I want to thank you for caring enough to follow this story and we are still not at the end. Pulling the vale off this hideous monster has become a full time job with a small team of investigators gathering mountains of evidence. As I looked under each rock, it soon became clear that this was far more sinister and organized than most could have ever imagined.

Recognizing all the satanic occult imagery and screen names like @vxn666, @thevil, and @stayten was an immediate red flag. Seeing how they multiply their powers by voting and down-voting together it was clear that the group was well funded, organized, and frankly Satanic. What is most disturbing is that it comes from the main authority on the Hive Blockchain.

I was immediately suspicious to what I was dealing with early on when they first attacked my blog in November of 2021....So, I kept posting my usual style content to see which accounts they use to down-vote me.

Using their own weapon against them; I made a list of the down-voters and began my research. This was one method to drag them out into the light and see who they are. After that, it became much easier to connect the dots.

This chart below will make it easy to see just part of their evil web. You won't believe how ugly this gets. Note that on the surface it looks like so many different people are down voting me. That is not the case at all.

These occultists are sitting on tens of millions of hive combined together as one well organized mafia. Some have divided themselves into multiple accounts; giving a false impression of their true numbers.

Multiple owner accounts will be grouped together and Hivewatchers and ghosts accounts will be grouped together as they are in direct control of at least the biggest, like @adm and @spaminator. Now here is the list from most aggressive and powerful all the way down to a couple people that probably have no clue what they are involved with.





>>> >>> >>> >>>

>>> >>> >>> >>>

>>> >>> >>> >>>

>>> >>>

Have a good close look at these images...There are a ton of similarities and we'll get into that next time, but for the most part; they are all part of the Cabal (they actually call themselves that a "Cabal"). As one satanic mafia they can downvote you from 33 different accounts (more actually) with nearly an unlimited supply of Hive Power. On the surface it just seems like two or three very wealthy individuals at the top and a bunch of underlings following along.

Next time I show you the entire pyramid. It will leave you stunned like I was, when I first was presented the evidence. Together this "cabal" can wipe out, harass, and abuse anyone they want; and that is exactly what they do! Now here is the list of top votes/downvotes from my first drop of information back on February 2nd.

These are mostly the same accounts that have been attacking my travel blog for months before and after the first info drop. The Satanic Hive Cabal (which they will soon be known as) is tiny; yet their collective hive power is off the charts large. Satanist use lies and distortion as a weapon. In terms of ownership, it is true, Hive is their blockchain. Here is @acidyo explaining it to @kennyskitchen on his post about censorship on the blockchain you should have a close look at their conversation here.

Or see this excerpt; a statement from @acidyo, "community leader", number twelve witness, and top money man in the Hive Satanic Cabal; about censoring conservative/non-msm views.

They clearly feel ownership of hive and the entire platform. And this is how they treat and talk to their flock of users. The level zero and level one base of the pyramid are nothing but cattle for them to harvest. They encourage them to power up and post, lock themselves in for 13 weeks....then at a time of their choosing, they dump the price and start the cycle over again. But if you make too much money like @kennyskitchen, @gringalicious, @pressfortruth, myself and others (all five year veterans) then you are a drain on "their" system, hence they call us leaches, parasites, milkers, farmers.

In other words if you succeed here as a blogger and are not brought into their "cabal" then you will be labeled a milker and targeted for termination. Hence there is no point of even trying to succeed here on Hive; knowing that the cabal will eventually target and destroy your blog after all your hard work and success.

note to @acidyo: Please post a video of yourself explaining your stance on censorship and why Kenny is a "worthless parasite". Explain to his supporters why they are not allowed to use their portion of the reward pool to support Kenny and his blog. You are a large stake holder and number twelve witness getting paid handsomely to be a "policy" maker, please respond in video recording so we can all see who is representing hive and it's community.

Who is Down-voting these Info Drops? Analyze that!

They up-vote together and they down-vote together. They are one organized group and we'll learn more about that next time. Together they have the power to take my first drop and make it look like there is some kind of consensus that most people disagree with the message.

They blanket the rewards out to zero, so on the surface it immediately looks like nobody voted for it. Then when you click to see the top voting, it looks like a majority down-voted and disagree with the message.

Satanist invert, twist, trick, and hide in plain sight. The reality is, if you remove the Cabal's votes, of the total 211 votes, almost nobody disagreed with the message and down-voted it. Practically zero! On a no down-vote platform this would be a trending post. All of these drops would be trending posts.

