#HiveComments - Interaction Initiative

Time for another initiative! But today it will include a different type of activity. A very interesting initiative was proposed by community member @garybilbao whose nickname is "El Comentador". He contacted @eddiespino with an idea to incentivize people that are making valuable comments on the chain and to invite people to create this habit. So on this initiative besides making a post, we are inviting everyone to engage with the community and make well thought and valuable comments on people's posts.


To participate:

  • Write a full post sharing your experience with engagements through comments. You can share a story on how comments have helped you connect with users and communities and why they are important.
  • Share your post on Twitter and use the hashtags: #HIVE, #HiveComments, #posh, and any other hashtag related to your post. Sign up here https://hive.blog/posh/@acidyo/posh-info-and-faq to receive extra POSH tokens!
  • On your Hive blog post or video include the tag #hivecomments.
  • On Twitter put your HIVE links into a comment. Twitter is shadowbanning some Hive links and all 3speak links, but if you put in your comment section it won't shadowban your tweet.
  • When making a video, upload a short clip of it to Twitter as a teaser, and put the link in a comment under the Tweet. Videos get a lot more views if uploaded directly to Twitter, and to see the rest they will need to go to your 3speak profile.

These considerations are for the blog or video posts. Up to 10 posts will be voted at 50% with my account, so half of the rewards of this initiative will go to posts and the other half to comments.
We will be monitoring the interactions of all users who make their #HiveComments Initiative post and we will be voting the best comments with the help of @elcomentador.

Here are some points that will be taken into consideration to voting comments:
  • Comments should have a minimum of 30 words.
  • They must provide additional information to the post, this is in case the commentator has knowledge on the topic or wants to share his or her opinion.
  • The comment has to reflect that the post was actually read, this can be done by quoting from the article or by referring to things that were talked about on the post.
  • Show appreciation to the author for sharing their thoughts, talent, passion, or skills.
  • Praise the article, author, or both. The comment should always highlight something positive about the post.
  • Optional: Tag another user that you think might be interested without being spammy or abusing this function.

To be eligible for a vote your comment has to cover at least four of the six criteria written above.

I'm taking these points from the intro post of this initiative you can read it here:


PLEASE NOTE: If you don't have time or the means to make a full post but still want to participate in leaving valuable comments and engaging with the community please leave a comment on this post that covers the criteria mentioned above and include the tag #HiveComments. That way we will also monitor and possibly reward your comments this week.

The percentages of the votes may vary depending on the quality of the comment and availability of Voting Power. They may go from 1% to 5%. If you are making good comments you are eligible to receive several votes this week.

COMMUNITY LEADERS please translate this initiative into your language for your community and we will get with you for your help in curation.

I will support this initiative for at least a week but I've been told that it will continue as a permanent project so if you want to support please contact @elcomentador aka @garybilbao.

Have ideas for future initiatives similar to this one? Reach out to @eddiespino on Twitter or eddiespino#1698 on Discord to let him know your ideas and he will relay them to me.

Be sure to follow @hiveangelists for future initiatives.


Despite being relatively new to hive, I have learned a lot from other users, especially from @fermionico's publications. There I reinforced the idea of making organic comments, which generate in the creators of content, motivation, joys, growth in their publications. This initiative that you propose, is excellent because it helps the growth of hive. I always had the doubt of why users prefer to interact in the discord and not in their own blog or someone else's. Be that as it may, I applaud initiatives like this because they contribute to the growth of hive. Considering that I meet the parameters to participate, I will join as soon as possible.

I think so too and also writing comment is easier than posting

I am very pleased that this initiative that I got to know by interacting and commenting on a publication of @eddiespino in their project @aliento and reading the comments of hivers as @garybilbao, receives your support to be widely known. Like many others I am in favor of giving value to the comments that enrich the content of a publication or the one that gives the creator that stimulus that impels him to continue posting and improving his contents. It becomes evident that the comments facilitate the link between the Hivers and this contributes to the growth of Hive. I don't have much power to vote but when I find a post that I like I try to leave my impressions and congratulate the creator. Thank you for your work in favor of our blockchain and for all the support to the Hispanic community that every day increases its presence in Hive not only to obtain income but to turn it into a lifestyle.
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I've posted various times about the value of commenting. It was through being one of the most active commenters on St++m that I build up such a big following and how so many people knew me when I first went to St++mfest. I think it looks bad if a post gets lots of votes, but no comments as it implies that nobody is actually reading it. The human interaction is vital for Hive to prosper as a social platform. The fact is that a lot of people will not make much, so they need to get at least as much interaction as they would on other platforms. @garybilbao contacted me to discuss his project recently. I will help out where I can.

