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I wasn't going to and then I was but then I was like 'nah!' and then I was again but then I didn't really feel like it and now I do so here it is—verbs and nouns and adjectives and more and's and stuff and hopefully everything makes sense before the last period—dot. And in the event it does not, make sense that is, we'll all be dead somewhere between 50 and 100 years from now anyway so who cares.

Ever click on an article anxious to see what happens next and then read the opening paragraph like what the fuck was that?!

Me either.

Hello! Hi, you! By you I mean you, you know who you are.

I'm @dandays - The Luckiest Guy I Know. This is where I perform my ass off, the whole thing too, not just a little piece of it. Behind the scenes are countless hours of edits and meticulous arranging arrangements rearranging, photo enhancing, emotions flowing, story telling and whatever else happens for a BIG HUGE school of fish. I might even rack up another 50 plus views on this beloved blockchain of ours, tack on a couple thousand words and another 100 or more comments but to the biggest fish like BIG HUGE fish I swim against the current.


Now be honest. I haven't sugarcoated anything to this point and don't plan on doing so anytime soon so get real with me. Between the opening paragraph and the one you just read, which ƚw̴iꙅƚ did you least expect?

Hello! Hi, you! By you I mean dammit! I already said that. Look, all I meant to do when I started this was tell you about our trip to Prague.


But @c0ff33a got me so cracked out on coffee my keyboard's about to roast so I doubt I'll get to the part about Prague which means the part about Budapest is probably dead in the water.


The Shoes on the Danube Bank (Hungarian: Cipők a Duna-parton) is a memorial erected on 16 April 2005, in Budapest, Hungary. Conceived by film director Can Togay, he created it on the east bank of the Danube River with sculptor Gyula Pauer [hu] to honour the Jews who were massacred by Fascist Hungarian militia belonging to the Arrow Cross Party in Budapest during the Second World War. They were ordered to take off their shoes (shoes were valuable and could be stolen and resold by the militia after the massacre), and were shot dead at the edge of the water so that their bodies fell into the river and were carried away. The memorial represents their shoes left behind on the bank.


That's alright, gives me something to shoot for later. Do you read the Bible? I know what you're thinking, "where in the hell is he going with this?!" All over the place, it's what I do, comes with the territory. By comes I don't mean manslaughter which is what every man reading this is guilty of if in fact women are guilty of murder for having an abortion.


So there's this story in the Bible where Peter, one of Jesus's homeboys was like I'll lay down my life for you dude and Jesus was all, yeah, ok! As if!! And Peter goes I'm serious, if they're gonna kill you they can kill me too, I'm down for the cause bro! And Jesus is all, check it out, Peter, before the rooster crows you'll deny me three times.

Alright, so me and Pura or, Pura and I, for those of you in attendance with literary backgrounds toured Saint Peters Basilica in Budapest last week.


First and only church I ever had to pay money just to walk inside. Can you believe that shit?! I don't mean the collection plate, either, the one they pass around during service. And not all the offering boxes where there's candles or art work you're expected to donate money to look at. I mean just to step foot inside the joint—$14! R.I.P off.


There was a big painting in there on the second floor. Lots of massive, gorgeous paintings actually but I only took a picture of one. Thing was nearly as tall as me and I'm 6-1. It had a fancy gold frame around it or at least I think it was gold; there's a buncha signs that say don't touch. As much as I suck at following rules, I abided. It depicts a portrait of Saint Peter staring up to the sky and, above his right shoulder, a giant cock.

Saint Peter And The Cock


That's what it's called. Don't take my word for it, read that nomenclature below the painting. I'm just a messenger here.

In the spirit of sticking to script and having no particular direction with whatever I'm about to say, we went to a Hive meet-up here in England the day we got back. Our plane was scheduled to land on the 18th which was the day of the meet-up and I'd already promised @livinguktaiwan we'd be there. If there's one thing I'm good at, it's telling you what I'm good at doing what I say. So we rescheduled our flight out of Europe a day early, jumped on a Northern train in Manchester and did what I said we would. I've been wanting to meet her for however many years we've been doing this anyway and wouldn't you know, she was more interested in Pura than me! Happens all the time.

But I finally got to meet @stevenwood. I've only read about a half million of his words and that was just one comment, he's as much of a pleasure to be around as I anticipated. Being able to put some mug shots on some handles was worth the early plane ride. And hair! Coolest hair style award goes to @rimicane, she's a sweetheart and I'm not just saying that cuz I'm jealous of her dreads.

