My Final Plea: Why I'm Powering Down

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That's what the real me looks like.

This is the post I prayed I'd never have to do...I've been forced to become what I despise most- a Steemit beggar! When I posted last week about my living situation changing, I had hoped for a little support. Now I'm making one final plea...

The guy I take care of got swindled by some ripoff artist in India selling phony computer security. He gave the guy access to his computer against my sternest warnings and his bank accounts were drained- wiped out. Now we have his Social Security plus a small annuity, plus what I can make here on Steemit. He has some crazy woman who will pay $500-$600 a month for the upstairs where I live. He'd prefer that I stay and I need to pitch in $350-$400 a month for bills. Otherwise- it's the nursing home.

Some helpful soul suggested that I take my computer with me and continue writing there so let me set that straight. I visited the place with my friend Pam when her dad was there. The State run home here has wards- dormitories that warehouse 30-40 old guys. You get a bed and a night table and it's kept dark all the time- I guess old people like to sleep a lot. There's a dayroom where you can watch reruns of Oprah, or whatever old people watch. Also, my dog gets killed... I guess I should say "put to sleep" because it sounds nicer. I made a commitment when I took him to see it through... This will not happen- I'll shoot the both of us first!

I've fought against powering down the whole time I've been here. It breaks my heart to have to... I never fooled myself into thinking I'd become a Whale someday- all I ever wanted was to be a Dolphin... not for myself, but so I could use my voting power to help support other content creators. I didn't come here to get rich, all I wanted was to be a part of a community of talented people. If this was about the money. I could have powered down when Steem was around $3.00 and my account was over $10,000. I only wanted to be a good Steemit citizen. Anytime anybody need help I always did my best to help them... I guess now it's my turn and I hate being on this end of things.

I'm going to keep posting and hoping for the best. My average payouts have gone from over $35 to under $10. I guess I must have pissed somebody off... I don't know what I could have done, but I'm sorry. I need upvotes on my stories, resteems, anything! Please help!!!

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This post is both the beauty and problem with Steemit. If Steemit is to become nothing more than a donation engine to everyone's pleas, the platform will die.

I've upvoted you and wish you all the best. But these types of awards and postings must stop being upvoted so heavily.

Either the Steemit community learns to focus on nothing but quality content, or the platform is going to suffer.

Lastly, I need to point out the disincentive of producing high quality content versus regular decent content tie to the payout schedule. We need to change payouts to be perpetual in nature, such that payouts can continue forever.

Someone mentioned this the other day and how a Youtube clone on Steemit would never work because of this. They are spot on, but further, it discourages people from updating and keeping high quality content on their "blog", in favor of daily content that will yield better returns.

This place needs to wake up and quit drinking it's own coolaid for the sake of it's future.

Just keep upvoting your own shit and you won't have to vote on anybody else's... That is why you commented isn't it!

That was really uncalled for, especially for an account that's been inactive from posting and commenting for a long time and all he did was say the truth.

@acidyo, I'm confused which account was in the wrong? the one that posts frequently or the one that hasn't posted for months?

yep I agree. that attack was definitely uncalled for. I recently gathered enough courage to start posting on steemit, but I am sort of disheartened on day 2 by some poster who can hide behind the internet and attack others.

Well, I'd rather not stake anything in this argument, but don't you lose the courage to post here because of any internet bullies. In fact, if you find any, post about them and call them out on it publicly (obviously if you have sufficient reason to believe they are genuinely negative characters, and not just having a bad day or something). Steemit in its very nature represent freedom of speech, expression, and now, user-controlled flow of cash. We can't allow the internet trolls and whatnot to show up and ruin Steemit for the rest of us.

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Holy crap matrixdweller! -15 rep?!

I must have missed something. Who's Steemflakes did you shit in to get that wild rank? (Not trying to be an ass, honestly would like to know)

Maybe it's got something to do with hijacking posts with totally unrelated videos.

This guy is abrasive and presumptuous, as well as completely tone deaf socially. I strongly suspect he's not even a real person, just some Psychological Operations recruit assigned to Steemit to make "conspiracy theorists" seem like complete nutjobs. Like Alex Jones, only he's the toilet cleaner to Jones' middle-manager.

lol, breath friend. He said he upvoted you. He didn't call you a fraud, he just raised a valid concern regarding the bigger picture.

Mouth Of A Gift Horse == Concerns Of Desperation Negatively Affecting Community Quality

Just don't think about it. Good luck with your struggles.

