Which Ones Of These Steemy Ads Do You Want To See Go Viral? 💙 You Can Now Vote For Your Favorite "60 Seconds of Steem"!

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There is no power of change greater than a community discovering what it cares about. - Margaret J. Wheatley

That was exactly what I thought when browsing through all those amazing entries to the #sixtyseconds contest.

36 videos from 29 different creators were submitted during the past two weeks, and it was very interesting to see the different ways in which Steem can be advertized.

Here are some of my biggest takeways from the messages transmitted in the video ads:

  • Steem and steemit.com go hand in hand.
  • Being rewarded for content creation is (still) the no. 1 selling proposition.
  • Steem is an opportunity for people and businesses.
  • Steem can be many things to different people.

Now I'm glad that the winners will be selected by the community, because I honestly couldn't tell you which one of them I liked best.

Let's go start the voting!


Pick your winner!

It's gonna be a tough decision, so please take your time to vote for your favorite steemy ad.

The voting will end with the payout window of this post (in 7 days from now). Winners will then be ask to set up a celebration post since we have a couple of sponsors who promised bigger upvotes to the winning artists. But I'll provide you with more details, once we know who the lucky creators are!

The entries are listed by payout as follows, starting with the most expensive one. Once you've decided who you want to vote for, you'll find your favorite creator down in the comments.

You vote for your favorite entries (as many as you want) by upvoting the corresponding comments, the voting is stake weighted (as announced since the very beginning).

You can go check out the @dtube videos by clicking on the account names below or by browsing through this list on steemit.com.

Honestly, I recommend you to go have a look on the entire list and then come back here to vote for your favorite ad. This may be the most comfortable way.

And the nominees are:

@ashtv: The Steem Movie - $61.09 | 448 votes

@coruscate: Your voice is worth something - $35.17 | 328 votes

@bitrocker2020: Join the Steem community - $33.27 | 369 votes

@travellit: Your voice is worth something - $20.43 | 313 votes

@waybeyondpadthai: Hey you! - $20.38 | 362 votes

@olegw: The new world (2nd entry) - $19.81 | 228 votes

@steembirds: Top 10 Celebrities on Steem - $17.51 | 143 votes

@ivansnz: The soul of Steem - $17.22 | 167 votes

@dcooperation: Join, blog, earn - $14.64 | 86 votes

@olegw: Morgan Freeman (3rd entry) - $14.21 | 134 votes

@blanchy: Blog. Vote. Post. Earn. (1st entry) - $13.65 | 105 votes

@spectrumecons: The future of dApps - $12.86 | 192 votes

@edprivat: On a ride with Ed - $12.76 | 143 votes

@steemersayu907: The Steem revolution - $12.15 | 146 votes

@midlet: What is Steem? - $11.80 | 412 votes

@kaerpediem: This is my world - $11.19 | 147 votes

@emsonic: Steem yourself - $9.30 | 34 votes

@lucylin: We've been waiting for you (1st entry) - $8.97 | 33 votes

@capitanzek: 60 seconds of Steem - $8.89 | 54 votes

@jeronimorubio: The poem - $7.05 | 127 votes

@pranto: Welcome to the Steem world - $6.89 | 47 votes

@olegw: The power of Steem (1st entry) - $6.62 | 143 votes

@honoru: 60 seconds of Steem - $4.88 | 133 votes

@mamun123456: Working and singing (1st entry) - $3.88 | 169 votes

@blanchy: Steem Monsters (2nd entry) - $2.14 | 75 votes

@mediahousent: A blockchain with skill-set & diversity - $1.00 | 51 votes

@lucylin: Open up your eyes to Steem (2nd entry) - $0.55 | 22 votes

@mamun123456: Singing again (2nd entry) - $0.30 | 21 votes

@enmy: If you love - $0.22 | 86 votes

@toufiqurrahman32: Cleanplanet (1st entry) - $0.20 | 9 votes

@flash07: The future of blockchain v2 (2nd entry) - $0.11 | 45 votes

@flash07: The future of blockchain v1.3 (1st entry) - $0.02 | 30 votes

@toufiqurrahman32: The crypto present (2nd entry) - $0.00 | 7 votes

@mitchel55: Doing math and singing - $0.00 | 4 votes

Late entries (outside the deadline):

@hmetu: 60 Seconds can change you - $2.12 | 231 votes

@anikearn: The DTube logo - $0.04 | 5 votes

The voting ends with the payout of this post (in 7 days from now).

