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Steemit is all about community and showing love to one another. The last few weeks I have engaged in sharing of this love to the needy outside Steemit. You can read about the work here and here. But now it's time to look within the walls of Steemit and reward some members of the community for their work. That's how this contest started.

How to participate

Write a short story of between 50 - 100 words as a comment on this post telling us how you helped someone or how someone has helped you in the past. It must be a personal story either of you giving or receiving the help. And how that act has touched you.


The winner will be decided by the community. The entries with the highest upvote shall be the winner.



1st prize: 3sbd
2nd prize: 2sbd
3rd prize: 1sbd

Rules to participate.

You must resteem and upvote this post. This is to increase visibility and also support the contest respectively. Any entry that does not follow the rules shall be disqualified.


Result for this contest shall be announced this coming Sunday by 2200hrs GMT+01. All entries close by 2000hrs GMT+01 of the same day.

Am grateful to @eturnerx, @bleepcoin and @tarazkp and many others for always supporting me since I started my journey on Steemit. I hope to pay back by helping as many people as I can. Thanks for always believing in me.

Am your original @prettyjules158


Thanks @prettyjules for organizing this contest.

My entry

On a hot afternoon,The sun was sending its rays,as though after that day,it stops punishing us with its heats. It was the day I lost my phone to the hands of thieves. I have been crying since the incidence . It was like the end of the world for me,my grief knew no bound,that i could scarcely move. But fortunately , someone called my sister with the number that some unidentified criminals have been caught and my phone was among the stolen items that i should come and retrieve it and have been grateful to that person.

make sense

Thanks is a maximum of 100.


There is still time for everyone to make adjustment on their post.

Thank you.

Thank you for your entry.

Wow I notcie on http;//steem,.supply (A tool @steem4depoor showed me to estimate the earnings you have coing to you ) saw you have around $79 a week on average, so if you keep earning at this rate you will be very close to making $400 a month! Very good! Upper Middle Class Nigerian Wages all thanks to Steem Blockchain and Your hard work!

I am very proud of you, you keep posting and you keep growing and no one and no thing can stop your success!

Thanks you @ackza boss.

Interesting.... @Samson12

Make us proud

Hello @prettyjules158 thanks for your contest. Here is my entry

I have a very close friend of mine named Dora. During my secondary school days, things were had for her and due to the fact that her family were poor, she stopped school and we were about writing External exams (WAEC). She couldn't write the exams, because there wasn't money. This touched me so much. She do come to class with torn uniform, no money to buy a new uniform. So I came to her aid and used 50% of my savings to pay for both her exam fee and other needs. I really felt for her deeply...

Thanks is a maximum of 100.


There is still time for everyone to make adjustment on their post.

Do i still need to make adjustment on my post/comment ma'am...??

Yes can, there is still time.

I Think those that have more than 100 words as their entry should have been disqualified already. Bacause they dont follow the simple rule of the contest.

@lastdon02 please is my contest i can decide to pardon them, instead of disqualification i have decide for them to make adjustment, they still have time to do so.
I don't want to be unfair to anyone, so please let this issue be forgotten.

You dont just come here and say what u like...Its a contest and i just asked if my comment needs adjustment...U dnt hv rite to say ill to contestors that already applied simply because you noticed some comment didnt reach up to 100 words or more than ...Please be guided

Do I add or delete some comments ma'am?

Just make it 100 words,any how anyone can do it.

OK ma'am done plz help cross-check... I didn't know it's more than 100 words becos I really wanted to express myself.

Nice 👍

Thanks for your entry.

Thank you ma'am

Bring it home

Good one 👍

Man may God help your hand that blessed... It's a touchy story.

Bring it to home

Thats a good charity work from you, be rest assured that God doesn't delay in honouring those do charity work.

