Hive's Most Effective (But CONTROVERSIAL) Marketing Video (So Far)

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Hive is great, but very few people, globally-speaking, know it even exists.

There's 7+ billion people in the world and... a whopping 39,000 active users on Hive. (In how many years?)

It could really use some more exposure.

So, with that in mind I made a pretty slick marketing video for Hive.

In fact, I believe what you're about to see is the highest-quality, most polished, Hive promo video created to date.

It took me 7 full days of work to do the script, voiceover, animation, and sound effects on a three year-old laptop. It took me 2+ hours to render 30 seconds of footage... lol.


(Note: I'm not hugely into the motion-graphics and video-production industry, so I'm not sure how much it would cost to make this, but I imagine a substantial amount.)

Why did I put so much energy into this?

Well, I made it because I love teaching by example. And because I wanted to show the 'level of marketing' I believe Hive should be aiming for. And because I care about Hive and I want it to grow.

Anyway, with all this hype, it sounds like this video is something hivers would be wise to use and share, right?

Well, we'll see.

They might just hate on it instead.

Because even though I've poured insane amounts of love into it... it's probably going to piss some hivers off.

And for it to be properly shared by those folks, it may take courage, letting go of triggers, and dropping ego.

Because —like most effective marketing campaigns— it's not tame. Game Of Thrones got big because of their extreme sex and violence. Red Dead Redemption 2 went viral because game-journalists was buzzing over 'horse testicle physics.' Nike reclaimed the spotlight by boldly partnering with ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick. Daring hooks.

My video is nowhere near the above-mentioned levels of boldness, but it is based on my honest experience, and it does have some edge.

And it focuses on what I believe Hive's "killer app" (or "killer feature") truly is:

Namely, that Hive's a stable social platform rewarding it's users in crypto-- unlike FB, Insta, Twitter, Tiktok, etc.

@nonameslefttouse often says that all Hive needs is "butts in the seats," and that the average joe will almost certainly give Hive a try if made aware that their commenting, 'liking', and sharing is likely to be rewarded and valued here, rather than abused and unrewarded by big tech.

So I've made a promo spot that speaks to exactly that.

But many Hivers don't approve of this marketing approach.

Maybe some feel 'burned' from Steemit days. Maybe some think money is 'evil.' Maybe some are happy with Hive's objectively slow growth. And maybe they're right, or have valid points. All I know is that it's time for a fresh take, a fresh voice, a fresh approach to spreading the word about this great platform.

And I've done my best to deliver.

Now, if I do get backlash and hate for this, that's fine. I believe Hive still benefits from high-quality creations, even if some may disagree with them. I believe that this content still deserves to be supported and signal-boosted, simply off quality alone.

Basically, I'm still proud of my work. And I believe a good chunk of people will love it. I poured insane amounts of love into this, and I'm not even a big fan of 'marketing.'

I mean, I love marketing as a valuable part of our economy, and it's essential to any business, but for me, marketing's like 'washing dishes'... I'm just not too passionate about it.

At the same time, I'm still damn effective at washing dishes. (And no slouch at marketing either.) I've taught clients to improve their marketing, I've created campaigns for them, I've consulted with big brands on their marketing direction, and more.

And I've also dropped a ton of knowledge on Hive's less-than-optimal approach to marketing, (plus offered alternate approaches,) and I've even done some script-work on @rutablockchain 's Hive explainer video.

So I really thought I was done with the topic.

Except I wanted to polish my video editing, audio, and animation skills, and I needed a 'practice project.' Sure, I could practice on promoting my own brand, or make a gift for a client. But I decided to make a promo spot for Hive instead because, well, I love Hive.

So without further adieu...

Here's a Hive Promo Video made entirely by me, start-to-finish, in a single week.

I hope you like it.

Is it too over-the-top? Too sensational? You may think so, but I say it's solid marketing and an effective way to stand out in a noisy world. Could I have taken a more 'explainer video' approach? Sure.

I could've started with something bland like:

"So, you spend time on social media? Awesome, but does your platform treat you well? Hive's web 3.0 approach makes sure your social interaction is valued and respected, yadda yadda..." and so on.

But I wanted something juicier, and if you just watched it, you know I went in a bolder direction.

To wrap up, I feel my video is the most compelling marketing campaign I've seen for Hive to date, (no disrespect and much love to the other amazing promo efforts out there,) but I understand if it doesn't appeal to you.

Fortunately, the beauty of hive is that a community of hivers offers plenty of alternative offerings if you prefer:

Like This:

And this:

Are a couple examples.

So that's it y'all. Hive gets a high-quality video spot to promote & grow Hive, and I got to practice my directing/producing chops.

And hey...

If you feel Hive is already growing epically fast and doesn't need any boosts from someone promoting the 'sleazy, bad, evil' money motivations Hive is built around, I totally understand.

But I believe most hivers are open-minded enough to see the value of my approach to marketing hive this time around. I reminded of this comment on my previous marketing post by @steevc :

"I do not think we can afford to scare people away or discourage them from joining up. Every human user is potentially a benefit to Hive even if they start off on the wrong path."

Either way, I had fun making it, I hope it sparked something within you, and I wish you all a fantastic day.

Thanks so much for reading, watching, sharing, following, commenting, or even skimming. I appreciate you.

P.S. Want more posts about Hive?

There are 3 pages

Awesome video with so many different types of pleasing effects. It was fun to look at and kept me engaged. The variety resonated with my idea that anything and everything could be on Hive, not just one certain style of content.

I had my girlfriend watch it with me. She has an account here, but rarely uses it and has pretty much zero understanding about Hive. I created her account for her and she still needs help logging in whenever she finally decides to again after several months. She didn't understand the first part of the video, the part talking about the community not wanting you to talk about the potential to earn crypto. I am familiar with the history there, but I've been on here daily for 4 years now.

After that initial part, she said the ad seemed interesting to her. She thought it looked nice and explained things in a way that made sense. It interested her to know that you could be doing the same thing she already does for hours each day, except getting paid rather than having her data turned into profit behind her back.

I asked her what she would do as a new Hiver after watching this video. She may not have gotten past that first part on her own, I was nearly forcing her to watch it. I then asked what would be the first thing you'd do as a viewer after finishing the video. She said I guess search on her iPhone.

Well, that's where things didn't end up too good. She was met with a feed of a random post that didn't interest her. She had no idea what to do next and there wasn't any information easily accessible to help her.

I think if we are sending people to, then it needs to be worth visiting. I and many others prefer PeakD. Even PeakD has a less than ideal welcoming. It is far superior to, but it's not as simple as what some of these 21 and under kids are used to binging on.

I'm not sure if sending to is much better either. The homepage there doesn't mention anything about being a social blockchain. It is in blockchain language and some things just do not make sense to the average person.

