New Tribe & Token: Verify Your Brain || vybrainium (VYB)

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Announcing the Verify Your Brain tribe and its token, VYB (vybrainium)

This post is meant to serve as the initial White Paper for a new Hive-Engine tribe and token operating on the Hive blockchain. The new tribe is Verify Your Brain and its tokens are VYB (vybrainium) and VYBM (vybrainium miner).

VYB and Verify Your Brain have been designed to complement POB and the Proof of Brain tribe, as a sort of ‘parallel universe’ (or maybe, a 'universe inside a universe', or a metaverse, or an anti-metaverse, or a meta-metaverse, or a meta-anti-metaverse, 😁 ...).

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Verify Your Brain -- Complete Freedom from Downvotes and Self-Votes

Whereas all Hive posts are recorded on the Hive blockchain, along with upvotes and downvotes, posts made to Verify Your Brain can still, technically, be downvoted. However, the Verify Your Brain tribe will be configured such that downvotes will have zero influence over the tribe and its token (VYB).

Downvotes will not be necessary because all enforcement of the tribe’s community standards will be handled using Hive-Engine’s tribe-wide ‘mute’ function. An anti-plagiarism / anti-abuse team will be put in charge of the tribe-wide ‘mute’ capability. Any violations of the tribe’s community standards will be met with either a warning of a potential future mute, a temporary mute, or a permanent mute. Any such actions will be explained, and an appeals process will be implemented.

Feedback is requested regarding development of the tribe’s community standards (see below for details). One of those community standards will be an outright prohibition against self-voting -- including self-voting by ‘alt accounts’. Circle-voting will also be closely monitored, and some form of community enforcement protocol will be implemented to mitigate circle voting and other forms of upvote-abuse.

Verify Your Brain -- Visionary, not Reactionary, but Timely Nonetheless

Although the genesis idea for Verify Your Brain and VYB took root about nine months ago, it seems this announcement is quite timely.

@dreemsteem published a post a few days ago lamenting the divided and sometimes negative energy on Hive that has led to high-quality authors leaving Hive or preparing to leave. We are including snippets from that post immediately below, with several of the ensuing comments dispersed throughout this current post.

We believe Verify Your Brain represents a potential solution to much of the divided energy and heated disagreements on Hive that seem to be reaching a crescendo of late. Although Verify Your Brain does not purport to solve all of Hive's problems, it represents a robust Layer 2 solution to problems that perhaps eventually need to be addressed on Layer 1, but for now need to be met with experimentation, and experimentation is best done on Layer 2 (e.g. via Hive-Engine tribes and tokens).

The beauty of Layer 2 is that folks who are passionate about a given ethos can be free and vocal, and those who disagree with that ethos can do the same -- but each respective 'worldview' can be relegated to discourse (or disinterest) rather than detriment and destruction. If you disagree with the way a Layer 2 tribe is being managed, you are free to stop engaging with that tribe and focus on another Layer 2 tribe, or even create your own.

We have recognized the need for a better way to handle plagiarism and abuse -- without the need for downvotes -- and we aim to see the extent to which that 'worldview' is widespread within the current Hive community and whether or not it might lead to growth via new users.

Here are some relevant snippets from @dreemsteem's post:




Regarding that second-to-last bullet point, creating, launching, and managing Verify Your Brain and VYB (and all the exciting things we have in store for both) is our answer.

We sincerely hope that you will either join us or be inspired to create and buidl something of your own -- something that will ignite both (y)our passions and the passions of others!

Verify Your Brain -- Where Whale Accounts become “Just Like the Rest of Us” (in Terms of Their Power to Spread Negative Energy)

When Superman comes into contact with Kryptonite, he loses his superhuman powers and becomes ‘just a normal guy’.

Similarly, when Hive whale accounts come into contact with Vybrainium, they lose their superhuman ability to spread negative energy (and, FWIW, Vybrainium whales can never obtain that ability).

Although whale accounts will always have exceptional influence within a tribe or community (by virtue of their more powerful upvotes), Verify Your Brain‘s freedom from downvotes means whale accounts will be unable to use their stake as a weapon against other tribe members -- positive energy, engaging discourse, 'walk away' indifference, or a petition for review by the anti-abuse team (in light of the community standards) represent a whale's only possible responses.

In addition, Verify Your Brain‘s freedom from self-voting likewise reduces the ability of whales to abuse the rewards pool.

We view Vybrainium as Hive's heretofore-hidden Kryptonite against abusive behaviors, removing any would-be superhuman negative energy from your midst (if you choose to dwell among us). Folks who disagree with your posts, or with the level of rewards earned by any of your posts, will be relegated to responding one of three ways -- [1] engage via thoughtful dialogue, [2] ignore and walk away, or [3] request a review of your post(s) by the anti-abuse team, in light of the community standards.

If you are psychologically tied to using downvotes or self-votes, then Verify Your Brain is not the place for you.

Verify Your Brain -- Boosting POB while Giving POB’ers a Voice (for Freedom from Subjective Downvotes on Proof of Brain)

Claiming VYB Tokens will Likely Boost the Market Value of POB

This is, of course, merely opinion and conjecture, and not financial advice.

As mentioned above, Verify Your Brain is being birthed to complement the Proof of Brain tribe. One of the ways we’re doing that is by intentionally funneling any initial demand for VYB tokens through the open market for POB, an activity that we expect will (at least temporarily) boost the market value of POB.

Between now and the launch of the VYB rewards pool (on or around 12/18/2021), there will only be three ways to acquire VYB tokens:

  1. Via the upcoming VYB airdrop (scheduled to occur on or about 12/15/2021) (see below for details about the airdrop).
  2. By claiming VYB with POB (see below for details about how to claim VYB using POB).
  3. By participating in one of our VYB-sponsored contests (such as ditching that fifth glyph via Proof of Blind -- see below for details).

This means that, if you want to hodl VYB and stack it while it’s cheap (the claim-exchange ratio starts out at 4 VYB for every 1 POB), you’re going to need liquid POB, which will most likely mean purchasing POB on the open market.

Claiming VYB tokens will give POB'ers a Voice -- allowing them to vote for greater freedom from subjective downvotes on Proof of Brain

Existing POB holders will be able to directly exchange their POB for VYB (see below for details) and, as they do so, they will be creating and strengthening an anti-subjective-DV fund (@vyb.pob) that will [1] provide compensatory upvotes (and/or tips) to Proof of Brain posts/accountholders receiving subjective downvotes and [2] fund one of the Proof of Brain tribe-improvement accounts (@pob-fund), via 50% of its curation rewards.

As such, VYB and Verify Your Brain, in addition to operating as a DV-free zone, will provide a market-based mechanism wherein members of the Proof of Brain tribe can directly ‘vote’ on how much anti-subjective-downvote power they want operating within the Proof of Brain tribe (by funding @vyb.pob, which can be done by directly exchanging POB for VYB, as detailed near the end of this current post).

Verify Your Brain -- New-and-Improved Community Curation

Within the Verify Your Brain tribe, we will be launching a community-driven curation project, which will be organized and managed by @calumam. A team of curators will be tasked with curating all manners of content with varying levels of quality (on Proof of Brain and Verify Your Brain). In addition to earning curation rewards based on their own staked POB and VYB, community curators will receive additional compensation, either through delegated POB or delegated VYB or via a share of the curation rewards generated by @vyb.pob and @vyb.vyb. Details will be included in a future announcement post.

