G-dog's weekend-engagement week five: Mystery item - [Win HIVE]

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Hi team, it's Friday...As if you didn't know! It marks the end of the working week and the beginning of the weekend...But, way more importantly, Friday means it's #weekend-engagement topic time!

Thanks to all who have participated so far; It seems you've had some fun which is the intention and if week four is anything to go by, you're finding your groove, creatively speaking. I think we discovered some of the world's greatest (worst) artists last week!

This week I've got another simple topic so don't worry, you won't have to use much of your noggin-power on it...But some creativity will be required and, as always, your fun side.

The prize pool

This week we've had some generous sponsorship from the following hive users:

@bil.prag 5
@stevenwood 5
@krazzytrukker 10
@mamalikh13 13
@dswigle 20
@meesterboom 20
@tarazkp 20
@galenkp 20

A total prize pool of 113 hive

As always I'm accepting sponsorship from anyone who feels they would like to get involved. Simply transfer the hive to my wallet and comment below that you have done so. I will amend the prize pool and add your name to the sponsors list. There is no expectation of course. Just do it if you feel like doing so.

Week five topic is...

Tell me what is it - Wrong answers only

The answers that will capture my interest will be funny and creative so don't be afraid to take a walk on the wild side here.The item is below...So, tell me, what is it - (Wrong answers only)

Comment below with your answer.

Make sure you enter before Monday morning 02:30 GMT - That's 12pm Monday my time. I will announce the winners soon after and the hive will have been transferred prior to the announcement.

This week the winners announcement will a little later on Monday, my time, as I will be attending my dad's funeral and spending time with my family although I will get it done for you - The G-dog is dependable; Everyone knows that!

Good luck team...I hope you have some fun and get to engage with some hive-users who you may not usually come across. This is an engagement initiative, so don't be afraid to drop comments on this post and the answers you see below.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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transferred a small amount G-dog. <3 :)

Thanks mate, much appreciated. I have amended the post. Prize pool now 113 hive!

Nice!! I like that number! ;) <3

I figured 13 is a significant number for you...Thanks so much for being a cool and awesome supporter of the #weekend-engagement post this week. I'll be handing out some hive in about 24 hours...A little late as tomorrow is my father's funeral. I'll get it done though.

No problem at all man. You take your time brother. :)

Well, this is an Americanized Russian doll of the totem category. The special Trump edition.

However it was made in China, so it’s not exactly a Russian doll at all and it also made from plastic which has caused it to change its shape a little bit due to the heat during transport.

Donald has stated that the information that this is in fact made by China is fake news and a hoax.

He also stated that this particular design could only be created because the design was stolen from him.

It also has nothing to do with him and China should be ashamed of letting children make these plastic doll’s.

He then stated that entrepreneurial thinking like in the design of this doll is particularly American and is what will make America great again.

Finally in troubled times like these we should be thankful for a strong leader like himself, to be leading the most important country in the world. Am inspiration to the world. Let’s make America great again. Like with this Russian, Chinese, American doll.

Lol...Maybe President Trump modelled for this too...Put a Trump wig on it and the resemblance is uncanny!


That is totally fake news by those socialist news media!

All news services are fake.

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Well, well, well Friday already???

I am on something like Tuesday in my mind... Wow things be manic round these 'ere parts... Time for a little fun, huh?

I am certain that many around here, feel the same way as I when we contemplate the arrival of the weekend engagement profanity-fest thingumyjig.It is rapidly becoming a guilty pleasure. For somebody like me who is better than the rest of you ordinary commoners... quite accustomed to writing quite lengthy, deep posts and comments, this is the mental equivalent of 'going commando' after wearing chainmail on the battlefield all week...

If the expression 'go commando' doesn't translate in the part of the world some of you may be from and reading this... Maybe google it, rather than asking me... I'm British, we are rather prudish...

I for one cannot wait to throw my underwear over next doors garden fence and dive in to the 'all but guaranteed', insanity!

Thanks again for this opportunity for unbridled freakish nonsense G-dog, some weeks more than others it is massively appreciated man :D

Just a suggestion for an upcoming prize, rather than Hive, maybe you could arrange a genuine peek in to the depths of the mind of @meesterboom or as I like to call him, 'Oh he of the old wooden snarler!!!'