It felt like he was trying to kick a guy that's already down. I'm not powering down or making the post for fun & profit... only out of desperation. I fought it as long as I could

That's understandable. He really wasn't attacking you or accusing you of being a fraud. I'm sorry times are hard. At least steem is rising today, right?

I guess it is... That's something... Watch. by the time I have something to sell it will be under a buck (story of my life) Every time I invest in crypto- it tanks... I'm the Kiss of Death. By the way- don't invest in Ripple or cannabis coin I'm in the process of killing them right now!

Did you catch my offer I posted on my new service? If you can get Venmo set up (owned by paypal) I can at least help save you money while you try to cash out. I also have an individual who is looking to buy in to Steem using my service. I can get it to cycle back and fourth until every need is met. I just need some takers to prove the concept.

The last thing you need right now is to believe your own bullshit stories of failure. Those stories generally turn out to be self-fulfilling prophecies. Thing is, the world is particularly shit right now and it's hitting a gigantic number of people. There are still cracks to crawl through.
As patronizing as it might sound, stay positive.

I stand behind you, @richq11. You have contributed so much valuable content to Steemit. Do what you have to do. I don't have enough Steem Power to dictate my voting power to give you a full vote, but I will compensate for that in other ways. I am praying for you, my friend.

Thank you my friend... If I can ever return the favor just tell me! Winston- Salem huh? I almost went to work for Shields Drywall there.

Yes sir. I've lived in this area most of my life. I had some early life Air Force brat time in Louisiana and Florida. I spent 2004 to 2009 in Las Vegas, but other than that, I've been within a 30-mile radius.

I'm not very well-versed in drywall, but I see Shields is still in business. I bet my Dad knows them well as he spent 25 years as a commercial and industrial painter.

Hang in there. You are a valuable member of this community. Anyone, whale or otherwise, who doesn't see that is projecting too much of their personal power toward what they want Steemit to be rather than what it is....a community that helps each other....especially our valued members regardless of the handicaps the platform itself has.

Shields was/is big, I'm sure your dad knows then if he is a painter. I was in Statesville working on a HCA hospital and Shields hired me but I didn't have tools. There was another drywall company from Pembroke and I hired on with them. I lived with the Indians for about 3 years.

Small world. :-)

LOL, You tell em Rich. I'm sure they find their own content much more enjoyable than any of our trash lol...

You have my complete support Sir :)

Not everyone of them. But just little of them are nice

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I used to read your posts some time ago, @richq11 . You are a good writer, and you seemed to be doing fine with your rewards. I believe you should keep writing and stop begging. It's counterproductive. You can only beg once or twice, but you can always write. Some posts will do better, some will do worse.

And please, stop barking at people that raise valid points. That's what you are doing now. And you are doing it to someone who is actually giving you alms!

You just joined last month so how could read my posts some time ago?

ok, sooo... with everyone in the 'high quality' content section, how then are you planing to decide who get's awarded? I really don't think this posting is the place for the debate myself but deserved some response once here. I shall resteem this post. I also hope the caring, thoughtful, community helping one another approach deserves that. If you don't think so go figure which community you want to be a part of, I guess is your thought for the day.....

I agree that we all need to take care of eachother and try to bring harmony.. However, lets not forget that the same way the people hiding behind the internet troll and harass others, there is no real way to know if the story behind the OP is real or not. Ultimately it comes to our judgment and chivalry. So he might have take the path of not helping, and you have taken the path of helping. Both of you can be right on your own part. Jsut my 2 cents

I agree. Would be nice if the Steemians asking for help could provide some proof to their stories, like darthnava did and got a lot of help because of it.

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I agree with you...totally.

A lot of people needs help but just few are getting it

My concern is more with fraud. I'm certain that some of these posts are completely fraudulent. I'm not saying this one is, but how would you know? I tend not to trust them but on the other hand, if something happened and I was in desperate need of help I'm sure I would try here as well. When you need help, you need help.

Some? I would suspect a large portion of them are. Just like a large portion of posts are plagerized and spam. Yet you can spend hours on a post and only get $0.01 from the one person trying to get first in line for the curation rewards.

I can't vouch for OP and if it is true I am very sympathetic. I have been in the IT industry since I was 14 and am amazed at how often people get taken by scammers.

I dont sleep in the nights most time and i dont get anything out of making post. I just stay herw for the fun of it

@papa-pepper knows, ask him ....