Verify Your Brain -- POB & VYB: Two Tokens to Rule them All!

In March 2021 (in this post) @trostparadox described, under the heading Two Tokens to Rule them All, a two-token 'proof of brain' rewards system, wherein one token is exchangeable and one is not. Although the relationship between POB and VYB is distinctly different from the two-token system described in that post, there are some inherent (and intended) similarities.

Verify Your Brain is being configued in such a way that VYB will mimic the non-exchangeable token described by @trostparadox in the aforementioned post. Although VYB will be exchangeable, just like any other Hive-Engine token, the Verify Your Brain Community Curation Project (mentioned above) will intentionally discourage authors from unstaking or selling any of the VYB they earn.

Authors submitting posts via Proof of Brain will earn rewards in both POB and VYB (although not in equal amounts). They will receive their POB rewards unstaked and they will be free to immediately stake them, delegate them, or sell them (much like the 'exchangeable' token in @trostparadox's originally-envisioned two-token system).

However, they will receive their VYB rewards fully staked. This means that authors must 'unstake' their VYB rewards before being able to sell or transfer them; and unstaking will cause their account to be temporarily blacklisted from the Verify Your Brain Community Curation Project, which will likely cause them to lose out on some would-be future VYB author rewards. (Exceptions will be made for authors who wish to unstake and transfer their VYB to one of their own 'alt accounts'.)

As such, if authors want to continue earning VYB, it will be in their best interest to hodl and stack VYB (rather than unstake it or sell it).

The net effect, then, is that POB will continue to function as the fully exchangeable token it has always been, whereas VYB will effectively function (at least for active authors) as a non-exchangeable token.

Verify Your Brain -- HODL VYB, for Your Retirement ...

As mentioned above, active authors will be potentially forfeiting future VYB rewards if they unstake the VYB they earn. Our intention here is to clearly establish VYB as a HODLers token, a token that you will want to keep until you reach retirement age. When you are ready to retire, then would be a great time to unstake your VYB and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

This is, of course, merely lighthearted opinion and conjecture, and not financial advice.

We will also be actively working, over the coming months, to make VYB attractive to general investors, and to increase the available use cases for both POB and VYB -- the two tokens designed to rule them all.

How will Verify Your Brain and Proof of Brain work together?

In the coming weeks, the Proof of Brain tribe will be upgrading its front-end ( to Outpost (examples of the Outpost front-end can be found here). The planned upgrade was recently announced by @proofofbrainio in this post. The Verify Your Brain tribe will also utilize Outpost as its front-end (which will be accessible at

The two front-ends will be 'tied' to each other via a pair of toggle hyperlinks in the upper lefthand corner of the browser window (i.e. clicking the Proof of Brain logo will take you to; clicking the Verify Your Brain logo will take you to For example, if you are browsing a post in Proof of Brain and want to view its pending VYB rewards instead of its pending POB rewards, you can click the Verify Your Brain logo at the upper left and you will immediately be taken to that post on the server rather than the server (and vice versa).

In the future, we plan to modify the respective instantiations of Outpost so that you can view both POB and VYB rewards from both front-ends. We also hope to make it so that you can view your respective vote value for both tokens from both front-ends, and possibly even apply two different vote percentages simultaneously.

One or more Verify Your Brain channels will be added to the Proof of Brain discord server, for discussions that are specifically related to Verify Your Brain (including the appeals process regarding tribe-wide VYB mutes). Generic discussions that relate equally to both tribes, and discussions that are specific to the Proof of Brain tribe, will continue utilizing the existing Proof of Brain discord channels.

How will Verify Your Brain and Proof of Brain be different from each other?

Verify Your Brain will function as a downvote-free and self-vote-free zone

As mentioned previously, the main difference between the two universes is that Verify Your Brain will function as a completely downvote-free (and self-vote-free) zone. This means that 100% of the enforcement of Verify Your Brain community standards will be handled via the tribe-wide ‘mute’ function rather than via downvotes. With that said, the VYB anti-plagiarism / anti-abuse process will be effectively the same as the current POB process, which is being expertly led by @scholaris.pob. The only difference will be that the anti-plagiarism / anti-abuse team will be granted mute authority over the VYB token (mute authority can be granted by the issuing account, @vyb.vyb), such that rather than issuing downvotes whenever they encounter plagiarism (or other forms of abuse), they will be able to issue mutes or warnings regarding potential mutes (with respect to the VYB token).

Violation of community standards, such as posting plagiarized content or consistently self-voting, will result in a tribe-wide mute, which will remove the potential for that account to earn future VYB, both as an author and as a curator. The responsibility for tribe-wide muting will be placed in the hands of an anti-plagiarism / anti-abuse team, to be led by @scholaris. Warnings for borderline violations and an appeals process will also be implemented.

This does not mean that Hive users cannot cast downvotes against Verify Your Brain posts. Rather, it means that any downvotes cast against Verify Your Brain posts will in no way affect VYB author or curator rewards. Downvotes to those posts can still affect HIVE/HP/HBD rewards as well as rewards associated with other Layer 2 tokens.

What this means is that, if your supporters want to ensure that their upvotes are fully insulated from downvotes, then they should exclusively power-up VYB, at least for the account they use to upvote Verify Your Brain posts. The exception to this would be that, depending upon the extent to which POB'ers 'vote' to fund the @vyb.pob account (as described elsewhere herein), the Proof of Brain tribe could also function as a zone either free of subjective DVs or partially insulated from the effects of subjective DVs.

Verify Your Brain will launch with very specific community standards that will be explicitly defined up front ...

Another primary difference will center around the development and enforcement of community standards. The Proof of Brain tribe was launched as a bold, brave experiment, with a single community standard: "Have a brain." As such, the tribe was immediately recognized as widely inclusive and thus garnered considerable interest across the entire Hive ecosystem -- and rightly so.

However, there eventually arose some disagreements, especially with regard to the issue of subjective downvotes. Some members of the tribe were vocal about the need to maintain the same approach to downvotes that exists on Layer 1 (i.e. with respect to HIVE/HP/HBD tokens and the way in which curators' upvotes can be nullified by other curators' downvotes). Other tribe members were equally vocal about the need to limit potential abuse that can occur as a result of subjective downvoting.

To help members of the broader Hive community decide whether the Verify Your Brain tribe deserves their time and attention, a very specific set of community standards will be published prior to the commencement of the VYB rewards pool (i.e. disbursement of author and curator rewards, which will begin to be distributed on or around 12/18/2021). The need to be transparent and forthwith with respect to community standards is accentuated by the fact that abuse within the tribe will be exclusively enforced via the tribe-wide mute function (or the threat thereof).

When an individual receives a 'mute', that account is explicitly excluded from receiving both author rewards and curator rewards for the tribe's token (VYB), for as long as the mute remains in effect (a mute can be added or removed at any time, by the issuing account or any account granted such authority by the issuing account). As such, a tribe-wide mute is not something that should be applied haphazardly or nonchalantly or whimsically -- hence the need for very clear community standards in that regard.

The community standards for Verify Your Brain are under development and will be formally announced before the VYB rewards pool begins to be distributed. The initial creation of the community standards will not follow a 'democratic' process, nor will it follow a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) process. However, it will be done after extensive community input, with an effort to create an operating environment that will be broadly appealing, especially to members of the Hive community who embrace the concept of freedom from subjective downvotes.

