The Weekly Turni- Issue 71

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Monday, February 07, 2022
সোমবার, ২৪শে মাঘ, ১৪২৮

That is the definition of Work in Physics. I remember I used to have fun as a kid thinking about it. One can push a boulder all day without moving it a single meter, you can get tired just doing it, but as per physics, no work is done :) So, we thought about doing a simple experiment with a few folks. They all agreed that since Hive was originally a social network, one of the most sociable things to do is to make a friend. Now, it is not very easy to make a virtual friend rather quickly, but it is possible, if there is enough intent. I think people tried, but with limited success. This reminded me about that fallacy of physics regarding the definition of work. I hope you catch my drift.

As my hair turned more gray over the years, I realized something I did not earlier regarding that definition of work. Even in physics, as one pushes the boulder, the particles of bould do move infinitesimally small amounts towards the direction of force, but due to the cohesion and elastic nature of the boulder, it comes back to its original state as soon as the force is removed. So, in theory, since the mass of the boulder is large, quite a significant amount of work was done, even though it can't be measured easily. Therefore, I have arrived at a simple scientific conclusion that, even if you can't make a friend in a short time, the effort was probably there, and therefore it probably qualified for some community work.

With that said, I think we can close this editorial without making it too demanding and prescriptive, which I have a tendency to do. The main goal of this issue and any issue is just to have fun.

- Sam White

Well, that's easier said than done. Well, at least that's my case.

I've always leaned more towards the introverted side of general mass. And even though I can talk a lot to the people I'm close to, it's always a struggle for me when it comes to talking with someone new. I'm not good at starting a conversation, and I'm even worse when it comes to maintaining small talks. This is why I tend to avoid talking to new people in general, being content with the small circle of people I have. Which, of course, has its downsides. Especially when you are in a blockchain like Hive, where networking and connectivity are a must.

But even the bird who is afraid of flying must take a leap and let its wings spread; I too did venture out to find and talk to some new people. And let me tell you... It's hard...Maybe I've not been as devoted enough with my networking thing, or perhaps I've just been on the unlucky side since I went and commented on posts that I liked rather than viewing if the user will be 'beneficial' to have as a friend, but I found that most people, really don't want to reply to the comments they received under their posts? This is a matter of concern as this commenting and replying is the sole way to connect in the blockchain itself.

I can't really force a conversation under a comment that says, 'wow, thanks!' to the thoughtful thing I wrote. So letting it pass was the only option. And I sadly got one reply out of them all... Which is a shame.

So yeah, this is my story of being friendless after putting in an effort. (even if it's a bare minimum. I know I could've and should've done more.) But this epic failure of mine is a lesson. I need to venture in and find people who want to talk instead of focusing on people who don't. And like a thankful little dandelion who reaps many benefits from this platform, I must invest more time in it. Because you can't really achieve anything unless you work for it. And I do, this time, intend to work for it.

- @surrealfia

Well, well, well...

Off to making friends...

Unlike others, I wouldn't say that I'm an introvert or bad at making friends. Quite the contrary, I'm used to putting on a friendly face to show others, and often that's what matters.

What we present matters MORE

That's not necessarily bad. We often refrain from shoving our own opinion down someone's throat or spilling venomous words regards to showing exactly how we feel, for reasons only valid to us. And even the one who says they are asocial or antisocial is doing these same things almost every day. Moving back on to me. I'm half a charming person, and often I don't spew profanities (no matter how much my heart desires to) is because it could stretch the situation even lengthier. So, in cases such as that, I only hum a response or nod my head with a tight-lipped smile - problem solved.

We don't portray those sides of us to our friends, do we?

Hmm, you know the answer to that. I didn't fail at making friends - yes, I failed, massively, when it came to making acquaintances or connections. Hell, even the connections I had built up when I first joined, are hanging on by a loose thread. It takes a lot of effort, which I didn't invest in. You might as well just say that I'm lazy, but it'd be somewhat wrong. And, if you're asking for an explanation, I will only say that I'm feeling less enthusiastic and overworked in my day job. I'm what they call as selectively social. So, making a connection doesn't seem like an easy task.

Since my journey here, I had initially made quite a few acquaintances, most of whom are lost, but I have managed to make a few new ones as well. But here's a funny thing! There are a few with whom I used to have a good conversation here and in discord, but for the past few weeks, some of us have taken it upon ourselves to make Turni better than before. This only meant the few I was in touch with were spending more time connecting and getting to know one another. What primarily we were doing for our fulfillment, became something more. For better or worse, we got to know each other more on a personal level.


Even though I partially failed at attempting to make new connections, the ones I had even solidified more, and for that, I'm truly grateful. I found out that it's not just me who's having a hard time making new friends - some of us or on the same boat, and some are already facing situations that others have faced while reaching out. Maybe I have gone about this the wrong way, and not to mention that I should have tried harder, better, but I have realized that I enjoy catching up with certain types of people and often find myself stalking them. Yes, stalking and sometimes egging them, but that's all fun and games.