Engagement is always a great of earning a passive income...be on monetary terms or garnering more followers....users always focus on making content but they forget how important it is to be active on platform to let the presence known...I remember my first big reward was from comment in my earlier days...and that make me to be more active on engaging with others...now with this initiatives looking forward to bring more engagement.....welcome back Dan🙏

It's great to see you back Dan after all the twitter fiasco and all, it's totally painful that you had to go through the banning of your account I mean what else do we expect from a centralised social media? Anyway I believe this is another brilliant initiative that will foster worthy engagement and people can well engage better or at least read comments and content that will promote or create awareness about the essence of engagement. I'll be making a post

This is a really interesting intiative that would help Hive grow. Some persons really need to focus on just making posts and many a few bucks. Something else should endear you to the platform like friends and other people's content. The only way to make friends here and connect is through commenting and replying. This also would contribute to the growth of Hive.

On my part, commenting has brought some friends to me like @Uyobong @Mhizerbee @Carlos84 and many others. I couldn't have met them if I usually do not engage on their blog posts.

That not withstanding, I haven't been doing really well in terms engagements but as I got to understand Hive better, my engagement is improving.


If you want to see some smacking comment engagement, check out the weekly Weekend Engagement initiative for a lot of fun and a lot of engagement =)


Its nice to see you posting again after the long days, Dan. We definitely missed your post and tweets, your only presence is an inspiration for all of us here. I hope that Twitter will get rid of your account suspension and we can see you again promoting our beloved Hive in the masses.

This is indeed great initiative to encourage more engagement in the valuable post, I also noticing this is lacking last past few days. This is what we need to boost interaction, I salute @elcomentador for bringing this to attention of @eddiespino. You guys have hidden talented mind to show. Great to have you

Hi @theycallmedan,
I would love if for a change also just content is upvoted by some of the big shots. With content I mean posts which deal about the real world out there. We are seeing so much content about Hive, out beloved chain, about how undervaluated it is, the challenges, the opportunities, the great future, but all this is not so relevant to non-Hivers or Newbies! A trending page with so many internal stuff that is hardly comprehendable to an outstander is potentially putting off rather.
We still have a massive problem that in general whales do give votes to their friends and mostly to each other. Of course the non-linear curation curve penalizes any different behavior.
Why not incentive people giving votes deliberately to posts with rewards in the non-optimal part of the reward curve? This could motivate newcomers.
Or even better, to change the curation curve to not damage small posters any longer.
Why? Becausee we clearly see many new accounts, but only a minority of those accounts post regularly.

By the way, with the constant requirement to post on Twitter you exclude users who don´t have or want a Twitter account. Maybe you want to lift that restriction once?

It's natural that people follow and upvote folks they like. Obviously they like them for reasons, and usually that's because they agree on various matters. However, the financial incentive of curation rewards creates inducement to profiteer, and this is sometimes impossible to separate from organic social activity.

This is why only availing investors of one mechanism to create ROI from their investment, and that mechanism being curation rewards, is a bad thing. It makes it necessary for rational stakeholders to degrade curation to manage their stake.

The irrational impact on new users and engagement makes the negative impact of curation rewards even more apparent. @edicted has outlined how investors could be availed savings accounts that more rationally and predictably enable them to manage their stake, while enabling curation to return to it's proper role in social discourse. This would also make the discouragement of new users and less staked authors and engagement in comments unnecessary.

Curation rewards degrade actual curation, and fixing this problem would strongly improve the ability of Hive to grow and reward investors IMHO.

Also, I don't use Twatter either, and can't participate in an of the initiatives @theycallmedan has undertaken because of that.

I share your thoughts. I'm just a newbie on Hive and I really like the platform, but I am a bit dissapointed about the amount of useful comments I receive. And I see that's not only because I'm a newbie.
I wrote a blog about my experience in my first month on Hive. One of my suggestions was to stimulate personal reactions on posts.
Maybe comments should be rewarded more.

I hope this good inititive will stimulate people to write more and better comments.