With that said, please provide comments to this post detailing the various community standards you would like to see enforced within the Verify Your Brain tribe (especially with respect to the use of the tribe-wide mute function). All suggestions will be considered, then a follow-up post will be issued, within the next couple weeks or so, clearly identifying up-front the community standards that will govern use of the tribe-wide mute function. The intention here is that the community standards might be updated sometime in the future, but once the initial standards are set, they will only be changed whenever there is significant tribe support for a given change or some set of extreme circumstances necessitate a change.

Important facts about VYB and Verify Your Brain

Total Initial Supply of VYB

A total of 2,042,042 VYB will have been issued prior to the start of VYB inflation (as detailed below). The start of VYB inflation will be delayed until the total POB issued also equals 2,042,042 (which should occur on or around Saturday, December 18, 2021). From that point forward, VYB will follow the same inflation curve as POB (which is exactly the same as bitcoin (BTC), except delayed by 12 years and 2 months).

Airdropped VYB

1,000,000 VYB will be airdropped to accountholders who [1] have earned POB by creating original content and [2] have chosen to hodl that POB rather than sell it or otherwise dispose of it. In particular, the 1,000,000 VYB will be airdropped proportional to:

  • the amount of POB each accountholder earned via original-content creation (posts and comments) (with a 90% penalty applied to self-voted posts and a 500% penalty applied to self-voted comments) and
  • the amount of the aforementioned earned-POB still owned and staked (and being at least 100 POB),
  • as of 11/12/2021,
  • but with no single accountholder exceeding 2.5%.

Claimable VYB

1,000,000 VYB will be claimable via a direct exchange with POB as follows:

  • First 150,000 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 4 VYB for every 1 POB
  • Next 99,999 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 3 VYB for every 1 POB
  • Next 100,000 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 2 VYB for every 1 POB
  • Next 300,001 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 1 VYB for every 1 POB
  • Next 50,000 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 1 VYB for every 2 POB
  • Next 50,000 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 1 VYB for every 3 POB
  • Next 50,000 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 1 VYB for every 5 POB
  • Next 50,000 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 1 VYB for every 8 POB
  • Next 50,000 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 1 VYB for every 12 POB
  • Next 50,000 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 1 VYB for every 17 POB
  • Next 50,000 VYB, exchangeable for POB at the rate of 1 VYB for every 23 POB

Unclaimed VYB

Until all 1,000,000 of the ‘claimable’ VYB have been claimed, portions may be delegated to members of the Verify Your Brain tribe, to compensate them for various tribe-related tasks. In addition, at some point in the not-so-distant future, some or all the remaining ‘unclaimed’ VYB may be used to fund a liquidity pool (probably a VYB : POB pool).

Received POB

Any POB received via the above direct-exchange will be transferred to @vyb.pob and held for a minimum of 1 year (as staked POB, with the exception that up to 50% may be used to fund a liquidity pool). In other words, using POB to claim VYB will guarantee that at least 50% of those POB tokens will be effectively out of circulation for at least one year (most likely, much longer).

The first 50,000 POB received will be delegated to @scholaris.pob as ongoing compensation to support anti-plagiarism / anti-abuse efforts for Proof of Brain and Verify Your Brain. Scholaris.pob will further distribute the delegation as applicable to at least 4 additional accountholders for assistance in these efforts. Delegations will only remain in affect while directly supporting said anti-abuse efforts.

Additional POB may be delegated to other members of the Proof of Brain tribe, to compensate them for additional tribe-improvement tasks.

The remaining POB received will be used to provide compensatory upvotes to Proof of Brain posts receiving subjective downvotes and to support the aforementioned community-driven curation project.

In addition, 50% of @vyb.pob’s POB curation rewards will be transferred monthly to @pob-fund (one of the Proof of Brain tribe-improvement accounts), at least through 12/31/2022.

Early-Earnings of VYB via the Proof of Blind Project (and other contests)

42,042 VYB will be set aside (via @vyb.earn) as a 'prize pool' for future contests and the like. For starters, VYB from the prize pool will be immediately available as a reward for exceptionally well-written original-content submitted via the Proof of Blind project. You can read about the genesis of Proof of Blind in this summary post.

Details about how to submit original-content to the Proof of Blind project are provided at the bottom of this current post.

There's just one catch! To maximize your early-earned VYB via Proof of Blind, your posts must ditch that fifth glyph!

Huh? What doth that imply, thou may ask? That fifth glyph (known to many as that ubiquitous " e ") must not find its way into your original sophistry, that is if you want to find a maximal pot of gold (VYB) at that far culmination of your Proof of Blind rainbow.


VYB Inflation

Vybrainium (VYB) Rewards Pool

90% of VYB inflation will be issued to Proof of Brain / Verify Your Brain content creators and curators (based on stake-weighted voting with the VYB token) on posts that use any of the following tags:

  • pob
  • proofofbrain
  • hive-150329 (i.e. posting from the official Proof of Brain front-end)
  • vyb
  • verifyyourbrain

For folks who expressly do not want to receive VYB rewards for their posts, they can use the tags 'novyb' or 'no-vyb'; however, this exclusionary functionality of the 'novyb' and 'no-vyb' tags will not be active until that functionality is added to the rewards-pool smart contract, which should occur early January 2022.

In addition, during the initial testing phase for VYB and its associated rewards-pool smart contract (expected to last through early January 2022), the rewards pool will operate at a reduced rate (1/3 the full rate for the first several days, then 2/3 the full rate for a couple weeks thereafter), and the rewards pool will be exclusive to posts that use the 'vyb' or 'verifyyourbrain' tags (or are made directly from the front-end).

Vybrainium Miners (VYBM)

10% of all future VYB inflation will go to holders of VYBM (vybrainium miner tokens). This is somewhat analogous to the POB ‘tax’ that is currently applied to all author rewards within the Proof of Brain tribe. However, this VYB ‘tax’ applies both to author and curator rewards (unlike the POB tax that applies only to author rewards) and it does not depend on which front-end is used (the POB tax is currently 10% of ALL author rewards for ALL tokens, even HIVE and HBD, when the front-end is used, and 20% of all POB author rewards when any other front-end is used).

Max supply of VYBM is capped at 10, meaning each VYBM is tied to 1% of the future remaining inflation of VYB.

  • 1 VYBM will be issued to the founder of Proof of Brain (to whatever account @proofofbrainio designates).
  • 1 VYBM will be issued to the founder of Verify Your Brain (to whatever account @vyb.vyb designates).
  • 8 VYBM will be issued to @vybm. No definitive use-cases for these VYBM have been determined at this time (the same goes for the VYB that will be accumulated by @vybm) . However, one potential use-case would be to compensate future witnesses, e.g. in the event VYB and POB need to be migrated to a stand-alone blockchain.

Why VYB will likely boost the market value of POB

First, it goes without saying that this is not financial advice. The reason for this commentary is to make it very clear that VYB is designed to complement and bolster POB, and to explain at least one mechanism supporting that intention.

Market Mechanics

The intial market price for VYB is being set at 0.25 POB, by virtue of the aforementioned VYB claim procedure. As such, the initial valuation for VYB will start out significantly less than the current market value of POB. Furthermore, the cumulative ratio of VYB to POB will not exceed 1.0 unless and until over 750,000 VYB have been claimed. However, in the process of those 750,000 VYB being claimed, over 750,000 POB will have been taken off the market. In other words, the only path by which VYB can be valued higher than POB will occur only after 750,000 POB (37.5% of the current supply) have been taken off the market for at least one full year. The exception to this being that up to 50% of the POB received may be used to fund a liquidity pool.

