It's Not Every Day You Find A Couple Ounces Of Heroin in The Street

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I'm back.

Can you tell it's me?


I got my hair did yesterday but it's the same hairdo I always get. I don't look any different other than I'm a day older.

At time of writing, I'm the youngest I'll ever be and the oldest I've ever been. Speaking of, this is me killing time cuz I've never attempted to introduce a 30 second video clip featuring 24 stamp bags of heroin laying in a Manchester, England, public road for anyone's child or dog or favorite blogger to find.

Let's go through scenarios, shall we?

You're going to anyway, have to, it's human nature, I'm still trying to figure it out. Rest assured you'll exit this article as confused as I am but at least you'll know how they did not get there.

Drug deal gone bad—nope! That's not it. Had it been a drug deal gone bad, either the dealer or the stealer would've retrieved the dope. What else?

Drug dealer had a hole in their backpack—nope! If the heroin fell outta their backpack or pocket or something, at some point they would've realized it and retraced their steps. Running out of scenarios here.

Last minute ditch effort to avoid incarceration while in a desperate foot pursuit attempting to evade law enforcement when they draw down on the perpetrator, FREEZE!!

Nope. That's not it either. If that's how it went down, law enforcement would've collected the dope as evidence. Desperately low on scenarios.

Knowing how it did not get there doesn't make it any easier.

Someone's mom or girlfriend or boyfriend or someone no one knows was driving a dope dealers car. They need to sign for a package at Royal Mail but their car's in the shop so they borrowed a drug dealers car without the drug dealer knowing and found a couple ounces of heroin in the center console. They got nervous, pissed their self a little bit in the front seat, terrified of the consequences should they get caught with it so they threw everything out the window but can't tell the drug dealer because they never asked to borrow the car in the first place and the drug dealer will murder them if they find out.

I don't know about that. Doesn't seem likely.

Neither does The Prince of Wales just got a new pair of Penny Loafers and heard about This & That on the corner of Soap St. and Thomas. His peasant driver opened the Royal door of his Royal Rolls Royce and the Prince exits from the back all wide-eyed, stomach growling and salivating at the mouth, anxiously anticipating the vegetable biryani curry he phoned in 15 minutes ago.

Unbeknownst to Charles, however, his loafers were made in a Vietnamese heroin empire disguised as a sweat shop Penny Loafer manufacturer that stashes heroin in the soles of the shoes for distribution. He steps out, gets tripped up on the curb a little bit, a couple staples bust loose from the bottom of his 6-figure kicks and out drops a shit ton of heroin without anyone noticing. Retrieves his curry, returns to the Rolls where his Royal door's opened / closed, off they go. Never missed a beat.

Nom nom nom nom nom nom nom.

I don't know. That doesn't seem likely either. Your guess is as good as mine.



When we were younger we often used to fill little sealy bags with white powder and leave them lying about in places and watch to see if someone would pick them up and then we would piss ourselves laughing at the thought of them placebo'ing out of their head.

We would do it with envelopes as well and put some cut up banknote sizes pieces of paper in. A good wodge of them and some copper coins too. Then we would mark it in big letters outside Petty Cash and watch people trying to act dead casual whilst picking it up.

Just another potential theory!

super glue coins to the ground ;D

Lol. I wish I had done that cos that's a great one!

My buddy had jalapeño juice in a visine bottle. At parties, it was always a cinch to know which lady just peed.

Lol, now that is a corker!

We were such hoodlums Boom. Since I couldn't do something as simple as find an appropriate community to post such material and apparently a couple people here don't appreciate blogging about heroin, I guess it won't hurt to tell you how when we'd go to parties, first thing we'd do is raid the bathroom medicine cabinets for anything that said something to the affect Do Not Operate Heavy Machinery.

Too far? Never mind. Just kidding! Totally kidding. I mean magazines. We'd raid the magazines for anything that said something to the affect of gardening or food or meditating or market watch.

Best financial advice ever!

I've been stooped by a buncha feral ass boomers?!

All I'm pretty sure of is it wasn't salt and even then I'm only pretty sure. I never messed with heroin, pretty happy about that. Figured it was either heroin or fentanyl and I've always wanted to put heroin in a title. Didn't factor for a prank. Little bastages, nothing else to do when weed ain't legal I guess. <- Under normal circumstances I wouldn't have said that but it's totally appropriate here.

Finding the appropriate community to post this one in is a mufuker though Boom.

Hey, what's that behind your ear?

