25 Reasons Steem Will Replace Bitcoin as #1 Cryptocurrency by 2021!

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Will you read this post or watch the matching video because here we see 25 signs Steem is about to leap back into the top 10 cryptocurrencies with potential to reach the number one spot within the next three years?

1: What Makes a Cryptocurrency Valuable?

True value comes from how the people participating are able to collaborate which is the same principle defining value for companies on the stock market and fiat currencies like USD. For example, everyone that buys Apple products, uses an iPhone, is employed by Apple, invests in Apple stock, and talks about Apple adds value to the idea and company we call Apple.

All the time, energy, and money I invest into Steem adds value to it alongside what millions of us are contributing from reading posts on steemit.com to watching live streams on @dlive to buying Steem and SBD on exchanges to talking about Steem with our friends and family. The more Steem helps us help each other and deepen our relationships, the more good we are doing in the world. That is why we are here together today. Steem has incredible participation and collaboration relative to the value of the blockchain.

Only Bitcoin and Ethereum have more active communities than Steem according to the data we are about to see.

2: Steem is Already #1 in Transactions!

On Steem, every transfer has no fee and is completed in just 3 seconds which is why Steem is already the top cryptocurrency in transactions every day especially for micro transactions! Most fiat currencies work the same way with the majority of transactions being one person giving another a small amount of money with no fee instantly in person or making an instant transaction with a fee using a credit card.

Steem is the only cryptocurrency today which is truly prepared for mass adoption because users with no money and little money (99% of the world) at are able to fully participate. With transactions having no fees and being completed in 3 seconds, it is not surprising that Steem already has more transactions every day than Bitcoin and Ethereum combined while having a value that is less than 1% of Ethereum as we can see at http://www.blocktivity.info/.

Every transaction on Steem is proof that we collectively are adding more to the value of our blockchain.

3: Smart Media Tokens = Massive Growth!

In the next hard fork, Smart Media Tokens on the Steem blockchain will provide new way for publishers to monetize their online content and community based on the model proven successful with Steem’s community as seen at https://smt.steem.io/. This might not seem like a big deal until we remember that this business model rapidly launched Ethereum to the number 2 blockchain in market cap and actually number one when we consider all of the token markets on Ethereum.

Smart Media Tokens will bring the proven token launching business model from Ethereum to Steem allowing for ICOs to instantly launch and trade on Steem instead of Ethereum. Unlike on Ethereum, all the transactions will have no fees allowing for infinitely scalable tokens among established communities like bloggers, newspapers, etc. When we combine this with the number of users on Steem and ability to transact with no fees, we begin to be shocked at how low the Steem price is and see the chance to get in before a few other huge investors figure this out.

4: Investors Holding Steem are Earning 30%+ APR !

Holding Steem and delegating to a voting bot and/or upvoting ones own posts every day returns several times higher than masternodes making buying Steem and powering it up an ideal long term investment where the principle consistently increases and payouts are available every day! This is possible because of delegation where the value of the stake in Steem power is effectively loaned while the actual cryptocurrency remains in the wallet with the ability to pull the delegation at any time!

I currently earn a return of approximately 36% APR in Steem on about 120,000 Steem power. As of April 23, 2018 that equals about $150 a day in payouts in Steem and SBD that I can immediately sell or reinvest while the principle continues to grow and remains under my control at all times. Watch the video below to see how it works and make the delegation at http://jerry.tips/spdelegate.

5: ~1 Million Accounts in 2 Years!

Within just two years, we already have nearly one million accounts as seen in @penguinpablo's most recent weekly Steem stats report here. At this rate, we are on our way to having over 100 million accounts on Steem within the next 3 years. When we reach that many accounts, Steem will be in position to take the #1 spot because we will have more wallets and users than any other blockchain.

6: Best Place to ICO and Promote Cryptocurrencies?

Facebook and Google both have banned advertising for cryptocurrencies which is making Steem the number one option for both launching and promoting an ICO once smart media tokens are released. As we can see on this post, I used bid bots to promote this to the top of the trending page at https://steemit.com/trending/ which is almost always leads to thousands of views a day from readers already active in the cryptocurrency world! With over 3,000 upvotes and over 1,000 comments on this post, we see how well this strategy works. To get this much attention on Google requires paying for that many clicks to a post on Google would cost anywhere from $1,000 to $2,500 with targeting matching our audience here with no possibility to get any of that money back.

When smart media tokens release, we are likely to see a lot ICOs start launching on Steem instead of Ethereum because of the ability to promote the ICO directly on Steem and obtain immediate access to the millions of users here. Readers here will be able to immediately buy into an ICO without even leaving the Steem blockchain after seeing the initial post making Steem the path of least resistance.

7: Environmentally Friendly and Transparent Mining!

Instead of miners needlessly wasting huge amounts of power and computing resources competing to make new blocks as on Bitcoin, witnesses on Steem are a leap forward in the evolution of producing new blocks providing a solution based on voting which saves a fantastic amount of computing resources and power making Steem one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains. View our full list of witnesses at https://steemit.com/~witnesses.

8: The Best Free Blogging Platform?

