POSTING INITIATIVE: Win a 2000HP delegation - Just by writing a post (Everyone is eligible)

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Engagement will drive your account forward, help build a brand, gain you better rewards and assist you to become established here on hive. src

Engagement on other people's posts, interesting, relevant and ongoing commenting will put a hive-user on the radar for others. Add consistency and it will create longevity and a greater depth of enjoyment. It will also enliven the community as a whole.

As you engage with other users they will take a look at your own post-feed, your profile...And that's often where people come unstuck.

A stream of reposts of other people's work or poor-quality-low-effort posting won't capture attention. All that engagement-effort could simply go to waste if one's own posts don't grab attention in their own right.

Passion, personality and effort

We're not all journalists or great writers, can't all be amazing photographers, poets or story-tellers...But we all have lives, and that's all we really want to see...A post that shows passion and personality, all put together with a little effort. It's all Instagram, twitter and Facebook is...A collection of people lives.

So, this initiative is to drive that, to invite people to show the blockchain who they are - It's a chance to showcase yourself and everyone is welcome to join in.

Delegation and delegators

There is two delegations of 2,000HP available for a month. The delegations will come from the following four people:

@abh12345 - @tarazkp - @meesterboom and @galenkp

Two winners will be selected and the delegation will take place shortly after the winners announcement-post is made.

Entry criteria (Get this part right)

  • Posts must contain at least 400 words (no maximum)
  • Title post as per Example - ENGAGE ON HIVE: your title.
  • Tag #engage-onhive and #post-onhive as two of your post tags.
  • You have a week to create your post - Until this post pays-out.
  • Post once to be eligible but enter as many times as you like.
  • Post a link to your posts in the comments below please.

Some suggestions

  • Post about anything. A fictional story, memories from your childhood, your family, hobbies, diy, travel, your life, what you're doing, would like to do, where you've been, would like to go, how you feel, what you think...Pretty much anything.
  • Show personality, passion and effort. That's the key to it.
  • Show the blockchain, who you are, remaining anonymous if you wish.
  • Be creative, interesting and engaging.
  • Don't post about hive, it's boring. Don't post about that other blockchain either, it's boring too, and no one really cares.
  • Showcase yourself, demonstrate what you can do, why people should follow, engage and stick with you.

If you have any questions comment below and I'll get to it.

Judging process

The four delegators decision will be final. The two winners will be tagged into the announcement post and their delegations will begin as soon as practicable thereafter.

Engagement league

Whilst you're in the engagement mood get yourself onto the Engagement league run by @abh12345 - He tracks and reports on your weekly engagement which is a great way to know how well you're doing against the best in the business. Follow that link just above and comment on this weeks' engagement league post that you would like to be involved. It's that simple.

Get involved

I will never specifically ask for reblogs on any of my posts, but if any of you would like to do so on this one I think the hive community could benefit. The more people who post with passion, personality and effort every time they post, and engage in the same way, the better we can drive this platform forward.

We need more people, more posts and more engagement here, so get on it, and help give people looking at hive from the outside a reason to want to be here, on the inside.


Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
Discord: galenkp#9209

A big thanks to my co-delegators for their generosity. If you want to jump on as a delegator let me know.


Shared on twiiter as well..

Sharing the good vibes..,🤟

It is really great opportunity for everybody. I am sharing this post on our community.

Thank you mate, that should spread the word a little. Much appreciated. 😁

I Hope so, Cuz this is really great Initiative and In my view they [from my community] should participate here, so that they can gain some Idea about the quality of their own writing skill.

Everyone who is not happy with where their account should participate...Not just for the 2000HP but for the exposure and as you say, a gauge of where their posts fit in against other people's.

Excellent initiative! Thanks to @galenkp, @abh12345, @tarazkp and @meesterboom for this challenge, I hope you enjoy my entry sharing some of my wild adventures around the world!

Thanks for your entry...Your support is much appreciated.

Thanks for the initiative, it's a great idea!

Very good, I will try to take part in the contest, thank you,

No worries. All the best.

Thanks you sir

Tomorrow isnt promised but might be the best day to enter , I will share this in the redfishrally for all ralliers in the terminal discord.

Thank you, that should reach some of the right people.

Hey Galen. I'm a bit late as I had so many things piled up. Honestly, besides being a little bit busy, I couldn't decide what to write. I don't know if this one is good enough to win, but I'm happy enough that I could participate.