You can see that they clearly act in the interest of themselves which goes in complete contradiction to everyone else. This is an incredibly small group of very wealthy individuals who are well organized and have full control over the Hive Block Chain; and this is just the beginning, you won't believe where this leads.

A lot can be said in the numbers and these people are well aware of that; so lets go back to counting votes.

Who Voted for @Guiltyparties' Hive Watchers Proposal?

(a policing project started by @anyx in 2016)

Hereyou can view the Hivewatcher proposal brought to you by @guiltyparties. On the right hand side you can see all the people who voted for the hive watchers proposal; which is a convoluted sales pitch to say the least. It's sad to see how many good people he fooled. @blocktrades voted for this system of control and so did the usual suspects; including number two witness @gtg who told me this, about me getting my blog destroyed.

Complete bullshit, that there is no central authority on hive. He is near the top of it! @blocktrades and others all vote to keep everything in place, that includes the creepy S.S. Hive Watchers. They say the Devil's greatest trick is convincing the public he does not exist...

Surely, most of the small accounts who voted in favor of Hive Watchers were fooled and lied to. Did they know they were voting for a 97% guilty rate by a group of sadists who play judge, jury, and executioner? Did they know they were voting for censorship of political views and targeting Christian and spiritual bloggers for termination?

Look what they did to one of the hottest and most successful alternative media blogs on the hive block chain @pressfortruth. Did the community vote for this, when they voted for Hive Watchers or simply the existence of a down-vote button?

@pressfortruth has over 10,000 followers. Top members of the "cabal" have been censoring him and removing his well earned rewards even with his massive support. He's been getting beat up for almost a full year now. @gtg, @altleft, @cureangle @nonameslefttouse all "cabal" owned accounts lead the down-vote campaign against Dan Dicks (@pressfortruth)

Now for some headlines...

This is just a fraction of the on-goings they don't want you to know about.

Most who voted for the Hive Watcher proposal would never know that this group are keeping a "time out" discord jail full of ethnic minorities guarded by racist trolls hazing them. They did not know they voted for targeting veteran and successful bloggers in order for the "cabal" to take further control of the reward pool.

Did the general public know they were hiring satanists to police the network? Did they know they were voting for the wishes of the Hive Satanic Cabal?

Truth is it doesn't matter. They have all the money and therefor they have all the power. They lock themselves into top position. All decisions are made by them in the guise of a "decentralized" blockchain. This is all while their evil owl watches and herds the innocent towards the great sacrifice.

Now have a real close look at the owl logo they chose.
Why did they choose this logo?

Look Familiar?

We soon learn the meaning of the number 13 as promised. Stay tuned for the final info drop that will leave everyone completely stunned. Months of evidence gathering from professional investigation is about to be fully dropped for all to see.

@blocktrades @gtg @ausbitbank @good-karma @peakd @roelandp @acidyo @abit @yabapmatt @themarkymark @arcange @therealwolf @emrebeyler @followbtcnews @stoodkev @steempress @pharesim @nathanmars @dragosroua @bdcommunity @ura-soul @qurator @kevinwong @c0ff33a @oflyhigh @apshamilton @innerhive @steemitboard @actifit @bhuz @fbslo @neoxian @bobinson @thecryptodrive @klye @lukestokes @hextech @cryptobrewmaster @pfunk @leofinance @timcliff @drakos @cervantes @curie @mahdiyari @engrave @theycallmedan @aggroed @someguy123 @quochuy @deathwing @sandymeyer @enforcer48 @v4vapid @taskmaster4450 @daltono @informationwar @slobberchops @edicted @nainaztengra @darsico @abundance.tribe @pandamama @tribesteemup @saffisara @delishtreats @pouchon @brian.rrr @lugina @jphamer1 @foxkoit @josediccus @tarazkp @kohsamui99 @detlev @joshman @lichtblick @gooddream @dswiggle @misslasvegas @bitrocker2020 @mammasitta @waybeyondpadthai @phorton @doitvoluntarily @penguinpablo @joythewanderer @broncnutz @eturnurx @magicmonk @ervin-lemark @brianphobos

Prominent members of the community are being tagged to bring awareness of massive corruption and cover up at the highest levels on the Hive Blockchain.

Photo Credit: Pegan Decor @pintrest and Bohemian Grove image


Hello, Homo sapien.

Someone called 666, sounds like someone is in a Jam?

“....they say the Devil's greatest trick is convincing the public he does not exist...”

Not true, seems like they tricked you. I've never said that I didn't exist.

