When will I see this again? ... and my move to Hive

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I wonder when I will see this stream with the waterfalls and the forest again.

Ich frage mich, wann ich diesen Bach mit den Wasserfällen und dem Wald wiedersehen werde.

Šunikov vodni gaj / Šunik Water Grove . Slovenia
COVID-19 Measures - Day #7

I actually had a lot of plans for this spring and for the rest of the year, but I think I can forget these plans, at least for the next few weeks and months.

Now it's time to stick together, take care of the family and stay healthy. Everything else is not so important and can wait.

Eigentlich hatte ich viele Pläne für dieses Frühjahr und auch für das restliche Jahr, aber ich glaube, diese Pläne kann ich vergessen, zumindest für die nächsten Wochen und Monate.

Jetzt gilt es, zusammen zu halten, auf die Familie aufzupassen und gesund zu bleiben. Alles Andere ist nicht so wichtig und kann warten.

Šunikov vodni gaj - 30 sec Exposure (ND 3.0)

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I have now decided to switch entirely to Hive and not to run on two blockchains simultaneously.

I initiated a powerdown on Steem and in the next 13 weeks I will check what is going on there every now and then and transfer the Steem to my Ionomy account (affiliate link).

Ich habe mich jetzt dazu entschlossen, ganz zu Hive zu wechseln und nicht zweigleisig zu fahren.

Auf Steem habe ich ein Powerdown eingeleitet und in den nächsten 13 Wochen werde ich hin und wieder mal nachsehen, was los ist und wöchentlich die Steem auf mein Ionomy Konto (Affiliate Link) transferieren.

Is this a H for Hive?

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I also canceled all my Steem delegations, but they were previously transferred 1:1 to my hive account anyway, and I hoped that projects such as @beerlover and @investinthefutur will also work here.
@Detlev and @miketr have told me today, that this should happen soon 😊

I have the same hope for the Tribes, where I would wish that Steem Engine with CCC, PHOTO and PAL as well as all other tokens will also switch to the Hive Blockchain.

Meine Steem Delegationen habe ich ebenfalls storniert, wobei diese aber vorher 1:1 in mein Hive Account übernommen worden sind, und hatte gehofft, dass Projekte wie der @beerlover und @investinthefutur auch hier funktionieren werden.
@Detlev und @miketr haben mir heute bestätigt, dass dies auch bald der Fall sein soll 😊

Die selbe Hoffnung habe ich auch für die Tribes, wo ich mir wünsche, dass Steem Engine mit CCC, PHOTO und PAL sowie allen anderen Token ebenfalls auf die Hive Blockchain wechseln werden.

When will I see you again?

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If you ask me which apps I miss the most here, then I can answer that very easily: I do not want to have to do without SteemWorld and SteemReply.

Wenn ihr mich fragt, welche Apps mir hier am meisten fehlen, dann kann ich das ganz leicht beantworten: Auf SteemWorld und SteemReply möchte ich auch hier nicht verzichten müssen.

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When this post goes online tonight, day 7 of the measures to slow the spread of the Corona Virus is almost over for me and my family.

These measures have now been extended until Easter Monday for the time being, but we should all still think positively and hope that this bad crisis will end soon.

Wenn dieser Beitrag heute Abend online geht, ist für mich und meine Familie Tag 7 der Maßnahmen zur Verlangsamung der Verbreitung des Corona Virus fast vorbei.

Diese Maßnahmen wurden jetzt bis vorerst Ostermontag verlängert, aber wir sollten trotzdem alle positiv denken und auf ein baldiges Ende dieser schlimmen Krise hoffen.

Stay at home, take care and stay healthy!
Bleibt zu Hause, seid vorsichtig und bleibt gesund!


All photos were shot with the Canon EOS R and one of these lenses: Canon RF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM, Canon EF 70-200mm f/4 L IS II USM, Canon EF 16-35mm 1:4 L IS USM, SIGMA 105mm 1:2,8 DG MACRO HSM, SIGMA 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM C.

I leave all EXIF and IPTC information stored in the pictures.

If you like my photos I would appreciate an upvote, nice comment or maybe you want to share my post on your blog 😊 ... and maybe you would like to follow me, so that you never miss a post from me.

