Got a question for me? A rare AMA with Taraz

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14.April.2020 - 80

175 days

6.October.2020 - 81

192 days

16.April.2021 - 82?

I'd like to say that since this is "reputation" based on community support, I find myself in good company, but unfortunately, good company is a minority in the top 10 reps on the platform.


As you can see, consistency and engagement matters - unless you have a massive stake supporting you no matter what you do on the platform, like several of the names in that list.

It isn't very common that I get to write these posts and this will be my third since Hive began - so I thought I would do something a little different to mark the occasion. Instead of writing a lot in the post, I will see if anyone is interested in getting down with me below the post belt and hold an AMA session.

I haven't done an AMA for a few years and am a pretty open person in general, so I don't mind answering all kinds of questions. But of course, while you can ask whatever you want, I get to choose which to answer, though I suspect that I will answer most of everything.

And a word of warning, It is Friday night after a long week and I might have a glass or two of wine and a gin and tonic before I start answering, so who knows what will come out onto the chain tonight.

OK, while I go have my first glass of wine,



How did you end up in Finland? Did you move from Australia because of work/love or because of some other reasons? Would you want to move to Australia at some point? Or to any other country?

 6 months ago  

I have been in Finland for 18 years now.

I had family here and wanted to get out of Australia for a bit, travel and see the world. Prior, the furthest I had been was to New Zealand for a ski trip at school, which is like visiting slow cousins.

So, came here at 23ish for work - worked a hell of a lot and never saw much the first year - got offered another year on the contract and chose to stay for another year half way through that I met my ex-girlfriend, who I was with for about 6 years and by that stage, my life was here - all of my friends.

I would like to go to Australia for at least a visit, as I haven't been in 13 years and my wife and daughter never have been there. However, I have a business here that means I can't live there again, unless I don't have to work at all. Hive might be an option in that case, as well as crypto in general.

However, I am also at home here, it is safe, clean and there are some opportunities to make a living, without having to kill for it.

What do you miss the most about Australia? (Family and people in general are excluded.)

If you could travel in time and witness one historic moment or a person who or what it would be? (You can't interact with them in any way. you just see them/it for a few hours.)

If your life would depend on you winning a game what game would you choose to play? (This could be a board game, computer game or even a sport that is not a team sport.)

You have a 5 minutes to explain about crypto and blogging to a person who is even bigger noob and/or caveman than me. How would you do that?

 6 months ago  

From Australia, I miss the variety of foods available, as well as being able to go to a proper beach and listen to the waves.

I am not much of a history buff in this regard and have never been much of a fan boy. I think that if I was to watch someone for a period of time, it would be someone who is brilliant at what they do - I would want to watch their training regimen.

Since my body is failing - Ghost Recon 2 - back in the day, I was unbeatable - though I haven't played games in over a decade, so i might be old and shit now.

Crypto and blogging together?

I think when it comes to crypto, I would focus on the ability of ownership of value, the personal control over how it is used and the security of decentralization. Then, I would weave a story to demonstrate these things from the perspective of a blogger, where they own their content, they cannot be cancelled and what they earn is truly theirs.

If someone would offer you 1 bitcoin or 100000 hive what would you choose and why?( you would only be getting them 10 years from now)

Actually, yeah. I wanted to ask that!

 6 months ago  

For this being a Finish (Finnish? Phinish? Finfisheses) AMA, you sure got a lotta answers.

It is AMA, so:
How do you feel about the number 3? People are always interested it seem in what three book, what three tools, what are your top three movies.

So How about the number three how do you feel about it when not attached to something like above?

 6 months ago  

The number 3 is actually a pretty cool number, because even though it is prime and uneven, it is the most balanced of all the numbers. A lot of poor design is made because of even numbers, but 3 is the lowest number that understands, there is a start, middle and an end.

Perhaps it is because people are so polarized these days that they look at the left and the right, the one and the two, without realizing that the 3 splits them down the middle.

A good answer. To many people think there are only two sides to a story ignoring the person on the outside listening in, or that there is only the past or the future and forget about the now.


 6 months ago  

You mention Past, resent, future.

The other one related is the process of creation. Thought, word, action.

A lot of what is important in life comes in threes.

Man, woman, child.

