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Been a while since I've made this kind of post but figured now may be a good time again with new users all around and old existing ones still active.

I was being nostalgic and looking through some old posts of mine, so figured I could paste some good questions from the first post, if anything for nostalgic effects. Maybe I could re-reply to some of these questions if similar ones aren't asked in this post to see how things have changed since.





Guess I wasn't wrong about that very wide ballpark guess:


Guess this is still true to this day, let's see if it becomes a bigger issue than it currently is:


Did this for a very short and limited time:


Funny cause I just mentioned yesterday in one of @actifit's posts that I should start becoming more physically active, guess not much has changed yet:


Still stands true to this day:


Guess this also stands true, seeing what Twitter is up to these days:


Damn there were some really good questions in the previous one, good luck topping that :P


Alright this is probably too many already, if you wanna dive into the comments from back then (there are a lot), then here's the link again

For now let's get part 2 under way, feel free to ask my almost anything. :P



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Ok since my post today it’s about watching series week by week or all at once here is my question.
Do you prefer to binge watch an entire season or taking it week by week ??

Definitely binge, especially if it's cliffhanger episodes, but some times the show's are too good to ignore or be patient with so I watch some on a weekly basis. I guess that's also one of the few good things about Netflix that they release whole seasons at once (usually).

The side effects with binge watching is that some times you can completely forget a show until you stumble upon it again at random, happened to me the other day when I recommended Poker Face to a friend and said it's like a combination of "Lie to me" and "True Detectives" and he was like "oh cool, been wanting one of those ever since Sneaky Pete" and I was like "Sneaky Pete?" completely having forgotten I binge watched it a couple years ago, lol.

Oh two shows I don’t know. I will get more info about them and maybe watch them.

Your vote in the poll is noted I will probably do an update tomorrow in my post to also include the results. I hope I get a lot of engagement to have a more representative poll 😂

Hey, I had this question in my head for long time and I think this is the right time to ask.

How does Hive make money ? Income from advertisement is absent for Hive. So, How does Hive maintain itself and give rewards to its users ?

I believe this tweet has some good answers to that in the replies:

and probably this by @forexbrokr:

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More Hive Power means more Voting Power. Thus one can make money from curating others content and also earn money by creating content inside Hive. The reward pool system inside Hive is splitted into 2 ( 50% author and 50% curator). To make the Hive price stable the reward is again splitted into 2 (50% HP(staked) and 50% HBD(liquid)), were the staked HP can be powered down and withdrawn within a period of time as Hive. Thus more and more Hive is produced every day but its effect towards the Hive market price is reduced. The supply of Hive is thus Unlimited. Won't Hive prices go down as more and more Hive get produced each day.

Hive's native stable coin is HBD. How do HBD keep the peg ? How stable is HBD and what happens if HBD get unstable ? Will Hive price go down like what happened to LUNA ?

Hive inflation is reduced every 250k blocks or so, depending on what HBD does to it over the years and at which supply we'll end up with once we hit 0.5% yearly inflation it's going to remain at 0.5%.

Say for instance in 13-14 years when we're at 0.5%, currently I believe we're at 12% or so (Curation + vests inflation), we land on 1 billion Hive tokens in existence, then there'll only be 5 million new Hive yearly. If we then have 10 million active daily users rather than current 10-20k, it'll mean that those ~14k daily Hive will be quite hard to attain "from scratch", especially since 50% of those will go to curators, i.e. those already holding Hive Power. Split even more to reward the DHF and witnesses as it is currently.

Either way, inflation is being reduced and I suppose if that 0.5% means 0.5% yearly at current supply, that means that each year after the first 20 years of the chain it'll start going up slowly again, cause 0.5% of 1B tokens is 5M, but 0.5% of 1.05B tokens is 5.25M in (year 22 of Hive), etc. (But it could also be that 0.5% means 0.5% after 20 years, thus only constant 5M tokens per year, not growing.

There's some activity to help maintain the peg currently but it's going to help a lot more to give HBD usecases, people being interested in holding and using it and making sure the peg stays at $1, more exchanges listing HBD and causing traders to arbitrage it between exchanges and the inner market, etc. It is also capped where if the price of Hive goes low enough then HBD stops printing - and witnesses can also adjust the APR the HBD in savings gives if they deem it necessary, so the same thing that happened to Luna can't happen here, it won't affect the supply of Hive.