“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” (Mahatma Gandhi)


I absolutely agree and I like mooses. Ever since I was a boy and watch Rocky and Bullwinkle! Glad you are here on the HIVE Network!

Conozco y reconozco la calidad de estos amigos @eddiespino @garybilbao. Una estupenda iniciativa donde varios destacados y conocidos siempre hacen un excelente aporte con sus comentarios dejándonos una agradable sensación de feedback. He sabido por comentarios de participantes desanimados por participar que ha revivido su ilusión de seguir escribiendo después de un buen comentario, que resultan de factor de estímulo para continuar. La evolución de Hive dependerá de la motivación, participación y crecimiento de los autores que convivimos aquí en este hermoso espacio donde todos cabemos. Gracias a @theycallmedan y equipo @eddiespino @garybilbao (@elcomentador)

I know and recognize the quality of these friends @eddiespino @garybilbao. A great initiative where several prominent people and acquaintances always make an excellent report with their comments, leaving us a pleasant feeling of feedback. I have learned from comments from participants discouraged to participate that they have revived their illusion of continuing to write after a good comment, which are a stimulus to continue. The evolution of Hive depends on the motivation, growth and growth of the authors who live together here in this beautiful space where we all fit. Thanks to @theycallmedan and team @eddiespino @garybilbao (@elcomentador)



Comments represent real conversation and the engagement. It's a bridge to get to know each other and get closer , even in real life. I have now few people whom I have connected personally but the conversations started on the hive blockchain. And they have offered various helps in personally as well - that's the power of comment.

I have found I strongly agree with many of the initiatives you have undertaken this year, however I cannot participate in any of them because I do not use Twatter. I do not use other social media besides Hive, and I'm not going to compromise my stand against media that are being centrally censored.

Edit: I have just read that your Twatter account was banned. Sorry you suffered that. How does it feel to be so powerful a force for good that evil forces attack you?

On another note, there is a reason that engagement has declined on Hive and that is the EIP reduced the value of upvotes on comments.

Please reach out to @edicted regarding his very workable plan to replace curation rewards as a source of ROI for investors with savings accounts, so that the noxious degradation of curation with financial manipulation can be rectified.

I personally have always regarded free speech as of inestimable value. A word to the wise can literally save lives. Being censored can kill. Allowing one of the most valuable and necessary social functions as speech to be degraded for mere tokens is not only stupid, it's heinous IMHO. I have for years maintained that its one of the primary reasons, along with opinion flagging, that Hive has not become one of the most eminent social media platforms.

Curation rewards degrade curation horribly. There is a better way to avail investors of ROI on their stake than forcing them to profit from upvotes, which should be only cast based on human values. They should really be curation, rather than how investors profit.

There is a real Golden Rule: treat others as you would like them to treat you. Raw DPoS replaces that with: he who has the gold rules. Author rewards were exemplary of the real Golden Rule, enabling society to oppose centralization, but curation rewards countered that, degrading the value of our speech across the board, and diminishing social interactions as a result.

The EIP then increased curation rewards and caused small votes to be wasted on comments, which further reduces engagement. Giving authors incentive to create content is necessary, but curating that content is degraded by the manipulations of algorithms potential to curation rewards.

Thanks for advancing all our interests on Hive.

I agree, screw twatter, say it here!


Curation rewards are a tricky one - I like them myself, but I'm just voting on what I want to and ignoring the payouts - I still get around a 7% return though which is the bit I like - it's kind of tragic being a tight arse to desperately try and get a 12% return!


Folks that aren't intent on the financial rewards for curating don't upvote for the wrong reasons, and for us curation rewards don't degrade our recommendations of content and authors.

But we don't have millions of Hive to manage productively, and aren't losing tens or hundreds of dollars a day by failing to maximize our ROI. I don't even know what my curation rewards are. I do not let them impact my voting.

For some folks not paying attention to their curation rewards would be imprudent, and Hive limits their ability to earn a return on their stake mostly to curation rewards. There are some investors willing to undertake the learning curve to attain the potential return curation offers, but to do that they have to be willing to sacrifice their commitment to the integrity of speech.

Maximizing curation rewards requires them to do that, and not maximizing their curation rewards is mismanaging their assets. @edicted has proposed savings accounts that offer investors a far more ethically sound and prudential mechanism to manage their stake, and I've strongly recommended it since I managed to grasp what he patiently explained.