So here's my entry,

Hi there, thanks for your entry, I'll go have a look now. You snuck it in just in time so no worries. Thanks for doing so and good luck.

Howdy Galen. Just dropped by to add my second ((and final)) entry to the awesome contest. Don't wanna add to the workload of you guys behind this fab contest anymore than that.

Here is the aforementioned BEAST!

Thanks again Brother. I hope you are well and not too square eyed from the precisely 7 billion entries you've clearly gotta read through lol. Kudos to you, the judges and the community.

Take great care, cross paths again soon 😎

It seems like all I've been doing last week is going through entries and I have to say...I want them all to win! Such good efforts all around. I'll head over now and take a look.

Just had a little scan through and couldn't see these links so to keep within the rules iv'e thrown them in here, probably just going blind as I remember doing them, or maybe going mad and think I remember, who knows? not me.



Part two of life underwater. Cuba part two on its way.


I have written something that might be interesting to read, and so on. This post has also been shared on Twitter.

Got it mate, and thanks for another entry. Your posts are looking great these days, keep it up.

Hi friend @galenkp

I congratulate you on this great initiative.

Here I leave my participation and I hope it is to your liking

A hug

Hey dude, hope you're having a good weekend here's another one, also a two parter, i'll finish them all off tomorrow.

Cool, I saw it already. I'll have a read in a bit. 🙂

Thank you for hosting that initiative and helping our ecosystem!

My entry is on the link below, hope you will enjoy...

I won't be participating in this initiative, but I'll toss an upvote in to help support it! As your self-appointed Steem Pope Hive Pope, I certainly want to see more real engagement. Votes are nice, don't get me wrong, but it's the conversations in the comments that make the community!

I agree with your remark about comments and conversations, that's why in the last 6 days I've made over 530 comments...All tracked by the Engagement League which will come out on Sunday as always. I can't force others to do so, it's up to the individual.

I don't understand the hive-pope reference so won't comment on that.

Way back on STEEM, I declared myself the Steem Pope, capable of absolving blogging sins from typos to plagiarism, and offering indulgences for a nominal fee.

There were no takers.

Someone else created an @steempope account. There was a brief exchange of accusations about who held the true papal authority. It was all in good fun.

When HIVE came into existence, I claimed the @hivepope account and have written a few "sermons" on blogging etiquette, post formatting tips, etc.

Ah, it all makes sense now, thanks for clearing that up. I'm often missing things here as I tend not to read much hive-related posting.

Thank you very much for the opportunity! Here my participation.

Received, read and commented. :)

That is an amazing initiative and delegations are the steam engine of the HIVE train. Those deserving to win!


Thanks photoark, I'm pretty sure the judges will select deserving winners, although everyone who has entered, and continues to post after the contest ends, are all winners.


And as I read the rules I was thinking abt writing a post on tokens and then I see the words "it's boring." Come on. 😆😆😆

I dunno what to post next. 😂

You don't know what to post if not about hive tokens? You can post about anything you like of course, feel free to do so.

No i meant I haven't thought of my next post topic. 😊

Oh, I see, please excuse my misunderstanding.

It's alright. Didn't edit/change the statement. I realized it could be misunderstood but didn't change them. 😄

Thank you @galenkp for this platform to share my write-up. I hope anyone who gets to read it enjoys it.

Oh my so many entries to be read, I almost feel like I put you through so much sending mine too🙈🙈

I will start reading some, so much material to read, a mouse can't resist🤣🤣📖🐁

Ive read a lot this week for sure...It's even slowed me down on how much I post myself. Still, I brought it on myself. Great entry which I have just read and responded to.

I appreciate @galenkp for the opportunity to take part in this challenge.

Below is my entry

Kudos on setting the standard when it comes to engagement as ever Galen. I have shared this in multiple Discord communities, I do not envy you and the judges having to sift through such an epic ((in every sense of the word)) number of entries. I hope you gain a truly amazing insight into just what this beautiful community is capable of.

Of-course I have an entry to link to here, I wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world.

Take great care of you and yours my friend and may the next leg of the journey be spec-frickin-tacular! 😎

Thanks for your entry...And yeah I think I'll be sorting all day Sunday, shortlisting. It won't be easy to do but we will have to get it done somehow. Thanks for your entry and for supporting the posting initiative.

Thank you for your post, I just took a look and commented. All the best.

Seen it, read it, liked it, commented on it. :)

Thanks again for your support and all the best.

thats a good initiative -- I wish good luck to those two lucky (and laborious!) winners.