Fun fact: While I put this post together I lost my internet connection about a hundred times (cheers to the island life!). When I had finally set up the post on dpoll I suddenly realized that this app doesn't allow you to introduce more than 20 anwers (entries). Yay! We've got 36 here... So I had to start from zero again and create the post on eSteem Surfer. What a night!

I hope you guys have fun with this voting and those five hours were worth it :-)

See you in a week for the award ceremony!

Happy weekend,
Marley -

This blog was created in July 2016, aiming to provide thought-provoking content for open-minded people who go on adventure, step out of comfort zones and embrace the new.
Thanks for being part of the journey!


PS: All my blog posts are created and submitted via eSteem Surfer - my favorite Steem desktop client that was developed by @good-karma's @esteemapp team. Check out their account for more information.

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Great contest with great results.

Thank you, and I agree: the entries are fantastic :)

Oh my gosh!!! There is so much INCREDIBLE talent here on the platform!!! I can't get over it. Do a blindfolded vote and we'd be fine. However, because I don't want to make it too hard for you, I am sticking with my two favourites from the beginning...I CAN'T choose between the two, so I'll leave it in the capable hands of the universe lol.
My 2 favourites are @ashtv and @olegw's third entry with Morgan :)
@coruscate and @travellit are great second choices for me,
Man, you've all done a great job and you're ALL amazing.
Good luck to everyone!!!

Thanks a lot for your support @misslasvegas! So two of your four favorites won - i guess that's a pretty cool share :-))

Have a great weekend!

I vote all of them. But more seriously. If Steemit doses have an easy and enjoyable sign up, this is all for little.

So many great ones, and what a great initiative @surfermarly!

Lots of very worthy entries; I just wish more people had approached this from a "pretend you're talking to someone who has NO IDEA what a blockchain, cryptocurrency, dApp or decentralized structure is" perspective... we really need to reach OUT to the world. But I guess that will come, in time!

Re-steemed for visibility!

Thanks a lot for your support!!!
Yeah you know we're on Steem for such a long time now and it's hard to imagine that there are still (many) people out there who have never been using this platform, hehe :-))

Another fantastic initiative Marly - very inspiring to see such quality productions. Just goes to show how important it is that a campaign like this is launched by someone with great standing in the community and with a nice prize pot! Well done to you and all those great entries.

Thank you, Chris!!! Hearing it from you means a lot :-))
I'm deeply impressed by the creativity and the efforts put into this contest, there's been a real wave of enthusiasm. So that's been my biggest takeaway so far. We can really move things here if we want!

Now I honestly don't think it really matters who's going to win the contest - we have a lot of amazing material to use for several marketing campaigns, so that's a huge asset to play with.

100% - marketing collateral of the highest quality- looking forward to community led campaigning!

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Yeah it's been an incredible community effort and still is :-)
Stoked to see this all being spread on the internet, too!!!

@ashtv: Steem - The Movie Is my favorite

Could I vote on a few videos? I watched all the videos.

  1. @dcooperation - because it's good video, I am here and it is community where I'm from)) -
  2. @midlet - well done video, clearly explains all the benefits of steem and excellent in terms of marketing -
  3. @steemersayu907 - inspiring video, well made, attractive -
  4. @waybeyondpadthai - video in the style of steem, original, interesting to watch -
  5. @emsonic - funny video, great idea -
  6. @honoru - good animation, interesting video -

Wish all the partiсipants all the best!

You can vote for as many entries as you like - just make sure that you upvote the corresponding comments (the one I submitted with declined payout), that's the only way you can make your voice count here.

Thanks for the support!

Thanks! I did it)

Excuse me ma'am. Would you mind moving the participants comments for voting purposes above the regular comments. I think some entries are getting buried. Thank you.

If someone delegates me 100K Steem, I’ll be happy to do some magic 😃

Yes. You can vote on a few videos. I also vote for 2.