Sometimes it happens when there is nowhere to run to too. I just hope it is not a fraud. And i pray he gets the help he needs

How would you suggest changing the current steemit then @jacobt

I agree with what you have posted above, but how would you go about making the platform better so we can all benefit from this.


Glad you asked Joe.

Firstly, I would extend the second window for rewards in perpetuity, such that it's continually awarded payouts on a regular basis (daily/weekly). This would, in fact change the dynamics greatly, but it'd encourage people to update content they have that's great and further encourage high quality content. Don't forget that Google loves this, so Steemit would gain a lot from the SERPs.

Secondly, language preference filtering. I don't know Korean, unfortunately.

Thirdly, a greater understanding from the community and maybe a section, for generosity and charity. It's not surprising that these types of articles have become commonplace. But, if they don't stop rising to the top of Steemit regularly/daily, new people coming to the platform aren't going to frequent the site. And they certainly aren't going to invest their money into STEEM tokens.

What's needed for Steemit to move forward are companies willing to promote their own blog content because the readership is of high quality, the site is known for amazing content, etc. Right now it's a hodgepodge of random crap: mostly girls globetrotting around, charity pleas, and nerdy crypto crap (that I love), but the rest of the world doesn't care about.

When Steemit starts getting articles floating to the top that resemble articles frequently seen on Medium, it'll start looking promising. Until that point, it's just going to fade away as another quirky blogging platform with an awesome model to reward bloggers, but with little interest from the outside for further investment.

Keep in mind, that STEEM is inflationary. The blockchain just prints more money, devaluing your STEEM to pay out to bloggers. The only way to encourage people to want to invest in this is through utility or speculation. Speculation is looking a little bleak at the moment and utility is diminishing.

Whoa.... @jacobt Steemit is supposed to be an alternative to social media, not blogging... or is it a combination of the two? As an influencer on both Twitter and Medium I can say that Steemit is more twitter than it is Medium, mixed in with a bit of Tumbler. It's what Facebook used to be...

I happen to hate reading most Steemit blogs, with the exception of a few alt-life topics that I manage to find, because, well.. they just aren't that readable. It's like reading a reddit post at times. It's like a club of crypto traders typing stuff simply to earn more crypto. When I do find high quality content, the formatting or readability kills any chance that I might read it. The general public doesn't have the patience for all that. I base this on my professional experience as a content marketer and my medium experience.

If we want to say this place should be anything like Medium, we'd have to get celebrity bloggers on here to set the bar, and they should probably bring a few of their followers as well.

I think it's more fitting to view this platform like a microblogging site where emotional displays and pretty pictures always trend higher than high quality content. ... just like the rest of social media.

I invested to STEEM and looking for long term commitment.

I agree with your assessment with contents, you nailed it. The steemit platform needs to provide enforce some rules with regards to contents and comments.

I hope it will happen soon, otherwise steemit will be just another spam bot cms.

Follow me @Yehey
Thank you.

STEEM is an inflationary token. That means they print more of it. That means that the value of 1 STEEM token today will be worth less tomorrow, unless... demand increases for it. So, ask yourself, what is going to cause more people to buy more STEEM and why.

I think that people being real, and posting real content is more valuable than "quality" content. More people will be attracted to what is real rather than to read "professional bloggers only" content.

Professional bloggers can be real. Unfortunately, like other forms of social media, it's hard to get a following when you are a newbie. So why bother coming here if you are already getting paid to write. Plus when the only way you can make money is if you get the attention of a whale, this site is very unattractive. I know professional bloggers on this site that make money, but they've been here for over a year and built a following, or started with one in the first place.

These are interesting propositions.

I'm starting curation accounts myself. None of the "pay me for resteem sir" service stuff. Just a nice account stocked daily with curated posts around a specific topic I consider to be high quality.

Perhaps, this platform could end up being led by myriad tailored curation accounts like the one I'm starting. Again, unpaid curation accounts.

We could potentially solve the problem this way and stamp out the trash posts without going all commie and outlawing them or anything.

Like independent journals on the platform.

Ah, yes. I get it now. I agree too. When people from outside look at the trending section of Steemit, they should see a variety of awesome. I DO think crypto-topics are overwhelming that streem of content for outsiders to relate to easily, and the success of panhandlers would not make it much better in that sense. I think my new idea might help. I'll throw it around a little and see if it's worth attempting.

Oh, and I agree that the 7 day limit might be more of a problem than a solution. 7 day payout cycles work, but older material deserves to be rewarded for newer upvotes, I think. I have yet to hear an explanation of why this isn't already the case.