Seriously, when I got back to the flat, I clicked about a half dozen follow buttons which isn't something I'm a big fan of doing. I like to take my time clicking follow buttons cuz I'm just as quick to unfollow someone and some people act like an unfollow is a knife to the chest or gun to the head depending what country you're in, right @slobberchops? Especially women! Relax, Steve, that's not a sexist statement it's a true statement. Trust me, I'm a feminist, I know these things.


Where do I go from here? Transitions are hard to shake like manslaughter charges. I've probably come across an opportune moment to segue into something about rainbows but I don't wanna cross any lines like P's and Q's.


Get ahold of yourself, P's and Q's are short for Pints and Quarts. Back in the 18th century, 'mind your P's and Q's' was English pub talk for don't get so drunk you make an arse of yourself. I mean really, what'd you think I meant by rainbows?


'Who's there?'

"A world where entertainers are required to explain their self."

'Get off my property!'

I'd like to welcome everyone back to the 21st century where I recently saw two of my favorite content producers who've been around longer than most of us give a detailed description explaining their design process because some dude's so psychologically challenged he formulated one of the most elaborate conspiracy theories I've seen on this chain in however long I've been here. Whatever happened to just turning the channel?


Nowadays comedians are being physically assaulted before live audiences for cracking a joke. Jokes are meant to be funny. If you don't think they're funny, turn the channel, watch Fox Noose or some other one-sided agenda pushing program. Not one time has a joke like ha-ha, LoL caused physical harm. No knock-knock joke in the history of knock-knock jokes ever scratched someone or drawn blood or even hinted at bruised flesh. They're just words.


If you think you're confused, try being me. I'm not just a gas pedal at the mercy of a dozen jackrabbits in fear for their life from a rattlesnake strike when I'm online. I'm like this all the time, ain't that right @stevenwood?

I was telling him or @c0ff33a or @shanibeer or someone I haven't name dropped yet how I regularly forget how public this is. It typically isn't until someone's grandma drops me a line I realize I said 🌈 or 💃 or 🤯🔫 or worse and feel about this BIG CUUUT!!

Armchair Quarterback

I think now's a good time as any to call this one a wrap

In my mind I'm running laps navigating life between the cracks

I'll end this with some screen shots and meals from where we've been

Blissfully hidden from reality exclaiming freedom from a distance

If keeping up with me is tough it's nothing in comparison

To the road that led us to Barabás where we got first hand experience

And witnessed human beings forced to question their repentance

Where the big bad bully's relentless to exterminate existence

So we lent a helping hand it was the least that we could do

The world's got plenty of armchair quarterbacks parroting the news

From the comfort of a lazy boy in an air conditioned room

I can't imagine walking a mile or a 100 or a country in their shoes

Can you? Slava Ukraini






Blurred for obvious reasons



I'm going to Budapest at the beginning of August. My wife and I are going on a river cruise down the Danube. It was supposed to have been for our 40th wedding anniversary, but got delayed because of covid. So I may get to see some of the places in your photos.

And yes, I do read the Bible but I'm not going to bish bosh you over the head with it!

Covid? Col 2:22-23. Oh, that's right! You're British. Covid only happened in England dude. =} It's ok, Johnson's gone now, you can know the truth. ;-D

Wassup man? Thanks for checking this one out. 40 years. I love it! Congratulations, way to lead by example. You're gonna enjoy Hungary, especially that river, it flows right by their 'parliament' or whatever they call it plus several other iconic structures. Make sure to grab a buncha paprika. I was unaware it's native to Hungary til we got there. We sent a whole bunch of it back to friends and my wife's family, best mail they got all year.

See my location on my profile page? :wink:

Don't be a stranger.

We had a Hungarian takeaway in our town, it sold a Hungarian Street food called langos, which is a bit like deep fried pizza. Not very healthy but surprisingly nice. I'm sure we will try some of the local food, although most meals will be on the boat.

Yeah. We tried the Langos. I'm kinda weird about eating habits, very selective, hardly any meat type eater so I had a vegetarian langos. Not bad. Kinda like a high school reunion, I'm glad I went but once was enough.


What a nice trip!

Long time no see you! How's everything?

Nice to be seen. Thanks for keeping an eye on me. We're alright man, thanks for asking.

Hands down the best shit I've read today. I don't mean shit literally, you know what I mean 🤣🤣

That's me tryna explain the joke, it's the world we live in now. I mean, look at Ricky Gervais.