Words/phrases such as:

  • Home to some of the most-used Web3 apps in the world
  • leverage
  • scalable
  • resource bandwith

That info is all great, especially for people familiar with crypto at all. Those who aren't will be turned off. The language needs to be easily accessible for all newcomers, with an option to have more blockchain language on another page for people wanting the details.

We need an ideal Hive landing page to go along with an awesome video like this one. One that is simple, attractive, but covers all of the basics. Too much at once causes people to freeze and eventually revert back to their old ways, no matter how much they are missing out on by doing so.

Thanks for the in-depth reply @daltono , and I'm so grateful for this feedback from you and your girlfriend.

I agree with most of your points, but I made this mainly to a) practice my video-chops and b) demonstrate an elevated level of Hive marketing materials that can get people to click/take action. The rest is up to other coders, devs, and the hive community at large.

If Hive were run by me, everything would be easy and friendly, similar to my How To Join Hive Guide:

Since that's not the case, for now the target audience for this video is limited to 'reasonably crypto-savvy people who are ready to explore a new social platform, who can figure out how to join'

I made 4 separate landing pages for Hive.Blog months ago. Now I made a polished marketing video that can even move your gf to take action. I've written the clearest, easiest, friendliest guide to join Hive... but I'm not going to 'make' Hive.Blog or whoever's running things use them. :)

That said, even if a certain percentage of people are turned off, this video would still onboard more people than other videos, or 'no video at all', so I count it as a step in the right direction, hopefully others do as well.

Thanks for all your insight, wishing you a great day! 🙏

For sure, solid input is was deserved on this one. I can tell you spent a lot of time on this video, as you always do with your work.
I do like your guide, I remember checking that out when you first posted it.

It's a great video man. This will surely get the attention of many. Can't target every single person with one ad, I know this will speak to a large portion of potential users. Thanks again for bringing constant heat for us on Hive.

Your input is hugely appreciated, and I believe we're in agreement overall. I'd love to see what you've outlined for Hive come about, and I'm super grateful that the video has touched anyone at all. Glad you're feeling it, and kind words of encouragement from a veteran hiver like yourself mean a lot. Thank you! 🙏



That is some great feedback @daltono - I was thinking the same thing: the biggest hurdle to getting people on board is the onboarding process itself (even though it is now less difficult than it used to be on the previous blockchain...).

Absolutly agree. is not the best seller.. But which front-end is? I'm sorry I cannot say..

This net is not easy to onboard! Maybe a slow growth is how it is meant to be.

But Steady.

In my eyes it's pretty simple:

Hive needs improved marketing, which I've contributed to above. Hive also needs improved landing pages, which I've also contributed. It also needs clearer/simpler sign-up instructions & onboarding, which I've also contributed to.

Just takes people actually implementing or riffing off of my well-crafted suggestions. I'm just one man, volunteering my efforts. I've contributed some brilliant growth-focused Hive materials, as teaching aids and proof of concepts. They just requires other people to actually step up and implement them. 🙏

PeakD is. or Ecency. as far as general purpose all encompassing.

This Comment Is MONEY!!!

No Mo Plain White Backround!!! This is not an office space! <3


Tagging some people who may be interested, because I feel this is an important issue for all hivers.

@dandays , @meesterboom, @grampo , @vikisecrets , @samsmith1971 , @thoughts-in-time , @mattclarke , @wesphilbin , @brittandjosie , @wil.metcalfe , @nathanmars , @daltono , @tobetada , @josediccus , @abh12345 , @joshman , @oblivioncubed , @theycallmedan , @bryan-imhoff , @jongolson , @nevies , @starstrings01 , @dwinblood , @juanvegetarian , @pardinus , @guruvaj , @polarmystro , @akumagai , @selfhelp4trolls , @hiro-hive , @geneeverett , @finguru , @offgridlife , @phage93 , @mynima , @irvinc , @minismallholding , @ybanezkim26 , @pusen , @enmy , @danielvehe , @glecerioberto , and @discovery-it . Whew!

These are also people I believe will get the point and contribute constructively to the discussion.

(Oh and @jfang003 , this is one of my shortest posts yet, the video's less than 2.5 minutes if you're interested, lol.)

Well done, Sir!
Highly impressive!

I think this thing called HIVE can get marketed from multiple angles, and that's especially effective if you do targeted marketing. You should see if anyone has PRE so you can get the ad staked on the Presearch search engine. If HIVE-folks can manage not to turn off the new people that this advert brings in, then word of mouth alone will serve as a force multiplier. Maybe if we can wrangle up a few trouble makers and teach them why playing nice is good for token gains, then perhaps we'd have a chance at getting a great token value again. I want to see $8.88 HIVE. As they say, "A rising tide lifts all boats." 🙏

Thank you kindly! I know little about presearch but it could be a great step, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

And I agree with you about 'managing not to turn off new people.' And even if a large percentage of people are turned off by Hive's complexities, this video would still attract and onboard a significant number of successful joins. And you're right, the word of mouth would be epic.

teach them why playing nice is good for token gains, then perhaps we'd have a chance at getting a great token value again. I want to see $8.88 HIVE. As they say, "A rising tide lifts all boats."

Amen. 🙏

Whew! 😅 There! Read everyone of these AMAZINGLY positive and mostly INSIGHTFUL comments!

Commencing @Comet.Ranker targeting sequence!



P.S. I originally had this comment waaaay down at the bottom of the comments (Were those DV'ing me have dropped my original comment) but I thought... "No! I need to do at least something to bring my commentUP near the top where people might see it... So tada! 😆

All the dysfunctional things the current RAW DV is causing... It's not just simple commenting anymore!

It's a shame... I wonder what the new people we are getting here to this social blockchain are going to think about these people attempting to "normalize" the Down Vote? How many of them are going to stick around... after they get their 1st 2nd 3rd 1,000th DV? 🤷‍♂

I really like your approach, but I also feel your frustrations. But believe me, frustrations are quite common in this platform since we are free to think how we could help to improve the platform and the bigger folks have different ways on doing things.

Thank you! And it's all good, I'm at peace, I just added some 'drama' because that's a great way to market / entertain / appeal to strangers. :) 🙏

I will keep throwing your video to several people friends in my facebook acct, and I hope it struck them deep hehehe.

I'm honored and grateful and I hope it does too! #KeepRyzing 🙏

If I have to compare the two videos, your first video, which is your very own made one is upfront with the introduction. Its in your face and its fast paced. That is what I feel about it. The second one is like a slow build up. Tame yet gradually builds into a crescendo.

Which one do I like?

I think it depends on who I plan to share these with in terms of their predisposition.

Thanks for the tag. I like them both and good one for the video production.

Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing so I have something to share to people I want to introduce.

Yes, you have a great assessment of the pace of the two videos (though there is also a third video to watch as well, lol.) The main thing that matters is if each video was shown to 1000 people, which video would be more effective in getting people to click and check out hive?

Thanks for the kind words and sharing your input, I'd love if you shared any of this with people you want to introduce. Wishing you a great day! 🙏

Nice one @ryzeonline. I don't mind marketing HIVE as a place where users can earn money by doing what you already do on other social media platforms. Kinda makes it cool, really. The video is a great tool help get the word out and attract more people in. Good work and keep them marketing tools coming.


Thanks so much, and I'm glad you think it's cool and a great tool to attract some more people to Hive. I really appreciate your comment, and the pizza, wishing you a great evening! 🙏

Have a good day! :)


everyone can definitely get what they want...! good job

Agreed! Thank you :) 🙏

Thanks, let me read it more.

By all means! :) 🙏

I didn't see this mention earlier but I remembered since you cross-posted it onto Leo. Lately I haven't been checking much outside of LeoFinance.

Well, however you found it, I'm glad you did. :) 🙏

@jfang003 its his shortest blog but count the words in the vlog and he made a long one again hahaha


If you're going to do it, do it well. You approached this controversial message well.

That's a philosophy I aim to live by, and thank you kindly sir. Sending you and the SPK team lots of well-wishes! 🙏


Hey @ryzeonline it's good to stumble across you here on Hive! Love the video - the storyline, the graphics, and the pace, but especially the storyline: showing some of the features Hive delivers while framing them as not the main benefit at all and homing in on the earning potential that creating and curating content on Hive offers.

I was feeling pleased with myself for hitting a new record take of $47+ for a blog post today but your result for this post takes the biscuit and is very inspiring.

Following you now, so you'll hear more from me going forward.


Wow! A blast from the past! It's so wonderful to reconnect with you here on hive, David! (I have fond memories of writing some posts on your old website!)

Thanks for the kind words on my video, I poured a lot of love into it so it means a lot to me when people appreciate it. And you're right, highlighting Hive's features while focusing more on it's 'main hook' is exactly what I was aiming for.

I hope you continue to feel pleased with your 47+, because that is a great result for an account with 145 followers. "Comparison is the thief of joy," right? :)

Anyway, sending you lots of good vibes and I've followed you as well. Wishing you a fantastic day! 🙏

Oh yes, I'm very pleased with my result, and your result has helped me to see just how much is possible on this blockchain; in short you're adding to the joy not robbing me of it! Keep on ryzing and inspiring!

Hooray, I figured as much but just wanted to double-check. You're right, amazing things are possible, may our inspiration and joy #KeepRyzing ! 🙏

Hi David, I'm Cyn, Jay's partner. I just wanted to say that I saw your comment in my notifications on YouTube but for some reason, I'm not able to see it in the actual comment section so I couldn't reply back. I wanted you to know that I did see part of the comment in the notifications. Thank you so much for your lovely words and Jay said some really lovely things about you to me this morning. I'm so happy to "meet" you. I have so much love for anyone who has been kind to him (and people in general).
I'm so glad you also liked the video. Jay put a lot of love into it and it pleases me to see so many people liking it.
Wishing you a wonderful day.

Hi @cynshineonline - thank you for your comment. I recognized you are from the videos you've made with Jay so it's good to connect. I've followed Jay on and off for about a decade now. I think I found out about him before he began collaborating with Evan Carmichael. In those days I was a fairly active member of Evan's forum and so I saw the profound transformational impact that Jay had on Evan.

All the best to you too!


Jay told me how you told Evan about him when he was helping people on Evan's old forum. I met Jay because I was one of Evan's followers on YT. I love that you were pivotal to their meeting. Which was pivotal to him and I meeting too and that changed my entire life. I'm super grateful to you. I am a big fan of anyone who showed(s) Jay love. Thank you so much. I'm truly grateful.

So much love,

@cynshineonline he used less words, hahahahh were you there to correct him but with the words in the vlog he did do a long one again! he didnt use our " assets" hahhahaha but he did pour love into it, hahahah great job and I know you helped aswell so thanks gonna use it.
Have a great tuesday

LOL He used less words but believe me he studied each one. No boobs but eh we can't win them all 😂😂😂 I'm so happy you're going to use it. and lol yes I did help him edit it and gave suggestions. But he didn't listen to the "biggest" suggestion which was to add more boobs. Oh well 😜😆

You're amazing. Keep Ryzing, beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Nice one J. Great effort. I liked that you covered different aspects and kept it interesting. For me what keeps me here is community and engagement and the challenge to stretch and extend my writing and learn and grow. I think the drawcard for people coming to Hive will end up being the money though as it's usually only when I speak of financial reward to people that I really get their attention. But still...they don't end up biting. To attract new users I think we have to demystify Hive from the outset for folks because "blockchain and crypto" all seem too foreign, scary, risky, and complex to most people and it unnecessarily puts people off. But Hive is such a great community of supportive people that even when faced with daunting challenges, we seem to be able to work our way through them with each other. I guess in the end what everyone needs to realise is that different forms of marketing will appeal to different people, but people are different so we can't apply a one-size fits all approach if we want to attract diversity. So long story short, I think your video definitely should have a place at the table :-) Once people are here, then hopefully they will also appreciate all the other wonderful things that Hive has to offer. !PIZZA !LUV

Thanks for the kind words, Sam! Yes, I agree with you, for most people it's kind of 'come for the money, stay for the community.'

I've done my best to demystify Hive with my Hive Mega-Guide , and I've made gorgeously simplified landing pages that would appeal to the masses, if anyone bothered to implement them.

Either way, so glad you feel my video has a place, thanks for the insights, pizza, and luv, wishing you a great day! 🙏

Very nice and I agree. People sleep on what is actually the simplest and most attractive feature for a regular person(who we want to attract) on Hive. You can make money from posting.

A lot of people will complain that that will bring in hordes of people that post make money and dump, but what people have to understand is that that is a cost of doing business. It costs money to acquire users, and if you aren't acquiring users, you're not really doing anything. Making really cool stuff in a corner that no one will ever see.

Making money from posting is the trojan horse to get users on the platform, then you can think about retention, but you've got to get them here first to even have a chance at retaining them.

I'm glad you like it and agree. It's such a simple and effective hook, and you're 100% correct, it is a simple cost of doing business (or growing any project), a cost of user-acquisition, a cost of growth. Either embrace that cost, or get out of the game, imho.

you've got to get them here first to even have a chance at retaining them.