Yes, I have indeed gone about this the wrong way, but not all of it was wrong. I got to know a few people better than I used to before, and that itself is a tiny bit of success. So, all hope isn't lost, and something good still has come out of failed attempt.

- @riz611

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Having to write about a "friend" or the experience of making a friend, at an age where you're mostly losing friends and neighbors, as we become more antisocial day by day, it sure sounds like a difficult task, especially in this locked-up world we are living in right now. But do we actually have to view it as a task? Are our social skills really deteriorating? Have we actually lost our "ways" and our "touch" as human beings?

Making a friend was never an issue for me, at least in my younger days. I believe I still have it in me. I just don't reach out as much, I guess. I was always the guy in focus, the one who would get to hang out with different types of people and age groups. I would fit right in, quite effortlessly.

But the world is a different place now. It's nothing like what it used to be back then, even if you consider looking back just by a few years. A time when we were actually present in the moment, in one place, face to face. Things felt so natural back then, especially friendship. There were no structures, mental barriers, or different platforms. No friend requests to send, non to accept, no follow button, and none to follow back. No messaging apps, no posts and feeds to comment on in order to just spike up a conversation.

Our school days or student life for example. You would just be put in a large group of young like-minded youths. Where you would sit around awkwardly, probably all alone for the first few days, taking time to study the whole place. Especially the physical beings who quite surprisingly look just like you, a pair of eyes, ears, arms, and legs, whaddya know? Yet, we are still scared sometimes, scared to approach our kind.

Soon enough though, you add it all up, the information you've gathered, and start focusing on that one subsection of people who look interesting and feel just right. A group in which you see yourself maybe, fitting right in, just like the missing piece of the puzzle. A group of people who probably share the same vibes and are usually a mix of your type of crazy. In the end, it's either you who finds them or them finding you, truly innate. It all felt natural in a way, just like it should be. Being physically present in the moment, living and working together, always being there through the good and the bad. I believe we function better that way, united as one.

Nowadays though, "friendship" works quite differently. And I believe it all started over a decade or two ago, after the introduction of social media, the internet so we speak. As we began to adopt a "digital" lifestyle, slowly distancing ourselves from the real world, its inhabitants, and its olden ways. Now, I'm not saying it is a bad thing or a wrong path that we've taken. If anything, I say it has more ups rather than downs. But one thing is for sure, this antisocial lifestyle of ours is slowly stripping us away from our basic and necessary need for physical touch and presence.

As humans, we're simply not meant to live this way, divided from one another. Being shy or scared to approach our own kind. I believe we need to maintain balance, a balance among the social and the antisocial.

Alas!, It seems that many of us have already taken our pick, out of which probably the majority have taken the antisocial approach. For some, it has been this way for quite a while now. And I believe that is why we find making friends and socializing nowadays a bit difficult, whether it be online or in real life. Simply because we're still adapting to this bizarre new way of life. We're stuck, hanging in the middle and dangling side to side. While still carrying within us some hints, of our older and much natural ways of living and communicating. The need for physical contact still remains inside of us, yet many are "touch starved".

But, it's not like you can only have "real friends" in the "real world" by choosing to go out and meet people or interact in a friendly way. I truly believe we do have some "internet friends" who we consider nothing less than family and love immeasurably. I believe it is a friendship, a relationship that is just as genuine and important. I say it's actually easier making friends online, in a way. But like I've said earlier, there's a structure present, steps, and mental barriers involved, which we ourselves sometimes tend to create. Things that you usually don't have to deal with in the real world. We're more present in the real world experience, present in the moment.

Back to the "internet friends" of ours, the ones we truly care about, a bunch of people with whom we have a genuine connection. Even though it might be that you've never even met a lot of these people in real life, yet, you would surely trust some of these people blindly if ever needed.

Now, when it comes to me and my measly 3 months here on Hive/PeakD, then I surely can say that I've made some "friends", quite the handful. And probably WAY faster than I expected. There are surely a few users whom I follow and absolutely love to conversate with every other day in the comment section. I certainly can say that a friendly vibe is present between me and many of the active users here on the blockchain, a friendly relationship we can call it for now.

I believe it is indeed too early to give the "relationship" a name, a tag. Yet, with time we surely will get there, whatever has to happen will happen naturally. It will be an effortless process, it has to be. Because, whether it be love or friendship, these are the two relationships that can't be forced. Even if you do succeed with all the force you have, the relationship won't last and even if it does, then you will simply be living a lie.

- @minhajulmredol

Okay, here I am. Last week I was like "search, search, search!" Searching for what? A new bond, similar to friendship. So far, I haven't engaged with anyone to convert them into something out of Hive since I was hesitant to blend my personal information. First and foremost, I had created a safe haven for myself within the confines of BDCommunity and the individuals that lived there. Outside of that, am I truly just a stranger?

Maybe not a complete stranger, but I doubt it. Last week I engaged with 27 unique authors from around the chain, many of whom are well outside my usual sphere of surroundings. After a number of fascinating discussions, several people invited me to visit their nation because they saw my passion. You know what, I almost decided to go, but at the last minute, I remembered that I didn't have a passport and didn't have enough money to spare for the trip, so I'm sorry for the inconvenience!

