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Five years and a few hours ago, was the time my account was created, which seems both like an eternity ago based on everything that has happened since on and off of Hive and, just the other day. But, it has been "66 moons" - unfortunately, not nearly as many on the token itself - but it has done okay :)


As you can see, Hiveblocks rounds up the reputation, as I am actually a bit below 83, but it moves very slowly for me these days. I am currently the highest ranked "real person" that didn't do anything dodgy to be there, but I will soon be surpassed by @taskmaster4450 who will likely pass me in the next week or two.


The first column after the REP is top-level posts and 5071 is "pretty high" in comparison to many others in the list, as are the next two columns of comments made and comments received. The only other person with more comments than me that appears in the top 25 is my brother, @galenkp. And, there are only two other people (who didn't get streams of automated replies during a "fight") higher in comments received - @acidyo and @papa-pepper.

While I post a bit and my posts tend to be subjectively generally of decent quality, it is these last two that take a huge amount of time, as I spend a fair effort on reading and replying to the comments I get. Hours a day, most days.


And it really is most days - as I haven't missed a day of posting since mid-2017, which means that I have a lot of Hivebuzz badges.


Soon to be 252, I have posted a top level post every day of the week and, soon to be 57, I have posted every day of the month. That means that out of 260 weeks I have been on Hive, I have missed posting every day in 8 of them. And, out of the 60 months, I will have missed posting every day of the month in 3 of them. All of these "misses" appear in my first six months here.

But why spend so much time?

Well, some will say for the money but will of course forget that all of this didn't amount to much, for much of those 5 years. For example, my account was worth something like 20,000 dollars a year ago, which over 4 years, isn't exactly a brilliant wage, considering the effort.

But, this isn't a wage, it is an experience and I value being able to own mine. This comes in more than the financial worth, it is about the ability to own what I write. Own a relative portion of the rights to distribute the pool. Own the opportunity to affect governance and development.

But more than this, it is about being part of a community of people who want the world to be better and are willing to spend some of their time, energy and resources in making it happen. They do this even though they might be able to ease their personal conditions instead, they do this even though there is a lot of uncertainty as to whether it will work or not. I am not saying this is even the majority of people on Hive, but it is likely the majority of staked people on Hive.

Wanting to create a better world is a selfish act like all others, but it does come with the opportunity to benefit others too. So many in the current world in which we live are so focused on the maximization of their own experience, that they don't care if there is a cost to others at all.

Again, this is something that keeps me engaged on Hive as I feel I am able to improve my life, but I am part of helping others improve theirs too. This doesn't mean I have to directly help every individual, but being part of a network that is looking to improve as a community of many communities and applications, it is possible to generate indirect value across the entire network.

I like this idea, where a community of people all doing their own things and having their own motivations, are still able to work together (often unknowingly) to improve each and secure each other's experience in multiple ways. I think that this is going to be a large part of the "digital nation" future, where people are going to "live" on distributed networks for their socializing and professional lives, but not entirely tied directly to a physical location. This means rather than "where we are" - what we are matters more in terms of opportunity.

This is why participation is so important to me on Hive, as there is more at stake than just stake. There is a whole world of issues to deal with and I feel that through our interaction here, we can tackle some of them more efficiently and effectively as a distributed group, than what all of the governments of the world are trying to do. Still, it might all fail, but at the end of my life, I would prefer to have tried for the change I would like to see, than accept the status quo of what I don't.

But, hey, that is just me, you do you.

This is the beauty of Hive. No one is forced to enter, no one is forced to stay, no one is forced to leave - it is all up to the individual and the decisions that person makes with the experience they own. Blaming others, doesn't mean they are to blame.

In another five years, will I feel differently?

Time will tell.

[ Gen1: Hive ]

PS - Happy 5th Hive birthday to @denmarkguy too!


Makes you wonder how the next 5 will look. Let's all find out together :)

I'll be here and I assume you will be too - I wonder who else will be coming in on top :)

So are some sick numbers on consistency! I'm almost done doing my first month ever with Posting once every day, and I've been around for almost as long as you have 🤣.

Seems like every time I do post daily for a week, I need 2 weeks break...

Thanks for a lot of cool time shared on the Block though! All the way back to #General2 and #dangerzone to krakow and on-chain engagement. Keep it up! Im sure many, myself included, could take a lot of tips from you when it comes to writing habits and process.