I agree with you on the older contents .. Not everybody will see the post the same time since they get buried

Your proposed solution is great @jacobt . I love it and thanks for that. But a question is how do we stop the issue of some people who prefer to upvote themselves. No matter how great a content is, they will never upvote you.

Let people upvote themselves. If you don't allow that, they're just going to find other ways around it with different accounts. I don't think personal upvotes are a huge issue. Also, if the content is great, people WILL upvote it.

But, just because you think it's great, doesn't mean others will think it's great. Likewise, it may be great content, but doesn't reach a mass audience. This is why pop news and terrorist bullshit gets plastered on prime-time TV, b/c it appeals to the masses, and the more viewers, the more money in ads.

Find something that's highly unique that appeals to a larger pool of people, spend the time to actually write it well, choose awesome images that complement the piece and always link to additional reading and sources.

God bless you for the kind gesture

Thank you for the advice.. Thou art great.. Really could use this

@oddnugget, I think you have got an amazing idea here. Making curation accounts for specific topics is one of the sure ways for great posts to get noticed and praised. Even if the payout were not great to start with, it will still encourage people to continue posting great contents.
Eventually these "hodgepodge of random crap: mostly girls globetrotting around, charity pleas, and nerdy crypto crap" as @jacobt smartly named it will have their own space and will not prevent everything else from appearing under the detection radar.

Thanks for sharing the idea :)

I dont think there is a way out of it because most people prefer to upvote themselves. And people get desperate if they spend hours on posts and dont get anything out of it..

Lol I have a channel on youtube that is growing at a great rate and I am super happy with it. Every morning I wake up to new growth and it has been progressively growing more and more this year than ever. The videos that make me the most every month I put up 2 years ago. My new videos take a few months to snow ball and then they catch on and many go viral. Here on steemit no matter how hard I pushed after a few days the videos or recipes become useless. After trying with everything I had for a couple of months, I decided to put max effort into what was working and lay off the steemit coolaid.

Well said @jacobt in all your comments and suggestions.

I am happy for @richq11 for getting the help he wanted, which shows that steemit still have caring people. Yet, us new people a.k.a minnows, are suffering defeat and discouragement because those kind people don't seem to see our posts. And in order to part of the helpful force we need to grow as well. The more people grow, the better the platform will be. No one loses if we all gain, actually everyone will gain from it. Sometimes it feels that people upvote with the minimum % they can, as if they are giving money from their pockets.

I think that the fact that our upvote gets less effective the more we use it should be changed. We can manually change the % of voting depending on how much we liked the contents and that is a way that individuals give their fair assessment to the things they read. However, many people upvote with the least % to preserve their votes for themselves or their friends, which is not fair for either parties.

I have read few times now, and started noticing myself, that many people comment (with as little as "nice post!" or "I agree!") on others posts without caring to upvote, but you will always find their comments upvoted by them and by some other giant SP accounts that seem to follow them around like a loyal puppy.

I am not against anyone voting for themselves, but at least vote for others with the same %. Or is their few-words comment is worth more than the efforts other people put in their posts?

Everyone keep saying there is a problem, but not many are doing something to solve it and the cheaters continue gaining more and more. It is quite sickening to see how people are taking advantage of the system.

(Shakes head)

I cant say one way or the other if this particular post is a legitimate plea for help or not. One thing I can say for certain is the community as a whole has chosen to accept it as so. At the time of this (my) comment, there are 2611 views and 750 votes, providing the author with what I assume will be a decent payout. To that I say "congrats" and good luck to the author. If it truly is a farewell to Steemit - somehow I doubt it...
That being said, my comment is really focused on the larger point you were making - content. In the short time I have been here (on Steemit) I have read works from a few truly great authors, journalists, poets, and bloggers that I never would have had the opportunity to read without the platform. Unfortunately the time it takes me to sort through all the noise makes finding the truly great content almost impossible. This has been a recurring issue for me - someone who enjoys reading, as much as writing.
In my opinion, (and I have said this in other comments) there has to be much more emphasis placed on the curation of posts, and more incentive for people to actually "curate". Right now there is very little incentive for anyone to spend the time necessary to sort through all the noise. Increasing the percentage of rewards allocated to "curation" would solve the problem of "noise" almost overnight. Just my opinion, and as I always say - your just gonna have to make up your own dam mind...