Jokes apart, I can't mention any of them here as one of my Hive Friends due to the fact that we have only just begun interacting and it is difficult for me to establish new relationships quickly; maybe I will do that sooooooon. Wait, I think I got a friend whom I can mention as I have known her for a long time and we both are talking with each other every today or tomorrow.

Let's start with the first meeting. I remember getting involved in a project called Dreamport, which aimed to consolidate content from several sources into one place. Being on the Tester Teem I got posts to curate and one of them was from @teknon that hit me differently. She had written about one of her friends' stories that touched me at that time. I still remember the agony in her writing that initiated our first encounter. It was approximately four or five months ago, later I saw her being active in BDCommunnity and engaging with the other authors as well as with me. Because I've always liked to keep them separate, we haven't discussed much about our lives outside of this virtual boundaries, but don't we already know a lot about each other through our daily posts? Yes, from my perspective.

I can't stay away from expressing the pleasant experience of the hunt from last week. Starting from Northern Lights to ending with Crypto Investments, from the Breathtaking Stories to Sweet Poems, and many more that grabbed my attention as I wandered around. Am not going to stop hunting, next time maybe I would be able to mention ten names instead of just one. Let's see how far it goes, I just hope not to get lost midway.

Self captured image

- @sarashew

Being an introvert, making friends was always the most dreadful thing I have been exposed to since childhood. Taking the first initiative to make conversations with strangers was always nerve-wracking. So the task was mostly avoided by simply choosing to sit around in a corner as silently as possible. Being in your own bubble is the perfect remedy to forget the existence of humans. But strangely, most of the time, the extroverts take it upon themselves to include the lonely introvert in their batch of groups. Why? Well, I still can't figure that out, but thanks to them, I got a fair share of people who consider me as their friends.

When the idea of making friends in the blockchain first came out, the years of hesitation of being the first conversation starter got me paralyzed for a week. To be honest, it was expected as I never commented under someone's post in the mindset of making them my friends. It was mostly to show the appreciation/admiration I felt towards their work, and that was that. It was never my intention to have an in-depth conversation with them. But the initiative of making friends in the blockchain was too good to pass since, as individuals, broader connections throughout the communities would be an excellent opportunity to know more about this platform and its people. This was also going to be a social adventure and for an introvert, nothing can be more challenging than being the initiator of befriending someone. So, after a long procrastinating, I finally convinced myself to dive into the rabbit hole.

At the very beginning, the first problem that came to the surface was, finding the right post that could hold my interest. People write about various things; some of those posts were written beautifully. But if it doesn't contain what I am interested in, I never finish reading it. I know it sucks, but it is what it is. During the hunting phase of friends I might've opened 120 posts but barely managed to finish like 10.

Now, the next thing I realized about engagement in the blockchain is that not many people want to talk or have a more in-depth conversation under their written post. No matter what the comment is about, the reply is most likely finished with a thank you or worse, an emoji. Now, what else could I say after getting those replies without sounding like a complete desperate lonely loser? But thankfully, not everyone reacts this way; some people get delighted to receive comments under their posts; they would even dive into your own posts and let you know if they find it interesting. It's an excellent initiative to start constant support and communication and gradually build friendships. But this process takes a lot of time and could never be achieved by simply commenting under one of their posts. Friendship comes with a longer commitment.

So, what's the take on this little finding friend adventure? Well, the first question is, did I enjoy it? Yes, by diving into this rabbit hole, I managed to read more posts within four days than I did in a year. Was it effective to make more connections throughout the blockchain? Definitely, most people love it when others read and comment under their posts; some will take the initiative to read some of your own posts, thus forming a blockchain engagement. Will I continue to do this in the future? Yes, mainly because jumping from one community to another was a fun experience; I even managed to find some awesome writers throughout the process, which is just a complete blessing.

So, there you go, the summary of my little adventure mostly failed as I didn't manage to make a friend, but it was fun and informative even then.


- @chrysanthemum

In my short carrier of writing here in this chain, I've had the fantastic opportunity to interact with many people around the globe. They are indeed good writers and appreciators.
We talked with each other several times, shared our opinions, and got to know each other. I believe it is the first stepping stone for friendship.

Though we all live apart, what we share, give opinions on, adore, or reject, makes us alike. In a collective scenario, out-there ideas are mingled together. That is the beauty of communication, and it brings people together for a greater purpose.

Life is a journey, and we meet many people around us. Some make an everlasting impression, and some dissolve with the tides of time.

We remember the best of them, love them and make them the memory we call core one! Engagement is the sweetest thing; knowing each other and sharing feelings and opinions at large is what makes us open.

If you have trouble having a conversation, I can tell you not to hesitate. Share whatever you want to mention, break the ice! Ask questions. And that is the only way to learn and be involved with the hub of collective wisdom that can help you understand your surroundings in a new light.

