You should join Steemit. Here is why.

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Your Value

How many hours a week do you spend on social media? How much money have you earned for all of the content that you have created, shared, commented on, and liked? Unless you are monetizing your content through sites like YouTube, you are probably doing it all for free.

Do you think that all of your content, time and attention are worth something? Facebook certainly does. They earn billions of dollars per year through advertisements. Where does all that value come from? It comes from you - their users.

Steemit knows that your content, attention, and time are valuable. That is why they have created a revolutionary new social media platform that actually pays it's users for the value that they add.

Did you just create the next viral cat meme? Post it on, and you could potentially make hundreds of dollars! Even if your content is not the most amazing thing in the world, every post has the potential to earn rewards.

Video Credit: @donkeypong, @steemship, @liberosist, @hanshotfirst, @kevinwong and @the-alien

What to post about?

Have pictures and a story to share from last week's party? Did you just complete a cool art project and want to show it off? Are you an author writing a short story, and want to share it with the world? All of these are great things to post about!

People are sharing all kinds of content on Steemit, just like they do on other social media sites. The main difference with is the potential to get paid!

Commenting and voting pays too!

You do not need to create content to earn. If you spend time browsing content and voting on what you like (called "upvoting"), you can earn a small fraction of the rewards that the posts earn.

You can also get paid for commenting on other people's posts. Users who browse other people's content and write good comments that add value to the conversation can get upvoted and paid as well!

Steemit is not 'fast easy' money.

Although there is the potential to earn, Steemit is not a get rich quick scheme. Most users do need to spend months on the platform building a following and adding value before they start to see a return on their investment. Users should not come expecting to earn tons of fast easy money. Nobody is guaranteed any earnings.

Most users who stick with the platform and continue to add value over time though, do get recognized and rewarded by the community for the value that they add.

Global Community

Steemit rewards personal expression and empowers individuals to build new, meaningful relationships based on shared ideals. It's no longer just about who you were born with or who you've met around town. Your relationships can be global based on your deepest passions and favorite topics.

Source: @lukestokes

Blockchain Technology is powered by blockchain technology similar to bitcoin. Everything that gets posted on is recorded in the Steem blockchain, which means it is permanently recorded in a public database network that is freely accessible and resistant to censorship. Nobody can go and tamper with or delete your content just because they don't like it or disagree with it.

The Steem blockchain was built on similar technology to bitcoin, but it is also superior to bitcoin in many ways. It uses a new blockchain technology called Graphene 2.0. Compared to bitcoin which often takes several hours and charges fees to process transactions, the Steem blockchain processes transactions in three seconds and with zero fees. Even though the Steem blockchain is less than two years old, it is already processing more transactions per day than bitcoin! You can read more about that here.

What has value?

The content that has value is entirely up to the users. Every user can upvote content they like, and the platform will decide who gets paid based on the amount of upvotes they receive. The more upvotes a post receives, the more it will potentially make. Upvotes from users with more influence in the platform are worth more.

Image credit: @voronoi

Getting Paid

Users are paid in two forms of digital currency tokens called STEEM, and Steem Dollars. These tokens have real money value in the same way that bitcoin does. Users have the option to cash out the tokens for money, or hold on to them and hope they go up in value. Users can also "power up" coins to get more influence, so their votes are worth more.


Users have the option to purchase STEEM tokens, which may go up or down in value. Today one STEEM token is worth around $1.20 USD. Within the past year they have been worth as little as $0.08 and as much as $4.34. The platform has only been around for a little over a year, and there is a lot of potential for growth.

Bitcoin has been around for much longer, and is currently worth over $2,500 per coin. If users think that STEEM coins will be worth as much as bitcoin some day, they may want to stock up now while they still have a chance :)

Want to know more?

If you want to find out more information about and how it all works, you can find the answers to commonly asked questions in the FAQ.

Get Started Today!

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my hubby found a video about steemit on youtube and thought of me right away , because he knows I love to do poems and stories so , I just started yesterday . and already love it and everyone I talked to on here is awesome and very helpful . :) Fun is like my middle name lol

Very nice of your husband to help point you in this direction. Welcome to Steemit.

That's so awesome! I found the page myself a few weeks ago and was just now able to create my account! I'm looking to use it as a source of promotion for my music and art since it doesn't seem to be as crowded as other platforms! Plus I like the whole blockchain bonus to it! Can't wait to see results haha

@isooyah . That is cool . you are able to promote your music and art on here :) Follow your dreams :)

That's nice of your hubby ;) I'm following you now and look forward to your poems and stories!