There's no peeking in this mind, it's a sewer!!! ;0)

Haha, touche it probably wouldn't be a particularly sensible, safe or even healthy place to visit anyway, right?

Much like a sewer! Good to see you Boomy have a 'smashing' weekend Sir :D

Commando translates here...I'm not sure what your neighbour is going to think when they find your underwear over their side of the fence...I imagine they'll look skyward and wonder if some poor airline pilot lost them in a freaky cockpit incident with the hostess whilst flying over head...Seems the mostly likely thing I guess.

Hopefully that is the story they go with in their tiny little minds but even if it isn't, that is relatively mild in comparison to some of the things they unwittingly witnessed over the years. It's their own fault, I've always told them when I am about to partake in alcohol... Stay in your house I tell them, do they listen?

Haha, some people will never learn huh?

It's their fault then...If they cant follow simple instructions then what they see over the fence is their own fault. They must spend a lot on therapy. 😁

I'm British, we are rather prudish...

Lol, what a way to describe yourself.

quite accustomed to writing quite lengthy, deep posts and comments,

I already like you...

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Everyone knows this is an ancient "Butt Plug."

(Lube Not Required)

Only later on in history did it become a multi-use tool. Some may disagree, but it now is used for many things, just a few being...

1. Tongue Suppressor...
(please wash between tasks)

2. Back Scratcher...

3. Door Stop...

4. Projectile...

The fourth usage requires practice and skill, much like it's original use.

How to video avail on request.

Put Me in the reward pool for 10.

Ah now I get it! We are definitely on the same page now!!!

It's a bottle opener, right? An ancient Egyptian apple corer?... A hitch hiking implement?

OK maybe not exactly the same page, but we definitely both have a book!

Lol, ancient butt plug...

lube not required.

Multi use tool- tongue suppressor..lol

I want to see a how to video....definitely you are one of the strongest candidate on those grounds.

An ancient butt plug! Lol...

I think I like option four...One can never have enough projectiles.

Thanks mate, I'll amend the post. Thanks for your generosity.

You know you want a copy of that video... You do.

Def gonna be a #NSFW video... Lol

Lol, yep...Goin' viral.

Or causing conditions that are viral!!!

Yep, and there's probably no cure for this viral condition.

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Come gather around fires enlightenment,
warming to new sanctity Hive life.

Desire fresh destiny sharing peace pipe puff, the magic dragon....

Chase evil spirits into netherworld!

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It is a thinking machine for men or let's say that cavemen version of artificial intelligence tools.

Thinking machine for men? So, you're indicating that men think? As a man I can assure you that thinking rarely happens...Well, it depends on what is being thought about I guess.


Haha, they think, they think a lot indeed. But they rarely use their brain. Instead, they use this AI tool.

Using one's brain is so 2019.

Yeah, and the comments here are proving that:))

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This is a sort of genie lamp- I mean pipe. Depending on what you smoke in it a special kind of genie will emerge. The tobacco one is the most common, but it can only reward one wish with many limitations. The most magical genie is Kinnikinnick, summond by a special secret blend. The genie's form is a varied combination of animals depending on the summoner and it will appear only to those worthy. The summoner can make 4 wishes and they're limitless.

Four wishes? I wonder what sort of secret blend needs to be smoked for that to happen? I could use four limitless wishes right now, that's fir sure!


Same! Now we just have to figure out what would make us worthy for that genie :D

I'd probably not qualify.

How do you know till you try? 😂

Lol...Because I'm a bad man.
Not really. 😇

What if the genie likes honest people :'D

That'll work! 😁

Not really.

Not bloody much!!!

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That’s a device you use to stealthily pee when you are in public. Instead of pulling yourself all the way out, you, as a male of course, put the tip of your unit in the larger part and just stick the longer end out your fly. The best part is! You can pee sideways to not mess up your feet. Let’s you shoot around corners without drawing a lot of attention!

Awesome contest this week man lol

This is, of course, what it is! A pee-directioner. You know, someone is going to patent this item and make a billion dollars. All men will have one...and then comes the female version which does the same thing. It's in the research and development phase as we speak.

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I know what this is!!!!

It's an old wooden snarler!