Friends are the best thing that happened to me. I am blessed to have a good number of friends around me. But my friends from Hive helped me a lot to know about things I want to explore.

Some tips from these friends really worked, and I can't really repay the debt I owe to them for that.

Recently, I had some cool conversations with some new people. Among them, I want to mention @teknon, @zanoz, @malopie, and @deraaa.

I love reading posts from different communities, and many of them contain good stuff from which I can learn new things. I see photographs that make me wonder, read stories that make me feel loved, skim through personal blogs, investment thoughts, games, and many other things that help me develop my skills and helps me stay entertained.

I think that just writing a piece and posting it on the blockchain is not enough. If you are not socially active and communicative, it is challenging to make progress here. At the end of the day, Hive is one of the most authentic social blogging platforms to its users. Unlike the others, we do more than just blogging; we connect, make new friends, and try to be their friend in need. We all are blessed with this amazing thing in every phase of our ongoing life.

And you, yes; you are also welcome here on board. Wholeheartedly! I want to thank everyone who values friendship, who is always there and has friends indeed!

Love you, friends!

- @tahminasyed


A deal or a friendship?

In the hustle-bustle
the crowd rustles.
We see a million faces,
submerged in million pieces.

We find ours in them,
you, in he and she.
How do we distinguish
between all of these?

Fragments of dust
Fabrics of gestures,
find its way.

How does it sound to call you, mine?
It is a mystery ride.
How astonishing is it to be found?
Among them, many people hound.

Commonalities entangle the bonds,
while discontinuity entangles the ground.
Attention engages the round,
while distance breaks the bound.

In the hustle-bustle
the crowd rustles.
We see a million faces,
submerged in million pieces.

Among the missed and busiest,
we find time to invest,
we find time to find you in her and him,
we find time to find our in them and those.

Among the many recklessness,
a thousand blisters accumulate.
Sneaking our way to support the him and her,
we time ourselves to them in our circulation.

Stitching the gaps, the hours of confusion,
the sorrows of them, the happiness of ours,
the support of ours, the notion of theirs.

Fragments of likes
Fabrics of converses,
find its way.

The hours of investment,
the hours of engagement,
the hours in every effort,
disappears the doubt in us.

How does it sound to call ourselves, pals?
Is it a mystery ride to be pals?
How astonishing is it to be found?
Among others, many people only sound.

Only a moment of investment,
Only a moment of engagement,
Only a moment of effort,
disturbs the bond in us.

In the hustle-bustle
the crowd ruffles.
We see a million faces,
mirrored in million shapes.

Among the greedy and needy,
we find time to invest,
we find time to find you in her and him,
we find time to find our in them and those.

Among the many forgiveness,
the doubt tries to engulf us.
Sneaking our way to support someone anew,
we time ourselves to those, out of our circle.

Commonalities entangle the bonds,
while discontinuity entangles the ground.
Attention engages the round,
while distance breaks the bound.

Echoing and re-echoing the voices,
the footprints lay a pathway.
Splinters of generations,
the wisest value the efforts.

In the just and buts,
we dig our own paths.
Searching on million faces,
to match our million pieces.

We find ours in them,
you, in he and she.
We know how to distinguish,
the forgotten and the remembered.

- @toushik

Making new friends is not an easy task for me. Conversation with a stranger for one week, two weeks, or even three months can be a challenging task. In addition, I lack confidence in my ability to strike up a conversation with complete strangers and am at a loss for how to do so. I would not even consider them a friend whom I had known only fifteen days or a month. This does not mean that I have no friends; I, too, have friends. But the friendship with them did not happen overnight; it took years to make deep friendships.

But if this friendship is in blockchain, it is a little different to me. Increasing our communication skills in the hive blockchain is one of the most important things to do; though I know enough about it, do not apply; as I said, I am not good at starting conversations. In the last few days, I have explored several communities of Hive read many posts, but I do not know what replies will make friends. For example, I have read several posts from the Haveyoubeenhere community but have not found any appropriate sentences to reply to. However, I could make some useless comments that would annoy the writer even more; making friends is a far cry.

But one thing I did realize was that when I joined the
Bdcommunity a year ago, I didn't know anyone in the community. But gradually, a friendly relationship began to develop with everyone. So my perception is to build friendships slowly by keeping the communication intact because making friendship takes some time.

Do not forget to join our next weekly hangout on at Friday 10 pm GMT +6


Indeed making friends was never a piece of cake and it will never be. Anyhow, getting closer to those precious people around you, who tend to push and influence you to become the better version of yourself, is rather more precious than all. It may never be on the pages of comparison, but each negotiation, each conversation holds another level of appreciation and moment of love. One which HIVE has given me and many others, I believe. I am happy to be a part of this family @bdcommunity ❤️

Great work family! @surrealfia, @whileatwiltshire, @riz611, @minhajulmredol, @kinab, @chrysanthemum, @sarashew, @toushik.

