State Physics. Should have progressed but all thanks to the mighty COVID-19 pandemic.

For a while now, I've been teaching physics at an high school. Now that everywhere is on lockdown, I do teach my students online.

I've been on this blockchain (starting from Steem, Steemit and now Hive) since June 2018 and I've been actively participating ever since. I do blog majorly on physics and on few other related posts. You can as well check here for an additional introduction I wrote of recent on Hive.


 3 years ago  

Nice to read about you. I have read many of your posts but I don't remember having read anything personal about you! Glad to have you here and thanks for your constant contributions to the platform!

It's a pleasure, Prof. Thanks for the great opportunity.

 3 years ago  

The emperor himself.....

@gentleshaid, the ever gentle man. Thanks, brotherly.

I genuinely appreciate your introducing me (almost 2 years ago) to Steem (steemSTEM)→ Hive (STEMsocial).

We are a health blockchain based organization with volunteers from diverse fields of STEM ranging from Doctor of Optometry to Public Health and General Nursing however most of our blogs are eye care and general health articles and the outreach works we undergo.

 3 years ago  

I am glad to see that you guys moved to Hive with us.

Note that we would be very happy in supporting your project stronger with STEMsocial. For this, there is actually only one small thing missing from your posts: references so that any reader could easily find more information about each topic. Please consider this :)

We would gladly do that, they would mostly be in the academic format though havard style, etc, hope it will not be much of a problem since we source mostly from journals and stem books

 3 years ago  

That will do just fine

 3 years ago  

It is just to allow readers to easily get more material. This is something we are trying to push on STEMsocial :)

Thanks a lot for your consideration!

Sure, welcome, and thanks too

I am a 5th year, Doctor of Optometry Student and i prefer to write the science aspect of stem in my blog with more focus on health related papers, perhaps with more focus on ocular health.

 3 years ago  

Hi and nice to meet you here! We are looking forward to read more about what you do!

It will be pleasure to share

De entrada, creo que puedo ubicarme en STEM. Soy profesor en Ciencias Experimentales, mención Biología (Upel IPB).
Me agrada enfocar mis escritos al área de la educación de las personas, con el fin de lograr una mejor proyección del ciudadano a la protección del planeta. ejerciendo actividades plenas, que le den satisfacción.
Eso se puede lograr.
Saludos a toda la comunidad. aliriera

 3 years ago  

Glad to have you here too! :)

I type on computers to make it make the right kind of bibs and boops.

I got a masters in computer science with a specialization in security. Mostly working on blockchain subjects now.

 3 years ago  

It is better to have the computer beeping and booping than yourself :)

I was wondering, what about a live event on blockchain technologies? How would you feel with this (not for tomorrow... not even for the summer but later)?

I'd be down :)

 3 years ago  

Noted! :D

I am Carlos Padrón, Food Engineer, Magister Scientiarum in Food Biotechnology, and Editor in the Venezuelan Journal of Food Science and Technology (in Spanish); for more than 2 years I have kept the submission of articles suspended. Occasionally, I reviewed scientific papers sent to me from other journals, and personally my latest paper was published last year. In the future I will probably activate myself; if the disastrous economy in my country improves.
 3 years ago  

It is really great to have you here, and we are looking forward to see you starting posting in our community (can we hope for both English and Spanish?) :)

I also hope the situation in Venezuela to improve. We don't receive much news from your countries those days. Is your country hit by the COVID too?

I have only posted two en/es. Today, in Venezuela, the statistics: positive cases 333, recovered cases 142, deceased 10; according to the nicolasno maburro' regime.

 3 years ago  

Does that mean we cannot trust the numbers?

The vast majority of Venezuelans know that any information provided by the regime is false; it is usually masked. Many of us have learned to see the true in the false.

 3 years ago  

In the context of the COVID-19 crisis, I am afraid you are not the only ones there ;)

Well, I almost forgot to leave a few words here:

I'm an astrophotographer and hobby astronomer. I'm also addicted to all the stuff that's going up above our heads.

 3 years ago  

Ahaha! Don't even expect to avoid having to write here! Glad to have you around :)

Btw, would you be interested in a live event on astrophotography?

Thank you very much @lemouth 😊
Glad to have the opportunity to be here 😊

For the live astrophotography session. I think it would be very boring to look at a stream where every 5 or 10 minutes a picture (which looks all the same) appears in a tool. But I will think about how this could be made more interesting, maybe with a satellite or ISS tracking event, or if I have more focal length some planetary imaging.

 3 years ago  

This is fully up to you. But I agree it is important to make it interesting for the general audience! Please don't hesitate to come back to us if you have a nice idea/proposal!

When I have an idea of how I can make this more interesting and entertaining, I will come back to you. I think the best thing would be to make it while an event; something like a Lunar or Solar Eclipse or transits.

 3 years ago  

Sure! Let's work in that way!