Thank you for visiting my blog,
have a nice evening,

Photos and Text: Johann Piber | All rights reserved - do not use without my permission

[//]:# (!pinmapple 46.309110 lat 13.662185 long 20200322-Sunikov d3scr)


My dear friend, @johannpiber, forgive me for rarely writing, but this is the case today.
Two days ago, in the evening, I turned off the power by Steem, but, in the morning, after weighing all the pros and cons, I turned on the power again.
I do not want to be a prophet in this matter, but, as world history and the Bible show, including, sometimes, people, are false. They are not like that. But, they can become deceitful, due to circumstances beyond their power.
I repeat, I do not want this to be so, I like the idea of ​​the Hive, and I hope that everything will be fine.
But, even if we don’t talk about world history, about the well-known priest Gapon, who instigated the revolution, but, himself, did not appear on the palace square.
Ukraine, two revolutions of dignity, the people, fully supported the new government, but it found the intersection with the old government and, the people, remained near a trough.
Do you know Pushkin's fairy tale about the Goldfish?
I do not exclude the possibility that, one day, maybe in a year, or two years, maybe earlier, by Steem and the hive, they will agree on cooperation.
Witnesses are people, first of all, the human factor, which, as you know, has always been a weak link. I want to believe that our witnesses, the most powerful witnesses in the world, lol.
But, if this happens, no one will accept claims.
Everyone will be responsible for their mistakes.
The decision to turn off the power is very complicated, even not so much financially, but, here, the moral factor plays. It seems to me that this victory is a bit like a defeat, but in a beautiful wrapper.
If, Stemm, should burn out, I am ready to lose it, completely.
But, until, until there is a movement, or, the possibility of their movement of all tokens from the Steem engine to the Hive engine, I will not do this. But, I’ll think about it, if they put me on the wall and say - life or death, but then, about democracy and decentralization, there can be no question, lol. I wish you, and your family, everyone, good health and balanced decisions!

Good morning my friend,

never mind, I have always seen your blog ;)

Believe me, I have had the same thoughts and the tale of the Fisherman and the Goldfish might even match the situation somehow, but I have made my decision - I cannot be on two partys at the same time ;)
Either it works or not - if not I am like you prepared to lose it all.

Yesterday I have changed the first Steem from my powerdown to Hive and I will do this every week. This is the only reason for me to switch sometimes to Steem - my accounts run on Autovotes.

To be honest, I didn't like how the witnesses acted, but more I disliked what Justin did and still does. I think they should have talked more and maybe not only over the internet, but also personally. But they have made their decisions too and I have made mine to move where most of the community moves.

Steem has become a second home for me, a second family and I enjoyed every moment there until the wars began...

And: I will leave some Steem on my accounts, just in case ... ;)

I wish you all the best my friend, take care of yourself and stay healthy 😊


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Howdy sir johannpiber, these are some outstanding photos!

Thank you so much @janton,
this is an outstanding place too and I do really hope that some day in Autumn it will be possible to drive there again.


You mean if the restrictions are ever lifted? Surely by the middle of summer you will be able to!

To be honest,I don't believe that such a trip will be possible this year - in the Summer we might be allowed to travel in our country, but I don't think crossing borders will be allowed soon, but this all depends on the numbers of infections in the next weeks. Nobody knows what will come, but we all hope the best.

Are the numbers of infections still growing there?

Yes, they are still growing - we haven't reached the peak yet :(

I'm sorry to hear that. They might try to restrict people's movements even more.

I think because we have the masks order they might say you can go wherever you want, just as we are allowed now, but you have to wear a mask ... or so - we will see ;)

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Howdy there investinthefutur! I thank you for the upvote!

Hallo @johannpiber
Sorry habe dein Post wegen invest erst jetzt gelesen, bin selten auf Steem zur Zeit aber vielleicht hast du es ja schon gelesen das die Voin-Accounts bereits auf Hive aktiv sind, würde mich freuen wenn du auch Hive mit machen würdest.
Bleib gesund. !invest_vote !jeenger

Hallo @cervisia,

kein Problem, ich habe schon eine Antwort von @miketr bekommen.