As such, if VYB ends up being successful, that will end up making POB more scarce, and thus more valuable.

In essence, VYB provides an avenue for POB earners to ‘spend’ their POB tokens without selling them on the open market (i.e. via the direct exchange with VYB) and requires newcomers to the Proof of Brain / Verify Your Brain ecosystem to purchase POB on the open market if they want to be early investors in VYB.

Voting for Downvote Freedom

You can think of this direct-exchange market mechanism as a way for the POB community to collectively decide the extent to which they want to eliminate or reduce the impact of subjective DVs within their tribe. By exchanging their POB for VYB, POB'ers' will be casting votes in favor of Proof of Brain being a place free of subjective DVs.

In the unlikely event that 50% of the circulating supply of POB were directly exchanged for VYB, then the Proof of Brain tribe would essentially become free from subjective DVs. This hypothetical scenario demonstrates the manner in which the POB-for-VYB exchange mechanism represents a truly market-based approach for determining the extent to which the community desires that the Proof of Brain tribe be free from subjective downvotes.

This can be viewed as an inversion of the 'code is law' mantra. Those who invoke the phrase "code is law" do so with the understanding that there are no 'laws' per se governing the Hive blockchain, other than whatever the code does, which is based solely on the way it is currently instantiated. And, just as societies can change their laws from time to time, the Hive witnesses can, at any time, change the code (i.e. the collection of 'laws') that governs the Hive blockchain. However, it takes overwhelming concensus (17 of the top 20 witnesses) to make such a change (as it should).

We cite "Voting for Downvote Freedom" as an inversion to the 'code is law' principle not because it is actually an inversion of that principle, but rather because it represents an inversion of the way opponents to that principle typically view it. Opponents to the 'code is law' mantra find it unappealing that a single whale account can wreak havoc on another accountholder just because the code allows it.

However, 'code is law' also means that individuals can join together and collectively put that code to use in defiance of singularly-strong 'whale' accounts. With the creation of this POB-for-VYB exchange mechanism, we are doing just that -- we are creating a code-sanctioned, market-based mechanism wherein those individuals within the POB tribe who wish to strengthen protections against subjective downvoting within the tribe can 'vote with their sneakers' toward that end.

How to Claim VYB (i.e. exchange POB for VYB) ...

Eleven different Hive accounts have been created, each of which currently holds the amount of VYB shown in parentheses. Those accounts are:

In order to claim VYB from one of those accounts, send at least 100 POB to that account. If there is enough VYB remaining in that account to fully complete the transaction, then the appropriate amount of VYB will be sent back to the originating account. If there is not enough VYB remaining in that account to fully complete the transaction, then the POB will be returned to the originating account, unless the word "market" appears in the memo, in which case the claim will be fulfilled at the lowest available direct-exchange rate(s) (see below for details).

VERY IMPORTANT Info about the VYB Claim Process ...

  • We intend to automate this process. Once the automated process is operational, this post will be edited to reflect that fact.
  • In the meantime, VYB can be claimed via this procedure, but the transactions will be processed manually (usually within 24 hours), on a first-in first-out basis, subject to a minimum amount of 100 POB per transaction (transactions containing less than 100 POB will be ignored until the automated process is operational, after which the POB from those transactions will be returned). As such, do not send less than 100 POB until after the automated process is announced as being fully operational. You will not receive any VYB from transactions containing less than 100 POB. You will merely receive your original POB back.
  • If you want your POB applied to the successive direct-exchange rates, then include the word "market" in the memo field of the transaction.
    • For example, if you send 10,000 POB to @x-1pob-4vyb but all the 4:1 VYB:POB and all the 3:1 VYB:POB have already been claimed by prior transactions, then you will receive 20,000 VYB (from @x-1pob-2vyb) if and only if you included the word "market" in the memo field of the transaction. If you did not include the word "market" in the memo field, you will receive your original 10,000 POB back (i.e. you will not receive any VYB).

[UPDATE 12-05-2021: The minimum transaction amount was previously 250 POB. It has been reduced to 100 POB.]

Information about the Founding and Management of Verify Your Brain and VYB

Verify Your Brain and its accompanying tokens (VYB & VYBM) are the brainchildren of @trostparadox. However, prior to initial launch, extensive feedback and planning assistance has been received from @scholaris and @calumam and they will play a significant role in the ongoing management of the tribe and token.

Permission has been sought and received from @proofofbrainio regarding the planned integration of Verify Your Brain channels into the Proof of Brain discord server and the use of mutual hyperlinks between the respective Proof of Brain and Verify Your Brain front-end servers (i.e. and

How to Submit Original Content to the Proof of Blind Project ...

As mentioned above, you will be able to earn VYB tokens before the rewards pool distribution begins, by participating in one or more of our 'earn VYB' contests (follow @vyb.earn for more details).

One such contest will reward submissions posted via Proof of Blind. However, if you want your Proof of Blind submission to qualify for the maximum-possible early-earn VYB rewards from @vyb.earn, remember to ditch that fifth glyph (if you don't know what that means, follow @vyb.earn for an upcoming post about just that).

Before you submit original content to Proof of Blind, we suggest you check out the Proof of Blind FAQ post here.

Clicking the "SUBMIT" button below will take you to the Proof of Blind online submission form.

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All images published within the current post are licensed under CC BY-NC-ND and are owned by the @vyb.vyb account.

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The passion shown by concerned Hivers in response to @dreemsteem's post, and the close relevance to our project, compelled us to share what those other Hive community members have been thinking and discussing, with respect to the need for something like the VYB/vybrainium project we are enthusiastically announcing herein.


Interesting to see where this goes. Traditionally, downvotes have proven to be a useful tool. I can think of a few (maybe still around, but in my vybrain) failed projects that harnessed the mechanic of no downvotes. Whaleshares and Blurt come to mind. I see you haven't gotten rid of them entirely, but have no monetary effect. Funny, because that's silently inclusive in the argument I put forth - i.e. @thealliance - which you quoted in this post from @dreemsteem's recent one. This is a new approach, I hope it works out well and I'll be watching!

Traditionally, downvotes have proven to be a useful tool. I can think of a few (maybe still around, but in my vybrain) failed projects that harnessed the mechanic of no downvotes. Whaleshares and Blurt come to mind

Yes, removing DVs from Layer 1 without having robust alternative means to combat abuse does not seem viable (e.g. Whaleshares and Blurt). That's why we favor a Layer 2 solution. We can rely on Layer 1 for account-level censorship-resistance while managing abuse at the tribe level. We will use the blunt instrument of the tribe-wide mute for egregious offenses, but we eventually hope to develop community-driven standards and metrics so that every upvote can be a far-more-informed upvote, thus curbing certain forms of abuse, such as circle-voting, at the individual upvote level. For example, the front-end displays each accountholders circle-voting metric at the top of each post, so that before I cast an upvote I can consciously choose to not vote or to lower my upvote if that # is high.

Allright... I'll bite, particularly since I am in the middle of evaluating POB's viability, anyway.

  1. Freedom from downvotes. I suppose that can work, as long as "freedom from downvotes" isn't merely clever semantics for "freedom from CONSEQUENCES" of saying something broadly disagreed with. That tends to be the "unmentionable" Achilles heel of many who crusade for free speech. All in favor of "no self-votes," however... self-votes have always struck me as being akin to publishing a book, and then going down to the bookstore to buy your own book in service of "make believe" that you're a more popular author than you actually are.