Bloggers love posting on Steem for the instant higher ranking in Google and long term search engine optimization or SEO benefits from posting to a top 1000 or so website with steemit.com along with instant mirroring on alternative interfaces! View steemit.com's Alexa rank at https://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/steemit.com.

9: Ideal for Media Attention!

Wired.com recently featured Steem in “The Social Network Doling Out Millions in Ephemeral Money” highlighting Steem being the first blockchain to also act as a social media platform at https://www.wired.com/story/the-social-network-doling-out-millions-in-ephemeral-money/.

Thank you to @andrewmcmillen for getting this article published on Wired which probably reached tens of thousands of readers on wired.com and more than likely continues to bring in hundreds every day from Google and Facebook.

What we see here is proof that as Steem grows, established writers already on Steem have a strong motivation to talk about Steem to build their own following here and have the chance to connect directly with readers in comments as well as earn upvotes from readers.

10: Competitors are Too Late!

Steem has first mover advantage for a blockchain with an integrated social network the same as Bitcoin was the first mover as a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is number one today despite being technologically inferior to almost every other digital currency listed on https://coinmarketcap.com because it was the first. Nearly all of the competitors to Bitcoin are only a one to three fold improvement while generally to replace the #1 spot takes being 10x better. Steem is absolutely 10 times better than Bitcoin when we consider every reason listed here.

11: Live Streaming on Steem!

https://dlive.io/ by @dlive gives us the first application allowing live streaming to our blockchain along with smooth video uploads without any percentage taken in author rewards!

12: GitHub Contributions Rewarded on Steem!

https://utopian.io/ by @utopian-io and @elear enables rewards for open source contributions especially on GitHub which finally allows developers building valuable projects without a built in monetization method to fund projects. In fact, Utopian is the only platform rewarding contributions to Open Source projects by utilizing a decentralized, vote-based reward system built on top of the STEEM blockchain.

13: Best Blockchain for Musicians!

@dsound by @prc empowers musicians, podcasters, comedians, and any artist working in audio files to upload to the Steem blockchain and earn rewards without needing advertisers, publishers, or a record label at https://dsound.audio/.

14: Alternative User Interfaces!

@busy.org by provides an alternative interface to steemit.com which shows us the true power of the Steem blockchain to appear on different domains all with one Steem account as seen at https://busy.org/.

15: No Fee Crowdfunding!

https://fundition.io by @futureshock is the world’s first decentralized crowdfunding platform using the Steem blockchain to eliminate the middleman dividing founders from backers empowering a totally free way to support projects.

16: Many Mobile Apps!

Mobile apps for Steem like @esteem by @good-karma and @bsteem by @jm90mm allow us to fully experience the Steem blockchain on any iPhone or Android device!

17: Influencers Joining Steem to Earn Without Limitations!

YouTube and Facebook Are Losing Creators to Blockchain-Powered Rivals as explained in this post from bloomberg.com published on April 10, 2018 at https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-10/youtube-and-facebook-are-losing-creators-to-blockchain-powered-rivals

18: Prepared for a Marathon!

After surviving a 98% price drop from release through the following year, we on Steem have absolute faith in our blockchain’s ability to endure through challenging times! I personally refuse to invest in any blockchain that has not suffered a massive drop like this in price because many blockchains have completely collapsed and many more will with the price drops massively for the first time. Board the Steem roller coaster ride at https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/steem/.

19: Ideal for Self-Promotion and Charity!

Any author on Steem has the ability to self-promote and earn a return back from that voting bots at https://steembottracker.com/ by @yabapmatt. When we compare this to advertising on Google or Facebook, where else can we get a return at all from promoting ourselves plus more views? Steem is the best blockchain to use for purely selfish motivations because the returns are higher than anywhere else I am aware of after 4 years working with cryptocurrencies.

Meanwhile, giving back is easier than ever on Steem because we can upvote others without it costing us anything! I have helped readers, authors, and developers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in my year on Steem leaving me feeling generous and charitable. None of what I have seen on other blockchains makes it this easy to help someone anywhere in the world to participate in the earnings.

20: Active Communities Supporting Steem!

Communities like the Minnow Support Project at https://minnowsupportproject.org/ help thousands of authors on Steem connect and earn upvotes on posts making Steem the only blockchain where every account has the ability to earn something without needing to buy, invest, or speculate!

21: Coming Soon to Many More Exchanges!

Exchanges will continue to have a strong motivation to add Steem/USD and Steem/BTC as the number of users continues to grow on Steem! Out of the top 10 exchanges today, Steem currently is only on 3 of them with a high probability of doubling or tripling this number within the next year.

Every time Steem has been added to a top exchange this year we have seen the price pump double or triple. We are expecting many new exchanges to add Steem this year which will likely result in price pumps each time Steem is added to an exchange with high volume as liquid Steem flows off of other exchanges onto the new exchange added. Many of the top cryptocurrencies by market cap have been completely driven by availability on exchanges. With Steem being its own blockchain instead of a token on Ethereum, adding it takes a lot more work and soon we will see the results of all of the exchange additions currently in progress.

22: Transparency!

