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I must say that I am rarely political. In fact, I thought my days of unrest were over. Coincidentally, my mother was visiting me and I took her to a peaceful rally. She was excited and afraid, she had never gone to a riot before. I could see the difference in our ages in the way we looked at things. :) Anyway, she was not disappointed and we even made the local news. We were in Washington, DC, not realizing that someday, I would actually call it home. As I look at my country today, all I can see is the US spiraling out of control. The ruling elites are deliberately dividing the nation, destroying the economy, encouraging mass illegal immigration and encouraging liberal violence while simultaneously going to extreme efforts to silence and persecute any voice of descent from these destructive actions. They are destroying entire industries (mining, coal, oil, natural gas) and forcing massive changes (at great expense) to other industries (health, medicine, automotive, transportation, insurance, education). They are ruining the livelihood and seizing the civil rights of productive citizens in the name of health and ecological emergencies. They are handing out massive subsidies, the Feds are pumping unbelievable amounts of “money” into the economy to keep the house of cards from collapsing. Is it me or are giving up our world status by negotiating with and surrendering to terrorists, while enriching one country, supporting another's gas industry and encouraging all of our adversaries to become more aggressive? Who would have thought two years ago that it’s ok riot, to burn cities, even to kill police. The Department Of Justice is seriously trying to figure out how they can declare parents that object to the liberal indoctrination their children are receiving in school as domestic terrorists. I am truly and undisputably horrified at what has happened to my country, the one that I love so much. Surely not everyone thinks this way. It is a little dramatic, but, I wanted to give you the reasons why I am a stacker and why I use a little bit of diversity in my financial portfolio.

Today is #MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle (Denise, that's me!!) Join me as we share our markets across the globe. I always look forward to seeing what you send me! It is amazing to see the different markets and cultures of our friends here on Hive.


After 35 years, the flipside of the American Eagle Coin got a makeover this year, so I indulged in a little bit of stacking and purchased it on its rollout. This is the American Eagle One Ounce Silver Coin (W) with its reverse design!

Mint and Mint Mark: West Point – W
Denomination: $1 Coin
Weight: 1.000 troy oz. (31.103 grams)


Why do we have American Eagle Silver and Gold Coins? Very interesting! Let’s start at the beginning. Approaching a hundred years old, in 1982, it was announced that the Statue of Liberty was in poor shape and needed a major restoration. In that same year, President Ronald Regan established the Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island Centennial Commission to raise the funds needed for the repairs. There is a lot of history about this great commission that I’ll skip over, but, only because it is already long.


Fast forward to 1985 when still President Reagan signed the Liberty Coin Act paving the way for minting millions of 99.9% pure silver coins to help fund the Statue of Liberty restoration. Known as Public Law 99-61 after it was signed into law, the Liberty Coin Act authorized the minting of 500,000 five-dollar coins, ten million one-dollar coins and twenty-five million half dollar coins. The design of the coins was to “be emblematic of the centennial of the Statue of Liberty” and they were required to contain inscriptions of the year “1986”, and the words “Liberty”, “In God We Trust”, “United States of America”, and “E Pluribus Unum”. The size, weight and mineral composition was specified for each of the three coins, as was the source of the bullion. These coins were to be sold at a price equal to the face value, plus the cost of making them, plus a surcharge of $35 per coin for the five-dollar coins, $7 per coin for the one-dollar coins and $2 per coin for the half-dollar coins. All of the resultant surcharges were to restore and renovate the Statue of Liberty and the facilities used for immigration at Ellis Island. These surcharges (along with HUGE private fund raising) resulted in a magnificent renovation of the Statue of Liberty.


Wait, I didn’t get the connection for the American Eagle Coin Program. What did I miss? Ah yes, there is a proverb that rules in DC: Never let a good crisis go to waste. It seems that in addition to a lot of potatoes, Idaho also mines a lot of silver. During this timeframe the market was very soft for silver, so James McClure, a bright U.S. Senator from Idaho, sponsored the Statue of Liberty Act (the Law specified using bullion mined in the USA). The Act only authorized 35,500,000 coins, so, that isn’t a permanent solution…unless you make it a permanent solution. The good Senator from Idaho also added an amendment for starting the American Eagle Coin Program. Voila!! We have Bullion Coinage demand for all the silver that Idaho can produce. A definite win-win for Idaho and the bullion collectors - and the Statue of Liberty!</center


I cannot even explain to someone who doesn't care for coins the thrill it is to open up one of these cracker jack boxes. Oh, it is always about the prize, isn't it?


The American Eagle Coin Program (Silver and gold – added by the 1985 “Gold Bullion Act”) started the same year (1986) providing investors with a cost effective, convenient way to add physical gold and silver to their investment portfolios. Since the program started, American Eagles have become the world’s leading source of bullion coin investment products. Because of perceived demand, the program has subsequently grown to include American Eagle Platinum Coins (1997) and American Eagle Palladium Coins (2017).


