My First Big Mistake - Being Careful With Missteps, Knowing Your Lack of Experience.

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Hello Steemians

I'm going to continue my series of posts that tell the story of my journey, with the idea of sharing and possibly teaching my readers ideas to solve or overcome various difficulties they might be experiencing.
When I got involved with the multimedia market, working with audio for websites and CD-ROMs, other windows of opportunities started to open in my life, and that is how I ended up embracing the technology market, at the turn of the millennium. It was then when I decided to open my third company and decided to make a conglomerate for production services, all connected with technology and development.

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This forced me once again to learn new things, even a new language to work in the field of technology. I learned how to program multimedia myself, and started to win the patronage of big companies. The first CD-ROM we launched was an e-commerce project and it was sold to one of the biggest banks in my home country. My life of course started to get incredibly busy, and I had work days with 16 or 17 hours in them.

Easy money does not exist, and if it's easy to get, that means it's also easy to lose. On top of that it's very important that we learn how to deal with making money, and there is an old saying that comes to mind.

"He who does not how to administrate 100 dollars will never be able to administrate a million, he will lose both amounts just the same"

As I worked in this field, I was also responsible for helping 20 recording studios working with computers, here in the gigantic city of Sao Paulo, a city with 20 million inhabitants. I remember how back then all studio owners and engineers believed that a computer would never be able to replace hardware, but we know what happened with that.
Shifting paradigms is very difficult, but it seems like that's been my drive my whole life. I realize that it might not seem like much to those who are born in first world countries, but in Brazil, the difficulty level is much higher.

In Brazil he you literally have to be a circus juggler to get anything to work, and I'm sure I will share more about them on this blog on another opportunity.

But something that I learned really well is that it's very important to learn how to deal with cash, the administration of a business cash flow.

I never had a mentor per say, but I know very well how important they can be, because a good mentor can help you avoid a lot of errors that otherwise you are bound to commit.

Its precisely because I never had a mentor that when I was only 25 years old and inexperienced, I signed a contract with someone who I believe had good intentions, I was so thrilled for the opportunity that I did not see the red flags and it was then that I faced my first big defeat.

Without disclosing many details, the contract had a clause that resulted in me amassing a debt of 600 thousand dollars, and let me remind you, I was only 25 at the time. All that because I did not recognize a dishonest person.

img src

I have to confess that I did not have that kind of money back then, I was beginning to build my life and that did not feel good in the slightest, and also, I did not have the maturity to deal with such a blow, but I had to face it nonetheless.
One more time I had to learn a new world and with incredible adversity. I had to learn how to negotiate debt, how to work with debt, and do so while remaining positive.

When you face these situations, you are given two choices: You can give up or you work even harder looking forward for a solution, believe it or not I got out of that problem with hard work, but I will tell that story at another time.

I wanted to leave two messages with you today:

  1. Learn to budget your money correctly, and on this very subject I will share many more posts.
  2. It not only matters what you are living today. Keep positivism in your life, and focus on finding a solution, not just on the problem itself.

I would like to finish by telling everyone that it makes me very happy to see people understanding the requests I've been making, to look at other steemians who are putting effort in the comments, that took their time and reward them. I've seen comments with 7,8,10 upvotes and that feels to me like a community supporting each other, people that respect the investment of time of others.

I hope everyone is has a blessed week



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Dear sir!
The good person is the one who takes lessons from mistakes and again tries to move forward with a better effort. All of us have ever encountered such situations. In the time when these incidents took place with you, you were only 25 years old, meaning you were neither mature nor you had the experience of an investment or environment. People make mistakes in identifying the right person. You were then in a state of learning and then it was natural for you to be mistaken.
The way you came back, it shows your strong mood how quickly you learn from mistakes. Whatever your experience is that we share with people, of course we will do the work of guiding the people.
Thank you Sir for your experience that we shared with all of us.

Thank you for always being present with always pertinent comments. Do not forget the most important message that I try to implement here that you vote among you who take some time to write comments. This has left me very grateful because that is how we can build the true positive network spirit.

Thanks sir. I will do better. Your thinking and suggestions is great.
I applied this at you can see..