Yeah, that's pretty much the approach I plan to take going forward. I am going to focus on curating, following and resteeming. That way I help improve the quality of content organically, earn some STEEM, and only see "interesting" posts on my home page....

I like to write also so my time here is pretty much spent 50/50 ... Point Set Match... Steem on...

you're totally right! let's not kill this platform!

You are absolutely right. It may sound harsh to most people upon hearing this hard truth but that is it. If we keep on doing this people will lose interest in the system or even worse take it as a joke. I pray a miracle comes your way @richq11 before anything really bad happens to you. The future of steemit depends on the authenticity of content authors create . If we continue to condone this act, people will take advantage of the system. I hope i did not sound mean.

Very good post jacobt! As a new steemitite (Is that the correct teminolgy?), I love the way this super frindly, unique and seemingly supportive community works as I know it at this time. I am not quite familiar enough to have an educated opinion but I do have an opinion. jacobt stated it much more eloquent than I could and it seems to give me a little disappointed feeling about steemit if, if we become a "gofundme" website.....there are many websites for that very purpose so, why do it here...It would be awful if the timeline is filled with "needs" post/blogs. Good stuff jacobt...I second that!

I'm not sure if I understand your contention. Personally, I never offer a dime to anyone on the street begging for change unless they impress me somehow. Even then, I don't give much because I don't have much. I do, however, go out of my way to give fruit from the store away to obvious homeless when I have the time.

Still, you and the others who upvoted this post give motivation to both the genuinely desperate and the fraudsters that make such posts, just as people without a second thought will donate their change to any random individual who asks them.

I see the use in charity like this as wealth redistribution. That's epic. That's a problem solving act on the part of those who donate. Do you think that if we successfully accomplished that, we would have a dirty mark against us as a community? It sounds a bit counter-intuitive to the intentions of Steemit if that's what you are saying.

I'm a US Air Force Veteran. I grew up with a lot of financial and social struggles, had an adult life where I was financially taken advantage of by the Air Force AND by every education institution that I've tried to get a bachelors degree in since. 4 years ago I was in a homeless program for veterans. Today, I'm living with a fiance and her mother and only this summer started paying my fair share of the bills because my father died and I received a surprising inheritance as a result. Surprising, because he was never supportive nor capable of holding a career for himself aside from being a part-time repo man.

I'm 35, still trapped in school without a 4 year degree, have plenty of skills that I can't be hired for because of that fact, and I am constantly paranoid that I will die in the same poverty that I was born into, just like my father. Thing is, I know there's thousands with a similar story who are here, just like me, trying to correct that by creating content.

I think, if anything, we need a verification process for those who are actually begging or panhandling on Steemit, as well as to offer some sort of marker to beg silently when we make content. I could post a click-baity headline letting people know that I'm desperate for my blog to work out here, but that would be unfair to the thousands of others who worked just as hard on their own blogs and are just as desperate.

...I might have an idea worth trying. Would you be interested in helping to build a beggars verification and support community?

It's complex. That's really the best way I can put it. I'd love to upvote and help out everyone that's truly in need. I think that's magical.

However, what won't be magical, is if Steemit continues down this path much further and the demand for staking and purchasing STEEM diminishes.

Oh, I think I have an idea of what you are driving at. Do you mean to say that as more people dole out upvotes as charity, the lower the community payout for each member of the community is?

No, I don't mean that at all. I actually could care less about that.

Check out my reply to @joeparys. I think I laid it out fairly well there.

Steem does have value even without steemit and inflationrate is decreasing no need to panic

In theory you are 100% correct. Unfortunately, there haven't been a mass of STEEM implementations yet that have really caught hold. I'm hopeful this will happen though. Why is the inflation rate decreasing? What are you basing that on?

These types of posts are OK in my book, I even made a blog post about how crowdfunding is useless is no one can afford to support you, where here, you can upvote the post and it won't cost you a single penny. Had he made a gofundme for his situation, he probably would of barley got anything or nothing at all. Which do you want, to use your steem power to support someone in they are really struggling? Or for FREE give an upvote

I respect your point, but i don't agree! Steemit is far from being submurged by beggers. Quality content is not hard to find on this platform! I do think that fraudsters may profit by begging and asking for upvotes, but it dosen't really matter since they are pretty much a drop in the sea compared to the number of people who actually create content and those who are really in need! Either way, it is free to upvote and resteem so why not?