Anyways, I woulda touched Peters cock no doubt. Now I have one more place to visit if I ever have the chance.

There's never a time I don't get confused reading your shit (wink)🤣🤣

Might as well skip the first two or three paragraphs next time. Looool

Pretty sure you had a great experience with Pura at Prague.
PS. No meet up pictures??!! 😢

Hahaha you are everywhere too today… or do we have the same friends 😉

It is a great post to read indeed 🤣😎

I see you on the Ecency leaderboard leaving everyone in the dust shoooooooot.

I mean 🤣🤣

How does she/he do that

So intimidating 😅

Is it… noooo I hope not. 😇

I’m a girl 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

My apologies ma'am 😌

It's 2022! Gender is serious shit, pull your head outta your ass. Excuse him @littlebee4, you know how Africans are.

No worries… all good @stevenson7 👋🏻💃🏻
Join in on my posts and you see me too once in a while 😉😎

Prove it. Wait, that's not, I mean what I mean by that is.....

Hahaha I just have photos… but who says that is proof hahaha 🤣 lol
It could be just some random chick from on-line hahaha 😉

Thanks… @dandays 😉💃🏻
Just having fun and getting to know people.

My pleasure. You're doing great. If I see it, I would bank on knowing quite a few people see it. You're good for the platform, welcome to Hive.

I saw all that appreciation you got on that airbrush content by the way. Please understand I mean no disrespect but I'm in this weird limbo stage right now where I'm just spending time with my wife.. not producing content... spending time with my wife.. not taking pictures... spending time... not documenting... so I've had all my VP delegated out for like 5 months.

There's a long back story to us, you're fairly new so you're probably unaware. She's really sick. In the meantime I maintain what little VP I have sparingly until I make a full return. I saw you got a buncha love already so I'm saying congratulations instead. I hope you understand.



Thank you so much @dandays 😁 I’m so happy that I found Hive, I feel truly welcome here.

Thanks for you explanation I do understand what you are saying, and yes, I don’t know the back story of you guys as I’m not long here, but I did pick up you moved to get the care she needed. 🥰
You don’t have to explain further… all in time.
Go and be with your love and take all the time needed… it is soooo important. Much more than going around my posts hahaha 🤣
Like I said before, I’m not easily offended or think strange things… I’m easy going and take people how they are, not how I want them to be.

Enjoy your evening 😁 give her a big huggg 🤗

I think "friends"

We've got good taste ☺️

Pretty cool than 👋🏻😎 we do…

Edit. I feel about this big for not thanking you for the reblog. Thank you.

Thanks for liking my shit. Dude, imagine how awkward this response would've started had autocorrect made me say licking. I mean, what I mean by that is had I not said liking and instead ahh... skip this paragraph.

Wassup man? Thanks for checking this out. Touching it was a big no-no, but I pulled off photographing his cock in public like a Saint!

Gervais. Funny dude. iheart comedians. A lot of us have favorite MC's, favorite authors, favorite people photographers (mine's reading this) but my favorite comedian is Katt Williams. Lotta bad asses out there but that dude sets the bar.

Pictures. I know it! I've read around about everyone had too much fun to take out their phones and the few times I saw one I managed to successfully duck out! I was there, though, really, even got the coffee.

Hey @stevenson7, thank you.

You're welcome sir.

The first paragraph, had me, not gonna lie 😅

Also thank you for the subtle compliment.

My primary job now is to find out who Katt Williams is 😌

Have a great day 🙏

My pleasure dude, I mean it.

Oh man! Allow me.

Super controversial. So much in fact he's been arrested something crazy like 70 times in one year and never had charges pressed against him. Arrested and released. He's that hated by powerful people cuz he doesn't just cross the controversial lines, he does backflips and moonwalks on them.

He just returned like a couple weeks ago after being on probation for something crazy like 23 months. Trust me when I say, comedy needs him. It isn't the same without him. I have several favorites, Chappelle is one, my wife would say Mike Epps, I have many. Hurricane is another one. Bro iHeart comedy. But Katt, in case you can't tell, he's my man.

Ima get you his latest Netflix special. If you do go searching him, I'd like to know what you think.

Katt Williams - World War III

It's called World War III!! Haha!! That's funny.


We're going in sire 🤣

Well it's been 8 hours since you snapped that. I'm rested and on my second cup, how's the download speed over there? And by speed I don't mean methamphetine.

