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I had an interesting day today, something a little different from the usual; But let me start at the beginning.

Since March I've been on reduced hours at work, and working from home due to the virus thing. Along with the reduced hours came reduced pay of course, and considering my wife has also dropped about the same amount per month from our business, it has forced some changes to our spending habits. There's not much we can do though, except tighten the belt a little and make do like other people are. However an opportunity popped up last week which was pretty cool.

I spoke to a mate of mine and we had a good chat on the phone. I've known this guy since 2007, he sold me my first Lexus actually. He now owns a company that operates in the building sector, mainly commercial and on a large scale, but very high-end residential also. Anyway, we chatted about all sorts of things for a while and then ended the call. But ten minutes later he called back.

I answered and was surprised to hear him offer me a job!

To clarify, a one day a week job... Paying me a little more than I have lost from my current job. Considering I have the time on my hands, and it doesn't present a conflict of interest, my curiosity was piqued.

Today I've been visiting sites with his architect/project manager upon which they are currently engaged. Big sites. He does the most amount work interstate but has some here too and it was good to have a look at the scope of what he does which is really quite impressive.

The role he presented is was a more consulting role; Devising marketing strategy, introducing his business to architects here and opening doors for him and the tech-guys to come along and expand upon. A quasi-sales role I suppose. A walk in the park for someone with my skills and background.

He has also talked about the formation of a secondary business doing the same sort of work but on a smaller scale to focus on new-residential builds. If that was the case I would be heading up that business on his behalf. He's just tossing ideas around about that currently though and we'll have to discuss that some more. For now it would be a single day a week.

I've owned my own property-development company and have worked in the property industry for twenty years so it's only a small leap to cross over to what my mates company does, and with no real technical expertise required at this stage...Well, seems a no-brainer to me; It helps him out and dips my toe in the water in a new segment of building and property.

Tomorrow I'm going to an appointment with my mate at the local Ferrari dealership, another job he is doing currently, and over today and tomorrow I feel I'll gain a fair idea of what he does, and how I may fit in.

He was initially just looking to open some doors here as currently he has no real penetration here in his hometown but it seems things may accelerate into new areas potentially. From what I've seen and what we have spoken about there is a huge gap in this particular segment currently, and huge potential.

After tomorrow we'll meet to chat about business plans, strategy and remuneration and then if I decide to deploy for him then we'll jump off and get to work on the one day a week gig.

My mate has always said he wants to work with me, and it's always been quite humbling to me to consider the confidence in, and respect for, me that he shows. He is a class-act and I feel fortunate to have him as a friend, and to have placed myself in a position to gain that respect and trust.

If this is only a part time thing, probably only for six months or so, then so be it. However the potential that this opens up a new sector of property/building for me and with a sales-focused slant should prove to be well-within my skills and who knows what the future may hold?

For now though its simple...Do a little work, learn some new skills and let it lead to wherever it will lead. I get to help my mate, cover some covid-19 financial shortfalls and fill in some time.

They say a change is a good as a holiday which I don't agree with, holidays are awesome!. But expanding ones paradigm is always invigorating and one never knows what may come of it.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
Discord: galenkp#9209


That's wonderful, some welcomed good news! Good luck to you on your new side gig! When new doors open, walk on thru. Covid has been disruptive on most people, it's not always a bad thing forcing us to explore new ideas and opportunities, seems like it's right up your alley even if i's just one day per week, maybe a future career change down the line. Relationships we make thru-out our lives are important. I don't believe in coincidences or luck, we meet certain people for a reason. Hopefully it works out for you.

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Even if all this does is make up that money I've lost each month for a day per week then it's a win. It will give me some new skills also though, and may turn into something more. It's a bit of a no-brainer as far as I'm concerned, but let's see how it plays out at the Ferrari dealership tomorrow and when we begin to work through business plans.