We used glucose powder! We thought it was safer just incase someone grabbed em and ran and snorted them and died :OD

Laugh the fuck out loud!

How UK of you!! Seriously, I laugh any louder ima wake up my wife and that's the worst thing anyone can do. Cut the hot water mid-shower, forget the tent on a camping trip, no problem. Don't wake her up—trust me!

But to be cautionary and sensible and thoughtful for a prank is hilarious!

When we were younger we often used to fill little sealy bags with white powder and leave them lying about in places

My, the fun you had as a child. Lmao.

Ha! This was in my twenties in an office job in town where we had a great view of a courtyard outside! :OD

You can't really confirm it's an illegal substance unless you try it. For all you know it could be earwax.

I need to go autovote your shit. I keep missing my chance to give you 5 cents.

Wasn't until I posted this Boom said he and his buddies used to fill little baggies just like that and then watch the show from a distance as passerby's found it. I never considered it was a prank like coffee creamer or something else.

I just assumed I guess like a big dumb dick it was either fentanyl or heroin and, well, I always wanted to say heroin in a title—Check!!

That counts as littering. Shame on Boom.

You have really long thumbs...

L to the O to the L. I could palm a basketball by 8th grade. You know what they say about huge hands.

Means I got little feet, that's all.

I'm guessing it's kids messing with people. How are you sure it's heroine? Have you ever tried it before? Whatchu gonna do with the bag now?

I'm not. Just assumed it was either heroin or fentanyl and heroin sounds so much dirtier for a title so I went with it.

No. That's probably the only one I never tried. Good thing, the few people I know who have can't put it down.

Put it between the sole of my shoe and the sidewalk and pretended I was a ballerina all strung out on heroin. = }

Picking those baggies up with bare hands or handling at all is ill advised. Most of this crap is laced with Fentanyl, and can kill you if you inhale or touches your skin.

You sound like my wife. = } She's telling me how crazy I am as I picked them up and I'm "just take a picture, please. This could mean life or death!"

It's ok though! You'll be happy to know I'm seasoned at this kinda stuff. I regularly disobey speed limits, trespassing signs, undertow currents and closing times.

Thank you. For your concern, of course, not support cuz it seems my content wasn't worthy of your support.

also, I only had like 2% resource credits and no hive power yesterday so there's that too. But now I've got some power

Far out, what will you do with it?

Looks like it was running down the gutters while it was raining or something.
So weird.
What did you do with it? Turn it in or smoke it yourself? 🤣

Rain? In England? Naahhh.

Whaddup Leaky. Tough one to explain. I can't tell you exactly what it is, assuming it's either hair-on or fentanyl but whatever it is, it's a lot.

Pura was trippin, "don't touch.. oh my.. I can't.. No.. You really did that."

'Hurry, take a picture.'

I did the Usher all the way down the sidewalk on it.

Haha now your fingerprints are all over that shit. Police (or maybe Interpol) will be knocking on your door (hotel door?) any minute now.

Any minute?! Windows open—stat! Fans are full max, gotta ventilate this joint immediately cuz if they come right now I'm a sitting duck!

Speaking of hair...


That's the most interesting thing I've found in the street lately. I think you've got me beat. ;)

Nice to see a clean, presentable American street and your shadow has really long legs.

Hello, Plants. So, uh, we've been shopping in NC. = }

Lady Gaga is performing at the baseball field right up the street here on Friday night, so I can only imagine what may be found after that crowd rolls through. Metallic pasties, maybe?

Ooh, shop away. How's Pura?

She's been in pretty bad shape lately. She's in quite a bit of pain at the moment actually. Can't share the couch cuz she needs to extend her legs type pain. Really difficult sometimes.

You know Gaga is my mistress right? It's totally acceptable and not a secret between us. We saw her once. Remember when she and Tony Bennet were performing together in Vegas? Would've been about 6 years ago now I think. Yup.. we did that.

Oh man, I bet that was a great show! I wouldn't mind seeing her, but not really a fan of the huge stadium shows. I think they pack in over 40,000 people.

Sorry to hear about your number one gal. Sending lots of good vibes her way. Hope she can get some relief soon! 💚💚

How do you know it was heroin? I travel through airports with those baggies all the time filled with salt for my netti pot. I half do it for the pat downs and half to make a quick buck if I need to make a quick $20 when walking in the parks...

!gif baggie

Well, I don't. It wasn't salt. I actually can't tell you what heroin looks like other than what it looks like on TV. Thank God I never tried that one. Everyone I know who's been there never gets away. The wet ones were kinda yellowy if that means anything.