Oh boy 😂🤣😂

I got it hours ago. The "speed" is decent.

I would see it later today

Thank you for the tip ☺️👏✨


Was nice meeting you and your wife, Dan! It is as interesting to read your write-ups as to speak to you in real life face to face. You have a unique style!
As to paying entry to the church, I am pretty sure you get this here as well, like York Abbey, for example. I don't agree with the fee but looks like religion is becoming less powerful and more of an attraction but they still need to make some money too. 🤑

Aylo Wimikine yaw'right? (British impression).

unique style!

I'm glad you think so. Thank you. It's tough not to rub people the wrong way virtually like this, comedy especially kinda requires facial expressions and hand gestures to work. Manslaughter and religion and women and rainbows is a tough juggle. Each topic itself is kinda risqué. I think they're hilarious.

You were a pleasure to meet as well—made an impression on me. Pura and I both were pleasantly surprised. Kinda had our guard up braced for the worst hanging out with a buncha virtual strangers for the first time but I felt more comfortable there than I do with the in-laws... SH!! secret.

Chizz!! (It's how they say cheers here)

Each topic itself is kinda risqué.

Life is too short to take things seriously in my books 😅 With n-years to live, the experience should be a pleasant encounter.

I felt more comfortable there than I do with the in-laws...

hahhaha, I have been to three such events so far and you see new faces every time. It was always a great experience, almost like meeting extended family.

This was a good start to my day to read from you. As always I followed along not knowing what would come next but everything I ran into was a delight. 😄

I’ve always wanted to visit biblical places or at least places that display biblical accounts. That is a pretty neat painting of Peter.

It was good to see you and Pura were able to make the meetup. I’m sure that ☕️ was on point!

Most of all I’m glad hearing you both have been enjoying yourselves together. I’m hoping she’s doing okay and that your leg (I believe it was your leg that got injured awhile back) is healing.

Always good to catch your posts to see what you’ve been up to. Thanks for the fun this morning, take care ~ 😉

If you're gonna be that sweet I demand you stop by more often! =}

Hello! Hi, you! By you I mean always a pleasure when you stop by, Crosheille, thank you for the tip. No, wait! I mean tip like HBD! Yikes! I spelled your name on memory by the way. Really though, biggest tip I've ever received. <3

Bad leg, yes ma'am, that's me. You're a gem for acknowledging! I'll never forget the trinkets you'd find at grandmas place. Pura hasn't had a bad attack for about two months now, prayers, every day is literally a gamble so we'll take as many good ones as we can. God is great.

I hope this response added to your good start cuz you made my day with yours. Thank you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. 😘

Hahaha that I will do then. Oh yay you’ve got the spelling of my name down! 😃

You know, I’m really grateful for these tip features because a lot of times I wish my vote could be worth 5.000 (one day hopefully it will be). It’s always a pleasure visiting your post and all the fun and mystery you include lol, I just didn’t feel my .09 did my appreciation justice. 😁

So good to hear she hasn’t had an attack lately. Yes, prayers going up for it to stay that way 😉. God is surely great indeed!

Thanks so much for the response. I did enjoy my weekend as it was very restful ~

Oh and I see you tipped me back. Thanks for that. ☺️

Saw this on Day 1, was gonna sit down properly to read it
Came back a few days later, and saw loads of comments, was gonna read them as well
Now there are over 100 comments
So I'm just gonna say, so glad you kept your word and joined us
Otherwise you're gonna be the most unluckiest guy you know!!!!

I'm glad you saw it. I wasn't sure if I should hand deliver it like 'look! I mentioned you and don't want you to miss it.'

Was a pleasure meeting you. We had a great time at that meet-up, much more than we expected really. Being around strangers for the first time is always kinda nerve wrecking but we felt welcome and comfortable instantly. <3

Was it 14 euros or usd to enter the church?

!gif Jesus Christ

It was actually 5,250 Forints a piece—no joke!

!gif For Pete's Sake!

Thank you for the reblogs. And thank you for all your support. 👊🏼

I followed a few more after Saturday, then purged a few. Got to keep things manageable. We got charged to enter a church in Geneva. Switzerland is hideously expensive.

You mean to tell me there's more than one door charge church in Europe?!? Man I thought for sure we found the only one. Of all places charging at the door, churches just don't seem right.

Pleasure to see you sir.

It was great chatting with you, hoping you can make Amsterdam.


As intimidating as Amsterdam sounds, I think we're in.