Look a bit deeper into my display picture, did you notice that I'm a monophthalmic?
So, what does that say to you?
Connect the dots, then tell your private Homo sapiens that they are not qualified.

Call it an evil-web, call it a cabal, a fucktopia, or whatever your mind can come up with,
But don't you dare to say that I'm a part of that, the devil is not owned by anyone, keep that in mind.

Someone called 666 and summoned the devil, and you don't want to fuck with him.
Hence, I hired a small team of private demons to haunt your dreams, I'll see you there, amica.

...Until Next Time...

ɴʏʏ ɢᴜɴɢ ꜰᴜᴠɢ ᴏʀᴘɴʜꜰʀ ᴠ ᴇʀꜱʜꜰʀQ ɢʙ ᴏʜʟ ʟʙʜᴇ ꜰʙʜʏ?
ᴛᴇʙᴊ ʜᴄ, ʟʙʜ xᴀʙᴊ ᴠɢ'ꜰ ᴊʙᴇɢᴜ ᴍʀᴇʙ ᴠᴀ ᴢʟ ᴏʙʙx, Qɴᴀᴀʟ ᴏʙʟ!

Thats how one ends a great project.

Just have a closer look how they treat humans and newbies in their "appeal" channel on their Discord. Its nö help it just bitter people trolling. You find a lot of unbelievable claims and communication that hurts Hive more than taking care of plagarism and Spam. There is a official complaint from dpeak official to stop harrassing people. No answer...
I just stopped posting for a while, give trolls no surface untill they find common sense and or either leave. Yet it will only hurt the social Plattform that Hive wants to be. Sad... Super sad.

Dude quit the mass tagging I am not part of any cabal I don’t even know these people! I follow both upvote and downvote trails because I don’t have the time to manually curate all day

And guess what I’ve also been down voted by these same people and I didn’t go into a tizzy!

Dude it’s only make believe Internet money you can seriously calm down



Image credit @meesterboom

I will say on the record that I do not give you permission to use my artwork to further your nonsense.

I was just mindlessly scrolling, and happened to click this thing and what do I see? Hahahahaha, some very familiar art from a couple distinctly unique friends of mine who are apparently satanists 🤣🤣

Who is this guy? Lol!

Lol. He is a crazy stoner! I think he has an erection for myself and nonames. Many others too!! :0D

"he is a crazy stoner"


Lucky for you there is no death penalty in Scotland.

There will be a knock at your door.....wait for it.

Seems like jealousy to me. How does he have such a high rep? That's what made me curious about a zero dollar post with comments.

I can definitely attest to the talent, humor and hard work that got you two to where you are. Yup, I'm going with green eyes monsters in his stones out melon XD

I think his high rep is down to Satan worshipping :0D


At this point he knows he won't earn a cent on hive anymore. It's obvious he didn't hire investigators. I think at this point instead of farming rewards he is farming attention.

Yeah, I am seeing that now. At least he is showing his true colours with his great reveals. Satan worshippers indeed, lol

Lol I cant believe you called @stayten a devil worshiper.. wtf man

IKR? How come the devil worship himself?

I will likely continue to work on powering down. Anyone here have a problem with gettr. I did not know there was a token inside of that system.

check out BLURT.Blog... with the keys you already own.

I need to. Thanks for the reminder.

I sold all my blurt. Got me a few thousand HP

There are multiple ways to play this. I like to take action in multiple avenues. I think I will keep my blurt for now.

And i will double IN for sure now.

Breaking this sort of mind control aint easy...
But it will Break... Soon.


What is wrong with satan?


Months of evidence gathering from professional investigation is about to be fully dropped for all to see.


Again, children always on their mind.

Looks like you are having a taste of your own medicine. You can't just call people children and expect silence in return.



This pressfortruth info is good .... you try dig more this .

I'm done digging. Much higher powers than myself have already taken over.

@pressfortruth is the least serious of offenses. Wait for the next drop. Just a friendly tip, start powering down now.

I'll at least get that Toronto THIEF in front of one of his judges and let him explain it to the people he should be paying taxes to.

And may this Downvote SCAM ruin many other co-conspiritors.


What an unbelievable hypocrite you are. Downvoting my posts, really? I hope it makes you feel awesome to take hurtful jabs at someone who has never done the same to anyone on this platform.

Hey, we both have something in common now. Sucks to unjustly have your content downvoted with no explanation doesn't it? Dont worry I ve only got like 600 hp. Your friends have like 60,000,000.

