Gotta be this highlight for Hive in 2021 for me!

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Anything for Guilty! hehehe

I always remember my first interaction with him, how kind, generous and helpful he was, and still is. That guy has been rooting for me in the background ever since. So when I saw he had a challenge - DONE. 😍


HANDS DOWN - my Hive highlight is the surprise that we just announced for our project - bringing.... well, now? its up to SIX Hivers together to meet face to face, from all around the world! (Nigeria, England, USA, Malaysia, and South Africa)

Plans always have a twisted way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it! hahaha For 2021, I had GRAND PLANS that started the year - January, in fact! I still remember having the conversation that started it all. I was on a beautiful walk in Florida, talking on Telegram with @penderis and saying "hmmmm do you think we could build this...."

I had the money to fund it,

the time to devote to it, and

the energy to help it grow!

By April - those STEPS had been changed. But the PATH was a bright new path that made it even better (though, a bit longer than we had hoped)!

We launched our project on Hive in June! And my gosh - what a thrill!!! What an absolute thrill to see a baby project being born into the world! Then, the big meetup that we had planned changed, again! Of course, it couldn't fly the way we had planned. It was simply too much money after losing most of my crypto in the April hack.

One of my favorite stories is Stone Soup. It's the ULTIMATE story of how someone begins a "project" of making a community soup for the entire neighborhood, starting with almost nothing.

The main character walks through the town, offering to make a soup to feed all, but all he has to contribute is a smooth stone. Little by little, the community gets excited about the idea of a grand meal for everyone - and offers one thing at a time to make the event a success. One offers the big pot, one offers their harvest of carrots, one offers some onions. On and on these gestures continue until they've all come together to make something as a whole - that they simply couldn't have done alone.

This is exactly how I feel about our project on Hive.

One by one, Hivers have come together offering what they can contribute - and it all started with a "person with a simple stone".

Merry Christmas, Hive family!

p.s. ignore all the aforementioned stuff, I changed my mind... My best highlight was spending some quality face-tatted horse-fairy time with @l337m45732 - duuuuuuuuuuuude. I love you! I choose you over....cough cough anyday. hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!

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with @penderis and saying "hmmmm do you think we could build this...."

Heard that one before I'm pretty sure! LOL. It's amazing to see how far you've all come along. The stone soup is a good one, also your story about the farmers sons(?) and their land (read that one a while ago now) helped with my own perception of what's really important. Never got to say thanks for that one, so here it is!

hehehehe I'm SURE he has heard it from a certain someone. hahaha or probably even someone(s) by now hahahha

and yes - we are so grateful for all the slow building that's happening. and I am certain 2022 is going to be even better for us!!! certain of it.

oh... and i'm kinda keen to see what happens with a certain vyb as well ;)

Merry Christmas Cal. I love you ❤️

Pretty sure his cats have been asked at least a few thousand times by now 🤣

Here's to 2022 and the slow burners! (I'll celebrate with one of those as well LOL)

Merry Christmas to you to Leah, love you too! 😀

hahahahahaha but he's only down to one cat now.
his Mystie


but she is a crackup -that girl loves to talk more than me hehehehe

ohhhhh slow burners. yes.
love that

What an intriguing post 😆😉

Never heard the storuly about stone soup but it is very likely to the fairytail I was told in my childhood - Porridge From an Axe.

I don't know what is your project about but the way you tell about it is so delicious ;) Wish it success in the next year! And to finally meet up with your Hive friends 🧡


I remember the April hack and the uptrennd thing too, so beautiful how you've moved on, worked and gotten a sizeable and worthwhile project going on to make up for those upheavals early in the year. Kudos to you,keep going Tiger Lily😀👍

hehehehe thank you!!!!

It came through a lot of tears - a family that held my hand through it all - a lot of hard work - an amazing team to support this drEEm - and just keep going!

never stopping.

that's key - you can't stop. if you stop, you'll crumble. there are 1000 reasons to crumble and very few to push you forward.

but if those reasons are stronger than the 1000 combined... you will succeed

thank so much for your encouragment and stickign around for the bigger picture! hehehee the small pictures were surely filled with a lot of sadness and hard lessons, weren't they?!?!?! LOL

but I believe the best is yet to come!