Thanks to @prettyjules15 for organising this contest and given back to the society. Below is my entry:

I had a friend named Joshua, throughout our undergraduate days he used to be a source of blessing to me and always support me finacially anytime I don't have anything to feed because he always received huge amount as pocket money while I just received stipends from home.
Recently, he was posted to Ekiti state as a corps member and unfortunately for him, he finds it add to settle down. So I help3d him financially with the little money i earn from steemit. My help really touched him that he is willingly to join steemit to start blogging

Thank you for your entry

I love your comment it make sense

Beautiful one bro

You have done a good thing Introducing this Platform to Your Friend. We touch Lives in ways We least Expected . You have done well by Reciprocating The Good Deeds. One Good Turn deserves Another as the Saying goes.

Hello @prettyjules158 thanks for this wonderful contest. Here is my entry,

When i got to shcool this semester I Introduce my hostel members to steemit but they didnt not belive that this platform actually works so they asked me to withdraw some amount of money so that they will belive that this platform really works. So i made a withdrawal of 8sbd which 240 Ghana cedis and shared it to them. So by doing this they all signed up and got themselves on this platfrom.

Those I introduced on to the platform


Proof of transaction


wow i was trying to save my vote power and just give out 1% upvotes but your post made me upvote you at 100% Its toogood, youre really impressing me man, good j! And your work on @yensesa will be glorious man, I promoted it todaya nd will try and invest some more bd in the project

And I will help you raise the $250 we need to rent a corporate office for yensesa , it will be beautiful to have an office just for @yensesa ! Whenever you guys need to raise funds I will make posts and send you the sbd from them, you guys can even write great posts for e to post on my blog and ill share the rewards using chainbb beneficiary rewards settings or just use honor system and send you sbd when I get my post rewards

That kind of you

Wooow thank you for your entry.
Remember the highest upvote wins.

This is one of the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me on steemit, my friend, my elder brother my lecturer, my mentor, @eturnerx. On a faithful day I was just trying to make new form friends on steemit and needed someone to talk to about the secret on steemit, I tried messaging as much as I can in a pleasant way just to catch some attention, non actually reply me, all where busy with their routine but this special one took sec of his time and talk to me. I couldn't stop talking with you, asking him questions beyond my level, he will lecture me tell me it's not a magic that is a gradual process I almost lost hope but he didn't give up on me and I decided to follow all his advice like a magic I started seeing attention from people relating with people, I was using a phone so small and it always give me headaches using it with the slow nature of it. I complained to him telling him I trusted him that I wanted to send 10sbd for him to convert to his currency and get a better phone for me he told me I should give him time that he will do it for me. I was like its just a way for him to say go get it yourself I didn't ask him for says and he gave me assignment and I remember him I was not having a better phone after so much he have done before, he surprised me and send hug amount of money to me before the my morning I only woke up to see alert and his messages telling me he has done it. I was so happy, I thought of what to use my little phone for but a friend of mine. A friend of mine doesn't have a phone for calling or for steemit I gave him the little phone he was really happy and I remember the special one he just spread love and smiles to nations. And I will keep making people happy thanks for this opportunity to share this once more. Steemit is a family that have you in heart and want you to grow higher. I love you all

Thank you for your entry

Thanks @prettyjules158 for creating the contest. Here is my entry.

My story goes thus, some years back while I was at the University. I think I was in 300 level or so. I went to Ibadan for a family function; Ibadan is actually my hometown and schooling is Ile-Ife helped me visit my extended family which was a good thing for me.

Back to my story, on that faithful day, I left my house at Ife at about 11 a.m to Ibadan. I arrived Ibadan approximately an hour later. I had a wonderful time with friends and family alike.

Somehow, I forgot that time was far spent and I had to return to Ife that day because I had a 7 a.m test the following day and the lecturer involved was not someone to be joked with.

Well, i arrived Iwo road at some minutes past 8p.m with my phone almost dead. Fortunately for me, I joined the last bus available. On the bus of eighteen passengers, we were just two guys (the other guy also happened to be a student of my school) while the other people were women and children.