Anyone can see the transactions for any account on Steem providing complete transparency and accountability to anyone in the world with an internet connection while reports on applications like http://www.steemreports.com/ allow us to aggregate and interpret the data! This ability to look at everything is ideal for sparking conversation and connection. Most cryptocurrencies have very little transparency which makes genuine connection and collaboration difficult as evidenced by both Bitcoin and Ethereum's struggles with forks and scaling.

23: Best Option Anywhere Online for Earning Passive Income!

In addition to what I mentioned earlier about delegating to voting bots, https://smartsteem.com/ by @smartsteem via @therealwolf provides a comprehensive set of tools for authors, curators, and investors to promote posts and earn passive income without delegating all Steem power to a voting bot! In seven years of working online, earning a return through voting on Steem is by far the best passive income system I have ever seen because we can all see it working any time! Take a look at how many transactions come into and are paid out of @smartsteem every day to see for yourself!

24: Contests on Steem are Amazing!

A list of the top 25 posts on Steem helps us see how easy it is to collaborate and help each other on Steem making Steem the blockchain where helping another person to succeed happens with the least resistance! Contests work better than ever on Steem because everyone participating can easily look the wallet of the provider and verify the funds are there for a contest along with seeing results from any previous contests.

For freelancing, Steem makes finding help and paying contractors way eaiser than using Upwork. I was able to hired six graphic designers with less work on Steem using a contest than it would have taken to hire one on Fiverr! Freelancers worldwide are already hoping on Steem for the chance to earn and authors all over Steem offer services to each other making Steem an ideal place to build the world's top cryptocurrency freelancing platform.

25: Not Everyone Agrees!

What I love about Steem is that I can share this post and in one place hundreds of people come to disagree and explain why I am wrong! Where else can we see the good, the bad, and the ugly about a blockchain all in one place directly on that blockchain without visiting an off blockchain forum or external community?

My hope with this post is that you can see the whole picture of Steem to make the most informed decision to participate. I have effectively presented the view of why Steem is awesome and in the comments you can also see every reason while Steem is awful and will fail.

Love or hate Steem, it is worth talking as much as any cryptocurrency I have seen. Friends I have with millions in other crypto holdings talk more about Steem than those they are most excited about even if it is to say how awful Steem is the entire time! Steem has some of the best haters who would be shocked to learn how much they do to promote Steem and encourage new users that disagree with them to join.

My purpose in writing this and promoting it is to help you discover Steem before everyone else does. When the price for Steem is $100 and there are a hundred million users, most of the best opportunity will have passed. Going in a little bit today with Steem has the potential for a huge return. Going all in has the potential to turn a few hours or dollars into a fortune.

That said, I have been wrong before lots of times in life. I have made plenty of mistakes in crypto as seen in the video below!

Questions and Answers

Below we see a list of questions that may be helpful for those of us new to Steem and wanting to learn more after reading the 25 reasons above!

1: What are the Biggest Downsides of Steem?

One of the big downsides of Steem is the difficulty in listing and maintaining it on an exchange which has led to Steem only being on 3 of the top 10 exchanges. This makes buying and selling it with fiat in most places challenging compared to many other cryptocurrencies including most which are inferior in almost every way to Steem other than being easy to add to an exchange.

Another is limitation of Steem is centralization. While many features are decentralized and no one user can ban another, the majority of the power on Steem is concentrated and therefore makes an easy target. This is common to many cryptocurrencies even ones that promote how decentralized they are and it is unlikely any competitor will overcome this issue without opening equally challenging alternatives.

The biggest downside on Steem as in the rest of our lives is that most of our troubles are of our own making. Many of us earn much more on Steem than anywhere else for the same work and yet we make reasons why posting on Steem is not worth it. We find imperfections or make blanket statements about how certain people are misbehaving and we miss out on our own chance at a better life here.

I have seen several authors earning good rewards quit posting and sell their Steem because of a few downvotes or negative comments only to then feel bad about missing huge earnings when the price spiked. My account is one of the top in receiving large downvotes and negative comments because it also is one of the top in upvotes, love, and support. I know how much it can hurt to lose hundreds of dollars of rewards because one person disagrees or is having a bad day and my post happens to show up or I used a word or phrase that triggered fear in the title or description. That is the cost of doing business on Steem.

Our own mindsets and behaviors tend to limit us more than anyone else. Our freedom on Steem to share whatever we want and earn opens us up to the world in a way we are often protected from elsewhere and makes rationalizing our way out of here all too easy. For those that stick around, the rewards become tremendous as the posts from those that started and left add to the total value of the blockchain. Starting, working really hard, and quitting often provides little in return to the user while providing a lot to the blockchain.

2: What Happens When a Competitor Makes a Better Version of Steem?

Reason number #10 talks about competitors and how Steem has the first mover advantage and this answer provides more detail on that. While it is possible a competitor might take off, going from zero to a million users is very difficult. Very few blockchains have made it this far and even if a competitor reaches as many users as Steem has today in a year or two, how many will Steem have then? 10 million? 25 million? 100 million?

Being first is such a huge advantage that another platform will have to be way better than Steem AND grow exponentially faster than Steem to just break even regardless of what the dollar value is of the cryptocurrency today. This will be very hard to do because a lot of the people that would join a competitor if Steem did not exist are already on Steem as we are today.