Lucky you for such great people in your life 😊

thank so much for your encouragment and stickign around for the bigger picture! hehehee the small pictures were surely filled with a lot of sadness and hard lessons, weren't they?!?!?! LOL


Yea right, about small pictures😅

For sure, the best is yet to come

were you on Uptrennd too??? what was your name there?

Yes, I was on Uptrennd, my name was Nevies Love🌚
I joined in October 2019 but was only active in 2020. I wasn't even active earlier this year before the sell out happened. Did you get the uniswap airdrop? I didn't but many Uptrennd folks did, Uptrennd led them to use uniswap. I myself tried using it but it didn't go through even after they deducted gas fees, imagine! Only for the airdrop to come weeks later 😅

nope hahaha
when they got it - they got like $1600 worth of Uniswap too hahahaha
it was crazy
but nope - i didn't get it hahahahaha

So freakin' excited about this... like a kid before Christmas hehe😜. This is an incredibly epic Hive moment for you to be able to share Dreems. Special times lie ahead indeed for 2022. May it be a wonderful blessing for each and every one of us, in the micro - and macrocosm of Hive, and may we keep dreeming and building together for many years to come. Have an amazing Christmas and New Year. I feel so blessed to be part of your teem. Much love x

hehehehe its gonna be amazing Sam!!!

and our teem is really special! it means more to me than the project itself :)

always people over everything else! the connection is what drives the rest :)

love you - and can't wait to HUG you! hehehehe

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year - and 2022222222 its gonna be awesomeeeeee hehehe

Right back at you. Love you Leah - 💗

Your stone soup, how can anyone not want to join the party? 🤔

Ok, who dis person that’s become part of your highlight? Who? Whoooooo?!
Here’s to me being part of 2022’s 😁

By the way for this year, you back at Hive is one of my highlights 💓

Will be doing my own in a bit ☺️

heheheheheh woooooooooot that's an amazing compliment!
and you in 20222222222222

that is my new poem
youuuuuuuuuuuu in 2022222222222

please tell me when you've gotten your ticket! i'm dying

hahahaha oh that person at the end? LOL he is my special little cookie that i met at HiveFest that is hilarious and so much fun and we made each other part of the highlight cuz we were in DM being silly!!! say hi to @l337m45732 hahahahaha

I'm a special little cookie 🥠 😂

mmmmm you're like the Samoas of the cookie world.

in case you don't know... there is none higher than Samoas. (yeah i know they changed the name but they will always be samoas to me hahaha)


I've never received such a high compliment. Samoas are literally the best cookies that exist.

i am so glad that you recognized the status of that cookie!!!!

Awesome highlights! A real life HIVE meetup is a dream of mine as well. I'd love to get @penderis at the poker table, we've had a lot of fun lately playing Lucksacks poker (which we haven't done lately😖)
Anyway, happy holidays!

red ball.jpg

hahahahahaha i'm sure he would love that too!!!

well you should join in the fun for dreemport!! :)

never know if i'll be doing another meetup for next year or not hahahahaha

I'm sure Pen would love a real live poker game hehehe

i'll tag you in the comment above - so I don't write it again LOL

I'd love to be included in DREEMPORT!

And an @thealliance BLOCK PARTY as well!

oh my gosh - seriously - the alliance blockparty was NO JOKE. it was one of THE BEST memories I have so far on Hive hehehee

for sure - @enginewitty knows that hehehehehe

and with Dreemport - its getting to end of today's cycle -
so don't jump in yet

but in 5 hours - the day will begin again!

Go here..

you do NOT need to worry about email verification. just choose a username and password and jump in!

and here is the walk through step-by-step (but you should be able to see it right away)

DreemPort step by step guide

after you finish your first day - you start earning Dreemtokens! hehehe

don't forget to drop in your own post to share with people!
and when you visit people - make sure to leave a nice comment telling them you found them on DreemPort ehehehehe

hope you enjoy it!!!! :)

Thanks for the info on Dreemport - I joined it today, but too late I guess for today's activities. There's always tomorrow though!
I hope we have an opportunity to meet at the next Block Party!!

we are always off on Saturday and Sunday - we take the weekend off :)

(so that everyone takes a break and enjoys offline life too hahahahah)

But it's about to start up for Monday's cycle!!! so join in the fun this week :)

I love making soup with you @dreemsteem and I know of a whole lot more folk who do too ... I think that's the beauty of it all ... when a community comes together with love and appreciation for each other and everyone wants to make a great soup that feeds and nourishes not just the bellies but the hearts and minds of everyone in it, and beyond ...then that is something worth being a part of... and you're an amazing chef 💗🙏

hehehehe its easy to be a chef when all you bring is a stone and everyone else brings the magic! hahahaha

i've really enjoyed these last 3 days "off" hehehe

but tomorrow - the work begins fresh again!!! hehehehe see you in the morning!