Just after we crossed the Ibadan toll gate, the bus began to show signs that it wasn't going to take us far. The bad news was my phone was dead so there was no way I was going to tell my parents or friends back at school that I was goimg to be late. It was also raining.

As the vehicle finally came to a stop in a very lonely area, I said to myself these women cannot be left here alone with their children. So I decided to stay back and help get vehicles to convey them to their destinations. The other guy disagreed with my plan and left with the first vehicle that came to our aid. His excuse was that the Olode (night guards were not to be disregarded because there was a curfew for 10p.m).

I decided to play Mr nice guy, and that was how I arrived Ife at some minutes to 1 in the morning. The good thing was I helped every one of them get a vehicle which made me feel fulfilled.
The bad news was everybody was already bothered about my whereabouts. As soon as I turned on my phone, texts rushed in and I kept on receiving 'where are you calls' till the following morning

It felt good to sacrifice for others even if it came at huge price. I had to keep those who cared about me in suspense, I also came down with a fever some days later as a result of the cold I was exposed to along with the mercyless mosquitoes that attacked without remorse.

Thanks for reading.

Thanks is a maximum of 100.


There is still time for everyone to make adjustment on their post.

Goodluck in the contest bro

Thanks for your entry

The feeling of joy is unexplainable. Good job bro

College. My friend wanted to scare flatmate, so he hides in his wardrobe. Unfortunelly, when flatmate gets back from school, he was not alone, but with a girl. Few minutes later, two youngs doing in bed that what people usually do in bed together when not sleeping and my friend awkwardly standing in wardrobe. After the longest 15 minutes in his life he realised that this two was not going to finish quickly. He sends me sms for help. I had to interrupt, so I just...light up a cigarette at the corridor to pull the smoke alarm.

Guess who was kicked off from school next day.

Lol, I'd like to know, so who?? 😂

me ;_;
but was planning to quit anyway so not a big problem

Lol, funny help, sorry about it tho

That was funny, thank you for your entry.

Thanks for the contest @prettyjules158

I'm helping the community with a personal discord account. In here minnows and people with questions can ask anything. It's at the moment a small community that helps eachother. So when iI'vespread knowledge to someone in the discord he then helps the next one and so on. This way every can participate and everyone can ask all the questions he or she has. I Believe this way i am helping the community and hopefully create alot great steemians!

Here everyone can join:

Mi dispiace tanto che non so scrivere in inglese
Pero ho capito che sei una persona forte e per questo che ti do il mio voto

grazie mille per il tuo upvote, lo apprezzo molto. Dovrò compensare votando anche il tuo commento. un bel ro ti incontra amico.

Thanks pretty for this contest, here's my entry to the contest.
One thing I discovered I hate very much is seeing anyone suffer, whether emotional, physically or financially.i tend to feel the pains of others deeply and so I can't even count how many times I have helped people, mostly strangers financially and otherwise, seriously I hate to say it.. I don't want people to know I'm kind or something, I prefer to hide and wipe a tear, but let me tell a little for the purpose of this contest, I shuttle between 3 homes, so I'm always on the road, and any bus I enter normally get stopped by women,men or children who don't have money, when the cab or bus stops, u hear them begging, oga Pls carry me to this place I don't have money, or I have 50naira and so on, then the bus driver shouts at them NO, they beg and beg while d driver looks for other passengers undisturbed by the pleas, by this time I am almost in tears, I hate to see another person suffering 😔, they beg with God and man and Allah or whatever they can say, then I call the driver and say let that person in, man, woman or kid, I will pay the fare, they come in thanking the driver and blessing him, and don't really know what happened, and I really love it that way. Thanks

we are here to organize the strong healthy and rich to have enough extra time, money and resources to actually help those who cannot help themselves, but do so using a sustainable business model that crowdfunds and crowdsources all that can possibly be gleaned from the collective labor pool of volunteers who get reimbursed for their time in Upvotes.