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@behelen, I will vote for you! :)))

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Hi @surfermarley! I will vote once I get the chance to review all of the contestants..... potentially this weekend.... but next time you should consider using DPoll as a voting mechanism. It’s a STEEM based polling application by @emrebeyler which would make it very easy to keep a tally for something like this!

Cheers :)


Posted using Partiko iOS

Hey Jeff! As mentioned in my post above, I would've loved to use dpoll but it is limited to 20 answers and we have 36 entries here. It took me two hours to set up the whole thing on dpoll until I noticed that the app is limited in such way. Maybe @emrebeyler wants to consider improving the tool accordingly...

I guess we can increase the limit to 50 or 100. What do you think? @surfermarly

Sounds great :)

Ahhh I’m sorry, I apologize for not reading that far... that is a shame. I’m sure he will consider the change, it seems to be a work in progress currently at the very early stages. I can think of lots of different contests/polls where 20+ poll responses would be necessary. Regardless, have a nice weekend!

Posted using Partiko iOS

No probs, it's a long article... I wish it was structured in a different manner but we don't have any better tools on Steem right now. So I tried to put this together in the best way possible. If someone has an idea on how to make it better, then I'm completely open to that.

My weekend starts now - so thank you and best wishes for you, too! :-)

@steemersayu907: The Steem revolution

Unfortunately, this entry wasn't eligible for the prize pool as it uses copyrighted music. That was against the contest rules, since the idea is to use the winning art work off-chain. Yet, thanks a lot for your participation @steemersayu907!

Good promotion mate. Your video creates good awareness regarding applications on Steem. Your video shows what this blockchain has to offer rather than simply promoting it as a place to make money. Considering where Steem is in its life cycle your advertisement is appropriate. I hope you win, I have a feeling you might ;)

Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback !

I'm too glad that you liked my style and the way it was presented :)

Yup, I believe that STEEM should be spread as a place to SHARE & GAIN rather than just an earnin source.

Hehe... I too have a same feeling like yours ;)


@steemersayu907, voted!

Good luck! I cross my fingers for you.

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Thanks a Billion Buddy !

Thank for the Luck As Well ;) I need it !


wonderful video brother

Thanks a Lot Brotha! I'm glad you liked it :)


You amazing creation, that's a high end move. Also do like the transitions, professionally done.

Thanks a lot dude :)

I'm glad you liked it ;) Thanks for the Vote tooo !!!


Hey @steemersayu907! I'm just reviewing all the entries according to the established rules for the contest, since the decision day is coming closer.

I have a question regarding the song you used for your video which I just identified as Michael Aasen's song "Problem".

Where did you download the music, is this a royalty-free song? I'm asking since we're planning to spread the winning clips all over the internet as advertisement for Steem, and we need to act 100% according to the copyright law. If this wasn't a royalty-free song, we wouldn't be able to use the clip as official video ad for Steem.

In advance thanks for getting back :-)

EDIT: If you decide to not reply to this comment (or one of my comments on your posts as well as the discord message) and if you can’t prove the music is royalty-free before the voting ends, then this video will be disqualified. Thank you!

Hello @surfermarly, I'm so sorry for the late reply. I have explained why I was late and DM ed you the reason.

But see, the song I used for this video was from a website which provided only NO-COPYRIGHT songs. I often use em'. But for this case which one I used, I don't remember but I assure you that this won't face any copyright issue.

I've been using many songs from the internet offered by NO-COPYRIGHT websites and this one too came from one of them. I really don't remember from which website I picked it because I downloaded many songs for the edit and finalized this one.

I've been using such websites from a long time and have never faced a copyright issue till now. So I believe that this song too can't be copyrighted. On the other hand I didn't took the full song which I downloaded, I just took a part. Slashed some part from the starting and some from the end and kept some part of the middle portion. This can't be Copyrighted :)

I hope my little entry is still eligible :-)

I again Apologize for the late reply ...

Hi @steemersayu907! I have been searching the song all over the internet but the only sources I can find is Spotify, Amazon, iTunes and Youtube.
You need to provide me with the link where it says that the music is royalty-free, otherwise I can’t accept the entry.

I furthermore sent a message to the producer himself on Twitter:

That is actually something you should’ve done by yourself being the creator of the artwork. I mentioned if from day one: a commercial video ad cannot contain any third part elements, unless you’re holding the copyrights.

