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Dear members of the @project.hope community,

We had a lengthy discussions with @crypto.piotr the other day and we thought it would be a good idea to hold a contest for our community.

Who can take part?

The participation is open to everybody who has an account on Hive.

What is this contest about?

We want to encourage creativity and entrepreneurship among our members. In this contest you are asked to answer the following question:

If you had 20'000 USD at your disposition what kind of business would you build up?

We are looking for original and creative answers and maybe more than a simple sentence.

How do you take part?

To take part in the challenge, you need to write a comment under this post that starts with:

My entry:

The following rules have to be observed:

  • The comment has to be in English
  • Only one entry per account
  • Between 20 and 300 words
  • No external posts – only comments to this post will be accepted
  • The comment has to be posted before April 29th, 12 am CET

You are the jury for this contest!

With your upvotes you define the finalists of this contest! The 10 entries with the most upvotes will be the finalists of this challenge. It is important to understand that it is the number of votes that counts and not their value!

The prices!

Among the finalists we will select the best entries and give them upvotes with the account @project.hope:

  • 3 x full upvotes with 300'000 HP each (for rank 1 to 3)
  • 5 x upvotes with 100'000 HP each (for rank 4 to 8)

Your chance to earn as a jury

When you upvote an entry you help it to become a finalist. You are free to give an upvote between 1 and 100%. If you give a high percentage upvote you might earn a very interesting curation reward if you manage to guess a winning entry!

Until when can you take part

Entries can be written until April 29th 12am CET. This is also the last moment to cast your votes.
The winners will be presented in a second post.

Good luck to everybody !

P.S: 50% of the proceeds of this post will go to ph-fund


Hello, I want to start my entry remarking that I am from Cuba, a country where the State have control over almost all branches of economy and it's very hard to get into a self-developed project that involves any of these (agriculture, communications, education, even philanthropy, because the government has also control over all charity entities and anyone who wants to make a charity event or similar have to give all the resources to one of those entities). Also this is a very poor country, and as you may know have no access to VISA or MasterCards, so monetizing work online is an odyssey and many online platforms do not accept Cubans because of that. That's why I want to propose to create a freelancing like platform for third world countries and help them not only with online work, also local working options, and many more. All being managed by a blockchain based ecosystem who help each one to make a fast, secure an government free payment from each part. I don't know if there is a platform who does this already, but I think this is really neccessary, and even more if another pandemic like coronavirus afflicts the world again, for helping those self-employed people who are having so many financial issues right now. Thanks for reading to all of you!

This is a great idea! I'm from Cuba, and we would love a project like this. We have an amazing human capital, that needs support. Upvoted!

Great idea man. Upvoted!

like that idea! but take care that you do not get in trouble with the government! upvoted!

Thanks, I don't think so, I'll got into trouble if it is just for cubans, but if it is an international project I'm sure the project will have no government issues

I never heard about something like this, Love your proposal all manage by blockchain could change the complete system, I live in Venezuela so I know how it feels.

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Entry 18

Hi my name is irene and i am event producer.

the events that I produce, benefit the communities where I live; I promote in them the call to the social conscience and to the good principles that we must put in practice to live in this world being worthy to inhabit it.
at this moment i am starting a project for hive where with few resources i will start a contest that will benefit all the good musicians of the community and in turn its audience week after week.

1 1.jpg

If i had $20,000 i would build a music studio in the city of caracas, where any musician of conscience, from anywhere in the world can record for free, to help them distribute their music on blockchain platforms like emanate, where the royalties are divided in transparent ways and we can get out of the wheel that consumes and exploits us called "music industry".
The profits generated in this study will go to the Diyocoi Foundation for indigenous children in the Venezuelan Amazon.

Beautiful Irene ❤️

Me alegro que hayas personas dispuestas a ayudar donde realmente se precisa. Gracias amiga, saludos. @auelitairene

para dar venimos al mundo! quien no piense asi, nunca piensa que es digno de vivir en comunidad.

Yo he sido bastante activo en lucha en mi tierra Galicia, España, se han echo verdaderas animaladas. Cuando se ve la tierra desde un satélite y se miran los arañazos de Amazonas me entra algo malo en el cuerpo. @auelitairene

is still being exploited in an inconceivable way!
I'd love to go there soon and document everything. I'm new to the Hive, and right now I've become aware that few people know what life is like here with our indigenous people! They are children who don't even go to school because they don't have pencils and notebooks to write down.

You sound like you have amazing goals and aspirations. Please stick with them and never give up. If there's anything i can do in the future to help,please let me know.

I hope we can all be part of the same support network and I will just call you there to be part of the project.
Thank you for your support and see how nice my project is

adiwa hermano!

I would like to learn more about the Diyocoi Foundation. I did a search and did not find any information. Could you provide me some?

yes!! right now i am waiting for the documents to be handed over, to start with the legal stipulations of the contest, this has been delayed a week for major reasons, they live 1 hour and a half from the nearest place with telephone signal, so we will have to wait longer. but i will gladly give you more information soon. so more people can help us.
The fundation Diyocoi its belong to Shaman Ruffino Ponare and His son Rafael Lopez.
you can search that for now.

Thank you for your quick response. Jose vouches for you and that is good enough for me.