Yes and that is one of the reasons I asked about 3, to many people dismiss it, don't understand it, or don't see it. 3 is quite possibly the most important number in the world/universe.

Thank you for your engagement on this post, you have recieved ENGAGE tokens.

What would you do if some random off the street walked into your house and started yelling at your pets about, "No mustard!" .... ?

I think that's why he left Australia!

Oi you cheaky little cunt, lay off that mustard!

It's mine!! All mine!!! :0D

I thought that mob of Kangaroos banished him from the tribe? That was a myth?

Kangaroos are a myth. God's sake, everyone knows that!

Stop saying that! Just because I believe in Kangaroos, that doesn't make me slow!

Nothing wrong with being slow, at least you would win the race

Hi. I think I finally get what you mean by that. Sorry it took so long.

Lol. Well played!!

 6 months ago  

I knew someone would ask this particular question.

Firstly, I never run out of mustard.

However, in the hypothetical scenario I did, the first order of business would be to calm my dog down - he is highly protective of his sausages and if someone is after the mustard, he would know what was coming next.

Yeah. That's good advice. Much easier to calm the pet down than trying to get the random intruder to relax.

 6 months ago  

Much easier to calm the pet down than trying to get the random intruder to relax.

There is no hope for the intruder - they don't have mustard.

I keep some by the door just in case.

 6 months ago  

A wise move.

I sometimes wondered what would the kp stand for. I'd guess a family name.

 6 months ago  

It is a family name and of course, you can ask all you want.

I'll sleep on it and come up with a better question ;) Or not.

I have no idea what those times mean but I will be there and I will ask the questions!

 6 months ago  

Oh, isn't it clear? You can ask here :D

It's clear, I'm loosening your pipes. Like a boxing trainer. I'm getting you ready, fight through all that gin.. 😃😃

 6 months ago  

second glass of red (present from the in-laws) - gin is next on the cards.

Red is just the thing. I have just sat down to my first! Cheers!!

 6 months ago  


Can't wait til we can do this in person =)

Hehe, it's an awesome thought. I vote for a certain landowners spot in Portugal! :0D

If you weren't here where would you be, in a blogging sense I mean?

You like to write and write well, did you write before here or has the blockchain unblocked a literary pipe? :0D

 6 months ago  

Prior, I haven't written much at all. I wrote a 50 to 100 word "thought" post for Facebook for one of the companies I worked at, however it wasn't like this at all. I never thought I would write like this, let alone enjoy it.

I can't imagine not writing now and I believe I would be mentally worse off if I stopped.

I get that, I wrote for fun occasionally before but the discipline of writing regularly really got to me in a good way here. I couldn't not do it now either!

I only wrote made up stories on reddit before this. Endlessly chasing karma and now I find myself not having the time/energy to chase post rewards, what a weird world.

I get that that. Nowadays I am the same which is good as I'm more relaxed about it all now. I used to try and write funny posts on Facebook. That wasn't soul destroying at all... ;0D

ouch, i never tried facebook properly, mainly just used it as a messenger, one of the few things I'm glad I skipped out on. That and a few exes.

That's the worst about Facebook. You can't hide from the exes when they are exes!!! I'm glad to be off it!

 6 months ago  

It is a pretty amazing feeling to have a thought and present it to the world unashamedly.

I do agree!

Great: How does it feel to be one of the most popular content creators on the platform? How do you manage to create so much content on a daily emphasis? And.. What would be your recommendation for new users to build a user-base that comment and upvote their post like yours?

 6 months ago  

How does it feel to be one of the most popular content creators on the platform?

I am not sure I am popular, but whatever it is - I feel weird. After all of this time, there is a naturalness to it on Hive, but in the real world, I am not someone who looks for recognition or attention, I am a workhorse that stands on the edge.

How do you manage to create so much content on a daily emphasis?

Experience and life in general. I make sure I do not consume passively, everything is active and everything is a source to inspire thought. I am very observational and I put myself in situations with people who I can talk candidly with and learn all I can from them. People are awesome, everyone has at least one story in them, from every conversation they ever have.

What would be your recommendation for new users to build a user-base that comment and upvote their post like yours?

be authentic, find your niche, respect and never take your audience for granted, engage well and in a timely fashion, get onto other people's posts and take what you do seriously, but make sure you are enjoying it all, ups and downs alike.