At this point, every bit helps even if it's just catching up the revenue you lost over the last few months. who knows what direction we are headed into plus it isn't a huge commitment for now. If it doesn't turn into more, you will get new skills that you might put to use later, if it works well, who knows. I always welcome new opportunities even if they are just temporary, everything happens for a reason.

I couldn't have said it better.

I'm looking at this as a short-term side-gig type of thing, but based on my meeting yesterday it is likely to be much more than that moving forward.

I'm not one to shy away from challenges and opportunities and see this as a potential vehicle to carry me forward into the next 10 years. I like learning, developing and reinventing so this will allow me to do so.

One step at a time carries me forward to...Who knows where at this stage.

Just roll with the punches, we should always be learning new skills our entire life, it just makes us better in the end even if it's just to gain perspective.

Agreed. I have no expectations other than the one day a week thing which will begin an a couple weeks. Other than that the rest will happen when it does.

Dang mate!!. Youre looking as sharp as the devil prince himself. :O Whats a sheet of paper that gives you a degree is worth when you are so skilled. Practical hands on knowledge beats any degree.. Its our world order and fake sense of sanity in formal education system is what made us chase after degrees.

Guns, cats and brilliance, you are the real thing bruv.

Nice to hear it though, matey is holding it nice and tight. Hope to see you in forbes 100 someday :)

The old G-dog looks ok for being 50% of 100...It's the magic of film though. In real life, not so good. Lol.

I've not been inhibited in life through not having a degree. I've been very successful in fact, at what I've chosen to do. I don't regret it and am content with my choices.

Naaa mate. Youre just being too modest. Who looks good on camera does equally behind the camera too.

I've not been inhibited in life through not having a degree, I've been very successful in fact,

That is a solid fact by its own right. The world system right now pushes us down the whole of a system that is not in way suitable to deliver. At least in most of the countries like mine.

If it was up to me I would love to own a farm one day. So that i can breath fresh air at my last breath, away from all the city polution...being alone with my books in a quiet place. Or something like that. Want to be my own man someday.. Without all the forced responsibilities.

You have some good dreams to chase; Be your own man is one of them. Life is complicated these days and so many people place importance upon things that really have little value rather than their feelings and emotions. It seems things, material things, are the most sought after in life. It should not be this way.

Keep chasing what really matters, have strategy and plans in place to catch them, and you will.

Keep chasing what really matters, have strategy and plans in place to catch them, and you will.

Only this is what seems to have worked for me so far. In life and in hive.. And a little bit of honesty and selflessness is what allowed me to meet so many amazing people, like you brother.

Thank you for being such a good sport.

honesty and selflessness

Yes, honesty translates to ownership and selflessness translates to humility sometimes...It's those things people should have in abundance, along with kindness, generosity, patience, persistence, responsibility etc.

You're a good lad, and I think are open to learning, to wisdom and other people's experiences...That will work well for you. Be a sponge and soak it all in and never try to be the smartest person in the room...That will only mean you'll learn nothing.

Keep being you...It's working.

Thank you mate. I'm very very open to learning and I'm a bookworm lol. But on top of that, i love to explore new things, learn from new people, their philosophy about the world and all that. But cant still properly differentiate between what to take in and what not to.

No wiser words has ever been said mate. :)

can't still properly differentiate between what to take in and what not to

This is always a challenge, at any age but you will get better at doing it through experience as you go.

Remember, its Ferrari, not ferrero. One is chocolate, the other is cars.

Good luck on this endeavour. :) Hope it does well for you. If they need corporate head shots for the new gig and digs, let me know ;)

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Remember, its Ferrari, not ferrero

Thanks, I would have turned up at the wrong place.

I will, might break your camera lens but that's a perfect excuse to buy a new one. :)


So long as the job pays ;) Good luck tomorrow, seriously. Just don't end up going out there and getting your self a pair of new wheels. That would be counter intuitive.