Thank you for your endorsement and yes, I also wish all the entrants the best of luck.

Great entry, as someone who also plays musical instruments i related to it really well. Thanks for your entry and I hope you keep producing great work like this.

Excellent initiative to continue promoting the HIVE Ecosystem, give it more usability and of course create new forms of adoption as blockchain technology, so as to be the largest decentralized and monetized social network of all time, because everything is in your house.

Thank you for this motivation and do not hesitate to participate... Getting naked with #Hive, I hope you like it.

Here is my ticket:

Thank you for your entry. I have taken a look and left a comment too.

I joined Hive a few days ago. And i thinks It's a big opportunity for me. So i participate this contest. @galenkp I write a fictional story

Cool story concept and well written. Thanks for joining in. I left a note on your entry too.

Thanks for the comment. I appreciate.

I really want to appreciate @abh12345 @tarazkp @meesterboom @galenkp for the opportunity to take part in this challenge.

Below is my entry

I have seen your entry, read and responded. I also curated it for vote-love on @curangel. Great post.

Here is my post and thanks @galenkp for the visit and good words you left for me. This makes us motivate ourselves more and more.

Thanks for entering mate, and for supporting hive.

Hello, after a while of inspiration I finally have my participation for the initiative.

Greetings from the other side of the world.

Great, thanks for your entry.

Here's my entry. I saw a lot of good posts. So I think my chances of winning are nil. 😜

There is some great entries, but thank you for yours. We will judge them all and see what happens. We appreciate your involvement.

Thank you, I had already seen it but thanks for letting me know, and for entering. Good luck.

Something tells me to participate. Maybe I will.

If you don't you will not be in the running for a 2000HP delegation, if you do participate, and follow the entry criteria, you will be. We all have choices to make, and it's those choices in life that determine the future.

You are absolutely right I must make the decision.

Thank you, I have seen it and responded. Thanks for sharing your story and joining the posting initiative.

Thank you for your great entry, I have read it and enjoyed the post. All the best with the judging.

Upvoted and RSD to get the word out!👍💯👍
Click below to view my entry for the contest:

Hi Nina, thanks for your support and throwing an entry into the ring too. I'll go over and take a look.

Ok, I'm not a one-word reply guy so...

Wow, wow. Lol.

I'm heading over for a look. I'm taking a packed lunch and my sleeping bag in case I have to camp out over night to complete it.

Hi fella, I finally got around to writing something, proving to be a epic so it's coming your way as a two parter, actually enjoyed writing it as it brought back some fond memories. What a shocker it's about diving, stick to what you know they say.

Hey Paul, nice one. I'll head over and take a look. You can enter as many as you like so the two part thing is no problem.

Iv'e got a few days so i should manage a couple more:)

Good man, nice work.

Thanks fella:)

Thank you @galenkp for this posting initiative where anyone can participate by writing a post. It's a great way to get to know other people and engage with them.

Here's my entry.

Hi there, you are welcome. I have seen your post and sent it to c-squared so hopefully someone else thinks it's worthy of an upvote because I do. Thanks for supporting the initiative, it is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your entry, I have read it and commented and when the judging begins it will be considered with the rest. Thank you for having the courage to participate.

Hi, @galenkp.

Here is my post:

I wish those who dare to participate very successfully in the challenge

Wow, this is a fantastic initiative indeed! It's all about engagement to get more people excited on HIVE, and to retain those who are here - between sharing your own content, and enjoying others. Otherwise, there's no fun in it at all.

Thanks for creating this challenge for us, and best wishes to all those participating :-)

Just a small thing, with the hope it inspires people to create better content, more consistently. In my opinion, people should need a reward-motivator like this but as we know many do.

Very true. I'd like to think that the many initiatives that's been run since Hive was forked was the reason behind the smashing success that we've had so far. More people are joining in, and we're getting more attention in the public eye now, with exchanges supporting HIVE, and random internet personalities talking about the platform. All because of the engagement, and the quality content :-)

That's good to know. I don't have social media, other than hive, and don't spend time listening to internet personalities (couldn't name one of them) but it's good to know the ripples are spreading.

I'm not sure how much difference my little posting initiative will make, if any, but it has given a few accounts a reason to interact with me and the other three and to write something they put a lot of effort into so I hope they run with it and gain momentum.