Hey, I don't know how close you are to coffee's joint but he extended an invite the other day so we'll probably take him up on it in the next week or so. If you're around, be cool to see you again.

Alas, not so close.. around an hour away. September will come quickly.

Back in ACTION baby!!!! Love it!

Well if that ain't virtual 4-play I don't know what is.


Wassup man? Thank you.

Nice to see a post from you once again (I think...???) because I've up voted and left this comment prior to reading it...🙃

I'm going to read it now. If you don't hear back from me, it'll probably be because I liked it, or didn't and just wanted to keep you in suspense... I know you're one of those adrenaline junkies and as a cyber-friend, want only to keep you inquisitively pumped...

I can always count on you for a laugh (I think). Damn that's funny. No, I mean where you said I think not where I said I think I can always ahh fugetuhbaddit!

Psst. I appreciate your confidence my dude. Thank you for the reblog. It's nice to be missed.

I wonder if I am allowed to laugh because that's all I have been doing since the beginning.

Sorry, you had to pay to see Peter. But I am glad you got to meet those amazing Hivers.

And yep, I love the rainbow.

You did what?! Laugh like ha or two ha's like ha-ha? Explain yourself!

$14! 5,250 Forints to be exact. Hashtag NoJoke.

One time my cousin was baptizing her child and when I got there the doors were locked. Yeah, a Catholic Church with locked doors on a Sunday and I'm the rooster cuz I couldn't get in.

Thank you Iskawrites. I don't think we've crossed paths yet. Pleasure to be met. If we have and I've forgotten I'm just really good at forgetting things. =}

Well, well look who's back. Nice to hear from you. Although I always start out a little @dandays and confused.😁
Man you guys sure covered some miles, very cool about the meet-up. You are one sneaky Pete, this post pulled in some pretty dicey subjects without showing your hand. Nice work.

Enjoy the day, I have to let @thebigsweed know about your return, if he hasn't already caught it.

:blue face emoji: You're one of the grandmas I was talking about!! Da.. Sh.. f.. ah! <3

@dandays and confused

You and I go way back but that's possibly the wittiest one yet. Good one.

Oh crap!! But then you said sneaky Pete!! @farm-mom bringin the heat! That virtual pressure on your cheek was me.

Thank you guys so much, both of you. Give'em a hug for me.

And thank you for the reblog.

Yup, I knew you were talking about me and maybe Lizelle?

Both religion and politics in one post, what a brave man you are. Lots of unrest here in the states.
What else is new.

Yes ma'am, you know me well.

And cocks and abortion and manslaughter and ahhh shiooot. I'm sorry @farm-mom.

NO sweat Artie, I had to laugh when Pura referred to with that sweet. cute, you wear pink name. You forget, I raised three sons, I have heard it all! But they are still afraid of me, they know better than to cross farm-mom. No shite

I shot, errr uhm emailed the big guy and, by big guy I don't mean God, I mean Sweed and these explanations take forever!

I explained at length our current situation how England responded to my resident candidacy. Have him fill you in and you'll know what I mean when I say we might get that cup'0 Joe yet, the four of us, and I'll make sure to mind my P's and Q's.

Great post @dandays 😎
A quick recap of some highlights… worth going through! Very entertaining…
Looks like you had an awesome time.

Ps. Posted some amazing airbrush works yesterday from a airbrush show from a few years ago with well known names 😉

It's my pleasure to entertain you, thanks for checking me out.

We kinda stay away from the touristy things. You've been enough places I know you know. We're that couple who's grocery shopping, laundry at the launderette, ride sharing with the locals engulfing ourselves in the culture.

You ever been to Prague? You heard it here first, cleanest city we've been to—spotless.

You are so welcome @dandays 😁😎

Yep, been around and soooo know. We are on the same wave with that. Avoid the tourists and everything related to them hahaha 🤣 life like the locals do… and have fun!

No I haven’t yet, but it is on our list to visit. That’s pretty cool and that means something coming from you that moves around as much as I. Will put it a bit higher up the list now 😁


I was telling him or @c0ff33a or @shanibeer or someone I haven't name dropped yet how I regularly forget how public this is. It typically isn't until someone's grandma drops me a line I realize I said 🌈 or 💃 or 🤯🔫 orworse and feel about this BIG CUUUT!!

I’m your grandma and I’m watching u 😂😂😉🙃💯

Ah da.. sh.. danget! I did it again, I'm such a rooster.