In simple my question is "How can a company survive if the working cost is higher than the profit it makes ?"

Currently it's all speculation, no profit is being made by hive itself (aside some that @hbdstabilizer does now and then cause some people for some reason try to pump HBD on exchanges). That can all change though with sinks, adrevenue, etc.

Thanks for this opportunity.
I am about to start creating specific posts in another platform for bringing more users here.
Other than delegating to them and guiding them through the process & dApps - what else should they do as newcomers? Use the #introduceyourself tag in their first post? Visit the OCD discord? Do something else?

We have a bot set up in OCD that alerts us of user's first posts, we then have curators check on each and follow those that seem genuine/real (since unfortunately there's still many attempts of fake intro posts/stolen content from elsewhere/fake ID/etc). The thing that helps us out the most to distinguish that is if the onboarder leaves a welcoming comment under their intro post + if the intro post mentions who onboarded them/how they found out about Hive.

We then follow them with the @lovesniper account and curate the @lovesniper/feed now and then to help with retention, giving them feedback and suggest communities they may be interested in in the hopes they'll stick around long enough to learn about Hive and why it's amazing.

We're also working on a system where whenever @lovesniper follows someone @ocd will automatically delegate some RC to them to make sure they don't get locked out.

This information is very useful, thank you!

We're also working on a system where whenever @lovesniper follows someone @ocd will automatically delegate some RC to them to make sure they don't get locked out.

That's awesome 🙌 I love the idea of the more genuine New Bees having enough rc to comment, post, follow, etc

Hello Acidyo, I have two questions,

First, what is your place you will always come back to? we always have a place, a moment, which is our refuge from everything and everyone, where we find peace and happiness on days when everything seems to go wrong.

Second, what would give you the most happiness in the hive, that when you see it happen, it will be that feeling and thought that "it worked", that was really worth every day and year being with us.

Thank you my friend

Hmm first question is probably going to be something my followers aren't going to like hearing, but unfortunately it's not Hive. Whenever I wanna take a break from it all it's usually TV/movies or certain subreddits that are fun to browse through. Guess we're still not at that phase with Hive where I could discover the same things on here, but I believe we're getting there.

Honestly it'll probably be when we see advertisers/current people in control of most wealth in the digital age attempt to advertise or buy stake/influence on our ecosystem due to it having a lot of users by then and hopefully a lot of that value they put in goes back to all the users, then being able to see what that means for all people on the chain. A lot of the things we already see today but on a much bigger scale, think MrBeast scale and what he does with his money. Help the regular folks from the old debt economy, do some nice things for humanity and in general reward people for being people and not having to suffer because the world they were born into or grew up in decided they want all of it for themselves and fuck the rest. With the rise in AI, I hope it'll mean people can chill a bit more, focus on spending time with their families, enjoy their lives and not have to worry about the things they worry about today, which most of the time is money and that there's no middlemen or founders/shareholders getting all the value but the customers instead.

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Sorry, I can't think of a serious question. It's late here. Hmmm. What do you think about ChatGPT and it's impact on Hive? I'm sure it hasn't escaped you that more and more posts here are being written with it.

Do you have any proof? ;p

Well, users by now should realize that reputation (no not the number next to our name) is the real long term race to continuous rewards and that one mistake can some times ruin it and maybe even put a stop to your source of income, at least post rewards. While it's going to be even harder to wade through the newbie posts I think people also realize that posts are more often about you, the person, the individual and what you think about it, rather than just always about the content.

I'd rather for instance read a post reviewing a new episode of a tv show of some of my favorite authors on Hive than someone who professionally writes reviews for a website share it on Hive, more people need to realize that and that upvotes isn't always about the posts, more about "investing" in the authors/users which requires trust.

Hopefully they make some more progress on detecting AI content but let's see how it goes. With the current trend most hive content may just end up being @threespeak shorts in the near future anyway.

That's a good rational take on it.

I tend to think it will eventually be nearly impossible to detect, especially when we start to reach the point where we can personalize these AI bots by training them on our own writings so that they can mimic our writing voice. That in mind, we are just going to have to live with it.

more people need to realize that and that upvotes isn't always about the posts, more about "investing" in the authors/users which requires trust.