Lol...yeah I wondered if I would come home with a new car...Probably, maybe not. But maybe yes. 😂

Do you come with the car?


Lol...I'd not buy a Ferrari even if I had the money. It's not my style...But if they're giving me one I'd take it.

Just don't test drive one then take it for a crash over the median. :D

I'll be honest, anything can happen. Lol.

I drove a F430 Spider in Modena, Italy (where they're made) and it was spectacular, I'll be honest. Exactly what you'd expect it to drive like. That got it out of my system...Give me a 4x4 pick up truck any day...Although if they suggest I take one for a spin...Watch the 6pm news man...Trust me! Lol.

I am so happy for you! This is super awesome! Having skills, experience and a good character will always pay off! I am sure this will open new opportunities. There is something to learn from you: never be afraid to walk on new roads.

I've never been one to stay in the back, afraid to move or try something new. It's safe, but not my style. I'm more of a take charge guy, my own life included, and so I've tended to embrace change, actively seek it, and to apply the attitude and actions to bend it to my needs...The design and create ethos that drives me.

I feel humbled to have my mate think of me in this way, and yet not surprised. I have a high work-rate, expect a lot from myself;Not perfection, only fuckwits seek something that doesn't exist, I mean *continuous improvement. And so the effort I inject, the way I push forward with ownership, responsibility and effort sometimes repays me.

I don't know what's going to happen here or if it will work out as I would like it to, but I do know that if it doesn't it won't be due to a lack of effort on my part, or my mates.

It is indeed a honour to be granted with the respect and trust of someone of value. It will be interesting, I am sure you will share parts of your new journey here. Of course 🐭 will read😊

Yep, will post a little.

When a door closes, another door opens. You can even find a way form the window! :D
I'm happy for you brother.
And I have to say that you look very sharp in that photo! <3

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Lol...No doors have closed yet, just COVID-19 happened. Let's see how this new thing goes huh?

Yeah, That's me on the way to work...Gotta look the part I guess.


For sure man!

Go get it sir! ;)

New opportunities opening up always brings new energy. Dreaming about the potential growth of it is also really nice.

And like you said, it’s a nice way to fill the gap of your reduced income, help a friend and learn new things.

That sounds really good to me.

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They do some really interesting things, some really big jobs, and so I think I'd get to learn a few new skills although my role would be less technical and more sales oriented. I'm good at that stuff as it's what I've done for most of my life. Time will reveal all, and if it moves forward great, if not, life will go on.


That sounds good. Give it your best shot and at least it’s a good experience.

Thanks and I will. 🙂

What a luck for you...you will make three things together:helping a friend learning a new skill and making money...

Happy for you...

Have a nice day...

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I certainly think luck comes into play in situations like this, although I feel that a person creates a degree of luck for themselves. Had I not done the right things, taken the right actions and had the right attitude over the last 13 years this guy may not have asked me to step in...So, I think there's a little bit of luck, and a little bit of effort. I'm not sure where this is going to lead, but we will see over time.


“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”

― Richard Branson

This always grated on me. It's dishonest; and shows a huge amount of disrespect to someone who's contemplating investing in you.
A lot of this blog focused on your ability to perform the role; and to do so well.
I like to think I'm the same.
If your mate tapped me on the shoulder and offered me a tonne of money to market real estate developments, I'd thank him for his confidence in me and turn him down.
Not because I couldn't use the money or that I'd dislike the job; I just couldn't give him his money's worth.
Good luck with it, mate.

You know, he and I discussed this very thing today and I said to him that if I didn't feel I was capable of adding value to the business I would turn him down. I value the relationship more than a few bucks. Of course, he frothing to get me in the door and whilst he won't do anything to compromise his business, he will do what he can to make it happen.

At this stage it won't conflict with my job, what I do on my day off (they forced me to take at reduced pay) is my own business, and it's not in the same space as what I do now, so there's no conflict of interest. We will see what happens after tomorrow and in a few weeks when business plans are finalised. It could be a very good opportunity, or it may go nowhere.