A lot of people create good content and dont get upvotes

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others." Philippians 2:3-4 😊

How do you define quality content, is the travel post, is it the photography, is it that, is it this. What have I seen here as a newbie is that if you know someone who is already in steemit their post will get a lot of upvotes even the quality is not upto the mark and then there are people two writes original content gets pennies.

It all depends on when you have started, now-a-days its very hard for a newbie to earn even a dollar on its own.

It's true, just like youtube channels, your own blog, facebook posts, and anything in life. Starting out, you're going to have to put in the groundwork.

i got no money to send you but i will send my most positive vibes to you for whatever its worth.

as for those who contest the content ....when i have helped someone only to find out they have taken advantage,
I just do not care ! simply because whatever i do i do it with my heart.

ya know at the end of the day we all have to look in the mirror and i wanna like what i see. does not matter if i

got scammed or not , it is about me looking in the mirror and likeing what i see.

rich my vibes tell me you are a good man and i hope people will realise it also and send you much love

Come on guys let's all be friends rich I hope you get to your goal here !! I'm sure Jacob didn't mean no harm !! Anyways best of luck to the both of you !

There will be more bungholes after me!

I agree with a lot but I guess as long as the world is in disballance, you will always have people who feel poor and will use this kind of platforms to dragg it out...

BUT on the positive side, I think the steemit idea is good because it's all the power to 'us'. Only because it's new innovative doesn't mean it will die with also having much bad content?

That's what I hope and I think many sites will copy this one...

Isn' t it justmore like free market charity, rather than state teat sucking socialism, at work?

You have said well but if he is saying the truth then he needs help. Thank you for helping him and i wish i could but i dont have the means

FREE Author ATS tokens - Get 75 ATS tokens for FREE everyone that joins.

Better give the money away to honest people, than feeding a corrupt​ selected few.

yeah it's a tricky one, when I found steemit I thought it was going to be original content and a great opportunity and platform to build a youtube type experience but with more freedom, less imposed rules and loads of great content. I thought it would be a chance for creatives and people who have info and art and inspiration and ideas to share on a platform and get paid for their time, but it seems to just be people wanting a follow for follow, i'm getting bots send me money and upvote and it seems to be nothing to do with content, I love the idea of this platform but i feel there are a few things that could make it or break it from going down the pan or really becoming an awesome platform of people begging for steem. Of course it's nice to help ppl however and im gonna upvote btu you do share a valid point about the future of steemit.

Upvoted and resteemed to help you, sir. You don't have any family member to take care of you? Here in the Philippines, we do not believe in putting our old folks in nursing homes. It is a sign of disrespect for one's elders.

Those senior citizens in nursing homes here are the ones without family, literally. P.S. I hope your dog is well and won't be killed.

I could stay with my exwife but her daughter and husband are addicted to painkillers and I've consistently refused to let them have my meds... they hate me for it. If I stay with her, they'll take the grandkids away from her and that would kill her... I'll die before I see that happen. Thanks about the dog. To tell the truth, I'm more worried about him than I am myself!

It's sad to see this. I hope you all do well.

He gave the guy access to his computer against my sternest warnings and his bank accounts were drained- wiped out.

Has he tried contacting the bank? Here in the UK in this kind-of case, your bank will always give you the money back.

It's not the case everywhere. You have to deal with tons of questions why have you given the computer bla bla, and if the anwser is not up to the mark they will ask you to get on your own.

Wow thats awesome. Here in my country nobody cares about your stolen money

It's very nice of you to help this old man. Upvoted and followed, for what it's worth. Sorry to hear about your situation :(

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Hey @richq11 you're an amazing member of the community and I have a lot of respect and admiration for what you've accomplished here! 100% UPVOTED!

Thank you my friend... You're one of the few that's always there!

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Holy shit, you are a very generous guy

Funny enough, I don't really believe altruism is a thing. I enjoy helping others because it creates the world I want to live in. Also, when it comes to things like this, it's relative. If someone gives $1,000 it blows our mind, but if they make that amount every minute, maybe it's not that big of a deal to them. Whereas if someone else gives $1, that might be the world to them and a huge percentage of all they own.

I've worked really hard to get where I'm at today and I know what it's like to go without. Helping to lift people up is how I think we can improve the world. Giving is just a gesture. The real change happens as people move themselves up Maslow's Hierarchy of needs.

I usually use the tipU service with hide flag but wanted others to know about it also so they can give if they want.

I think you're pretty awesome, @lukestokes
You're right; giving is a gesture and in most cases it's not altruistic - we usually get something out of giving, even if it's a pat on one's back. I also know what it's like to go without. Maybe that's why we give. Well done.