We live in an uncertain society. There are so many counterintuitive actions going on that we can’t even determine if inflation will get worse, change to deflation, or if the economy will simply collapse. What seems clear to me is that the US stock market is way overvalued, we are currently seeing supply shortages, too many people unwilling to work and that the US dollar is going to suffer for all this insanity. In my view, smart people should start keep in atock necessities and shifting savings they might be blessed with, into resources other than the US dollar that might retain most of its value when the dust settles. To me that means physical things that hold value… precious metals, land, art, jewelry etc. To that end I’ve recently started buying more gold and silver, but, too can you ever have too much of a good thing? That is what diversifying is all about. A few weeks ago, there was a large drop in the cost of gold and silver and I took the opportunity to “buy the dip” and bought these Silver Eagles. On top of being bullion, the design of the US Silver Eagle changed this year, so there is only a half year production of the old (type 1) and the new (type 2) Silver Eagles. This lower production timeframes will eventually add numismatic value to this year's production.

Okay. Crypto. There is always and forever the crypto. But, that is a subject for another day. This #MarketFriday was all about the silver purchase, so I am trying not to complicate it with the crypto.


Why silver and not gold? Actually, I do buy both. While gold takes all the headlines, gold’s primary uses are for investments and jewelry. Silver however, is primarily used in industry. Silver is very resistant to corrosion and is said to be the best thermal and electrical conductor of all metals. This makes it ideal for electrical applications from cell phones to solar panels, there is no end to the industrial uses for silver. This industrial demand for silver, ensures a constant, healthy demand for silver.



Question: You are given 100 dollars to buy 100 sponges. Now, you may buy no more or less than 100 sponges and also, the total price must be 100 dollars. There are three types of sponges: Red Sponges costing $6, Yellow Sponges costing $3 and Blue Sponges costing $0.10.

If there is no sales tax implied, how many of each can you buy?


Answer! Can you guess??? Here is the Solution:

$6 for red sponges = 1 sponges
$87 for yellow sponges = 29 sponges
$7 for blue sponges = 70 sponges source

Center Crest.png

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Additionally, I personally consider Silver an extremely good buy in the current market. Following the 2008 “crash” in silver prices ($20.12/oz in March 2008 down to $9.41/oz in November 2008), the price surged 503% over the next 17 months (to $47.34 in April 2011). In our most recent silver “crash” (surprise – COVID) silver dropped to $12.55 on 16 March 2020. During the ensuing rally, silver prices peaked out at $29.77 (6 August 2020), not nearly what was expected (at least the 500% seen 2009-2011 “recovery”). From this August 2020 peak, the price of silver started bouncing between $23 and $28, until the week of 14 June 2021 when the price started noticeably trending down. Where is the bottom? No one knows, but I bought the dip on 29 September ($21.57) and I’m hoping for the best!

Forgive me for the unusual #MarketFriday this week. I recieved 100 of these beautiful coins yesterday and was very excited about it. As usual, this is not financial advice, merely my own opinon.

Heart On A Course L.png

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And just like that, this post is done. Apologies for the being so long winded, but, I hope you had a good time and learned a little something new. As always, I want to thank you for taking the time to visit, and just remember, #MarketFriday loves you! Thank you for supporting the challenge! Have a most fabulous day! Cheers!!


As always, there must be flowers to color my world. I tried in vain to find the pictures of my Chinese Money plant, but, failed. It is also known as a silver dollar plant. Of course, it will show up tomorrow when I don't need it. I give you a sunflower instead. #alwaysaflower






Thank you for visiting my post 💖 Some days, it is not so easy to see, how truly wonderful it really can be. is. Always remember, kindness counts. Wherever you go, whatever you do.

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With our insane political landscape today I can only wonder if sane thinking and dialogue will ever come back. Apparently things will have to get worse in order to get better but for those who see the coming storm will prepare.
I saw this coming back in 2015 and decided to prepare in as many aspects as possible. One of the keys is to preserve financial, preserve buying power.
Holding physical Silver bullion feels empowering doesn't it?
It may not be apparent but as long as you understand it's role and function in the context of Wealth preservation you will feel empowered!

Thanks for sharing this big decision @dswigle ! 🤗

I have to hope it will. I hope to leave this world in better shape than when I arrived. It is scary to look at the mess we (I use that term loosely) have made in no time flat. Doesn't it just make your head spin like Linda Blair?