But, yeah, screw Twatter. I'm not gonna pretend to believe crap that's not true, nor fail to speak what I believe to be true, and I can't speak forthrightly on that, or other centralized social media platforms. Folks that use them but not uncensored media are doing themselves great harm I think, because I learn stuff on Hive daily that helps me prepare to thrive during the coming disruption.

Free speech alone can enable me to learn such facts, and folks focused on the pretense that everything is ok are going to be very surprised when everything isn't ok, and neither are they. I appreciate folks trying to alert them to Hive, but they're either coming here or they're not. They've had years to seek uncensored alternatives to Twatter, and if they've not found Hive they're not looking.

savings accounts that offer investors a far more ethically sound and prudential mechanism to manage their stake,

that sounds good - i just haven't grasped the concept yet, but yeah most whales are just voting for safe boring consistant crap - if i see someone post anything madcore i give them a vote for not being a kept gimp


Read them Blogs!

Although not always, I have always tried to make it a point to comment on posts that I vote upon. Mostly on why I liked the post and, in the case of new HIVE bloggers/vloggers, share constructive criticism on format and content.

As a long time supporter of @theterminal and its folks that are devoted to assisting and promoting new members of the HIVE Network, I feel it is necessary that I practice what I preach.

we are inviting everyone to engage with the community and make well thought and valuable comments on people's posts.

I have never been a fan of auto votes or curation trails though I have used both in the past. Both, in my opinion, are counter-productive. Having said that, I am very happy to see this initiative.

@abh12345 provides a wonderful weekly report with his HIVE Engagement League project and is a prolific curator in his own right. I have never commented on one of his posts without receiving an answer, and they are never generic.

Must stop here and submit a post for this initiative! This comment is getting to be a bit wordy, you know?

Thanks Sargent, that's very kind of you!

👍 See? We are ENGAGING already!

I second this @sgt-dan, @abh12345 certainly has a great thing going with the EL and not only does it stimulate engagement, but it also keeps us on our toes!

Yes @theycallmedan interacting with other people in this community also helps an account grow in terms of gaining last friendship or at least discovering true friends that cares for you and also gaining rewards in the process.

So I just recommend commenting insightful comments of course which just means that you value the other or each other's efforts.

This is a very good way for new comers to gain traction and if only rewarding their comments can also be beneficial for lower stake holders that would be even better which is why rewarding comments now is very hard due to the effects of EIP which I think should be revamped.

Hi Dan,
Indeed, this is a very nice initiative to bring more engagement in the platform. I can say that adding comments is one of the keys to build connections, followers, and relation on the hive platform. This is a tool that is very helpful to grow here if used nicely and honestly and I have been doing it since the beginning. I will publish my post about it shortly.
Thank you so much.

I really love this initiative Dan. I have always come to notice less and less interactions with post. I took it upon myself this past few weeks to comment and encourage creators with my comment no matter how short, I raised it motivates them to do more. I would keep commenting and interacting with post as much as possible.

Great work.

A fabulous initiative that gives place and value to @theycallmedan comments. It is worth putting into practice maneuvers that are positive for the community. In my beginnings I understood the importance of commenting and I embraced that practice, now I am returning home and I am pleased to find projects as good as this and others.

Success to @eddiespino, @garybilbao and may the valuable work of @elcomentador progress.

Una fabulosa iniciativa que le da el lugar y el valor a los comentarios @theycallmedan. Vale la pena poner en práctica maniobras que sean positivas para la comunidad. En mis inicios entendí la importancia de comentar y abracé esa practica, ahora estoy volviendo a casa y me es grato encontrarme con proyectos tan buenos como este y otros más.

Exitos a @eddiespino a @garybilbao y que progrese el valioso trabajo de @elcomentador.

This is a great initiative. Back when I had joined Steem in around 2018, comments and networking was a great thing on the blockchain. People used to engage in posts and conversations via comments. I definitely see a reduction in the interactions these days.
There are some rich players who post pretty often but don't care to engage with the readers. Mostly because they are very famous and get hundreds of comments at times. But I think it's more important that the authors interact with the readers too. Another point I want to make is that earlier even comments were upvoted and rewarded. That trend has almost died down recently. This is why people have stopped commenting and started focusing more on writing posts for themselves instead.
I would love to see more engagements on hive so that new folks feel involved and a part of the platform. #HiveComments

Hello @callin #hivecomments, I like the proposal to encourage comments and responses. It is my habit to comment on what catches my attention and to respond to those who comment. On the other hand, I am not very active on Twitter and although I am not opposed to promoting ourselves on that network, I prefer to do it on Facebook where I have more contacts. Another observation, if the objective is to recruit new users, it would be good to share guides or tutorials on how to open an account, it is not easy for those of us who are not familiar with the technology. I and other hivers my age (+60) have an account thanks to our children or grandchildren.
Greetings and success.