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Entry 30

My entry:

Hello, my name Roger Durán. Bachelor of Performing Arts. I always asked myself this question and I always answered it with an idea of ​​what he was considering: starting a visual arts account at Hive where everyone who undertakes digital and traditional art (logos, illustrations, flyers, photo montage, drawings, murals or paintings) can publish their creative process on Hive and could be rewarded for their art.

In turn, open certain competitions within these artistic branches with prizes for these artists or even a kind of "Incentive Scholarship" for the creation of more art.

Now how? Simple and satisfying, buying Hive Power with all that money to have a large voting power. This project of having materialized before, having been a boom within the platform, because in times of pandemic it is no secret to anyone that we have all the time to create, write post and above all, be paid for our art, take into account that street work is almost impossible.

In particular, in support of my Venezuelan brothers, country of residence, where we already live due to economic and political calamities. And yet, many of us live on what we do on the internet, mostly with our Art, in networks where we are rewarded as Hive is.

Support, creation, incentive and feedback ... those words that make up my project.

I think that is an amazing entry, many of us are artist and we never get paid is we do e have an sponsor, with blockchain technologies we can change that and give more power to artist and content creators.

How good that you understand my project, it would be a fantastic idea for us artists. I hope that one day it will be fulfilled and they can live on it.

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Entry 25

Hello friend @gatolector always active looking for the way to help you have a lot of luck and keep promoting and motivating users with your initiatives.

Oh thank you very much @lisfabian. Really very pleased with your comment, helping others has always been very rewarding for me, especially when they are creative artists like me. Cheers!

I think it is a great idea that you want to support the rest of the community and especially the Venezuelan community on HIVE. Projects like the one you present deserve the attention of those who can give a great push to make it happen.

In any case, you have the support of the community and I know that even more from our Venezuelan artists, those with great talent, who together can give it great
support, solidity, and continuous activity of the Hive Account that you create for this purpose.

I wish you much success!

Exactly. I think that as long as you have and can, helping others is an incomparable joy. Thanks for your comment, I take it into account!

My entry

Hello, my name is Yonilkar and I love blockchain tecnology because gives you power and also is together as one even when is different.
I live in a place were internet is very slow and not many people has access to networks. With 20000 USD I could build and entire internet center were many could be together even when they are far away.

Sometimes I feel grateful just for been here, writing and entry for a contest or playing a blockchain cards because I'm lucky. I would love to teach to many how this technology works helping them to understand descetralization and financial freedom.

Ten years ago someone just create and incredible system and now many of us trust in it and is the base of the future.

Hi @yonlikar,
Could you tell us more? Like a Internet Cafe where people physicaly go to? Or more like a online platform where people with their own mobile or PC log into?

I don´t understnd the second option but yes, a decentralized Internet cafe were people use crypto to pay for the internet just using projects like, Hive, Publis0x (social blockchain blogging), Brave (decentralized browser), Splinterlands (blockchain games) Presearch (blockchain search , Lbry (video on blockchain), Bittube (get paid for your time on the internet and video on blockchain too) or many other kind of social media projects on crypto industry.

I belive that especially in low income countries people with some effort and some knowledge of computers, blockchain and software could become little self employed agents that could offer little tasks, media content and research jobs based on the HIVE plattform or a platform based on HIVE to entrepreneurs, self employeds and general consumers in wealthier countries... hence a winwin and I belive your Internet cafe with the hive payment option could be the nucleus for such a thing.. hence I love your idea... upvote!

Thanks,That really works I live where electric service is so cheap even I could have my own bitcoin farm hahah, But mining machines are too expensive so blockchain is still on development and need more and more people to understand this technology. I don´t have a university where I can learn about blockchain but I have many blockchain sites where I read a lot about this future technology and everyday something new and amazing I discover.

Siempre he admirado tu proyecto, espero que se te dé. La idea es volver el internet completamente descentralizado e integrando la tecnología blockchain, lo mejor de lo mejor.

Wow, I think it's an excellent idea to let people know what a blockchain is and give them access to a better internet. Good luck. :)

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Entry 15

Hello @achim03, excellent initiative.
Thank you @project.hope for the opportunity. My entry here:

From this situation that we are currently experiencing, it has become clear to me that regardless of the reality there are some areas that are not affected, do not close or stop producing, and in general are those related to food, health and technology.

So I could divide the investment into two funds:

  1. One to start a bakery business, I know it's going very well in this city where I live. Right now, of course the quarantine imposes limitations, however they have not stopped working or producing, which allows to keep the money circulating permanently. It is also a good source of employment and offers the possibility to help with food donations to institutions and people in difficult conditions. At least 14,000 dollars could be used for this purpose.

  2. The other 6000 would be used to invest in cryptomoney. Specifically I would grow my account and be able to heal more people, support other communities, and this guarantees a daily income per cure. That while it would not be a fortune, it would allow me to grow the account daily and benefit others.

With patience and work, many things can be achieved. It is a matter of time and the projects are being consolidated. And in the medium term, once you have managed to gather what was the initial investment. I could diversify with the profits and get into a pharmacy. They never close. This would be my proposal.
The return on an investment in that diversified form I think gives more security.

This has been my involvement.
Thank you very much.

Excelentes propuestas bien acordes con la realidad. Lo que sea negocio de comida o medicinas, siempre tendrá sus puertas abiertas!