I am happy to be a part of this family

It is interesting to see how the various people see Hive. Some see as a family, some see as a company. And if I think about it, it can be both. Even in real life. Especially if I think about my workplace. Nowadays I work as a packager in a four hours per day part time job. Both the boss and my co-workers are very kind and very friendly, but the salary is very low. My total income, which is the salary of this job, and my pension-like income for my multiple disabilities, is under the local minimum wage in Hungary.

But fortunately the Hive community is very helpful and supportive, so I am able to financially get through this winter, but otherwise I could not afford the rent on my own.

So I am very grateful and very happy for every help and support. Thank you so much to everyone for every help and support.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Indeed it is interesting and exciting too. In a family, we find comfort, in the workplace, it is quite a rare case scenario and differs from career to career. However, I like relating HIVE to both. It has both become a family and workplace for me.

It must have been a tough life in Hungary with the crisis situation. But, you are lucky to get a friendly coworker and boss I would say. Here, I hear from my elders that it is tough to get a good salary job and also having a friendly boss is quite rare, saying from my sisters' experience. However, hopefully, things will get better. Can't generalize and say.

Some are having a different lifestyle. Anyways, how is the winter there?

Some are having a different lifestyle. Anyways, how is the winter there?

Usually very cold. Especially in February. We had a record cold of -35.50 °C in the previous year on 2021.02.13. The winter currently is very mild. The temperature is currently 6 °C, and there is a very light rain.

-35.50°C!!! This is so unimaginable for me to exist there at that temperature. Here in Dhaka, this winter, it went down up to 16°C only. Only, as in comparing from yours. Stay warm, stay healthy, stay inspired.

 last year  

We really do spend a great time on voice or chat and our "brain storming" sessions are fun to say the least. I, too, am glad to be in part of this family and truly appreciate each of our members. Thank you so much for everything that you do.

The brainstorming sessions are pretty fun!! 😇😇😇

 last year  

Ayy cheers to that 🥃♥️

Making friends is good because some friends can make you realize what you didn't know, as we all know, no one is a pillar of knowledge, so interacting and associating is good.

Being shy you mean? I guess i was once in this contempt, it was always hard for me too, to express myself the way i ever wanted to, but as times goes on, i began to took challenge, thought about it and work positively on myself courage, and it really help me a lot to to carved out the fear in me, Because the whole thing is fear.

Awesome lessons 🤩

true indeed. Fear plays a role in some cases. Maybe overcoming it is all about the journey.

Once we are able to overcome it, that is when we are free🤩
Thank you for coming through.

Indeed, that is it.

However, this might not be the ultimate, you may also learn more about your other fears, and then you have to learn how to overcome those too. The cycle goes on forever... Kidding.

Smile... You are totally right, thank you for coming through

We are all entitled to our own opinion depending on how you see it in your own aspect. The hive system have shown me that making friends is a good way forward because your definitely learning from everybody that has a good impact to offer which will definitely be an addition to you to in moving forward in the blockchain.

I see hive as a one big family where people all over the world come together to become one where you don't only earn but learn from others which is a win-win in both side. I really appreciate the day I knew about Hive because am always happy been here which definitely serve as a second home to me. So I believe making friends in hive us definitely important to grow which will help you both on the blockchain and in real life

 last year  

I agree with you. There's so much to learn from so many people and others can learn from you as well. I wouldn't call it second home but hive surely makes me feel I belong here

The feeling of belongingness never misses its presence in Hive.

I feel like a long lost princess who just got found seeing my name mentioned in the turni for this week. I'm really honored. @minhajulmredol you've been a great friend to me and your posts intrigue me, yes I remember our first encounter and it's something I can't forget because it was worth it. You always found time to read through my posts and drop amazing comments from time to time making me feel yeah! Someone likes what I do. I really appreciate that.
When I got to Hive, I found many cool people of which I made friends with and of course I loved bdcommunity a lot and had to engage with the users here and @rem-steem is another amazing personality with a sweet heart an amazing smart kid which I love whenever she writes about him and of course her cooking is perfect.
I found engaging with amazing authors fun and it will always be fun even though school has taken half of my attention but I'll be back soon. @chrysanthemum thank you so much, you've been so wonderful too and I really appreciate your presence in my life though we haven't met in person. There are amazing people here and I'm yet to know more of you.

Thank you @teknon! Yes, you are right; though we haven’t met yet but I also like talking to you. Amazing!

Best wishes!


🥰🥰. I'm blushing ☺️. Thanks for the pizza


Hello hello!
Glad to see you here as always and thank you for your appreciation, means a lot.

You're welcome 😊

You know, I stopped making all the effort. For some reason, I can't seem to take the pain of rejection in that area. Both in real life and online, I just don't bother. I do try to be interactive though because who knows? There may still be someone who wants to be friends off the Block chain and we could hang out someday. You said everything on my mind concerning making Friends. I'm no introvert or extrovert, I can be jovial, funny and a wild cat but I'm also reserved, love my space and appreciate solitude. Maybe as you said, I'm getting to be more isolated. Accepting the idea of the handfull of people I know which is not supposed to be so. But I'm working on it. Sometimes all I want is someone to return the vibe, I can only keep it going for so long. I don't like feeling like a nuisance ... So far, I'm interacting with no one outside of the blockchain except for a few who've burned out. It's bad isn't it? 😐

 last year  

Both in real life and online, I just don't bother. I do try to be interactive though because who knows? There may still be someone who wants to be friends off the Block chain and we could hang out someday.