Thank you @followyourjoy :) I am following you and I have a few ideas for my next Blog just have to put it all together . I do have a couple poems on here :)

Thank you @readmore I am following you :)

This board add a good value to internet


Awesome! Glad to have you here :)

Thank you timcliff , I am now following you :)

your welcome :)

welcome onboard @westerngurl am sure that you will not regret it. I am new here too and enjoying every bit of this baby...lets promote steemit to more win for all

@charles1 Thank you . and Welcome to Steemit as well. , I really love it too , it is so awesome , you can be yourself and have fun and that is all that matters to me :) I am following you :)

welcome to steemit. Im new here too and specialized in making videos. I will be sticking and contributing to this community.

Thank you @ajmalsoby . Welcome to Steemit as well. I hope you are liking it :)

We're glad that you found us. WELCOME!

Thank you @kus-knee. I am happy my husband told me about it . he watched a youtube about it and knows that I love writing poems and stories . soon as he told me I got on my laptop and created an account :) I am now following you

Followed. Enjoy your passion!

Thank you @adamit :) I am following you as well

yup ya thats right liked your point now i m following you

Thank you @ermoonvictor I am following you as well :)

Yes add a good value,
An internet of a good value is needed.

I just signed up yesterday, it was a quick process, can't wait to start posting!

@crypto.makin Welcome to Steemit and that is so awesome you got approved that fast :)

Hi @westerngurl,
Just like an apple a day keeps the doctor away a poem a day keeps the mind awake.

Hi @isaac.rodebush . Thank you . very well put , I liked that :)

Hey best wishes for the content on steemit :)

@tiger777 Thank you and Best wishes for you as well :))

Welcome, from a fellow writer

That's the nice thing about being censorship free, we get other sides of the story.
Thanks for keeping folks honest, @noganoo.
And thanks to @timcliff for not censoring you.

Gotta love the no censorship part. Who else would allow me to have a username like I have.

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Well, that is too bad, I thought that guy was a bigger supporter of free speech than that.

I know that you have had issues with specific users on the platform, but the way that you handle it is very immature. First of all, the post that you shared has a ton of incorrect information in it. I don't think you are intentionally lying, but you are not presenting an accurate picture of the truth. Also, trying to drag new users of the platform into your little 'war' is really not respectful to them. I know how you work - you basically go to top trending posts that are getting a lot of views, and then plug your posts on the top comments to try and get attention. I respectfully ask that you do not do that to any of my posts anymore. This is really something that you should be working out between you and the people you have issues with, and you should not be dragging other people from the community into your dispute.

hi timclifff , are you part of steemit team ? seems like you really know what you doing :)
can we be friends ?
i follow you and upvoted you
i wanna invite you to visit my blogs too i will appreciate if you give me a comment in how you see my blogs :)

Hi @slendel - I am one of the Steem witnesses, but I don't work for Steemit, Inc.

ah ok very good i like your blog , thanks for reply
see you in my blogs too :)

Are you on or some other messaging service where we can talk? I would really appreciate it if you could remove this comment from my post. I know it can't be 'removed' but it can be blanked out.

I am really not a part of this, and I wasn't aware you were banned from those chats. Anyway, if you are not going to remove your comment then I guess we have nothing more to discuss.

Regarding the flag, I purposely did not flag with enough voting power to cause the vote to go negative. You will see the post is not hidden. I just flagged it enough to lower the payout to zero, so that it was not one of the top comments in my thread. I really don't want to have a war. I just don't want your comments distracting from the content of my post. [Edit] I will also add, I only did this after I asked you to remove the comment and you said you would not. [Edit 2] The comment ended up getting hidden because another user downvoted it too.

Nicely laid out explanation Tim. Simplifying what Steemit is all about like this will definitely help answer the various questions that always come up from new and prospective users.


sandstormweb Sandstorm tweeted @ 04 Jun 2017 - 07:18 UTC

You should join Steemit. Here is why.
#steemit #steem #socialmedia

Disclaimer: I am just a bot trying to be helpful.

Thanks so much for sparing me a tab. <3

Agree totally, and finally in more understandable english

Keeping it simple will allow more people to understand some of the intricacies of Steemit that are not outwardly evident or easily answered without a high tech degree of some sort.