We can reorganize humanity so that everyone who needs a job can be creating value for someone with more steempower then them, who is investing in them via delegation or upvote... And they themselves can have people working under them, and so on and so forth...

You will be a millionaire even if you can hold just 1000 teem tokens, for they WIL be wrath $1000 Each

Thank you for your entry.

Kinda heart...

Thanks to prettyjules for this opportunity

This in my entry..
Today as I was driving along the Benin new Lagos road in Edo state Nigeria, around ugbowor, I was interrupted by the Edo state traffic management ,one Mr osaro Kelvin with registration number Ed010009 for over load.
In the cause of that, I pleaded with the man but he refused to consider my excuse, I was ask to go with him to the office of which I did, on getting there one Mr Mathew was ask to follow me to bring my vehicle to their office ,when we got to where my vehicle was, Mr Mathew suddenly changed is mind and ask me to call Kelvin for him, but Mr Kelvin refuse to come, on getting to meet Mr Mathew to tell him the situation, he said I should go without paying for my offense.... All thanks to Mr Mathew for your help

Great bro. Nailed. Good composition.

Thank you for your entry.

Thanks @pretthjules158 for this contest and for improving the life of people.alot of people organized contest and after the contest they dont give out prices or stand by there words.just hope yours wont be like a friend rendered to me that will never forget is this;
During our last cemester in school,things was really had for me and i could not pay up my school fees.they gave a dead line of just 1week or else we that have not paid will be withdraw.nobody to go to.i was down in tears and concluded to go and joined some girls at night by road side to use what i have to get what i want,i do hope you understand? "Selling my body" 5days gone with know hope,i make up my mind to do was saturday,on that faithfulday at about 9pm i get dress set out to go.on my way going i might a course mate(male) his name is femi.he stop me,expressing how much he has interest in me and have been eying me.i insulted him and even gave him a slap.yet he hold my hand and said to me hope you are not hurt pretty.i cant help it but laugh.imagine i slap someone and his asking hope am not hurt,am i the one to get hurt or him? Right there i tender apology to him and he ask us to go to a bar to sit and talk and i agreed to followe him.because of time,let me cut it short,i explained my problem to him.he gave me the little he has and help me to tell the classrep and the whole class join hands together contribute money to pay for my school fees,that year.he then refused to date me,raider he said we should just be friend cos he dont want it to be as if his using the opportunity of helping me to date me and i said theres no problem.i can never forget FEMI.thats my story.hope you enjoy reading.please upvote

Thanks is a maximum of 100.


There is still time for everyone to make adjustment on their post.

Thank you for your entry, although is more than 100 words.
Thank you.

This is my entry

As a young lad, I was taking a walk in school when I saw a friend of mine who had misplaced her money for the cab, she asked me if I could assist her in raising funds so she could get home being that her home was quite far from school. I told her not to worry and gave her all the money I had forgetting I was saving up to buy something. However when I gave her the money I felt something, something called happiness. I realized that day that money can buy happiness it's just really hard to find its salesman.

Thanks for your entry.

it all happen at when i was broke i was saving up to buy my phone it was remaining 2000 and there was no way to get it and i really needed the phone so i can use it for ma jamb and my waec info then my close friend @cyrillseun was saving up too to buy his phone too but his money hasnt all most been completed then so he gave me 2000 from his savings from his phone to complete mine that really touched me and i showed him with thanks..sometimes you may have a good friend not only by giving you money bt we wouldnt even notice it..#ANGELSEXISTS.

Thanks for your entry

Sometime last year, I needed a laptop.
I was still quite young as a writer and I didn't have a laptop. You can guess how frustrating it was.

My best friend had a laptop, and if he were closer, maybe he would lend me once in a while, but he was in another state.

He shocked me by sending it, through a friend, to me. He even sent some cash with it.

He is still without a laptop, and he lost his job.
The laptop is what I use to earn money, and so, I look for ways to support him.

I wish I could do more for him.