Always good to take time out ... I slept most of Boxing Day away hehe ... Back to normal now and going out exploring the local woods this afternoon with the kids and Jack's new metal detector. He is so excited...he found a buried teaspoon in the front garden last night! One of my teaspoons!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Brett and I had just been saying a few days ago that the teaspoons seem to have all disappeared ... and we were wondering if the kids had been losing them at school on the days they take packed lunches (sometimes they don't like what's on offer in school hot lunches)... we were left scrounging we know ... we may just discover a treasure trove yet of lost kitchen utensils when we explore more of the garden !LOLZ

hahahahahaha that is hilarious!!!!!!!!!! all the teaspoons - hidden treasure in the yard!!! LOLOLOL

i'm so glad you had a relaxing day!! :)

mine is pretty relaxing too - covered in snow here hahaha lots and lots of snow LOL

but its all fine and dandy hehehe noplace to go :) so just enjoying the rest :)

Sounds awesome ...and I must say your pics and clips look so enticing...all that beautiful nature blanketed in white snow... gorgeous and serene. we went into the woods opposite our house today and he found a 1 penny coin from 1990... he asked me excitedly how much I thought it was worth...erm...1 penny 😂 he was so excited though... he's holding out for a Roman coin!

What do you get after the animal dinner party?
Stuffed animals.

@dreemsteem, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @samsmith1971
Use the !LOL or !LOLZ command to share a joke and an $LOLZ. (1/4)

Merry Christmas @dreemsteem. I am pleased to have met you this year.

Most times, we may have a goal and begin to make plans to achieve those goals, but somehow, there might be disappointments which may change the course of the plan. Those disappointments are the road blocks to achieve those goals and to making a proper plan.

heyyyyyyyyy how did your party go!!!! i have to check your post to see if you talked about it yet hahahahahaha

Merry Christmas to you too dear friend :) I love getting to interact with you all the time! hehehehe

I have a feeling a certain someone would go ballistic after reading the last few lines of your post. Lol. Your highlight is amazing– as expected!

hahahahahahah HE DID lololool

WE ARE LAUGHIGN IN DM NOW hahahahahahahahaa

I think the trip is definitely a highlight for everyone that was involved. I like your analogy of stone soup, it's perfect.

hehehehe I actually found the sweet book that I first read as a child and can't wait until it comes in the mail
it took me years to find that particular version!! :)

Wooo, there's nothing like seeing something from when you were little. The nostalgia

and i looked SO long for it!!!!

and i just simply couldn't find it! they have all these other versions available - but i was CERTAIN that it wasn't any of those.

but this one was SO obscure - I just couldn't find it!!!

so just the other day after this post - i decided to just go try one more time

and on the third page - there it was hahahaa
only one available!!! and i got it - and its coming Jan 4-10 hehehehehe yayyyyyyyyyyy

It's extremely rare it seems. I trust you'll keep it like an egg.

yes hehehehe

and iwonder why it was so rare?
i guess people just never read it - but i did! and it meant everything to me :)

i hope i can keep it preserved for a long time hehehe

That was truly a highlight for every dreemer, even those who aren't going on the trip, it shows how even a little seed could be a big tree.

hehehehee and then... a grove of trees! Amen :)

Amen to the trees, hopefully, I am one of them 😆

only way to be a tree is to put down roots and reach for the sky

love you lady!

I love you too, you are amazing.

no you! LOL

If you continue this might never end 😆

The biggest of things started from something so little. It's surprising but a very tiny seed gives birth to the biggest of trees. So its no surprise that this project grew and it still continues to grow.

Like the story of the stone soup, a lot of people have contributed to grow this project and I'm very glad you even thought that the soup could be possible in the first place.

About that meetup, maybe it just wasn't the complete set of people try, hehehe, one was missing o.