I do feel like it's made quite a difference, and I give my thanks to initiatives like these. I do see more interactions for Hive on Twitter, and we're even pushing into LinkedIn, but that's been slow. Still, Rome wasn't built in a day!

I don't like my stuff ending up on Twitter, some shared it there. Annoying. Oh well. LinkedIn - Facebook for business people. Lol.

I hate social media as you may be able to tell.

I can't blame anyone for hating social media, since it's well, social media. Whole bucket loads of toxicity, though I will admit having used Twitter since earlier this year, it's not as bad as I would've thought. There's a couple of huge Hive accounts that share trending posts on Twitter, and you've made it there a few times. I consider that a mark of success!

Lol...I was hoping one day to make it...Seems like I did and never even knew!

I don't mind the idea of social media just the application. I'm not just someone who hates it but never tried it...I had Twitter, Facebook and Instagram...No I have no Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I saw the error of my ways. I guess I don't like people enough to take their negativity and bullshit on board...Makes no sense. I'm better off without it.

In real life people like that are removed from my life like the cancer they are, so I don't see the point in inviting them into my phone. I get it, social media has a place...Just that that place is anywhere else but in my phone. I'm a face to face guy. I like communicating, but am selective about who I do it with.

Hello Sir @galenkp. As promised, here's my support for your initiative. 😊

Thank you. 😊😊

Nice work and thanks for your second entry. Good luck.

Thank you, it is a nice post. 🙂

Thank you so much.

Thanks, for this initiative @galenkp.

I hope you enjoy my poetry & prose in this post about The troubled soul of America, today: -- which I also shared on Twitter:

1265279266536648705?s=20 #posh twitter metadata:WWFoaWFMYWJhYmlkaXx8aHR0cHM6Ly90d2l0dGVyLmNvbS9ZYWhpYUxhYmFiaWRpL3N0YXR1cy8xMjY1Mjc5MjY2NTM2NjQ4NzA1P3M9MjAgI3Bvc2h8 ~~~


Will reblog your post to help get word out ✌🏼

Thank you for your post, and all the best through the judging process. You always post with passion and interest and this one is no different.

Thank you, for respecting my work and experience. I admire your wide engagement & wish you well.

Alrighty made made post on my new interest on carnivorous plants. I hope everyone enjoys and is having a good day.

Yours truly, teenagecrypto

I saw it and thank you for supporting the posting initiative, it is greatly appreciated.

I've wrote about The fallen Angel's visit on post apocalyptic world.

The story starts at a point of fiction and it develops into the story of Adam & Eve as the backdrop.


Thanks mate, I saw it. You participation is appreciated. :)

Great initiative, dear @galenkp. I dare to participate, as you say, there is always something to write, life gives for it and much more. thanks for these spaces. soon my publication. A hug.

Hi Mary, I was hoping you would give it a try. I'll look out for it. Please make sure you follow the entry criteria so that we can find your post. Regards.

I would love to join in, and thank you for the heads up. It is time though, I have so little of it, that I think me entering would take away, if I won, the chance from someone who has far more time to commit to chatting to other people.

That's a fair call and one I respect. :)

I am glad you said that, I was hoping I was not letting you down by being honest.

Nah man, not at all. 🤙

this is my entry,
thank you for hosting, i hope alot of people will enter

Thank you Britt, we'll be going through them all after the deadline and getting a result. I see you want to split the delegation if you are to win which we should be able to do without too much trouble.

Thanks for participating.

Yes I think I know some redfish that can use the delegation much more

Hello dear friend @galenkp Good day.

Excellent post, you say very certain things about commitment and doing things well.

I share your opinion, that not all of us can be writers or professional communicators, but it is true, we have a life and we can talk about them and share the things we do and we are passionate about

This is my contribution to accompany your invitation. I hope you are enjoying a beautiful day. -we can-do-things

Hello @galenkp I'm lazy to write, I'd have loved to make a video using 3speak. What about that?

We're looking for words really, you can do a video if you like though, nothing to stop you. Feel free to do so.

Hope that won't disqualify me or me going against the rules?

You won't be disqualified...I'm the boss. Lol.

We would rather words of course, however I do not want to dissuade you from posting as posting is what this is all about.

Alright, I'll get down to work tomorrow

Good initiative to demonstrate that HIVE has nothing to envy other social networks @galenkp. I have a question, do you only participate in the English language? Greetings to you from the other end of the world.

None of the judges can read in any language but english so we have no choice but keep it to english. We will take into account posts that are entered by people who do not speak english as a first language though. We are not looking for William Shakespeare or Geoffrey Chaucer...Just real people posting about real things, with passion, personality and effort.