Some of the next epic failures I think we will see in cryptocurrency are the blockchains with the most speculated market value that fail to reach a critical mass of ordinary users. One of these in the next year or two will probably drop 99% within a short period of time as its top investors realize everything was just hype and there are no real users. Those investors will likely want something with proven value instead like Steem.

3: How do I Respond to the Disagreement in the Comments?

I am grateful we do not all agree because this is what makes our world interesting! When we read the replies on this post, we can see the complete picture which is very helpful. In the thousand comments below we will find every reason to doubt what I have said. As we consider all of the hundreds of unique points of view posted in reply, we gain the full picture of Steem including the good, the bad, and the ugly which is the ideal point to form an opinion and take action from.

This post is clear proof of why I think Steem is amazing because each of us has a chance to share our truth here and every time we do it, we are adding value to our blockchain alongside everyone that feels differently.

4: Easiest Way to Buy Steem with BTC, ETH, LTC, and BCH?

https://blocktrades.us is the fastest and easiest way I know of to exchange Steem and Steem Dollars with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. How do I use BlockTrades.us to make these nearly instant exchanges of different online cryptocurrencies, especially for withdrawing SBD fast? Read the full tutorial or watch the video below!

5: How to Buy the Most Steem at the Best Price?

https://bittrex.com is where I buy and sell Steem and SBD because the price generally is the best, the transactions are fast, and my account is already verified for up to 100 BTC withdrawals daily. While Bittrex takes more time signing up and getting verified, it allows for trading hundreds of cryptocurrencies including Steem as explained in this tutorial with the matching video below!

6: Where to Read More About Steem?

At https://steem.guide I publish a comprehensive post of tutorials for Steem every month or two which I hope is useful for those of us new to Steem!

7: Best Way to Contact Me?

If you want to contact me, will you please visit https://jerrybanfield.com/contact/ because there I have the best ways to contact me privately?

8: Where to Ask Additional Questions?

To ask follow up questions, will you please join me on my live stream each week Wednesday from 10 am to 11 am eastern time on Steem with @dlive at https://dlive.io/@jerrybanfield or on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/jerrybanfield because I am available to react live to comments and answer questions every week? Here is the replay from the stream the day after this post!

Thank you for reading this post which I hope is helpful today for seeing the big picture of what we are creating together here and how all of our contributions are making something amazing! All SBD rewards from this post will be sent to @budgets which funds growth projects for Steem.


Jerry Banfield

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The fact that you spent so much to promote this to the top of trending and it has over $2k in rewards is absolutely disgusting. You and all of those bot owners who contributed to this should be ashamed.

You're making Steemit look like a scam while trying to promote yourself and make yourself feel important.

It's fucking pathetic, Jerry. Some day the community here is going to wake up, I hope that happens before you do more damage.

it's the rules of the game. Steem doesn't have a proper promotion system so ppl buy upvotes to promote themselves. The only problem I see is that ppl feel they can't make money on Steem w/o having to buy votes. Jerry is just using the system as created.

we get to choose the rules of the system lmao. So "Jerry is just using the system as created.", just means "As long as we allow Jerry to operate in this way its completely fine"

Agree 100%

Jerry invests % of what he earn back in steemit. He promote the network with advertising. I visit this post from twitter. Also this article proves how well he knows steemit and what is better for the network than someone knowing it well having the money and ideas to promote it? The Richer Jerry got, the better steemit will become! He's a true steemhead. Keep it up man!


How does a post stating steemit is better than bitcoin prove anything?

Jerry invests less than crap into @steemit . He pays to the bots to promote his low quality posts. How is paying to bots an investment in Steemit ?? Are the bots
actively looking for good quality content? Are the bots creating content? How are the bots participating in a positive manner in here, other than upvoting all the rubbish ?? Not to mention jerry jerry uses his own bot to promote himself. How is that good character ??

I promote myself writing stupid comments like "I like boobs"

I don't know about that...I only know that I like boobs

But do you really??? I don't think you're into boobs.

If youre a big fat man im a tittie fan and i'd like to see yours to!

I agree, you are right

Agree 77.35%

Very true, i just joined Steemit this year and it feels really bad if you put hard work into a post and nobody can even see the post if you dont use bots. I really feel i have to use bots just so my post have more exposure and more ppl will see it.... It does feel the system is kinda flawed no? I hope this will be different in the future... And yes, insane money made with his post lol, i wish i would only get 10% of that :)

bcs of people like jerry all the good content is drowned into the pile of rubbish promoted into the trending page .

Hey @baloo! Congratulations on using your voting power. I just checked up on you on steemnow.com. Even at a reputation of 49, you are still making a difference.

This is not using the system as created; but it's abusing the system, which it wasn't created for people to pay tons of money to advertise. It was created to incentivise and encourage it's users to create good quality content . Which is not the case with this post .

Bots have been around for ages and remove the ability of good quality content to get to the top. It hasn’t been like that since before I joined last year.

sadly the people who are all for the abuse of the system, do not realize how they are killing the future of the currency. Several people on this thread notice the flaws; and those flaws should not be 'defended', but are, by others who 'also' are exploiting and abusing the system.