Apparently, my father saw it when I was young and taught all his kids how to be self-sufficient and not have to rely on anything but their own wit. Everyone knows how to hunt, fish, and grow. I can fruit and veggies every year just to know I can. Am I an alarmist? Heck no. I am a good Boy Scout. :) Be prepared. My Dad bought Kuggerands way back when for all of his kids and gave them to them. That was so cool. So, I have been collecting a while, and have even posted some from time to time, just get too busy to join more communities. I feel guilty if I cannot participate.

I do love the silver bullion, though. She is pretty. :)

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your encouraging words!

#MarketFriday loves you!

I've lived to see this one. Well done, Denise, investing in precious metals. Congratulations!
Very interesting history of these silver coins, if there was this opportunity to buy silver in Romania, I probably would have bought some too. In my opinion, investing in gold or silver is safer, even if probably not more profitable, than investing in cryptocurrencies.

Did I see a trend in what you wrote though? Can you be a conspiracy theorist too? It seems so, from this statement... "They are ruining the livelihood and seizing the civil rights of productive citizens in the name of health and ecological emergencies." I don't know American politics nor your sympathies, however, it seems a rebuke to the campaign to vaccinate and protect the population from Covid and take measures to stop global warming!!! Maybe I misunderstood?

I made a #marketfriday post in the #haveyoubeenhere community, hope you don't mind that, I explained in the post why: The Gardens I Go To Every Year


I have been collecting forever and a day. Of late, it is more like an investment as I collect mostly plain rounds with nothing on them or bars. They are easier to stack and cheaper if you don't need a coin. I like some coins, they are pretty, but, the practical side of me says to go with the best buy.

I am definitely not a conspiracy theorist. :) Protecting the country and all its citizens is of utmost importance. Unfortunately, the way we have gone about it has not been very efficient. The vaccines, which aren't really vaccines were such a farce. For Instead of telling the truth about it and the statistics, they basically lied or avoided the truth, which isn't right. I am not twelve years old. Besides, Dan, if I am going to put it into my body, don't you and I deserve the truth? Fasci lying about it, to begin with, is just plain embarrassing. This country was built on truth and honor. This is not honorable. Yes, they are seizing my rights to know the truth. Not so I can get all anti vaccer on them, but, so I can make other judgment calls that have everything to do with COVID.

If you own property and you are a landlord with tenants who cannot pay, there was a law put into place to protect those from being evicted. Ask me. I know how it feels to own property that you don't get paid for - and yet, you must continue to pay the mortgage. Many are losing money due to eviction moratoria resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. Landlords are finding their hands tied under governmental orders, making them especially vulnerable and, in some cases, at risk of losing the properties, which may very well be their retirement.

I hope I didn't sound like a nut job, but, if one works in the health field, take it from me that you want this all behind us and it is taking a huge toll on our children and the on-again, off-again schooling that they are doing. For all practical purposes, they have lost over a year in their lives. The college experience is now more of a nightmare and all the stores are empty, shuttering business upon business.

I don't want to sound dramatic, but, I am worried about our world. I'm worried about the world we are leaving behind for Ilinca (I think I spelled her name wrong!) and I will do whatever it takes to make it right once more. Whatever it takes doesn't mean anything illegal, just, my efforts to make it a decent place to live once more.

Thanks for stopping by, Dan. I hope this helps a little. Thank you for dropping your link here!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Oh, Denise! This is the last thing I thought we'd talk about, especially adversarial. It is only the belief that frankness and truth can test a friendship that keeps me going, even though I have seen that this topic is the most generative of misunderstanding, anger and hatred between people, worldwide. As it is with you it happens in my small country, we have separated between those who still have faith in science, progress and medicine and those who have now discovered, with the help of Facebook, that they are free people, nothing and nobody should stop them from putting horns on their heads and destroying.... For me, ever since I was a teenager, when I started to read more and maybe understand something, it was a total misunderstanding that after a flourishing stage of human existence, characterized by the flowering of arts and science, philosophy and law which is still valid today, I mean ancient Greece and Rome, followed almost a millennium of darkness and obscurantism, misery and disease! The Middle Ages. I didn't understand how you could go on and on and on. It took me many years to understand. The Roman Empire was destroyed by Germanic tribes, barbarian warriors with horned helmets destroyed the Roman senate, a form of democracy ( even though it had degenerated and they were much to blame ). Then came the Middle Ages and the rule of the Church. Only the blind cannot see what happened in Europe, the Inquisition, in South America, the Conquistadors... and so on.

Now we want the truth and say they don't tell us the truth! But who has the truth? Why do we believe those who say it's wrong, that it's a lie? What are they basing it on? On what studies? The law of large numbers works everywhere. There are millions of doctors in the world, are they all liars?

Example: In Europe. Denmark, Portugal, Spain, because they vaccinated more than 80% of the population they ended the pandemic and the restrictions. They are now afraid of Romania and Bulgaria, backward but very faithful countries, who listen to what priests and monks say, that they will grow scales instead of skin if they vaccinate, that they have been injected with the number of the beast, 666 and many such things, in my country only a quarter of the population has been vaccinated. This will soon make my country isolated from others, it will make it impossible for me to travel abroad, besides many other shortcomings.