I'm almost done doing my first month ever with Posting once every day

You will savor that badge!! 2 more days.

Seems like every time I do post daily for a week, I need 2 weeks break...

Perhaps it is like the gym for me :)

It has been fun, hasn't it? 5 years here has gone very fast in so many ways - at least if not remembering the daily grind through the bears :)

Have a great weekend mate!


Congratulations @tarazkp
And hello to your little one too.
I always enjoy your pictures and they have helped me chose mine for what seems like years, and apparently it seems that way because it has been years! LOL!
Your name will always be synonymous with consistency here, which for a community like this, with so many good writers, is a compliment my words cannot match.

Thank you for five plus years of enjoyable content and clarifications for the rules and the inner workings.
Thanks for the peeks into your life, which many of us commiserate with, it’s those peeks which remind us we are more alike then different. I often marvel at how much time we spend here interacting more with virtual people then physical. But despite my initial reservations about virtual friendships, here we have a choice who we interact with and whom we ignore. And that makes all the difference.
Cheers! 🍻


I always enjoy your pictures and they have helped me chose mine for what seems like years

This is good to hear! :D

it’s those peeks which remind us we are more alike then different.

I believe the same. I think the world would be a better place if we all sat down with one another for a meal more often :)

Virtual friendships are strange, aren't they? I know that for me, I probably have more of an idea of what is going on with some people here, than most of my IRL friends.

Have a great week ahead mate :)

Happy HIversary! Do you feel old XD

I feel ancient - but not sure if it is because of Hive :D

wow! crazy how you have been here for 5years and I only started recently 🤣 really amazing reading posts by people that have been here since long ago. Also, how do you keep the consistency of posting everyday 😲 it just seems so hard when I either have no idea what to post or not free because of school.

Crazier still is, I consider you an early adopter :) 99% of the world is yet to catch up.

When it comes to "what to post" use your experiences in life - be human :)

Wow, what a long way!
but I think the next 5 years will be so different
because web 3.0 and shops now accept btc etc. 😲

I think it will be different too - when so many people are jumping on crypto bandwagons all over the internet, things will change again.

It's the normal process of the world, you know?
Old things are forgotten and die over time
and new things will be here and nobody can stop them! 🤓

You're a pillar of this community, @tarazkp! We're lucky to have you!

Pillar or a doormat - one or the other :)

Pfff. I'm older.

I will catch you.

Time moves too quickly for that. I'm faster than light.

Will have to superman it and rein you in.

LOL! Are you sure you want to mess with me?

This was my post on that day:

I can't compete with a @ned vote....

I doubt dude ever actually looked at my work. There was a 'curation guild' that would hand us peanuts then vote themselves up nice and high with the same trail.

They labelled themselves "kings"

Wow.. you haven't missed a day-ish? I'm inspired! I was going to start off 2022 with writing every single day, then I went on holidays to Tassie and the world.. both Hive and otherwise.. fell away. But I do put in a lot of effort here for all the reasons you say above, so I'm not beating myself up - much.

to improve each and secure each other's experience in multiple ways.

Yes!! I love this about this platform. I believe I did that with Nat Med and then some. Whilst I had to give it up or go mad, the smaller communities that I run attempt to make the world a better place and in those little niches I'm creating a little happiness, which feels good.


Wow.. you haven't missed a day-ish?

Not for a very long time - the ones in the last 4.5 years I have missed have been due to failed hardforks :D

I know it is very hard to stay consistent during holidays (especially away) but at those times, I make it part of the trip :)

How was Tassie? One of the places I have never set foot upon.... I don't have enough toes ;)

There is so much good going on around the place, but as human nature has it, we tend to focus on the negatives :)

Have great end to the weekend!

I tried posting on the trip but we had a LOT of reception free moments just because we were in isolated places. In the end chilling won out and I'm glad it did.

Tassie was freaking amazing. Loved it passionately and would love to move there!!! It is just stunning, the people are friendly, the food is good, the air is clean.. just magic. Headed out there in March again.. might try the old putting things on schedule trick 🤣 if I'm not going to miss a post from ....

... NOW!!!

And yes, we are hard wired to focus on negatives. Survival I guess. I have learnt I tend to focus on the good mostly, which is a nice thing my brain does for me at least!