I understand where you're coming from. And it's not often that we reject and/or get rejected because we want to. Sometimes the rejection we faced often makes us feel like reaching out to others isn't worth it and unwillingly we're doing the same to others what we have faced. But from my experience, I have hardly met people who hasn't reached back out me. So... making friends might be worth it

Yeah. I do hope so because it seems the exact opposite. They just come and you try your best to keep it but it's not enough. Then you end up with an attached heart and painful aches. Lol. It doesn't anymore though. Maybe cause I'm very much used to it now. I hope to make one new friend this year... If possible

@deraaa :

Sometimes all I want is someone to return the vibe, I can only keep it going for so long.

I can relate. I often felt such emotions in the real world, but a few days ago, dad said something, that made me think twice; "Don't come to conclusion so fast."

This world is too small, everyone is having their own crisis and own problems. We tend to see everyone from one perspective, which at times makes our vision blurry. If we put ourselves in their shoes, maybe we will be able to understand them better. Not saying everyone is a saint, but all I am saying is don't take it all upon your shoulders.

I stopped making all the effort.

Don't stop making all the effort. Be yourself, give yourself the value you deserve. And, surely don't stop trying, eventually, you will make true friends, it is only a matter of time.

If we put ourselves in their shoes, maybe we will be able to understand them better

This is something i literally do and it may have turned to a bad habit of making up excuses for some people.

Don't come to conclusion so fast."

I really try not to but when you've grown up with a certain type of unhealthy mindset, it gets rocky. However, I'm working on it. You have no idea how much the thought of rejection scares the life outta me. It's a paralyzing fear really.

Don't stop making all the effort. Be yourself, give yourself the value you deserve.

I'll keep this in mind. I'm really grateful for your words.

 last year  

growing up with an unhealthy mindset isn't something that can be prevented. societies think that what they believe is true, there are prejudices that they advocate and wrongs they vouch for, and often have a different and/or open mindset that can be frowned upon. Don't beat yourself up over it and be proud that you're indeed trying your best to create your own mindset and see things from a different or better perspective 👍

I highly agree with @surrealfia here. I guess we can go on and on writing about the misleading nonsense society establishes and how fragile the grounds are.

@deraaa I understand that we tend to grow this behavior of giving excuses for others at a point and how bad it can become because I have fallen for that too back in 2018. The memories are too clear to forget. But, know that you will be able to overcome it all, just the way you want to. It will just take time.

rejection scares the life outta me
I have realized last month that I feel this way too. However, we can't deny that in this life nothing is permanent. We learn from mistakes and from experience, may it be ours or others.

I know that we all are survivors and will survive well. Just don't lose hope too early. Hope to see you around.

Thank you very much @tahminasyed. I appreciate you taking your time to reply. And I am sure i will overcome it. I do hope to see you around as well...

Thank you so much...❤️

I used to be an introverted person, well I can't say that now I'm an extrovert. I still have problems with communicating with people but I'm working on it and I made a few friends in this community. Someone once said to me that "You can't always walk alone, someday you will need help or someone might need your help, so make yourself ready for those days".
Thank you guys for your hard work on this issue. I enjoyed it.😄

I am really happy that you could relate. I believe in learning from peers, it always helps. Obviously, one can take the journey of gaining knowledge by choosing from the many ways. Stay tuned.

 last year  

Yoo.. Donkey is enjoying friendship!! XD Should I call the Tree :v

There is no tree in hive😒

 last year  

Are you sure? :v are you?? :v

I mean yeah! Cause this is not donkey land :D

 last year  

Ahareee.. you poor, naïve, innocent, clueless doneky XDDD

Why do I feel like I heard this line differently somewhere else?
Oh! That Yandere voice -_-

I can't make many friends outside Bdcommunity. But, I can say I have many friends, Brothers & guardians in BDcommunity. Like Dada , Zaku vai, reazuliqbal vai, Shakib vai, Amor vai & specially my friend @sourovafrin is an inspiration for me to do something extraordinary in Life.

I want to say Thanks to @minhajulmredol vai for his help in every times I needed.

You will have friends outside of BDC, just spread yourself.
It's not easy, we are having hard times too but sooner or later we must overcome this and reach the mass.

Yeap, BDC is always helpful to one another and I am doing my part as a part of it. In need, you will be doing the same too.

Incredible initiative @bdcommunity. "Friend" is a very big word, it's not just an acquaintance we know some things about. It is someone with whom we are willing to have some intimacy. Friendships is something else that is part of the same family of words. When I started Hive I didn't know it was a social network and that it requires connections. That has cost me a bit, but naturally I have been able to find at least one like-minded person, which has been reciprocal. Cultivating a friendship takes time and effort and sometimes we don't have it or don't try hard enough. But without thinking about it, at some point someone special will appear whom we will call a friend. 😊

Glad to hear that you got someone like you.
Yeah, it's hard to start but once we get someone off our comfort then it's hard to stop engaging with them.