Exactly, and hopefully others understand this. Thanks for adding insight to the discussion, wishing you a great day! 🙏

Thanks for making this bro, we appreciate you

My pleasure, I appreciate you too! 🙏

I used the video for our Twitter promotion, I think we need more videos like this. This is a nice video for a first-timer

I'm grateful for that, and honored that the video may reach or help more people discover hive. Thank you for all your amazing promotion efforts, very impressive! 🙏

 last year  

Wow this is great, you made me smile, although after reading, I expected it to be more controversial. It's hardly going to bother anyone, although we'll give it a try when we share it XD 😈

I always bring people up with the offer of monetization and have been criticized for that, so I get the point and that's why I loved this approach.

I want it in Spanish...

Thanks for promoting our video, because of you it has gotten more exposure than when we posted it. That even if you say it's soft, it was a little uncomfortable XD

Note. I wrote you days ago by discord

Thanks for commenting!

Well the 'controversy' prediction came from my experience.

Judging by the hundreds of comments on my previous Hive marketing post, (as well as the view of the main person spearheading Hive's marketing), many veteran hivers hate the idea of marketing Hive's financial-rewards aspect.

I always bring people up with the offer of monetization and have been criticized for that, so I get the point and that's why I loved this approach.

Exactly. :)

Maybe @cynshineonline or @jackyvergara will caption it in Spanish? Or someone else? Who knows, lol.

My pleasure, the world needs all kinds of videos, 'hard', 'soft', 'medium', etc. and I encourage them all, and we might as well "call it like it is", right? xD

Ah, I rarely check discord, I'll open it now. <3 🙏

 last year  

Youtube showed me the subtitles, but you know that many people are lazy and want to listen in Spanish. XD

Haha, 100% truuuue. :D 🙏

AMAZING video! You put so much love into it. I love seeing how it started and how You finished it. SUCH a good job! Well done, Sir. And as You know I completely agree with You about the marketing for Hive. ❤️❤️❤️

Thanks so much, yeah, it went through a crazy number of drafts, and I'm grateful for all your help and input. 🙏

See assets help :)

Oh I know it, assets make the world go round ;) 🙏


@felixxx You really gotta question yourself why you are the 1 single person who downvoted this post haha. Ryze deserves every single hive that is thrown his way.

Much appreciated and thanks for stopping by and speaking up on my behalf, bro. :) 🙏


The money is what got me in.. (and.. 99% of us strangers to blockchains and all this cyber-crypto-world)! And just then we start to find out this net is a hole lot bigger than we can understand or imagine.

So.. I guess the $$$-hook is the most efective at least for us ignorants of crypto and blockchains.

The rest of Hive amazing features -starting with ownership and free speech- and future developing stuff will just engage us naturally.

Keep the the good work man! And keep it edgy!😉

You're exactly right. It's Hive's hook. It's Hive's killer-feature. It's Hive's biggest marketing draw. And to not use it, to ignore it, to sleep on it, is begging to fail, imho.

Hive's other features are wonderful as well, and I've created landing pages that focus on them, but they're suboptimal for marketing as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks so much for contributing to the discussion and pointing this out, and I appreciate the encouragement and kind words! Wishing you a great day! 🙏

Great job man! Loved it, Love the spirit and the overall video with all the points you made in it! Maybe the "secret part" may be a bit weird for someone that does not know Hive and has never been in it, but this may just be my view 😅 so don't get me too serious there!

And as some other users here said I don't think the point of downvotes is to drive people away nor that hivers want to keep Hive hidden from the outer world, let's be honest, 8 out of 10 people do not have the mental patience and agility to understand this platform, so even if you feed it to them on CNBC they still won't know how to interact with it in a proper manner! 😂

Manipulation and corruption are part of the human nature so we will find them everywhere, looks like Hive already had some past battles and managed to rise above stronger as a community so Bring it On! (joking lol)

Since day one you have been doing some great shit for this platform and ecosystem so kudos to you my friend!

You deserve this to be the highest earner! 😎🙏

Keep being awesome, you're an example! 💯

Ayy, glad you're feeling it. And all good, I appreciate all input and feedback. Others in the comments seemed to love the 'secret' aspect:

I particularly like the theme of the 'secret' that Hivians don't wanna let outa the box...

We have a secret and it’s so good that some on this social blockchain really do want to keep it all to themselves...

I like your video. Let's not make Hive our secret. Tell the world!

Anyway, 'secret' is a tried-and-tested marketing techinque, but who knows. :)

Yes, I agree with you, I've written about downvotes, manipulation, and corruption here (9 Truths About Power, Abuse, & Downvotes You'll Probably Hate) and here (Freedom, Censorship, & You: The Ultimate Guide - Emma's Dilemma)

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement man, I really appreciate it. You're awesome too, graffiti-star, #TogetherWeRyze ! 🙏

I got here a bit late @ryzeonline, but I still wanted to say that the whole "stealth reverse psychology" approach here is pretty brilliant! And I think you have have one of the most workable marketing approaches I've seen so far — yours or anyone else's.

I like that you hit the high points underneath the money first, while "not talking" about what we're actually talking about... the money. It's a bit like Fight Club: "First rule of Fight Club: Don't talk about Fight Club."

And yes, I recognize that you put a lot of work into that clip. That's a core part of what makes Hive such a cool place to me: So many people here genuinely care about the venue they are using.

Ayyy, glad you noticed my approach here and like it. A few months ago I explained that 'this approach' would be significantly effective if leveraged, but most 'higher-up' hivers in positions to quickly implement disagreed.

Here I am months later, implementing it myself, for the most part, lol. I'm happy you and others in the comments feel it's workable. :)

Hahah, yes, Fight Club went viral with that approach, it's generally quite effective.

Thanks for noticing, the amount of copy, sound design, animation, motion graphics, photoshop, etc. I put into it was a 'personal best' for me.

I'm grateful for all the rewards so far, and comments like yours are even more encouraging and mean a lot to me, much appreciated, wishing you a great day!🙏

I'm curious what these people think about this hive promo video:

@dswigle @karinxxl @grindle @marc5 @geekgirl @kgakakillerg @enginewitty (not sure if he's still around) @steemseph @logiczombie @irvinc @charsdesign @sn0n @joerhino @vaipraonde @ura-soul @dreemsteem @melinda010100 @sassycebuana :)

Either way, I'm so grateful for the positive response so far! 🙏

Having just participated in a 3 hour debate with the 3Speak team (which will be public soon) that largely focused on the topics of marketing, censorship and post rewards, the issues highlighted here are at the forefront of my mind. As someone who is being downvoted constantly to oblivion for no explained reason, I am cautious about promoting the network to people with the idea that people will be paid to post. In fact, this is not the vision that many of the decision makers here have of Hive at all. My main thought is that successful marketing requires consistent messaging and clear vision/selling points. In Hive's case, while it's decentralisation is it's key selling point (to me), at the same time the same decentralisation makes for agreement on the destiny of the project hard to come by.