Gracias por el apoyo @purrix
Si, también creo que comida y medicinas no fallaran nunca como negocio. Son prioridad.

 2 years ago  

Entry 24

Entry 24?
It's impressive how successful the contest has been. Thank you.

Me gustaria mucho que ganaras porque tienes buenas ideas...

También espero ganar algo je je je

Amigo mío, Dios permita que se cumplan tus proyectos y puedas alcanzar lo que anhelas porque trabajas para lograrlo, te doy mi voto con la fe de que alguna vez me invitarás un buen café colombiano y un chocolate venezolano en esa panadería.

Muy buenas propuestas, la comida rara vez da perdidas, las panaderias son un buen ejemplo de ello.

With that amount of money I would create a marketing company, particularly I currently see marketing companies as the companies that sold picks and shovels to gold diggers in the famous gold rush, the current global landscape is forcing and accelerating growth From the market in the digital area, many companies are going to need web development services and market their products online. Something extraordinary about the marketing business is that you normally work with clients' money

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Entry 13

Ojala se te de tu sueño, porque piensas en ayudar a otros que es lo bueno.

Gracias, si efectivamente ahorita es como un sueño estoy aprendiendo mucho sobre ese tema aquí en brasil y por eso le veo tanto potencial, saludos.

Uy como que me veo en BRASIL....

My entry :

Empowering @askanything, the Hive education tool !
I would convert these $20,000 to Hive and power up these Hive in my @chrisaiki account.
@askanything is an education tool, @askanything upvote questions asked by students.

The community is answering the questions.
@askanything can also answer questions.
I will upvote 10 @askanything answers per day, increasing the @askanyhing account power, as well as my account in the same time, by curation reward and by posting.

After 3 years, I will share with the initial investor of the $20,000, the increase in Hive price, selling back the Hive. Except if we agree on a new 3 years agreement with the investor. It is completly impossible to guess the price of Hive in 3 years ! Will it be $7 like the all time high of Steem or 10 cts like last month ? I am guessing for a $1.2 price in 3 years. So the initial investor will receive a 100 % profit. And I will get $20,000, too.

Hive will profit from the marketing of the @askanything services.


Cool idea!

Thank you 😄

 2 years ago  

Entry 8

 2 years ago  

Dear @achim03

My entry

Wow. With those 20 thousand dollars.

Together with my wife, we would be able to set up a consultancy company for Human Management, commonly wrongly called Resources Huamanos.

She and I have always believed and we have FAITH that we will be free in this Venezuela Country.
The first thing to promote is in the evolution of the country and one of the ways for our country to evolve is to provide people who are familiar with their attitudes in the most optimal jobs for companies that will be able to open their companies in this country. .

I know it sounds very romantic to believe in that. But I think about my economic freedom all the time and it starts with the freedom of my country.

recently in the midst of the pandemic I organized a group to help grandparents in the community where I live. It is a wonderful experience, so from there I would also like to start a non-profit association to help grandparents who are alone in this country, since the relatives managed to flee Venezuela.

Greetings to all, a very fraternal hug from Venezuela.

 2 years ago  

Entry 20

Suerte vecino, que se concrete ese sueño y me anota si lo hace en Ciudad Bolívar.

My entry:

That's a lot of money if converted into Peso and it would be enough to invest it in to a business I am capable of growing in. $20,000 is perfectly enough to fund a small team of engineers and technicals in Electronics industry. The team will be composed of 4 persons, 1 as a product engineer, 1 as sales engineer, 1 draftsman and me as the owner of the business. The business will focus on engineering solutions and designs for electronic systems applicable to all kinds of customer service, consumerization, technological research and industrial integration. The driving force of the income will be the feasibility of designs, reliability of service, and scalability of product. Pricing will be much more affordable than competitors but the engineering cost will be appreciated more to motivate technicals' productivity. And lastly, the team's welfare is the top priority of the business, the rest follows.

I'm currently working as a product engineer in a certain business solutions company and from time to time, I'm slowly absorbing the hows and whats of the business. In the near future and in God's will, I will put up my own company. :)

Right now, local small businesses are what the world needs. Not more Walmart and big ones. Love your proposal!

Don't want yours to be discounted, please follow the post request and put
My entry:

Then your entry.

I like yours, would hate for it not to be counted!

Both macro and micro economics plays a big role as sector. They're are essential in different ways that people can benefit from it.

Thank you for updating me. Edited now :)

good idea.. I would focus on afordable and reliable solar off grid solutions for off grid areas

That's perfect on a progressive tropical country and places. Though that would be costly, it will be cost-efficient in the long run. By the way, we also cater solar-driven systems but we rarely see interested clients for those projects probably because we have more renewable energy producing systems as alternatives.

mainly hydro power? which country if I may ask?

We have more hyrdro as an alternative, we also have air turbines and geothermal. But as of now, I think 60% of our energy sector comes from coal-powered plants and industrial plants.

It's from the Philippines and I'm in favor of nuclear energy which is not present in the country.

I assume solar would then especially make sense for everthingy off grid running on diesel gen set atm.. prices of solar pv and batteries should be much lower with break even after 1 to 2 years... please no nuclear energy.. not even talking about accidents and nuclear waste but of cost overruns.. new nuclear power plants produce electricity for around 15 US cents / kWh (12.5. cents power price + 2.5 cents for grid distribution) compared to 5 to 10 cents for PV, 5 cents for wind, etc..