Us Scots wear them on our wedding night. You slide the pointy bit under your fun-bags until the wooden cup (the painted head bit) fits snug against your bits then your proud baton pokes out like the figurehead of a ship above the cup ready to do the do with the missus!!!



The riddle has been solved. Finally, someone with a little common sense...Trust Boomdawg to come up with the solution.

Truth be told, every man has one of these wooden snarler's hidden away in the drawer underneath the socks and underpants.

Maybe that's next week's topic?

Show us your wooden snarler!

I didn't realise they were a worldwide phenomenon!!!

I might have to start collecting them!!

I can see you're a man of discerning tastes, and therefore, a good candidate for snarler-collecting.

My snarler collection will be the envy of the world!!!

I bet you test-drive each one right? I would too.

One simply has to, how do you think they get so polished?

😂 Yeah, that's a good point I guess...Friction can have that effect.

The diagram helps a lot

I thought it added that little bit of clarity!

Now this answer is solid gold, like many of these items were made of.

That diagram would easily have won last weeks contest...

@meesterboom is in the right area of anatomy for the original use tho...

Really? I actually thought it was some manner of pipe! :0D

YES! Before I looked a little more closely, I believe it was some kind of native american pipe!

After looking more closely, I realised I would put that thing nowhere near my mouth and if I did, I wouldn't do it a second time!


Haaaa... "Snarler..."

Still LMAO... Funny shit right there!!

But why can I see it so clearly in my mind???
Curse my extremely vivid imagination :(

Never curse a vivid imagination!! It is the saviour of mankind!!

Oh and lol, I forgot to say, i LOL'd at going commando. Reminded me of the first time I heard it!! Joey from friends I think it was, hehe

i thought about that too, i just have no idea how it is called.

think i saw one in our "museum" (guy collection all kind of old shit from our town) made from horns

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Looks like this is wild "ancient puppet face" drawn in the wood, I don't it's male or female...guessing female because I saw deep red lipstick on her lips, Maybe she was preparing for her marriage ceremony and ready to kiss her bridegroom. Maybe there will be some wild music and dance. It would be wonderful If we could see the performance live...(wild thinking)😂😂

An ancient puppet face? Definitely female I'd say, just going by the the lipstick as you mentioned...Not a very attractive female though So think...But maybe her bridegroom sees more deeply than superficial looks?

Hehe! But she has a nice attractive eye...she is pretending to be attractive and precious though. I think his bridegroom took some bribe from her that's why beauty was just a word for him, maybe he was thinking if he had some money definitely he could have some attractive ladies. Deep thought...lol 😜

Yeah, money seems to be an attraction to some right? A great aphrodisiac?

Money brings honey, you may have heard this, I listened to this often. One way money can be the attraction, but another way may not be, they can earn money then enjoy both the honey and money, which would be more convenient!

A great aphrodisiac?

Yep, I think men are more fascinating than the women in this case. Boys are very much addicted to this, you can say.


Look at the wall painting; there are many symbols with something very interesting. What do you think about this painting?

Interesting painting...A lot of eyes looking at me. Judging me...All those wise owls looking at the old G-dog...Makes me a bit self-conscious.

Hahaha! Owls are watching you, maybe they are talking with each other and saying this guy is very handsome indeed. There are some ladies dancing; this picture was taken at *"Pahela Baisakh" one of Bengali's oldest festivals.

I saw the pictures of the dancing people...The owls stood out to me the most though.

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I'm certain I watched that movie, it had a quite unexpected ending... :D

Ahahaha. I know this answer. It's an inflator for a basketball. Not just any basketball, but the official basketball of 'Rez Ball'.

For those of you not familiar with RezBall it is played on and off native nations. It's a bit rougher than the basketball you might be used to. There has to be blood for a foul to be called, a simple bruise won't get it. Substitutions are allowed only after the prostrate form of an unconscious player has interfered with 3 consecutive plays.

Rezball inflator? Sounds totally legit!

Ah yeah, I remember my Rezball days...Oh hang on, that was the front bar at the pub! Just as rough sometimes. 🙂

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"You tell that guy he ain't coming off the pitch unless he is showing bone!"

Substitutions are allowed only after the prostrate form of an unconscious player has interfered with 3 consecutive plays.