If we don’t get a positive response from the producer or you can’t provide me with the needed information til the contest / voting ends, I won’t be able to let your entry pass.

Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Hello @surfermarly,

I heavily regret not keepin the source link with me, but I've good a lil scope of proving that this can't be copyrighted.

I have check throughly upon YouTube's music policies and also looked ut for
the song PROBLEM and The Artist namely Michael Aasen

I did not found this song there. So I would request you to please have a look upon here -

And clear the confusion :)

And thanks a lot for tweeting him, I too did that just now.

I hope it's now good but still would love to hear from your side..

Thanks a lot for your efforts

I did not found this song there. So I would request you to please have a look upon here -

I can’t it find either.
As I said before: this is a music track that’s for sale on Amazon and iTunes. Why would the author offer it for free somewhere else?

If there is no clear proof that this is a royalty-free track, your video can’t be used as commercial ad.

That’s basic content creation law: never use the art of someone else, unless they allowed you to do so.

Again: we need a written copyright description for that song or a positive response from the producer. You’ve got still a couple of hours of time, good luck 🤞

@steemersayu907 - I hope the music is usable... Great and lively video! Loved it.

This entry will be disqualified @done due to copyright infringement and cheating (manipulating votes through bid bots). You may reconsider the vote ;-) And thanks for supporting the other entries!!! 😍

Pulled it. I will be watching for results and voting generously to the winning competitors!

Awesome! :-) I'll be publishing the post in about an hour when the voting procedure ends and when we know who our final winners are.

Hi @done, Yup there's an issue with the music.

But I hope it will be soon solved, I have asked @surfermarly that I would replace the music track with another one on the same video. Just wait8in for her Approval !!

Plus !! I'm very glad to receive such huge support from the community !!

But a bit sad as well as a guy namely @devilromit16 bought me some bid votes with approx value of 0.6 $ which is a bit controversial for me. But Trust Me I didn't do that.

And you can check the activities of @DRisers and get to know my true intentions. That's the reason I am fighting against these kinda allegations :(

Anyways I believe that the sun shines the brightest !!

hehe thanks a billion for your blessings :)

Your entry will be disqualified for the known reasons. And yes, sun will shine bright for all those who played fair and according to the rules here.

Chapter closed.

Thank You for the time you invested behind the reasons for disqualifying me and not providing me any further scope and especially for the things that my soul knows I haven't committed except the music mistake.

Sadly I've been a victim of deep controversy, ( Interestingly for a stranger ;) )

And Yes, Do remember there are even bigger stars than sun in the universe :)

I spent a whole day with you here trying to help you solving YOUR problem.

You are the only one who didn’t respect the rules of the contest. Be at least so professional to admit your mistake.

I will write a longer post about this pretty interesting experience and life lesson.

Yup, I admitted my mistake proudly and asked for some scope to correct it ( the Music one )

But I've been gettin some allegations which I should not be blamed of :)

I really appreciate your efforts, I too tried hard to contact that Song Author, but got silence.

I accept I should have had taken that link :( I regret that.

But The other reason for the disqualification is .. :(

good work so amazing

Thanks a lot brother, I'm glad u liked it :)


Great done @steemersayu907

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks mate :)

Posted using Partiko Android

I vote @steemersayu907

Posted using Partiko Android

Thanks a zillion dear :) Can you please vote the COMMENT by @surfermarly just above my comment and make your voice COUNT ??



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Using upvote bots is not fair to others though. To people who try to win in the right way..

The entry will most likely be disqualified due to copyright infringement.

That's a pity. I liked the video. It really shows off the strengths of the platform. If it's a copyright issue with the music, I guess we can't widely distribute it.

On the plus side, at least my video won't be last.

Hey @spectrumecons,

I'm very glad that you liked my video :)

But Mate, Trust me ... The song I've used in the video is from a website that offers only NO-COPYRIGHT musics. I picked it from a website, I heavily regret not mentioning the source of it. I'll give a try to hunt down the source but I can't make a commitment as I used a number of sites from where I downloaded 7 songs and this was one of them. But I can assure this video won't face any copyright. You can count on me !


Assuring means providing a source here, thank you. See my detailed reply above.

