Līgo (Traditional Latvian Folk Song): NEW MUSIC VIDEO, celebration of Summer, Life, Lammas

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Priscilla Hernandez harpsicle - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

This is my new music video Līgo, a Latvian traditional folk song. For the first time I premier an official Music Video here on block chain at the same time I do in all my networks. It's a celebration of Summer, love and life!

Here you can also click to watch it on youtube as well:

Līgo (later Jāņi) is a solar Goddess, fertility and Health. Even if in the song translation it says "Goddes of Darkness and Mist" which was the first thing that drew me to this song as I myself had made a song called "In the Mist". She is derived from the Roman Rosmenta (The Great Provider) and Baltic Goddess Saule.
Līgo is one of the main festivities and women pick flowers and birch branches and make flower garlands to wear in their heads and also bathe like nymphs in ponds and rivers. Men also wear wreaths made of Oak leaves. People celebrate around born fires and it's tradition to stay up all night until dawn. I hope to visit Latvia one day to see, enjoy and experience this tradition. It was my Latvian friend @lindahas who told me about it and encouraged me to do this song. Celebrations with marked pagan roots, and the little pleasures of the rural life by the countryside.
So Linda, thanks very much for introducing me to the music of your country, and this is kind of a belated gift for your Name Day that I know was a few days ago.

Ligo latvian song - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Also in the song another deity Māra is mentioned who is the highest-ranking goddess in Latvian mythology, Mother Earth and "provider of bread". . She is also a protector of women and children related with many ancient folk traditions relating to renewal and fertility.

priscilla Hernandez sunflowers - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com)-5.jpg

Filming the video. A celebration of Nature and Summer

As usual I had the help of my partner @hedac to film, though this time the entire edit is mine and I'm quite proud of the learning process and encouraged to do more of these. Most of the video has been filmed late Spring and this Summer as my surrounding fields have gone from green to golden to celebrate both Summer Solstice and Lammas (Harvest). Locations included the abandoned village of Guendulain that is surrounded by fields and a lovely pond, but also other locations in Navarre and Aragon.
My garland was a birthday gift from my friend and fellow illustrator Lisselotte Eriksson.

We had several animal guests :)

Guest starlet Pikku aka "Cookie Monster" the Duck

zizur - by Héctor Corcín.jpg

There is a little pond in Guendulain (a deserted village in Navarre, Spain) right in Saint James Way we often visit. And there we usually find a fellow duck very fond of cookies. As we have met several times and it grew confident to approach to us (and/or our cookies) we named (him/her) Pikku (Duck in Finn) and filmed several scenes featuring it. This talented bird actor was well paid in treats ;-). The video include also some companions and even baby ducklings (aww factor).


Other guest animals

There was a corn burnting bird on a blackberry bush for over a month... every day on our morning stroll it would greet us. It appears (and also its chick) at several spots of the video. I grew used to see it perched on the same branch always and I'm happy I've captured that memory in the video as well. I will miss you "Pichuichui" until next year where another corn burning bird goes to that branch... or is it you? like the year before? I fancy to think it's you, the one and only. Thanks for making an appearance in this project too.

 - by Hector Corcin.jpg

Another special moment that appears in the video was a little deer that approached to me :). Oh it was totally a Disney Princess moment (sorry for my hyper of awwws here)

Priscilla Hernandez and fawn - by Priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

Another location included a field of wild Allium in the woods. This is one picture taking "Behind the Scenes"

ligo latvian - by Héctor Corcín.jpg

Special thanks and dedicatory

Dedicated to my friend @lindahas who encouraged me to learn a song in her Latvian native language. Thanks very much for introducing me to the lovely traditional music of your country and for recording a spoken version for me to try my best. I a aware my pronunciation is not perfectbut it was done with utter respect. And I have the feeling it won't be the last Latvian traditional I will sing because you know I'm already in love with another.

Lammas: Celebration of the Harvest

wheat - by Hector Corcin.jpg

It is a period that starts the first of August until the 1st of September in many European countries.
This holiday can be celebrated either as a way to [honor the god Lugh, or as a celebration of the first wheat harvest. t is

Līgo ( A Latvian traditional song)

 - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg


Latvian (Original)

Līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
Tumsas māte, miglas māte līgo, līgo,
Aiz ezera velējāsi līgo.
Dun bauzīte, čukst vālīte līgo, līgo,
Ievelk mani niedrājāi līgo.
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
Viegli gāju pār ūdeni līgo, līgo,
Kā spārnota gaigaliņa līgo.
Zelta niedri zinādama līgo, līgo,
Viņā krasta galiņāi līgo.
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
Nu atbridu, nu atradu līgo, līgo,
Zeltniedrīti nolūzušu līgo.
Jaunu meitu vainadziņi līgo, līgo,
Dučiem vīta krastmalāi līgo.
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
Tumsas māte, miglas māte līgo, līgo,
Pacel savu villainīti, līgo.
Lai redzēja mīļā Māra līgo, līgo,
Kā niedrīti dziedināti, līgo.
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo

English (Translation)

līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
Goddess of darkness, goddess of fog līgo, līgo,
Was being purified on the other side of the lake līgo.
Reeds are thundering, flowers with long stalks whispering līgo, līgo,
Their voices tempt me into the shrubs and reeds by the lake līgo.
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
Lightly I walked over the water of the lake līgo, līgo,
Like a light-winged bird līgo.
I knew a golden reed līgo, līgo,
To be on their side of the lake līgo.
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
I shakily reached my destination and found līgo, līgo,
Finding my broken golden reed līgo.
With dozens of young girls wreaths līgo, līgo,
The lakeside was scattered (with them) līgo.
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo
Goddess of darkness, goddess of fog līgo, līgo,
Raise your woolen cape, līgo.
So that dear Māra līgo, līgo,
Knows how to heal my reed līgo.
līgo, līgo, lī
līgo, līgo, līgo

Videoclip making of  - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

If you like my videos please consider to subscribe to my d-tube and youtube channels


All photos and video filmed by me and @hedac

Music (Traditional, Latvian Folk song)
Arrangements by Priscilla Hernandez
Voice and backing vocals, Harp, Latvian Kokle, recorder, piano, chalumeau, small percussions by Priscilla Hernandez
Frame Drum performed by Héctor Corcín @hedac
A Kokle is a Latvian plucked string instrument belonging to the Baltic psaltery, also known as kantele (Finland), Gusli (Russia) or Kankle (Lithuania). I play one during the video.



You can support getting this song from my site or bandcamp


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Priscilla Hernandez
singer-songwriter & illustrator

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I’m a bit lost for words... which let’s be honest, is unusual for me. You bring so much talent and value to this platform in so many ways. This is just stunning.

@Ned, this is what your trending page should look like. When you get serious about wanting to bring in new readers and investors.. let me know.

Justine, thanks so much for your words, they mean so much to me... I kind of felt unsure, I don't know why. And well there you see my surrounding locations if you ever want to come to visit... with cake, cookies (or Tiramisu to lure Pechi to come). Thanks always for your kind and constant support as a fellow Steemian friend, and for providing yourself my dose of beauty to keep me reading myself the platform (aka I love your feed but you know that) :)

Oh my dear friend, your talent is out of this world and you don’t even know it. Your huge heart can be seen by all, you are one in a million girl! Take that to heart and believe it.. you are special.

Annnnnddd I’m always in for cake and cookies, let’s do it! ❤️

And you and everyone made me teary eyed again :). Catching up today, as I told you somewhere else, yesterday I got literally lost in the woods :) trying to send the love back to you all. Thanks so much.

This is one of the most beautiful expressions of music and nature imaginable. I feel immersed and one with the universe now. A thousand thank you's for this gift you shared. You're so beautiful I want to marry you right now.

Awww blush thank you so much Luzcypher and also to my @openmic family for the encouragement and support. So many signs of love I woke up with. I have been fighting my not video editing friendly computer but it was worth and I am overwhelmed and grateful with all the love and will try to address everyone with thanks. I have shared other videos one, Grow, I mentioned I would like to share with you because I think it connects with one of your songs so I may dare share with you if you do not mind.
Dunno what else to say
I feel encouraged and loved and wanting to share more including open mic. ♥️♥️♥️ Thank you 🐀

"I kind of felt unsure" <--- always so humble @yidneth... once again, beautifully performed, magically orchestrated, and the imagery swiftly takes you away to a lovely dreamy place where one can float away on a bed of clouds! 😊

Aww Alex thanks always for your constant support since day zero, and you always have the sweetest reviews your comment is so pretty that I am going to dare ask you to post it on youtube? Linda commented on ig ♥️ so hopefully make her feel special and well, see all this little army of love. Dtube has not upvoted, at least yet, still you all sent me briefly to trend. The community. Thanks ♥️♥️♥️

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Haha so far aiming for dtube to see it... But honestly happy and encouraged and the cuddly warm feeling of so much love, the effort of many small and manual curations and the people. Thank you all

Haha so far hope dtube sees it... Ned is aiming too high. Still I woke up to all this overwhelming love, even brief trending, on the merit of you all, the community. I have hurting cheeks.

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Aww thank you so much. I think I replied other comment up there. I feel overwhelmed and happy bybeveryones support and those best wishes back to you and all my open mic family.

Aww Carl thanks, Llfarms maybe triggered something there... Well so far no @dtube, I confess that doing the post so well and organically just thanks to the community should give them a clue to support back. I think they already take part of the post wether they do or not. I still trust they might more even with all the lovely shout outs it is having from friends. But I learned once it is bettee not to expect and just be grateful if things happen. See all the little curation teams together manually... All the lovely comments. It means a lot to me. I saw curie gave me a small vote even if I was not eligible due to payout, that small curie has been the biggest to me. We all fear to echo on silent halls when we go through the "long way" yet I have felt seen, and cuddled. And it is Sunday so I will be replying all as my vp allows but today is Nature day, out we go!!!
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I totally agree with you there and somehow sounds funny in a GOOD way! :D and Oh my god! @yidneth This is a real deal!!!! You put sooooo much into it and I love the nature and how beautiful the scenes are! One of the best! on Steem blockchain for sure!!!!!

Thanks so much for the encouragement. Been around active since February and I do honestly try my best in my feed. To see the community coming up together to lift my spirits and confidence this way, thanks so much

@ned please see above comment and this post to shape the future of STEEM..

