What's your comment to post ratio like?

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I've brought up the issue recently that none of the front-ends we're using is showcasing the comment to post ratio in the profile pages, they show everything just as posts. While they're pretty much the same on the blockchain level it is something that matters in my view.

At @ocd we've been shifting our focus a lot more lately towards rewarding social users. This doesn't mean that we ignore quality content completely, but if there's two amazing posts from two different users, they both haven't received our votes in a while and we'd be limited to only pick one, we'd chose the one that's been more active in engagement.

With engagement it doesn't only mean replying short words to people commenting under your posts, but actively engaging and connecting with other users on their posts. It's not just that it would "look good", but it's an important step for users here to build genuine connections where engagement becomes mutual and deeper on many levels.

There's nothing I dislike seeing more than well rewarded authors, who not only aren't really that influential outside of hive to say bring some traffic over for their rewards and be of value that way, but at the same time take the rewards for granted and don't even acknowledge comments on their posts with a vote or a reply. Autovoting is one of the big causes of this, people get used to them, take them for granted and stop caring about further evolving their connections to other users or being social on our social media blockchain. Needless to say these are the people who react the loudest when downvotes occur as well, but that's maybe a post for another time.

Some of you may remember that during the prior hardfork, there were many accounts focusing on curation rewards maximization. There was some weird math involved where if you voted an account very early on, before they had any other vote, the less the better, they'd receive pretty much max ROI as long as the vote you're casting or the ones coming in after you would take the post at least past the tax threshold. Aside from the curation "sniping" wars we saw some accounts engage in, this also caused a lot of authors to create alt accounts, knowing that either they won't receive another big vote from some curation projects a second time the same day or if too many front-runners had appeared on their accounts which pushed the bigger accounts who wanted to maximize curation returns away from them. At the same time having another fresh account, free from the attention from trails and posting good enough content to receive a big vote from certain accounts would be a win-win for both the author who now is again receiving a big vote or another one that day and the curator being able to be one of the first ones to cast their vote to maximize returns. It didn't matter too much if others landed their votes after that account or not, it was guaranteed higher returns than if they voted on a post at say $0.10-1.

This shift in creating alt accounts was when we decided that we'd focus more on active people, not just for the reasons in the early paragraphs where we'd naturally want to reward those who spend more time on Hive and try a bit harder, but to also avoid voting up alt accounts as genuine engagement is hard to do on more accounts - especially if you're so busy creating content on several accounts.

A lot of that is now history with linear curve, of course, but I'm still seeing some lasting effects mainly on autovotes from lists that should be updated a bit more often or authors who just get comfortable with the auto rewards they're earning and stop trying or the quality of the content drops as they know they have those autovotes waiting so they push themselves to post daily if not more per day.

Anyhow, what does yours look like? Have you checked it out lately?

Don't be shy, post isn't meant to make you feel bad if you haven't been as engaging as you'd want to be. Real life exists and not everyone can be as nolife as some of us. :p

You can check your stats on @arcange's hivebuzz:


This is what mine looks like:


Quick maths put me at about 11.111111111111x more comments than posts.

Also noticed this randomly after searching my username on hivebuzz:


Someone was nice enough to create an account for my mom! Thanks stranger! :P

Sending half of post rewards to @poshtoken for further development.

There are 2 pages

Does this put me at 24ish comments per post?


There's no @aussieninjasmom account. Thanks a bunch stranger!

Nice one!


Hahaha, thanks! I honestly had no idea I was so commenty.

That's last part of your post got me laughing really 😂 I wonder who opened an account for your mom and it's so funny 🤣 that you're thanking the person.


From my number of posts, you'll see that I'm still kinda new to the system or is it that I prefer engaging than making posts? Joining Hive was an amazing step for me and I know engagement will help me grow here so I started with that and I've been doing that.

I hope we have more engagers than posters🙂

Great job 👏🏻

Thanks 😊

Those are really great numbers, more newbies should aim for that as it helps them grow here!

Yeah, that's true and I try my best to tell those I bring in to engage more than posting... It's more rewarding from my experience.

Thanks so much for the support, I was surprised 🙂

I think we are growing community wise away from the blogging atmosphere and more toward the Social side of things on Hive. More people are stressing the engage with others to the new user, after all this is how you break into being part of their circle of friends and regulars. With out the engagement, it is difficult for people to find each other.

I have no life.

Posts: 4874
Comments: 46084

Replies: 70403

Under 10, loser!