I hope this can be resolved. I have no official say as I'm not running the contest. I would like to see a fair result as well as all content that can be legitimately shared.

Posted using Partiko Android

Yes, in fact a commercial ad can’t contain any third party elements unless the author is holding the corresponding copyrights. That’s a basic rule of content creation and I mentioned it since day one.

That's fair enough.

Posted using Partiko Android

I tried to be fair all the time actually ... Some people will still find things to complain about here, but I guess that’s just because they want to find something :-)

Have a nice day!

Please give my comment a read.. I hope you'll understand my counterpart and give me a green signal for the entry :)

You can give yourself the green light by providing the required copyright information and proving that you’re allowed to use that song from Michael Aasen. Thank you.

Hello @chatwithkat,

I too believe that,It deprives others and don't let them have what they deserve but see I haven't used it from my side !

Trust ME I haven't asked anyone to do it as well ! Please think from my side.. If someone else buys votes from his/her side, What can I do ? I really don't know who have bought them for me.

I admit that I went to a number of people for their support but never asked to buy votes for me. I really can't figure out who can be that person..

Anyone can do that and to create a bad impression about someone on others, this can be done..


Mystery solved


Woah ! It's very good to see you pickin up the real culprit, or what should I say him though :(

Can you please suggest me what should I do ??

Appreciate your efforts !

There’s been Steem transferred to that account only to manipulate the votes and boost your entry to the top!

You can tell your friend that the party is over and that this will disqualify the entry.

Hey @surfermarly ! I didn't sent any STEEM to anyone !!

I have also seen that @devilromit16 sent two votes to the comment valued 0.6$ and even wrote that He's my friend on his about.

But trust me I didn't do that ! Neither I sent him STEEM nor He's my friend

Please have a look into this matter and think over it. There's nothing that I should be blamed of and especially of the thing I didn't commit :(

@travellit: Your voice is worth something

Excellent job on this one! @travellit !

Thank you so so much. We truly appreciate your support! ❤️ And the youtube link will be up in 4 hours! 😊 Hehe, the internet is REALLY slow here! But it’s coming, slowly but surely! ❤️

Posted using Partiko iOS

Thanks all for support! ❤️ Lets go viral!

Posted using Partiko iOS

You put an obnoxious amount of work into this, you deserve to be one of the winners. Good luck!

Such an amazing video guys! You know you had me by that pitch 👌🏻

Yesss! You were the first one we recruited on steem! Still kinda proud! Thanks for support and lets share the love for steem with the world! ❤️

Posted using Partiko iOS

You did an awesome job on it btw!

Thank you so much! Your support means the world to us! ❤️🤩

Posted using Partiko iOS

Best of luck, you did well

thank you so much! we are glad that you enjoyed our vid. Would be awesome if you could share it among your friends and community. ;) cheers!

You guys are always the best <3 I hope I'm not too late!!

I think that this video is really good!

Thanks again for supporting us! You and the whole Repollo community is just amazing! Big hugs fromus! ❤️🤞🏻

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apoyando full

Gracias amigo 🙏

Posted using Partiko iOS

It's nice :) Me like ;)

good luck @travellit

Thank you so much for the support ❤️🙏🤞🏻

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:) Amazing Stuff as always....

@ashtv: Steem - The Movie

Beautiful Steemy Coffee intro @ashtv
I loved "This guy just made more money than he would in a year on Spotify" whatever that is.
Nice jab at facecrook. Looks like she is not making money.
I hope to be giving you a 100% vote as one of the winners.

Thanks for the support @done!

Posted using Partiko iOS

You must support this video by @ashtv cuz its a deserving winner

Go, Ash!

Great storystelling of @ashtv's piece, and I enjoyed yours as well - very powerful with that fast pace and music.

This is the best.

This one is a winner! Very slick and professional production.

I stay on with @ashtv

Thank you uyobong! Give it a vote on the above ‘@ashtv: Steem - The Movie’ comment to make your vote count :)

Posted using Partiko iOS

I can't decide between this one and @coruscate - voted for both!

I share your opinion - have been voting for these two as well (and two more, haha) :-) It's really hard to decide which is actually a brilliant sign!

This should be #1 imo

@emsonic - here my friend :)

great job mate :)

Thanks. You are the winner man

Posted using Partiko Android

We honestly liked this one the most.