Your solar idea sounds great to me

 2 years ago (edited) 

Entry 2

My entry:

It would really help low-income people, not by giving them money (as is the custom in most parts of Latin America) but by offering them the tools to develop their skills and abilities.

It would create a foundation where it would segment people by skills, we offer them training and then through alliances with companies, they will be given legal and formal work. The profit to maintain the foundation would be through the collection of a small contribution to the companies that hire people, thus continuing to finance the training of more people.

"If you really want to help a person, do not give him the fish, rather teach him how to fish and in this way you will help him for life."

 2 years ago  

Entry 7

Realmente ayudaría a las personas de bajos ingresos, no dándoles dinero (como es costumbre en la mayor parte de América Latina) sino ofreciéndoles las herramientas para desarrollar sus habilidades y capacidades.

Esto que dices es muy cierto, pero pasa que también cuando han dado esas herramientas no hay un seguimiento a ver si es verdad que le estan dando uso o estan produciendo, solo por el amiguismo, en vez de darsela a quien en verdad le pudiera dar buen uso, ejemplo mi persona, yo quisiera en grande trabajar la reposteria pero me hace falta la materia prima principalmente, por ejemplo. Suerte.

My entry;

With $ 20,000, he would set up a delivery platform for food, food and medicine at home; Due to the crisis that we are going through confinement, services of this type will grow while establishing standard sanitary controls to normalize the situation:
It is necessary to implement a reliable and secure service; that you pay with cryptocurrencies in a reliable and secure way; without handling cash all electronic; this market can be maintained as long as the state of alarm is maintained because the world will not be the same after this; The production of necessary supplies must not stop and for it to reach its destination, alternative platforms must be added to it in order to solve and alleviate the crisis.
In my country it would be very necessary, there is a lack of all kinds and it could be expanded to other areas.

 2 years ago  

Entry 14

My entry:
Bookeeping and accounting. But serving both fiat and crypto projects.the demand for this industry is already high with a very good remuneration. Add that to a growing field of ever growing crypto projects and adoption, it should be a no brainer. We have already seen exchanges and markets branching out to similar structures.


 2 years ago  

Hi @blind-spot

Join our project.hope community on discord:

I remember you posting within our community lately.

ps. you do not look very Ukrainian :)

Cheers, Piotr

It says location, not ethnicity right? 😉


 2 years ago  

Ukrainian - is not location :) It's nationality :)


Yes, but you made the original comment from the location tag on my profile or the badge. None of which point to ethnicity or nationality. I have been in Ukraine for the last 6 years, now taking a short break back home in Dubai.

 2 years ago (edited) 

Entry 1

Bookkeeping and accounting in all sense is confidential and is covered by all means of protection for data privacy. That's why ITs working in banking systems are more prone to suspicion of illegal works. That alone opposes the core value of a blockchain bearing crypto about transparency and trustless network. Have you ever noticed why is it so easy to trace an illegal transaction in a blockchain i.e buying drugs, financing terrorist? But not on a closely monitored banking institute falsely protected by anti-money laundering and so on? Not to mention government officials that can put lump sum of money using a dummy bank account breaching their so called know your customer thing.

Solarwarrior has more of what I am thinking.

the crypto part maybe as a global service.. as the local tax advisor usually has no knowledge about crypto and also not the necessary tools for crypto tax reports, your service could be one that is online based and offers pure crypto tax advise... data collection on all the global exchanges is for every tax location the same - so you can robo this... and then you have to read into the local requirements to give every customer the according to the local tax regime fitted report...

This. Plus in a perfect world scenario it would only open more doors.

My entry:

If I have 20,000 USD at my disposition, I will set up an Agricultural business which has to do with fish farming,rearing of livestock and planting of food crops.

My main reason for setting up Agricultural business is to battle the effect of hunger. Hunger has been one of the major cause of death in most African countries due to the scarcity of food and increase in population. This Agricultural business will not only solve the problem of food scarcity but it will also be a means to create employment opportunities for the unemployed ones.

Also, since the aim of every business man is to make profit. This Agricultural business will also generate more profit since the human population can't do without food consumption.

20,000 for livestock is little money but if the idea is to help poor countries, fish farming could be good, remember that the vast majority of people who suffer from or die of hunger is not due to a shortage of food, it is due to not having money to buy it.

20,000 for livestock is little money but if the idea is to help poor countries, fish farming could be good

It actually depends on the number of livestock I intend to buy for grazing. I'm very sure the money can be well managed to achieve this. But since you are in doubt, that's why I brought up the poultry farming suggestion since it's gonna be more cheaper to afford and more income can be generated from the sales of egg and the birds itself unlike that of livestock 😊.

remember that the vast majority of people who suffer from or die of hunger is not due to a shortage of food, it is due to not having money to buy it.

What if the number of buyers keep increasing and the number of farmers keep reducing, do you think there will be more food for you to eat? Don't you think there will be scarcity of food if we actually don't encourage Agricultural practices?

I also disagree with your point about the lack of finance being a cause of hunger for people. The main reason for this is due to the lack of agricultural practices. In a region where Agricultural practices prevails, it is very rare for hunger and lack of finance to be predominant in such area unless the government isn't funding farmers has they deserved to be funded because there will be surplus production of food due to farming operations and food won't be very expensive as it is today in some part of the world.