Hola @llamaron en #hivecomments, Me agrada la propuesta de incentivar los comentarios y respuestas. Es mi costumbre comentar aquello que llama mi atención y responder a quienes me hacen comentarios. Por otra parte no soy muy activo en Twitter y aunque no me opongo a promocionarnos en esa red, prefiero hacerlo en Facebook donde tengo mas contactos. Otra observación, si el objetivo es reclutar nuevos usuarios, seria bueno compartir guías o tutoriales sobre como abrir una cuenta, no es sencillo para quienes no estamos familiarizados con la tecnologia. Yo y otros hivers de mi edad (+60) tenemos cuenta gracias a nuestros hijos o nietos.
Saludos y éxito.

I won't be 60 for another 9 months, but I hear you! There is a very good resource recently released by @jongolson and his team at this link:


It is a group of videos that helps new HIVE folks navigate the HIVE Network. I checked it out and watched all the videos and it is very well done. You may wish to share with your friends on Facebook®. I have been around for a while and helped me learn or remember some things! I do suffer from CRS (Can't Remember Stuff).

Take care young man!

Gracias, voy a ver el enlace ahora mismo.
Salud y larga vida.

¡De nada y lo mismo señor!

Hola, con tu comentario, me vino a la memoria, las palabras de un amigo al cual invite a participar en la plataforma, le abrí la cuenta, publico algunos post, por supuesto con mi ayuda, porque la realidad es que a su edad 56 años ve algo engorroso, los pasos para poder publicar un buen contenido. Ademas de tener que publicar en discord. La verdad yo tambien lo vi asi al inicio, pero ya le agarre la vuelta.

Durante mucho tiempo, escribía mis post y los dejaba en espera de que mi hija los revisara, colocara las etiquetas y apretara el botón. Últimamente le he puesto mas interés y hago todo eso, incluido la promoción en los canales del discord. Continuo apoyándome en ella para muchas cosas, como el manejo de la billetera, pero estoy seguro de que si es necesario lo hare, solo que uno se va haciendo cómodo y confió en su buen criterio.
Solo espero que todo mejore luego del 06/10/20 y mientras me voy integrando en la colmena.
Salud y éxito.

I have been following this initiative for a few weeks now, I think it is really great that the interaction of the Hivers is encouraged through the comments and that this feedback is somehow rewarded will make the initiative grow more by rewarding the resources that the user invests also when commenting.

For me it is very valuable to receive that feedback because it's a way to know that the content you created reached someone and had some effect.These last few days I have received very good feedback, and it´s also enriching when the people who have received my contributions respond to me and we have that interaction. I think it´s the best way to establish close links between members and at the same time it´s a distinctive value of Hive as a social network.

It's not just the work of creating content and then going to sleep, you have to be present, reviewing the interactions, reading other people's blogs, contributing ideas, adding in some way, all this generates more commitment and connection with the Community.


Realmente me parece una muy buena oportunidad esta iniciativa que nos permite hablar sobre los comentarios ya que por medio de ellos nos mantenemos en constante interacción con los demás permitiéndonos ser conocidos y establecer una relación entre personas del mundo entero y así estar informados.

Ciertamente el comentario tiene el poder de crear comunidad, fortalecer relaciones y llegar a muchas personas por medio del mismo, por lo cual hoy dejo el enlace de mi post frente a esta iniciativa:


I hope I have fulfilled all the indications. I'm here because Hive usually fulfills my expectations even when I've had setbacks. I leave the link to my participation in this initiative and send you the main message of the content. We are not robots. Let's stop looking only for the economic part in this story and let's be interactive.
Thanks to @theycallmedan, @garybilbao, @eddiespino and #elcomentador


Me alegra que hayan aprobado la propuesta de @garybilbao , él ha tenido una gran iniciativa para promover los comentarios, también valoro mucho el trabajo que hace @abh12345 con HIVE Engagement League, en la que todas las semanas presenta un ranking de las personas que le dedican más tiempo a dejar sus valiosos comentarios.