We are at learning stage. A lot of mistakes happen on daily basis. But we should learn from mistakes.
As saying of a person
"to do mistake is not called mistake
But to repeat mistake is called a mistake".

Before doing a deal with someone we should be aware from advantages and disadvantages.
The results could varry from our thinking.

Thanks @chbartist , you really are a caring person. Keep on posting such contents to educate folks

Thank You, although some people think that these lessons are banal because they already know I always go here in steemit to write simply for those who still need to know the basic fundamentals so that they do not have financial losses in their lives. Regards

I appreciate your hardwork .
Obviously it will help a lot people to handle financial situation.
A lot of newcomers are always in search of advising material. And I think your opinion and experience has the capability to educate people.
Keep up the good work.
Just give me a call here, I will be always here to support you.
I will do what I can.

Thank you my friend!

You are welcome .

We need to help people in Venezuela. Please be sensible and watch what is unfortunately happening to the people of that country. Please see this post and an upvote on it or listen to what I did if you can. . @pxmcd @onestring

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You are so sweet, thank you so much! :(( I just read your post and i'm taking notes haha!!! You are always gonna be successful because you are humble and a great person. So happy that still exist people like you<3

Espero que usted pueda tener una vida mejor de aquí en adelante

Thank you so much for helping! Blessings

the truth I hope that everything goes well and since I am from venezuela also the situation that we are all living, I wish you good luck and success!

I gave some love to her post. :)

Hi @ chbartist
I always follow all your posts. And with every article you posts have something new to know.
Your life is full of up's & down's. And you learnt from your mistakes.
And the important point is you respect money. Weather if it is 1$ or 1000K$.
And from your own life experience only I thing you always ask everyone to help each other. Because at the time when you were struggling no one around you to help.
That is the reason we can see on your posts each and every STEEMIT member upvotes each other’s. And look at you as an ICON.
Thanks for sharing your life experience with us.

Thank you for your kind words and I'm glad you can learn something based on my journey. Regards

It is very unfortunate so hear that somebody scammed you. There are plenty of dishonest people in the world and some are very difficult to spot, especially if they have been scamming a very long time. As a professional economist I have met many insincere people. I find anomalies in behaviour to be the biggest giveaway. I am glad your unfortunate experience has made you more vigilant. We can learn so much from our failures if we open our minds.

I have seen your YouTube channel, Facebook page, and Instagram. You are a very talented musician and singer. When will you perform your music for Steem?

We have DSound and DTube. I am sure your many followers are very eager to see and hear you perform. Music and song can often be more inspiring than just words. considering the low price of Steem, many people here need a lift . Will you soon honour us with a song?

Hi my my friend, thank you for your nice words, It's true we always learn from mistakes when we do not have a mentor. It would make my journey easier if I had one around. You will see further in my publications that I fell again and had to re-establish myself for the second time. But that was the last one because I became an expert in detecting dishonest people. As for your comment of my music thank you very much and yes soon I will make some videos about my gear because many people ask me what gear I use, about my instruments among other things. Have an excellent day!

That's cool ... I have not heard your music yet, so I'll be waiting. :)


I've learnt something from here. Easy money doesnt come easy. If it comes easy, then there's a big possibility that we will waste it. Hard earnd money are used wisely!

Am glad you've learnt from your experience. At least you wont do the same mistake twice.

Thank you for your comment. But believe us that we often err in order to attain wisdom. Believe me, it takes some time to learn and the lightning can go down 2 times in the same place but this I'll write in other posts. Have a nice week

Yea, you are right. It takes some time to learn but nowadays so many people dont want to go through that hastle. They just wanna get things done within a twinkle of an eye which is not possible.

Hello! I am a 28-year-old girl, I have failed twice on my path. And the most painful of all is my friends, are the people I trust and try to share everything with them. But I will not embrace that pain, but I use it as a motivation to change my life better.
Thank you for your article. Wish you have a good week.