Now you see after the second reading I understood this sentence fine! The first time however, I read the word prostate then I looked back at the implement in question and was very, very confused ((and ever so slightly traumatised!)) :D

Ahahahahaha. That would be traumatic!

Rub some dirt on it.

My high school baseball coach after I got spiked on a pickoff play.

Can you imagine that being a response to little Johnny or Jennifer nowadays???

My God! There would be uproar, safeguarding meetings, litigation, protests and calls for all sport to be cancelled forever!

I don't think either answer is the perfect one BUT oh man everything is taken to the absolute safe and secure extreme now.

Yeah. You are right. But I rubbed some dirt on it and got my stitches after the game :)

I got my chimes rung in a football game (a relatively common occurrence in those days) and I came to the side lines not really knowing where I was. After a couple plays the assistant coach came over, held up three fingers and asked me how many I saw. I said "Who wants to know?" He sent me back in...


April 19, 2027.

Sotheby's is proud to present this rare artefact.

A receptacle for burning sage in the year 2020. With some bullshit in retrograde, and a certain point in the cosmos all in incorrect astronomical alignment, this piece is a throwback to simpler times.

Originating in Victoria, Australia, this device was believed to be used by the Karenites shortly before the fall of the broadcast sportsball. This is the first of a limited edition production run, moulded from traditional tooling as opposed to the plentiful samples of the era that were made using looms of PLA plastic.

A rare artefact, a memory of simpler times, when forests still enveloped the Earth, this device will bring an unverified number of good karma units into your house via the now extinct sage plant, a story historians still dispute to this day.

Shall we start the bidiing?

Bloody hell, with a preamble like that I reckon we'd have half a chance of actually selling it under the hammer! Nice job sir, creative.

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I'm gonna kick off the bidding at 2 bitshares... :D

Does it cost extra for the good Karma??? I could do with some of that lol

I'm not sure what's a higher bid, 2 BTS or 500 sats as the other bidder suggested!

Just someone continue to bid so I don't have to make those choices!

I’ll take it for 500 units if Satoshi, to start!

Looks like the wooden leg of a Sioux tribal chief

EDIT: Na, not good. If I do not laugh about my own joke, it´s not good. 😏

Sometimes I'm the only one who laughs at my own jokes!

So...I wonder if that tribal chief is going to take legal action and sioux the doctor for not doing his leg properly. 🤔

Hmm ok, that was a shit joke. 😂

Took a while until i got it 😂

Lol...At least you got it. Some won't.

To be fair, that jokes not apache on some of mine so you are forgiven Galen.

Lol...Well played sir. Well played. 🤙

Oh dear God... Please take it back... Sadly the blockchain never forgets anything!

Lol...No backsies brah. 😂

I crack Me up...

Laughing at meeself for 30 years, 3 million miles, is the only thing that is keeping me from total insanity.

That and contests like this one...

You might be krazzy but one must retain a small semblance of sanity right?

Lol at the edit.

at least the edit was funny

You could say that the first line was a set up for the delivery of the real joke :)

True, that´s what stand up comedians do all the time if no one laughs.

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As I constantly tell my kids, it is essential to laugh at your own jokes... It helps to cover the deafening silence in the room just after I tell one...

Hi team, it's Friday...As if you didn't know!

Jeez! It's actually Sunday... I do wish you would keep up dude... I blame being at the bottom of the planet, all that being upside down makes the blood pool in the scalp, which at least explains those luscious locks, man that thing is like a mane!!!

I need to be honest and openly state my disappointment, if I on't I won't be able to settle. I have zero idea what these people are thinking about when they post these ridiculous answers to your query, when the answer is so undeniably simple and obvious that I thought everyone would've known instantly!

This artifact has a very famous piece of historical antiquarian lore inexplicably linked to it.

Ramesses II was notoriously minute in the wifely satisfication arena... So much so that his Pharaoh bride Tracy I think her name was), demanded that he seek cutting edge medical remedy to give him a little more volumetric dimension. So one sunny Tuesday morning in August, after eating locust and honey flavoured pop tarts for breakfast, he went to see Scottius and Morrisanis the medicine men about the rather difficult and revolutionary procedure of stretching his assets so they reached a little further.

They sedated him with what was known only as amber nectar and when he came around some time later he felt the strangest sensation from the lower reaches. He called for the Doctors but they were nowhere to be seen. He reached down below and let out a scream, slightly higher than any he had ever let escape before.