People are awesome


 6 months ago  

You got a fiddle, a thimble, and riddle, which one do you take to the toilet with you?

 6 months ago  

The fiddle. I don't get much time to myself to play.

 6 months ago  

One little typo could've been damaging

 6 months ago  


 6 months ago  

Eh, is it too late to ask a real one? In case it isn't...

What's the site again where you can set your Alts to follow your comment upvotes? I've been there before but there's a lotta toggles and switches. Can you help me click and set the right ones?

I almost said how many questions is that but that would've been another question.

 6 months ago  

it is - but I can't seem to login at the moment.

is it up @holger80?

However, I found this form @abitcoinskeptic that might help you:

If you can get in there (or I can) I can also help you directly do it.


 6 months ago  

You're the best!

 6 months ago  

Talk about the right guy to ask. That article is what I needed. I can't sign in now either but piece'0 cake when I can. Thanks man!

 6 months ago  

No worries :)

How many hours do you invest browsing, posting, and commenting in HIVE a day?

 6 months ago  

I am not a very good internet consumer, so pretty much all of my internet time outside of work is on Hive or crypto related.

2 posts a day (my normal average the last year - used to be four) take me between 3 and 4 hours normally to write. Commenting can take me about the same to get through, though I can't do that straight, so it is kind of like browse, comment, browse, comment. Though I have missed some the last week I think. I read a handful of posts a day, but don't always get to comment on them - I like reading and voting on some of the reblogs I see too.

What would you do if you were to find yourself alone on a beach with a siren passing by from time to time for 5 years?

 6 months ago  

Clarifying question: Is the siren one of those beautiful women who seduces me with their voice, or an annoying nagging sound, like my wife?

She seduces you with songs and her looks. Sure.

 6 months ago  

Well, I quite like being by myself, although I am also a pretty social person, so five years is a long time.

I reckon I would end up a little wild, animalistic, free in my behavior But also, I think I would spend the time creating things, making houses, improving my conditions. There is something in me that always looks to make the surroundings better in some way - even if it is just to bring a smile to someone's face.

I understand this. I am a builder also, in so many ways. Never a perfectionist, but always looking to create good conditions for myself and for others.
Thank you for your answer.

Hard liquor, beer or wine? Please be specific.

 6 months ago  

Wine. I have a glass of red next to me now (I only drink white occasionally). I am from the Barossa Valley in South Australia -Wine is important.

However, I also don't mind a G&T - my normal is a Hendrick's with cucumber, but I am not too picky overall. If I am out for a fun night in the summer, there is likely a Mojito or three involved.

I don't drink beer, unless forced - meaning that sometimes I will have a beer with friends who enjoy having a beer. Though if at a Mexican restaurant, I might have a Corona or a Sol occasionally.

If I was on a terrace in the summer during the day - It would likely be a dry apple cider, like a Magner's.

My parents didn't drink at all.

Red all the way for myself also. I really enjoy Shiraz, but also like sweeter wines like Bordeaux' Pinot noir. Though in summer I can make an exception for some white wines.

Scotch whisky is something I discovered about 7 years ago and I came to enjoy a wide variety with time.. I have a pretty big selection at home.

As for beers well I'm not a bit drinker so I prefer "stronger" beers like NEIPAs or season. Cream ales in the long and cold Canadian winter season are appreciated too.

Do you find yourself drinking more since covid?

It's funny how everything is shut down here in Canada except for food, liquor and weed. Or is it? 😏

 6 months ago  

Do you find yourself drinking more since covid?

Nah, I don't drink much at all and since my wife can't because of some health issues, I drink less. No weed here, this is Finland and it is seen in the same light as crack :D


Most probable path indeed: weed => crack

Don't think I've asked this before, but have you enjoyed/tried out THC in the past? If so, how would you describe that makes you feel/behave compared to being tipsy/drunk? Or how have others said you've acted like on weed compared to alcohol?

All of the above.


Together, with a joint on the side.

Cuz why not

Why are there always so many bottles of conditioner in the shower but no shampoo?

 6 months ago  

This is an important question to ask - I am glad you had the sense to speak up.