I have to up my game for sure!!

Or post less... ;D

It's probably me who needs to post more, or maybe stop trying to convince people there's no censorship on hive.

or maybe stop trying to convince people there's no censorship on hive.

You will never win, no matter how much they can post freely to the blockchain.

What I would like someone to create is a condenser interface that only shows heavily downvoted, multiple blacklisted, negative rep posts - but on that interface, nothing is hidden or marked as being downvoted. That way, there is a place they can call home and have all of that brilliant content to consume.

A filter similar to hot/trending called controversial that would list posts with a lot of downvotes would be a good start as well. Reddit has it, been mentioning it here and there but guess there's no real demand for it. If anything they can't complain it's censorship from views if people have a way to directly list those posts, not that curiosity isn't powerful enough to grab attention on downvoted posts.

not that curiosity isn't powerful enough to grab attention on downvoted posts.

Yeah - the complaint is actually about their earnings. People think they can say what they want and act how they want, plus earn on it.



Pretty close to you with a drastic change to comments over posts as of the last few months. What good is content if no one is reading it and leaving valuable comments that enhance the post itself. Plus its a big motivator to write more and higher quality posts as comments are the most rewarding thing that all that time you spent writing it someone read it and found it helpful.

I also encourage this on my posts by leaving small upvotes on comments as a way to give back if it's of good quality and not just some spam comment lol.

What's awesome about Hive is we can reward what we feel the platform should be made of and to me that's high good quality posts that spark engagement and chatting back and forth with others. It's what I feel will keep people around longer and take Hive seriously.

It’s much easier to send a quick comment than to spend hours making a post.

It is somewhat easier to comment, but for growth of an account comments are a very important part of the Social Side of Hive.

61x :-D

But it's not because I comment a lot. I usually just don't have enough time to write a decent post.

Damn, we got a winner. xD


It’s not always about the count either. Back in my early years I was known for writing comments longer than people’s posts. These days I don’t have that kind of time.

While some take auto votes for granted. Many that have been around long enough have seen old supporters power down everything and move onto other things. Lots of amazing and interesting people have come and gone over the years.

It really does depend what aspect of Hive a person is here for. Bloggers want and need the votes and the comments, they need to let their followers know they appreciate the support, so many of the youtube bloggers just do not get that.

For the social side of hive, many are here for the social connection to them there is no conflict of not enough time, (they make the time), they have no problem finding and making connections.

For the token miners, those here for just the money, they make it a job, burn out, and then move on to the next Token to burn out on.

Bloggers want and need the votes and the comments, they need to let their followers know they appreciate the support, so many of the youtube bloggers just do not get that.

I see the opposite of this. At least on YouTube. There are many comments on YouTube. Even the smallest YouTubers and the occasional video uploaders are receiving comments. And many of those comments are funny. Nowadays YouTube is probably one of the best social networks seeing from the social aspect. It just works. Most people go there mostly for the content (or person or personality of the YouTuber), and not for the just/only money. This is why it works.

I see a different side I guess, to many drama queens and kings. Lots of video here today gone tomorrow. Perhaps it has changed since I last looked, I do visit on occasion to listen to music but that is the extent of my YT visits for the last 6 or so years.

I got tired of the negative aspects of YT, FB and twitter a long time ago. Those negative attributes seem to be creeping into Hive block chain lately, where only approved content is allowed, and voicing a different opinion than the poster is tantamount to self inflected hive-a-side.

People come and go. I have also seen it over the years. This is somewhat the mirror of the real life.

This is what mine looks like:

Although I'll admit the ratio has shifted a little towards more posts and less comments. I always try to reply/reward comments on my post, but find it pretty hard lately to comment meaningful things on other posts. It's still easy when I read something about a game I've been playing aswell, but I don't have the energy to really dive into other things. And a "Great pic, yo!" comment feels a little ehm... pointless when my upvote says the same thing. I try not to force myself, hoping that it (I) will get better in time. I still manually vote though, which I like to do, although it's still hard to balance well and reward everyone I want. In that regard, I do understand auto votes a little, if only to not miss a couple of great autors that don't post much. Alas, I haven't had energy to figure out auto voting either. 😅

You know, I don't mind if people don't socialize a lot. That's just not for everyone. If they bring value by sharing good posts, I think that's good too. Can't force everyone to be a socialite (please don't). I do mind this bit:

take the rewards for granted and don't even acknowledge comments on their posts with a vote or a reply.