Can I just say how great it is to see so many curation efforts come together to make sure this amazing work is rewarded. It shows steemit isnt so broken after all, maybe it just needs alittle help, and coming together is the first step. ❤️

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I totally concur @llfarms
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Unfortunately, Bidbots are ripe in the top flight!

Damn that's entrancing. Love it. Pretty impressive the wild deer coming up to you. Shows the harmony in your soul.

Actually there is a little trick for other deer (not this one) that appeared in grow and will appear in forthcoming video, I befriended a family of deer stag included bringing carrots twice a month, and they come to me like pets now. But this one was in another place and random deer, it was juvenile and actually I wasn't even feeding him there, so it was really sweet, kind of empathy!

Amazing Yid. Just so amazing. You put the bar so high for all of us. 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌❤❤❤❤❤

Thank you Marica, it's my first upload to dtube in a while, I cannot get to play it from firefox, does it work for you? And well this is me, this Summer and the place I live in, :) I edited this one myself though @hedac was an attentive teacher

hmmm I'm thinking of plotting something... will tell you soon!

Ok, so if Curie doesn't show up here... i would be blown away...

this was just beautiful, actually the word beautiful falls short...

Stunning nature, stunning video.... loved it...

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@markangeltrueman thanks heartily, because I have been working so hard in this one, I welcome the encouragement it means even if it's a symbolic one. It means a lot to me, thanks. I have grown this account organically I have never used a bot, I usually rely on random votes that curiously always come from different users... but the meaning of it really does encourage me. It tells me, means you see me and tell me you've made a bigger effort and encourages me to do more, plus I see fellow curators leaving their feedback which for me is the true reward. thanks to Curie team!

I used a bot once but I didn't inhale. I didn't like the way it made me feel and have never tried it again.

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Curie is awesome and one of the reasons I stayed on Steemit when I first started. Love you guys.

@svemirac I was not really asking for it, though this is a new video and this is a two months effort post, so if ever needed encouragement on one, this is the one, the first in almost a year of the kind. I've been curied three times and already grateful. I never lose hope though as it's also stated that sometimes rules are overlooked when there is a significant breakthrough or advance, so I won't expect it but I don't lose hope of it either. Thanks and all the team, I know it goes anyway to needed places and I trust manual curation and everything you do. And Meno for the good wishes.

well you are here... your comment has value too... honestly more than upvotes... I want a standing ovation, this is just beautiful!

Thank you Meno so much. See my cookie monsters friends... Summer has not ended. Happy Lammas

Meno I left a little thank you helpie video on the discord :)

Such an enchanting and mystical music. You never disappoint @yidneth. Not only do you provide top notch vocals, you also add pictures and writing. Your beauty tops it all of course 😘😘😘

That's what quality posts should look like. I wish I could upvote you with more than 100% voting power.

Aye Aye, my Captain @drakos! Thanks always for stopping by and for the constant encouraging you provide... believe me it's not unnoticed and It's very appreciated. I try my best and well that's my region This late Spring and Summer so far :) because Summer has not ended and we are still "harvesting" the seeds we planted.
Thanks always for the support
your ratty steemian fellow friend! :)

As a latvian I'm surprised by your work here.
You must be in Latvia at Līgo celebration. It's totally worth it- songs,dance, Līgo cumin cheese, and a lot of beer :)

But about this song- You nailed it. Top noch!!!! Thank you so much, if more people would be like you.
Greetings from Riga :)

Yay, the third Latvian fellow that joins me here :) Can I make a question?
Can you understand me? It was done with lots of respect but I speak no Latvian, I am in fact from Spain, so I hope I do not have the funniest accent, so I was a bit concerned about that. Well the thing is that as a tradition I've been wearing garlands and bathing in rivers in Summer Solstice XD but your country were celebrating this all time alone :). I play the kantele/kokle and well my original music is more film-music fantasy, but I do enjoy traditional music if it has that "fantasy" nostalgic element to it. I befriended a Latvian friend @lindahas and she encouraged me, so I took it as a challenge and well, for all my friends and followers it was unexpected too XD. And yes it's now in my bucket list to do things in life... Celebrate Līgo

Greetings back from Spain, where this was filmed, though I tried to look locations that I thought looked like rural Europe, something I think the celebration has in common. In fact I'm now inclined to make a little version of another Latvian traditional but I can't make the words out clearly yet. I found a version but no lyrics online yet, but well there might be another ;-)

Answer to your question- Yes of course I can understand you very well.

There is a thing- In Latvia living loads of people who can't say a single word in Latvian language, and those people living here already for many years...this makes me respect your work even more, cause I think our language is not the easy to pronounce. I guess it's all about practice. :)

And I thought that video is filmed here in Latvia, that was dope!!! For sure looking forward to see more of your masterpieces.

This was so beautiful - entrancing. Your work is always such amazing quality!!! It looks like something i would see on TV! :) I am so glad to always see you thriving here :)

Your music is so calming and beautiful <3 I love that you take the time to film all the little insects and everything.... that is so time-consuming! You can see how seriously you take your work! Every little bit is perfect!! :)

Wonderful job and congratulations on your huge success on this post, my friend! :)

This video is fantastic! The singing, the video editing, all blends together seamlessly with the rhythms.

I also like the glowing sunflower.