Thanks. :)

Very impressive approach and very true words. Sometimes $1 is all we have, but we give it in hopes it will make a difference in someone else's life.
God bless you and people like you :)

Would you be interested in helping to build a Steemit community for verifying and supporting individuals like this who are in need? I have an idea or two for one and would just need some people with the time and passion to collaborate on it.

Not currently. I'm not convinced charity on its own has a lasting impact. It can help here and there, but only for a short period of time. I've only really helped out members of the community here who have contributed and aren't looking for a handout. I value that sincerity. I've posted about how Steemit (or something like it) might power something like a universal basic income. That said, I don't think we're there yet. Not unless the price of Steem goes way up.

Maybe send me some stuff via Steemit Chat though. Maybe I can help refine the ideas if nothing else.

God bless you

Right,he is very generous guy. I like u.

May u be rewarded

I just sent him SBD's direct....wondervif he will acknowledge them ...

Hope my upvote can help you! I'm following you now. I'm not such a guy that only follow because no reason. And you really touch my heart. Please keep writing, i will do my best for always be upvoting you at 100% and i haven't doubt that you will do a good job. I won't upvote you only because i feel bad for you. I will do that because i really trust you will keep doing good post, and that's what Steemit is about. GOD Bless you!

Thank you... and may God bless you as well! I hope you enjoy my stories.

Upvoted with 100% with whatever lil Steem power I have! Sharing and caring for each other is the basis of humanity. And those people who scams people are just not Humans. The Cyber crime should be reported to proper authorities. I would be happy to Resteem your post as well. Be positive. My average payout is only around one buck. Only once I crossed thirty bucks.

Thank you very much! It was reported but the guy is in India. These people are clever too- they always go through somebody else's IP address, it's really difficult to find them.

@richq11 - Hope you can stay here for much longer, enjoy the benefits of freedom that you actually deserve more than others around... I've noticed that Steem in past 30-45 days is exchanging shitty upvotes and interest about quality is equal to 0. Hope things will go up for you, and please don't give up!

Upvote, resteem, follow!



Thank you (Lucifer?) You might find my Night Gods series interesting

I don't have much to help you with, but I will upvote and resteem. I wish you love, luck and contentment. Life can be so cruel...❤️

Don't give up man! Into each life some rain must fall, so just keep working it's the only way... Yeah I know, steemit isn't fair sometimes, but still, you gotta help this man, just gather your shit together! This story touched me, I know my voice here costs nothing, still I upvote and reblog( or resteem idk), good luck man, hope you get better :)

Thank you... I've worked all my life... It's all I know

And you know, creating content is a good thing, you can chill and write about interesting stuff, just don't give up and everything will get to normal, life always has all shades of grey, be philosophic about it

Alright. This is on the trending page. I really don't know whether to be sorry for you or jealous of you. I never get on the trending page. The most I ever got for a post was 40 bucks. Who's to say this begging article isn't worth $400?

I'm sorry to hear that your posts are getting less than ten these days. I get fewer on average than ten for sure. It's not necessarily that you were getting flagged by a big whale what also can be the causes a large growth of users on steemit just as the growth of users of Bitcoin has caused Bitcoin to get more Scarace the growth of users of steam will cause steam to get more Scarace but at the same time the reward pool will become more scarace. Writing for steem it will be more and more demanding.

Go dig deep and read my posts from time to time. Vote them up as it costs you nothing but only if you like them

I blame spelling mistakes on the voice android keyboard

10 months on Steemit and this is my first post on the trending page... and look at what it is!!! I pour my heart and soul into my writing a chapter of my story usually takes 6-8 hours to do. I figure that's worth something more than $8.00

Can't the banks reverse the transactions? That's the beauty of the obsolete banking system, transactions can be cancelled and reversed...

hello, i just run onto you and sure support you in needs

Done and Done my friend. Best of luck and prayers sent your way.

Thank you for your help!

Thank you!

Sorry to hear of your troubles. Like @darthnava says, it is surely not the way things happen in the Philippines, and being an expat tied to that country, I can attest to what he says. I hate the way us older citizens in the U.S. seemed to get shoved aside, like we are just taking up space or something. Keep writing, stay busy, and things have a way of working themselves out. Help comes in many forms, and quicker with optomism. Think positive and give your dog a good scratch, right between the ears... for me.

Thank you... Like I told darthnava- I'm more worried about him than I am about me!