Meine verbliebenen Delegationen sind 1:1 auf Hive übernommen worden und müssten bei dir auch in den 3 voinvote Accounts aufscheinen.

Das "bleib gesund" gebe ich gerne zurück 🙂

@johannpiber denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
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I didn't know about the profile map - that's a cool thing, thank you 😀

It always kind of existed, it just wasn't clearly worded and had a way more annoying url to access it! Was about time I got around and fixed that! 😁

And you have done a good job - I didn't know I have so many posts there ;)

YES - there will be BEER for BEEs in the #HIVE

stay tuned for the development in some days/weeks as this depends on the new HIVE-Engine

That's cool and I hope I can give away BEER soon :)
Stay safe and healthy 🙂

great to know that. we are patient!

Keep yourselves. Unfortunately this year we have a lot to sacrifice. But I think everything will end to some extent well.

That's the way to think, my friend: in the end everything will be fine, everything will be good soon. Just think positive and take care of yourself and of your family, the ones you love 😊

Now it is more important to stay safe and healthy.
Take care!

Thank you very much Neli - that's the most important thing for all of us now, you take care too to still be healthy when this crisis is over.

Welcome over to the Hive Side. I am slowly moving over to mostly being on the Hive. I will use my steem chain to continue to vote over there ever few days. I actually voted dwon to a day and a half recharge, I have never done that before, but I just don't have the time for both places. I really like viewing and commenting and that takes time.

We have our first case of Corona Virus infection close to where I live, but my wife and I have been trying to limit our travels to town and shopping to once a week. For awhile now. Hopefully we will be able to avoid it.

I hope things settle down as spring gets here, I had to spend most of last year indoors because of the fires and smoke, during he really cold days of winter, and there were a lot of them I had to spend most of winter indoors, and now with spring approaching it seems I will still need to be mostly indoors, Sometimes Life just bites. But at least I am still alive.

I wanted to stay on both chains for a while, but it is really too much for me too. I also will go back to Steem sometimes to make votes, because when the 13 weeks of powerdown are over there will still be some Steem left for one last powerdown, so I can make a few more Steem ;)

We have had our first death in Carinthia today. He was about 65 years and has been ill before. There are still not many infections in Austria and I do hope that the people are smart enough to stay calm and keep to the restrictions, but they will last another 3 weeks and I don't believe it will be over then.

Just take care and avoid direct contact with other people. Wash your hands and don't touch your face before you are sure they are clean.
This crisis will be over one hopefully soon day and you don't need to stay indoors anymore. Then we all will laugh and enjoy our new life :)

Yep, precautions need to be taken, avoiding the hype while trying to see the truth, and remembering it is a flu system, wash, gargle, and avoid the sounds of flu like coughs and sneezes, and people should be fine.

Exactly, that way you will be fine, and don't believe anything on social media unless it comes directly from the government. Yesterday someone posted that we should close our windows at 10pm because an army helicopter would spray disinfectants ;)

Stay safe and healthy 🙂

I am not convinced we have to power down and eradicate our steem accounts... I am confused and dunno what to do, really. I dont want to sit on two chairs, obviously, but posting and focusing on Hive, cant we just stay intact our steem accounts?... or you are just being strictly pragmatical - trying to sell the steem tokens while they have at least some (0.18$) market value?..

After these 13 weeks of powerdown I will leave a few Steem on the account - maybe I want to use the account later on for something, but I don't know yet. The account will stay alive - as far as I know you cannot delete an account, because all is written in the blockchain and you never know what that is good for.

All I know is, that I don't want to sit on two chairs like you say - it's just too much work and I always try to have a quite clean desk ;)

As said above I will leave some Steem on the account, but for the rest I'll buy Bitcoin on Ionomy and hope that I get at least the money back that I have invested in Steem ... or more if the Bitcoin rises after I have spent all Steem ;)

Have a great day and stay safe and healthy my friend :)

I have hardly been on today but I popped on for a little bit to see what was happening on here
Interesting to see you have decided to go all in with Hive, I have started a power down and Mya go the same route, but will decide inthe next few days or when I start posting again

I know I wanted to use both accounts for a while and post on both, but it is just too much - so I have made the powerdown and buy Bitcoin for the Steem I get week per week.
I don't know if I will post every day, but I think when I'm at home this week I could do so, but I'll see.
Stay safe and healthy my friend 😀

I think picking one is the way to go keeping up with post is just too confusing

Good morning JJ,

sorry for my short reply yesterday, but I think I'm just too tired these days, although I actually don't do much ;)

I do hope you are fine over there and am glad that you do not need to go to New York anymore.