I don't think it was crank either, too chunky. Guess it could've been fentanyl but heroin sounds so much dirtier.

Thanks man.

Never look a gift bag in the mouth.

Nor lick a salt rock outta the box.

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My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Maybe it's a marketing operation? Maybe the dealer is running out of customers... because they're all dead or in jail... and needs to create new addicts? 🤭

Ah yes, marketing! Good call.

Like when we were kids and the candy industry had those pieces of gum in the shape of a cigarette, rolled up in white paper with a pretend filter on it just like a cigarette. And when you exhaled through the gum all the white powder disbursed like smoke.

Genius marketing.

for anyone's child or dog or favorite blogger to find
You're UKranian now. It's favourite.

Anyhoo, I think it was the Fried Piper trying to lead all the junkies to the ocean but you messed up his trail. Can you do a bong hit with heroin? Just something I started wondering. Like right now.

If I respond either yes or no I'd have to do something like admit both times I tried smoking it, it tasted like the worst shit ever and I was unable to inhale and barfed all over the place.

Kidding.... kidding.... Nothing to see here, totally not serious.

This is de-icing salt... just in case the winter comes earlier, the municipality workers now pack it in small bags so that it dissolves more slowly and spread it on the streets already in the summer.

Brilliant! <- British for 'nice!' I didn't think of that. It's not necessarily pre-planning either, probably just part of their job description cuz regardless of month; August or February, it's likely to snow here any minute.

the green zipper indicates "organic" origin... which i'm quite surprised to see in england. but hey, whom i kidding. it's the same government that has signed for zero CO² emissions by 2050.

btw, happy "snowman" time...

20 what, 50? Is that gram talk? I wouldn't know what day it is if not for this device, I hope you're not talking years.

Damn Androids, what are they good for when you have to tell them every single bit... rhetorical anyways :smirk:

He would have had to have taken quite the hike to leave a trail like that.

I like your guess. It's way more interesting than any of the other, more mundane, possibilities.

Hey you! This is a nice surprise. How's the new location settling in?

First thing that comes to mind is a bad deal or someone got busted but those are easily eliminated so I can't explain it. Just film it I guess.

Thank you.

The video would make a good prompt for a creative writing contest. Something like

An old man, covered in layer after layer of ragged clothing and clutching an unwieldly collection of tattered plastic shopping bags, was walking unsteadily down the block. A passing car slowed just enough to hand the man another bag, As she leaned from the passenger window, she said "Here old man, you'll be glad you have this, it's worth a fortune." He tripped stepping into the street, struggled to add her offering to his already well blossomed collection, thanked her for her kindness, and continued his trek down the street, this time in the gutter.

As he hobbled along, and unbeknownst to him, the latest addition to his bags was dribbling its valuable load, piece by piece through a tiny hole in its bottom, into the gutter. A laughing fellow happened upon these droppings, made a 30 second video of the droppings, then picked them up with his bare hands and made a blog post about it. He is hoping today he won't test positive on his drug test tomorrow for his new position at the DEA.

I'm not at my best, thank you for asking, but I do like it here.

You're welcome. That was a fun read.

Don't pi.. Ew don't tou... don't, what if.. Oh my God I can't believe you just did that, really?? Another one... are you? I can't believe you're picking them up, you better wash your hands. What if it gets on you?

Says Pura whom the fellow never ceases to amaze and, just as quickly as he picked them up, he urgently pleaded "quick! Get a picture, hurry. No, not that one, there's a shadow in it."

= }

Your turn.

He had always admired the character of Flask in Moby Dick, third something or other on board, and a jolly old fellow at that, He decided Pura was probably right, and began picking the tiny bags up with the tip of his lance, which he never left home without.

I don't know how much more of this I can do my friend. I have actual duties to attend to!

No problem. Thank you, that was fun. It's probably inappropriate but I can't help it when I see Moby Dick. My cousin had a chihuahua at one time, his name was Moby, you'll never guess why dot dot dot dot.

I miss you!

I've been moping. My son died. It has been very hard. But my garden is cranking out food, and I got some planting done for fall crops, so not all is lost.
Thanks for thinking of me!

Oh honey. Heart breaks .. can't imagine the grief you are feeling. What happened, if you don't mind me asking. What complicated feelings you must be going through, or perhaps just the painful rawness of his absence. Oh dear I'm lost for adequate words.

Hey, is that really you? 😵‍💫

Seems like written and directed by Christopher Nolan just like understanding "interstellar or inception" in one go isn't possible same thing happened here LOL.

