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Hi Guys, Welcome to Another One of My Weekly Splinterlands Posts, In this Post - I'm gonna be Talking About The Best Cards to Purchase When Playing In Splinterlands Bronzed League. As You May Know, Being in Each of the Ascending Leagues Requires Investments from Players, and It's Better to Plan Out Your Investment Rather than Make them Without Prior Assessment. Let's Check It Out Below:

Cards to Purchase _ Bronzed League.png

The Bronze League is Tough

Like Every Other League in Splinterlands, the Bronze League is Not Easy to Climb. It can be a Slow and Tedious process especially when you have Marked A Target for Each Season and Declining Capture Rates with Each Game Played. Sometimes I Just Try to Earn Reward Chests by Completing Focus Points, But If I wanted to Climb into Further Leagues I needed to start Investing More in Cards.

One thing that I noted was that - Before Chaos of Legion, Using the Base Cards Available to ALL Players Was easier to Level Up But Not Anymore. I See Bronzed League Players Using Other Cards Editions that are Strong, While I try to Compete with a few Chaos of Legion Base Cards.

Last Year this Would have been Enough, I was pretty Skilled in Using those Cards, But Maybe Chaos of Legion Cards are not as Impressive OR Splinterlands just became More Competitive. Either Way, I Started Looking to Increase my Collection Little by Little.

An Experiment - Which Cards Do I See Often?

A Way for Me to Purchase the Best Cards was Pretty Easy - More like a Three-pronged Approach (i.e, I Check Three Different Things),

(1) I Look at the Most Frequent Cards Opponent Uses In my Battle History, This Tells me Which Cards are Popular in the Bronzed League and Cheap To Afford

(2) I Simply Look at the Previous Set of Base Cards That Was Available - Those Cards was Super Impressive and I Loved them. I can Clearly Remember My Favorites which were Mostly from the Death Team

(3) I Look at the Weakest Element of Base Cards and I Look at Monsters that can turn things around (Surprisingly - Death Team is Freaking Weak in Chaos of Legion Base, Meanwhile, it was the Strongest Just Last Year)

Three Elements I Use the Most ; Death, Water, Earth

The Three Elements I Use the Most from Splinterlands Base Cards are Death, Earth, and Water. I Love Dragons, but Dragon Cards are Naturally Expensive so I'm focusing on the Above Three. Death Team might be Weak But I Still Like It, So I'll just Focus on Monsters to Improve my Win-rate.

The Death Team Currently is Not So Strong with Using Splinterlands Base Set of Cards, So I will Just Support them with Some of My Favourites Death Cards that are Super Impressive and Win Most Matches I Played in the Past. Since I'm just testing this Experiment, I'm Still yet to Find out one thing - If Splinterlands became more difficult, Will these Cards still work for me? I'm hoping it's a Yes.

These Cards Includes:

  • Haunted Spirit
  • Twisted Jester
  • Magi Necrosi
  • Venari Bonesmith
  • Undead Priest

Purchase Cards - Death Team.png

Below are the current prices of these cards:

Card NameMonster AbilityPrice
Haunted SpiritHeal$3.95
Twisted JesterSnipe$2.7
Magi NecrosiSnipe, Camouflage$1.22
Venari BonesmithLife Leech$0.44
Undead PriestWeaken$2.85

image (1).png

Water Splinter is Undoubtedly Very Strong in Chaos of Legion, Right Now, You Can Still Use Water Element to Defeat Most Opponents without Trying too Hard, I think what makes Water Splinter Special is that - There are Many Combinations you can make with its base cards, furthermore, they are tricky to use, so Many People Don't Use it. I'm Getting More Familiar with Water Since Using DiemonShark in Weekly SYBC (Share Your Battle Challenge). If I have to Depend More on Water Splinter, I will Live to Improve its Defensive Cards.

These Cards Includes:

  • Merdaali Guardian
  • River Nymph
  • Sniping Narwhal
  • Venari Wavesmith
  • Sea Stalker

Purchase Cards - Water Team.png

Below are the current prices of these cards:

Card NameMonster AbilityPrice
Merdaali GuardianTank Heal$0.45
River NymphCleaner$0.13
Sniping NarwhalSnipe$0.27
Venari WavesmithProtect$0.02
Sea StalkerSnipe, Camouflage$0.57

image (1).png

Okay So Earth Team Were Among my Least Favourite when I was Playing Splinterlands Last year, but Now? - Well I really Like them. Chaos of Legion Made me Like Earth More and They Have Some Really Strong Attacks, Such as Venari Knifer. Although these Base Card is Available for Free(Since I Use Him Often), It's Important to Purchase them so I can Earn More too.
Another Card that is a must -have for me is Goblin Psychic, I've had Enough Practice with it to Know its Value. So These Two Cards are a Must Have for Bronzed League.

These Cards Includes:

  • Venari Knifer
  • Goblin Psychic
  • Venari Seedsmith
  • Regal Preyton
  • Lichen Beast

Purchase Cards - Earth Team.png

Below are the current prices of these cards:

Card NameMonster AbilityPrice
Venari KniferThorns$0.02
Goblin PschicTank Heal$0.11
Venari SeedsmithSnipe$0.02
Regal PreytonFlying$0.32
Lichen BeastEnrage$0.94

image (1).png

Renting Will Suffice, How Much Will it Cost?

Okay, so there you have it, A Solid Revamp of Three Team Splinters to win More Games and Earn More, Some Cards are Already Amongst Base Cards that are Quality, But to Earn More with these Cards you Need to Directly Rent or Purchase them.

It's Not a Small Investment to Make and if You Calculate the Total Expense it would cost me to revamp My Collection, it Comes down to About $14. I will just Add them One-by-One, Maybe Starting from the Collection I'm Most Excited About (Death of course). But, the Option of Renting is Still Available, So That's Definitely One Way I Will Embark on as I Gather More Funds to purchase these Cards Eventually.

What Do You Think About This Collection, Any There Other Cards to Purchase for Bronzed That I've Missed? Pls, Share!

Your Gamer & Builder,


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