Thank you, plus as you can see all the animal friends were well paid in cookies :) thanks for your support always!

it is a lovely video indeed :) Will you be celebrating lammas ?The whole town is empty what is the story ? BTW your video missed one protagonist ...


Oh but for me it has many protagonists, all my animal friends, it's a celebration of the Sun and how we must be grateful for what Nature provides to us, to me and to the smallest ones too. And i'm sure the vulture is in the sky but unseen from the plane of the movie, it's there, sure!
But most of all it's a tribute to my steemian friend @lindahas who encouraged me to sing in Latvian when I have no idea hahah XD

Lol i meant one protagonist was missing this one > vulture.gif

It's hovering in the sky, didn't you see it?

Yes just reread it lol old woman just woke up lol ....<3

p.s what did your latvian friend say did you do it justice :) and who knows if reincarnation really is a thing you might have lived there once :)

I think she hasn't still listened to it quite yet... she is @lindahas here on steemit absolutely adorable girl!

I'm biting my nails, this is when she comes and say... Pris what are you saying I don't understand hahaha!

LOL thats when you change latvian to was speaking in tongues ;)

hahah I hope I've done fine. It's done with love and I really fell in love with the song... in fact I may give a try to another latvian traditional about the sea... like I fell in love with some of the songs, and this is not for my album or anything, just for fun... loosing knots...
took long, been trying to get things finished and actually her name day was a few days ago and I'm a bit belated!

she told me over instagram and also another fellow latvian friend here told me they can understand me weee!

Ow dear @yidneth what have you done again this time that is even more fantastic that the last ones. This payout it totally how it should be because you deserve all the recognition in the world! <3

The fact that it is entirely organic and itbis the community who came together to make it trend. I have no words

Absolutely stunning performance, Priscilla – not sure I have more words than that; you've taken them with your magical voice. <3 Thank you for sharing your brilliance with all of us. I hope to see more video-edits from you. ;) xo


I started one I left pending a while back and starting to plot a welcome of Autumn. Thanks do much. I know Hector knows best and has more wizardry but it was fun and I got in my animal friends because O am sure the x factor here was Pikku the duck
Thanks Zippy, I know you handle this as a job so your compliment means tons to me ♥️🐀
How is the baby possum? Just came home and collapsed in bed, we got a bit lost in our hike lol

Absolutely stunning, this is a multimedia experience of joy on an epic level. The quality of your work is always exemplary, and you must be at the top of Steemit's quality content producers - if anyone wanted a blog post to share around the internet that says come to Steemit and enjoy amazing content - this is certainly the post.

#thealliance #witness

Wow, never expected something, anything Latvia-related from you, let alone a huge post like this with your amazing rendition of this folk song! I am Latvian myself and I thank @lindahas for showing it to you.
And, of course - thank you for making this and spreading the word about the mythical wonder that is the Latvian pagan tradition.

Awww are you Latvian? weee.... Well I love all folklore from all countries but I have a soft spot for traditional music, all across European countries. I am myself quite on the "go to the woods like an elf full time" LOL and when I joined steemit I immediately befriended Linda and we both talked about wearing garlands and the traditions of MidSummer. Then Lammas (Harvest) is all August and well been plotting this a while because it was her name day a few days ago.
So yes I have on my bucket list now a celebrating Ligo in Latvia one of these years :)

pd. expect the unexpected... see what little miracle has happened too with this post :)

Just one question, could you understand a word of what I say? I don't speak your language, so my excuses if I mispronounce it. Tried my best :)

Sorry, I forgot to mention - your Latvian pronunciation is spot on! That was one of the things that struck me most - it sounds as if this is performed by a Latvian folklore band and I love it all the more for it :)

Awww you just made my day... it was my biggest concern to mispronounce, because I have done it with utter respect. I fell in love with this song (and another one I found that I can't really make the words out so I may knock knock to you and Linda for assistance). Actually I do wear garlands and I've spend a few solstices soaking in freezing ponds and rivers, so I found sweet I was celebrating Ligo, just on my own anyway.

You are the sweetest sunflower Queen!! This is so beautiful and your harp playing is just perfecto! I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning playing with some wonderful musicians under the bright big Full Moon...... slowly made some coffee this morning, opened my Steem to this what an epic way to wake up and see your sunflower sunshine... !! Keep inspiring us! Love and Huggies....

Awww Kimmy, so this is me and my neighbouring fields and groves Summer 2018. So a bit of mybpresent self that always misses you sonmuch and long one day we can build new lovelybmemories together. Btw got lost hiking just returned from the forest under the full moon. Huuuuugggggggs. Collapsing now but catching up with you tomorrow

Beautiful, no more no less. Landscapes remind me my hometown area in Poland... and make me homesick but in a good way. Thanks for sharing!