In our hospitals, but especially in the intensive care unit those who are admitted and die are 97% unvaccinated. Why is that? What have we been lied to when they say that the vaccine is the only solution to close this misery?

The solution of those who oppose vaccination, who want the truth (what truth?) is that there will be a natural selection, a mass sickness and the weakest (70-80% of old people like me) will die. And who says that? A great mass of people who have never read a book in their lives, but who are a godsend to the various crooks who can easily manipulate them.

I (and my wife) were infected with Covid a year ago. My wife still hasn't recovered, she is in a lot of pain and has a change for the worse in her general condition. Last week my daughter-in-law got infected, I met her without knowing she had Covid (she didn't know then either) and probably got infected again myself. Next week I'm going to get tested. I want to say that the first time I was very sick, now (it's true, I don't know yet if I got the virus, but as contagious as it is now, I don't think I'm out of it) and now I feel fine, just a mild cold manifestation. That's because I'm vaccinated. Same with my son, he has no symptoms. Because he is vaccinated.

I apologize, it was a huge surprise for me to see that you are skeptical! In Romania, enormous numbers of people, especially from the country, say the disease doesn't exist. There is an extremist party that got into parliament because of this propaganda of lack of freedom, lies, and the ineffectiveness, even the harmfulness of the vaccine, the non-existence of the disease, which they say is a cold. This party was formed by people from the football teams' galleries, how do they know about virology, medicine to have these opinions?

I know many people who have died from the infection, acquaintances, and even friends.

Things happen again! I fear for the future.

And I fear for our world and for the future. You wrote your name very well, Ilinca. Thanks!

I'm afraid for a dark century. I saw so many dark minds that came to light ... so many profiteers who want to destroy everything and use the manipulation of the masses.

Truly, I never thought I'd write anything about this especially with it being so controversial and I am anything but seeking that kind of personality. Because it is you, and, because I have always believed to be able to speak my mind with you, I give you this. It was probably a huge mistake on my part to even put anything in writing here however I did and I own it. But not in the way that you think. There is no hatred or anger in me, and, if there was this is the last place but I would post it all over, but I take that back, because if I get onto Facebook, that would be the last place that I would put it. There is a separation here as there is in your country but it is more with the people that have visibility than a nobody like me. I understand some things must be kept close otherwise many misunderstandings happen, but, this wasn't some war that was being fought and secrets let out. When the only thing that was being let out was misinformation that makes a person skeptical of any of the information. I am not talking about today but at the beginning where there was no truth because there really was no information. That is what I was talking about in speaking about the truth. It was pretty scary and a little bit horrifying to work in the health field and watch, wondering if it was going to be my time this day. Do you think I am an anti-vaxxer? Since the beginning of time, I have been there to make sure that people that are sick get the best Healthcare available. Since the beginning of time, I have dedicated more hours in my day to everybody but my family. Since the beginning of time, I have watched the world in horror as people are not allowed to say goodbye to their loved ones. All these things for necessary, but, that doesn't mean I have to like them. If that were my mother, I would want to see her but, it didn't justify the harm that it could do. I do realize that you and your wife were at all and believe me, I was sick about it. My sister-in-law also was highly infected and she still is not the same. That was a year ago. She did not get the vaccination, but, they had more to do with her autoimmune disease and nothing to do with her resistance to vaccination. However, my brother did not get it and they were together until of course, she got sick. They're still not sure why one would get it and then the other not, but, it was a terrible time and people in the family had to go and take care of her. My brother was incapable of managing it. I am sorry that your wife is having a hard time recovering. Life is so unfair sometimes. My prayers go out to you that you will not get sick again but if you do, may it be mild and swift in passing. As of three days ago, I know that a little bit over 56% of the country's population has been fully vaccinated. They're still learning about the immunity of covid-19. I think a lot of people who are infected with it develop an immune response within the first few weeks but they don't know how strong or how lasting that response will be. Only time will tell. People and get upset because the information is usually all on tan before they start vaccinating oh, but it must be understood that this was very different than what is normal. In actuality, the vaccinations are up 30% in one week, deaths are down 8% there is flu trending in Washington DC in Mississippi. Where I am living, only 61% have been vaccinated. These are the best numbers I can get and sometimes there are reporting lags between the states in the CDC. Our state of Vermont has the highest percentage of its population fully vaccinated, but even that is only 69.8% I have found that the highest number of vaccinations are in the New England states, which I regard as highly educated or with the most percentage of higher educated people. That of course is neither here nor there just something of note. I think that we need to work together to evaluate our cultures, practices, and services to identify the root causes of inequity. I think that everyone in the world deserves services that improve health outcomes for all, health equity if you will. I am not skeptical at all only because all you have to do is work one day in the hospital to not be skeptical. I have no animosity towards anybody that has been vaccinated. I have heard all the stories about COVID and its non-existence, calling it nothing more than the flu I can guarantee you that I know more people that have died from it. I can tell you that it is not pretty and I can tell you that anybody that has it or has it as you did would be very defensive about people spouting off about it. To this, I say oh, I cannot blame you, because anybody that has had it nose that is very real. I probably sound like a nut but I am still very worried about the world. We are so torn in two and I have never seen the likes of this in my own country. Even when it was the time of Vietnam and my country was at odds with each other, I do not think it was like this. This is a deep hatred for each side and even if I have a different opinion, there's no hate involved. For your own knowledge, I am vaccinated, and nobody had to tie me down or make me go. I apologize if I sounded like someone who wants to fight about it, the only thing I wish for is a peaceful resolution for my country in the world. I want to wipe this off the face of the Earth so that we may live again oh, I don't want my children to have the same life that I was fortunate enough to have. I want your granddaughter to grow up and live in a way to enjoy nature, smelling the flowers without fear of being without a mask. I'm not going to fight anybody for this oh, I'm hoping that people will want the same things and work together to figure it out. Right now, figuring it out means getting vaccinated, but, people are afraid of what is not known about the vaccinations. I can understand that part of it and I can also understand the part that without the vaccinations, we're going to be going round and round. So, I can see both sides of the circle, and frankly, it's exhausting. I agree that all those countries that are almost fully vaccinated have all but erased the numbers. The Delta variant spreads easier than the original and in order to get that herd immunity that they're working towards, 80% or more of the population needs to be vaccinated. Some people are relying on the information but if they've had covid they'll be more protected but that protection is variable depending on many different factors. So it's a crapshoot if you're taking your chances. Right now they're showing that probably close to 90% of people show a stable immunity or at least eight months after they've had the infection. They've been pretty consistent with that number so I have to believe that it's accurate. A positive result for you means that they've detected antibiotics and hopefully you have developed an immune response to it. You know that I wish you well and my hope is that the entire world will heal itself without coming to blows. Be well, Dan. Again, my prayers go out to your wife and your family. @bluemoon