Congratulations Taraz. Your consistency speaks volumes.

Level of insanity? ;D

Happy Hive Birthday. I think we will be around for another five years. More and more people seem to be coming around about hive as a community, or several communities. A concept that takes time and effort, and you have certainly put the time and effort into helping make more people aware of the community aspects of Hive.

The "several communities" is what is going to get very interesting in the future of Hive I believe - there is a network and compound effect that will come into play to make them very valuable :)

I think so also, I think the front ends will play the part of States or Countries, then we get a few communities up and running very well. I just hope it does not devolve into a divide and conquer thing. We see enough of that in off-line life.

Happy Birthday! Crazy how time flies. I need to check when my Birthday is, must be near. On to the next 5 years.

happy birthday. I hope that you will have 50 more birthdays. That would be quite an achievement for both you and Hive.

I wonder if I will ever retire from Hive - I don't plan on it :)

Well done! Your relentless consistency is truly amazing. I've only managed two months of blogging every day; "something" always seems to get in the way.

It'll be interesting to see where this all ends up on January 29th, 2027!

Maybe we can do a ten year anniversary meetup :)

"PS - Happy 5th Hive birthday to @denmarkguy too!"

Congrats on 5 @ the Hive.!!





Cheeeers mate!

5 years and feels like yesterday.
Congrats on the achievement and can't wait for the next five.

There are very few people that have managed anything close to this level for this long.

It's an achievement in itself.

I think that compared to the start, there is so much happening here it is almost like self-fulfilling content prophecy - Maybe I will post about it :D

When writing it all daily, it doesn't seem very impressive, but looking back, even I am a bit surprised at how much there.

I've been on here a few moons more than you, but I don't expect to catch you up on some of those stats. I am just ahead on comments :)


300 feels like weeks of work! :D

Well I'll keep commenting anyway :)

don't you just love hivebuzz when they come calling with a new shiny badge! Underestimated in my book.

I like the badges, even if they aren't really worth anything :)

I am currently the highest ranked "real person" that didn't do anything dodgy to be there

Ooo sounds like some drama, pray tell.

Not missing a day of posting since 2017 is impressive. I have a hard time even posting 5 days per week lol.

Congrats on 5 years. That's a long time but I'm guesthat you'll still be around in another five years an still feeling the same. We have a good community here. Hopefully that never changes.

The others above are either initiatives (2) past self-voters with immense stake (1) or bot buyers (1).

I am planning on seeing what happens when the inflation rate is a flat 1% - that is in 2034 I think ;D

Of course you know the year.

Around about...

Okay I see. Yeah it's pretty easy to get a high rep when you're a whale and you self vote yourself a million times lol.

What's inflation at now? I generally don't follow that sort of news, I probably should though.

I think it is around 6.75% a year - will have to find out! :D

Wow. I'm genuinely impressed by that post every day steak. I honestly thought I was the only one who could make that claim. I
think even Taskmaster has missed a day, but I wouldn't bet on it.. I mentioned in a comment that hivebuzz should have a posted every day for a year or 2 or whatever. Rock on

THere aren't many of us who come close to everyday - especially with something readable. I'm sure there is some automated or low quality trash too of course - but real people are rare. :)

I wonder how many "non-bot" would have every day for a year badge?

Wow what a great summary! I think Hive is a great opportunity for people to flourish, to share their learning, to help others and overall to become better versions of ourselves. Greed has no place here. Collaboration does. We prosper as the community prospers. I thank @kiers for telling me about Hive, I wouldn’t have turned up here otherwise.

to help others and overall to become better versions of ourselves.

I am hoping it will be a model that all of web 3 uses - incentivizing our own development whilst supporting others with theirs.

Have you been enjoying the variety so far?

I agree and it needs to be. Yes I love the variety, there’s everything here, the crypto conversation, music, photography, culture and it’s truly multilingual.

Every now and again I find people through other peoples posts who are a worthy follow.

other people's posts and shares are good way, a well as checking other people's feeds too. Peakd has some filters you can explore :)

Yes PeakD is the better app for filters and discovering content

Happy Anniversary. I celebrated my 4th anniversary on January 10.

4 years is a decent time to be active here!

Yes, but my account's development is not as good as 4 years.

Congratulations on your achievement on the blockchain it's really awesome seeing someone like you in the blockchain which I appreciate anyday and anytime. It's not an easy journey you've embark to reach this stage amazing.

