POSTING INITIATIVE: Win a 2000HP delegation - Just by writing a post (Everyone is eligible)

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Engagement will drive your account forward, help build a brand, gain you better rewards and assist you to become established here on hive. src

Engagement on other people's posts, interesting, relevant and ongoing commenting will put a hive-user on the radar for others. Add consistency and it will create longevity and a greater depth of enjoyment. It will also enliven the community as a whole.

As you engage with other users they will take a look at your own post-feed, your profile...And that's often where people come unstuck.

A stream of reposts of other people's work or poor-quality-low-effort posting won't capture attention. All that engagement-effort could simply go to waste if one's own posts don't grab attention in their own right.

Passion, personality and effort

We're not all journalists or great writers, can't all be amazing photographers, poets or story-tellers...But we all have lives, and that's all we really want to see...A post that shows passion and personality, all put together with a little effort. It's all Instagram, twitter and Facebook is...A collection of people lives.

So, this initiative is to drive that, to invite people to show the blockchain who they are - It's a chance to showcase yourself and everyone is welcome to join in.

Delegation and delegators

There is two delegations of 2,000HP available for a month. The delegations will come from the following four people:

@abh12345 - @tarazkp - @meesterboom and @galenkp

Two winners will be selected and the delegation will take place shortly after the winners announcement-post is made.

Entry criteria (Get this part right)

  • Posts must contain at least 400 words (no maximum)
  • Title post as per Example - ENGAGE ON HIVE: your title.
  • Tag #engage-onhive and #post-onhive as two of your post tags.
  • You have a week to create your post - Until this post pays-out.
  • Post once to be eligible but enter as many times as you like.
  • Post a link to your posts in the comments below please.

Some suggestions

  • Post about anything. A fictional story, memories from your childhood, your family, hobbies, diy, travel, your life, what you're doing, would like to do, where you've been, would like to go, how you feel, what you think...Pretty much anything.
  • Show personality, passion and effort. That's the key to it.
  • Show the blockchain, who you are, remaining anonymous if you wish.
  • Be creative, interesting and engaging.
  • Don't post about hive, it's boring. Don't post about that other blockchain either, it's boring too, and no one really cares.
  • Showcase yourself, demonstrate what you can do, why people should follow, engage and stick with you.

If you have any questions comment below and I'll get to it.

Judging process

The four delegators decision will be final. The two winners will be tagged into the announcement post and their delegations will begin as soon as practicable thereafter.

Engagement league

Whilst you're in the engagement mood get yourself onto the Engagement league run by @abh12345 - He tracks and reports on your weekly engagement which is a great way to know how well you're doing against the best in the business. Follow that link just above and comment on this weeks' engagement league post that you would like to be involved. It's that simple.

Get involved

I will never specifically ask for reblogs on any of my posts, but if any of you would like to do so on this one I think the hive community could benefit. The more people who post with passion, personality and effort every time they post, and engage in the same way, the better we can drive this platform forward.

We need more people, more posts and more engagement here, so get on it, and help give people looking at hive from the outside a reason to want to be here, on the inside.


Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
Discord: galenkp#9209

A big thanks to my co-delegators for their generosity. If you want to jump on as a delegator let me know.

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Shared on twiiter as well..


Sharing the good vibes..,🤟

It is really great opportunity for everybody. I am sharing this post on our community.

Thank you mate, that should spread the word a little. Much appreciated. 😁

I Hope so, Cuz this is really great Initiative and In my view they [from my community] should participate here, so that they can gain some Idea about the quality of their own writing skill.

Everyone who is not happy with where their account should participate...Not just for the 2000HP but for the exposure and as you say, a gauge of where their posts fit in against other people's.

Excellent initiative! Thanks to @galenkp, @abh12345, @tarazkp and @meesterboom for this challenge, I hope you enjoy my entry sharing some of my wild adventures around the world!

Thanks for your entry...Your support is much appreciated.

Thanks for the initiative, it's a great idea!

Very good, I will try to take part in the contest, thank you,

No worries. All the best.

Thanks you sir

Tomorrow isnt promised but might be the best day to enter , I will share this in the redfishrally for all ralliers in the terminal discord.

Thank you, that should reach some of the right people.

2 x 2000 HP, nice :)

Good luck entrants!

I hope we see some crackin' posts...Let's see how creative people get huh?

Good luck to everyone who enters this. @galenkp likes reading almost as much as writing.