Thank you Denise for your response. I knew in my heart of hearts that what I understood about what you were thinking on this issue could not be so. Of course, the theory of personal freedom sounds good but it may not apply. You, who have every reason to be patriotic and love your country, how do you think it would happen that the US would be attacked by who knows who and the population and military would be divided, some would say their rights are taken away if they are asked to defend their country. How about everyone does what they want? This world has been built differently so far and it has worked. I'm not a conservative and I want to believe I'm open to the new. However, I can't stand the sudden awakening of a free man's conscience in my fellow man who did nothing when he had to fight for freedom. It drives me crazy that they are like sheep, that Facebook has made them feel that they have discovered the purpose of life, freedom. Inoculated by others! I fear a movement like the Nazi movement that brought Hitler to power. This seemed unthinkable ten years ago, now it is very plausible. I say this observing the society where I live.

Forgive me! It is a subject that fills me with fear and anger. Precisely out of love and care for our children and grandchildren. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do. What is set to happen will happen! The fact that I probably won't live to see it doesn't comfort me. I fear for Ilinca and what her life will be like.
She is so eager to see, to have, to know. She's so helpless, like all of us, of course!

Thank you, Denise, for not taking offense. I care so much about our friendship, the fact that we are so far apart and have many, many things in common. Without this friendship, I don't know what Hive would mean to me.

Believe me, living here has filled me with fear, something that is a little foreign to me. I take no offense, Dan. That is what open discussion is about. Even if we were on opposing sides of the coin, I would still want to talk about it.

I agree about the kids and those we will eventually leave behind. That is where my fears lay. Hopefully, we will be able to work together as a united world and bring it back to a place we all want to live in.

I don't think we are on opposite sides of the coin. I'm sure we want it to be right, even if we see it differently. As long as we are honest with ourselves I think we can be comfortable.

I don't think we are on opposite sides of the coin either. I think we just want the world to be right, as in we want a place that we can can comfortably live in. If we can't be honest with ourselves, who can we be honest with? It's been a long, long week here and I am hoping the upcoming week will be a little bit more forgiving. I am getting a little bit of liquid sunshine today and hopefully the sun will come out to play tomorrow. Have a peaceful Sunday evening, Dan.

Buy crypto. It's better.
But you probably know that.

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I do. I have a healthy amount, but a girl likes a little bit of pretty in her collection.

You knew I would! Thanks for the share.

#MarketFriday loves you!