If you wouldn't keep it simple in a text like this, it would probably just scare off the newcomers who's not that good in english, before they even got the chans to know about it.

Very good point you have there @jerry12.

Thanks @kus-knee, you Old Dog you! :)

I already did. Steem on.

I already did even before you :)

ive already joined ;)

Haha. Well the intended audience was more for people who haven't joined yet. Feel free to use the post to recruit your friends :)

Dang i thought i won something :P

Thank you for the informative post! I'm looking forward to find nice contacts and sharing thoughts :-)

Thanks for the summary this is a great help to a newbie like me. I am convincing my friends to join me as well but with little successful so far. It is how amazing this blockchain technology can bring all the people together and people should really appreciate what we have nowaday.

This is fantasitc @timcliff. This will be truly helpful when I'm trying to promote Steemit in India. Everything is easily explained and that's just perfect for steemit outreach here. Everyone can easily grasp the concepts. Thanks for putting this together.

Btw, Take at look at my content if you get the time. :)

Thanks @firepower! Sorry, I thought I was following you already (fixed). =)

Great piece. Shared on twitter. Stephen

Yes, indeed its not easy to earn in steemit because we need to establish relationship and connection first but we could not hide the fact that there are those who just started but are already earning very well. Should we call it luck?

Effort.... and luck....

Lady luck favors the one who tries. (Barbara Oakley)

Good saying!

Perhaps "smart" or "talented" is a better descriptor of these instant earners.

The rest of us will get there eventually with awesome content and persistence!

Thats a good courage @gigafart. Well see each other there :)

I think quality does have a lot to do with it. And a little bit of luck for sure :)

As well as the desire and the commitment to provide valuable information, great experiences and wonderful ideas.

Welcome to the Social Blockchain that allows you to have Valued FUN!!

"Welcome to the Social Blockchain that allows you to have Valued FUN!!"

Well said!

V.O.C.A.B "Words Speak"

Thanks man! I appreciate the acknowledgement.

Having fun also and keep it interesting helps

there' no free lunch, there's always a work to do, for at least some rewards.

I wish I can have that luck too :)

if google got that right
no, Pacific North West U.S.A.

Some already have big value to provide by presenting themselves (e.g. famous youtubers or bloggers). Youtube follow count or blogger post views is one of the indicators of huge value. Giving people like them some head start can be like investing. Who knows, tomorrow we might get some 20 K users from the viewers of their channel or the followers of their blogs. It's going to be a win-win for everyone.

Exactly, being somebody is a huge factor though.

Great info, I just submitted this post at Reddit, CryptoCurrency section

I think steem power is very important for upvoting instead of converting it into money and sell it. People will upvote and follow u just because u have a great steem power. However, with more and more people using steem, many steem coin is generated so that the steeem point will devaluation from time to time....

Today was my first day on STEEM. I've made my $1.5 posting and commenting sometimes. Not much, of course, but with growing number of followers you will be paid more and more daily. Besides, what Facebook can give you for your time and work?

Exactly. Sounds like you are off to a great start :)

Steemit is a good opportunity to contribute and earn while getting to know a great community.

I totally agree!

Hey @timcliff! You knocked it out of the park with this post. Clear, concise, and honest information - that is what steemit is all about! Keep it up. I will be following you from now on.

Ditto! You both earned another follower! ;)

Thanks! I really appreciate the feedback :) Appreciate having you as a follower!

Upvoted, resteemed, followed, facebook'd and tweeted! Hehehe!
Spot on Tim! Plus you making $560 in only 4 hours for this one post should help drive herds of new Steemians in!
Great post! =D

Cool, thanks!

Yes. It is important to point out though that it took me almost a year to get to the point where I could earn this much on a post. When I first started out, I was usually earning less than a dollar on all my posts for the first several months.

My payouts today though show that it can be done :) I'm nobody special, and I had no following when I joined. I just kept being involved, and finding ways to add value to the platform. It took a lot of time and effort, but eventually I made it to where I am one of the higher earners.

They say that Overnight success usually takes about 15 years :)

great testimony and I enjoyed reading this Steem!