Yeah I think those of us who have been here for many years understand that, but some newbies are slow to see past the dollar signs on posts.

How did you find Hive? And was it love at first sight, or did it take time for you to settle in?

Also, how is your kitten doing?

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I think it was through a reddit post that someone shared, it was kind of love at first sight but also a bit of a funny story there. I was at a friends when I stumbled upon it and created an account, back then they used "normal passwords" so I quickly created an account and used a somewhat random password I could think of but not too different from the usuals. A few days later I'm at home and I can't remember what the password was to save my life, 2 weeks go by, I'm back at my friends place and on her keyboard I suddenly managed to remember my password lol. Ever since that day I've been active pretty much daily.

Mew is doing fine, I should post some pics soon, thanks for asking/reminder. :D

Sometimes it just takes a sight, smell, or something else equally small to trigger a memory :) ... Being issued keys would have prevented the hassle though, since you would have had to save them 😂

I'm glad Mew is doing well :)


I have a cliche question for you - what's your web3 story Acid?

Maybe it deserves a separate post. Would love to read that and know more about you.

Like how I got into Hive or blockchain in general?

How did you get into crypto?
How did you end up on Steem and then Hive?
How did you end up creating the biggest curation project on the chain?
How do you manage that now?

I would love to know it all.

Million dollar question (or $Hive) lol

What is the best advice you can give a creator on Hive to stand out and become a successful user?

It depends what your definition of successful is I guess.

The best way to get more popular and at the same time make sure to get curated is to be consistent in both content and engagement, especially early on you shouldn't shy away from that in both quality and quantity. Over time you may start to notice autovotes and trails appear no matter what you produce, by that point it's important to not take them for granted and keep up with the quality and quantity. Downvotes are very rare but to make an effort to not be on the receiving end of those I think it's important to some times forfeit post rewards if you're someone with a lot of autovotes but it's just not the day to produce quality content with good effort behind it yet you still want to remain consistent with posting, it goes a long way to not just blindly accept all rewards or send some to the DHF or @null if you feel you've been overrewarded for certain things and want to keep it fair, that's what most curators attempt to do as well.

Either way, that's a bit of a small % that are affected by that, in general post and engage with people who share the same interests as you and look for users you'd imagine yourself paying to consume their content (even if that's not a thing here) it'll drive you to the right connections, then also look towards the comment section, engage there with your votes even if you're not involved directly, look for users to follow there as well on your favorite authors.

There's probably a lot more things than I could come up with here and now.

Thank you very much for your reply, I understood some things better. I believe that no matter how much quality and quantity a user can put in, in the end being consistent is the key to 'success'. Commenting a lot and leaving upvotes to quality posts is definitely something that needs to be taken care of a lot. Being active and coming up with good content is the best thing you can do. In my own small way, I try to be productive and encourage other users to be consistent here on Hive.

I also believe that the right use of communities can provide great visibility for users, maybe even exploring new possibilities and trends can be effective.

Thank you very much for the tips, I will put them into practice immediately :)

If your stake isn't big I think using your votes on comments can be way more effective, along with replies, especially on bigger stakeholders to garner their attention. If they like your activity and feel the same way they'll most likely reciprocate and maybe follow and support you as well. We all share the same currency in this ecosystem and want to grow the place we've falling in love with, very few take the shortcut of maximizing their stake at the cost of others using it to grow the place, those will eventually be weeded out or not get the rewards, reputation or "hidden" reputation of what other stakeholders think of them that'll make them lose out long term even if they think they can get away with it in the short term.

If your stake isn't big I think using your votes on comments can be way more effective, along with replies, especially on bigger stakeholders to garner their attention.

This is great advice, I had actually never thought of it yet. My Hive Power is almost 1600 HP achieved in one year, to which of course must be added the liquid rewards I used for other projects such as Splinterlands or others.

I also think the key to Hive's growth is to use traditional social media to make it known to as many users as possible. But I also believe that the only potentially good social media is Twitter, and that's one of the reasons why I really respect you and your project. In any case Twitter guarantees a very large coverage using the right hashtags, I am in fact trying to take good care of my twitter profile and try to attract Italian users (since I am also Italian)

A big dream of mine would be to start using 3Speak well on the model of YouTube shorts, in my opinion it's a format that could work. Although being Italian I am penalised by the language, my spoken English is not as fluent as the written one (also because I help myself with a translator sometimes), this is the only thing holding me back.