Don’t put all eggs in one basket :)

Silly guy! Trix are for kids. I always diversify. Always.

Can't afford to lose everything in one swoop.

I to seldom discuss politics and won't here other than to say you summed things up well we are living in crazy times, and people at all ends of the political spectrum are to blame for the craziness going on now

Here is my post for this week

It's true! You seldom do as well as me... I am not sure what happened to me. You know it is against the rules. ;)

We do live in crazy times and there seems to be no end to the insane behavior. I look forward to your post and thanks for stopping by and leaving me your post.

#MarketFriday loves you!

I really love all that bling bling of the shiny coins Denise! I especially love the design of the American Eagle! I love even more the thoughts you shared on some of the "things" going on in our beautiful USA here! I don't blame you for being reluctant to share personal political thoughts but I'm glad you did and I couldn't agree more with everything that you shared! 💕
I did make a post this week but I would've left a comment either way! 💐

I got punished Dee. @deerjay. One person unfollowed me and one guy muted me. :( It wasn't meant as an ugly rant. I love my country and it hurts to see it being destroyed.

The silver is fun and it is fun to collect different ones. I really don't write political pieces, but once in a while, my hair gets lit on fire! :)

Thanks for the words and for dropping your link!

#MarketFriday loves you!

I'm so sorry to hear that Denise and I've always felt that it is ok to respectfully disagree and still be friends. I didn't think it was ugly at all but was heart felt and anyone who knows you would know that too. That is how crazy things are right now and it truly feels like the end times when what is wrong is right and what is right is wrong. I do worry about our country also as do many other people here. I went somewhere recently and saw a large American flag flying in the wind. It was a beautiful sight and it brought tears to my eyes. Good tears and sad tears and even hopeful tears. 🤗 💞
I have a little silver ..mostly American Eagles..they sure are pretty! 💖

Thank you so much. I think I am not going to worry about it. It bothered me this morning, but, I have never done that to anyone here, no matter how negative they seem. Everyone has a tipping point (I do love Malcolm for this!) something makes them this way and if you can figure out what it is, you can address and help them.

I still get that way when I see a flag. I fly one here at the house, every day. I have hope in my soul that the right thing will prevail.

American Eagles are one of my favorites! They are really pretty! Thank you again. ❤️

You're very welcome Denise! Have a wonderful week! 💖

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, then drop your link! Have a great day!!

#MarketFriday loves you!

Thank you too @dswigle have a good day for you too😘

Thank you!


I cannot say much about Silver, but I would like to say the fact that this Market Friday brought me some early Christmas vibes/feelings.

This is my entry for this Market Friday:
Market Friday - Early Christmas stuff in the stores (2021.10.08).

It is one of those things that is fun to do, but, early Christmas vibes??? You know I like them better! There is no contest!

Thank you for stopping by and for dropping your #MarketFriday link!

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I’m In love!

Stacking baby 😎

Oh, yeah!! Who loves ya, baby? They are beauties!! No doubt about it!

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I’ve been buying those vintage band shirts. I should do market post on them. I will check out rules and do next Friday. (Posting rules cause I know you’d of gone through trouble to post for me :) I’m doing it! Next Friday


That will be a fantastic post! I don't remember ever seeing anyone doing a post on vintage band t-shirts. You don't have to wait until Friday to post either! @geneeverett

He wants to do it for #MarketFriday. :)) @ninahaskin

I know, Silly! @dswigle
But anyday can be a #MarketFriday n'est pas?🛍

Honestly? It has always been on Friday, but, I have let the days slide as we are on a worldwide clock. It makes it harder to keep track of them all coming in with #MarketFriday, #Alwaysaflower, and my own coming to my profile. Of course, the name says it all. :)

You can shop any day, but, posting it on Friday is how it was originally presented. Hi, Nina! @ninahaskin

Yay! That will be fun!

Oh those are such beautiful coins. I can easily see what you find so captivating about their shine! Kind of a mix of bling and fine art. While I am not a stacker, I am sure glad that I got to enjoy the coins at least virtually. Congrats on your fine addition to your stacks.
Here is my Market Friday link

That's it!! The beauty of the bling! You know I am kidding. They are a fun way to add a little diversification to the portfolio. Thanks so much, I am glad you enjoyed them and I appreciate you dropping your link! You have always neen pretty in pink!

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I feel you @dswigle my country at the moment is not much better with all them corrupt politicians and government, I am so glad, I got out of Australia at the right time I did and am in no hurry in going back, I honestly feel safer and more free here in Thailand, we are really living in a crazy and scary world at this present day. You take care of yourself over there @dswigle that country house of yours sounds like a great escape.

Just dropping my link here, late again but got it done :)

We do live in a crazy, scary world right now and it is up to us to try to make it a safer, kinder place to live, you are right.I am glad you are living in a place that makes you feel safe, there is nothing I have seen about Thailand that makes me feel any different.