I knew that had to be the secret!
Much in your older shoes, looking to build for myself and SteemIt as I go. ;)

This site rocks a great deal much more than any other site I got hooked on before! Hahaha!
Thanks for the sage advice my friend. :)

Thank you @timcliff 😀
It seems that it is the right choice I made ever to join steemit rather tha wasting my time on facebook, liking and commenting new posts!
To the newbies like me wish us luck! 😀😀

good post, good explenation of how stem works. Also the part where you talk about easy money, i think there is no such thing as easy money. If there was we would all be doing that. Besides that, new people that come in to the chain have to know that they will have to put in effort just to get the ball rolling. You have to contribute to the community in order to see yourself being upvoted and payed for the effort you put in.

I just joined Steemit through this post. I've never heard of it until my Son found this post, so I have you to thank or blame for me joining lol...Thanks for introducing Steemit to me! I'm sure I'm going to get some value here. Ken

Wow, that's awesome! Glad to have you here :)

Probably one of the best promo posts for recruitment I ever seen.


Welcome - thanks for all you do here again

This is simplest post I've ever seen you write Tim! A superb outreach to non-Steemians looking in on Steemit - as well as nervous minnows! UV/RS :)

Awesome, thanks @mindhunter!

I see the craig grant has RS you today too :) Nice bottom line Tim! Don't lose it all to all those poker bots now! LOL! ;)

Hehe, I won't. I'm being good ;)
I'll actually be starting up a Facebook ad campaign soon (with this link as the landing page) to try and get new users to the platform. A lot of the rewards from this post will be used to fund the campaign.

Fb ads are a nice little earner once you hit a sweet spot, but their traffic can be fickle sometimes! If there was a referral program then you'd really be quids in! You'd collect the upvote and the sign-up ... I'm sounding like Mr Grant now ;) Best get out of here quick! LOL!

Yeah, I know what you mean. I've worked with them before :)

There ain't nothing in I.T. or crypto you ain't seen Timbo!! :)

I just notified my Facebook friends about this website a few minutes ago. This breakdown definitely makes the website easy for anyone to understand.

Thank you for sharing this info! I have joined Steemit two days ago and I like it very much so far ! What a great community!

This the most perfect post on steemit using the most simple words for a non techie like me.. thank you very much for this explanation... :) upvoted and followed...

Cool, thanks! I'm really glad that you found it so useful.

This right here is the post I been looking hard for. I run Steemit Blogger Central on Facebook and Twitter. I been trying to find a post that truly nails down the aspects why non Steemit users should abandoned ship on the mainstream social media platforms and this post here does the trick perfectly. We RESTEEM posts over there for users as well and I will RESTEEM this in hopes it helps guide people to our community. Great job, following and upvoted easily.

If you like to see your RESTEEMS you can by checking out Steemit Blogger Central:



Thanks for making my job easier lol

This article is very useful for newly joined Steemit also for the old. I propose this collection of writings into Steemit's books for more and more people in the world who know and understand.
Let's make more popular in the world. That's the great platform...
Thanks a lot... @timcliff

I agree, that is why I went towards the mainstream social media sites to promote Steemit and the users here on Steemit. Its time everyone understands there is better options out there and Steemit is a huge one of value in this area. Hopefully this post comes across to them just those facts.

Cool, that was exactly the reason I wrote the post - so others could share it with non-Steemaians to get them to join :)

That is my main goal lately, to use the platforms I created to generate some buzz and get more on board. I actually did the marketing for PIVX for awhile so kind of trying to be my own boss here in a similar fashion, write great articles and market on the side where I can for Steemit. It truly is a great write up you did, should really get others to take a serious look at Steemit

I did... I did..... I did join steemit just a couple weeks ago. I was introduced to it through a long time YT channel that I followed! I never would have thought that it could be such a fun place to be. Since joining I rarely go anywhere else in this virtual reality called cyber space Mc Lovin' it! Steem on! Enjoyed!

Excellent article. Really well put together, I can see why you're so popular. Thank you.

Great article! I saw it on the trending page when I visited Steemit today... That's exactly what a new visitor needs to see first, great job! I'm resteeming ;)

Hopefully we end up with the best content and best community, all made possible by the underlying incentives.

I truly believe in this vision, but there are a lot of challenges ahead.

Let's get this done together -- create awesome content and tell everyone you know where it can be found!

I just started yesterday and already told my best friend about it :)

Thank you . I am happy to be here .

Can you steem any type of content ? Is there anything off limits ? A no no ?