Personally, I suggest overcoming this by focusing on the benefits of the decentralisation and associated censorship resistance, which is that Hive offers a space for all to be themselves. We do need low cost Layer 2 communities before this can be a full reality, however.

I appreciate you stopping by and weighing in.

And I had a feeling you'd respond in this way, I've addressed the 'avoid promoting paid-to-post' messaging in the hundreds of comments typed here: The Best Hive Marketing EVER (By A Guy Who Hates Marketing) , and I've addressed the 'market based on censorship-resistance' here: 3 More Hive Marketing Approaches (Ode To The Whiners) , regardless, your point in this line...

In Hive's case, while it's decentralisation is it's key selling point (to me), at the same time the same decentralisation makes for agreement on the destiny of the project hard to come by.

...sums up why I don't really bother trying to 'create change' here, because I prefer to deal with 'clear leaders with a clear voice' rather than fractured, conflicting mass-opinion. Perhaps layer-2 will help with this, we'll see.

Anyway, thanks for adding your input, feedback, and insight, and wishing you as much fulfillment as possible, on hive or anywhere else. :)

P.S. I'm looking forward to that public debate, sounds interesting. 🙏

Wow! Just wow. 😍 You really made awesome videos for hive. I love the fact that your videos seems really entertaining that anyone watching it will never get bored. Thank you for this Ryze, I can now let the newbies watch this for them to understand hive better. 🥰

Yay! So glad you appreciate it, I did my best to make it compelling and entertaining. My hive mega-guide is likely the best thing for hive newbies, but I believe this video is a nice 'companion piece.' I'm happy you like it, thanks for commenting, and wishing you a great weekend! 🙏

I'm always 'around', because squares are dangerous, can cut yourself on those things. 😁 Personally, I don't think 'monetization' should have been the primary stepping stone. I think focus on the Web 3.0, censorship resistance and connecting with like-minded people through the power of community should have been the goal to get across with a slight touch on 'maybe even earn something along the way'. But, then again, nobody takes me seriously in the marketing game here despite having 20+ years experience. Until there is an 'easy-button' that doesn't involve all the key madness that turns so may people away, it'll be hard to market it to anyone. I mean, 95% of all other social media is just an email and password. It needs to be that easy. Then, when they see their posts are making something and they get curious? That's when the crypto side should be introduced to the noobie normie class.

(grin) round > square, lol, I love it.

And yeah, a lot of Hive veterans feel similarly to you, so I made some marketing campaign mockups focused on those things in my post: 3 More Hive Marketing Approaches (Ode To The Whiners) , but I really don't see the masses or the average person getting psyched for 'censorship-resistance' or 'fast transactions', these things appeal to a handful of 'geeks' (who are also bad at marketing.) The noobie-normie class need a compelling reason to switch off their favorite social platforms, and the most compelling reason that Hive has to offered is it's game-changing crypto-based social that rewards people for something Facebook is stealing from them currently, imho.

I do agree heavily with the 'easy button' being a necessity, but as you say, no one listens regarding such things anyway, so... shrug.

Anyway, thanks for sharing your insight and feedback, wishing you a great day! 🙏

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Thanks so much, I feel very encouraged! 🙏

Hi @ryzeonline , I'm a big fan of your work here on Hive.

I liked the video a lot. The video explains the differences from other social media and captive the user's attention to take a look and check it out. The music is a perfect fit, and the flow is very dynamic too.

Didn't know that some Hivers don't want to talk about it to outsiders.

I'm just the opposite. Few people already told me that I'm a kind of Hive evangelist. haha Talk about it and try to convince them to take a look.

The main question that I got when trying to explain Hive is: "Like a pyramid system?"

And then I have to tell about the difference between a pyramid system and a blockchain system, where it's more organic, transparent, and open ledger style.

But, IMHO, this video is great for a person that already knows something about crypto. at least here in brazil, when talking about crypto people always start talking about scams due to the media's bad view of it.

But for me the video is perfect! I would like to have a Portuguese version to share with some friends.

I just missed my favorite frontend: Peakd. Maybe in a further version, explain why there are so many frontends to Hive, this is something that people find hard to understand that all of them have Hive as backend... they are not used to dapps concept.

I'll be tagging here some Brazilian friends and hope they give opinions about the video:

@hranhuk @vempromundo.pob @wiseagent @anacristinasilva @matheusggr @shiftrox @riansilva @amandaferreiracr @portugalzin

Thanks very much, glad you liked the video and felt it was compelling, and Hive can use all the 'evangelists' it can get it, so props to you for that!

this video is great for a person that already knows something about crypto.

And that's exactly who it's targeted at. :)

I've had people translate my Hive guide into Spanish, and others say they were translating it into Portuguese, so perhaps that will happen.

Yeah, I agree, I poured a ton of love into my PeakD redesign, and I'd love to send people there, but this video is meant to perform one job only, direct traffic to hive, but you're right, in a further video it'd be great to explain about the front-ends.

Anyway, thanks for all your input and feedback, for tagging others, and I appreciate how active you are at bringing new people to hive. Wishing you a great day! 🙏

I took a while to understand differences btw frontends. And always try to use others just to check it out.

Tks. I'm trying to help new users. Know by experience how its change of concept.

I use your Doodle explanation. Think it's awesome.

Now I'll sendo this video together as well

Yeah, it's nice to be familiar with the various front-ends. You definitely help new users, I've seen you be impressively active in that area, and I'm glad my doodle explanation is helpful (and now video too!) Wishing you a great weekend! 🙏

I really liked this video! Really with a Portuguese version it would be amazing!

Thanks very much! Fingers crossed! 🙏

Hi ryze. I see this video targeted to the current community and at the same time targeted to outsiders. I think targeting a lot of cohorts at the same time is a difficult task. I see where you want to go though, targeting to outsiders explaining the discussion going on on hive. The problem is that is a very difficult task to understand all this, just explaining blockchain or crypto is hard. I don't think it's the correct format to explain this, maybe it's a more lenghty one, where you can detail and explain the problem. Anyway thank you for making this.

Hi marc! That's a very interesting perspective, thanks so much for sharing it!

I (and other commenters) believe it to be targeted only at outsiders who may get a thrill at the 'buried secret' aspect of having their social-behavior rewarded and come check out hive. Any appeal this has to the current community is merely a side-effect or bonus, in my opinion.