I wondered if that was your motivation. Weak man. So disappointingly weak. Maybe I could have felt sorry for you, if you didn't A, accuse people of atrocious things that don't deserve it, and B, behave like an utter hypocrite. .

FYI, I liked gringalicious very much, and would have liked to know what happened there. But I certainly can't trust your take.

Keep wondering about "what happened" to @gringalicious, and in the meantime buy as much hive as you can.

Note to viewer: Some people need to feel pain to wake up as you are seeing not only here, but in many parts of the world these days. Amazing how Hive is such a reflection of our political structures around the world. Notice how they down vote and attack blogs like pressfortruth, a producer of the same kind of content google, youtube, and twitter target for censorship.

I've had a good look at your post, and am mostly in agreement - everything I post gets "nuked" by those same accounts...

Where I differ is that I think a couple of the accounts you have named are just clueless cockwombles rather than satanic cia puppet accounts.

Downvoting is a state of mind and by downvoting @dreemit who is one of the coolest people on this platform, you have shot yourself in the foot. She was looking into the corruption with an open mind but is now pissed off, quite rightly, that you are downvoting her.

I fully agree they are mostly satanic maggots, but behaving like them is not the solution.

"Multiple owner accounts will be grouped together and Hivewatchers and ghosts accounts will be grouped together as they are in direct control of at least the biggest, like @adm and @spaminator. Now here is the list from most aggressive and powerful all the way down to a couple people that probably have no clue what they are involved with."

With all due respect, it's the last thing mention in the post before I list the down vote accounts.

Regarding @dreemit, after all I've been through and have scene which you will too soon; I have zero patience for people who are going to come to the defense of satanic pedophiles. If you think my down vote abuse demonstration with my 600hp was wrong, just imagine if I did that to all her post all the time with 60,000,000+ combined power! I guess she wouldn't even be here would she. That's what they tried to do to me, I'm now the bad guy for shining a light on their satanic club and how it all works?

I am not the problem here, they are; and those who look the other way.

With the coming evidence, maybe she will understand and I'll publicly apologize for being harsh. I've literally been through hell and back with these people, while participating in months worth of research for the benefit of others who none of us have ever met.

I get where you are coming from, but downvoting a potential ally is never good. Give then some space to look around. Dreemit is one of my friends outside of this platform and she is mainly defending one of her friends, who I think is pretty dubious myself, but she thinks is basically OK. And we are not talking azircon here, there is room for debate.
Being able to disagree is healthy.

I was feeling bad after your negative feedback on my day, then I saw this commercial, and yeah, there's darkness in the world. But there's also beauty and kindness and hope.

That is some good hyperbole there.
I find it totally unsurprising that khazarian imagery is being used, they control most of the world (but not russia), why wouldn't they try to control the hive, too?

There is little doubt that steemit was launched with km controlled assets in charge.
This guy's unfortunate passing lends credence to that belief.

However, you have failed to do more than group a bunch of accounts together that are influential in the anti-abuse community.

This is no revelation.

For better, or worse, absent their efforts to control low effort posts from draining the pool, and being dumped on the market, HIVE would have no value at all.

Many people on your victim's list spoke out against the hive.
They clearly stated that they would devote their energy to insuring its demise.
You can't blame the whales for countering their efforts.

I'm still waiting for your promised beef delivery.


Image credit @nonameslefttouse

I didn't give you permission to post my images or artwork. Please remove them from here and your recent post as well. Discontinue further usage without my consent.

I don't want any part of whatever games you're playing here either. None of it. Leave me out of all this. You're obviously experiencing symptoms stemming from some sort of mental illness and unfortunately I don't feel qualified nor even able to deal with your shit right now.

It's been a few weeks and you're still being weird, so...

That says all I need to know about you.

Please advise: This conversation ended before it started. There's no need to respond. Simply remove my artwork and images, then carry on with your... episode. Without me in it, of course.

Have a nice life. Good luck with your, condition. Hopefully you have all your problems sorted, soon.


What. Did. I. just read?? You're a satanist? 😂😂🤣 I don't know how I stumbled on this, but I saw some familiar art and had to check the comments to see if meboom is here too, hahaha!

I guess it's Halloween over there, or something. Seriously though. If I truly came from hell, explain all these snowbanks.

It's frigid outside, again, for about the third month in a row.

Did hell freeze over?

Maybe the one having a meltdown is in hell? Seems rather fitting. Plus he sees demons everywhere he looks. Either that's hell or he's off the medicine.