Thank you for the very interesting and very stimulating chat!


Consistency and quality is the key to success

Happy day blessings

Thank you boss. I’m grateful. Thanks for the education. I will do my best and stay engaging.

Greetings from Ghana🇬🇭

How about new users not following a ton of random accounts? It'll only clog their feed, so they never really get to know anyone.

Do you prefer dogs or cats? What is your favorite single player game?

Cats definitely although I like dogs too/have nothing against them.

I'd say GTA5, I mostly played it before the multiplayer/online version existed and really liked the story and gameplay, not a big fan of single player games in general and have missed out on most. I do plan on going back for them eventually when I'm on a decent desktop PC and maybe record my experience for some Hive content. :)

How are you doing man?
Why acidyo?
Did you know that Ditto is a failed cloning attempt of Mew? :D

The nickname Acid was born when a friend couldn't remember my real name but randomly blurted it out, he was a @wrestorgonline fan of Trend Acid the wrestler. Over the years with Acid being taken in most multiplayer games I started adding some things to it, yo was the one I used the most.

Haha, well that's a funny backstory. Happened to me also, when I was gaming all day every day in high school so pretty much my whole friendship revolved around TeamSpeak servers. Even though I played with same people for years, a moment like this would happen from time to time, where someone would be like, "[insert ingame nick], what was your name again?" haha

Are you a wrestling fan too???

Unfortunately not, but you'd think otherwise if you saw my @wrestorgonline collection. xD

You should give it another chance, maybe try the Indy shows like RPW?


Also no, didn't know that about Mew, saw a funny diglett comic the other day:


I'm doing alright, quite busy these days, how about you?

LMAO that went dark hahaha

Yeah, the theory comes from some pokedex entries and other similarities. Like they weigh the same, the color and size are roughly the same. And they are the only ones that can transform into other pokemon. There is a whole bunch to this theory and it goes a looong way back. It's actually surprising how many hidden gems and easter eggs are in that universe, there is a whole range of them, from inside jokes to deep philosophical and existential questions.

Anyway, I got to return the favor:

lmao, had me at "aren't you at least curious, ash?"

Wait, diglett can transform? Wasn't that ditto?

Nah man xD, diglett and the trio have their own weird theories which I'm definitely not getting into hahaha

omfg I just realize I read diglett instead of ditto that you said all along, my bad lol, was like wtf XD

If you had two choices; investing in second layer tokens and investing in hive power which one would it be.

And what will you do if you were downvoted by a whale countless times for absolutely nothing.

Definitely HP, same as investing in ETH back in the day when tokens and ico's were the crazy, it was the safest bet. Can't help but invest in some l2's though, some of them more than I probably should. :P

What do you believe is necessary for a project/community to receive support/incubation from other big projects/big investors in Hive?

Yes, we certainly have a direct interest in the answer :)

Prove to them how your project can bring value to the ecosystem and their investments, having active users already using your project/service will help move the needle.

Many thanks for the reply.
We enter the second month of the Nexo Digital project and our goals for February involve developing our community and building our team, as we mentioned in today's post.
Thank you very much for your attention, I will leave the link here with the information of the first month of the project in case you or someone is interested in taking a look.
Our main goal is to spread art and culture around HIVE!

Yo!!! Where do you see Hive and all of WEB3 in 5 years or so?

That's quite a big question, hopefully somewhat of a household name and the early community cutting through the bullshit of web2/advertisers trying to buy their way to sell us their shit no one currently wants on the popular web2 socials and instead curate to continuously enrich the users here and keep them safe.

WEB2 becoming obsolete, eh. I'd love to see that. 😂

What dApp do you think is missing from hive (if any?)?

Not sure honestly, I think it's just users and devs, all the apps can easily come after.

What would it take for Hive to go trending in crypto space? Like Steem did in the end of 2017 when it broke into top 10 largest marketcaps.

Honestly, that's a really bad example. Steem at the time was so concentrated in a few early miners, with Steemit naturally owning the most of the stake. On top of it power downs lasted 2 years only giving people a small % of liquid Steem per week, so it really didn't take a lot of volume to get the avalanche going of an early market at the time to get to top spots.