It's also not meant to explain anything, I have my giant hive guide for that, it's a marketing piece, meant to generate curiosity and inspire clicks and traffic, and from what I've gathered from the many views, shares, comments, and conversions, it's done exactly that. :)

Still, you have good points, and they're definitely food for thought. I appreciate your contribution to the discussion, wishing you a great day! 🙏

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Thanks for tagging me

I really enjoyed it you definitely done a great job 🤝

My pleasure, glad you enjoyed, thank you! 🙏

Thanks again you Done a great job 👏🏾

🙏 :)


hahahahahah this was SO clever!
First of all - people always want drama - hahahaha and that's the HOOK that you used to bring people in. LOL

will it bring all people in? probably not hahaha but hey - that's why the other video is great too - companies use more than one commercial, right? hahaha they use a LOT of them - and that's to grab as MANY types of people as possible

So i think yours should COMPLETELY be added to the mix. (the mix of 2?? lol i hope we get more videos - and that yours sparks others to bring their ideas hahaha)

but i really love the way that it draws you in to find out "what's this secret that we're not being told" hahahahaha - it's fun! it's clever! it's alluring!

I think its GREAT. the only thing that I would say (and i saw in the comment section that you have a guide) is add THAT guide to the end of the video. Because one of the big problems with Hive is - if you tell someone about it and walk away - they're not gonna know what to do next. (i've seen it so many times, the worst is when the finally join, start making money - and then tell you they lost their keys) so yep - that guide is SUPER IMPORTANT to link RIGHT TO the end of that video. (in my opinion!)

great job! really awesome work hahhahahaha i loved the twist!

Ayyy, glad you're feeling it. Yes, drama, hooks, etc. these are the foundations of effective marketing and allure. They're why people --practically everyone-- buy the books, shows, and music that they do.

I'd say my video has gotten more views, clicks, shares, and resulted in more increased traffic than any of the other two videos I linked above... in less time, but I could be wrong. Either way, glad you believe it deserves to be added into the mix.

I considered linking to my own guide but this video was mainly made to:

demonstrate an elevated level of Hive marketing materials that can get people to click/take action. The rest is up to other coders, devs, and the hive community at large.

Basically, if Hive wants outsiders to have an easy time signing up, I already made the mega-guide for them, and I made 4 separate landing pages for Hive.Blog months ago. Now it's up to them to implement them or add similar items to their own official landing pages. To nudge them in this direction, I direct people to hive's official pages, hopefully it wakes them up to make them more user friendly. If not, they deserve to lose anyone who arrives, whether due to key loss or otherwise, imho. :)

Maybe Hive's official pages should all be linking to my guide instead (grin)

Anyway, thanks so much for the kind words and insights, wishing you a great day!

yeah i get that! :)

you just want to get them there! hehehehe I just hope that they know where to go when they get here


cuz I opened up a new account the other day - and thought - if i was doing this on my own???? i wouldn't even bother LOL

the only way that I figured it out is because someone BROUGHT me and held my hand the whole time hahahahahaha but - I agree with you.

that's not your responsibility!

and thankfully there are people who do find them once they make their way here! hahahaha

you're welcome! and wishing you a wonderful day and weekend! hehehe

Exactly, no video can 'do it all', this one serves one purpose, to get people onto hive's 'official' sign-up page. If they don't know what to do when they get there, I've already made suggestions to improve that, but since I don't control that page, it's up to other people, coders, etc. to implement them.

Yep, I agree, I wouldn't bother either, lol. And thankfully there are people who do, agreed! Rock on, superstar! 🙏

247 GotDamn comments man!! you gotta know you did something rite! Im still reading the post, but I cant wait to watch/listen to this video!! Much HYPE! SUPER WoW! Ooh k yea.. I put it back.. is not the hill to die on haha : ) PeakD or bust!

Beautiful video other than that <3

Thanks for the kind words, I do feel good about my contribution here, and it's great to see all the positive feedback and rewards. I chose because it has Hive's 'official' name in it, Hive's official logo, and brand recognition. It'd be a bit confusing to newcomers watching the video if I talked about Hive nonstop and then sent them to this "weird PeakD landing page," imho. On top of that, I made a huge redesign of PeakD and then the founder interviewed me for my advice on UX/UI and design, so I felt I'd done enough there for now.

I appreciate you and wish you a great day! 🙏

I appreciate you too!! luv you man! luv hive!

Totally mutual! Wooooo! #TogetherWeRyze 🙏

This is somewhat honest..
Could help when I share this with some people I ve been literarily begging to hop on this.
Some already regretting now
Some want to know everything about hive before the join.
And many other challenges tho.
I wonder if they found out all about Facebook, google and twitter before signing up.
I often get

Thanks so much this can really help
And in case you may welcome ideas for other video, I do have some.

I aimed to be honest, and I believe it could help with sharing and introducing people to Hive. It may not be perfect, but it's a step in the right direction, imho. Thanks so much for your feedback and comment here, and I can't guarantee anything, but feel free to share any ideas you have, perhaps I or someone else reading will help bring them to life. Either way, wishing you a great day! 🙏

I wonder how many active users /r/cryptocurrency has for comparison. I see they currently have 13,925 online out of 4 million+. Sure they have moons but it's just not nearly as robust a platform as Hive.

There could be some interesting data to look at from /r/cryptocurrency , how active are they? Is that a 'low' for them? What is there post-to-comments ratio? (Hive's is quite low), etc., that said Hive is much less niche, and covers a far broader content-spectrum. Anyway, thanks for the thought-provoking comment. 🙏

Good metrics for consideration. It seems /r/cc like much of Reddit has a much lower p2c ratio. Admittedly, I seem to get quite more engagement on Reddit as a whole but may be due to different demographics. We onboard more types of people, then we will likely see a difference, and Hive is precisely the platform for that as you noted the broader content spectrum.

I'm a crypto person interested in earning for contributions and curating but I don't want just focus on one topic like finance. Pretty sure most of us are the same way. This is why I am not a proponent of removing layer one author rewards as some have advocated. (Having a general purpose HIve author rewards pool allows much flexibility rather than myriad discombobulated communities with their own unique barriers to entry imo)

Anyways, I'll see if I can twist my scripting hat back and explore what of that data we can access via the Reddit API using Python. Will report back.

That may be so, I don't have solid data on those things, but can make educated guesses. Hive's good for a variety of content for now, but as more second layer communities popup it may, as you say, splinter into separate, barriered niches. I guess we'll see. Thanks! Looking forward to anything you happen to discover, wishing you a great weekend! 🙏

"discombobulated" lol :)) I'll add it to my must use list :D

Would make for an impressive Scrabble play. Lol

What we need is for companies to grow and expand using hive as a backbone. Splinterlands is a great example but we need 10 of them for mainstream media to pay attention.