It is because women are roped into buying different conditioner for every time their hair is slightly different in anyway, color, moisture, length, oiliness; so they keep buying different conditioners. The shampoo however doesn't matter much, so they only need buy one or two different types.

Ironically, men wash their hair with whatever they can reach and almost without exception, have better conditioned hair than women.

Thank you for taking the time to answer. This is an issue that has haunted me ever since I got married. Sometimes I think she is performing some sort of witchcraft in there, with all the different potions. Happy to have it confirmed.

We have the opposite problem here. Wonder if there's enough to set up a trade route XD

 6 months ago  

It will require blockchain management

Maybe your conditioner and my shampoo were stuck behind that ship in the Suez Canal.

O_O maybe XD

What do you think we all should do to build and raise this Hive community to next level?

 6 months ago  

Invite family and friends. A lot of people want to "hide" here, but also want there to be millions of users. How does that happen if no one is willing to invite people they know?

However, there are many things that would support this and sticky application development is one of them. More focus on UX and a bit less on tokenization. The challenge is that in the industry at the moment, it is still all about price and ROI.

but sir my yield apr percentages

What is the biggest lie you've told somebody?

 6 months ago  

"I'm okay"

There have been times in my life where my world is falling apart - yet when someone asks how I m doing, I tell them I am okay, regardless of how much pain I am in or how much I am struggling. I don't like asking for help, I don't like being dependent on others.

I see and I can relate to it 😁

What software tools do you use to view metrics on your posts and comments, do you employ any automation?

 6 months ago  

I use, which is okay, but not great. Hivetasks doesn't work for me for some reason, but it might for you - if it works, it is pretty good.

I also use a bit as it is simple and loads fast, but there isn't a great deal of info there. I use it more for things like vote mana.

I have a few autos set up on a couple authors, but that is it. I do have a secondary account @babytarazkp, that has all my Hive Engine tokens on it and so it can vote wide, it trails a few curation trails, some curators and myself. It votes about 750 times a week, but it is the easiest way to have the chance of spreading H-E tokens. I don't have the time to manually go through 10+ different token groups voting manually 10x a day. I don't track anything for this account, just let it do its thing and hope it spreads to decent people.

What is your irl business?
How do you think Hive can be improved?

 6 months ago  

The business I run is a consultancy that focuses on individual personnel development. I work with key people and help them improve their skillsets for better results.

I think Hive requires some more focus on user experience at the app level, a little bit of innovation or even replication to help users use and understand the value of the ecosystem. I do think that the next hardfork is going to bring in some dynamic improvements though.

Can I hire you for upvotes

How long does it take to write an 'standard' post for you?

 6 months ago  

I am not a very good typist and my most used key is the backspace.

I guess that these days I average between 1o00 and 1600 words a post and often I am in some kind of flow when I write and it takes me less time in that case. I reckon that after years of practice, it is between an hour and two hours, depending on subject, as some are harder than others.

However, I often spend time doing a bit of research and pottering around various interfaces and I estimate that on a normal day, I am here about 6-9 hours and up to 12 on weekends. The other thing is that unless I post from work, I will nearly always sit around and wait to answer the first comments at least. These days, it can be for an hour or more, as people tend to comment less. Part of the reason I go to bed so late is that generally the only time I have to write is after everyone else sleeps, so then waiting for comments puts it at around 2 in the morning.

I sort of knew it, but wanted to hear exact numbers from you. 6 hours here on top of your day And you spend time with your family... so the obvious next question is, how many hours do you sleep on average?

 6 months ago  

I generally get about 4-5 hours a night and when I get home with my daughter from daycare, while she eats a snack, I take a 15 minute nap.

My wife has "allowed" me space in many ways to be able to work and it has been frustrating for her at times, but since I will likely be able to pay off the house 25 years early, she is biting her tongue ;D

prenup or no prenup? xd

25 years early!!

When you do that please write a major post. We will ask Boomy to do the artwork for it and we will NFT it and sell limited editions to your fans, that way you get that vacation home by a lake. How's that for a plan?

 6 months ago  

I'd hope Boomy will make a stick-figure gif for it :)

It would be pretty awesome to get something out of all this work and I think my wife has been accommodating enough that she should get more than a vacuum cleaner :D