I think it is important to interact with your readers and show them appreciation. It's so easy to get lost in the mix here, so everyone should know to value their followers. Especially the ones taking the time to vote and comment.

I'm still learning! and don't know much, hope to get some help! Follow me even if it's just one I thank you !

Well, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any of the regulars around here. Most people are quite helpful! And this place can be quite confusing 😉

Some days I comment so much I find no time to publish a post. I do make it a point to try and read every single post in the ASEAN Hive Community and leave a genuine comment, and sometimes this means hours a day. Anytime a new user starts posting in the community, I like to explore their comment history to gauge them.

Often times I see someone has posted almost every day for the last three years and hasn't left a comment since 2018. For me, those users get muted immediately. Part of what makes a Hive community sustainable is the engagement level. Far too many folks fail to realize that if we all post and never read or engage with other Hivers' content, the community would quickly become an echo chamber.

I think the hardest thing running a community has been to regulate the spammers, plagiarists, and post dumpers.

I would love to see a site or Hive dApp have stats like comments per day in a community, by what user, etc. This would be super useful for engagement related challenges.

Based on HiveBuzz numbers, my ratio would be 27.96.
Total comments - 10,320 Total Posts 369

Part of what makes a Hive community sustainable is the engagement level.

Couldn't agree more! I would love seeing some type of comment stat like that too. That would be a tremendous help for Community leaders if we could easily check that.

That's a nice ratio!!!

Perhaps the folks at HiveBuzz can add one more item Post to Comment Ratio.
With out the comments Hive Blog is just another Token mining operation, and not a community.

About 7.73 it seems.

Too much dbuzzing lately? :D

I was going to mention that but it sounds like an excuse for not commenting on others posts...

Your ratio is looking juicy 👀

Mine is nowhere near that, but still feeling pretty good about commenting about twice as much as I post. Especially bc when I first started I was all about over-posting for the first year or so and nearly never commenting on other posts.


One thing I thought would be useful is if our profiles had a percentage of how often we reply to comments left on our own post. I know you’re saying commenting on other posts is just as (if not more) important than replying to comments left on our own posts. I would love for viewers to know that I am 100% likely to respond to them if they say something on my post.

Will be interesting to see every one else’s ratios for post/comments.

I know you’re saying commenting on other posts is just as (if not more) important than replying to comments left on our own posts.

I think this depends on the persons post and what their posting nature is. If they are a blogger writing a blog and are here on Hive for the Blogging experience only, (to spread their message), then staying in and on their own blog is not a real problem, they are here for the business aspect, not the social aspect.

Fair point. It varies from person to person. Ideally I’d hope for somebody who is only here to post their own blogs to at least interact with people who are commenting on their post. Doing that should result in a fairly high post/comment ratio.

What sucks to see is really awesome content getting posted here and absolutely zero responses to any of their comments. It’s as if Hive is just being used to milk some extra crypto. Then there’s also the possibility that some are solely posting here to have a place to safely store their content. If that’s the case then rewards wouldn’t matter to them at all most likely.

There is no set in stone way of knowing how much to post/comment. Every single person is going to go about it differently and I’m all for that. Variety is the spice of life.

What sucks to see is really awesome content getting posted here and absolutely zero responses to any of their comments.

That can be a problem, eventually though people will ignore them, stop commenting on the post, and those that are not auto voters will stop voting, then we all get to sit back and watch the woe is me post form them the rants and raves of being ignored and how unfair Hive is.

Haha yes that’s already happened before and surely will continue to happen.

Yeah more stats would be nice on the profile, maybe also how many unique accounts you vote with your vp, etc.

This one is at least something that would help curators determine who's actively engaging rather than having to look at their comment history constantly.

Yeah more stats would be nice on the profile, maybe also how many unique accounts you vote with your vp, etc.

Steemchillers system is available on and for Hive https://hivetasks.com/ You can get your voting CSI info there:
vote csi.png

I am still not sure how I feel about hivetask and it being based on another work, but it is based on the open source one steemchiller did and he does seem to be keeping it updated.

That site never loads for me on any browsers.

I wonder why that is? Your vote numbers are similar to mine - 239 upvotes, 144 accounts, last 7d - and a Voting CSI of 16.8. I am not sure of how it is all figured but it is at least a guide, like the REP level of people.