People who rob banks don't snitch on other bank robbers....

the system is rigged....but even if people buy votes, steem is actually superior to all the other cryptos

These cocksuckers are supposed to be using the FUCKING PROMOTED TAB at the top for shit like this. NOT USING BID BOTS to abuse steemit!!!!

Hmm would you say my haiku contest isn't good quality content? What about the haikus it produces?

If it yields creativity and brings something new to the table, then yes, it brings some value to the community . Now it's up to you whether you maintain or increase the quality of it or not .

Cool. Just checkin' y'all!

Since all the data is available on the blockchain, someone could make alternative site which filters all the promoted posts automatically.

Totally agree. The Steem developers have grossly neglected probably the single most important aspect of the Steem economy which is the promotions and advertising feature. This feature needs developing much further.

I wish I could buy a few votes, in my different posts, I can only achieve 1 or 2 votes hehehehe

I can't promise I'll upvote any of your posts, but I upvote commenters on my posts, and I'm more generous than some.

You're always welcome on my page.

Thank you so much. I am follow you now.

I know how you feel, actually most of the people here are in your situation unfortunately...

And it will continue that way because with Steem, the money goes to those who already hold the most money!

Sad but truth

well the thing is, the more steem someone holds, the more steempower they have, so they basically see self-voting or delegating/selling their votes to a vote bot service as getting a return on their investment. Then they plough their sbd/steem rewards into bots to gain further profits. Steem is just like any other crypto at the end of the day where the big boys are looking for big returns.

Yes, that is the sad truth. Greetings.

Hey @juancarlos! I just checked up on you on steemnow.com. Even at a reputation of 44, you are still making a difference by voting on quality content. Once you start gaining more steem, you can learn how to regulate your voting in a measurable way.

You're right, I have no idea how to use my vote,
I need to learn it.

I 'think' that is a bot; saw it comment on a few other people with literally the same text ....

for sure it's like that, a bot that recognizes what your level of reputation or voting power is

It's not just a feeling. It's a fact.

I don't buy votes (not here for the big profit) and I make about 3 Steem a month. That is not what I would call “making money”. You probably make more with each self upvoted posting. But my self upvotes are worth Ȿ 0.01 which get's rounded down to zero after seven days.

You have joined in 2016 when opportunity was ample and competition low. These times are over. “Isn't that a pyramid scheme?“ I was asked yesterday. That's a hard hitting question.

I for one have a Minds account as well because Minds is only adding crypto right now. At Minds I am the first generation early adaptor.

I didn't know Minds is adding a cryptocurrency, that's very interesting. Frankly Reddit and Slashdot and even Facebook and Google have been in that position for years where they could do that but I suppose it can be legally difficult to navigate that as a corporation. Besides of course raking in all that money for themselves, why would they give you some? I mean you are only the one generating all the worth of their platform after all.

"It's the rules of the game"...but the game itself ain't that clean, huh?

I am agree too!!!!!

In this case, one is to promote yourself and another thing is to buy 2k rewards in votes. This is a little extreme promotion, don't you think? :))

Exactly! You know he buys upvotes...buyer beware. Skepticism should be as second nature as cynicism in this age, just exercise it and move on!

i like the post and i want to steem to be #1 cryptocurrency

true @ashe-oro It is the way to facilitate the visualization of your publication, but you must invest, even if what @berniesanders says is true, but more truth is that without the healing bots, you can not have more votes.

okay so they created it then!

Fully agree. If people are upset/jealous that others are using a bot feel free to create your own and attempt to make it successful. Successful bots deserve their earnings.

THEY DO HAVE A PROMOTION SYSTEM. Those mother fuckers CHOOSE NOT to use it. They RATHER ABUSE the system & not play the game right!!!! SEE THAT PROMOTED TAB at the top right. That is WHERE THOSE COCKSUCKERS are supposed to be putting this shit at.

the vote bots get more income over time they will become powerful.

The only problem I see is that ppl feel they can't make money on Steem w/o having to buy votes.

How is this different than every single other platform out there?

I fully Agreed!
oww again it still seems One (Me now) commented to be upvoted!

That is very judgmental (imo). I don't think Jerry's intent is to make #Steemit look like a scam or that his success and continual commitment is disgusting.

With all systems the rules of the game are that, the rules. Yes there are ways to upgrade, evolve and improve and I advocate, as many of us know, that Steemit is an emerging technology.

Let's celebrate what we like instead of bashing what we judge?


capital accumulation. As the vote bots get more income over time they will become more powerful. If you are going to do anything to stop this it has to be sooner rather than later.

As the vote bots get more income over time they will become more powerful.

I predicted/proved in 2016 that there was no solution which could make “proof-of-brain” equitable.

The whitepaper of Steem even admits that the “proof-of-brain” reward system depends on being able fool most of the users into doing more effort than they will be equitably rewarded.

I have written a point-by-point rebuttal of @‍jerrybanfield’s incorrect propaganda campaign.