Thanks for your message. Luck is good. :)


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A gap in services or price is almost always a good thing. I sold one of my home at the price gap, there were a lot of homes the same size as mine, I did not really want to move, there was a big price gap hole between my house size and price listing and the next set of listings up, so I split the difference,listed at the center of the price gap, my realtor tried to get me to list at a lower price, but I knew what the market was like, and well people are people, sometime price is all that matters to them, price snobs. If it cost 20,000 more than other homes at similar size it must be a special place. It wasn't, and it sold pretty much the day she was pounding in the for sale sign.

I think the gap could be a good thing. At only one day a week, and not much else going on, I wish you success.

Well, I work full time 4 days a week currently for a massive real estate company where I do an executive role, so there's plenty going on, but i'm taking reduced pay and have a day in the week to help my mast so...Makes sense I think. If I am brought back to my current job 5 days a week I'll have to do that. In the meantime one day a week is my own to do with as I choose.

Finding a niche in the market when selling a property can work well. Sometimes it's that no other properties with swimming pools are available, or it's the only 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom property on the market at the time; It often means additional activity from the buyers and possibly more money as you found out. Competition is a great motivator and any good real estate agent will know how to create it (ethically and within the law) and exploit it on their vendor's behalf. It seems like you did well.


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Congratulations to you...
You really have a friend who is a friend indeed

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I have known this guy for 13 years and we have always had a good connection, similar ethics in business and personal, honesty and integrity. We'll see how this opportunity rolls out...It may go somewhere, or may not. Time will tell. Thanks for your comment, I appreciate you taking the time to reply.


Ooo, when it all gets back to normal you will have this tootling along too and as you say the opportunity it may give you. You might be driving one of them Ferraris soon!!

It's going to be an interesting journey I think. With what we have discussed it could take any number of directions, all seemingly positive. Time will tell...Meanwhile I go to Ferrari, have a meeting, get them to make me an espresso and pretend I know what the fuck I'm talking about.

P.s. I'd send you a pile of cash to take an Aussie holiday with the family before I bought a Ferrari.


Haha, that's via your a fucking legend!

I do exactly the same in my job. It seems to work, deep down I worry that I might know what I'm talking about, lol

Lol...You know when your deception has reached full penetration when even you start believing it! It seems our professional lives align perfectly. Our careers are spooning.

Career spooning sounds like something far worse than it is!! Lol

Aye, it's the new normal. 😂

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I've always said success is at the intersection of preparation and opportunity. Sounds like a great no-risk way to put your toe in the water before making bigger decision to jump in and make a splash. I know you'll be successful and get even more benefit from your drive and energy. Congrats!

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Thanks mate, Unlike that crossroads saying.

To be honest I cannot see a downside to this thing. I guess maybe the only thing could be the relationship between me and my mate if things were not to go to plan but I'm pretty sure that we're both mature enough to not let that affect it.

This is a good opportunity as you say, and with some few, if any, real risks it would be silly not to take a few step down the path and see where it leads.


Good luck on this new opportunity.
At least it has already changed your mood, I can feel it in your words.

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Let's see how it goes huh? I'm not really too concerned either way as I have a good job, but it cold be good to open a few new doors right?


Life's full of surprises, opening new dors is always interesting.
Now that I am focusing on launching new crypto-related projects I am getting in touch with people I met long ago for other business purposes.
It reminds me of Steve Jobs 2005 speech at Stanford Graduation ceremony when he talked about connecting the dots.

Connecting dots is a good way to put it...This is why relationships in business are so important, and it's often not a good idea to burn them; One never knows when connecting with a dot from the past will be advantageous.

Congrats on the new gig. You seem like a good man and you carry yourself with a high level of integrity, so it's only natural that people will want to associate with you on personal and professional level. I hope it all works out and you get to veer into a sort of new business..