  2. Perhaps really "1a," but this notion of tribe level control with mutes seems to immediately invite a certain degree of centralization. Maybe that's just part and parcel of Layer 2 communities since they tend to be "focused" and there has to be some kind of mechanism to *include/exclude."

  3. Glad to see this will all be run on an *"Outpost" front end. One of my concerns about POB for a while has been the appearance of a community that was slowly fading away. As I am sure you are well aware, communities require constant nurturing. The generic POB front end has — at least for me — been somewhat of a drawback, and I have preferred to willingly pay the "tax" to post from something more user-friendly like PeakD or LeoFinance.

Anyway, this is all interesting to see and goes a ways towards answering some of my doubts in my most recent post... although I remain slightly uncertain as to whether or not this all has a "purpose" or "focus" or whether that merely consists of being "yet another blockchain posting venue."

I guess I am still looking for a somewhat concise "This tribe exists BECAUSE _______ and aims to fill these _______ objectives."


this notion of tribe level control with mutes seems to immediately invite a certain degree of centralization.

That is true. However, as explained by @themarkymark a few months ago, in this post, all Hive-Engine tribes and tokens are fully centralized when it really comes down to brass tacks. That's why you really need to focus on the team, in general, and, more importantly, the individual who holds the private keys to the issuing account.

With respect to VYB, all mute actions will be handled by a team (which will be led by @scholaris), each of whom will be granted 'mute' authority by the issuing account (@vyb.vyb), but each of whom will be following a strict and transparent policy. That policy will require notifications to all accountholders receiving mute actions (explaining the rationale behind the action and telling them how to appeal it), issuing warnings for certain first offenses, etc.

Members of the anti-abuse team who do not abide by the policy will be removed from team.

I guess I am still looking for a somewhat concise "This tribe exists BECAUSE _______ and aims to fill these _______ objectives."

I appreciate that sentiment. I don't know that a single concise answer can be given.

I guess I would say

  • This tribe exists BECAUSE a growing number of Hivers have expressed various levels of discontent with the status quo and we believe the changes we are instituting with Verify Your Brain and VYB will [1] provide a level of freshness in the air for those growing weary of the status quo and [2] might spur others to launch their own Layer 2 experiments -- to either attempt to solve other problems or to solve some of the same problems in different ways.
  • and aims to fill these objectives:
    • in all ways, complement the Proof of Brain tribe and the POB token,
    • demonstrate an effective way to combat abuse without the need for downvotes,
    • provide a mechanism wherein content creators who need to 'make a living' off their on-chain efforts can still earn tokens for that purpose (e.g. HIVE, HBD, POB) while also earning a token that they will be more likely to hodl (i.e. VYB) either for retirement or for a rainy day,
    • create a world-class example of community-driven curation, an example that will hopefully eventually be emulated by other and future tribes,
    • provide a token (i.e. VYB) that will be uniquely attractive to outside investors.

There are no doubt other objectives that don't come to mind at the moment, but that's a pretty good overview of where we're coming from.

The overview is a good one , lets keep fingers crossed to see how everything will turn out to be...i am positive towards this great project of yours..

After a second read I am mostly concerned about missing the airdrop.

It seems that to claim the airdrop I should send POB to one of the accounts that have vyb and then they will process the vyb.

Is there any other action we should be making at the moment to claim vyb?

The second matter is community standards. One things that bothers me is seeing automated spam comments including post links or outside links. Sometimes those links are not dangerous but just given to direct traffic but sometimes those links ask for keys or are actually phishing links. Some of those users have already been hijacked and are under the control of someone that was not the original owner. Users like that need to be muted. They also need to be given a chance to prove themselves like a time period of posting legitimately.

The same could go for those who continue to post plagiarized writing or art claiming to have created it. There uses should be given several warnings and then muted. If they show signs of changes on other communities they can appeal for reinstatement.

I don't want to see people muted because of their opinions or for saying crap about me or Hive or politics or religion or aliens or whatever bizarre stuff they want to say. Abuse and bullying may be another issue but that's cloudy. What some might consider bullying others might consider flattery and creativity. So I would prefer to allow people to speak their opinions as they seem fit.

We will also be getting VYB Airdrop for our POB Stakes.

but with no single accountholder exceeding 2.5%.

Is this 2.5% is out of 1,000,000 VYB??

I'm really not sure how this works but it looks like those with POB can buy VYB now. I wonder when the snow will fall and if you can catch a snowflake on your tongue?


@vikbuddy, thanks for the request for clarification.

The 2.5% max is for the 1,000,000 airdropped VYB. No one will get more than 25,000 VYB via the airdrop.

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You will not miss the airdrop, because everything required to qualify for the airdrop is already in the past. The airdrop will just fall like rain (or snowflakes) sometime shortly before the rewards pool starts distributing VYB for new POB and VYB posts.

Based on my preliminary calcs, it looks like you will be receiving the max airdrop (2.5%), which will be 25,000 VYB. That means you will have a very sizable upvote power once VYB rewards start being distributed, even if you don't claim additional VYB beforehand via the direct-exchange claim procedure.

For the VYB direct-exchange claim procedure, this is where you have to decide whether to keep your existing POB in it's readily-exchangeable form or whether you want to 'bank' it via the less-exchangeable (for authors) VYB.

If you want to claim VYB with POB, you will either need to purchase POB on the market (then send it to one of the above accounts to receive your VYB back) or power down your POB and do the same with that POB.

One thing I want to make very clear: Powering down POB now, in an effort to claim VYB via the direct-exchange procedure, will NOT affect your airdrop. The airdrop will be distributed based on your on-chain activities prior to 11/13/2021.

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Thank you,

Your explanation is very clear and good news^^
I do hope @frot and the boys had a look at this vyb... (!LUV the name)

Happy Thanksgiving


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So centralizing moderation is the key? No, that's not the answer. The answer is upgrading the staking algorithm so while being representative of stake, it's also more representative of the community voice. Oligarchies will never represent the community, whether there's downvotes or not.

Governance needs to be more equally weighted between users, while votes need to remain stake weighted. Self voting should be eliminated via the available features and moderation must remain decentralized.

I've checked out the POB community and there's nothing there to interest me, because I don't see the features as useful or even viable answers to the problems. The content is of a lower quality as well.

What will interest me in Hive or motivate me to create more content, because I don't much? Interaction! Interaction is key to building a healthy community and dissent needs to be part of that, as do votes that balance earnings as well.

I don't see POB as the answer and can't envision this new frontend being one as well...

We do need to experiment, but taking out votes and even rep is already available through frontends and forks. They aren't very popular, why? Because those things aren't necessarily the problem. We need new ideas, to remain decentralized and become more so, but something new is needed and this isn't it.

The answer is upgrading the staking algorithm so while being representative of stake, it's also more representative of the community voice.

By all means, pursue these Layer 1 improvements you seek. Personally, I think you will be more successful implementing your upgrades to 'the staking algorithm' on Layer 2 (because you don't have to ask permission to do that), then use the evidence gained from your Layer 2 experiment to convince the witnesses to implement those changes on Layer 1.

Layer 1 changes are hard to make (as they should be). Layer 2 experiments are relatively easy -- just takes some time and treasure, and a good team.

Except that's not quite what you are doing. You are disabling features that others have already done.