His prize pyramid was gone. He could not believe the fate that had be fallen him, he headed in to the forbidden zone alone for 40 days and 40 nights until a spy from his kingdom found him and delivered the news he had feared for some time, the Doctors were Hittite spies and been sent on a mission to destroy the Pharaoh in the cruellest way they could find, unwittingly he had given them a far more unusual method of attack than any they had previously thought up.

The spy Impotekepapahohohoitxxmas handed the his leader a small carved box that contained the artifact that you have sown in the image above. Historians believe it to be the worlds first ever prosthetic peckerdoodle, if you look very carefully at the Egyptian gold adornment on the tapered protrusion, you will notice it is ribbed for her pleasure.

Legend has it Mrs Ramesses was happier than she had ever been and the smiling avatar was added quite some years after.

I thought everybody knew that! Uneducated philistines...

I was handed that story by a descendant of Ramesses II on a trip through the Arabian desert in 76. I have provenance to assist the evidence.


I may not have mentioned it before but I am a triplet and this image has NOT been doctored or altered in any way, shape or form.

Lol...You've clearly researched this at great length so your answer is undeniable. Ribbed peckerdoodle...Makes perfect sense. I can't believe all those other wrong answers occurred when the correct wrong answer is abundantly clear.


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This looks like an Egyptian snail. A special one that has an Egyptian face and looks.

I heard they are really delicious to eat and they taste sweeter than those normal snails 😇.

World's ugliest snail maybe?

You're right though, normal snails pale in comparison to these Egyptian ones...So sweet one doesn't need dessert after dinner.

Lol.. World ugliest snail

You must have been eating it alot I guess. Why do you need dessert when you got something so sweet as the eggy snail. 😋😅

Snails are so small though...Takes a lot of them to fill up.

I ate snails in Paris once...They were cooked in butter, garlic and parsley. They were actually pretty good. My wife Faith spat it out though; The texture takes some getting used to. I don't think I'd eat them again though. Much better things to say...Unless it's this snail...These are tasty!

Smile. I have actually tasted snail before.

Lol she spat it out 😅😅😂😂. Something I love and very delicious.

I prefer eating it on rice and stew, or best taking it with cassava flakes, which is locally called Garri here in Nigeria, prepared with chilled water and milk 🥛. Chai

I wish you could try it out how I prefer it, you will forever love it.

Every Nigerian can testify to this 😋😋😋.

I didn't know it was a food there to be honest. I'd give it a go for sure. I didn't mind the French ones...Just not my favourite thing.

Hahah, I think this is a better looking snails compared to the pasty slimy ones! I had snails too as a kid, gross, the texture is disturbing, I'm with the wife on that one. When the microwave first came out my mom started making them via microwave instead of the traditional way making them extra rubbery. All that we could hope for is that she would cook them too long and they would explode (and they do) so the batch would be ruined.

Hmm, snails aren't my thing really. I ate them at Moulin Rouge on Paris, during the show, so I was distracted and are more than I should have.

Microwaved snails would be...Well, maybe good to use at the squash courts when one forgets to bring the squash ball...Extra bouncey.

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My first thought when I saw the relatively small thumbnail on my phone was that it was an ornately decorated severed thumb so I’m going to stick on that theme and say what we are looking at is a device used by Native American hitchhikers.

Back in the day there weren’t many other road users around so if a young brave was trying to hitch a lift he might have to wait a while at the side of the road with thumb extended. Thumb strain was therefore a major concern for many until this device came along. The discerning traveler would strap it to their hand while waiting by the side of the road ensuring that when a potential ride did pass by they were in prime position to get their journey going again without risking damage to their digits.

Of course, as tends to be the case, a purely functional device will often evolve into a fashion accessory and I think it’s fair to assume that the owner of this item was quite the man about town!


Every discerning Indian brave had one these huh? Imagine all the thumb-strain this device has alleviated! Just strap it on and boom you're hitchhiking without the need to put your thumb to any strain at all.


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The best part about this is that they can get more ornate to display how successful they are as a hitchhiker. Those who have successfully done 15 hitchhikes will get a model similar to this one. When you get to 30, many will give you the lucky rabbits foot from their kids bunny that passed away. It only gets better from there!