Haha You literally sounds like a FBI officer to me, All these scenarios and reaching to conclusions bruh ain't seems like a normal Hooman.

terrified of the consequences should they get caught with it so they threw everything out the window

Maybe I will go with this one but oh borrowed car without asking LOL ~ Dead 😵 for sure.

Tho wondering if the guy picked all of heroin up and started selling on streets 😬.

Nah, no sales. It's a good thing I've never tried that one or I'd probably be completely incapacitated right now. I probably shouldn't say that in public.

What's up man? Thanks for keeping up with me. I appreciate the reblog. Didn't know what else to do with it so I filmed it, posted it, and did a buncha these on it.

..ain't seems like a normal Hooman.

Hey I resemble that remark!

Much thanks idksamad. :knuckles emoji:

Glad you never tried it, shouldn't even try ever - I was just kidding.

All Good man, happy that you're posting something regular.

At least you filmed it that's something tells about a responsible citizen.

hehe, Nah bro you don't need to say thanks. I loved being here!! 🥰

Not that I didn't want to! I probably shouldn't say that in public but wtf.. I already said heroin in the title.

I know several people who got on that one man and none of them come back. That heroin haunts them the rest of their life.

One thing I didn't assume was it's a prank! Dammit. I got a Scot in the comment section here who says he and his buddies used to pull similar pranks.

..happy that you're posting something regular.

Thank you. I just need a little inspiration. Sometimes it's easier to find than other times. Unfortunately I haven't had anything nice to say lately and grandma always said don't say anything at all if it's not nice. So... I filmed some dope bags. I'm so P/C.

= }

You had me @ Heroin...
But now I am going to have to sweep my phone for D.E.A. / F.B.I. bugs. And install a V.P.N. Encrypt my WiFi. Install a Spoofing Program. Do a deep scan for spyware. Carry my device out into the woods off grid in a Feraday pouch just to read this fuggin post... SMFH.

Paranoia Bro...

I suffer from it...


You've been using that thing without a VPN?! I was unaware that's even possible.

Whaddup, been long haulin? I didn't see you around for a couple days, figured you were out paying taxes. Just think, if not for you and other hard working Americans like you, a couple dudes wouldn't be partying it up on the golf course right now.

I probably shouldn't have said that. Someone's peeping in the peep hole, I hear breathing.

I think I got it. The person with the bags of heroin is an addict, new to being high and addicted. That person realizes that he may not be able to remember the route that will lead him back to the dealers house, so he decides to leave a trail of heroin bags along the route, marking the way for his return visit.

You should have left the stuff where it was and just watched because by the time he got home he had none left and had to go back and pick it all up.
Then he heads back to his place doing the same thing, leaving a bag on the street every so often. This goes on and on, back and forth he goes for days.

They say addiction is a vicious circle.

Well if it isn't my favorite farmer. What's up man?

Thanks for a fresh scenario. Can't believe I didn't think of that. They likely didn't have enough room in their pockets cuz they were fulla dope and, without pockets, there's no room for a phone which clearly means no navigation. The ol' dope crumb trail. Nice!

Left them like put them back where I found them? Risky maneuver if Interpol rolls up with sirens blaring.

Explaining that one would've been tougher than picking a community to post this in. Wasn't until I did this I realized our block doesn't have a community designated to lost n found street drugs, Sweed.


Yay! 🤗
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Can't make this shit up... This is what I got when I clicked that stamp bags link...


Good thing big brother thinks I am a catlady in a mansuit in North Africa pinging thru China to Alaska...

What the.. it's probably not just you then. That sucks. I had to look that one up myself, I didn't know they were called that. But to censor a definition?! Probably means no one can view the link. What's next..... don't answer that!

You answered it anyway didn't you? Now I can't get in there either. That really sucks. The fuck kinda author attaches a dead link? Hashtag disappointing. I swear it worked when I put this together. Lame.

Everything I never needed to know. Wrapped up with a bow and a dead link.

Thanks Man.!!

I stopped at Acid and Cocaine in my late 20's. I dabbled with mushrooms and spent my first 3-4 years of trucking high on cross tops and store bought ephedrine I grew my own pot way back in the 80's when it was a felony.

Lost a few childhood friends later in life to the horse and the other big pharma cartel narcotics abuse. A few others are now rambling, laughing, walking dead zombies.
Glad I cleaned up when I did. I never mixed the hard liquors with the allergy meds like the really crazy funks do... Lmao.!!