How do you see a virtual friend? Can they be compared to the real-life ones or we should maintain some cautions? What's your opinion?

Ugmm well @minhajulmredo, of course it's not the same, ever. But just because it's not the same doesn't mean it's not good.

Friends in person require more effort than virtual ones. But nowadays those same friendships have practically become virtual, mostly because of the pandemic. In my case I haven't seen my friends for a long time and even our digital communication has distanced a lot.

I think it is easier, of course, as you say, once we have left the comfort zone and we start interacting with someone who seems to us like-minded, to start this kind of virtual friendship. Because already in itself, that very condition lowers the mutual commitment I think. Maybe it's like when people used to communicate with letters, there is no immediate demand in many cases. It doesn't matter how we are dressed or combed. Unless it goes to that level of video conferencing or something.

Obviously precautions do have to be maintained, because there is never a guarantee that what the other person says is true. But you know something, sometimes that doesn't matter much, because a virtual friendship maybe satisfies a need, makes you feel good, and gives you a chance to let off steam and that would be a reciprocal thing. Of course, if there is no honesty, that relationship, although virtual, would be a lie.

And if there are lies, surely there is a bad intention there, from which you have to be careful. Have a nice day ☺️!

Thanks a lot for your thoughtful response.

Friends in person require more effort than virtual ones.

True, even they are hard to fade away. See the virtual ones, much easier to find a new friend compared to the real-life ones, one dispute and just a block are all required to let go of the friendship but here in real life, no matter how much we fight, some are everlasting.

Obviously, pros and cons are available on both ends. For me, it's a great dilemma to take one side.

Thanks again!

It is true what you say. I think there's a lot of fabric to cut through when evaluating the pros and cons of each. But I think the best thing is spontaneous, no matter how the process takes place, whether virtually or physically in person.

I'll tell you something I once told a friend. I told her that I had never sought to make friends, that is, how to propose to be friends with someone in particular. She told me that she had tried it once, but had not succeeded in establishing a friendship.

Mind you, I have had people with whom I naturally should have been friends, but it didn't happen that way. But.... (I don't know what your beliefs are), I thank God that those people would not have done me any good.

And I say naturally because they usually needed something from me, I did them a favor, looked out for them, and nothing else happened. I was not consciously looking for it, but it seems to me that the sincere interest of one person for another is a fundamental ingredient for a friendship, and in fact it is a trigger, at least in my case.

I think that whoever does not perceive that and does not cultivate it, then he will not be a friend. Friendship is give and take. In my case there are people who have approached me, showing a sincere concern or interest in my welfare, without being obliged to do so, and that generates gratitude on my part and therefore, I also try to return interest in that person and that creates a bond.

Sometimes stronger than others. I don't know if what I say seems strange to you, but that's how my life has worked. Maybe some things are not well understood, because I write in Spanish and translate it into English. Have a nice day @minhajulmredol 😁

Translated with (free version)

Maybe some things are not well understood, because I write in Spanish and translate it into English. Have a nice day

Yeah, a few words seemed to be playing with me, hehe. No problem I got you.

Yeah, friendship comes naturally, it's kinda hard for the one side to decide and have the other as a friend in particular, hard but not impossible. It should be felt from both ends and build up the
friendship gradually.

And yeah, both of the sides should be careful about maintaining the friendship, One-sided friendships with self-interest fade away today or tomorrow. Instead, if we put the interest in the friendship then it's more likely to last long happily.

So you are Spanish, particularly from where?

Yes it happened to me also when I read your previous message, some things I didn't understand well, because I translate the web pages from English to Spanish and that changes some things. I understand a little English but I would spend light years to be able to understand a long text, or I would understand very little. I have to put a lot of effort to practice and improve.

Anyway, to what you asked me. My native language is Spanish and I am from Venezuela, and I still live here 😋.

Translated with (free version)

I found that most people, really don't want to reply to the comments they received under their posts?

You just have to find the right people. I either reply or upvote the comments under my posts. Sometimes both. And I also use tipping tokens. And I do this not just/only under my own posts, but under other people's posts too. If I do not reply and if I do not upvote a comment either, then that means that somehow I missed that comment. This rarely happens.

I am also taking part in the engagement league by @abh12345. That is good place to look for social people.

Have a nice day and have a nice weekend.
All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

Me too. I try my best to reply to every single comment (except spam and bots) under my posts and comments. I usually don't give upvotes, but when I do, it's always 100% (at least right now). I also use tipping tokens such as !ALIVE and !LUV. And I do this not just/only under my own posts, but under other people's posts too. If I do not reply within 24 hours (to a non-spam or non-bot comment), I would still see them on the #HiveEngage ( Hive dapp and reply to the comment.