En una red social como esta los comentarios son muy importantes por varias razones, una porque nos indican que la publicación si le llega a algún usuario, que no solo sirvió para obtener alguna recompensa. Además, el comentario sirve de motivación para que los autores sigan activos en sus publicaciones, sobre todo cuando no reciben apoyo económico, el comentario es un apoyo moral. Es verdad que los comentarios han sido descuidados mucho tiempo, pero ahora iniciativas como las de @garybilbao y @abh12345 nos sirven para pensar que tenemos que prestarle más atención. Felicitaciones por esta iniciativa amigo @theycallmedan

Acabo de realizar mi publicación sobre esta gran iniciativa #HiveComments de @theycallmedan, temas como estos son de suma importancia el traerlos para que sirva de bienvenida para aquellos que apenas se están uniendo a hive, los que vamos en el camino ( me incluyo) e incluso los que ya tienen un tiempo aquí. Parece simple el tema con los comentarios pero son muy necesarios no solo en esta blockchain sino en la vida misma como lo dia entender en mi post, uno como persona y como profesional se siente satisfecho con un trabajo ejecutado cuando te sientes apreciado con buenos comentarios de amistades, familiares siempre y cuando sean sinceros y con un fin positivo. Volviendo a los comentarios en hive deben mejorar mucho ya que en ocasiones usamos los comentarios solo para hacernos ver en publicaciones importantes y no necesariamente porque nos guste de verdad, debemos sincerarnos mas en ese aspecto, también ser agradecidos si recibimos un buen comentario, ser educado y devolver ese gesto de cariño. Gracias a todos los involucrados en traer dicha iniciativa y felicitaciones.

Traducido con traductor Deepl/ Translated with Deepl translator

I have just made my publication about this great initiative #HiveComments from @theycallmedan, topics like these are of utmost importance to bring them to serve as a welcome for those who are just joining hive, those of us who are on the road ( I include myself) and even those who have been here for a while. It seems simple the subject with the comments but they are very necessary not only in this blockchain but in life itself as I understand in my post, one as a person and as a professional feels satisfied with a work executed when you feel appreciated with good comments from friends, family as long as they are sincere and with a positive end. Going back to the live comments must improve a lot because sometimes we use the comments only to make us see in important publications and not necessarily because we really like it, we must be more sincere in that aspect, also be grateful if we receive a good comment, be polite and return that gesture of affection. Thank you to everyone involved in bringing such an initiative and congratulations.

Commenting has been part of my DNA since I started in #Hive (actually, since I started in the old chain).

This behaviour had its beginning in one of the first teachings received from @untaljames (nowadays inactive). I will never forget when he told me:Fermionico, if you want to grow up here, write to others what you would like them to write to you in the comments block " It has been like that since then, anyone can corroborate it in my statistics and also with the huge amount of user testimonials that witness it.

There has been so much interaction, that today I hardly have time to comment on other posts, because I have to spend many hours answering comments made on mine and commenting on the posts of users of the "Full Deportes" community.

I consider HUGE the importance of commenting, without it, the platform loses its purpose as a social network and would become just another crypto platform.

Thank you for supporting this type of initiative.

P.S. Sorry for the censorship in your twitter account..!

I liked that expression, "old chain", have to get used to it. I still mention it by name. It was a first blockchain school for all of us, I guess that makes it harder to just put it behind.

There has been so much interaction, that today I hardly have time to comment on other posts, because I have to spend many hours answering comments made on mine and commenting on the posts of users of the "Full Deportes" community.

This is probably the downside of buildign successful communities. The more people you get to interact with the more difficult it will get to kep the same level of engagement.That being said, it is a nice thing that we can be overwhelmed by comments and interaction.

No termino de entender por qué algunos no la llaman por su nombre. Para mi y para muchos fue el inicio en este mundo, existe y seguiré existiendo, no ha muerto y si así fuera, ¿por qué no mencionarla?

Fui steemians por dos años. ¿algún problema con eso? (No te lo digo a ti, @hlezama, lo digo porque he visto a varios con ese absurdo que no termino de entender.