Also, most people are alive today just by feeding on what is planted or grown in their environment.

As for the case of lack of finance, I stated it in the comment section that this Agricultural business will also serve as a means of employment opportunities for unemployed ones.

Thanks for your lovely comment @hendersonp and I hope you have a great day ahead 😊 with love from @hardaeborla 💕❤️💕❤️

 2 years ago  

Entry 9

can you do a breakdown how you would invest that money and how big the harvest could be?


My entry:

Having that kind sum, i will divide it into two. I will invest the first half into cryptocurrency investing which will be Bitcoin, hive and ethereum
The other half. I actually noticed that where I actually live. The demands for agricultural product is high. Agricultural product like yam, rice and beans with other product. So getting a means where I can buy those product at a cheaper rate and sell it for profit in return where I lives I guess will fetch me more revenue at the business while the other half like I said will still be running in bitcoin investment.

By this, the area where I lived or should I say where the agricultural business is set up they will have the opportunity to get exposed to agricultural product they desire at an affordable rate meeting their family needs

Thanks to @solarwarrior for the correction and idea. Thank you

come on.. I am sure you can do better.. ;-)

Yea I believe that also
Thank you for that encouragement

the price is actually pretty nice with 100% upvotes of that massive project.hope account.. so I see you are very engaged in comments and chats.. why not give this more effort and try to get a top position in this contest? So while I do not say your idea would be not a good one... I belive what people here are looking for (at least this is my criterium for upvotes) are uniqe ideas about how you can set up a business manged by yourself in your special country that benefits the demands of your community and also makes you a nice profit to have a decent living.. just to write I will invest into some business and let someone else work for me is at least - I would say - not very detailed... I would love to see concrete ideas how to do it, what to do and why there is demand for your service or product... so maybe achim03 allows to amend your post as no second entries are allowed- maybe ask him before...? if you put in some more energy and effort I am sure you can come up with something special and great and maybe with a bit of luck you can even win one of the upvotes... no critic.. just encouragement my friend... ;-)

Wow. Yea you are right. I will just do that that

 2 years ago  

Entry 3

Maybe for many people, 20 thousand dollars it is not a lot of money to invest in a company that changes your life and the world, but in my case it would be just what I need to start a business that I experienced first hand and I found quite interesting.

Well, I am referring to daily accommodation, as recently a friend visited us from Mexico and the truth is that hotel rates are abusive and hotels are often invasive.

I remember he paid 150 dollars a day, the same that a luxurious hotel room cost , but here you have a fully furnished apartment where you can receive visits, you have privacy and tranquility.

With 20 thousand dollars I would give the initial for an apartment in the city of Cucuta Colombia and I would buy a bed, a kitchen, a television, a washing machine, a fridge and furniture. I would start by charging 120 dollars a day which would generate about 3 thousand dollars a month

 2 years ago  

Entry 23

With 20000$

I would probably set up a mask making business since everyone is looking to buy them now. I would make sure the mask are completed well and are throughly cleaned before shipping. I would also promote my business on several social media sites to get people interested. I would also contact several hospitals to see if they need any masks.

That is what I would do.

 2 years ago  

Entry 16

My Entry

$20,000 was a really big amount for us Filipinos, it was equivalent to roughly a million Philippine pesos. If one day a person will give me $20,000 I definitely would build my dream business ~ an aquatic petshop.

Since I was a kid I always want to own my own fish pets but my family cannot afford to have one so I only own an aquarium when I get to have work.

If someone will be handing over a $20,000 to me, I definitely build my own aquatic petshop where I will personally breed the fish/aquatic creatures that I will be selling.

I will also invest to learn on making aquariums and aquarium stands, I will attend seminars on how to breed different kinds of fishes, shrimps, turtles and many more aquatic creatures.

With this I can sell stuffs at the lowest possible price and allowing others to afford it easily. I will not let them feel what I feel when I was a kid and just dream of owning a fish tank.

How happy will i become if one of my passion/hobby becomes my profession.

 2 years ago (edited) 

Entry 21

My entry:

As i am very passionate about music, with 20,000 USD which is equivalent to 14 lakhs in Indian Rupees (1.4 mn), enough money to start any dream business we want, i would have followed my dream.

If i had owned this amount, i would have build a music studio giving oppurtunity to talented artist who are deprived of musical resources and the platform of course. I would have focussed into bringing the talented forward and showcasing their magic to the world by sponsoring these artist.

 2 years ago  

Entry 22

My entry:

If i have $20,000 I would construct a Music Recording Studio, and with that start a foundation so the poor children can have a site to learn music with classes. Also use this Studio to produce music for me and my artist friends, and make a lot of songs to share it via cripto platforms from Puruna Records, the recording brand i have right now, so we can get more incomes and help to strenght this new cripto world we are making!!!

Logotipo Puruna producciones final.png

 2 years ago  

Entry 27

my business idea:
bring solar energy to the cities

if you walk around in the cities you can see, that nealy no house has solar energy PV (photovoltaic) panels on the rooftop. In rural areas that is much more common. As a lot of electricity is demanded in big cities one would ask why this is the case?