My favorite for sure!

@ashtv for the win. :D :D :D

There's a hard battle going on fighting for the top 3 :-))

Who knows what will happen. The community is deciding, exciting times!

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♨♨ 💪

Voted. I am @Oracle-D Content Creator.

Posted using Partiko iOS

@pranto: Welcome to the Steem world

You will never know when a small upvote can leave a great impact on the receiver (but now you can). So please don't forget to upvote. Big love and thank you to those who have voted (up).

Voted @pranto & You are doing great.
I would like to invite few my friends to support you-
@lavanyalakshman, @robertt, @mystry360, @clicked.

Best of Luck :-)

Aww wow,,,Remarkable @pranto

Especially, A humble request to you, please keep it up In this way, and share it among everyone.

Best of luck.


Great work bro. upvote done bro

Thank you

Well done @pranto

I've seen many videos, but your video is different from others. So I going to invite some great steemians to support you @broncnutz @r2cornell @artguru @geetharao @madushanka and @josediccus

Best of luck @pranto
Keep good work @surfermarly

He spams me via Discord to beg for upvotes. He obviously doesn't deserve this.

I think spam is a hard word in that context. People are very excited about this contest and many have invested a lot of time and efforts to participate. The prize pool is incredibly attractive, so I understand that the creators want to get as much attention for their entry as possible. Probably not everybody is a hero when it comes to sensitive self-marketing, yet i don't think that should be a reason to say that he doesn't to deserve to win the contest.

You should rather blame @pranto for not spelling my name correctly in the promo message 😉

xD Suffermarly would be worse :P

Hahaha, you're damn right @ivansnz - it always depends on the point if view, ain't it? :-D

absolutely haha

I think spam is the right word if you send several users randomly a direct message and asking for an upvote.

Yeah, he spams me too.

Have you asked him to not send you direct messages then before exposing him in public? Might be a fair step :-)

Steem on 🤙

As a community mate, Yes I sent him, Then I realized my mistake that it was my mistake then I apologized.



Actually, I'm new in discord. To be honest, I joined many community about a month ago such as #bdcommunity #drisers #duinte #onelovedtube and #steemitbd. So I don't has so many idea/knowledge about it but I'm always trying to learning from my mistakes.

After all, I never lose, I never give up.

I believe,

Never give up, and be confident in what you do. There may be tough times, but the difficulties which you face will make you more determined to achieve your objectives and to win against all the odds. #Marta

Therefore, I need an chance to prove myself that I deserve it. So I will waiting for your response @surfermarly

Love lots @pranto

No worries @pranto. I can't see you did anything wrong here, so you should just move on and skip pages :-)

Steem on 🤙

@surfermarly you're the best... And @pranto I wish you win this buddy... You're passion and honesty is pretty awesome to watch!

Steemit is a great community and this one is a warm welcome to Steem World. Great job @pranto and @surfermarly

Thank you

@pranto best funny video

Really! Thanks for sharing you feedback

You have my vote @waybeyondpadthai - You included earnings, all the dapps and love in many languages at the end. Well done.

Thanks a lot! Muchly appreciated :)

Thanks for the love! 💙

This is a video that can get the viewers curious and interested in Steem. Amazing work @waybeyondpadthai:)

Thank YOU! means a ton!

Full of energy as always. Love it! =)

I am also like this video.

Haaaa thank YOU! :-)

@midlet: What is Steem?

Very professionally done. Do you create commercials for a living @midlet?

If not, you may want to start.

Thanks so much @done! Yes, I do this sort of thing professionally 😊

Thank you everyone for your support. Upvote above for @midlet’s video, What is Steem?- @paleotwist, @whatsup, @backscratcher, @trevonjb, @harkar, @pouchon, @brada2550, @taskmaster4450, @lordgod, @ketcom

For ease of watching

@coruscate: Your voice is worth something

Beautifully done @coruscate - Super cool!

Aww big love and thank you to those who have voted! ♥️😘

It’s so good! You deliver a great message, and make Steem seem both fun and rewarding.

Posted using Partiko iOS

Awesome job @coruscate!! To me you're one of the winners.

It's a close one between this and @ashtv, i voted for both :D