Hi, don't worry about having failed on your journey, this is part of life learning but be aware because there are many pitfalls in our path when we try to be successful. Regards

Thank you for your advice

Hi chbartist, I really enjoyed your article. It’s so true every single thing you told; when we were young we took bad decisions, and sometimes we hit to that stone over and over again.
I liked how you solved the problem.
Will, technology is a field constantly in change. And you have to be very update.
I really enjoyed the article. I’m going to vote you, and follow you as well as you follow me.
Great article

Many thanks for your kind comment. Let's move on!

@chbartist as usual you wrote a great motivational article really I appreciate your efforts. You are doing such a great job to support people who lie down there weapon against the Battle of life. You are doing great to encourage people to do there jobs and achieve there targets.
Everytime you choose awesome topics for the blogs. Today's article about maintaining cash flow and have to sty positive really great topics

I'm not writing much more just want to say a single line

Life is a roller coaster we have to take advantage and Joy in every ride.


Exactly my friend! Have a great week!

En éste momento me cae como anillo al dedo tu excelente post! Siempre que emprendemos nuevos proyectos tenemos dudas e incertidumbre, miramos a nuestro alrededor buscando apoyo y sabios consejos! Me gustaría ser tan buena como tú! Gracias por compartir tus experiencias con nosotros @chbartist

Muchas gracias por sus palabras. No se preocupe porque cuando buscamos lo mejor con la actitud correcta las cosas buenas suceden en nuestras vidas. Piense siempre que usted será muy bueno en lo que hace si aprender a realmente ser profesional y trabajar duro en aprender a mejorar siempre. Saludos

Así será, seré constante y tendré mi objetivo más firme que nunca! Veo que no estoy sola en mi largo camino. Nuevamente muchas gracias...!

This is my second day in Steemit community and I've already enjoyed being here. Very moral and intellectuals sharing awesome pieces of advice. I'm just 17 and I don't have any great experience for teaching life lessons but from all the peoples' life stories i've heard and all the books I've read makes me feel like the real hero is who follows his dreams. Someone's power is determined by their ability to follow their passion and work hard even they fail. It's necessary to have a better willpower in us. I salute you for not giving up and being a great role example for us to follow.

Lot's of Love,

Thank you for your comment. Yes you are very young and have a life ahead of you. Be aware of the pitfalls of life, but be prepared to know that even if you do it, it is inevitable that we have some failures to get what we want. When that happens, be strong emotionally and move on. Regards

Hi @chbartist thanks for sharing your life experiences. After reading today's post I have decided that I will never ever sign any contract unless go through it properly. We never know how can another person misuse against us. This is a very important point and proactive approach is good to avoid such tragic situation. Also about money, I believe it has its own value and amount doesn't matter. We have to work hard to earn it and may be there are few people who get it easily but to reach on the level where inflow of money comes easily, require lots of efforts. Keep sharing the posts bro. Take care.

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That's right, my friend, never sign a contract without you being properly supported by some lawyer who has experience. Another tip I can leave here for you is that whenever you look for a lawyer look for one who is expert in their activity. Technology professionals need lawyers who understand technology. Regards

Shifting paradigms is very difficult, but it seems like that's been my drive my whole life. I realize that it might not seem like much to those who are born in first world countries, but in Brazil, the difficulty level is much higher.
These words struck a chord within me, Ive always been a 'jack of all trades. I love a bunch of stuff more like a generalist. Up until now I still havent found my niche. And doing this in my homecountry is a pain in the ass. Specially here in the philippines we filipinos have that crab mentality, I guess we still have a long way to run but regardless of that Ive learned a lot from this post. Thank you chbartist for giving great pieces of advice.

Hello friend, I do not know very much the culture of your country only what I see in the news of the tv but independent of the country in which we live each country has its different paradigms and it is always difficult to break them. Thank you for your comment. Regards

It is very true that money is not easy to earn ... but you know what is good, when you work ... strongly in something that you really like and it is your passion ... I have a degree in administration, but I had to study that career because the one I liked (advertising) was very expensive ... so it's not something that I'm passionate about ... My first job was in a toy factory, and I liked it a lot because in some way the advertising of the products ... then, unfortunately the company closed and I started in other companies where I was not passionate anymore, and there it feels like you fought against the current when you go to work ... I see that all the opportunities you had, they were about projects that you were passionate about ... My last job (until May 2018) I liked but it was for a government company and many crazy things happened, so I retired because I did not support that kind of guidelines, I worked there for 14 years, liked a lot at first, but the last years they changed all the guidelines and they hit the workers a lot and I did not agree with that. So my boss is now steemit ... and I like it a lot ... A dream ... to have a business of my own, but maybe when everything in my country is fixed I can manage some company of my own.