The question is simple:
Many buildings in the city are multi party rental houses belonging to landlords that do not live there.
Solarenergy production from the own roof has the highest financial and ecological return if you can consume our own electricity in your own house.. as it often happens in rural areas in singel family homes..
So how to bring the electrictiy from the rental house to the tenants?
Problem is: In most countries you need a power producer licence to sell electricity to third parties.. and the metering is very very complicated...
So no way the regular landlord can do this.

The solution:
Setting up a company that has a power-producer licence, rents the roof top from the landlord, installs solar PV panels and a smart meter, aquires tenants as electricity customers (cheaper tariff than the local utility) and does the metering, invoicing and blling by hive blockchain and by Dapp access.

 2 years ago  

Entry 6

Good point!

And as an addition to the solution, putting more energy producing systems to the cities in a way where it absorbs heat around the cities' buildings, concrete walls, asphalts and cemented streets. There's more heat(referred to heat index) at the lower part of an urban place than those on elevated parts or rooftops.

correct, excellent point

I had an idea of donating money to solar-panel companies, so they could offer 50% on a limited amount of solar panels :D

even in developing countries BOS cost (balanca of system, everythig but the solar panel to build the whole thing) is the major portion of the total cost..
so you would not need to rebate the panels but teach people how to install the pannels on a reliable and clever way, find lokal sourcing for the supporting structure and wiring...

I just had the idea, not much research have gone into this tho :p

come on.. this is the time to excell.. to get from ideas to concepts to plans to reality to success... ;-)

Hey chrisaiki...
did you actually run this thing?

I never found someone who like the three items at the same time: solar energy, multi level marketing and crypto. But you could be the first one ?
I am looking for someone that would elaborate marketing document for this thing.

chrisaiki... we can talk on personal chat.. but you will not like what I have to say.. the headline of the idea is not bad.. solar energy, multi level marketing and crypto... but what you wrote down in your above linked steem post is "the mother of all ponzis".. seriously... its just a classic ponzi.. solar does not make any difference for your scheme... could be a hotel or a forest, too.. I did not do the math.. but to come up with 20 Mio. USD to build this 20 MW PV plant you would probabyl need your victims to spend (and loose) over a billion USD in total.. that's Madoff level.. you seem like a smart guy.. why such an evil approach?
and: for a 20 MW plant you would not even need 20 Mio. USD as banks easily finance that thing by 80% - you "only" need 4 Mio. equity and that you can collect by normal ways of cash raise.. no ponzi required.. normal comissons are 2,5% to 5% for such equity raisings.. not the 50% you need in your scheme...
and 2.: why large solar PV, why not use blockchain and build small distributed PV grid in rural areas of developing countries?

No, I am not evil at all, at least this is what I think about me. With more than 500 posts on the blockchain, anybody can look at my posts and decide if I am evil or not, this is the beauty of this social network.
Today, I am a math teacher, and I teach online due to the situation, so let’s do some math.
From the 200 € investment from a new member, 150 € (75%) is going to the network and 50 € ( 25 %) to finance the solar plant.
100 € to recruit a new member is not a big amount, it is requiring at least 5 hours to explain the process, probably closer to 10 hours, so this represent a 10-20 € /hour wage, before taxes.
Every new member in the network has the same opportunity to earn a decent wage, because it is limited to 2 levels. We will probably not exceed more than 100 million people in the network, so even the last people joining the network can still earn his investment back.
Financing the project : yes, you can build a solar plant with only 25 % of the asset, but our new bank is Hive, not an old fashion one, why should we give work to a bank when solar energy is such a good business ?
I am not sure that it is the right place to discuss this project, I can re-write the 2017 post. If you have a better solution to implement a solar company, I am interested to know what you are proposing.
In 2010, I built a solar PV shelter to load the batteries of the electric vehicles of the French Institute for solar energy in Le-Bourget-du-Lac.

I said why such an evil approach? not that you are evil.. ;-)
OK.. if its only a two level MLM (from the looks of your steem post I assume its not) then you are only wasting 60 Mio.. for sales... and 20 for the plant.. but banks give you 80% of the total investment more or less for no interest.. so why not use this.. and this brings down the money you need to "only" 4 Mio...
I like that PV plant above! Great work!
In regards to MLM: For retail goods (groceries etc.) a markup of 50% - 100% is fine.. like in any retail business.. hence a 33% to 50% cut for the sales structure is fine.. for investment products however its only around 2,5% to 5%.. otherwise the investor will never make a positve return on his investment... so everything cut wise above 10% in MLM is more or less unsustainable.. and a 75% cut for a MLM structure is definitelly a ponzi.. so right idea but wrong sales structure I would say..

My entry:

Hi, my name is Javier, I'm from Venezuela. As a Storyteller, I've been studying narratives for my entire life. Our whole world is built up on narratives, from intangible concepts like states and institutions, to definitions of physical entities, to mathematical constructs. These narratives are inherently contained in our way of perceiving reality.

In my studies, I've already found that there is coherence between all of the narratives around us, be them historical events, news reports, fictional stories, myths, scientific exploits... all of them observe the same principles and follow the same rules; all of them produce the same patterns. They can be studied using geometry and fractals, iterations of words, frequencies and more.

If I had $20,000 to kickstart my own project, I'd put together an international team to develop engines that would allow everyone to find and read these patterns, so as to enhance interdisciplinary approaches to all topics of our civilization, erase boundaries between all of humanity and offer profound insights about our collective purpose.