Vote bots are run & controlled and owned by the owners of those bots, right? In that case, those people get the capital from those bots. Whether you like it or not, isn't that how capitalism work? Those people have the freedom to do whatever they want with the money they make from bots. Google, Facebook, & so many are making money off us. Facebook uses bots but they calls Facebook Ads. Facebook is making billions of dollars each year off us. I believe in freedoms in the markets to let people do what they want, good or bad. But real people on Steemit can outnumber and outpower bots eventually because people like people more than bots and are more likely to upvote people more than they upvote bots to some extent or that is at least the potential.

you may believe in the freedoms of the market, but I believe in the complete opposite. I believe in freedom for the people.

So are you completely atheist? don't you believe in supernatural?


just curiosity..... because of you nickname

I believe they are the same thing. The market is dictated by the people, even the little people. I just checked on your voting power, which is at 87% at the time of this comment. This is a good thing. If more minnows were using their voting power on quality posts, we'd be significantly minimizing the damage the larger scammers and abusers are causing.

the market is dictated by trends that force people into groups based on how they act, so each person has the freedom to choose what position they join, but the outcome is the same.

But anarchy, muh job creations and free market!

They are definitely not the same. Jerry and other groups make out as if if you follow certain rules (quality posts, engagement etc) you will prosper here. It is not the way this works at all. They are quickly writing their own rules, hiding a lot under the table but doing their best to promote the system as though it is squeaky clean. They will do everything in their power o keep the status quo even abusing features like the flag button, circle voting (assisting or turning a blind eye to those who are doing it for instance). It's all looks clean, they are either assisting to protect you and I from spam, scams, or generating quality content by curating.. it's all hogwosh. It's straight up thuglife. The sooner people act collectively, the better.

Capital centers itself around a single goal - profit. People center themselves around other goals, but it becomes hard to organise around such things. Hard, but not impossible.

This is exactly right. It would really need to be up to the minnows to band together. I think that was the whole point of the curation trail in the first place. It has become abused as well, but at least there is some good with it. I actually talk about how the minnow vote matters in my video here: https://steemit.com/voting/@littlescribe/ysuyl18g

@anarchyhasnogods you are on a roll, keep it up

People tend to believe in freedom of the market right up until the point where the market begins shitting all over them, at which point they about face and start crying about it.

I have always been against the market, even when it benefits me.

Me, a "unwoke" person: "Yeah seems reasonable if one follows their principles and we can't always control the things that are out of our control."
Me, a "woke" person: "Well.... uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... muh markets are inherently good and can never be challenged ever if it's truly free! Freedums!"

You’re ostensibly conflating monopolies (due to power vacuums) with free market capitalism.

For example, central banks loaning money to the government (thus forcing regressive taxation) came about because the power vacuum of democracy is totalitarianism.

You’re incorrect to blame the free market for the power vacuum of democracy. The problem with Steem is they haven’t designed the rewards system correctly. I will fix that problem.

There’s nothing wrong with the free market, it’s the design of the system that is fucked.

The alternative to the free market is democracy which is totalitarianism. How many examples (c.f. also) do I need to provide to convince you?

Unless I’ve misunderstood your stance, this is a very grave misunderstanding on your part. I hope you will lose that tendency of chasing your own tail and not realizing it. I hope my elucidation has helped you see the truth.

The freedom of the market is the freedom of the people because we the people are the markets.

incorrect, the monopoly of violence enforces arbitrary property laws (private ownership of the means of production for example), and attacks any area without this same system, in an effort to survive. Private ownership of the means of production and capital accumulation forces people into positions based on their actions, and forces them to continue acting in a specific way or lose the position. This means regardless of who is where, society will take the same path. Freedom is when society uses democracy to decide its future, not when it struggles for decades to fight the markets for literal survival (in the case of climate change, and imperialism, for example).

and using that logic, I can say every system is the people, so thus every system is "free". You can say whatever you want about the correctness of that definition, but that doesn't make it useful.

The definition of freedom I use is the ability of the individuals within society to determine its path, which is not what happens today.

Would've made Hegel real proud with self-consciousness and self-determinations.

I believe in making the most useful product. A site filled with self promotion isn't useful.

Looks like they added a feature to slow down the process of upvoting. Simple answer to the mass upvoting bots for now.

Pot calling the kettle black

In your thoughts ?what will be jerry want to prove to be for this post? You is one of the big name here @berniesanders. so i will appreciate what is your nice great replied it's knowledgeable to me. Thank you.

I don’t know the problem in the wrong rules that allow abuse sometimes, or in the people who take advantages of such rules? I am really wondering and caught in between ethics and legal business opportunities !

3 likes on Twitter as of now, man that's some trending

Have you looked at his followers on twitter? I hope he didn't pay to much for them! Likewise, I would have expected someone with over 200,000 subscribers on youtube to have more than 438 views since he put the video up.

Likewise, I would have expected someone with over 200,000 subscribers[sock puppets] on youtube to […]


I smell a great conspiracy theory here...

Yeah, it is not like YouTube ever censors and hides views and shadow bans and it is not YouTube terminated my OJAWALL channel because that would be crazy right?