The important thing is to have the maturity to be able to run a business correctly and know how to manage it ... You have already acquired a lot of experience, and it is important, you had defeats and you got up, you have learned from mistakes and I imagine that you already know how to manage your business! :)

Hi @blessed-girl, good to see you always with your kind words in your comments. Regards

Incredible to see how one can learn from their mistakes, and also from the mistakes of others. I think that's the difference between those who succeed and those who fail: the ability to stand up again and continue.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Thank you! Regards!

I believe in learning as learning is a key to success. The mistakes you had done in your past, try to learn from your past and do not repeat mistakes.
Keep on struggling and helping others, helping others is a great fun.
Share your experience and put your views and results here so that everyone could learn from your experience.
If you are dealing with someone then do a research well before the comitment.
That's all

Exactly my friend! Thank you for your time.

@chbartist last two messages was really helpful in our life. i have learnt many things from your every post so, i really appreciate your very knowledgeable and informative post... and onething is that i have habit of learning from other mistake:) thank you!

Thank you friend!

It's my pleasure 😊

your message will surly help people in some part of life
Learn to budget your money correctly
It not only matters what you are living today. Keep positivism in your
life, and focus on finding a solution, not just on the problem itself.

Thank you for your words. Regards

Best regards.

Have the opportunity to receive these vital keys that you have wanted to share with us, and that, even when they refer to your own experience, are universal, is something that I appreciate very much.

It has been of great help to see the necessary and constant synchrony, for an awareness that awakens, between the warnings of setbacks and the satisfactions of the conquests.

I keep reading you carefully and meditating about what you propose... I need changes in my life.

Thank you.

Thank you for your words. But if you want that things change, You need change! Believe me!

Well said @chbartist there is no easy money. Once I was in MLM which is based on bitcoin and when bitcoin drops the company is run away saying we have huge loss and I lossed my huge amount of money and I also lossed trust of my few friends

I understand my friend and further on I will show that the second downfall I had in my life was through a person I considered to be one of my best friends. I'll still write about it. Regards

We are with you don’t worry write whatever you want

"Learn from your mistakes". I heard it from a character in a famous game called League of legends. Since you already have experience on it you have the knowledge for you to avoid them and one great thing is that you also shared it to many which really helps them to be more careful and will not also get involved in theses schemes.

Yes, Nothing is able to overcome the experience. Regards

Hello @chbartist ,
This is really a great post. Life has many ups and downs. If we don't feel the pain of fail then we will not be able to feel the taste of success. Today ends with today,tomorrow gives us new opportunity.
If we fail today then we have to think about our faliure. Success will definately come towards us.
Thanks for this post. Coz this type of post gives influence to each of us. We can think positive.

Thank you friend. Regards

Thank You for the info! It is really helpful. :)
"You Never Lose When You Learn."

Thank you, I appreciate!

Success is a name of continuous progress. One can be fail in his efforts but it doesn't mean the end of life. In fact every failure teaches us a valuable lesson. It is not wise to repeat mistake and then learn from it. In fact one can learn from others' experiences also.

  1. Learn to budget your money correctly, and on this very subject I will share many more posts.
  2. It not only matters what you are living today. Keep positivism in your life, and focus on finding a solution, not just on the problem itself.

Both are valuable lessons. It is very nice that you are sharing your life experiences with us. Have a great time ahead.

Exactly @akdx, good see you!

Support is a necessity indeed. These are very great pointers you noted. I'm in the piece where I'm trying to positron my debt in a better place. Not being taught how to manage money is such an overwhelming feeling as many know.

