Game Development for Kids with GDevelop - Pong Game Ball Gravity

in Education8 months ago

In previous tutorial, I explained you how to make use of the ball movement in our Pong Game. As we have already covered the player movement and now the ball movement. Now let's force the gravity on the ball in the pong game.

What to expect in this tutorial? You can expect this tutorial to have the gravity which can be used in the pong game specific context for the ball. So we are going to see what functions can be used as well.

So before we can get into the tutorial check out the table of content below.

Table of Contents for GDevelop Tutorials

  1. GDevelop - How to Create Project
  2. GDevelop - How to Create Scene
  3. GDevelop - How to add background Image
  4. GDevelop - How to add Image Sprite
  5. GDevelop - How to Horizontal Scroll
  6. GDeveop - How to Vertical Scroll
  7. GDevelop - How to Switch Level or Scene in Game
  8. GDevelop - Switch Scene or Level
  9. GDevelop - Add Force to Sprite
  10. GDevelop - Key Press Change Background
  11. GDevelop - Particle Emmiter
  12. GDevelop - Tiled Sprite
  13. GDevelop - Asset Store
  14. GDevelop - Text entry object
  15. GDevelop - Typewriter Effect
  16. GDevelop - Light Object
  17. GDevelop - Video object
  18. GDevelop - BBText object
  19. GDevelop - Pong Game - Player Movement
  20. GDevelop - Pong Game - Ball Movement

Here's the video that explains how to make use of the gravity of the ball in the Pong Game.

The video covers how to add the ball movement, player movement and the ball gravity into the game. So you learn how to add the gravity at the end of the video. I hope that the explanation of this video is definitely good.

This was the last tutorial for this game, however the tutorial series for the Pong Game is yet to end. I want to add more tutorials for the pong game to polish the game. I have not much have the assets for the game for score and the two player usage specific polishing.

From the next tutorial onwards, I am going to show you how to add the particle effects into the Gdevelop and create various types of the effects.

I hope the current tutorial was useful to you.

We will continue the further game development topic in next post.


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