The country house is exactly where I need to be. So many things going on that I want to be far and away from.

Thank you for dropping the link! I will try to do my job and hop on these posts! I am falling behind again! :(

#MarketFriday loves you!

Wish there were more people like you with a attitude to make things better but don't think there is and like you going to your country house is how, I feel living in Thailand away from it all. Have a great week @dswigle :)

You too @tinman88

We both deserve one!

Its being pleasure to know about few history about your silver coin, and investment in silver always a wise decision, have a nice day with marketfriday.

Silver does have an interesting history, as far as the coins go. I think it is a nice way to diversify, but, I wouldn't put all my money in it or anything else.

Thank you for dropping your link!

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Here is the link to my post
I was in such a hurry to get my post published on time that I was a little careless (it was already night). Now I have corrected it a little.
I don’t buy silver (I will probably start one day :), but I collect euro coins. It is not the same thing, of course, but I understand well the joy when you hold in your hands a coin with a beautiful design or an interesting story.
The fact that the world has turned upside down in recent years - you are absolutely right and I do not understand people who reacted negatively to your words (I read your comments - very interesting and correct). I am a teacher in a European country, and I can see well how education suffered during the pandemic. Now lockdowns are approaching again, and I am waiting with horror when online studies, which can hardly be called studies, will start again.
On the other hand, I myself miraculously survived after a severe form of coronavirus and I ask you and everyone to be careful, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Oh, aren't you so sweet? Thank you so much! Remember that you are hours and hours ahead of me, so it is all good.

Euro coins are great! Who doesn't love them? I still have a lot of coins from ten or eleven countries over there before the euro. I never turned them in and just took them home with me. I'll probably give them to my kids. :)

The education end of it is scary, isn't it? I keep thinking that these kids will be running our country someday. If that isn't enough to scare you, I don't know what is! I know over here the online studies are laughable for the most part. I am so sad about what these children are missing.

I am so happy that you had a good outcome with COVID. My sister-in-law is still not 100% from a year ago. :( May you continue to be careful and take good care of yourself. My prayers to you. Thank you for dropping your link!

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Thanks for the !LUV @olgavita!

A country and its politics entwined with finances, negotiations and deals both good and bad. No country is exempt I feel. Thank you for your lesson on the restoration of the Statue of Liberty, I had no idea that it was so complex. It was fantastic that it was achieved so well.
But why decisions that affect the healthy growth of the economy and the well being of people always intrigues and upsets me. Personal greed of some in power have a lot to answer for.
Your silver coins are beautiful Denise. Sending love 💜

Isn't that the truth? A country and its politics do steal both good and bad and I don't think anybody oh, anywhere is exempt. The Statue of Liberty has a long and complex restoration story and it even goes on after that first restoration with the artist, Peter Max.

I guess what upsets me most is that I keep on having visions of me leaving this world in the mess that it is, knowing that my children are left behind. It's not their mess to clean up, but I wish we could be more efficient in putting it all back together again. Thank you thank you thank you. I do love the coins. Sending you lots of love right back!

#MarketFriday loves you! ❤

@dswigle For me, this post was interesting and informative. I learned something new from him.

I also really liked the silver coins, they are beautiful!

May you be all right!
And let's hope that the world will soon change for the better.

I am so glad you like the coins. They really are pretty! Thank you.
I am fine, just lamenting, something I haven't had time to do in a while. :)
I agree. The world needs to be better soon, I hope.

I have coins, but not silver coins.
Once upon a time I collected and I have a small collection :-)

To leave this world a better place dear is such a sweet thought love it we need more Denise in the world 😉

The only thing I really want, to leave this world in a better place. Hi, @brittandjosie! How is it blowing?

#MarketFriday loves you!

Hi Denise.

What a breath of fresh air it is to read a voice of reason. I don't live in USA but I keep tabs on the goings on and well, it breaks my heart. It seems in such a small space of time, a group has literally just decided to burn it to the ground - you know there's a saying "if I can't have it, then nobody can", well I kinda get the feeling that is what is actually playing out really out of spite because they didn't like the goings on of the last 4 years. It's quite scary and I can only imagine how it must anger you. Unfortunately similar happenings are taking place in countries all around the world (mine included).

Your love for these silver coins is remarkable. I am a big fan of silver, mostly because I grew up around a lot of it (my late father was a smith) - I've always actually preferred it to gold. Unfortunately it seems to have always been undervalued, perhaps that is good for us? One day if it's real price is realized we might be smiling.

While I don't collect coins, I can absolutely understand your excitement when you're about to open a canister of fresh coins! What a feeling. Your photos are great and really do show these coins off.