There's also the very important element of blogging that a lot of people miss, which is the whole point of this, engage with your audience, whether they're building on your content, criticising it, or finding further information about the topic to discuss.

The people you'll meet....

Hey mate...Seems like I'm a glutton for punishment as far as the reading goes...Still you're right, it's about promoting content-creation and driving engagement. Let's see how many people have a go...And quite possibly gain a lot in the process, including the exposure.

Without readers, you're just preaching to an empty room :)

Yes for sure! Let's hope this attracts entrants and those readers to show some love too huh?

Good way to make a happening place...let see how much user are enthusiast about Reblogged !

Thanks for the repost...Let's see how it goes huh? Hopefully we get a few entries and those that do enter gain some additional exposure.

Going to be some interesting read, need to keep a check in n those ##

Great initiative to help others along👍

Thanks mate...We'll see how many have a go...Loads I hope as the community needs more content and engagement.

I hope so to.

I hope there are some keen beavers ready to get writey!

I do like those rules, particularly the ones about hive or the other chain :0)

I hope there are some keen beavers ready to get writey!

I read this as "whitey"

Hahahaha, that would be an altogether different kind of initiative!!

"One I could get behind" :D

Thanks Boomtastic. I hope we have some great entrants.

I added that rule in to head it off at the pass...Let's see if it works. 🙏

It's amazing how often the rules are ignored in the kind of things but I hope it is adhered to

Yep, I hear you. I made it as clear I could I think, without writing their posts for them. If they don't follow it their posts may be missed and they may loose a great opportunity. I hope no one does that.

Damn it man, write their bloody posts for them!! :0D

Haha...Yeah, what's another several thousand words a day? 🤔😂

Uuuuu this is sooo coool, awesome idea! Uhmmmm do I feel the wind of inspiration blowing my way🤔... Hihihi

I hope so you!

I figured you'd have a go...I mean your posts are always good. I hope this prompts people to get involved, and engaged and to stay that way!

You can enter as many times as you like have at it Mary.

Just when I was looking to find myself more engagement! I may not post as much but I will definitely read everything I can and commenting on whatever tags my heart along. Awesome initiative!

Sounds good...I hope you have some really great posts to engage with? 🤔

I may not have them but I am willing to read the ones of those who have them 🙊🤷‍♀️

Fair enough. Not everyone wants to post here on hive, which is one of the reasons there's less for people to engage with than there should be. But it's a personal choice and one each can make for themselves.

I'm hoping that the people that do engage gain some additional traction for their accounts. It will certainly put new people on my radar, people who will benefit from my own vote, my promotion of their accounts thought my network and through my curation on @c-squared and @curangel.

Hopefully people get behind this and add their posts into the mix - it would be great if it inspired a few more to push themselves a bit deeper into Hive.

Time will tell, the next week. I opened it up to as many posts as they like hopefully to allow people to really show-case themselves. Let's see how it goes.

Wow great initiative, hopefully we will see more and more engagement to these posts

That's the plan, more engagement and a few accounts that might not normally gain some exposure have the chance to run the flag up their flagpole and announce they're here.

Great initiative and hope loads of people get involved and we see some engagement with this!

Reblogged and will be writing my post later too 😀

Hi Nick, thanks for the repost/reblog (whatever it's called.) I appreciate that as it will help the initiative reach a wider audience. Get writing, and remember you can enter as many times as you like.

I think just the phrase "share" is probably better to use and more common language so I'll go for "share" next time 😄

Yeah hopefully more people share it around too, I'll study the requirements once I get around to writing a post, replying to few comments first, catch you soon!

Share seems legit. Simple, and says what it needs to.

Here you go mate, hopefully it drives a bit more engagement for the challenge you've set and hopefully I've done it right with the title, wasn't sure about it exactly so hope it's all good!

This is a really great opportunity. I'll definitely be entering this contest.

Great I'm glad as it's a good opportunity to showcase yourself, gain some extra attention and maybe also win a little delegation. I look forward to reading your posts and wish you all the best.

I have been waiting for this @galenkp.

Oh really? You must have read my mind last week when I thought it up. I hope you throw in a few entries.

I will definitely put in my entry. Thanks

@galenkp this is an amazing initiative! (:
Reblogged! (:

Thank you Joey, I appreciate that and hope it draws in some interest. Also, I hope you will have a go yourself.

Yes, looks like the air is already buzzing with excitement!
I will (:

This is a cool idea, I'll be sure to enter.