@xplosive! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @savvyplayer. (6/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

 last year  

some of us are taking a part in the engagement league and most of us try and reply the comments the best they can, often it's seen that people are having a hard time balancing life in everywhere... and if you ask me after 10hours work shift 6days a week have made it tough to have a social life or writing per se

Thanks for sharing your experience about engagement. I don't apply for Engagement Leagues, though I would be interested if somebody joins me in one of those.

Engagement here on Hive should not be forced on anyone and should only be done during free time.

Thanks for your comment. Have a !PIZZA.

You just have to find the right people.

That's true, everyone doesn't have the same mindset to engage with others or they don't see the long-term goal on hive.

I am also taking part in the engagement league by @abh12345. That is good place to look for social people

Yeap I have seen you on the top section and I am on the bottom of the list.😅
74th position this week 😁

Journey to the top surely is not so easy, would you mind sharing some experience?

I am also taking part in the engagement league by @abh12345. That is good place to look for social people.

I wish I knew about this earlier. Not bad though that I know now. Thanks @xplosive for your participation and making the community more meaningful to others.


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A friend in need is a friend indeed, there is definitely important to make a friend but the question is how your friendship impact you positive, thanks to @bdcommunity they are the best friend for me, with the great team and the best community.

 last year  

I'm glad you feel this way... friendship is truly important in our lives. thank you

 last year  

Happy catto family getting the job done. 🥃♥️


 last year  


 last year  


Finding friends can be easier than finding enemies these days. And when you are reaching out to someone and asking for friendship, trust me, the majority will question first what you are up to.

Obviously, asking someone to be a friend is not too common among adults. Neither do the teenagers do the same nowadays. It's a process that progresses without us being conscious; at least when it's all about making friends— don't start "friends with benefits" now. That's another scenario.

As I've said, making new friends is uncommon among adults, still, we make friends. Sometimes to share the laughter and sometimes out of necessity— depending on the situation. But only a few of them last as our teenage friends do. Most of them vanish when the purpose is served or there is even a slight disagreement. But look at our school friends, many of them are still with us even after fighting several times. The friendship that was formed back then was out of pure innocence. The goal was to enjoy what friendship truly entails. It was never a form of social demand, never to show others that we have friends; we are not alone.

Indeed, friendship detonates loneliness.

No matter how many complaints we have, in the end, we need them.
Btw this week's agenda was to spread out of our comfort zone(BDCommunity) and search for a new friendship or write about the existing ones, and see so much struggle came out. In real life or the virtual one, we need friends, right? like the BDC, became more than friends, feels like a family now.

Yeah, a family now. A family of strangers yet connected throughout.

A stranger is the best to turn into a family in this virtual space. Because there isn't anything which is going to affect our personal lives, right? 😅

Absolutely brother 😂😂

The words that have been said about friendship here are really admirable. But the sad thing is that all the friends we are talking about here are friendships with one virtual profile and another profile. Which is not citizen friendly at all. We all spend more time with netizen friends. I don't get to meet all the friends I had before. The main reason for this is the netizen world. We are also publishing all the complaints of our friends on social media. In fact, we have no idea what time they are spending. We're just trying to protect our friend by sending some electronic messages. I think this is a failed process. So we should strengthen our friendship emotionally.

Failed process or a way to reach them more easily is something debatable.
Of course, we should maintain a balance, depending fully on one side is not wise.

Will make it there soon😅.

Where? Sorry I didn't get what you meant.

Being a friend for others here on hive.

Ah, Okay.
got it.

Spend some time on the chain or on the server, you will get plenty of friends. We are here for a long time but we barely know each other.

Yes, I have been for looking at other communities lately and talked with others too about similar interests.

Similiar interest.

Yeap, as you are a gamer that could be the reason that we haven't crossed one another. Last week, saw you at the voice meeting. Hope to see you on the upcoming ones too.

Yeaaah. My uni just started too so after the next month I will be under pressure🥲. Do you play game or…?

Friends indeed has a role to play in one's life.
Either positively or negatively.
The through natural motivators are genuine friends.
We are environmentally conditioned.,
At times we are born out of control, what do I mean,
At the tender age, we are recessive inclined.
So we automatically imitate you solely close to us being our friends.
Exposure is introduce through friendship,
Ideas of life are been open through friendship.
We are easily inspired by friends positively or negatively depending on the type of friend that is yours though you still have a common background to choose, but hardly.
Friends are Good and Bad, depending on the angle you opposed it.
Both good and bad things, we learn in friendship.
A good friend can triumph you, While
A bad friend can destroy you.

A good friend can triumph you, While
A bad friend can destroy you.

Yeah, and we need them both to know what it tastes like, hahaha.
Btw glad to see you here. I hope that you have enjoyed reading Turni.

Indeed @minhajulmredol.
I appreciate your coming through

Thanks man!

Making friends in this blockchain is quite hard. But I guess if you keep trying and be open towards the other users, you can create meaningful friendships here too. Its all.about the willingness to connect.

Hard, but not impossible.
Continuous engagement can make that happen.
Look at BDC, how big the family is!