It's a bit similar like some people only compare the all time highs and emphasize on "look how much it has dropped!!!", it's just bad examples and bars to set to compare to.

I think a good goal for Hive would be to start with top100, then possibly 50 and grow from there, hopefully more naturally and less volatile.

I believe one of the biggest barriers at the moment is account creation, we need a universal "web2" way for people who get here to instantly be able to use Hive and possibly earn it while thinking about claiming rewards and a Hive account at a later time. Probably a framework where custodians take care of your usage of Hive (temporary accounts, RC, etc) and also pending rewards to send your way once you decide to claim/buy a real Hive account. Then having all front-ends and dapps make use of it would go a long way towards retention and bouncebacks.

Name 1 reason that makes someone wants to join Hive and be active and 1 that can be a reason to not join.

Do you mean the same reason to join and not join? Probably immutability, not everyone wants everything social they do to be stored forever.

If you meant different reasons for each then I guess being properly valued for your activity rather than just being a name with interests assigned to you that the platform sells to advertisers attempting to take money from you.

I guess not to join is if you can't stick around for a little longer to realize how everything here works or if you're trying to get rich quick and think taking shortcuts is the way to go about it, then probably Hive isn't about that (in most cases I hope).

"Off topic reply"
Are you aware that Twitter will no longer support free access to the API?
What's about posh?

We'll pay for it, hopefully this will let our service scale as well rather than the way they were offering it before.

Great! If need to cover the costs I'm not rich but I might be able to contribute

Let's see what they are, maybe another reason to finally create a proposal.

I mean different reasons.
I think not get rich quickly it doesn't make much sense because the alternative is traditional social networks that do not reward, at least for the most part.
Agree, the time to realize how everything works is maybe the biggest reason to not join, this also (mainly) concerns to Dapps. In most successful social networks you almost instinctively knows how to use them.

As a beginner blogger who has only been active for 3-4 months, I have limited skills and knowledge. Is it okay to post blogs whenever I have a good one, or are there restrictions such as posting more than 3-4 blogs in a day considered spam in the Hive community? There may be times when I need to post several times a day, due to contests or giveaway announcements, but other times I may not post anything for 1-2 days.

I don't think it's considered spam, especially if the posts are all unique/different communities, etc, but keep in mind that voting power is limited so if you have manual supporters or auto ones they're not going to be able to cover all of them if any. There may also be curators and projects who look for lengthier and more effort posts so this may push them away at first glance but nothing wrong with being consistent and posting more times per day, although something to keep in mind would be to make sure you're not voting all of them yourself as voting power is best used on others to hopefully get something in return on appropriate content they wanted to reward - i.e. not just blind/blatant vote-trading.

Thank you very much for the answer. I once delegated Hive Power to thranax and in return got a vote, because I didn't know before that it was vote trading, and it was forbidden to do so at hive and got warned by hivewatcher got downvoted and need to do appeal.

With your answer, now I can be more relaxed about participating in contests in various communities and creating blogs. 😀

What's been your biggest barrier on Hive and how did you over come it?

Probably devs, we need more devs, more willing to work on more things and see them through and possibly also invested in the network and looking for the long term benefits rather than short term gains then ditch, it's been one of the things that has been hardest for me to push my ideas forward and the thing that has taken the longest time.

I wish I could like this more than once, Great answer and I whole heartedly agree. In time, it will come I believe and we are starting to see a lot more join the platform which is exciting.

With Twitter announcing that they will be charging to access their API, I know it's early but how do you think this could effect POSH? Or does it?

We've been discussing it, hopefully it won't be too expensive and manageable. Before it seems they gave it to anyone, had weird limitations which only allowed people to bypass them for "academic research" which was what kept posh from being scaled more in terms of rewarding other things than just link sharing. If the costs are fair and if this means we can scale our operations I think this will be a win for POSH and Hive.