Hey @dreemsteem, God bless you for always reaching out to help others with your soup, yours would be replenished a thousand times more

Thank you so much!!!! I do have that faith of the mustard seed - and though it is small, God says its all we need :)

exactly- that meetup was missing someone hehehee the next one will have that person - i'm sure! hahahahaha

God bless you also - and have yourself a Merry Christmas!!! :)

Exactly, that's exactly what we need, no matter how small it may seem. Hey, I should be the one saying thank you!!!!!!

exactly- that meetup was missing someone hehehee the next one will have that person - i'm sure! hahahahaha

I have no doubt , hahahahah, I hope this next one doesn't have any setbacks.

Thanks for the well wishes dear, God bless you plenty !!!!

Let us have faith that even the setbacks will make us stronger and better and more refined :)

I've always loved your free spirit. I can't over emphasize how much of a lovely person you are. You never give up too, I'm sure during those plan changing times and during the hack, you kept on finding new ways to make this work.

Only Dreeemy can do this Postscript!

I knew you would make the whole write up feel so unintentional at the end! It couldn't have ended that way right? Till we had our asses laughing and rolling on the floor eh? Mission successful!

I would make my highlights story soon. I'm happy I have something to highlight at least hehehehe. It been a crazy 4 months on my return to hive. Alot has happened!

!PIZZA !LUV !giphy Merry Christmas


we were in DM and he and I were laughing about it LOLOL I told him I needed to make that P.S. on my post hahahahahahahahahaha

i'm so glad it got you giggling LOLOLOL

and thank you for the beautiful comment!!! :) it means so much to me ❤️ Merry Christmas Sam!!! :)

Awesome narrative, I got so hooked on the Stone soup story, I want more😅🤟
Hopefully 2022 the project kick-start and I'd be sure to join #fact
Thanks for sharing your highlight, amazing really🌸
Cheers and have a merry Christmas💜🎄

hehehehe you know what? I looked everywhere for the version that I read as a child - and i couldn't find it for months - then i'd stop and try again a year or two later, nope.

I couldn't find this version. Every other version would be online - but not the book i wanted.

Today after I talked about it - I looked again and I FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe it hahahahahaa
I ordered it and it will be here in January!!! I'm so excited :)

I love stories, amazing. Would surely be on the look out🤟😎
A Very Merry Christmas to you🎄🎄🎄

That's so cool! It couldn't have happened to a nicer person!!!!! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


thanks lady!!!! hehehehe

i hope i get to see you tomorrow at PYPT again!!!! love seeing the old gang hehehehe

I love the stone soup story I came across it years ago and had forgotten about it but it is such a motivating story

Its amazing what you have built and it will only continue to grow

I have such grand plans weretwin

one of them is being in the same room as you and laughing and talking and looking over some pictures that you took and MAYBE just MAYBE even getting a picture with you! hehehehehe

I can't thank you enough for always being so faithful on our teem hehehehe

and yes - stone soup - isn't it the best!

I read it as a child - and I can't find the one that I had read - can't find it anywhere!

I've look ALL OVER google. I cannot find it - and I know it has to be out there - or else how did I read it?!?!?! LOL

but simply can't find a copy anywhere. lots of OTHER copies... but not THAT copy hehehe

ah well. maybe one day hehehe

One day you will find it I am sure

Glad to help out in the teem just doing my small part

Happy Christmas Eve Eve

FOUND IT AND ORDERED!!!!!! cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

you aren't going to believe this

RIGHT AFTER i sent this comment - something told me to go try again

i have looked for MONTHS for this - actually really over years - but NEVER have found it

there was ONE left on Amazon.

I just got it - and it arrives between Jan 4-10
I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woohoo that’s awesome

I am checking Amazon and multiple sights daily myself fir the new camera I want I decided not to preorder it till I saw feedback on the production model which has all been positive

Mind you it’s not a rush over winter I get out less

i'm excited for you!!! you have to do a post on it when you get it!!! :)

OHh me to, I could order it now with the Kit lens, but paying an extra $200 for a lens I would never use is crazy, and I know so unusual for me I am trying to be sensible these days

But with Winter taking hold I wont be out shooting much so no problem to wait somewhat patiently LOL

hehehehehehehehehe a sensible weretwin? well one of us has to be! hhahahahahaha
hope you're having an amazing Christmas Eve - i'm about to shut things down in about an hour and then start cooking hehehe

Merry Christmas twinsie

Happy Christmas !


all of these gifs that you keep putting in LOLOLOL i'm like - what in the world?!?!?! but then i bust up laughing hahahahaha

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