At the Top of the Tree, Angel in Song

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Many people have heard me say that it is the smallest thing that can touch my heart. Those are the things that fill up that space, stay in the meaningful mode, and become one of my favorite memories in life. I got a box in the mail today, and some of those treasured memories came out of my mom's attic, adding another layer of beauty to my Season of Joy. That tradition, every year, warms my very being. I look over some of these things and it is not that they are glorious to look at, but the memories attached to them are so much more than that. I know it is such a small thing, but, for today - There is a glow in these lingering moments. Cherish the small things.

gingerbread man.jpg

They look ordinary, yet, each and every one of them has a story. Old with new, handmade or handed down, each has a place on the Christmas tree, our tree. Each time we take them out of the box, lives are relived, people are remembered and perhaps a new memory will be made. One of the ways our traditions are born — under the Christmas Tree.

Center Crest.png

How can you resist the season of joy? I find myself being drawn in, every year, just a little bit earlier than the other. Pretty soon, I suspect, I will just be celebrating it all year, and why not? I love feeling this way.

angel on the tree.jpg

Traditions built, memories made
Wrapping my heart with a well-placed bow
Spreading our gifts
To all that we know
From the top of the tree
The softest of songs
Drift through the air
Lifting my soul


I decided to pick a Christmas song that I liked. Just one. This is so much harder than it looks at first glance. Hundreds if not more than that litter my thoughts, running through the scales of songs, in different octaves and timbres. I will have to start off with a song that has been my personal favorite for almost as many years as I have been alive. My choice is Little Drummer Boy. I have to say that this "Old School" version by the Acapella group, Pentatonix is my favorite. This is when they first became known and have since gotten a bit more glamorous with their outfits and makeup, a whole lot more commercialized.But, ever since I was old enough to sing the words, it has been my favorite. Except for anything that Pavarotti sings. Him and Bocelli, Placido... well, yes. I have a lot of favorites.

So my wish, should it come true, would be to be Christmas, all year through. Celebrate. Each. Day. If only the sentiment, mixed with equal parts love and a generous spirit becomes my own inspiration to all whose lives I may touch, and, just so you know, the pleasure is always mine.

Heart On A Course (L).png

All I have are my words, armed in my mind, written in pen, stand by stand. Oh, yes. Still by hand. It has a different feel. Altered not by keys, backspace, and delete, I write, erase, tear it to pieces and start all over again. And again.

It’s my way. I walk out to the deep end of the page and dive right in.


There are flowers, as always, to color your world. #alwaysaflower And just like that, this post is over! Come back tomorrow and we will do it again and again until we get it right or until the world is right, whichever comes first.!





The Naming of Cats

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.

TS Elliot

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Just don't take the tree down ;p

I love your love for the season - my Bestie'A is just like this
She has already sent me an invitation to keep the day free and I know I will be immersed in all things Christmas then
Till that happens I will enjoy your posts :D

I do love Pentatonix's version of one my favourite Christmas songs :D

Oh! I love your bestie, sight unseen! She has got to be amazing if she loves Christmas or the feelings associated with it!

How nice to be invited into the immersion program she has set for you. :)) I hope you enjoy all the Christmas that I will be sharing. You really are a Christmas elf yourself. I can see it from here.

Pentatonix sometimes blows me away with their version of things. I love Little Drummer Boy in several versions, but, I am stuck on theirs for a few years now. Have a fabulous day!

You two would get along great.

Yes, their acapella is so on point :D

Many people have heard me say that it is the smallest thing that can touch my heart.

If your husband reads this you are a dead Denise walking! ;0)

Hahaha! OMG! You just made me spit out my coffee! :))

Lol, your welcome!