@acidyo I've been reading so much of your comments and seeing ideas that are lovely when put in place.(ideas like profile stats, "controversial" e.t.c) I haven't quite figured out how this ideas are implemented. So it's kind of a question, How do these suggestions get to take effect on the hive platform? The witnesses?

Any developers can submit changes to the front-end and Hive itself as far as I know, I'm not a dev myself so most of the coding stuff goes over my head. @blocktrades himself mentioned yesterday that a change like the comments+post divide could be a good starter for new developers to commit and then the core devs can accept the change once they review it. I believe @quochuy works mostly on condenser (hive.blog) and is in charge of a lot of changes that occur there and would be able to accept this one.

I'm only contributing to code changes to the Condenser. It's another team that reviews and accept the changes (including mine). I can definitely help with reviewing and testing new contributions.

Okay thank you. At least I know this now.

The numbers already exist, it’s just a matter of making them easier to find, yet not get in the way of the less in-depth information displayed on our profiles.

lol, not even 1:2?

No slack 😮‍💨 oof
= 1.97
I’m doing far better now than I was this time last year. Tough to compete with the higher ratios though. It’s a full-time gig.5 being a social butterfly on here.

Let’s see if anybody has a worse ratio than me 🤓
I’ll be waiting by my keyboard…


Let’s see if anybody has a worse ratio than me

I suspect there are some post spammers who might. ;D

I see it as the responsibility of an account to engage with their audience, especially if consistently rewarded. The ones that don't, I don't support. I would rather see trash content with lots of engagement and people interacting, than "quality" posts of silence.

You are one of the highest rewarded accounts on the platform - which means you are visible and set an example for others.

I agree that adding real human interactions to an awesome post is just as important as having a dope post to begin with. Hell, even something as simple as a meme image post could lead to a life-changing conversation down in the comments.

Thankfully, I’ve seen much higher engagements over the last year or so. No just with my own posts, but with pretty much everyone who is active. A sense of community is much more apparent now than it seemed to be 2-4 years ago, pre-Hive — or maybe I was just too new then and couldn’t see it. Either way, the way things are going now has encouraged me to take the time to read other content and branch out from my shell. Still, I would be much happier if I had the time to leave a nice lengthy comment on every post on my feed that is dying for some extra engagement (and certainly deserves it too). For now I chime in as often as I can with something genuine.

Plus… I know I can count on hivebuzz, poshtoken, and gangstalking to stop by and say something. untitled.gif

Someone was nice enough to create an account for my mom! Thanks stranger! :P


Mine says 425 posts and 7500 comments.

For sure, it would be interesting to have in the profiles the number of posts and comments shown separated.


8.2, nothing spectacular.

I'm at about a 1:13 difference:


And I manual vote everything - no autovotes ever. I have two accounts because I created the second as a space just to do my stop motion faerie videos, though it gets very little attention and part of that I think is yeah, it IS very hard to interact with more than one account. Some days I switch back and forth and try to comment on both but usually I'm plugging along on main (this one) and then I maybe end up going to vote down that mana on the other account and I end up not commenting and reading while logged in there as much. I don't know how people with multiple accounts do it unless they are just setting autovotes and forgetting about it (which is probably what they're doing).

Bez názvu.png

I have been trying to write less (both posts and comments) not to look like a graphomaniac but it´s hard :D :/

Currently about 7 comments to 1 post. It could be higher with a little more effort. Lol



Wow those are really amazing numbers @silversaver888!!!

Is 12.17 ok? 🤔

Very. :D

Thank you sir 😃

Had to take some time to check mine out as I was very interested in it after reading your post…

Looks like mine is in the 25 zone:


I’ve got into the habit of not posting my next post until I have responded to ALL of the comments on my previous one. Now granted, sometimes I fail and just run out of time to do it this way but I still try my best to get to all my comments before it reaches 5 days old.

I like to talk and get to know folks so I really appreciate the engagement aspect of this platform. When I tell someone I appreciate their visit I’m so serious about that. Knowing someone took some time out of their day to come and read me and then leave a genuine comment should not be taken for granted.

Exactly, that last part is what's so infruriating when some well rewarded authors ignore. Should be another reason for downvotes imo. :p


That's a great ratio!

Thanks for providing the link to Hivebuzz. I already knew that I'm small fish, but now I know that my commenting is, well, only okay-ish, I guess, at about 9.5. Wish I could do more, both posting and commenting but, as you said - life happens...