Please take care of you, your wife and your family my friend. This terrible time will pass and we will carry on living our normal lifes again.

Love the pics and that is definitely an H for Hive. Really cool ;)

Thank you very much - I didn't notice this H before, but today when I added the photo 😁

Immer wieder schön deine Langzeitbelichtung. Ich bin noch nicht ganz schlüssig aber ich denke ich werde in Zukunft auch nur noch hier Posten. Die Steem werde ich noch liegen lassen und die Zinsen einsammeln ein power down werde ich glaub erst Anfang nächstes Jahr starten da vermutlich viele Steem jetzt verkaufen ist der Preis nicht optimal und wenn es gut kommt und der nächste BullenMarkt startet nächste Jahr wird Steem sicherlich mit gezogen werden in so einer Phase. Bleib Gesund!

Dankeschön 😁

Ich wollte zuerst auf beiden Blockchains posten und voten, aber beide Blockchains zu bedienen ist einfach zu viel. Ich mache jetzt den Powerdown und kaufe dafür auf Ionomy Bitcoin bzw lasse ich einen Teil auch als Steem dort stehen. Vielleicht mache ich einen Gewinn, aber am Wichtigsten ist mir, dass ich zumindest das rausbekomme, was ich eingezahlt habe, und das wird schon passen, denke ich ;)

Danke, liebe Grüße und bleib auch gesund :)

steemworld would be a terrible loss, I agree with you... today I canselled some of my very few delegations and re-did some... in a low manual mode, it was a mess... it will be a mess to do this! for now I even dont know where to check my delegations... steemworld is an indispensable tool.

other projects... lets see. I think the ones were running not for the money but from the heart, will be re-launched here. but I dont hold my breath for it will happen, really... but ofc would be nice!

The two apps I mentioned are saving so much time and I do hope they will come to the Hive. Others will certainly come here too, but these two are my most important apps.

In the meantime you should try the Vessel Wallet (https://hive.io/wallets). Especially for delegations it's a nice tool.

Stay safe and healthy my friend 🙂

Yep! More countries are enforcing selected shut down!
We start our 14 days right now! Everything will be close except for food stalls, supermarkets, drug stores!

I think it is the right thing to do - the less social contacts of the people are the slower the spreading of the virus will be. This will give more time to prepare the hospitals and rescue workers and everything else.
Think positive and stay safe and healthy dear @kaminchan.

Wirklich sehr schöne Bilder hast du da, finde deine "long-exposure" wie man sie ja nennt, richtig cool. Ja so ist das leider zurzeit, Zusammenhalt ist gefragt, aber ich finde man kann auch die guten Seiten sehen. Endlich mehr Zeit, an seinen Projekten zu arbeiten, die man ewig aufgeschoben hat, endlich mehr Zeit mit seiner Familie wieder ins Reine zu kommen und endlich mehr Zeit um sich selbst zu kümmern. Auch wenn viele es nicht glauben wollen, aber ich glaube der Virus hat auch etwas sehr gutes in sich - er hilft uns zu entschleunigen! :-)

Ich danke dir vielmals für deinen netten Kommentar und dass dir meine Langzeitbelichtungen gefallen 😁

Du hast da ein paar positive Sachen genannt, die auch persönlich schon feststellen durfte, und ich weiß noch ein paar mehr: Schau mal in den Himmel - siehst du Kondensstreifen? Schau mal nach China und Italien - die Luftqualität hat sich extrem verbessert. Ich denke, unsere Natur nützt die Zeit, die wir sie momentan in Ruhe lassen, um sich etwas zu regenerieren. Wir müssten dann, wenn das alles vorbei ist, darauf achten, dass wir nicht wieder alles kaputt machen.

Nochmals danke und bleib gesund :)

Moin Johann,
danke für den Tipp mit peakd.
Bin darüber nun auch angemeldet.
Muss morgen mir das Ganze mal genauer anschaun.