Awww It's kind of a call a quieter life maybe... the joys of the rural life... I hope one year I can rent a van and tour Europe, countries and traditions, Northern Lights in Norway, countryside in Poland, Ligo celebrations in Latvia, it would be lovely, thanks always for stopping by and showing your support. You know yours is one my my favourite feeds all over steemit. I know I have told you before. Then I insist because I do do mean it :)

This post is of epic proportions!
Are you available to help me produce a video, if, I fly myself and guitar over to you?
Your photography and artwork are also immense!
The song speaks for itself Pris, I've been transported back to early medieval Europe, and the enchanted forest pixies that follow me into the water nymphs domain!
They are the kind of images you create in my mind with your magical sounds and visuals.
It's a real pleasure to have met you here and I treasure these amazing posts of yours.
I just have to echo what @luzcypher and everyone else has said!
A true work of art Pris!
Much love
PS. How I wish I had the time and resources to produce such amazing video footage! (I fear I'm not even in your league)

Darren, I was leaving love at your last
Yes, it got lots of love, still overwhelmed, I think it was a community effort. I use no promotions so any post can range from one dollar to this lol I still need to brace to resume on normality next.
Well believe it or not this video was filmed around my house except the big lake in a hike.

I made this one, Hector helped me filming but I edited the whole thing during Summer and that is the duck I bring cookies too, and the bird on my blackberry bush. So I filmed details of Summer around me. As hector is busy (production is mine too exceot for frame drum) I selected all clips and edited it all myself with his supervision, so this one was a learning process for me. It has no fancy fx or transitions, it is not filmed with the best camera... It just had lots of tine while I learned (only took me two months lol while fields changed colours). You livevin UK close to countryside. My recommendation is film footages when you see pretty things, and aim for simple elegant videos. If I were there we would be likely dueting a celtic one on a beautiful moor. Hmmm you never know ;) you bring tea and I Spanish ommelette.

Thanks for stopping by...

Start filming, you got good looks, good music and pretty countryside. Go for it!

Thanks hun! Sending big musical hugs to you!

ahh and thanks for the rat meme, from my cafeteria it did not load, saw it now ;-) wink!

Absolutely breathtaking! You are truly rad & immensely inspiring my sweet, adorable friend ❤️
Thank you for bring YOU, for bringing so much class & style 💕
I am blessed to call you my friend 💞

That has been my Summer so far, the cookie monster duck, the corn bunting in the blackberry bush, the deer encounters... So glad to share it with you all
And now 🐀
Let me tell you something, girl
I am proud of being your friend too 🌱🌱🌱

Thank you for sharing your beautiful Summer with us <3
That makes so super happy sweet, sweet soul <3

Beautiful , the music , the audio , the scenery , the photography , colors.. and PIKKU!! This was sooo pretty Pris ! loved every second of it :) .. Makes me wanna go visit and have some cookies with Pikku.. can I come over??

Much love

Pechi <3

Pikku made it to trending... Pechi... I can't even say it's my credit cos he's the true star in this... yes come over... @LLfarms is gonna bring cake and Tiramisu hahhaha
@hedac went yesterday to the pond to gift Pikku some cookies for his good work, but he wasn't there... but he's been part of my Summer and I hope we will cross paths again. Here he is forever :)
little starlet...
bit demanding on cookie payment but it was worth...
such feathers, such glistening eyes, such gliding on pond ease! :)


Ohh, Priscilla. I know now why this has taken so long and I am so enchanted with your voice, as always, but also the videography is stunning! And it's such a beautiful thing to witness how well all of your spring and summer travels have meshed together into this one great journey of the living. I love itAnd yiu are so beautiful. The sunflowers are my favorite besides the beautiful animals! And what is that little critter at 2:33?
So much admiration for you, Pris, and Hector clearly did an amazing job too!
Well done, big cheers and lots of love!


There is a beetle and then a dragonfly
Awww I told you about Pikku, and the corn bunting bird and its chick haha do I guess you recognize my fellow friends from recent conversations.
Thanks do much for the encouragement Serena, always
So next time in the fields pick some flowers for your hair, a warm sunny kiss from this side of the pond

What a wonderful song and what a great post again!
You do bring so much here and it always blows me away!
The time and effort that you put in shows!
wow wow wow and some more wow!
You rock woman

best wishes
Your snekky friend

Sneeeeeekkkyyyyyy!! Thanks so much...
Look at the little miracle that has happened...! Thanks to all the community, to all the manual curation teams like yours...
No bid bots, not even the dtube vote so far (hoping still they see me) but just the love of the whole community sent me to trending!!

I want to say thanks to you always for your kindness and your constant support and for doing what you do, precisely this, curating people and making their day

This was my rat Ritva, she's looking at you with loving starry filled eyes... ![ritva-birchbranch.jpg]

Lots of apples!

This gave me the chills. Just so good, the footage / video work is just perfect, the magical accompaniment to your pure voice. Wow!!!!! I love, love, love it!!!

Aww thanks so much, the arrangements are mostly acoustic, I actually play that Latvian instrument though I'm from Spain and I speak no Latvian. It was kind of the challenge of a fellow steemian and I made my own twist. All locations are around my area, as I've seen the fields going from green to gold this Summer and well the little critters and such... Pikku the duck, and the corn bunting on that blackberry bush, they have been the companions of my daily strolls and I wanted them to be there part of something... this season, this Summer, that has not ended yet

and well you see the little miracle that has happened... all I can say is thank you all

So hit the trending this once just because of the people (not even dtube yet)
I was undergoing a kind of you know, a big of down time... not leaving, I'm here but I only have time to post a few times a week and I try at least that those posts are worth, so you always fear to echo on silent halls... but yesterday I found myself being nominee for MAM by my fellow friends and then this...
And I need now my vp to recover to reply and do proper thanks cos I think I fried it hahaha for good!

thanks so much...
pd. playing the harp on the floor (I think I told you in your post) looks easy... but the ticks, the hard floor hahaha ... it's like the river poses hahaha LOL
Stilll that's a true part of myself, I'm actually wearing greens and carrying my harp to the woods
for no reason :) hahah just because I love to play outdoors

OH! That was delightful! My kids and I watched it twice, and I'm still humming the tune. Thank you so much for sharing this here, and for being you. The beauty you make inspires so many. Much love!