Thanks - I am not sure how many feel the same, but it is appreciated :)

For example, my account was worth something like 20,000 dollars a year ago, which over 4 years, isn't exactly a brilliant wage, considering the effort.But, this isn't a wage, it is an experience and I value being able to own mine.

I think you are so right! It is an experience. And a trippy one. I joined about the same time, and have been off and on as life has had its interruptions. But I always come back to this community because of the experience. There is something so unique and alluring about blogging with like-minded folks using cutting edge tech.

And in general, it is a good experience. Sure, there are the random drama moments too - but that is part of life also and I think learning to deal with the ups and downs here, improves our abilities elsewhere.

There is something so unique and alluring about blogging with like-minded folks using cutting edge tech.

I haven't found anything on the internet as compelling as Hive.

I haven't found anything on the internet as compelling as Hive.

I haven't either. And I do like the idea of being a forerunner at least insofar as guinea pigs go! And knowing I've contributed to some pretty awesome ideas that have really taken off and have furthered blockchain tech is cool too. It's a pretty awesome thing to be a part of overall. Looking forward to seeing how it plays out over the next decade, eh?

Here's to another successful 5 years! I look forward to seeing your post then!!!

That's great... I have didn't barely 3 months in give

Well, this truly is something that takes time to accomplish :D

I really admire your tenacity - posting every day without fail for such a long period of time is not a small feat. The act of structuring, organizing, and giving life to your thoughts must be fulfilling for you to have done this for such a long period of time. Congrats on your journey so far!

It definitely is fulfilling and it helps me process my own thoughts and understanding, shaping my daily activities too :)

Congratulations man, you motivate me everyday with your consistency

Cheers mate! :)

Congratulations on such a long crypto/blogging journey!!!

Cheers! :)

Big plans this weekend?

Australian Open final today :)

Yep, I'm already toying with the idea of letting my WordPress domain go (not yet, as I still want to eventually onboard my traditional blogging friends, but soon-ish) as I see Hive becoming my preferred bit of internet real estate, for many of the reasons you mentioned above.

It will be wicked interesting to see what happens in the next five years.


Is there still the wordpress plugin by Howo and Fredrikaa going?

Five years from today and things get quite a lot more active I am pretty sure. Just think, BTC sitting at 250-500K, Eth closing in on 100K - all the new tokens, all the old, all the new businesses in the space - all of them looking to build communities around their products. It doesn't take much to push Hive up very, very high in the public awareness.

Yes, @exxp is their WP plugin, and while it's still going, development on it seems to have taken a back seat to all the other amazing work @howo is doing for the blockchain. But I can be patient...kinda... 😊

And I agree - while it seems like it's taking Hive forever to become an overnight success, I know the time is coming soon that the spotlight on BTC & co will start to shine on us as well.

Well there you go and this is how a celebratory post must be done. Mentioning both the good and the bad and even during your stroke period you still doggedly posted every day.
Very impressive and I hope that a lot of newbies read this.
Congratulations mate.

even during your stroke period you still doggedly posted every day.

I posted from the hospital before I even knew I had had a stroke! :D

Well done is all that I can say.

Thank you very much :)

Congratulations brother 🎆 an achievement to be proud of for sure, what a streak. Cheers 🥃

It will be sad when the streak ands - not sure how long til that day, but each day it gets closer :)

Hahaha streaks are meant to be broken I guess, at one point or another. One streak ends, a little break maybe and another streak shall begin soon after.

Absolutely love your posts brother, hopefully the streak continues. Cheers 🥃

Wow this is amazing, I say a big congratulations to you on your 5years anniversary on the hive blockchain, you've come a long way and achieved alot, I look forward to attaining this height some day, Though I'm still bearily 3month old.

Congratulations once again, I wish you a continuous pleasant Hiving experience.

Time on the chain is one thing, activity on the chain another - find what you enjoy doing here - and do more of it :)

Noted, I'll do just that.
THANKS for the advice

Congratulations on such a long crypto/blogging journey!!!


I hope it is not too late to wish you a happy hive birthday?

Never too late.

Congratulations, your post has given me more motivation. Have a nice day.

Te felicito espero sigas cosechando exitos yo apenas empiezo y ahora es que preparo mi presentación aún faltan detalle para publicar