  1. How often are reddit posh transferred?

  2. If you could change things about hive what would they be?

  3. What things are missing in hive from your perspective?

  4. What do you expect from users?

  5. What do you expect from those who are even more committed to the platform?

  1. I think same as Twitter, once per day but 7 days after the daily post (to give us time to make sure no malfeasance has taken place)
  2. Add more account creation options (one being temporary which I've posted about in the past)
  3. Users, devs, bigger/more famous companies/people wanting to start projects here.
  4. Be good, don't be too greedy with the reward pool, learn hive then tell others why it's worth it.
  5. Don't just think of yourself and don't stop trying once you've hit your goals, goes both for those grinding now and those who've done it in the past and forgotten about the chain that made it happen or are ungrateful and consider it a "me vs them" or "ha I managed to trick them and get out" kind of thing (there's many unfortunately).

Hehehe I’m not losing out on this one😃

How do you measure your success on Hive @acidyo?

Mine specifically or in general?

in general I guess getting attention, gaining knowledge, earning stake and building longlasting connections.

Ohhh nice

Lol one more question

I’d love to see your face 🙈🙈

What is your favorite WOO NFT you own and why?

Probably my gold belt Sheila cause she was one of the first "rarer" gb's I got and has probably netted me a lot of woo since.

Ngl that Gold Belt Sheila is going to be a GREAT card.

"Privacy is precious and so is your identity."

Building on that:
Do you think there should be a metaverse of puppets for everyone in Hive? If your answer is yes.... what would your puppet look like?

Fuck, I already messed up, it was only one question and I threw 2 XD XD XD

And why not throw a third one? XD If you had the chance to be someone's sugar daddy in Hive who would you be?

They are the dumbest questions, but they are honest questions XD

"Privacy is precious and so is your identity."

When did I even say that? lol, but okay build on it I guess :p

Also there was no limit on how many questions you can ask, I'll have whatever drugs you're having though.

Last one is easy, @hiddenblade. :p

When did I even say that? lol, but okay build on it I guess :p

You didn't say it hahahahaha my production slave said it ;P

Although you didn't answer what your look would be

Dang i thought it might be me instead of @hiddenblade XD XD

Do you think people who have big reputations in Hive still post with quality?

Not really, it's a lot of the same grind we see in #web2 as well and a lot of blind autovotes and trails (my account included), though with more users coming in and price fluctuations and downvotes I hope we can navigate through it properly to distribute the reward pool fair and wide and that those who have grinded a lot of HP over the years will be content with their account evaluations then rather than attempting to maximize or expect that the same autovotes they get on their daily (some times 2 posts) can't scale with the price the same way. At least I expect people to be more accepting of "good" downvotes by then, those who've just been grinding and selling all their stake can't expect to start grinding then and think they can continue to just leech value out of the system with no skin in the game.

That is more like it. I like the explanation. Thank you so much ☺️

At what amount of Hive Power would you recommend me to start dividing the voting percentages based on your experience with the platform?

Depends I guess how you go about it, if you determine the $ value of them and depending on current prices, also depends on how much time you have to vote daily. Not an easy question, really just depends on how you see your votes and what you use them for.

What's the meaning of your name and how did you come up with it?

Coke or Pepsi?

Coke but there's too much pepsi here that they give you when you ask for coke and assume it's the same.

At what point did you realise that you should have continued supporting Arsenal and not moved to Liverpool?

When they got Xhaka.

Why do you think the popular crypto news and trackers forget (?) to mention Hive among the top blockchain-based social media platforms? Is it because they do not know Hive ecosystem?

Probably cause most are bought and Hive doesn't pay for things like that, nor have we ever paid for any exchange listings like most do. #web2 being web2 is still the trend in the general markets unfortunately.

Here are some questions from my side:

  1. What is the next move for POSH now that it covered both TWITTER and REDDIT. Any other expansion or a new use case for it? I am waiting to put my tokens at work 😀
  2. Are you cooking any other project or community activity that got you excited lately?
  3. What do you think is missing from Hive in order to get more awareness in the crypto space?
  1. we're always looking to expand POSH and definitely give it more usecases, plan is to eventually make it deflationary and bind more tokens under it. Nothing set in stone fully yet but there's plenty of ideas (which also covers your 2nd question) we're looking to combine with posh due to its fair distribution (no ninjamine/team allocation) to those who've brought value to Hive in the form of sharing content on #web2.

As for your last question, hopefully something we can help cover with posh as well, part of it being easier account creation (temporary account solutions).

Favorite superhero?!? 😜

Omniman comes to mind, not sure why :p


Hell yeah

Will there be 100 whales in Hive in the next 10 years?