Good stuff. Hopefully we get a few and those that have a go get a little extra exposure.

I mean, really, that's basically all I do around here most times. I just come online to yap about my life and interestingly people find me interesting. Weird

You should be a natural at it then! Good luck.

Passion, personality and effort. The secret sauce of success. Fantastic initiative @galenkp. Good for us "newbies". Heck, I might even write a post and enter this contest for the fun of it.

Feel free to have a go if you would like.

Love this

Thank you, I hope you join in.

I am so doing this

Good work! Looking forward to it.

Reblogging... I'll see what I can rustle up. :) great incentive to build engagement. Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you, it will help attract more people to enter which, in turn, helps them and the community. Thank you and happy memorial day to you.

❤ thank you 😊

This is another great effort to drive engagement.

Thank you, I hope it has some positive effect for those who enter and the community as a whole. I appreciate your comment.

Yeah I’m trying my best. On boarding and supporting new users one of the most important factors for success.

It's good to see your text onboarding but better to see supporting as that's what new accounts need. Help to become established.

That's why I talk about engagement all the time as it's the best way to build a platform to launch from.

Anyway, I hope you encourage some of those who you onboard to take part.

Okay. I got you. One 31 sentence story coming up.

All the best for your entry, we look forward to having a look at what you produce. Thanks for joining in!

Shared the post and good luck to the entrants!

Thanks mate. I was hoping you'd throw something in as any of your posts would qualify as they show those three elements already. No stress though.

Thank you for the confidence in us mate!


Excellent initiative! Achieving commitment and feeling behind the keyboard an audience that not only votes your posts gives meaning to your participation in the community.

I have a question. Will it only be published in English or also in other languages? I think it could include bilingual texts it could.

Well, the 4 judges only speak english so it would be very difficult for us to be fair to a post written in a different language. It's something to think about for next time, but this is an initiative devised by me, and supported by the three others and unfortunately english is our first language.

I speak some Italian and French but it would be impossible for me to judge a post in either of those languages fairly as my skill in them is extremely limited.

I hope you may still enter in english though. We are not focused on the punctuation, the spelling and such...We understand that people from all over the world will enter so...We will make allowances. We just need to see passion, personality and effort.

I hope this helps @janaveda.

Thanks for the clarification. So, there is no other way, Of course, I wish to participate in this initiative, beyond obtaining the delegation, the important thing is to interact and learn with the experience, I just hope that my English is enough to communicate coherently and win new friends here at Hive around the world through this digital space.

Take care a lot @galenkp

Yes, I'm sorry but we are limited to english at this point. Here's the thing though, you reached out to me and we are engaging now...that is exactly what this is all about, so you have already benefitted.

Please enter as many times as you like knowing we will be taking into account language barriers. It will be difficult to select a post that is clearly incoherent, although based on the english you display so far I would think that wouldn't happen.

I'm looking forward to seeing your entries. Just follow the entry criteria guidelines and you're good to go.

Hmmn... Nice

Thank you.

I'm curious though; What do you find so nice? I mean, from my perspective if someone likes something I have done, finds it nice it would be advantageous for me to know what that thing was so I may replicate it on future work.

If you would be so kind...

For one, it's a well a structured write-up but most importantly, it's like a challenge to me (I haven't written in months). So, my comment was more like a "thinking aloud" moment

Oh, I see. Ok, well thank you...I try to write as best I can and for someone that didn't complete high school I think I go ok sometimes.

I haven't seen your account before so am not aware of what you write/wrote but maybe you'll come back to it and give this initiative a try. It's your choice of course.

You sure do

Thank you very much

Hi there! :)
Since I post everyday in Hive will not make a post in response to your great initiative.
I will leave to your consideration what I'm doing in Hive right now and last months.
Due the covid19 pandemic I have run for 40 days a challenge #travelathome with more than 100 people participating (some of them still in action).
Now I'm running another challenge #a-zmusic, this new challenge did not get 100 participants but there are a few, running and sharing good music.
In both challenge I try to support all of them and make engagement but main intention is have fun and have people active and having fun on Hive.
More challanges comming in my mind! ;)

Hi there @psos

Since I post everyday in Hive will not make a post in response to your great initiative.

You're welcome to do so, however it's your prerogative. It doesn't matter whether you post daily or not, it's about driving more activity onto the chain and to broadening the community, reaching out further.

All the best.

Thanks :)
All the best to you and the initiative too.