 2 years ago  

Entry 29

My entry

Hello, I'm currently living in Colombia. With 20.000$ I would buy a patch of land here on the arrival area to start a self sustainable eco village. With focus on building the houses with materials from the zone. To start a permaculture collective project ECT on it, to have plant medicine and food. Finally making it a centre of study of plant medicine, to receive the elders of the indigenous people of Colombia to hear and learn from them, how to live, how to work the land, how to use plant medicine and how to be at balance with mother earth.
This idea is for my 10 month old son to grow around another ther kind of community more focused on living the now in peace and and harmony with the land.

i like! when you have the money jose and me could live with you?

Of course! We need more musician, writers and artists.

 2 years ago  

Entry 28

My entry

Hi, I'm Ney and I am a mother.
If I had 20.000$ I would buy a land to build a Summer Camp for children focusing in going back to our roots and living in peace with and OFF OF the Earth.

I went to Summer Camps since I was 6 years old until I turned 16; so I, a city girl, always had that connection with Earth. So I always wanted to be a Summer Camp Guide.

Then, I grew up and found myself connected to our original tribes traditions and medicine. Now, I understand how Mother Nature has given us everything we needed to survive but, as we've been told otherwise, we don't think that could be possible; we thing we need Governments or Machine to do everything for ourselves.

I dream and plan to build a Summer Camp when children can learn natural medicine; to learn permaculture and cultivate the land to get their own food, to cook with their own organic products -even with natural sugars which are many-, to learn bio-construction, to cook their own medicine to be healthy and grow strong, to protect our water and get it from the trees, to live in coherence with animals as we also are animals. To, also, learn to express their emotions through art - painting, dancing, theater - as I am an artist myself.

It is my dream for my son to grow among people who protect and care for our Earth, as this is our home and we don't need to destroy it to live in here; just work along it/her. I *truly *believe is our youngest generation who can become the change.

 2 years ago  

Entry 31

My entry:

The money I would use in two ways. I would spend about 12,000$ to start a business locally in our area. With the job situation being what it is after all these restrictions, local jobs will be very important.
The other 8,000$ will be to invest in a little bit of crypto for things like hive and others. That would be about 4,000$. The other 4,000$ will be spent in marketing both the business as well as the crypto platform we invested in. A good way to garner interest is to show local people something like hive.

Good luck to other entries!

 2 years ago  

Entry 5

My Entry:
I am not a fan of how the current insurance system works. You pay monthly insurance on your car or home all months and years and when its time to get help from insurance companies you get stories and conditions that you were not aware of.

I would like to change this, I will like to disrupt the insurance companies and build an insurance company on a blockchain.
A very transparent and decentralized kind of insurance companies.

A system where you buy Hive and delegate or power it up towards insuring your car or home but this fund needs to be immediately available in case of emergency.

A kind of insurance company where it stands for absolute transparency.

 2 years ago  

Entry 4

I am actually thinking the same thing like crypto financials that focuses in leveraging insurances and mortgages but certainly not recommended for the time being because blockchain as whole is still on its infant stage. There's a lot more to discover and integrate to further utilize it way beyond finances or investments. If I could add up another business idea that's about blockchain and crypto, then it would be flexibility and reliability of operations of our government agencies. After all, government should be public and transparent.

And knowing the governments anything that will bring transparency and hinder then from embezzlement is problem for them.

I'm sure the time will come when we will have Blockchain-based insurance companies unlike what we have now. We just need to keep abreast of the development in the blockchain technology.
Nice to know we share similar idea on this ☺

I belive the best proposal could be one combining the service and consumptions demands of not so rich countries (sout america, africa, south east asia) with the opportunities of the hive blockchain, whereas the blockchain is an integral part that is necessary for the business to operate.. this would not only boost that new business but also the hive blockchain.. hence a win win situation

I will try to do some proper 100% curations here... I really love the idea of the competition.. kudos to the whole project.hope team.. rebloged and upvoted

 2 years ago  

I will try to do some proper 100% curations here... I really love the idea of the competition

That's great! Thanks a lot.

I see solar as the future, the next big thing. I'm in the Telecomunication industry but I have just taken a short course in Solar energy so to keep myself ready of possible career switch.
You've got my follow possibly we can do with exchange of ideas in Solar energy.

happy to do that.. as far as I know all around the world mobile telecom towers have back up systems with gen sets, batteries etc... maybe you can fuse both your areas of interest and work on PV hybrid systems to power those towers? ;-)

I have seen a tower on LinkedIn being powered by PV so that's a big possibility.

 2 years ago  

@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 32/40)

Will start a Life Coaching business(Thats what I am currently studying).
I would put everything into the firm and buy stuff I could need.
A new laptop, pay for antivirus(for once), get a secured-as-possible usb for client data.
I would also spent 25% on marketing to get things going and IF its not to expensive, two security cameras for safety reasons.
Whatever is left would be used as payout to me, if I cant sustain myself during the start up period.
I really doesn't take anything to start up such a business, money just speeds things up :D

 2 years ago  

Entry 10

My entry:

$20,000 is a very cool sum of money to start a business, but before I continue I want to make it clear that money doesn't make a business successful, it only speed up result, creativity is what is needed in other to utilize the money.