Thanks for your input! There are many groups of hivers who believe hive needs one thing or another. One group thinks hive needs disenfranchised & banned facebook groups to migrate here. Another group thinks we need devs making 'killer apps.' Another group thinks all we need are consumers/users. Others think Hive needs something else entirely. I've already said all I have to say on it in these two posts and their comment-sections, but I'm glad you've shared your particular view here. Thanks and wishing you a great day! 🙏

Yes all opinions matter, the great thing with hive is consensus wins out. If the whole platform wants to move a certain way it can, or splinter off with tokens or hardforks.

My main concern is that this platform will become a nest for extreme views, which would be the end of hive as governments will shut it down...

Thanks for your response and amazing hard work!

Yes, you've summed it up nicely. I guess we'll see what it becomes, and I'm glad you appreciate the video. Thanks for all your feedback, rock on! 🙏

Great work man, but...why is it unlisted?

Thanks! Great question! Unfortunately YouTube's algorithm heavily punishes 'off-brand' content for channels, so we keep all content on our channel Law Of Attraction focused. Hopefully the fact that the video exists and is shareable is enough for people. :) 🙏

Maybe you could make a new account and upload it then? Otherwise the algorithms won't lead a single person to it.

You're correct, and an alt. account would be a good approach.

That said, I've tried to be clear that I made this to practice my video editing while giving Hive a leg up. I'm not aiming to optimize Hive's presence on other platform's algorithms, I'm not aiming to disrupt my own projects any more than the seven days of intense editing I already put in, lol.

I'm a teacher who made this as an example to teach others what 'real' marketing can be, just like my other controversial marketing post. Hopefully human beings sharing this with other human beings is helpful enough to hive for now, but I'll consider popping it onto an alt. channel in the future, or perhaps @cynshineonline or someone else will feel like doing it.

Anyway, I appreciate your comments, ideas, enthusiasm, and so on, and I'm confident everything will work out positively in it's right time. Have a great day! 🙏

hehe. well done my friend. You got your head down and did what you wanted to do. Thats the most perfect and pure way to act. Forget the results (even though I know you pride yourself in your talents) and forget the neurotic story around it (even though I know you are adding drama for a bit of extra promo), just continue to do what feels right and true. The universe will take care of the rest! x x big love

I totally agree, and I'm glad you're able to discern the purpose and motivations behind certain actions and approaches, that's quite refreshing and appreciated. Uni takes care, x x, big love to you as well! #KeepRyzing 🙏

Thanks for tagging me is my unacceptable way of talking about myself before commending the exemplary video I just watched. Thank you on behalf of the 3 copy/pastes I've already sent off chain for keeping it under 3 minutes.

You did a really good job here and I'm glad to see this one rewarded properly. How good does it feel to see that account give 100% UP this time though? Better than 100% down.

And I ain't buying any of that shit about your marketing is like dishes.

Haha, it's at the point where I literally start smiling as soon as see your avatar, because I know some epic humor is about to drop. Thank you for bringing some levity to the comments section, especially on topics that could easily skew 'serious.'

(Also, I'm honored it's being shared off-chain, and aimed to intentionally keep it under 2.5min, tbh.)

Yeah, I'm thrilled with the rewards so far, but I don't get my hopes up, because anything can change in seven days (though if so, it'll likely be for the better based on the current trend.)

You can ask @cynshineonline , I create incredibly valuable things and then refuse to do any form of marketing with them at all, it's why I partnered up with her, actually. I just love teaching, and made this video as a teaching aid or example of what hive 'could' or 'should' be doing, lol.

Anyway, thanks so much for commenting bro, time for me to swing by your content <3 🙏

P.S. And omg wtf is that 100% down on a puppy rescue?!?

do not be fooled. @ryzeonline washes dishes like he makes videos... the very best and (almost) perfect. I say almost because nothing and no one is perfect but he's as close as it gets hehe.
and his marketing IS like the dishes...almost perfect 😉

 last year (edited) 

This feels…. Like new car salesman. I like the moon roof and leather seats, but I really really just wanted a basic Civic. Too good to be true these days really do mean too good to be true usually. It took a friend recommending Hive for me to join - I thought it sounded scammy.

I still haven’t joined actually. I just got an account here. Or does an account here mean a Hive account to?! I’m so confused

 last year (edited) 

I totally get it, and that's fine. It's why I linked two tamer Hive marketing videos made by others.

If you'd like a clearer understanding of how Hive accounts work, I wrote a friendly, in-depth guide about it (complete with doodles) that got hundreds of upvotes, comments, and shares. Perhaps it'll clear things up for you:

Either way, wishing you a great time on hive. 🙏


Ever since I joined four years ago I have always said that anyone who tells you they aren't doing this for the money is likely full of crap. There are maybe two people I have come across on here that truly aren't doing it for the money, but still think when all is said and done they plan on taking something out of the platform. Nice videos :)

Well said. That's why this video is aimed to highlight Hive's most compelling feature to a sizable audience... 'the masses' of current social media users/consumers, (basically, the majority of people you've just described.) Thanks for the comment and kind words about the videos. Wishing you a great day! 🙏

Thanks, you as well!

I really like it, very well done. Best promo video I have seen so far.


Ayyy, thanks so much, I really appreciate it (and epic meme, lol.) 🙏

Well done, this is surely the best marketing video in hive.

Thanks very much for saying that, I appreciate you. Wishing you a great day! 🙏

Ryzeonline, the man with many talents.. The main selling points about Hive is the fact that one can make money on it. That’s a good encouragement to be here, which is why most people get interested. I am not excluded, I came here because of the money but built because of the community.

I love what you said in the ending: just like everything in life, wealth isn’t guaranteed and better performance earn more. The better performance are those who look above Earning the money alone but also on how to interact and build.

Apologies my replies are late, I could not resist not commenting on this one because it’s an interesting read and watch. @ryzeonline

Ay! @starstrings01 , the superstar onboarder, I appreciate the kind words! I agree it's great encouragement to try hive out, and people who behave well and put their heart into engaging here will get a lot out of it. All good bro, no pressure or obligation to reply, do whatever suits you in your own time, thanks for stopping by and wishing you a great day! 🙏

If people would just go the url... all they have to do is scroll down the trending page, see all those $$$ signs under every post, get to the comment section and see some $'s on the comments - boom. Sold. Where do I sign up.

Haha, basically, yes, for any reasonably 'net-savvy' or 'crypto-savvy' person, that's about the size of it. :) Thanks for commenting, and wishing you a great day! 🙏

I must say I was kinda excited about this post - firstly, I DON'T have to read and read and read (no probs with doing that in gen., and have done so happily on some of your mega-outputs...but.... :) and secondly, well it's another marketing piece on Hive and that's always gona be entertaining lol.

.......and I wasn't disappointed!

I particularly like the theme of the 'secret' that Hivians don't wanna let outa the box and the way that unfolds revealing the attractive bits. Combining this approach with the current surge in price may well attract swarms of bees to the Hive.