Dang!!! That is awesome!! I am guilty of not doing too much engagement on the posts made by others. Hoping to get my butt in gear and cruise around the Hive-O-Sphere more often.

Thanks mate, just something to hopefully drive some more personality into hive...More passion, less hive-posting.

I try to drum into people, (newer people) the need for engagement, especially if a person has the desire to grow their account and gain better rewards. It's no different to the real world...Live under a rock and under a rock you will be. (Good line for a post title on engagement there I think.) Lol.

Maybe you will have a crack at this thing...Any of your posts would qualify you know...Just tag them right as per the entry criteria and you're GTG.

I got a post lined up for tomorrow ;) Seeing a few post about engagement has pushed me a bit to take a couple moment and make some comments today. I have felt like a “Post and Ghost” for a while... Time to change that and be a bigger part of the community.

Looking forward to it.

Hi @galenkp, your post has been upvoted by @bdcommunity courtesy of @hafizullah!

Support us by voting as a Hive Witness and/or by delegating HIVE POWER.


Dear @galenkp

Great initiative. I've shared it within our project.hope community server discord and within few close friends.

I hope you will find some great content creators, worth your delegation.

Yours, Piotr

Thanks for reblogging this post mate, it is much appreciated. We also hope to see some great content, and know that the real winner is the blockchain in that case.

Now this is the type of initiative I like. A chance to be rewarded for being yourself and one that will potentially add real organic quality to the Blockchain.

I'll have mine ready tomorrow.

Nice to meet you, my friend.😀

Hi there, I appreciate your comment and thank you for joining in.

It would be ideal for people to want to post as well as they can all the time but sometimes people need a gentle push. An initiative like this is designed to get people to post the best they can to show the blockchain, and themselves, what they are capable of. It is also designed to inspire people to continue to do so.

Thanks for your comment and I look forward to seeing your post.

@josedicus you might be interested in this

You earned my attention, I want to participate...
See you soon...

Hi, @galenkp. Nice initiative.

So... Here is my entry (at least the first one):

Thanks for entering. :)

Good effort! 👍

I'll see if I can make this work in my schedule. This week sucks at work tho, so I won't get too ambitious...

I'll not hold my breath for your post in case I suffocate, but give it a crack if you find some time.

I'm glad that you're not holding your breath! I'd hate to be the cause of your asphyxiation!

Asphyxiation wouldn't be a very way to go...I'll keep breathing, and cross some fingers instead.

"We need more people, more posts and more engagement here, so get on it, and help give people looking at hive from the outside a reason to want to be here, on the inside."


Great Stuff Bro! Thanks for the Inspiration. Re-blogged.

Thanks for the reblog, much appreciated. The more this reaches the better. Let's see how many get involved huh?

@galenkp I have a small suggestion. You can add a small rule also that people with less then 65 reputation should only participate. Because the reason is that below reputation are struggling and this delegation will help then to come up more motivated.

It's just a suggestion I have made.

This particular initiative is open to all users as we felt we did not want to exclude anyone in the community. Whether a person has a reputation score of over or under 65 they are able to post with passion, personality and effort and so we feel each should have a chance to showcase themselves.

I appreciate what you are alluding to with your suggestion of course and in the future there may be exclusions, however at this early stage of hive I would rather see all and sundry posting more and so it's open to all.

Will you be making an entry?

@galenkp I truly understand we need more engagement. It was just a suggestion, I have made.

Yes obviously I will be Posting mine also. I am posting daily one article on hive. Yesterday done a power up of 300 hive it's a small amount but at least I have done it I have made a post also regarding the same. Boz I believe in it.

We may do something like that rep thing you mention at some later date, but initially we just wanted to give everyone a reason to post something. Let's hope 40,000 people post. Imagine the activity on the blockchain if that were to happen! I look forward to seeing your entry.

This is such a great initiative Sir @galenkp! I love engagement. I love it when people take notice of my post, and I also love it when people reply to my comment and even follow me back! So, this initiative would really be a big help to create engagement here on hive. Thank you. 😊

This is all great to hear, and I hope you decide to make an entry for the chance to win the delegation and expose your posts to a wider audience.

Good luck.

I would love to participate sir. Maybe not for the chance to win, but to show support, I guess. 😁 Let's just simply put it that way. Hahaha! 🤪

That's a great reason to enter, the best actually! Nice work, and thank you.

Thank you for initiating this challenge. 😊

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