And so I keep trudging along trying to do what I can because engagement is really important to me. If there is none, it feels dead and I'll stop posting. It is what happened to my off-chain blog. I stopped because I didn't want to play silly link-up parties, links that no one would click on much less comment on, while I did. And I put a lot of effort into that blog with tuts and all.

Zero reciprocation is death to blogging or a community also. I'll admit it annoys me quite a bit when other minnows (not talking about whales) do not follow back or don't respond to comments on their posts. To the point that I'm considering unfollowing.

Thanks to ocd for being on the lookout for engagement!

Your comment about the stranger making acidyo mom's account made me LOL - thanks for that! 🤣

Zero reciprocation is death to blogging or a community also.

Something so many that come from other platforms just do not understand.

Hmm, IMO exactly those should understand, well, I guess it depends which platforms we're talking about. Maybe it's just certain people that don't understand and thus don't reciprocate, I don't know. But I know that it has made me a lot more hesitant to follow peeps.

I've seen a few from youtube that they join, post stuff from their youtube page and that is it, no making the post from Hive just a carbon copy word for word of their youtube post. No replies to people that comment, just the expectation they will get a vote from everyone just because they have a big youtube account. They don't last long on Hive.

Oh yeah, got it! That is absolutely the kind of stuff that is not going to last.

Posts: 8
Comments: 131
Ratio: 16,375


I think my problem is not enough posts 😃

Many of my comments are short but some are larger. Recently, I posted a guide how to identify magic mushrooms as a reply to someone's comment. 😃


This is mine… funny enough, I was thinking of dropping how frequent I post, so that I can connect more with people, have more time for the newbies initiative I run and also the people I onboard. Most especially have time for school.

Posting too frequently takes a lot of time and somehow, the quality begins to drop when one is focused on posting too frequent.

Early on I was posting up to six times a week and it burned me out. When I cutback on that I was able to balance my time and energy between posting, commenting, engaging and building up the communities I've committed to. It seems when I did this I was also able to improve the quality of my posts (the one, two or three I do a week) because I had more time and energy to put towards them.

Making time for engagement and supporting others has been the best decision I’ve think I’ve made on this platform. I’ve been able to meet some amazing folks and build some awesome friendships as well as gaining unforgettable support from others.

Just wanted to say I think you’re on the right track and that you would probably enjoy making more time for connections as well as having more time to stay focused on the quality of your work ;)

Thanks for sharing your experience. Now I know I am on the right part.

Absolutely ;)

Totally agree, I think Hive should be seen for what it is, a social network to connect with other people. It bothers me that many people (the vast majority new users) come to Hive with the intention to post, make money and that's it. NO, we must all change that shitty mentality. Hive is brutal, and interaction should be as important as publishing a post.

It bothers me that many people (the vast majority new users) come to Hive with the intention to post, make money and that's it.

This is the straight truth right here. Respect for writing it down.

Hive is brutal, and interaction should be as important as publishing a post.

If not even more.


10x. Although it's easier if you post less!

I am a model example of an internet user. Out of 100 posts I read (about half of which I like and give upvote), I comment about 10 and write 1. :)


Actually looks a bit better with the actual number rather than just the badge unlocks.

Less discord chatter, more onchain! :P

Don't ask me to do the math,
post vs comments.png

I like Hive for the content, so I comment a lot more than I post. I do occasionally share a thing or two on Hive, but I am no blogger. It is one of the things that makes Hive stand tall, you can still be social and earn, and share things every-now-and-then with out having to become a professional blogger.

😆 What?! Your the man who knows ALL the economics of your blog! hehe. Math was never my strong suit. 😕

I never remember how to figure out percentages. I can figure them out if the big number is 100, because of money, 10 is 10% of 100, but that pretty much is the extent of my percentage memory the rest go into google 700 is what percent of 22000 answer is = 3.18. Google my dirty little math secret.

haha.. your dirty little secret exposed! hehe.

I would have just divided 22000 by 700 and got .0318181818 then move the decimal two places to the right. 😜

If I tried to figure it out I would have done the backward thing 700/22000 and ended up scratching my head saying to myself but that can't be right when I got the answer.

hehehe.. I hear ya. Asking google is much faster and (maybe) more reliable. 😁

Interesting to know that there is a way to check the post/comment ratio. Well, here is mine

You sure your mum didn't join without telling you? 😉

Not sure what's good and not so good, but I'll take 15x


Screenshot_20211019-104653_Samsung Internet.jpg

It would be really nice if there was an indicator of the interaction activity of each Hiver.
When a new user asks me for advice I always reply: comment comment comment comment.
Obviously comments have to add value and be relevant to the post.
Comments create connections, but above all they are a way of comparing different ideas and are therefore a means of knowledge and growth.
Hey I have a post/comment ratio similar to yours :)


But I can and must do more!
Hive On!


