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You have reached the Voteowncommentphant's page with splendid advice on voting on your own comments.

Here's the advice:

Or... Do we really need to explain why voting on your own comment is lousy and shouldn't be done? Really? Yes? Do you really want to know why using Hive as a handout to your own hand, a private slot machine where you pull your own lever, a job where you use your hand to achieve a short monetary bliss every time you post a small comment, is frowned upon?

Nah, thought not.

Hive is a social network where the best should be upvoted. Votesturbation only leads to loneliness, mood swings and... downvotes. So don't do it.

Now. Go vote on some of the many brilliant comments by OTHER people.


How to use the Voteowncommentphant

If you see people upvote their own comments you can use the Voteowncommentphant by posting a reply with the following lines:


It will look like this:


and links to this page.


Creative Commons License

All things on this page is made by Katharsisdrill and licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.



I don't think there is anything wrong with voting yourself; explained here:

Just because something is possible does not make it right (as I said previously). Selfish behaviour will often be noticed, even when using other accounts and it's up to the community to decide on the rewards. With what you can earn from curation you may as well vote for others and earn respect.

There is some difference between giving yourself a vote once a week and doing it five times per day, as some do. That's just greed.

I think you have it upside down. Let's say self voting was a crime which it of course isn't. Then doing it openly would not be something that was accepted as good and honest. On the contrary. Crime should be done in the good, old criminal way where you go under the radar, have false identities etc. I mean that is the least you could demand of a crypto coin trickster. You also should not bring proof of being honest. Other people should give proof that you are not.

As this place only has one law which is: "I think this is not right ..." and self voting being possible by design this is of course not a crime, not even bad morals. But the logic from the example above would still be valid.

I am not one who gives much shit about the monetary part of this site any more, I mainly use it as an outlet for my art, and hope people might support me in other ways, and then I like writing with people here (tax authorities killed my enthusiasm). I made this for people who asked me to, and I honestly think that self voting comments is poor style, but apart from that, well, do as you please.

Can't say I agree, not on comments.

Then you'd kind of have to prove that you are not katharsisdrill, for example.

Awesome mate! and with all the usual @katharsisdrill humour, I will let the anti-abuse guys know about this.

He's all your's :)

'Votesturbation'... ROFL!

Hahaha, yes indeed. I shall be using this. It's needed!

I am glad to hear that it can be used. Haven't seen it myself, but I am not very out and about for the time being. I feel I have done a great deal if I avoid having 100% voting power. But hit em out there where it is needed :)

Consider it done! It will be a great conversation starter at the very least :OD

Yes, that was actually the same with the Bidbottophant... some listened and some became your mortal enemy.

Ha ha this is funny @katharsisdrill didn't know people did that, I don't even vote on my own POST let alone comments lol. Funny ole world and now funny new one, eh humans are gonna human I guess. So will this pop up for people? @katharsisdrill ?

To be honest I didn't either, but some of the people who care for the platform still keeps an eye out, and they asked me to make one of these XXXophants, so this could be dealt with in humorous fashion.

I don't vote for myself either. Back in the Steemit days there was lots of drama - I am sure you remember - and it all fell down into an abyss of corruption. Hive is really low key and nice in comparison.

Oh yes I remember I'm glad it got sort of sorted as I really love this 'type' of platform so much more than the 'big guys'. I did check and it seems most people DO vote on their own posts, which I guess is okay? I honestly didn't know I think I used to on Steemit but then wasn't sure if I was supposed to , so I've just been erring on the side of caution, but my votes aren't worth that much so I'll not worry over it too much :) maybe one day my vote will be up there. Funny ole' world.

I stopped voting for my own posts when I moved here. Seems it doesn't make much difference anyway and I'd rather vote for someone else. I often give high votes on comments, mostly on my own posts because I am only slowly getting into the habit.

Smells like another wave...kinda like the New Steem days.

Give those comment self-voters some pepper.

Those New Steem days were crazy. Hope we won't get that freaking high again :)

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It seems like this is going to trigger whenever anyone makes a post to a curation trail they are also talking part in. I know 90% of my self-upvoted posts are that type of case. I don't disagree that self-upvoting is silly but I think there are tools in HIVE that explain why you're going to sometimes see it for reasons that are past simple greed. Something to consider. Great post!

Only comments, not posts and there's no automation.

Thank you for this clarification Slobber. Upvoting your own comments is donkeybrained.

I have already put it to use, they are not hard to find,

But trails do not upvote comments do they? But maybe they do. I don't know.

I haven't seen much abuse on Hive, not compared to what happened on Steemit back in the days. The two other Phants I made was back then, and especially the one that made fun of the Bidbots got some crazy drama unfolding.

I was misunderstanding some aspects of this! Thanks for helping me resolve that confusion.

How does a computer get drunk?
It takes screen shots.

Credit: marshmellowman
@katharsisdrill, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @m3ss
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You're welcome , mate :)

That's is awesome.

Thanks man.

so many good posts and comments out there and you're just going to lock yourself into voting whatever comes out of your blog, if you can downvote those users for me!

Haven't been into downvoting for a while, but there are people out there who will.

Love this :) I've saved the voteowncommentphant's reply. Let's see if I get to use it.

I have been a bit secluded for the last year, so I haven't seen much of abuse on Hive (The level seems much lower than on Steemit back in the wild west days), but the anti-abuse guys asked me if they could make this so I made it. There are some link in a comment I made in this tread where you can see the other anti-abuso-Phants...

LMAO. Great one mate.

Art is a cool medium to send a message. Love it!