Exactly, give yourself the best of yourself and you will see that in the future you will be rewarded.

Sir @chbartist I am new in steemit.It was going smoothly but My last 3 posts are lacking a single upvote.How can I come back ?
Earlier I have commented on one of your post which got 8 upvotes but were unable to seek your interest.I don't know whether this comment will be noticible to you but if you give suggestion to be established on steemit then many more new comers will be benefitted.As you are an inspiration to us.
Thanx Sir @chbartist

Dear friend here on my blog I encourage people to vote for each other. I always write this so that they vote in who has taken some time to write something about the post or something important. This is valuing people's time and so you see people with 8 votes in a comment.

thanx for your valuable comment Sir @chbartist

I'm just here wondering how old you are now, if you had a debt of 600,000 dollars on your 25year old shoulder and you didn't break, then that is a remarkable strength you got. I've had challenges in my life but I can say none as bad as a 600,000 dollars debt............ maybe I have to start brazing up for many hits ahead cos they will always come.

At the end, guess we'll all be just fine.

Not as much as you might imagine. It's because I started my journey very early and I lived intensely each period and this gives us the experience early. Regards

Awesome article dude its all about keep moving forward and you managed and that journey will inspire others... Can't wait to hear the rest of the story.

I'll be write. Long history and many learns. Thank you for read! Regards

The read is a pleasure, you have some awesome stories

Thanks for sharing your story! I think you are so right on this thought: "Easy money does not exist, and if it's easy to get, that means it's also easy to lose." Hard work never hurt anyone. Keep on it. Love reading your post! Sharing and helping are great tools to have.

Thank you for your kind words! Regards

Indeed you have shared some awesome stuff brother !!!! I always such worth sharing posts from you.. Keep it up..
The information you have shared is very informative....!!!!!
Following you !

Thank you brother!

thanks for the information it is good to see how you share your experiences with others, also, that you can serve us as life experiences beyond that not lived by ourselves, and if money is never easy to get and everything with the as much effort as possible is the best and most rewarding for the human being, although there are no people who would walk it like this.Cordial greetings @chbartist

Thank you so much...friend

It's very funny to know that we don't learn about one of the most important thing we all needed, that is money. myself, i dont really know about money but one thing i do know is that we should invest more than we spend if we want financial success.

I understand you my friend, but this concept that you know is very basic and often taught only to middle-income people because this matters to banks. I am not saying that this is not true but to undertake many times you have to be brave and difficult, you will see a successful entrepreneur who has not been in debt sometimes in order to prosper. One of the secrets lies in understanding what cash flow means and how to manage it. Regards

That is such a nice post. It is very important to budget your money, otherwise, you will remain empty at the end of the day. I loved that saying "He who does not know how to budget $100 will never be able to know how to budget $1,000,000". Great post, Keep posting great stuff.

Is very true! Regards

I believe in good budgeting, in my personal life I also believe in keeping debt free, I know in some cases e.g. buying a house, it is not possible, but I rather go without luxuries, than incurring debt.

I'm still going to make a specific post about it because it's much broader than that. Small details of day to day life can lead people to ruin. Regards


Thank you for this information, it's really important things for steemians

my age is 26 . I come on this platform without having proper guidance. Fortunately, People like you share their life experienes. Hoping to get indirect mentoring here on the platform.

You are welcome!

Great people to work and good community support and I am sure this will continue

Thank you friend!

your message will surly help people in some part of life
Learn to budget your money correctly
It not only matters what you are living today. Keep positivism in your
life, and focus on finding a solution, not just on the problem itself.

Thanks for sharing this valuable post.This is very great information for steemits.

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hmnmmm I wonder what that clause was that got you 600 thousands dollars debt.

Thank you for this information

I am following your post ....please help me for work steemit

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You are so sweet, thank you so much! :(( I just read your post and i'm taking notes haha!!! You are always gonna be successful because you are humble and a great person

I have to confess that I did not have that kind of money back then

My goodness, I don't even have that kind of money now, well done for working your way out (or up?)

  • Much respect for your support and encouragement for engagement, I love reading your posts and the comments <3
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