Aww thanks sweet princess.. Yes, I am no Latvian but I fell in love with the tune and in fact I'm tempted to do still another traditional one from that country I fell in love with... I just hope my pronunciation is good enough... these are all my neighbouring fields as they have shifted during Summer :) I know you appreciate the simple beauty of Nature.

This is super fantastic ,im latvian ,trully love your version. Keep it amazing always 👌👌💓💓

Aww what a compliment and you're the fourth Latvian coming to comment to the post... and all with a lovely word... It was done with utter respect for your tradition, though my pronunciation might not be perfect, was done with great love. Thanks for stopping by!

OMG! This is just stunning, this post is beautiful in so many ways, really I wasn't pending of your work outside the OpenMic but now I'll be more closer to you. I LOVE this! I feel happy after meeting this work, you give so much value to the platform, really thank you a lot Priscilla, you're showing us what Steemit should be, good vibes and blessings always.

hahhah awww thanks so much, oh my don't worry, we are making connections, not hurrying the speed of them :)
well there have been quite a few videos shared already, some a bit more ambitious than this one :) though I'm happy I edited this one entirely on my own.
I recommend you "In the Mist", "Grow" and if you want to understand my love for rats "No Matter what they say"

But this time I premiered on blockchain... :)

And all blessings back to you

A very nice song in my opinion, produced very well, cool sound architecture, beautiful video. My daughter liked it too, what means a thing.
Congratulations and good luck.
Thank you for making music.

you amaze me with every new post! Congrats to all involved, lovely video and song

Awww thanks so much, this was just late spring and all Summer so far, all in the fields around me and some local groves, so I guess that's been my Summer so far :). Thanks so much for listening/ watching and always for your support as well as the sma community :)

this was very very beautiful!! what a gorgeous place and you fit into it so well. i loved when you touched the deer. blessings.

Awww, thanks to everyone :) I have befriended a family of deer feeding them with carrots for a year and I'm doing a videoclip with them, but this was another grove and another deer, he just came :) aww

amazing video and beautiful song! the vocals and the photography are incredible on this. I loved the shots of the swaying grass and the secluded glens, especially the 6th shot in and the special affect shot with the sunflower! and all the aminals and insects!!! just love all of it to bits :) gonna listen again!

Thank you, it's all filmed in my surroundings and I never like to miss the little bug or the little butterfly. That duck and the corn bunting bird have been my true friends this summer (cookie devourers too)... guess it's a call to pastoral quieter life nostalgia... Enjoy the rest of the Summer
the warm long days
and above all
be grateful of what you harvest
In the crops... or in life

Esto es una belleza. Siempre logras transportarnos a otro mundo con tus obras. Se siente la paz, tu amor y respeto hacia la naturaleza. ¡Felicidades!

Awww gracias chicos, de corazón chicos. Me alegra que os haya transmitido eso y todos vuestros buenos deseos para vosotros de vuelta por dos.

Yidneth te has convertido en una inspiración para mi tengo mucho que agradecerte !

Awww muchísimas gracias, esta es una canción popular del norte de Europa pero en el feed y network verás también mis temas originales, muchísimas gracias de veras. Soy la primera sorprendida de ver todo el amor que está recibiendo este post de forma orgánica... Gracias, comunidad!

jejeje todavia hay seres humanos detras de el complejo hardware y software..! si escudrino tu web y feed en mis tiempos libres <3

hahah sí siempre somos más complejos de lo que muestra una pantalla, todos únicos :)

Absolutely beautiful! I am struggling to find the right words to you honey, this was a pure pleasure to listen and you look amazing as always! 💚💚💚

Thank you so much Petra, :) It was really the "right" post for me to get the encouraged in because I've been working on it for a couple of months. And thanks for the compliment as well. :) That's been my summer, my morning strolls to the pond, the duck I befriended, the corn bunting bird at the blackberry bush...

me encanta tu trabajo, esta lleno de fantasia, se lo mostre al equipo de trabajo y lo disfrutaron, que lindo saber lo que se va construyendo por el mundo.

Muchísimas gracias, es una canción tradicional de Letonia, una celebración del verano y todas las localizaciones pues mi verano de este año a mi alrededor, me alegra mucho que te guste, no es mi idioma nativo y eso me preocupaba un poco. Gracias por ver y escuchar!

wooow Priscilla, beautiful! !!!! I'm speechless!