I'll now go on and read the other comments.... VERY well done again 👏👏👏

Haha, yes you're very correct, it's nice to have a 'short' piece on my profile once in awhile. :D (And I was a bit hesitant to even approach the topic of marketing hive again, but here we are, lol.)

So glad you weren't disappointed. I intentionally took the approach of a 'let out of the box secret' because it's a very effective way to direct people's attention to something that may be of benefit to them or at least worth a glance.

I haven't paid any attention to a recent surge in price, but if so, yes, it could be the 'perfect storm' for hive.

The other comments are interesting, and thanks very much again, wishing you a great day! 🙏

First - This article has been greatly inspiring for me as I 'am really new to this world.
Second - I 'am a student of animation film design from India and I would like you to know that I have been researching to create something for the Hive community as well as for others maybe!
Thank you for this amazing article and also the video! 🙏😀

Hello and welcome to Hive! I'm glad you liked my article/video. Also, I love animators and film designers and hive can definitely benefit from more of them, so I'd love to see what you create. Thanks for your wonderful comment, wishing you lots of joy and success here! 🙏

A great job on this one indeed for sure! I like that you emphasized one “eventually” will earn on YouTube but with our Hive platform you start earning right away (as soon as you put forth the effort).

I also am glad you shared that short piece about the Face place. I’ve tried to tell many people that all they are receiving are likes and nothing more while their posts and ideas are probably being used elsewhere and in the end they have no rewards to show for their efforts.

The graphics went really well with what you were trying to convey and weren’t overboard or underboard lol. Thanks for your efforts in getting the word out and sharing about our platform ;)

I’m glad to see you have been rewarded well ~

Thanks so much! I poured a ton of love into it. :) Haha, glad you caught that "eventually" line, it was a fun line to record. Pointing out the contrast between Hive and Faceplace seemed pretty important to include, so I'm glad it resonates, and I aimed to create a balanced flow with the graphics... thank you for noticing! (I'm also glad to see the rewards flowing nicely, I feel blessed and grateful.)

As usual your thoughtful, considerate comment adds a ton of value, and is hugely appreciated by me. Wishing you a great day! 🙏

The love that you poured shines through and I'm glad to see so many appreciating it. 🙂

It was great to mention those points.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor, you did well!

Thanks so much. I’m always glad to provide feedback, support and show appreciation where it’s due.

Have a wonderful week ~ 😊

Yay, I'm so glad! And I appreciate that, I definitely am enjoying. Thanks for being you and have a wonderful week as well! 🙏

I like the reverse psychology approach on the video.

Humans tend to go for things that are seen as unattainable unknowingly.

Kudos to you.

I love the animations and the voice over. I got some ideas for personal use from your video.

I totally agree regarding the tendency of the average person to gravitate to things seen as unattainable, and I'm glad you like it and got some ideas from it. Hiveon! 🙏

Loved the video. I initially joined Steem because I saw someone upvoting and thought it was awesome. I discovered everything on hive because of that.

Amazing quality in the video, thank you for your hard work!

Glad you liked the video, and I believe many people discovered Hive/Steemit in similar ways... because that way, well, works. Thanks so much for sharing your story and commenting. Wishing you a great day! 🙏

Hi ryze , well I thank you as a fellow hiver and believer of the platform for the time and effort put in it. Can i use it in the new arrival department? The fact that its has all the infor in a few minutes is great when people start. And maybe use to onboard others. And yes ofcourse there is a downvote here as we are used to, but i hope many see this vlog and use it. I miss the “assets” but you are forgiven hahahahah we will still show them whenever !! I will put it in #helpful-too-sites for the terminalers and again thanks. Thanks for being passionate, we need passion

 last year (edited) 

Yay! My pleasure, @brittandjosie , and yes I'd be honored if you used it in the new arrival dept. And haha, I encourage @cynshineonline to use her assets (and everyone else to use theirs) --the world benefits from extra beauty-- but she was behind the scenes in this video, hopefully my animations were compelling enough this time (glad I'm forgiven, lol!) Sending good vibes to you and all the terminaters, passion FTW! #TogetherWeRyze 🙏

Awesome Hive promo video, this is the type of marketing we need 🚀

Woooooo! So glad you like it! 🙏

Well, that's absolutely a great promotional video for the platform and I agree, many people concentrate too much on whether users, especially from developing nations, are joining only to make a quick buck. Point is, nobody can make a "quick buck" here, it takes courage, discipline and a fair understanding of how to blog and create content. If a member doesn't put in the effort, then they won't get upvoted and they'll leave, the very system is designed to get rid of unattractive content.

I've been saying for a while that we should focus a lot more on the social media and networking aspects of Hive, and less in how much money can be earned, or on the percentage of the population that join only for the monetary incentive. We should be welcoming more members, not scaring them out. This isn't a slot machine and it's virtually impossible for anyone to truly get anywhere in here with a "cash grab" mentality, so we can be a lot more open, and for that, developers and the heaviest voters have to reconsider their own mentality about what this platform is and how it can be used.

Thanks for this amazing post, man. You deserve every penny for the work you do!

I appreciate your kind words and thoughtful comment. I love your points, it reminds us all that Hive's practically a 'self-regulating' community, so why not invite more people in?

This isn't a slot machine and it's virtually impossible for anyone to truly get anywhere in here with a "cash grab" mentality,


And thanks again for this, wishing you a great day! 🙏

Well nobody has downvoted it yet and it must be one of the best rewarded posts in a while. I do think the censorship resistance matters, but so do rewards to many people. With $HIVE at over $2 most posts can earn something as votes have more value. We do still need to be vigilant for the various forms of abuse. Bigger rewards will make that more common. I really don't think that many of the big accounts want to drive people away, as some imply. It is in their interest for Hive to succeed and 'bums/butts on seats' is what makes that happen.

I like your video.

Let's not make Hive our secret. Tell the world!

Heh, that may be because I specifically avoided tagging the most vocal dissenters from my previous post, but either way, I'm grateful for the upvotes & rewards.

You and I have discussed abuse often. My stance on it is that dealing with abuse is something every project must do, as it's woven into human nature, and is practically zero justification for slowing growth or avoiding effective approaches.

Grow first, fearlessly, then deal with abuse second.

Glad you like the video, it's my way of creating an easy way for others to 'tell the world', I guess we'll see how well it gets leveraged. :) Anyway, thanks for your insights as always, wishing you a great day! 🙏

People being vocal does not mean they are representative of the larger community. This post is top of trending, so it is pretty visible. I have seen some people they fear that sort of exposure, but is it so bad? The malicious downvotes are a tiny part of Hive and just a small price to pay for the freedom. I have been working with someone to discourage some of those that are just an annoyance. I want Hive to be a friendly place, but some people love conflict.