Powering down is the worst move ever. Really.

Maybe I should just go to the nursing home where I can't have a computer- then I lose everything. I know, I'll give all my SP to you, how does that sound... You fucking moron!!!

You just can't handle money. You could have millions within years ( yes, your account will worth millions in less than 10 years) but you are "spending" them cause you need pennies ( actually 7k are pennies, yes).
Ovviamente fai quello che vuoi, i soldi son tuoi. Poi ti alteri troppo facilmente, di certo l upvote non te lo do solo perché lo chiedi, non ho niente da dire a chi insulta gratuitamente. Cheers ;)

How about a loan until my millions come in then?

No interest on my side doing this. As i already said is just a suggestion, after all it is your money :) good luck.

I'm 72 and in bad health... I'm not going to be here in 10 years

Are you saying that you are thinking only at yourself?
Sons? ;)

I am SO sorry about your situation. In my opinion, people that pull those ripoff scams over the phone should be SHOT!

The computer scam is well known, and I wish your friend had listened to you. Another well known scam is the "IRS" scam.

These lowlifes target elderly folks and it makes me sick. It's really not your friend's fault that he got preyed upon by these snakes.

I'll be praying for you and I hope that the SteemIt community will rally to your aid.

I've upvoted, followed you, and resteemed your post!

Thanks! I had the IRS guys call me. I told the caller to give me his full name and the address where to send my check. He said I could pay him over the phone. I said I was an investigator with the Arkansas Atty Gens Office and I needed the info... He hung up!

Good one! That usually gets them to back off. Here's a video I made a while back of an IRS scammer who tried to get me for $7600:

Well, if nothing else, you now have some appreciation for what you previously despised most. Good luck to you, sir. I hope you build friendships and relationships which can support you through your tough times.

tip! 30

Thank you... By the way, I left you a comment yesterday about delegating my witness votes. I'll let you delegate them if you leave the ones I have.

Yes, sorry I didn't reply to that one yet. Unfortunately, that's not how delegation works. It's an all or nothing thing. You'll have to compare your votes with my votes when deciding on setting up a proxy. If you there's someone I'm not voting for you think I should or someone you think I shouldn't be voting for, I'm open to changing some votes around, though I tend to defend decisions with arguments. :)

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Sorry I missed your post last week...

Thanks... A new chapter tomorrow... 16 handwritten pages- man I really look forward to editing and typing that!

dear friend, I don't have words enough to say how I'm sorry for your situation. I hope all the best for you, as you know, I send you my best hugs and all my prayers ! 100% upvote and resteemed

Thank you my dear Silvia and tell Paolo thank you as well! What I really need is resteems for the NG's (Tomorrow's is going to be really good I think)

Steemit is a cozy community, my friend, and you're are an honest man who work hard creating excellent contents ^_^

I tell ya... Tomorrow's chapter is long!!! I just finished it up! And thank you my dear friend!

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100% vote and resteemed. I will pay you back for your kindness as soon as I can :)

I'm truly sorry this had happened to you guy's, such unneeded stress. Voted. I'm a little minnow will ask my friend's to come over and vote as well. Hoping for all the best for you all.

Thank you! Minnows count too... I'll be one again soon lol!

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I hope that everything works out well for you and things get sorted out. I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Thank you... Looks like things may turn out without me having to completely cash out.

That's great news :) Looking forward to read more from you :)

Rich, we got your back.

Also, just to help you cheer up when you have spare time, there's a YouTube channel called Ownage Pranks. He's infamous for calling scammers and messing with their heads. He also does some other pranks :)

here's his link:

Cool, thanks and thanks for the donation my friend! I'll check it out when I finish tomorrow's Night Gods- I'm on a roll!

Power down or not, keep posting. Not only because of the potential payout, but also to keep yourself busy with other things than your current worries.

This breaks my heart - I am sure the steemit community is going to pull together and help you out here - I wish I could send something your way, but I am also a bit in dire straights , so the best I can do is pray for you and resteem - hope everythings works out. God bless you

Thank you Anneke... all I really need is for people to resteem and upvote chapters of my story, The Night Gods. It will increase my audience and give me an opportunity to earn what I need. That's all I ask for, an opportunity to earn my money.

I didn't know you had a book. Why don't you upload it to Get paid in SBD!

Sometimes when I post on Steemit, I am reminded of my comp sci teacher. Once he looked at me understanding eyes and asked me if I were feeling ignored. Then HE LOOKED AWAY!