Viele Glück und nen schönen Tag Zu Dir/Euch.

Liebe Grüße

Nachdem ich vorher auch schon auf SteemPeak gewesen bin, ist der Umstieg hierher nicht schwer gefallen.

Guten Morgen und einen schönen Tag wünsche ich dir Peter 😀
... und pass trotzdem auf und bleib gesund ;)

Moin Johann,
ja peakd scheint zu funktionieren.

Also lass ich es dabei. Und es ist die alte Version von Steempeak welche mir eh besser gefallen hat.

Es wird schon.

Heute Nachmittag fahren wir nochmals einkaufen. Meine Maus rechnet damit, dass wir häusliche Quarantäne bekommen.

Wie das hier in der Einsamkeit vor sich gehen soll ist mir ein Rätsel.

Liebe Grüße

Für Guten Morgen ist es bei mir schon zu spät ;)

Gut Ding braucht Weile - ich warte auch auf ein paar Apps, die das Leben auf Steem erleichtert haben und erst auf Hive portiert werden müssen. Bis dahin läuft alles ein bisschen langsamer, wie übrigens momentan alles ein bisschen langsamer läuft.

Wir sind diese Woche zu Hause und erst nächste Woche wieder im Büro.

Es wird wahrscheinlich wie bei uns ablaufen, dass man zu Hause bleiben soll, aber für wichtige Sachen wie Einkaufen oder auch Spazierengehen natürlich raus kann. Du hast es gut, denn du hast dein eigenes Grundstück und kannst jederzeit an die Luft.

Liebe Grüße 😊

Ich weiß auch nicht was ich im Moment machen soll, posten oder auch nicht.
Es fehlt die 100%ige Klarheit über das was abgeht.

Na wir fahren gleich mal einkaufen. Die Strassen werden schön leer sein.

Der Supermarkt hoffentlich auch.

Dir schon mal wieder eine gute Nacht.

Liebe Grüße

Mir fehlt momentan einfach die Lust zum Posten. Morgen will ich aber wieder etwas zusammenstellen ... wahrscheinlich ;)

Zum Teil ist es schon unheimlich, wenn man durch die Stadt fährt und ziemlich allein unterwegs ist. Aber ich denke, daran werden wir uns gewöhnen.

Liebe Grüße und gute Nacht 😊

Moin Johann,
der Wandel welche im Moment stattfindet zeigt genau auf was bei uns alles falsch läuft.

Für sehr viele wird das hoffentlich heilsam sein.

Liebe Grüße

Guten Morgen Peter,

ich hoffe nur, dass die Menschen sich das Ganze merken und nicht nur jetzt so positiv denken und tun und dann, wenn alles vorbei ist, wieder ins alte Fahrwasser zurückrudern.

Liebe Grüße und einen schönen Tag 🙂

They are some breathtaking photos

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

That's cool, thank you so much for your kind comment and for featuring my photos, @appreciator.
Nice compliments are good for the soul in times like these - stay safe and healthy 🙂

Beautiful scenery in the forest and the waterfall is wonderful Great capture! I do hope you can travel there very soon.

Thanks so much for your support.

Stay safe and healthy! ;)

Thank you very much @tangmo :)
I don't think the borders will be open again very soon, but I do hope :)

Stay safe and healthy too.

You are much welcome!

Let's hope everything would be okay very soon. ^_^

We can't do much more than hope, so let's hope for a soon end of this :)
Take care and stay healthy :)

Yeah! Stay strong together! ;)

Lovely photos of the little streams and falls! I feel the same as you... I had plans to travel this spring and now it seems it will be more important to stay home and be safe. I am also powering down my steem and trade it on Ionomy. (I just signed up using your affiliate link.)

Thank you so much Keith - this area is one of my favorite places, but at the moment I wouldn't have any chance to get there. As you say, it is more important to stay at home now and take care of our families and loved people to pass this terrible crisis healthy.

Thanks a lot for using the link 😁
take care, stay safe and healthy.

Glad to see you on Hive Johann. The same precautions over the pandemic are in force here. Hopefully it wouldn’t last too much longer.