I encourage you to enter if you would like to, as many times as you would like as we would love to get as many people involved as possible.

I have been encouraged to participate because this type of initiative makes us grow as writers and also makes HIVE grow with quality publications. English is a little good for me hahaha.

I have another question ... Can I enter as many times as I want? In other words, can I publish several publications for the initiative? Excuse me if I ask you a lot lol

Don't ever feel the need to excuse yourself for asking me a question, I'm always happy to help.

Yes, you can enter as many times you like, three times a day if you like. Lol. Maybe once or twice a day would be fine. Just about any post is suitable as we made it quite a broad competition, so anything you write will probably be suitable. Maybe take another look at the entry criteria also.


encouraged to participate because this type of initiative makes us grow as writers

Yep, this is one of the benefits...The more you post, the more you interact and engage the faster you will grow and develop as a writer, and in other ways too I guess.

It is that sometimes I ask and ask until it is very clear, and that many people do not like much lol. Here is another one, this is the last XD. Is here only the link of one of the participating Post shared?

I hope that this initiative helps a lot the little known authors, those who are hidden and who write true quality content. It is sad to see how talented people are not valued and therefore leave the HIVE network. I will try to share this initiative across all my networks so that as many people as possible come together. Greetings from the other side of the World.

Erm, I'm not sure what you mean...Can you share the link to your pos elsewhere? yes, you can.

As long as you post it here on hive, use the two tags I put in the entry criteria, in fact do everything as per the entry criteria then you can post it anywhere else you like.

Is that what you meant?

Oh sorry, my English can falter sometimes lol.

In the requirements to participate in the initiative it says:

Post a link to your posts in the comments below please.

If I write 5 Post, should I share the link 5 times?

Ah yes, good question! Sorry, I misunderstood.

Probably no need really...Just tag the two tags as first and second...We will find the posts. You can tag me in your post if you like too if you like. @galenkp

Initiative to adopt. I'm to participate actively. I guess there are a lot of things to share about me

I'm glad you have decided to participate. I look forward to seeing your entry. All the best.

Wow! Love the initiative! Will try to come out with something too at the end of the week - on Saturday if it's not too late?

Anyway, even if I post just once every 6 days - I do try to be as active as possible on here and to daily interact with new people and leave my comments and impressions.

Yeah, I did read that but there are different time zones. Anyway, will see what I can do 🙂

You have time. As the post says, you have until this post pays out to submit. So, Saturday night is no problem.

This is such a great initiative Sir @galenkp! I love engagement. I love it when people take notice of my post, and I also love it when people reply to my comment and even follow me back! So, this initiative would really be a big help to create engagement here on hive. Thank you. 😊

This is all great to hear, and I hope you decide to make an entry for the chance to win the delegation and expose your posts to a wider audience.

Good luck.

I would love to participate sir. Maybe not for the chance to win, but to show support, I guess. 😁 Let's just simply put it that way. Hahaha! 🤪

That's a great reason to enter, the best actually! Nice work, and thank you.

Thank you for initiating this challenge. 😊

@galenkp I have a small suggestion. You can add a small rule also that people with less then 65 reputation should only participate. Because the reason is that below reputation are struggling and this delegation will help then to come up more motivated.

It's just a suggestion I have made.

This particular initiative is open to all users as we felt we did not want to exclude anyone in the community. Whether a person has a reputation score of over or under 65 they are able to post with passion, personality and effort and so we feel each should have a chance to showcase themselves.

I appreciate what you are alluding to with your suggestion of course and in the future there may be exclusions, however at this early stage of hive I would rather see all and sundry posting more and so it's open to all.

Will you be making an entry?

@galenkp I truly understand we need more engagement. It was just a suggestion, I have made.

Yes obviously I will be Posting mine also. I am posting daily one article on hive. Yesterday done a power up of 300 hive it's a small amount but at least I have done it I have made a post also regarding the same. Boz I believe in it.

We may do something like that rep thing you mention at some later date, but initially we just wanted to give everyone a reason to post something. Let's hope 40,000 people post. Imagine the activity on the blockchain if that were to happen! I look forward to seeing your entry.

"We need more people, more posts and more engagement here, so get on it, and help give people looking at hive from the outside a reason to want to be here, on the inside."


Great Stuff Bro! Thanks for the Inspiration. Re-blogged.