I don't know what the fuck you just read. Just another one of these baffling cases I guess where folks just have to sit back and wonder.

What captured my attention and made me read the post was seeing a 77 rep with a lot of comments, broken hearts and no $, so it was quite the shock to see familiar art from two of my favorite people here...being accused of satanism hahaha!! XD

You have been subjected to a lot of jealousy in the past 5/6 years here!

These things happen I guess.

WOW....Not only are you dumb you are also blind. Maybe the next info drop will be enough to wake you up, if not, you deserve what's coming.


Image credit @nonameslefttouse

Hey, Apparent Moron. Read what I said, respect my wishes rather than demonstrating my concerns, and leave me alone.

Especially stop using artwork and images produced by me though. That's hitting below the belt. You shouldn't have done that in the first place and known; but having to be asked twice to stop? Please stop. Please leave me alone.

Lol, data please, these appeals to emotion are a bad look for reputable reporters, imo.

Why did you choose the name @hivegestapo?

It's an inside joke.
Hive-dr was accused of being the hive gestapo and the account name wasn't taken, so I took it.
It seems fitting to the task.
Kinda scary, too.
So, for entertainment purposes.

Congratulations @world-travel-pro! You have completed the following achievement on the Hive blockchain and have been rewarded with new badge(s):

You distributed more than 125000 upvotes.
Your next target is to reach 130000 upvotes.

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If you no longer want to receive notifications, reply to this comment with the word STOP

To support your work, I also upvoted your post!

Check out the last post from @hivebuzz:

Feedback from the March 1st Hive Power Up Day
Our Hive Power Delegations to the February PUM Winners
Today is the beginning of a new Hive Power Up Month!
Support the HiveBuzz project. Vote for our proposal!

lmao. I do a search on how to take back an accidental down vote and find this crap. Personally, I find a post this long and detailed to be a sign of a personal trying to convince themselves of what they are portraying vs actually BEING what they are portraying. I would throw some gross funny socially awkward comment into this, but their are apparently mentally ill people who might take it as gospel and get offended.

I thought that things like gods and satans do not exist.
No? 🤔


image credit: @nonamesleftouse

Please stop using my artwork and being annoying like that. I've asked you several times to leave me out of this and stop using images produced by me. Several hours went into producing much of my work and here you sit being an abusive prick wondering why people downvote you.

If I downvoted you for being an art thief, would you then go around saying you're being attacked by demons?

This is fucking ridiculous.

Stop using my artwork and leave me the fuck alone.

You've been asked several times now to stop. Stop being a fucking moron and leave me the fuck alone.

Update: I refrained at first but looking more now I've noticed you used my images several times now after being asked to stop. So I've gone ahead and downvoted each post of yours using stolen images of mine. Please stop stealing my artwork and remove those images from those posts.


The use of you and your fellow club member Meester Satan's "art" is being used as evidence to show the masses what type of imagery the "Hive Satanic Cabal" identifies with, a group which you are clearly a well established member of.


image credit: @nonameslefttouse


You've clearly lost your mind.

I've asked you several times to stop using my artwork. Again, you ignore that, and instead continue acting like a bully.

I don't enjoy how you harass people here. It's unfortunate you choose to be the type of guy you are.

Do you really think people here are stupid enough to believe this nonsense you ramble on about? How can you not see how ridiculous your own behavior is? That part is truly baffling. Do you believe in the Tooth Fairy as well?

I think out of all the meltdowns I've witnessed here over the years, you're up there in the top five most insane. Would you be confident enough with your behavior here recently to show it all to a loved one or close family member and ask them what they think of you and how you're acting? I suggest you do show them or at least someone you trust and get their feedback. Let them ask you questions about where your head is at and listen to what they have to tell you. Those people are probably the only ones who can help you.

Whatever you're going on about is just your imagination running wild.

I don't appreciate you utilizing your interpretation of my artwork as a tool to help convey your twisted/demented message. These images have nothing to do with whatever it is you think they represent. What you think they represent and what you're accusing me of now, combined with the fact you're stealing my artwork and using it to help express your thoughts; this is all very disturbing behavior.


image and writing credit: @nonameslefttouse

An artist and it appears that day I was writing horror fiction. The post was most likely tagged fiction. So glad you all know that.

Could you please stop using my artwork and harassing me now?

Would you like to be the reason I leave the platform? Is that your goal here? Push me out? How long do you plan on bullying myself and other members here? If it's for a while, I'll just leave. Fuck this...