An initiative that will undoubtedly bring a lot of growth and evolution to Hive and all of us who make life in it. I am particularly one of those who defend the culture of good commentary because this adds value to the publication and serves as a stimulus to the authors. Feedback is necessary. Thanks to @theycallmedan and @elcomentador for this fabulous initiative in which I plan to participate actively. A hug and the best of luck! @eddiespino @garybilbao.

Una iniciativa que sin duda alguna aportará mucho crecimiento y evolución a Hive y de todos los que en ella hacemos vida. Particularmente soy de las que defiende la cultura del buen comentario pues, ello aporta valor a la publicación y sirve de estímulo a los autores. El feedback es absolutamente necesario. Gracias a @theycallmedan y a @elcomentador por esta fabulosa iniciativa en al que pienso participar activamente. Un abrazo y las mejores vibras! @eddiespino @garybilbao.

I have been sad to see the general levels of engagement on Hive decreasing lately. It really makes me sad to see a great post that the author obviously put a lot of effort in having zero feedback in the comment section. That´s also why I created my ATH (Ask the Hive) weekly series where I motivate people to debate about various topics and I upvote their comments.

Thanks for coming up with this initiative Dan, cool idea.

This was really great in helping me to realize that I actually DO have a very refined (and simple) way of optimizing my VP through the day and mazimising my limited time to get great engagement. It DOES work and my acocunt is now starting to grow exponentially. I love seeing that growth rate lift, as I enable others to do and expereience the same!!


i dont get most of it but I'm sharing it anyhow comment on other people post helps me a lot

  1. i can talk to like-minded people and share my thought on that topic also its help me release my mind of other things
  2. some people like my comment and upvote them which is amazing of course I appreciate that a lot

all that aside I enjoy reading and giving my thought on it that what I like about hive the most

thank for everyone help today I have 53 reputation on hive thanks all love all : peace @attajuttjj

Greetings excellent initiative, the friend @elcomentador has been doing a great job, generating comments is fundamental to the platform, as it encourages interaction and improves human relations within hive.

On the other hand, it motivates authors to generate quality content for the audience. There is nothing more rewarding than receiving comments that give value to your work. I am sure that if you encourage the culture of interaction every day will improve the content published, to a point where the knowledge transmitted goes beyond the search to generate money!

See you later buddy, have an excellent week 🤝

In good time, I have waited for this for a long time. Although I suspected it would happen. At last a challenge to make people understand how important it is to comment sincerely on an article and that not only the vote is enough. I said it before, this is Hive, not the typical platform where people out of hypocrisy comment on generic things because they get carried away more by the followers and not by the quality of an article or a job well done.

I hope that with this we can learn more about the use of HIVE and no longer fall into the errors of generic comments.

On Hive interaction is important, it is the soul of every large community.
Reading, commenting and confronting is the best way to grow and improve.
Without interaction I would not be here on Hive!
Encourage interaction is important, so thank you very much for this beautiful initiative.

My post: https://peakd.com/hive-174578/@libertycrypto27/comment-comment-and-comment-interaction-is-important

Regards @theycallmedan
Reflective and advocacy initiative to value Commentary, it is important for publications to receive support in a divergent world. It is a show of solidarity, dialogue and learning. It is a meeting space, where differences and agreements are interrelated with respect, therefore, commenting is also an act that must be exercised, to express meaningful ideas that accompany the congratulations. Commenting is saying your own thought and not repeating.
For me it is necessary to comment my thinking with humility, without measuring the knowledge; otherwise the visit turns into absence or petulance.

Saludos @theycallmedan
Iniciativa reflexiva y promotora de valorar el Comentario, es importante para las publicaciones recibir apoyo en un mundo divergente. Es muestra de solidaridad, de diálogo y aprendizaje. Es un espacio de encuentro, donde las diferencias y acuerdos se interrelación con respeto, por ello, el comentar también es un acto que se debe ejercitar, para plasmar ideas significativas que acompañen las felicitaciones. Comentar es decir un pensamiento propio y no repetir.
Para mi es necesario comentar mi pensar con humildad, sin medir el saber; de lo contrario la visita se convierte en ausencia o petulancia.

These are some essential tips for getting around the shadowmasters of twitter.
Will try to keep these in mind for future posts.

Sounds like a great idea to use #HiveComments to start conversations, reading/listening to content, socializing!

Just replied to this post about a half an hour ago, similar thinking.