That YT killed your channel is one thing but has nothing to do with jerrys 200k subs which are obviously bought. And even if yt hides his uploads with the glorious algorithm he should have more viewers than 0,25% of the subs. If I compare it with the yt channel of my girlfriend who has 200k subs I would say he has 5k-20k real subs and bought the rest.

YouTube censors anything they want. YouTube messes with my newsfeed, AKA subscription feed. YT shows me channels I didn't subscribe to sometimes. Normally, no problem, but once a week, I get something in my subscription feed. Twitter shadow bans. Facebook does it. Millions of people can tell you what the HELL I am talking about. For more info about this, go check out the videos of http://MarkDice.com

These cocksuckers are supposed to be using the FUCKING PROMOTED TAB at the top for shit like this. NOT USING BID BOTS to abuse steemit!!!!

Bitcoin is almost crossing the finish line, Steem just started its journey and has a long way to go.

You forget that BTC is the virtual gold. It will always have the greatest value.

If you use the word always, you're wrong 99.99% of the time.

Your statement is clearly ludicrous and based on no evidence or even apparent logic. You operate on tautology.

Hy vọng vậy

BTC crossing finish line? That would pretty much mean the end of cryptos if that would be true. BTC will be worth hundreds of thousands of $$$ in a few years. if not million + .

This is what happens when you buy followers.

This is what happens when you buy followers.

Maybe the answer is a steem-blockchain-based platform that doesn't use post payout value as the basis for post ranking? I dunno. There is, of course, one's feed to help you curate what you like to see best, but how to find those in the first place? It's a conundrum. Anything that can be bought will be sold. In this case, what's valuable is $ on a post, so people buy valuable votes. As I go through a list of the possibilities of how to organically rank content in my head, everything is purchase-able. (And, even worse, those who already have the power have the ability to gain even more power, since wealth is power.)
Perhaps a platform with 'trending rankings' based on how many real-human comments it has? pro: things are ranked by actual interactions. Con: It seems hard to program an AI smart enough to tell the difference between bot comments and human comments...Though, captchas to answer before you leave a comment? hm.

But... we can all agree that, relative to many posts on this platform, this one isn't worth 200,000 times as much as the average noobie's introduce yourself. So, shouldn't we all "disagree on rewards"? Except the power is concentrated in the hands of so few, and there is such an incredibly strong anti-flagging social pressure, and my trickle is better spent upvoting the content I like than downvoting the content I disagree on rewards for, especially if I don't hate the content, just think it's not worth $2k, and since it'd be such a small drop in the bucket...


oOo. There could be a ranking platform that would pay curators a little more proportionately that had them compare two posts and vote on which they liked better. If you wanted to be considered for the trending page, you'd opt-in. Hmm.

I'm no developer, but that would seem a little less abuse-able. Ideas Ideas.

Putting forth actual ideas is worth an upvote.

I appreciate it. I do hope there's some method by which the average user's interests can be taken into account as the platform develops, even though so much of the stake is currently held by a very small percentage of accounts.

25 Reasons Steem Will Replace Bitcoin as #1 Cryptocurrency by 2021!

MY foot!

This one (Jerry) is behaving like a man who visits a sick friend with a KFC piece of chicken. All will be well, he tells the sick man, while secretly emptying sick man's pockets money more than his KFC chicken cost.

I Joined only recently, and among the top names i heard of around here as iconic, was Jerry banfield. But with this kind of nonsence, heck it is nonsense. $2,000 plus!!! Seriously this work that is merely full of polemics and semantics is not worth more than 100 buck!

The title was enough for me, I won't even bother reading the article itself. Last time I read his opinion about cryptos(months ago) he clearly stated he is 100% in Steem, nothing else. That's a pretty big bias and an insane risk. And also the biggest mistake since any crypto project can become worthless in days or even hours...

Personally, I lol'd at 'faith'.

Làm cách nào để đăng bài

Bạn chỉ cần đăng một bình luận. Tạo một bài đăng blog là khác nhau.

Its funny, trust me, but not good for the platform at all.

I have a weird sense of humour - as anyone who reads my #comedyopenmic posts can attest. No, I was laughing at the absurdity - I know markets are hard to predict, but faith, if that is a tendency to ignore evidence, is not a good trait in someone giving you investment advice.

I agree. And such a comic way you put it! I should follow you pronto!!

I got your LOL there Sam. I have seen you on the comedy stuff too.

I'm wondering if part of what makes this all so jarring is that we are not its intended audience. What would a less-scrupulous potential investor make of that list? Are comments about 'faith' a way of telling outsiders that most of us would probably leave it too late to cash out if things turn irrevocably bad?

@Mirrors, do you say the same thing to people who smokes, do drugs, drink, buy a bunch of video games, cheat on their wives, etc? Does it matter? What happened to free will? If I want to eat KFC chicken while dying & overpay for the stupid chicken, would you try to stop me or will you let me have the FREEWILL to throw my money away?

KFC is a crime against humanity if there is Popeye's available.

This heavy-handed bias may have been appropriate.

KFC is the national Xmas food of Japan

I love eating chicken. I love eating from gardens even more.

Popeye is pretty good it seems. I prefer gardens even more.