^ This is just a trial of the script you mentioned. 😋

Great to see it in action :)

Awesome creation!
I just saw someone upvote their own comment recently, for the first time. I didn't know it was a thing really 😆. I guess I'm not surprised though. The one I saw was by a new user to the platform so I couldn't really blame them I suppose for not knowing. I didn't inform them though either, which I probably should have- you know just to give them a heads up.

Anyway, this is a great tool for that. Nice work!

I made this by request from some of the anti-abuse guys. Hopefully it can be a simple and funny way to discourage self-voting on comments. Cheers.

I think it gets the message across in nice way. It makes it more of a friendly learning moment sor of thing, rather than an outright attack which sometimes is less effective.

Top banana, or elephant.

Great work.


Thanks, mate!

LOL! I think I could find a use for this.


Be my... or rather the Voteowncommentphant's guest. (What a name!)

Can I get an elephant for downvoting my own comment? Like when I drunk post something or blame the cat for something I said or did when I was high?

Absolutely doable!

That has made my day 👍

Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

I personally never upvote myself. When I first started on the blockchain I did. But I quickly stopped. It did not feel right. Now, also, running a curation trail for almost 2 years you could imagine how it would look if I upvoted myself.

I found your post on ListNerds. Followed you. One of the many things I love about ListNerds. I find authors like you.



Neither do I, anymore. It is possible to do so, but in the end it is rather pathetic. Voting for others, will get you further in the end anyway. Maybe, as mentioned in one of the other comments it can be a conversation starter.

Never heard of this Listnerd, but I'll take a look.

Please do. And any questions just ask me.

Someone else must have promoted your post for you on the ListNerds.

How fantastic is that 😀



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Because this is such an awesome post, here is a BBH Tip for you. . Keep up the fantastic work

@katharsisdrill! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @bradleyarrow. (2/30)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Haha! I am going to use this! I have long wondered if I should say something or let them continue?

Usually they are new, but they should know how most people feel about it.

Some of the old posts I made which is from the same series of post adressing different kinds of abuse on the platform (Mainly back when it was still Steemit). Are you new here, please ask and I am sure I or some of the other oldtimers can explain.

The Commentphant

The Bidbottophant

The Bidbottophant lead to a whole lot of drama which can be seen below.

The death of the Bidbottophant

And the resurrection of the Bidbottophant

SHIT! I have this crazy urge to upvote this very valuable comment!

I just bumped on a comment @slobberchops left to someone that self-voted and landed here. This is a gem, I'm now going to create an email to share this on Listnerds.


Sure, thanks... Listnerds! I can't keep up with all those things happening :)

The best engagement tool ever, and that was absolutely not what I expected when I joined :)
Earnings are great too. Most on Hive use it to share their hive content. So if you are interested, give it a try and maybe we'll see you on our team :)

Listnerds took marketing to another level, and Hivers seem to understand very well how to use this and the engagement on our content has gone WAY up. Which is great!


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😂 !LOL This is gold! 🙌

How do you look for Will Smith in the snow?
Just follow the fresh prints.

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What in the world would someone upvote his own comment instead its for a reason.

Some people will do anything for an upvote. At a minimum, it is very poor etiquette.

Voting Nazi

So I'm gonna say what I feel here. Because why not. So I've been on this platform since the start. I don't post much but I'm around. And this right here is the reason why more people don't join the platform. We have a bunch of self appointed gatekeepers telling people how to use the platform. It feels like you're in a uniform screaming at people, "NO VOTE FOR YOU!"

How many people have been run off the platform because someone, in their great wisdom, thought. Oh, this person got too much in rewards so let's downvote. And then pat themselves on the back because they are "limiting rewards". No! What you are doing is driving people away from here. No one put anyone else in charge here of moderating users posts.

So just stahp it.

You don't like something. Ignore it. Unless it goes against the Terms & Conditions. Is something illegal? Ok I can see a reason to flag it. But just leave people alone to come in and have a good time. What you are doing is driving away users that want to come on here and actually try to post something.

My 2 cents.

You've been here since July 2016 and have a vote weight of $0.005. You have no voice.., go away.

Nazi might not mean much to you. It does to me. So all this plus a picture of Hitler for some meaningless votes. How fucking whiny can you get?

Way to deflect bro. I don't care about the votes. I care about self appointed gatekeepers driving users from the platform over frivolous bullshit. Who cares if someone upvotes themselves. Let them if they feel like doing it.

Deflect? I read what you wrote, so no need to elaborate - I just followed your own advice and ignored it. I already answered in the comments above. This is a joke, not a self appointed gatekeeper - but if it were... well, the essence of this place is self appointed gatekeeping. You should have been here long enough to realise that.

What made me loose my shit was that ridiculous nazi meme. How can you compare Nazi Germany to petty squabbles on a decentralised network? That is fucking bad taste, mate.

You literally wrote a post telling people not to upvote themselves. And yes I have been here long enough. This self appointed gatekeeping is driving people from the platform. I don't agree with it.

Who the fuck do you think will be 'gatekeepers' when it's decentralised? Anyone is entitled to moderate and that includes downvoting. This is not even that, it's informing people of what is considered bad form. I try to help people find a better path to being part of the community rather than driving them away, but some don't want to be nice. Sometimes it's down to ignorance of what is acceptable, but some is plain malicious.

There's a finite rewards pool and it should go to those who earn it. The community gets to decide who that is.

Comparing anyone on here to Nazis is just dumb and offensive.

You are free to disagree, but what have you done for Hive?

good point Neal, but just because some moron who lives under a rock wakes up and feels like going to make a difference, doesn't mean there will be a difference :)