🎵 Hive Open Mic 42 - Worldwide Live Music Event

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, inviting creative expression and genuine connection.

Hive Open Mic

Week 42: January 24-30, 2021

A virtual stage presenting live music and spoken word poetry.

Our Hive Open Mic community is a haven for creative expression and genuine connection. All are welcome. Every contributor can be proud of the fact we are building a live music movement by celebrating songs with an international audience. At a time in human history when many are lonesome and fearful, our event stands for global harmony.



Week 42 Theme - Soar

This week's Hive Open Mic theme is: “Soar.” This is a pressure-free invitation, encouraging us to explore new territory together as artists and share a common ground as a community. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment.

How To Participate

  1. Produce - Introduce your video with the words: “Hive Open Mic Week [1],” presenting yourself and performing a song.
  2. Present - Post your video on Hive by publishing through YouTube (preferred) or another video host, tagging #openmic.
  3. Promote - Share your link in the comments section of Sunday's open mic invitation in order to be included in our weekly highlights.
  4. Prosper - Enjoy harmony with the Hive community by engaging with musicians and music fans through upvotes and uplifting comments.

Good Examples

La Meccanica del Cuore (Original) by @lorenzopistolesi
Ponto de Yemanjá (Original) by @wildfamily
Slow Down (Original) by @bryandivisions
Aguila Aguile + Quñaq (Cover) by @joseacabrerav and @auelitairene
Be United As One (Original) by @rezasofyan
Se Trata De Ti (Original) by @ilazramusic
San Juan To' lo Tiene (Cover) by @ylich
Heavily (Original) by @cabelindsay


You can help support Hive Open Mic by acknowledging the creative spirit that is given so abundantly. Let's reward musicians by voting and commenting directly on music posts, showing our applause as if we're listening in a pub, a coffee shop, or concert hall. Tipping is greatly appreciated. These artists enliven Hive through their humming and buzzing!


In the Hive Open Mic community, every week is an inspiring musical journey. Here, talented musicians bring their gifts to the virtual stage, reaching around the world. Listeners gain human connection on levels of heart and mind, including people of various cultures and languages. This is the harmonizing power of music.

As a reminder, each week's adventures are curated and celebrated in a "Highlights" showcase every Tuesday. Looking back, we can still listen to the music from previous weeks, listed here in order of earliest to latest (Weeks 1-20): Sweeter Than Honey, Golden Sun, Open Path, Song of the Sea, Hum, Rainbow Warrior, Ultimate Freedom, Infinity, Wake Up, Slow Down, Ask, New World, Awe Inspiring, Fire Starter, Key Of C, Dream On, Reach Out, Signs, Four Directions, and Smell the Roses.

(Weeks 21-42): Unity, Death, Spirit, Rebirth, Family, Guardian Angel, Who, I Am, Yum, Truth, As Above So Below, Starlight, Moonrise, Hands On, Looking Up, Evergreen, Divine Alignment, Solo, Drop, Hold On, and Go.

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Excellent! and I'm here again asking about what songs would be suitable lol. I have something in mind but I would like to know your opinion. :-)

There are lots of songs about flying, for example. Here are a few that come to mind:

  • "Fly Like An Eagle" by Steve Miller Band:
  • "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver:
  • "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz:
  • Ok friend is fine, based on that I already have a theme that will be perfect for the occasion. Thank you!

    Buen tema. Hace tiempo había observado las figuras que adornan el portal de Cabe. Son muy simpáticas y orignaes, además de que deben tener su significado. Ya hice mo tema "Remontándome a tu cielo".

    Ahora, a aprenderlo y ensayarlo para subirlo, creo que el miércoles. Bendiciones.

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    Hi guys....this is my first post here.My name is Chaste ,Im a singer from the Philippine's.I recorded this for the open mic event this week.I had thought I changed my screen name to Chaste-Music but it seems like its still named as my gaming account. I might make a new one for my music but for now I have this video to share...


    ¡Hello Hivers and everyone who makes the Hive Open Mic come to life! This is my entry for this week. With love to all of you.


    Hello everyone and @cabelindsay. I accidentally published my entry in my blog and not in the community 😭
    And I hope I am not late this time for the entry.

    Greetings 👋

    Feliz semana amigos! Aqui dejo mi participación. Dios los bendiga.