 3 years ago  

This is STEM-Espanol the podcasts were a total success and I am very sure that it will also be a success in the English-speaking community

 3 years ago (edited) 

I hope so too! I am now done with my lectures at CERN so that I am now able to catch up!

Any chance to get a little blurb about yourself? :)

 3 years ago  

done! :)

 3 years ago  

Nice initiative and a much needed one. Does this include some of us that are already known in the community?

 3 years ago  

Please do so too! You can leave a comment :)

Been long I came around.. I'm @Antigenx, a licensed medical doctor and a psychiatrist in training.

I used to Craft medical related post with a bias for mental health on my blog.

Been of the block for a while, but would find time to resume blogging.

 3 years ago  

Hello and welcome to STEMsocial! It is great to have you here and I am looking forward to read from you. I hope you will find the time to go back to blogging (on STEM topic of course :) ).

 3 years ago  

I will always find time to drag you from WhatsApp

 3 years ago  

Please do :D

Lol.. I hopefully would create time.

Greetings to y'all. My name is Fatimah, popularly known as empressteemah. I'm a graduate of Chemistry hoping to start my MSc soon. I'm currently working as a Chemist/pharmacist in a small medical firm.

I've been on Steem/hive for a while (a year and a half to be precise). I've always been around and active in terms of writing science posts but I rarely do chat as much on the community's discord. I really hope I can improve on that. Steemstem, turned STEMsocial is like a home to me. It's a place I always come to learn and read about very nice science articles.

Errrm, thanks for having me around.

 3 years ago (edited) 

Happy to finally read your blurb Fatimah! We are glad to have you on board and to read about chemistry from your blog on a regular basis. Thanks for all your contributions!

I am Angel Contreras, a junior Civil Engineer. For the last two years I have been here on the blockchain, although with some unactive periods because of my studies. I was a Teacher Assistant of a subject called "Applyed Static" for five semesters and I've been sharing my knowledge about applyed static here on STEM community in order to leave a helpful and friendly source for students. I'm also sharing some posts about Geometry and SketchUp and planning to share posts about advanced Civil Engineering topics in the future.

 3 years ago (edited) 

We are very happy to have you on board and for your constant contributions to the STEM-espanol community! Any chance in moving with English in the future? :)

Yes, that is one of the things I would like to do in a near future! It's time to do so.

 3 years ago  

Hehe! yes it indeed takes time. I am looking forward to it!

Greetings to you all, I am glad for the privilege to rekindle my lost friendship with steemstem community. I am Idris, an Information Technology (IT) consultant ( also, a lecturer in center for continue education center (CEC), computer science department of the Institution. My proposed Ph.D research work cuts across: Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. I write in details, computing related topics along with any interesting topic that might help the community at large.

 3 years ago  

You are welcome bro. Glad to have you back here.

Thanks brother! Your warm welcome inspires a lot.

 3 years ago  

Nice to see you are still here and move to Hive with us! It is indeed a long time I didn't read anything from you. I am really looking forward to read from you (on any STEM topic of your choice).

Thanks to you sir @lemouth for the recognition always.

@noble-noah, glad to hear from you again after a very long time. Welcome on board.

Thanks to you sir @steepup, always glad you are still active here unlike me. Lol.

Hello here, am Olakunle by name am a chemist and currently doing my postgraduate program on utilization of a particular lesser known seed in Western Nigeria for biofuel generation and effect of different processing methods on the protein products obtained from the seed

I write on different topics on applied chemistry. I am a lab scientist in a university.

 3 years ago  

We know. You are welcome.

 3 years ago  

It is very nice to have you here and we are glad that you migrated from Steem. Any hope in seeing you posting on STEM topics again, in a close future?

Very soon @lemouth. Thanks for always holding the forth.

 3 years ago  

Great! I am looking forward to it!

 3 years ago (edited) 

I am Cyprian by name, known as @cyprianj. Let's solve a little mystery, the j attached means junior. Took after my father, practically when you see me, you have seen him.😀😀
I am medical laboratory scientist by profession with speciality in Chemical pathology.
I blog More about ground breaking technological innovations in medical, health and Pharmacotoxicology.
Currently on lockdown for additional 2weeks due Covid-19.
Lovely initiave 👍👍👍

 3 years ago  

We are very glad to have you among us, so that we can read your posts. Any hope in resuming blogging soon? Maybe after your lock-down period? :)

Let's hope for the best for the initiative!

I consider my self a penis animal expert

 3 years ago  

In short, you are a penile scientist


lol. Trumpman

 3 years ago  


 3 years ago  

Also with shrimps and flies?

@sco : see this :) Are you still around?

I'm here, and still active with @stemsocial (f.k.a. @steemstem)!
Have answered the post, thanks for pointing me. ;-)

good to see you active 😊

 3 years ago  

Thanks sco! :)