With $20,000 starting an online cosmetic store will be possible. All I need do is be a middle man between the suppliers and the customers. The money will be used for website creation and advertising.

 2 years ago  

Entry 11

friend I will offer you my marketing and advertising service xD

interesting.. could you tell us more details? what kind of cosmetic? where do you get it from? how do you attract customers to your webshop?

My entry
$20.000 USD is a big money. I think I want to sell fried chicken. In my country selling friedchicken is very promising and profitable. I can join to a branded local chicken the price of frenchise is about 1000 USD. The profit of a stall net profit 200 USD per month. I can make 20 stalls and the profit is about 200 USD X 20 = 4000 USD monthly. I think that is not a small money for profit. I don't have to think about recipes because the recipe is in the package with equipments. Yeah, join or buy a branded frenchise is not ideal for some people but for me return of investment is first thing that I earn in a business.

pic :

 2 years ago  

Entry 12

franchises reduce the risk of starting a business from scratch, what you tell us they have a 20% monthly investment return that is incredibly good, I think with that% profit you can ask the bank for money and still have a good monthly profit

Demand of fried chicken is very high in my country. It is local brand that have thousands stalls in Indonesia. The price of a piece of fried chicken legs is about 10000 IDR or 0.66 USD. Instead of buying in KFC that is very expensive, people tend to buy local brand. KFC price in my country is about 2 USD for a chicken leg.

My entry:

I firmly believe in the proverb “Don't put all eggs in one basket”. So, if I had $20’000, I would divide them into three sections:

  1. Day-to-day trading ($7000): this is one my favorite hobbies for long time. With some experience, trading with cryptocurrencies can provide me with a constant income. And by the way, I didn’t have to lock my trading down even in the Coronavirus era ;)
  2. Long-term holdings ($7000): Certainly, We all think there are some crypto projects that have not receive their legitimate share of attention yet, even though they have the full potential to be one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies into the long-term future (unique technology, qualified team, good advertising). I'd invest and HOLD my second $7000 portfolio in this kind of projects like:
    Decentraland : which tries to integrate blockchain with VR platforms
    Numeraire: a platform where hedge fund managers can find the best data scientists
    PowerLedger: which is developing a Peer to Peer energy trading protocol
    There are also projects like BAT, Bancor and IOTA.. which all have high probability of success
  3. Safe haven Gold investment ($6000): We live in a floundering world these days. Some experts expect that we are on the brink of a global financial crisis like in 2008 "where will be no real or digital assets safe". I am not pessimistic, but it is wise to take some precautions. I think Gold is the only safe haven if something like that happens. This couples with fact that Gold has been raising for the last few years almost without downtime!

Total: $20000

 2 years ago  

Entry 17

My entry

If i would have that amount of money, I would invest in agriculture ( productive farm land, irrigation) and modern technology for farming. We will aim for better production and low cost so fresh produce would be affordable to the masses.

In this way, I am helping the farmers to produce and harvest fresh goods and earn good money but in a reasonable price.

Thank you

 2 years ago  

Entry 19

What’s Project hope?
I want learn information about @project.hope

 2 years ago  

My entry

20000 is pretty enough to start a business in our country. I am always thought about the plastic packages and the waste, we are accumulated with plastic covers with constant buying of things. Even we are getting a plastic cover for a half kg of sugar or other things. On the long go, we can imagine...
We here use banana leaves to eat, in marriage functions, and other bigger gatherings people used to eat in leaves and it is easy to dispose and degrade, unlike plastic containers.
We have great number of banana trees all around the state in season and offseason too. After ripping the banana the tree is cut down and it goes waste, I would like to gather the trees and extract the fibers to make small covers to some medium-sized packages. Covers, plates, cups, and fiber bags are possible with those trees, some industries are running like that but the demand is more.
Some people have started doing some amazing things with this banana tree and its products. Some valuable studies, technically developed and designed products and planned implementation will bring some good result, this money is enough to start a new beginning.


 2 years ago  

Entry 26

I think I'm late for the contest. Anyway, the safest thing I'd do with that $20,000 is to buy some mining machines and set up a room for it. Electricity is cheap here, so it would be more convenient for me.

Great initiative my dear friend ^_^

 2 years ago  

Hi my friend,
Sorry you got in a bit too late :-)

Don't worry. I love that you incentivize the community ^_^

Thank God I still have 9 hours before this close.

With a seed capital of $20,000 USD, am going to set up an organic vegetable farm, yes, I'll use roughly $10,000 of it to do the setting up, farm workers and making sure it's both sustainable and can stand the test of time, I've come to notice that farmers and Entrepreneur business don't survive after two years. I'll try as much as possible5 to keep structure in place to make sure it's a farm that runs through out the year.

I'll $5,000 USD to invest in Crypto, possible by hive and start a community for Farmers (presently there is none). Curate there articles, write also and earn as a side income, I can even smartly pay my worker by upvoting there post here on Hive. Very Smart.

I'll use $3,000usd to expand my horizons in business, workshop, trainings on how to properly farm accordingly to the demand of the 21st century.

$2,000 USD is for God, not to be tampered with, it's my tithe, I will always respect my spiritual source.

 2 years ago  

Hi @botefarm,
I'm sorry but you got in a bit too late. Thanks anyway for your comment.

This was an awesome initiative by you @Achim03. Kudos. Great way to engage this community.