Also, circle jerking? You really think that's a problem? How you gonna stop that? It's human nature to support who they align with and there's nothing wrong with that. Now, get rid of stake in the votes and have it only affect the value of the post through the author's stake, then maybe it could be more fair.

Maybe not though, cuz popularity simply brings more votes consistently and can't be stopped. Hive has managed to suppress the noticeable greed shown openly, but that greed isn't going anywhere.

But again, you haven't offered here any actual necessary fixes on the second layer. Good luck though.

Best part is layer 2 allows experimentation. There's no need to embrace 1 size fits all madness for something as subjective as rewards.

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You answer is understood and very thoughtful

Thank you for this @trostparadox you make me believe in the project and see how this go i will be part of this

... and unstaking will cause their account to be temporarily blacklisted from the Verify Your Brain Community Curation Project,...

...temporarily ?!

What exactly this means?
Blacklisted for how long? For a day?
For a week? Month?
Or permanently?

Which "unstaking" level will triger that BLACKLIST? Any? Partial? Or Full stake unstake?

Certainly, I need a more detailed explanation of this rule and this mechanism

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Hello. I'm going back through the comments now that our first adm meeting is done. I think "blacklisted" in terms of this white paper is poor. We need to come up with another term. What I feel trost refers to is more like an "ignore" list from tribe curation.

Interpretation: If someone "unstakes" their VYB token, then the curation team would "ignore" curating their post for a currently undetermined period of time.

I'm not sure how long this period is at the moment. I don't know the final period.

this is a very good idea and a nice project, but i think there will be a lot of controversial questions on this, but i will raise this topic tomorrow on #pobstreet.

  • future relationship between both tribe
  • liquidity pool
  • how will the value of pob affect vyb.
    and many more, i think it will be interesting tomorrow on #pobstreet

Cool project, but not for me.
I do quality posts, and I do upvote them, why should I not? What is so bad with it (unless you do 3 shitposts per day)? If I am not convinced that my post is worth an upvote, why I should assume others are?
Are there not much more severe concerns with Hive than self-voting?
Anyway, wish you many success with your tribe and token.

Cool project, but not for me.
I do quality posts, and I do upvote them, why should I not?

Appreciate the feedback. Completely eliminating self-votes was not originally part of our plan. We acknowledge that there are legitimate uses of the self-vote.

Although eliminating DVs completely eliminates downvote-abuse, it undoubtedly will increase upvote-abuse. The two biggest forms of upvote abuse are self-voting worthless posts and circle-voting worthless votes. After considering the pro's and con's, we decided completely eliminating self-votes (and stating so up front) would yield a better overall experience for the community.

Personally, I usually reduce my upvotes when I see someone has self-voted. I know I'm not the only one who does that. There are folks who provide pretty good content but consistently self-vote 100% and I completely ignore them -- and prior to my realizing what they were doing, my upvotes were far larger than their self-votes. I have no doubt that they have lost more than they've gained due to their self-voting.

So, you might find that self-votes actually cost you more than they benefit you.

With that said, we will definitely be experimenting with alternative ways for tribe members to promote their own posts.

If you post to Proof of Brain, be sure to use either the #no-vyb or #novyb tag if you are planning to self-vote. That will enable you to earn POB rewards while not getting muted from VYB for self-voting.

I would encourage you, though, to periodically post to Verify Your Brain and see if your non-self-voted posts (on POB and VYB) earn more rewards overall than when you self-vote on POB. If you do that, please post the results.

I curate according to 1) the efforts made, 2) the quality and 3) the value provided, not if the author did self-upvote. I am not that convinced that this criterion is that much relevant, like you pointed out. Because the overall target is to incentivize good content, right?
By the way, all my voting power comes from my own $$ invested, so I basically can upvote what I want.

I, too, am an occasional self-upvoter. "a 90% penalty applied to self-voted posts and a 500% penalty applied to self-voted comments" means I will have have a negative effect on my future payout from this...but oh well...It's very similar to all the other tokens I keep in my little baggie at hive-engine. I create content and I get paid...I wonder what my percentage of self-upvoting actually is, but it's likely to be Hive. If you upvote all the time, I'm not sure people would be excited to support the idea of "If I am not convinced that my post is worth an upvote, why should I assume others are?" but I do understand the sentiment.

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Therefore I do not post those typical one liners with a pic.

Yeah, I'm definitely not a fan of those, especially the very poor quality pics where it's pretty obvious that no effort was made to frame the spot in a pleasing way...

Looking forward to the implementation of #Vyb. You guys seem to have looked at and listened to many of the concerns of the #pob community.

I am optimystic that vybrainium will give pob a much needed boost and look forward to participating once the front end is launched.

Thanks! We are optimistic as well -- and enthusiastic.

You are so Welcome @trostparadox, I am quite looking forward to VYB it is a great initiative and has so many advantages to become a truly powerful community.

I applaud yourself and all the guys involved including the wonderful WOTW team @scholaris.pob @calumam and @nonsowrites.

Let me know if there is anything I can do on the creative artist side of things, NFTs, Avatars etc.

It would be an honour and a privilege.

Let me know if there is anything I can do on the creative artist side of things, NFTs, Avatars etc.

Will keep that in mind! I am going to have to expand the design team outward at some point.

Thanks for the well-wishes, hope you're keeping well @jaxsonmurph!

No bother @calumam, be happy to help in any way, for such an exciting new tribe.

I am doing pretty good mate thanks for asking, hope you have been well yourself.

We haven't converged in a while, sometimes projects seem to get in the way, but it is always nice to catch up, keep rocking dude, your doing an amazing job as always

This place is no more joke anymore.
Am beginning to enjoy this Community

I might have just missed this boat as only just taken all my pob and swapped em for Blurts
The name is not very catchy either. I'll sit on the fence for a bit with this one maybe

Don't let your arse get too manky from that fence! (regardless of your decision, I'll still be popping by blurt from time to time to give your content a read, missed that on POB since my return).

Hope to see you vybing it up soon.

LOL - I might have to start calling you Shepz2 :)

This would apply to your account too:


Ah I miss old Shepz lol. Don't know if whoever uses that now is him or not, his "son" was using it for a while. Was fun interacting with Shepz!

There are lots of great ideal fill in this project, and creating more use case for #pob is very commendable. I'm in whole hearts.

I love where this is going. It's a lot to read through now but I look forward to claiming VYB and would like to see this community take off.

In the meantime I have to get some !PIZZA

I sure hope this succeed :)

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I've been staking POB for a while now, so it'll be interesting to see how this experiment goes. I will likely get some of the vyb and I can see how POB will increase in value if people have to go through POB to get to VYB...interesting ideas.

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This is good to see and I will say it is a welcome development since it is going to help improve the proofofbrain token too

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I think it is an interesting idea. I have been worried about the POB community for a while now. I came originally for the best content on the platform, about topics that concern us all and had more depth to them then on many other communities. But lately it has lacked a strong community vibe and things have been going downhill.

I think the introduction of a new token that is less liquid than POB is in an interesting one, though I do wonder if it will attract new visitors as well? It seems a bit more like a way to engage those that are quite deep into POB already.

I guess we will have to see what happens in the end, but I am glad some action is taken.

I do wonder if it will attract new visitors as well

@calumam will be leading some initiatives aimed at sparking interest both within the Proof of Brain tribe and beyond those who are currently creating content via Proof of Brain.

The @vyb.earn account has been issued 42,042 VYB just for that purpose.