Thank you so much, I am very honoured you like it. Just back from foraging blackberries. Nomm

Wooooowwww @yidneth! I feel awful for missing this post, video and the whole trending thing! I watched the video just now and it's simply gorgeous. You've already been showered in compliments and I have nothing to add to them. It's breathtaking and shows your artist soul in a very true way <3

I've visited Latvia and hope you will do so too! It's a gorgeous place and clearly it inspires you :-)

Thank you so much and I am always gratefulfor the feedback both here and on youtube. Love was overwhelming. I am very encouraged. Thanks for watching it ♥️

Though I intend to write a proper thank you post, somehow I feel compelled to leave a comment on my own here as well... THANK YOU COMMUNITY, It was unexpected and it was encouraging... and yes we are surfing harsh times on Steemit yet you placed briefly in trending a humble minnow ORGANICALLY and most importantly I've been blessed with your lovely and amazing feedback. Thanks to all the curation teams for almost coordinate like a little army...
I have felt the love and I'm grateful
Steem on!

Here a pannel of selfies and phone pics while filming
ligo - by priscilla Hernandez (yidneth.com).jpg

This was incredible! The song and the music video edit. Great job! If you run out of ideas for songs, do some Lord of the Rings or Hobbit covers.....:) hehe my favorite movies.

I usually do fantasy videos, in the vibe of lotr, but mostly inspired in my own works as I am an illustrator of fantasy myself. I love Tolkien though :) and Ende... This is an example of a "more fantasy approach" which actually is the usual one :)

Wow this was incredible! Loved it! :) Yeah fantasy is awesome. I grew up loving fantasy, movies like Legend, Willow, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, in my early years, and playing Dungeons and Dragons with my brothers and friends. We even filmed a cheesy D&D Fantasy style feature length film, but we never finished it. Too many visual effects that needed to be done. This was back in 2002 thru 2004 haha. Then I posted the trailer on YouTube in 2010. haha it was a good experience, but wouldn't do it again like we did. We didn't have nearly enough crew, nor money, to do a movie like this. haha here it is if you want to see it.

I have some friends that also made their own attempts at fanmade movies and webseries, not one but two groups of friends, one work now for GoT costumes sometimes. I also grew with the same movies so I guess we're aroudn the same times. My favourites were The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth, those were my icon fantasy movies. I actually know how to play most of those soundtracks, including Legend and others. Yes, visual effects are complex and my computer is old. I've had a few "subtle fantasy with subtle effects" like sometimes less is more, and I think some of them are elegant. I'd recommend "In the mist " at youtube.com/yidneth It's not heigh or epic fantasy but subtle. Yidneth in fact is not my artistic name but the name of my comic I make fantasy illustration as well, and that's my way to "make the movie" my albums became "illustrated projects" that serve the "story". Not this song, this is a traditional folk and actually not my native language :)
I liked the fairy! :) of course :)


hehehe yes! The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth are awesome! I heard somewhere that Labyrinth was being remade, either as a movie or TV series. That would be so cool! haha my computer is very old too, and it gets tough to do complicated effects on it now days. Yidneth is a really cool fantasy name. :) My main fantasy name is Kain Ringthorn. haha

Yes "Yidneth" is now almost my alter-ego but it's really the name of my company and "story", the story is scattered in different formats, in both released albums (also third) in a old graphic novel here and there
Here a drawing I made in the mid nineties for that super super super old works :) hahaha but it grew (both in style and in complexity since)

By the way, it's The Dark Crystal which is getting a prequel series on Netflix :) I happen to be friend of the Frouds because we have coincided in conventions I've performed or as illustrators, they were the original designers of Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal (and Yoda) and they're back in so it's gonna be awesome :).

Wow Priscilla that image looks amazing!! :) I didn't know that about The Dark Crystal. But Labyrinth is definitely getting a new movie too. At least according to this, haha https://movieweb.com/movie/labyrinth-2019/

Both excitement and fear

It's awesome video and the music is amazing, what is the language ? ☺

latvian... do you recognize certain things? i don't :(

No, but I feel the Russian soul in the music anyway, it's really nice, I'm listening for the second time. ☺

It is Latvian, I am Spanish but fellow steemian @lindahas challenged or better encouraged to record this. The instrument I play is russian is called Gusli.

By the way half of my band (former) but still friends were from russia :)

Good, I've been living in Russia for more than 8 years. My mother and wife are Russians and my son now as well.☺

So far four Latvian steemians have popped in the post :) I'm happy

logoAsset 5@2x copy.png

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Thank you so much, I will surely check it out and grateful of the recognition!

Thank you so much to you and all the small curation teams that have done this little miracle :) thanks

This wouldn't be out of place on something like the soundtrack to an Elder Scrolls game. Absolutely wonderful stuff.

You may want to check my video "In the Mist" on youtube it's more on LOTR vibe :) You can find it here youtube.com/yidneth

I'll check it out. Coincidentally im watching Return Of The King right now :)

I used to be the nerdiest Tolkien fan ever... especially as an early teenager (way before the movies) I even was challenged by Tolkien society to spend the night in the cemetery by his grave and I have a funny story about it...I still love Lord of the Rings, more the book than the movies and Tolkien was framed like grandpa portrait in my room for years... I love fantasy, well I paint and sing and compose fantasy... and I grew up playing rolegames, cards and comics...

Fav fantasy movie is The Dark Crystal though


That was stunningly beautiful Yidneth.... ;9) great job!

Aww thanks so much dor the encouragement and the listening

nice one. interesting music, nice shots. I would probably like some longer scenes, but that is an preference and it's from a total hobist in filming.