Aren't there already 100 users with over ~500k hp? Maybe some have it spread around a bit over many accounts, I know I do.

What is your drive to staying consistent on hive and any other commitments?

Would you prefer a movie or a novel?

Definitely movie, never got into reading outside of Hive much, maybe it has spoiled me dunno, feels like I should get something out of consuming content. :P

I see. I love movies too but when I want to get creative, I pick novels over movies.

And yh, there's a lot of reading on Hive.

What is your hive master password?


Wonder if this triggered any bots 🤣

emotional damage


This is funny! I can use this as a password 😂😂

That would be Grand Theft auto phewwwww...

This is great!

My question is, How do I grow as an individual and how do I build my network in the hive blockchain in terms of engagement and building a network?

My other comment here may answer some of your questions:

Thank you

I am a newbie and I don't know many things yet but how could I or what strategies could I follow in hive to be successful? Do you think Hive could position itself in the market in a stronger way?

If man evolved from monkeys, why do we still have monkeys?

Pretty sure we didn't evolve from monkeys but you're the STEM guy who may know more about it. :P

discipline is king

How can one manage a project. What I mean is there are projects that one wants to take to help people and also promote hive. How can one get the support and endorsement from Hive Team


Why did you unfollow me? Was it something I wrote? :(
If you remember it and it was not a random thing

I've started unfollowing some users I hear are still active posting and "adding value" on the chain that stole millions of $ of users' funds cause some of their stakeholders didn't get a free airdrop for helping centralize it. Not to mention the censorship that followed, change of ToS and lack of natural curation where only the rich get richer, I'm surprised many still bother, especially those who were around for what happened and have had time to find out.

Nothing personal, I just rather distribute stake through my feed to those who value what hive stands for. I have no issue with other crypto/web2 platforms being used, even cross-posts are okay but draw the line on steem/blurt.

Thank you for replying, I appreciate it a lot.

I was inactive there for a loooong time, I moved all my steem here.

A couple of months ago I decided to post a few images (NOT Cross posting) and bring home some steem/blurt to buy hive & leo if possible. Even so, the amounts are so insignificant that it is probably a waste of time (especially for s...) so it I ll probably stop (I am already practically inactive)

Thank you for taking the time to explain, it means a lot to me..

And so that you know .. this is the post I wrote the day that happened.
(I was searching for another post and found this - so I thought I should share :))
Thank you very much! And thank you for everything you do for hive & its users.
Would you suggest hiveonboard for someone (new and potentially not so computer savvy) to create their account?

Hi especially I want to use this moment to greet you and know how you came to Hive , how long you have and what are your goals . All these questions are because I am relatively new and I like to know about the experience and goals to project my own.

I've two simple questions:

  1. What specific niche of projects are you most likely to support here on Hive?

  2. Discord post promotion has been a thing on Hive especially among newbies, but for me, I generally stopped using them because they seemed ineffective. Other options such as Ecency, UPME, TipU (which seems to not be accepting nominations again) and Helios are a bit more useful, at least 3 of 10 times. With my efforts at onboarding more legitimate users on Hive, I seem constrained because I cannot guarantee them support for their work (a few have been successfully receiving good support for their contents, while others are still struggling despite real and legitimate efforts. So, aside from the known options, through what other means can newbies receive support (even if it's not 100% guaranteed, 50% will do), while they grow gradually on the chain? and what do you think of these services : Ecency, UPME, TipU and Helios?

The comment section was lively

:) I rather like the name.. Hive. it's both friendly and biz sounding..

and i agree with u.. $20 HIVE sounds about good!! :P

Was nice to read all questions / your answers!

Didn't see the following question so far: (if I didn't skip it by accident)

Which upcoming/new project on hive will be the most famous in 2years in your opinion? (Besides POSH, which will grow ofcourse!) ;)



I gifted $PIZZA slices here:
@stekene(1/10) tipped @acidyo (x1)

Join us in Discord!

Hey! I have way too many questions but I will hit you with my favorite ones...

  • When you are looking to invest in any crypto game, do you personally start off with the mindset as an investor looking for ROI, or does entertainment still hold value to you?

  • How do you approach researching a project before investing?

  • DYOR or are their shillers/influencers whose opinion you respect?

Going per the "almost" theme mentioned above, what's the one question I'm not allowed to ask?