So you are doing this with every great post ? STOP BEING ENVIOUS WOMEN , and STOP Valuing people Works ,

Bernie I wrote a point-by-point rebuttal.

I think Jerry creates allot of good material. Is it worth 2k dollar? maybe not but than again i rather have the content creator earn money than a giant company who can also censor and dictate to us what we are allowed to write, think and earn.
If you think you can do a good job writing why not focus on that and create good content? Thats why STEEM was created for.

LOL what a joke berniesanders you flagged my comment here because I don't agree with you, wow. This is what you want for steemit, a platform of censorship. Kindly send me the steemit use handbook approved by you so I will know moving forward how to "use" steemit per berniesanders.

I flagged you because you're self-voting the fuck out of your posts and comments. There are FAR more flags to come, trust me.

Why haven't you upvoted this one yet?

why is that an issue? Where can I find a rule book on voting?

There isn't one, that's the beautiful thing about Steem! You can self-vote all of your posts and comments, and I can come along and (down)vote them all as well! Why you ask? Because there are no rules!

how is this productive? And why do you care what I do with my vote and investment?

I'm new and sorry for the dumb question, but how do you down vote?
only up.PNG

Just click on the flag icon to the right of each comment or post, and vote someone down the same way you'd vote them up. You have to keep in mind, though, that a downvote also uses up voting power. So use it wisely.

Flag icon, far right from the poster and post age.

what is funny is that you are upvoting your posts too, omg finally some fun here :))

You do realize I have no choice, right?

Yeah, that is right, at least for some of them. Sorry, now I realized that. Anyway, congrats for flagging jerry, he got that post overrewarded

https://steemworld.org/@berniesanders why don't you want to talk about the fact that you are self voting as well 15.74%? Why not let eveyone know you are a hypocrite that self votes your content as well? Why is this ok? Why haven't you flagged any of your own content that you up vote? Where you at censorship ranger?


Another one with a dead account. Too bad you're too fucking ignorant to understand the difference between $.75 and $2k. Bye bye!

berniesanders is an absolute joke. Dude is self voting and flagging others for the same shit. Not man enough to meet me about it, punk bitch. Just another hypocrite hiding behind his keyboard.

lol 2k per post? Damn, I'd be milking the system too. I'd take 20 cents for a post. I can't even get 5cents for a post. I'm broke bitch! @berniesanders

The post has a loss after bids. Pay some fucking attention.

I think we need to own up to the fact that the platform is broken. And unless we demand some serious change. It will stay that way.

Jerry is just another in a long line of people that's studied the playing field. Found the flaw. And is exploiting it to his benefit.

Right now there is 0 reason for anyone to join this platform unless:

  1. You know a whale
  2. You use bid bots

It's a sad state of affairs.

They should remove bots that vote together most of the time... it's a growing problem.

and voila, there you have your reason why steem will not take that spot from BTC. I'd be surprised if it will be top 10 in a year's time...

It's not all bots though, is it? There are some actual idiots upvoting this because it had a clickbaity title.

@berniesanders I am not disagreeing with you at this point, but I wonder where your strong opinion comes from... I am not sure how much internet marketing you do, but the name of the game on social media is Automation. Bots are everywhere, facebook, twitter, youtube, reddit, instagram, pinterest tumblr, literally on every single network. Do those bots add value to the network? I can tell you with certainty that getting bots to pick up a keyword that you targeted is worth money.

I understand we aren't really talking about automation of boring tasks here but we are rather talking about paid promotion. Again, every single social media has paid promotion in some form or another and that includes steemit.

I perceive the voting bots as probably the current best way to promote your content. Do I want it to be like this? No. But if there was an advertising system ran by Steemit then it would most likely be a centralized advertising system. I wish we had a better option but it doesn't seem like we do.

Also I see you upvote yourself a lot to collect rewards, either that or one of those other accounts talks to people the exact same way that you do. Why do you agree with that part of the system but not paying money to possibly make money with vote bots? Thanks for your thoughts.

Absolutely true, fake guy whit bots trying to speak about steemit sucesses. Steem will be like bitcoin when people like him will stop using bots to be in trending and will be writing unice posts.

Exactly ,paid post, bots and everything else is taking the lime light here. No genuine posts making money, just paid promotion and bots helping to pep up the vote.

Absolutely true, I have been writing since many days, trying harder and harder, even some of my articles are better, if not the BEST, but still I haven't been able to receive even $1 on my good posts, that is pretty disappointing even though my fan following has increased to 72 as well.

It takes a while. Consistent posting with authenticity does bring results. It may not be huge dollar amounts, but you will connect with people and your voice will be heard.

You are absolutely right.very good comment

How come you promote #steemit but still recieve sbd for upvote stupid post. LoL

Steemit is Dead to me

Steem in 2021

Logged in to Steemit for the first time in over a year and see this utter garbage on the top of trending. 100 minutes of tokenized shite. Pathetic.

Hey, I'm a newbie but I'd already figured out that you are an asshole. Now I'm having my doubts. Did I get you wrong? Are you against all of this vote selling bot shit? Are you for 100% human curation? If so, then I'm with you, at least on that. :)