I usually have the help of my partner in the edition of the music videos, in this one he still helped me film but I made the edition myself, I tried to follow the rythm of the music though I may have made a few newbie mistakes.. :) My partner has more experience than I have.

no all it's fine, just some shots are great so i would love to have more time to see them. but in other hand i know how hard is to make longer shots, how much equipment and dedication is needed to make it good.

Thanks for the feedback, guess in edition it also goes down to personal taste, though I'm sure there are many mistakes in editing I'm no professional but try my best

i love it beautiful rockstar @yidneth

or etherealstar :) :)
I would say maybe a star sounds like such a big word
but then dim stars are dim cos they are far... maybe not because they are small
thanks for making me feel bright!

Gorgeous! 😍 And I was going; AHHHH! There's Pikku! 😂He's so sweet.🦆
Amazing job all over.

Pikku Cookie Monster.gif

He is the true starlet of the video... look, he's in and we made it to trending... I can't even say it's my credit LOL hahah because he's the star!!!
Thanks for your lovely comment :) Andrea. lots of love to you!

Liked and resteemed

Thanks so much. Heartily appreciated.

This is such a brilliant video! I love the song! The nature there is breathtaking! Thank you for sharing and I wish you all the very best!

I usually share videos of my original songs here but this one is a folk traditional from a country that is not my own... I am from Spain!! :) but it was kind of a challenge as I befriended a fellow Latvian steemian and fell in love with the tradition and well, tried to do my own version. Thanks for the kind wishes! :)

I'm sure that your friend loved what you've done!

Oh she finally did listen and watch it :) and I'm really happy she could understand me :) in fact I've been overwhelmed with lots of Latvian love from fellow latvian steemians

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You did a fantastic job, it was really good.

Thank you so much, all locations are around me as I've been observing their shift during the Summer

Wow, Priscilla... in a word...
Stunningly brilliant, girlfriend!

Aww thanks so much!
This has been my Summer so far, my neighbouring fields, the critters, the birds, the little groves...And Summer hasn't ended yet... so I hope you all felt it warm and peaceful. Production is just me on all acoustic instruments and my partner on the frame drum and it was a challenge to sing in a language that it is not my own, but it was my fellow steemian @Lindahas from Latvia who introduced me to the folk music of her country, fell in love and felt like giving it a go as it was her name day a few days ago.

Thanks so much for stopping by and listening :) mean watch!

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Thanks always for your support!

Ohh... Wow! 😍😊🤗❤️
No words really is enough... Such beautiful song and it brings harmony and goosebumps!
Your voice is like an angel and your talent just seems endless.
I absolutely loved it ❤️ and the nature around you is breathing and with all the animals... I totally agree with you on the Disney princess feeling. You really are one.
Thank you for sharing this and for bringing such joy with your soul. So Inspiring!

Aww thanks so much, I think Nature and the little critters are the true protagonists of this... this has been my Summer so far, my neighbouring fields and groves, some moments of empathy, some moments of observing smaller normally overlooked things... simple things :) peaceful things

Thanks for your lovely and encouraging comment and to you and all the @thealliance community for the constant support as well...
see the little miracle that has happened

Wow!! I am speechless, such amazing talent Priscilla. Your standard is first class professional,

Awww thanks so much for all the kind encouragement, I'm soul-touched!

This is really lovely @yidneth, it could use a little country twang but you know we can work on that ha! :)

hahahah :) more a Celtic one... I do miss a fiddle and a cello but well that's all I could play on my own (just my partner adding drums). I have to say though I thought of you when I shared this video as at the end it turns a bit into "Fields of Gold" and I swear I thought if Bug sees it he's gonna comment on that hahaha XD well, not on that :) my foreseeing powers are dim but I'm grateful of your love and encouragement :) and see, a little miracle so far!

Aww thanks for the shoutout, not yet, though kind of hope they do with all your gentle shout outs, still a little miracle already took place so happy :)

<3 This is epic video!!!!!!!!! and it actually inspire me to do one as beautiful (not as this one as it's impossible!! hahaha).

Well the real starlet was Pikku the duck, he has such an x factor. I encourage you to try... Nature makes all more beautiful. This is how my surrounding places have shifted this Summer. Thanks for lovely encouragement. Spent all Sunday offf grid hiking and slowly trying to catch up. Hugs.greetings from Spain

<3 I will go visit one day or see you at SteemFest! Oh! I saw the tag #sma, do you mind me asking what it is??

It stands for Steemit Music Alliance
is a community of musicians of Steemit, they have a discord too, will fetch the link :)

Thank you so much!!! ❤️

You're welcome, you're so cute!

I think you don't know how amazing you are, Priscilla. You are so down to earth and you deserve all the compliments. I can see true passion in your works.. and have so many talents!! You are truly a Rats Queen <3

I always love your work and this one is just gorgeous!

Beautiful song :)

Thank you so much, I usually share my own originals here (more on youtube.com/yidneth) or back on my feed, but this is a Latvian traditional, and it was a challenge because I speak no Latvian. I made the arrangements for it brand new though.

Awesome Music.

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Aww thanks so much. I usually share my own original compositions but this a Latvian traditional one. Pd. I am Spa