That’s something I miss to a degree is little keepsakes going back decades
We have keepsakes firm Lulu and I being together so going back 20 years but I have very few going back any further I had one or two special momento’s from my parents that rekindled thoughts of my youth inr was the radio my dad would listen to the bees on before we got our first Tv in the mid 60s
But sadly that hit lost in a move years ago

And I love the Little drummer boy song it is also my favorite conventional Christmas song and Pentatonix do it so well I was listening to their Christmas songs in the car the other day

That is funny that the Little Drummer Boy is everyone's favorite. I actually had no idea. When the Pentatonix came out with that version, I was addicted to their style of acapella!

I have lost countless memories in moves also. One of the hazards. Those memories I have of my parents and grandparents are sweet and treasured, often a passing thought.

Thanks so much, JJ! @tattoodjay

And I said it was my favorite traditional Christmas song but I do love the fun Snoopys Christmas song the Red Baron

I didn’t know it was everyone’s favorite the little drummer boy

Mind you tastes change I used to never like it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I found myself singing along to it in the car this morning

Singing is the wrong word I can’t sing at all but sometimes make noises with words when in the car on my own

Haha! You are so hilarious! It is true that taste to change and I forgot all about Snoopy and the Red Baron because I love that song. I think that I love many songs and I can never Pin It Down. I did say it's everybody's favorite song because it seems like it is one of the songs that people pick and I'm not sure if it's because it's the favorite if it's so a part of their childhood. Which gives it extra points. I found myself listening to songs I haven't heard in years and years trying to find one that I left fast and instead found probably 15 more that I love. Anyway, I think we can all have as many favorites as we want! Now let's sing it again!

Yes indeed we’re nit limited to just one favorites we can have many
I was listening to pentatonix Christmas songs yesterday they do them so well

Lovely poem.

Little drummer boy by Pentatonix was my favourite that year as an undergraduate who almost unfortunately celebrate Christmas alone.

I concur with your wishes for everyday to be tag Christmas day, I mean who doesn't want to celebrate all day long.

But in my opinion I think it'll lose it relevance if it becomes a daily ritual, cause 1, you'll run out of money and food because no one as been working.

  1. Human tends to long for new experience when they become use to one.
  2. A proverb in my tribe says Kì í pọ̀ kó dùn, ṣíún lọbẹ̀ oge(It can't be much and be tasty; a nicely tasting stew is typically moderate in quantity) Without returning to the of principles moderation, scarcity and simplicity, mankind will continue to drown in its pleasures, and yet derive less and less enjoyment from them, while becoming more and more sick.

Like I said earlier I also wish Christmas was everyday, if wishes were horses, they say, beggars will ride. My opinion.

Have a blessed Sunday day, and a prosperous Christmas and New year ahead.

I agree with you on that. I clarified later in the post If only the sentiment, mixed with equal parts love and a generous spirit It is not so much Christmas Day that I would like every day, but, the feeling of it. The goodwill of man. People are more charitable and kind.

While I would love for that feeling to continue through the year, I have to agree that part of what is special about is that it comes once a year, but, the feeling shouldn't be once a year. That, we can have all day long.

I also wish Christmas was every day, if wishes were horses, they say, beggars will ride. My opinion. Haha! Yes. :)

Thank you and have a blessed day ahead. Stay safe!

The Christmas ornaments from yesteryear that rekindle heartfelt memories are truly the most cherished of all! @dswigle

Absolutely! They truly are the most cherished and take a special spot on one of the trees.

Hi, Nina! Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful Sunday!

My pleasure, Denise! Always a joy seeing your beautiful Christmas posts as well as tributes to the special holidays all year round.🎄🗓🥁

Thank you for the Sunday wishes and the same to you! Undoubtedly we will bump into each other a few more times on Hive overnight and later!😀

Yes! You never sleep! :))

Thank you! Have a good night, my friend!

Haha! You're right alongside those of us pulling Hive nightshift!

I have not seen any Christmas decoration in my town as yet so I am really enjoying looking at all your stunning photos 😉

No way!!! It is December! There are only 19 days left til Christmas! When will they put them up?

Thank you for the awesome comment! I will probably be posting ornaments and decorations until it is here! I have so many of them, it is the best way to get some extra mileage out of them! :)

Thanks for stopping by!