Follow @vyb.earn to stay abreast of opportunities to earn VYB before the airdrop (on or around 12/15/2021) and before the VYB rewards pool kicks off (on or around 12/18/2021).

Thanks for the reply, will keep my eyes peeled!

(or maybe, a 'universe inside a universe', or a metaverse, or an anti-metaverse, or a meta-metaverse, or a meta-anti-metaverse, 😁 ...)

This project seems to be quite.. complicated. Why so many spacers and visuals in the text it messes up the layout and overall flow of the post. My brain could not get verified yet. Will read up properly when I have some more time and energy. Regardless, it does look interesting and airdrops always draw attention. Best of luck in setting this thing up!

Why so many spacers and visuals in the text it messes up the layout and overall flow of the post.

That was my decision. "Less is more" wasn't really my train of thought here (and maybe to the posts detriment). Given the size of the post and the information within, I thought it would be better to break up the text segments and use the change in colour to highlight the different section of VYB that would be involved, either official, anti-abuse, curation (and now Earn).

I'll take this critique on board for other posts most definitely. Thanks for the honest feedback! If you want to share specifics, feel free 🙂

Thanks for providing the thoughts behind it, main reason is that I'm kinda confused where to start. But since it's a rather large piece of text I'd have to find some time to go through the entirety anyway. Just maybe feels even longer because of the rather big logo's in all kinds of colors in between, lots of scrolling :-P



Hi there my friend just sent this to me. This sounds like a dream come true for somebody that has been targeted by the bullies on here. It just makes me sad seeing it happen to other people as well and see there be no FreeSpeech whatsoever on a platform that was supposedly designed for that very reason. However much I try and stand up for people, it’s only really initiatives like this that can actually help. This might be the thing that actually allows me personally to trust hive and feel safe putting value into the platform, knowing that there really is a chance to speak and share freely without being ‘punished’ for not thinking the same as someone else, to the point they can hide my voice and take away earnings. I have signed up to the The proof of brain group on here and posted in this community however, I’m not too sure at technical side of things. I’m going to take a good read of this but can anyone give me more advice on how I can sign up to actually use this, do you have a discord group? Thank you for taking the time to work on solutions ❤️🙏

Great post

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Mute sounds random IMO, how will the platform be able to handle a massive fake account creation attack?

Auto censorship is really bad and works not good.

Ask community is not efficient.

Downvotes are unsexy, but they work.

Using mutes to handle a massive fake account creation attack would not be much different than using DVs to handle a similar attack, but using mutes would actually be slightly better, imo.

With DVs, there must be a method in place to alert large stakeholders that a given post needs DVs.

With mutes, there must be a method in place to alert those with mute authority that a given account needs to be muted.

With the DV approach, that procedure must be repeated for every post from every fake account. This means if a given fake account publishes 10 spam posts, then 10 sets of DVs must be rallied and applied.

With the mute approach, once a given fake account is muted, it remains muted and thus requires no further action. This means if a given fake account publishes 10 spam posts, only 1 mute must be applied -- one and done.

I see 2 problems with it.

The first mute is an absolute decision. There will be Collateral damage ( remember flag wars).

On a larger scale, it will be automated ( like the blacklists that are already here).

one and done

Is IMO an WEB2 Solution.

Second if mute should be in community hand in some way, I see the large potential of abuse there. That would be opinion flagging 2.0. Also what if a big stakeholder gets muted? Is this not what on proof of brain happens and everyone got crazy because of that?

A software or game is only that good as much damage can be done with abuse it.

But it can be also turn out that it works really well. There is not only 1 way. Overall all I'm a big fan of the idea of community reputation and skin in the game.

It is good to try new things out, see what happens and learn about it.

mute is an absolute decision

Actually, no. Mutes can be removed at any time. For example, if an author gets muted, no further upvotes can be cast for any of their posts while the mute is active, but if the mute is removed before the payout time period is reached, then the payout will proceed.

There will be an explanation given every time a mute is either threatened or enacted. There will be an appeal process as well.

There will be Collateral damage

I'm not sure what you mean here. Downvotes create lots of collateral damage. Using mutes rather than DVs should result in less, not more, collateral damage.

if mute should be in community hand in some way, I see the large potential of abuse there

Mute actions will be handled by a team, justification and explanation will always be required, they are appealable and reversible. Anyone who tries to abuse the use of the mute function will be removed from having that authority or capability.

It can work out well but is a pretty centralized point of power.

Brillant mechanisms at work here and excited to see how it goes!

Three questions

  1. Will we get regular updates as the diffrent accounts empty

  2. Is there a calculator where we could plug in our names and see how we stack up for the airdrop?

  3. Is there penalty for those who go for the 4x and dump it on the market or is this a case of liquidity in the market.

Again much excitement


Will we get regular updates as the diffrent accounts empty

Sorry, but no. You will need to check the wallets of the specific accounts, to see whether they have any VYB remaining (which doesn't guarantee that those VYB aren't already spoken for, because of the manual nature of the exchange system at this point in time).

Is there a calculator where we could plug in our names and see how we stack up for the airdrop?

No, but the preliminary tabulation will be posted within the next few days (so folks can check it for errors and get a feel for how many VYB they will likely receive via the airdrop). You can look here for a sneak peek (and do your own calcs based on your own earned and staked POB up through November 12, 2021).

Is there penalty for those who go for the 4x and dump it on the market or is this a case of liquidity in the market.

There is nothing to keep those who gained 4x from dumping it once a market for VYB develops. Quite honestly, though, we view VYB as a long-term token that will primarily benefit hodlers and, as such, we are not overly concerned about early dumping -- that merely represents an opportunity for those who believe in the long-term value to stack more.

As always, nothing stated herein constitutes financial advice. Do your own homework and caveat emptor.

Brilliant thanks for the update!

Cool initiative, I'm going to put this comment here as a placeholder as I got sidetracked with dreem's thread that you quoted and now somewhat tired. ( Thanks for putting that post on my radar though !PIZZA )

I personally think positive reinforcements are a lot better ways for building a community/tribe, but I'm wondering if this metric will attract some toxic individuals who would normally get downvoted? I mean speaking from someone that has been on the side of receiving this outrageous downvote trail, I'm still somewhat supportive of downvotes as it does act as a filtering mechanism and to help curb abuse.

They need to create something or layers you have to go through in order to be able to be downvoted though cause in my personal situation it was rather entertaining and insane 1 persons downvoted neutralized jaries(and his peakd account), and dozens of other people's upvote. That makes hive overall not a big investment for me what I was going to scale in investments on now is just going to be a side project, but this is definitely one f the projects I'm going to keep up with at time to time and probably acquire some to support the cause but not sure how engaging I'd be. I'm liking pob as a community though and something is telling me I really need to just go to leofinance, but I was sort of putting that off as this was something else for me and more about self development/branding.

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I personally think positive reinforcements are a lot better ways for building a community/tribe, but I'm wondering if this metric will attract some toxic individuals who would normally get downvoted?

This is a legitimate concern. We will not hesitate to mute accounts that blatantly try to spam the tribe.

More importantly, though, will be how we handle borderline cases. We will be very transparent about those policies -- they are still under development at the moment (generic feedback is welcome now, specific feedback will be solicited once they are ready for public comment). Even after they are finalized, though, we will likely need to make adjustments as time progresses and we learn what works and what doesn't work.