Keeping somewhat busy

I found it and learned something new. Where I found out about my comments and engagement. Now I am trying to increase the number of comments. I am trying to have more engagement with everyone from now on. Thanks




That's 12.86. I should post more or comment meaningful stuff as compared to thank you and have a great day. 😂

8.75 .. Grrrr. Damn under 10. I’ll never catch Gangstalking now 😒 🤣🤣🤣


He's a mechanical beast!

Hahaha.. Yeah he is. Should hire him for the advertising department .. well, of course once he rethinks his granite like mentality.


A nice balance, I wonder who is the opposite of gangstalking in the posting numbers.

That thing about your mom cracks me up... reminds me of years back when some of the "cool kids" who were early adopters started leaving MySpace because "Eeeew, my mom's on MySpace!"

Mine seems to have been stuck in the neighborhood of 10-to-1 for a very long time:


Its nice we are talking about this.
I hear a lot of people say I m very active for the little time I ve spent.. Just a bit above a month of being active. Despite having a life (or many lives as it were). Hive has been a joy tho.

I m not surprised I have these stats, 1 post to 16.6 comments.
I ll give my self some thumbs up. And keep at my atleast 1 to 10 daily streak going.

I've been here for over 5 years, not sure if this is good or bad.


About 30 comments per post for me.

That's a cool site. This is the first I've heard of it. Looks like it has some cool metrics on there.

My ratio is 21.66

Wow….1-10. I’d like to make it 1-20, as half my comments are replies to comments on my posts. But I’m balance confused a lot…ah well we will see. I’ll monitor myself more. I didn’t think to check this.

I've just been getting my start here and honestly my intentions are less to try and 'gamify' the system and make money and more to learn about Hive and the amazing communities. Having a great time learning even if I don't have the time to dive in as much as I wish I could, but that's ok too. Here to have fun, learn, and interact with great people along the way!

I'm not really a social person, but approximately 11 times is not so bad


Hi, 1 year in Hive here are my stats:

I must interact more with publications.


Captura de pantalla 2021-10-20 075128.png

What my ratio is I don't know but here numbers
150 posts and 5000 comments

I get lots of comments, but how many are genuine and how many simply want a comment vote is questionable. If I didn't give out those votes.. would it be the same? I know for a fact some are commenting for the wrong reasons...

Good point! For me, I just decide per comment how much to upvote it. A reply that shows someone actually read the post gets a good percentage upvote, but something like "Good post", "I agree", "Nice picture", I will probably ignore, depending on my mood that day. 😅

It's also why I don't comment when I don't have much more to say than "I love that pic!" and if I really, really want to say that, I try to delve a little deeper so the author actually feels like I care.

Socializing is hard!

I get many comments just like those you mention. Its quite easy to see them for what they really are.

Socializing is hard!

That it is!

Hahaha.. I think you were reading my mind when you wrote this! 😆 I agree with all that you said here. Socializing IS hard, especially when you have to read everything first. I tend to get lost reading and then time fly's away from me and it's midnight. lol.

It's also why I don't comment when I don't have much more to say than "I love that pic!" and if I really, really want to say that, I try to delve a little deeper so the author actually feels like I care.

I interpret this as you care. A meaningful comment makes all the difference. Even if it is only a few words long, I think most people can tell the difference.

Anyhow.. I shut up now. lol. Have a great day! 😁

Yeah, up to each authors to decide themselves which ones are coming for the wrong reasons and not, some times it's easy to tell depending if they're commenting something that proves they've read the post or not.

This wasn't for replies btw, more about your own comments. (the stats)

Yes, I realise that now and I'm hardly the best regarding other's posts.

It's something I need to work on as well.

I think overall it's easy to tell the difference, so I either do not vote it and just comment back with a simple "Thanks", or ignore them. Not everyone has a ton of time, so the comments one puts out there should be genuine ones if they are putting them out. Otherwise don't be a vote hog.. right? After a while I think we just get the feel for these things. You know.. You've been around the block a few times. hehe.

Speaking of which, I have to get over to your blog and see what abandoned, Tetanus and rodent infested abandoned buildings you have been visiting lately 😁

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