They are all been very slow about it here this year not many happy people around due to all these covid issues but it hasn't stop me from putting my Christmas tree up I am still enjoying it and having a pre Christmas barbecue today ...hehe 😊

Will be looking forwarded to more of your colorful Christmas blogs they really are giving me more Christmas spirit. Thake care @dswigle have a great day 😊

Awwww! Thank you! Have a great barbecue today! How fun!

Thank you my dear friend ♥️

Always. :)

So my wish, should it come true, would be to be Christmas, all year through. Celebrate. Each. Day. If only the sentiment, mixed with equal parts love and a generous spirit becomes my own inspiration to all whose lives I may touch, and, just so you know, the pleasure is always mine.

Yes. People should be kind, friendly, loving, helpful and generous with each other in the entire year, not just/only in Chirstmas. You helped and motivated/inspired me a lot this year, so thank you so much.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Wouldn't that be perfect? I think so. I just get such a rush of happiness at the kindness of people at this time of year. If I had anything to do with motivating/inspiring you this year, that pleases me. Truly. You have it in you, there just needs to be a reason to get it out.

I think that you will have an amazing 2022. I'm willing to bet on it! Thank you for the lovely comment and I hope you have a great day!

Good night from Washington, DC

Christmas is such a nostalgic holiday.
Little Drummer Boy has always been my favorite Christmas song. I discovered that version a little while ago as well and really like it.

It really is such a nostalgic holiday. I love it! There is something from my childhood, the Little Drummer Boy, and my mother singing it as she flitted around the house. It is a passing memory some days. :) She really loved the music!

I like this version of it, but, I also love so many other versions too. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving your words.

Won't it be more beautiful if we celebrated Christmas all year round! Hehe. Lovely poem and I agree that Christmas tree can hold a family's traditions.

I love Pentatonix and their version of Drummer Boy! They are such talented young people. Another Christmas song I like is Holy Night. It's slow, heart-warming and always gets me in a joyful mood!

Happy Sunday and merry Christmas! 😊

It would definitely be more beautiful if everyone celebrated it or at the very least practiced it. So much family tradition is up, high on that tree, I smile when I see things from people no longer with us, but, the memory of them is held strong.

I love O Holy Night too! The voice is so heartwarming. It is a slow song, but, the tone is beautiful! Thank you for stopping by!

Happy Sunday indeed!

Little Drummer Boy.
A new born King to see...
So to honor Him...
I have not gift to bring...
Shall I play for Him?
I played my drums... my best for Him.
Then He smiled at me.

A nice song selection, @dswigle!

Thank you! It is such a beautiful song, from childhood right up to this day! Thank you for the words! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

Enjoy the Season of Joy!

The days are starting to run into each other, hehehe 😁
And to think that I've done my Christmas shopping already!

oh, yes!! Me too!!

Christmas Every day would be wonderful :) I wonder if that's how Heaven will feel???

I have to believe it! Sounds like... heaven! :) Thanks for stopping by ! Have a great Sunday!

I am a practicing Hindu, I do love listening the song of Christ ,they are refreshment of our soul,In sad times they give light of hope , especially the catholic Church prayer, though I love all.
God bless you dear sweet friend @dswigle

I was born and raised Catholic. How interesting that you are practicing Hinduism. Will it be useful to you?

Thank you for stopping by! Happy Sunday!

Beautiful Christmas ornaments! I love the red colors because they really evoke the spirit of Christmas plus the prose you conceive when you write your thoughts.... simply a joy to read! Happy Sunday Denise darl!

Thank you! I love the red ones too. I actually bought those in Poland about ten years ago. Oh, no! You are the one that writes so beautifully! I love your words!

Thank you for your words and I see that your Sunday is almost gone, so have a wonderful week ahead!

Everything you write is so beautiful! I'm delighted to read your posts!!!! Merry Christmas, you are right, it should last all year!!!