Haha, I like that! Kind of like a secret hitchhikers badge of honour


Hey @cmplxty, here is a little bit of BEER from @talesfrmthecrypt for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Of course! It's so clear to see now you explain it. Your technical instructions on how to use it would also make it easy for anyone to use it no matter age of technical ability. Blow here. Quite technical in nature, but achievable for all to operate.


Haha really? Oh you make me feel proud of my silly idea😁💡 Instructions were necessary if it were to achieve a chick hatching from the egg. Tribal chicken incubator, the new trend hihi. Thanks for checking out my visual response😊


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this is clearly the worlds first rectal thermometer as used by the doctors of the Egyptian Pharohs. Rumour has is that Hatshepsut rather enjoyed it and gained the monika Howsyabut

Ah - I see that this is going to be the battle of historical facts.

Aim to please...


Great minds, eyes glow red... LSFHIAC)
(laughing so fucking hard I am crying)

excellent thats what it's about haha

Either that or who can fall down in the pigpen and stand up clean. It's a coin toss.

Yikes! I am disqualified from answering. Thank Jesus.


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Lol...Best comment ever...Although it is the first so it's easy to be the best! I like it though...linked an historical aspect, a little humour and rectal insertion...The trifecta!

Aim to please, like a pharohs doctor ;)

Ah yeah, those pharoah's had particular tastes it seems...Nothing like a good probing was found inscribed on Tutankhamun's sarcophagus I've been told.

I was just thinking, does the face frown if there is a high temperature?

eyes glow red

of course, the smile is because he loves his job. It is great to be able to do something you love to do.

thats the secret clearly haha

I always think of Picard and " make it so" when I see this. Thanks man!

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Ouch! I hope nobody decides to use it for it's real use with herbals after. hahaha ... eww

I know it looks like a smoking pipe. Mayans where great smokers as many other native Americans but that is not the use of this tool. They were also one of the first shoe-wearing tribes and this is the first shoe fit tool. They offered this tool to get you wasted first and then be able to fit a small size tool to big feet as there was only one size fits all shoe business back then. As you were wasted you were unable to complain when the shoestore owner was squeezing your foot into the shoe :)

It's all quite obvious when you explain it really...I never realised the Mayan show industry was one size fits all however I guess it works from a lean-manufacturing perspective...The getting wasted so you don't careaspect is genius!

Those Mayans had it worked out for sure!

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Lol...Of course it is! And, might I ask, what sort of soup a camel eats? Just curious. 😂

I think it is camel soup, a delicacy.

Carnivorous bastards!

I've eaten a camel steak actually...in Alice Springs. Wasn't half bad I gotta say. Soup might be nice.

Exactly 🤣🤣🤣

The US Army imported a herd of camels and a specialist herder who's name was Haj Ali. Nobody around here could pronounce it so they called him Hi Jolly. When Dodge Brothers sold their first trucks to the Army the camels became surplus and the Army just released them. It's said a whole generation of Navajo survived on Camel Soup.

That's even funnier when you realize there is an enormously popular canned soup named Campbell.


Did you know that in the early days of Australia exploration they brought in camels to use as pack animals for overland expeditions, and cameleers from the middle east to work with them of course. Most of them were simply released when the expedition was complete. Now, 180 years later there's over one million camels in the Aussie outback. They are culled as feral pests but it is unlikely they will ever be eradicated due to their high numbers and the remoteness of the areas they have spread to.

We have Campbell's soup here...Luckily there's no camel in it.

The Camels disappeared here just before the start of WWII. They had wandered NE from their release point and wandered into the nation. The Navajo are good hunters and had hungry children.

We do have wild burros all over here. From the Spanish Priests that came after Coronado to save all the heathen's souls. I hope they were better at saving souls than keeping track of their burros...

Not sure about Burros...But I like churros. Yum! Lol.

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They do say American tobacco is the best, but I didn't think those Red Indians would decorate their pipes to be that pretty! All that tobacco is a pretty strong hallucinogenic drug. I can't imagine the shame they must feel when we're here, smoking these weak cigarettes and vapes of ours.

Lol...Wouldn't want to meet that bloke In a dark alley...Might end up missing a scalp!