Yes, I have left Steem and just clean up there 😉

I am so sorry to hear that it has began to spread on your island too - I think no place on earth will be spared from the disease. I too hope it won't last much longer, but I don't believe so. I do hope that you can control that disease on your island though.

Take care and stay safe and healthy Jo 🙂

Thanks Johann! You and your family be safe. 💞

We have strict precautions on the Island. Go home and stay home is the word. Essential services are still open but social distancing required. Only so many people allowed in grocery store or service stations at one time.

Check points at the border and if you come in there is a 14 day self-isolation. Big fines for breaking isolating rules.

I want to do most everything on Hive but getting shifted over is a bit confusing with having to change steem to hive.I guess I should start with deleting any delegations.

We have about the same rules here and they have to be that strict. I also believe there will be even more restrictions soon.

We all keep our eyes on Italy and we do hope that they will tell us something positive by the end of this week.

Take care and stay safe Jo 🙂

Oops, I forgot to say that I agree, it is a confusing time we are having on Steem / Hive.
I just have a look on my Steem accounts once or twice a day, make some votes and wait for the powerdown. Maybe I'll keep the Bitcoins I which get for my Steem on Ionomy or I might also change them for Hive later on.
My Steem delegations are all canceled, but they still run on the Hive.

I am confused with changing steem to hive and losing upvote power in between. I’ve have never done anything with my merger steem.
I’m going to cancel my delegations and hope they stay on Hive.

Just tried but seem to be locked out of steemit.

I don't care about the Steem blockchain a lot anymore. I eventually make some upvotes, but at the moment the blockchain is also offline for me anyway - server error.

I transfer the liquid Steem which I get every week during powerdown to Ionomy and purchase Bitcoin and make my decision whether I buy Hive or keep the Bitcoin at a later time.

Canceling your delegations on the Steem blockchain should not affect the delegations on the Hive blockchain, at least mine haven't changed at all.

But this all is a completely new and certainly confusing situation for most of us, who have been posting only and never cared about how the blockchain works or what we could do with our Steem apart from having more power to vote ;)

Thanks Johann for your insight and help in getting my head around conversion.

Have a great day! 😊

You are welcome Jo 🙂
I hope I could help you a bit, but just as you two weeks ago I wouldn't have thought that I would ever have to think about changing my Steem to another crypto currency.
Have a great day too.

Howdy sir johannpiber! What are you going to do with all that steem after you transfer it?
Great photos by the way!

The powerdown will take 13 weeks and depending on how the Hive develops I will decide by then at the latest if I buy Hive or keep the Bitcoin.

Thank you that you like the photos 😁

Stay safe and healthy my friend 🙂

I don't know how the power down works except that it takes 13 weeks. Does it turn into Bitcoin?

I have had no idea either before ;)
Each week a part of the staked Steem Power is transformed to liquid Steem which you can change to Bitcoin at @ionomy or now even at @blocktrades where you also can change them to Hive.
There are even more exchanges: https://hiveprojects.io/grids/g/exchanges/
But don't ask me for advice, because I am learning too and have never thought about how I could get my money out ;)

Take care and stay healthy my friend 🙂

Oh very interesting sir johannpiber, thank you! I reckon I need to start powering down.

I do think there must be a few posts around which can explain it better than I could.
I only want to get rid of my Steem before they are nothing worth anymore and I do hope the price does not rise when I don't have any anymore ;) lol

Take care and stay healthy my friend 🙂

Yes I think it is interesting that the price of Hive is already higher than steem! lol. But let's hope steem doesn't drop too much until everyone has powered down.

Yes, let's hope we will get our Steem back at a good price and then let's hope that the Hive will rise ;)

@cervisia denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient! ----> Wer ist investinthefutur ?
@cervisia thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !----> Who is investinthefutur ?

Dankeschön 😁

Ein jeengervote für dich von @cervisia

Vielen lieben Dank 🙂


I figure out, we will not see steemworld coming to the Hive.

!BEER and !COFFEEA, did they return to the shelves?..

Yes, I have already seen this post. Steemchiller is a very trustworthy person and I wish him all the best ... and I do hope that he is doing the right thing, as well as I hope that we are doing the right thing ;)

Take care and stay healthy my friend 🙂

There's still no beer and also no coffeea around - we need to be patient.