The guiding principle regarding Verify Your Brain anti-abuse policies will be one of reliance upon checks-and-balances. In other words, we intend to go to great lengths to ensure that anti-abuse enforcement is largely community-driven.

We are, admittedly, venturing into unknown territory here. We will no doubt get some things wrong and need to make adjustments.

This looks very interesting. I’m not 100 % certain if I need to do anything to claim the VYB. Airdrop though. I will go Read again …

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You do not need to do anything extra to receive the airdrop. If you want to claim some additional VYB beforehand, you are able to do that by sending POB to the accounts listed above (under the heading "How to Claim VYB (i.e. exchange POB for VYB) ...").

Ok…. I will also just buy some on Hive-Engine.

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How is a great community to associate with and am very happy and gland making my way here,so is great opportunity for me to use middum to pray for everyone ad each of us in this great community verify your brain(vyb) and prayer is may we all in this great community be successfully in our engagement and interaction also may we all see the beauty of this great projects.

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Hey @trostparadox, can you clarify one particular thing please.

Your white paper is talking mainly about who qualify for airdrop mainly as
"POB earned by authoring a comment and/or post"

But what about POB earned as curation returns???

Does POB earned as curation work will qualify for VYB airdrop???

We need a more clear and precise statement on this.

Thank you.

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Does POB earned as curation work will qualify for VYB airdrop???


The intention of the 'non-exchangeable' token (as I originally envisioned it) was that it would be earned through authorship (a sort of 'proof of authorship' if you will). My original ideas about that 'second token' were detailed last March in this post.

Here are some relevant excerpts:

The non-exchangeable portion would be inextricably tied to the account that originally earned the token, would be automatically staked, and would be the sole token upon which future rewards (of both the fungible and non-exchangeable tokens) would be based. Both tokens would aways issue in the same amounts and to the same accounts -- hence the reason one might consider them as a single token, bifurcated at issuance.

The net effect of this arrangement would be that no one would ever be able to ‘buy’ influence over the future distribution of either of the two tokens, because no one would be able ‘buy’ the voting tokens.

I was unable to fully instantiate that original vision due to technical and practical limitations. As such, the VYB token allows folks to 'purchase' voting influence. The airdrop, however, will remain true to the original vision, and will only go to those who earned POB via authorship.

Interesting, i have not shared much content here but now I would love to share more.
I do share content from my main blog and from

Thanks for a new community

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Hello @vyb.vyb team, this is beautiful and well detailed. i love the concept. I have joined the discord server and i look forward to future.

@trostparadox , please can you help me with some answers because i seem to be late reading this post, I want to get some some vyb tokens, i don't have up to 100 POB but i can buy, i just want to know if i can proceed and which account should I send it to? Because some of the accounts above must have distributed their tokens.

Lastly, does the frontend use in activity matter for the airdrop? I really don't want to miss out too.

Thank you for your time

i just want to know if i can proceed and which account should I send it to? Because some of the accounts above must have distributed their tokens.

You can check the individual account Hive-Engine wallets to see which ones still have any VYB tokens (e.g. At this time, the following accounts have had all their VYB tokens claimed:

The following account currently has about 270,000 VYB tokens available at a 1:1 exchange rate for POB:

does the frontend use in activity matter for the airdrop?

The use of the front-end does not matter for the airdrop and will not matter for future VYB rewards. All VYB rewards (which will start being distributed on or around December 18, 2021) will be distributed the same, regardless of which front-end you use.

Thank you so much. This was really helpful. I have bought some pob and sent it across. I had to buy because I didn't want to power down. Thanks for your feedback once again.
Have a nice week ahead!

Awesome! I only just saw this post - just sent you some POB and am unstaking more. Looking forward to seeing where this explorimentation goes! ;)

Exciting. I missed this.

I see the value of downvotes but there hasn’t been much done about downvote abuse. It doesn’t effect a whole lot of people but a few bullies shouldn’t be able to decimate a users post value without any kind of protection or appeal.

Hive has a lot of smart minds that decide the code, it will be difficult to make this new token and POB valuable to investors and keep the price stable long term. But I’ll be along for the ride and willing to share my ideas. This is exactly the kind of thing I like to see, different tribes experimenting with different systems. I’ll likely hodl my coins and if the new token fixes some of hives problems I’ll be more active in the community.

I visited all your posts and I really like it

Damn! I think it took me a few days to understand everything that was written in this post.

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Hello everyone is my pleasure and am very gland to found myself in this grrat community verify Your brain.


But here is my question I'm hoping somebody can work out because it's all beyond me...

For an account like mine that is being systematically downvoted to take down my rep and wipe out my rewards - if I turn the rewards back on, my posts will be nuked on Hive so each time I post my rep will go down.

Is there a way I can earn on VYB but have the rewards turned off on Hive?

And any comments I post that earn rewards are downvoted on Hive as well. So is there any way I can post comments on POB/VYB without my rep being taken down?

My blogging rewards on Hive are over and out, and I'm powering down all my accounts. But unless VYB is seperate in terms of this downvoting issue, in the end the more I post the worse my rep gets, until eventually my account will end up negative and blocked out.

Any thoughts or solutions?


#LoLs looking forward to the response to this comment. ;o)

Is there a way I can earn on VYB but have the rewards turned off on Hive?

IDK, but I will check on that.

We plan to configure the front-end to completely ignore Hive reputation scores. Many seasoned Hivers acknowledge that Hive rep is pretty much a useless number.

We plan to eventually develop our own 'reputation' type metrics. However, we will put what happens with those under the control of individual curators. For example, we plan to develop a circle-voting metric, which will provide curators with information about the circle-voting tendencies of the author of each post. However, it will be up to the individual curator to decide what threshold represents 'bad' behavior and adjust their upvotes accordingly. Hopefully, we can configure the front-end such that curators can have posts hidden that exceed their own user-defined thresholds.

Sounds like a plan.

So unfortunately, it looks like the Hive Insiders will just be able to continue nuking accounts on Hive until eventually they are all invisible on the main platform.

After more than five years of that I'm ready to give up on Hive, but like an itch I have to scratch, even with a new front end, it's going to be hard not to have the occasional peek at my account nuking

How can you tell which are alt accounts? - asking for a friend, LOL

I'm really sorry for the delay. You can check the TxAccountCreates table of Hive SQL and it would provide you both "creator" and "new_account_name" criteria to determine the respective alts.

Now, preventing your account from getting nuked. I couldn't prevent your article from being recorded on Hive blocks. I wonder if it would be possible for your article to appear on Hive. Perhaps if you used only one tag? Like, for instance, using only the verifyyourbrain or vyb tag?

@trostparadox? Any news on when then front end would be available?

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It appears the reason for the front end being down was because it was switching to the new outpost format. Are the capabilities you spoke of there?

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@proofofbrain, is there a way to disable rewards for comments? Can we add this feature? Or, instead, what would it take to add this feature?

Yikes - I totally misunderstood the whole thing - could you please return all my transfers and I'll do them again - I am retarded for real...

I am not safe to be left alone with this stuff - hoping you can just cancel all my stupid transfers, return the lot and I'll do it all again properly...

Sorry, just now saw this message (didn't see the transfers until now, either).

Yes, I will get those POB sent back to you.

Then, if you just send them to @x-1pob-4vyb with the word "market" in the memo line, you will get the best possible exchange rate for all the POB.

All the transfers have been reversed.

Phew, many thanks, can you do brain transplants too? Proof of No brain...