Thank you for such a kind comment! I am so happy that you find things in my posts that you like. How hard is it to be nice all year? We don't need a reason to be kind! We should be that way out of default!

Thanks again and I wish you a wonderful Sunday!

Those little things are priceless and irreplaceable. Memories and stories within these small objects are forever to be treasured. I wish I could send you a trinket perhaps for next year's tree. Something to remember me by as a way to say thanks for the love.

Oh, aren't you sweet? That is so nice and it is the thought that counts! You will be remembered, no worries. Your amazing stories are in my head.

You just don't forget that stuff. Thanks again! Love to you and @Mhel!

Nice thinking and musing about life.

Thank you so much for your words!


Thank you for the upvote and the visit! @wesphilbin


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Thanks for the pizza!

heart touching poem, every line you wrote is amazing even those lil Christmas decoration items are amazing.... thanks for sharing... wishing u a merry Christmas in advance.

Thank you so much, that is so kind of you to say. I hope you are having a great Sunday!

This writing just takes me down memory lane, it reminds me of Christmas when I was still a kid. It was a tradition for the family to spend our Christmas with my grandma, All my uncles, aunts and cousins were always present. The house was always full,warm and fun.I was just a kid then, with no worries, spending time with my cousin gave me joy, the tales my grandma told us, her warm hugs, fights as kids etc. Anyway I'm a grown now and my grandma
is late so we no longer gather at her place again , plus everyone is now busy and scattered at different places in the earth. But I'll ever cherish those lovely moments. Thanks @dswigle for making me remember that long lost memory. Have a lovely Christmas and continue to make great memories too

Thank you so much. That is exactly the way my Christmas was, growing up. My Grandmothers's house was always full of people, spending Christmas Eve together and going to Midnight mass. My grandma is gone, and we are all scattered, but, we still try to get together during the holdidays.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great Sunday!

What beautiful memories we treasure from days gone by. What beautiful memories we make for those who carry on the traditions long after we've departed this Realm. The joy that emanates from your love of the season is clear for all to see. I have a friend that simply radiates during this time of year.

I adore The Little Drummer Boy, as my son is a drummer and I envision him giving his most cherished gift (music) to the New King. No matter how old he gets I still picture him in this way lol.

My other favorite song of the season is Silent Night. I have lived mostly out in the countryside and have kept horses for most of that time. Every Christmas Eve I would go sit in the stall of my favorite horse and sing quietly to the barn. The horses never seemed to mind my lack of singing skills and when I emerged from the barn the cares and woes of life had vanished and I felt nothing but peace and grace.

I have a barn now, which is empty and without a roof. Perhaps it's time I remedy that situation :)

Best of the Season to you and keep spreading that joy!

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It's true that things from the past, hold memories only the heart can see. I love those things and mentally hold them close.

I'm so thankful for the good times along the way, that have filled my head with fond memories. They are not for sell, but if they were, no one could afford them.

Oh... now, that brings me to a funny thing my brother David said to me one Christmas. I was asking him for his Christmas list of suggested ideas that we always use to leave with Mom when we all drew names, just in case whoever got our name had NO earthly idea what to buy us. No one had to use the list, they were just there to be helpful if needed. When I asked him for his list, he said "If I saw something I wanted and YOU can afford it, I have already bought it for myself !" AHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA..... Of course I just laughed and told him that was fine, we'd just be getting him something he didn't want then.

Funny... .right ????

You must be very busy with the Christmas 🎅 preparation @dswigle I notice you could not jump on all the market Friday post this last Friday anyway I miss you on my blog,hope you are having a beautiful day

Actually it's 1:30 in the morning and I'm still working on Market Friday because I worked this weekend. Don't give up hope on me I'm going to quit here pretty soon and go to bed but I will finish in the morning. I apologize for being so late, but right now I just cannot help it. Thank you for keeping me honest. I hope this will be the start of a good week for you.

Oh its ok 👌 take your time rest and don't over load your self with work I will always be here for you @dswigle

Two words "Just Beautiful" 😊

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 83 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!