You weren't by chance sweetening your coffee with amphetamines were you?

I need to pay closer attention to what I get into, I only meant to see what it smelled like.

I genuinely didnt know St Peter loved the cocks. You learn something every day!

I woulda felt like such a rooster if you missed this when I specifically talked about you without mentioning you. By felt I don't mean felt like I actually touched one, I mean ahh...

You touched one!!! Hopefully a painted one, because you know, that's alright :D

Yeah it was painted, won't do that again, had to clean the fuck off my hand.

Hey, nice Lynyrd Skynyrds. Looks like a new shirt. As for the rest of it, I will need a bit of sleep and processing time. I haven't had coffee in a few days but tomorrow I get to have some and I will read again. I'm still trying to think of a reason I would pay any money to enter a church. I'll let you know if I can think of a reason.

Oh yeah, I also got really excited about you meeting Steve Winwood but then saw it was @stevenwood so I got even more excited. Did he show you all his crooked weiner? He got it at the Scottish market. Must have been using a kinked casing or something.

I'm itching to know how excited you got in private...

Wassup man? Thanks for checking me out and by checking me out I don't mean my ah, that's a lie, I totally mean checking me out.

When we got there everyone was grouped around the coffee sealing machine and other apparatus's at coff33a's joint which is quite the elaborate coffee distribution joint by the way, but Steve was off to the side kinda cornered by himself. I went right to him, livened him up a little, then a lot if you know what I mean, real cool dude. Pura and I both were cautiously aware it could've gone south, being around groups of strangers isn't always advisable. Man, we were so comfortable around that group of virtual strangers I only wish being around the in-laws was as smooth—no joke.

Oh you'd reluctantly fork over the dough if your wife said so you Simple Man!

Living the life I could envy. Looks damn right fun to travel and see the places written about on a textbook.

First and only church I ever had to pay money just to walk inside.

This part hits home. A lot of the places here in the Philippines have churches as their tourist spots due to heritage and you'd get pesky vendors with their blessed candles swarming on you. And I have yet to see a church that I'd be willing to pay that much just as you despite my place having lots of them.

Have a safe trip :>

Yes. We're well aware how blessed we are to be in this position and don't take it for granted.

Same page and, what I mean by that is, mono-e-mono you and I and these explanations are getting outta hand. We've been through the Vatican and Old Jerusalem as well, it's not just Philippines. That St Peter's was the same, unfortunately they all have touristy stands well equipped with pricey souvenirs, it's gross. Jesus woulda flipped the coin tables over—den of robbers!

Thank you. <3

I wouldn't be surprised if tourist attractions included deities flipping tables to show protest against the industry - but you get to pay for the tickets to see it first. If someone sells you "blessed water' hand them a water bottle while offering it a prayer, challenge which one tastes better. It's either your distilled water or their questionable water source dripped from an old statue laced with acid rain with fungi. Did that make sense? no, forget about it, just a silly horror story from my travels.

You're welcome, thank you for the attention and time too :>


I think we should virtually collaborate on that one. We'll host remote viewings around the world flipping tables and call it Come One Come All. 👀

Rated for mature audiences only. <- That'll get'em for sure! Cha-ching!



:smoochy face emoji:

Hehe :)

Ridiculous that you cannot volunteer - all part of the hostile environment set up to ensure refugees and asylum seekers get no chance of feeling any self worth or dignity. Brought in by a vicar's daughter, Church of England ... Christian charity sadly missing.

You read that one? Thank you. I feel touched, wait! What I mean by touched is... =}

Yeah I had a tough time believing that one. I thought they were joking, 'yeah ok!' Then they showed my on the internet specific guidelines according to English law and they can't allow me to even prepare in an office with personnel only—no joke!

My wife and I have done many similar things in several places. Translators, metal wanded, etcetera. Refugees, homeless shelter, many walks of life from many places and never had any issues.

Here, however, denied.

:confused face emoji:

Yeah 🤷‍♂ embarrassing.

I'm pleased to see support for the rail strike. In Leicester there were passers by walking up to pickets and shaking hands, drivers beeping horns, firefighters sounding sirens.

I'm third generation Union. One thing you will not see us on for a week is the train. Or however long they need, they have our full support. I'll walk my one-legged gimp crippled ass to where... well, not that far but I won't ride the train. <3

Chooo- Chooooooo


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Feedback from the July 1st Hive Power Up Day
The 7th edition of the Hive Power Up Month starts today!