Thanks belemo, your words are humbling. Being a good man is all I can hope for and it's nice of you to say so. I don't know where this will lead, but it's looking rather interesting and so I'll walk the path and see where it leads.

One foot in front of the other. That's all we can do sometimes. Good luck with it.

Thank you sir. :)

Cool. Hope the appointment went well (I am reading this after you will probably have done it) and this becomes something useful for the future.

Thanks mate, yeah it went well and my mate and I had a good chat afterwards. I think this is something that could take me in new directions and over the next couple weeks things will start to open up and I'll know some more. It's certainly worth investigating for sure.

sounds intriguing!

As things roll out a little more I'll possible open up about it some more too. At this stage it's in its infancy, but is looking good.

Congratulations to hear the fantastic news there, mate. It sounds like a pretty neat job, and I'm sure you'll do well on it! Any work is a blessing in troubling times like these, but as I know nothing on the subject of construction, I can only advice to not quark it up. I recall an Aussie term you taught me once, a word to use for telling someone not to screw something up.

Alas, I've forgotten what it was, but quark was the closest thing that came to mind. I can only pique my interest at the meeting location. A Ferrari dealership, you say? You should tell them about that one time you drove an F430 Spyder in Italy, eh? XD

The situation is fluid and obviously a lot more complicated than I'm saying here on hive, but today went well and moving forward I think this could be a good thing. I still have a job at my current work of course, but with one day a week up my sleeve it makes sense to use it elsewhere. I think it will lead to a whole new direction for me though, however that's down the track a little.

I spent a couple hours with the owner of the Ferrari, Lamboghini, Bentley and Mclaren dealerships, with my mate this afternoon. It was interesting to say the least.

I took these for your today...Tried to be surreptitious and not look like a dick, so didn't get many photos.

P.s. Quark? Sounds like a duck gone wrong. I think we talked about the word cark which means to die...Maybe you're confusing them? Lol.

Ahem, to be more precise, a quark is more than just a duck game, sir. It's a unit of matter in the study of physics. This is the point where I pretend like I know what I'm talking about, so here's a snapshot from Google instead. But cark, ah now there's a term. When you've adjusted to these new set of responsibilities, just make sure you don't cark it up!

On the subject of those Ferraris, oh my god are they pretty things. Honestly, I'm chuffed and grateful that you took any photos at all, and I must now spend some time alone with them, for reasons. They've even got the ultra-sexy 488 Pista, and the brand-new F8 Tributo as well, in the middle picture. So, much, awesome!


Ooh have fun with that however it ends up working out for you :D

It's all pretty interesting at the moment, fluid, but that fluid seems to be running in the right direction.

That sounds great, opening new doors for you. Well done :)

We'll see how it goes.

Nah! Lady fortune is smiling upon you and if you play your cards right, I feel a partnership in the offing.
Change is indeed beter than a holiday, as if the change is loaded you can have even better holidays hahaha.
You started well if that's you in the tie there in the car lol.
I hate ties but was forced for many years to wear the buggers.
Glad for you and lets hope that this works.

Sounds Great, Good Luck!

Marty Byrd agrees, I mean, what could go wrong... Heheheh. (juss yankin' yer chain G-Dog)


I don't know who Marty Byrd is. From a TV show, but one I haven't watched. Is that Ozark or something?

Plenty can go wrong, but the ramifications of wrong are sustainable and would affect me in the most minimal of ways and when weighed against the upside are quite negligible.

A wise man once said:

A man who has never tried, has not tried, and will not understand the benefits of trying or the benefits of trying and failing. The trials of trying as such. Trying isn't succeeding, or failing, trying is just trying and trying is the only way to find out if trying it worth trying.

Could lead to great opportunity and see if you can take a Ferrari for a test drive for me while at the dealership 🤞👍

Oh yeah man, I'll be taking one for sure.

Awesome have fun👍

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