Have a great day



Thanks, Andy! The world is in trouble, to the likes I have never seen. I have seen trouble, but, to be helpless to do anything is new to me. And quite debilitating. I understand the dislike people had for President Trump, but, in all honestly, he would have come out of his Presidency if he had been a little less arrogant and checked out his manners. He is a good businessman but, a disaster of a human being.

I love silver, although gold is more popular when I grew up. My grandfather was a blacksmith. :) I see your father was a silversmith. How cool! It is terribly undervalued, but, like you said, good for us. I usually collect the bars, but, these will be a good value as they are only minted for six months. Once in a while, a spendable coin is fun to have. The photos were only with the cell phone as I left my camera in the car at the time and it was raining out. :)

Can you believe I didn't park it in the garage? Taught me a quick lesson. Thanks for stopping by and leaving your words!

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It's great to know about the rules of posting here in the later part of this post. Now it's once a week. I shall try to maintain the rules and will follow the guidelines hopefully from the next week. thank you very much

I have always posted the rules in the body of my posts, it makes it easier when people want to know what they need to do to participate. I apologize for the mix-up! Did you not know #MarketFriday was on Fridays? I hope if you have any questions, you can find me on discord and DM me at @dswigle#3637!

I will see you next week!

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it was friday but some other days was open to post. now its only friday, i shall try to post on Friday. Thanks

I'm sorry but as the person who has run #MarketFriday for the four and a half years that has been in existence oh, I can tell you that it has always been on Friday. I will say that people post on many different days and I just accept it because I can't be that rude when people go through all that trouble to post, I am sure there is a reason that it is called Market Friday. :)

What beautiful coins, my dear! These are real works of art! And a very interesting history of these coins. I have not heard of this. My husband also thinks it makes sense to invest in gold and silver. But this is not surprising, because he lives in Israel 😂 From the sponge I was completely confused 😶

Haha! The sponge was 100% Algebra! I got it, but, had to use a piece of paper to get it right. :) You needed 100 sponges and had to spend $100. Sounds simple, but, it wasn't.

The silver coins are works of art. You are right! I think they are beautiful and the investment is part of the plan for a little diversification. Plus, they can be spent if you needed to, but, I hope never to get that desperate!

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving your words and dropping your link here!

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A true stacker!

Yes, so true.
And so we stack!!!
You go girl, @dswigle !

Yes! So very true!!! And so we will stack until we can't! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your words!

#MarketFriday loves you!
Hey! This is great! As a child, I collected coins. It is very interesting.

I love collecting coins! I did too when I was a kid! :) I do love the pretty coins they have now, but, the ones from yesteryear are usually prettier. They used to make coins so beautiful!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your words, and your link!

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Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my post and leaving your link behind.

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That’s a solid insurance plan having those ASE’s. I’m actually old enough to remember when the act was passed. I was collecting them as well.

No!!! Nobody is that old! :) I couldn't resist.

My dad collected most of his life and he gave each one of his children a healthy collection to call their own. He has always said that gold was king (when it was) and bought Krugerrands and then moved on to silver. I don't want to be heavy in metals, but, balanced, if that makes sense.

There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

#MarketFriday loves you! :)


My grandfather got me into collecting as a child. I’ve kept it going, it even helped bail me out of a bad business venture with a bad partner. Started back up from zero once I could afford it.

That's awesome! People don't see these Investments says real money I think. I have been collecting in one way or another for a long time and I'm at a point where I can start slowing down and just relaxing about it a little bit. But it's so addictive! I am glad to hear that you're collecting saved your day!!

Yeah it didn’t bail me totally out but it got me to a number that I could get a loan on to pay the debt off. I’ve been playing catch up for the last ten years. But I’m getting there. Glad you have the wisdom of stacking.👍

Slow and steady always wins.

Greetings @dswigle,
Nice staking.
Thank you for telling us more on silver and gold.
Nice piece. I love you.

Hello @peckypeace! Oh, yes! I love to stack a little here and a little there. I also like to learn about some of the things I am holding/trading etc. I have a feeling these will be around for a while.

Thank you!

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You're welcome @dswigle, that's always a pleasure 😊🌹 We wish you a nice day!!!

Always fun with this market friday. :)

You bet! We always have fun with #MarketFriday! I hope you did too!

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Thanks you my friend 👌

It is really nice information about silver coin and also your invest thinking. Here is my entry :

Thank you so much for the kind comment @kamrunnahar! I hope you learned a little about collecting silver.

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your words and your link!

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I love your write-up because it carries vital information. I believe with time, the economy will bounce back to its normal

Thank you. I can only hope that the economy will bounce back, but, the United States has a long way to go...

But they still remain the world power. So for that reason, there shall be away in no distant time

From your lips to God's ears.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!

Thank you for the repost @pixresteemer! Much appreciated!

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