People who are here creating content deserves decent comments or interaction, if it is only about "likes" go to Facebook...

Thanks for the great opportunity to promote this important aspect of the platform, Dan. I am a believer in the importance of commenting as a building block of communities and friendships.
I owe my motivation to ramain in the blockchain, from my early days in the "old chain", as @fermionico calls it, to comments. Back in the days when my posts and those of the group of friends who joined with me made only a couple of cents it was through interactions and constructive feedback that we were able to find encouragement, get to know one another better, and find ways to diversify our contents and improve our respective niches.
Comments and important here, more than on any other social media. Unlike the animosity that pervades elsewhere (not that we are except from that), I believe that here comments help as much as any monetary reward and can eventually lead to it. It takes time and hard work, but it is worth it.
Here is my post

I am so excited about this initiative, Gary has captivated many people here, i feel that Hive is going to grow a lot with this initiative and we will be like a big family! I feel that i have grown so far with his help. And i will be glad to help others to grow.

My post:

Twitter link:

Me parece interesante esta iniciativa de @elcomentador, pues es de suma importancia que las personas expresen su motivación de dedicar su valioso tiempo en comentar las publicaciones de los demás miembros de la comunidad, pues esta acción se convierte en un aliciente para continuar haciendo producciones escritas de calidad. Para todo escritor es importante la opinión de su publico generando así una simbiosis única capaz de establecer la interacción entre ambos. Me encanta esta publicación, estoy nueva en esto y muy animada en aprender de quienes ya tienen un amplio camino recorrido en Hive.

What a good idea they have had, I hope that the community itself helps to comment on the good publications and also the author has interaction with the comments made so that a reader-author relationship gets used.

Que buena idea han tenido, espero que la propia comunidad ayude a comentar las buenas publicaciones y además el autor tenga interacción con los comentarios realizados para que se vaya acostumbrando una relación lector-autor.

Support comes in different shape and form.
This community thrives through comments and this is
an initiative to comment and engage altogether.


Estas son las iniciativas que debemos ayudar a divulgar a todos porque #hive debe ser una casa dónde todos nos ayudemos a crecer. Y por supuesto debemos conocernos... Aplausos para ti @theycallmedan

We missed you Dan!

Hope everything is okay.

@eddiespino amigo no suelo comentar muchas publicaciones por cuestiones de internet o tiempo, igual quise entrar en la iniciativa y dar mi opinión y experiencia al respecto!



Glad to see you back after the Twitter fiasco :) maybe some words about it on a censorship-resistant blockchain would be very interesting.

It's a good idea to leave comments. Great job. Thanks you.

i rebloged you
intressting article

Thanks for continuing to push these initiatives out Dan!

Hey @theycallmedan, here is a little bit of BEER from @pouchon for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

It’s great to see you again

Someone comment my post 😂.

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Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

Update for regular authors

Comments make this platform buzz. I don't do twatter, so this comment is it from me. Thanks for all the work you are doing to grow the platform.


So good iniciative!

Me parece maravillosa esta iniciativa, una de las cosas más importante para nosotros como usuarios son los comentarios porque en ellos podemos tener la veracidad de lo que estamos mostrando y aprendemos a crecer más. Gracias @theycallmedan por esta oportunidad.

Rewards for comments... well i'll be dammed.
Maybe @blocktrades will give out some $10 bags of lollies again or @suesa can get her Doctorate funded.

excellent initiative!

Hi, @theycallmedan.

I know I'm a little late for this "party", but here's my post: https://hive.blog/hive-174578/@wiseagent/comments-a-two-way-street-or-hivecomments-interaction-initiative.

The projects you encourage make Hive move in a way where engagement is always a very important gain. Keep doing this and giving voice to the good ideas that come up through other users.

It's attitudes like yours that make this place an increasingly democratic platform.

Hello @theycallmedan thank you for always creating good things that make me run to participate. 😅

Here is my presentation, thank you.


Hola a todos. No sé si ya mi participación será extemporánea, no obstante, he querido compartir con ustedes, esta, mi participación en la iniciativa.

Hi everyone. I do not know if my participation will be untimely, however, I have wanted to share with you, this, my participation in the initiative.


Llegue un poco tarde a mi participación. Pero aquí está:


  • Es importante comentar analizando el texto y conociendo a profundidad el tema de la publicación, para hacer un comentario llamativo y que capte al usuario.