@djoi thanks for your entry. for the main time do what you can to assist him am sure he will get a new job soon.

Hello @prettyjules
This is a good contest. Please note that some contestant have written more than 100 words which is again the rule of the contest and they should be disqualified immediately.
If you want to continue with this contest, all rules anf regulations must be adhere to by any contestant no mattet their reputations


Thanks is a maximum of 100.


There is still time for everyone to make adjustment on their post.

All thanks to @prettyjules for this contest.

I was traveling on an expressway in a Red Cross ambulance when we met an accident we stop bye to check on the victims some said we have something very important to do than waiting here. I insisted on checking the situation of things. Behold we stop to check the casualties, we rescue about 18 people who are seriously injured. Give them first aid and take them to the nearest hospital. It touched me when one of the casualties happens to be a relative of someone telling us not to check.

Thanks for reading

Thanks for your entry.


Welcome to Steem @prettyjules158.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Expect my entry soon

Will be waiting.

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If you'd like to help spread the word about the Steemit Writing Contest List I'd really appreciate a resteem, but it certainly isn't necessary. The project is simply meant to help writers save time and contest creators attract more contestants.

P.S. If you know of any contests I've missed I'd love to hear about them. Thanks!

Thank you for your entry, remember the highest number of up vote wins.

Thanks @prettyjules158 for this contest
My Entry:
In august 2014, I had just received my licence to practice as medical laboratory scientist on Saturday in my school, UNN. An interview for internship was to hold in University of Abuja Teaching Hospital and I had no money to travel from Enugu to Abuja for the Interview. After putting the two hundred naira remaining with me into the offering box in church on Sunday, I prayed for divine assistance. After church, I decided to do 'babi Allah' (begging) in my hostel, for support and I realise the amount of money that I used to transport myself to Abuja.

Thanks for your entry, remember the highest number of upvote wins. entry is loading

I will be waiting.

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Here is my entry
Few years ago I was really unhappy at how things were unfolding in my life because of my inability to contain my anger, I was hot tempered and this affected my daily life until I met this lady whom I met at a banking hall realized how frustrated I was because of unnecessary delay at the banking hall, she walked up to me and had a little chat with me, there and then I got distracted and realized my frustration was gone, she told me I needed therapy afterwards and after much thought I decided to give it a try and after several session I think I am making progress and am really great full to her for her support

Thanks for your entry

You know i have no story to be told. But let me tell a bit experience of helping. When somebody was helping others ini public area so there are many perspectives appearance on people's mind.
But it's ok. I was walking around for enjoy some fresh air in an evening then from Mile away i Saw an old woman was trying to accross to other side of the path.
There is no one seen over there. I decided to help.
That is't

Thank you for your entry.

I have a little friend and her name is Jovelyn .
I see her every weekends. She's just one of the hundreds of kids living in slum that we are helping through feeding and learning program.
I belong to a non-government organisation called Project Pearls that helps less fortunate kids.
Two years ago, Jovelyn's a sweet tiny girl who loves to hug me and take pictures with me.
As she grow bigger, she also became healthier because of the daily food that we provide for kids like her.
I hope that someday through having proper education she can finally step out of poverty and have a better life.
As I help her, she's also helping me to see life on a broader and brighter perspective. She make me realise that I am fortunate enough to give back to the community.
I would always love helping her as she also always help me relieving my stresses from work through her warm hugs and lovely smiles.
Way to go, Jovelyn!
I will always be your big sister who helps and supports you all the way!


Woooow, thanks for your entry. I hope you can also make me your sis as well.

I started to write a list, it was too long, and many I don't know the names. I'm sure many feel similarly, like we are different and struggling through life. I feel like versions of myself or my soul which have come before me leave me breadcrumbs, as a snack or a trail. Dead authors, activists, poets, and philosophers. Kept women, slaves, good kings and commoners who remind me that I have always existed in this and there are always more of my kind to find in the madness. Sweet souls that make infinity a joy <3

When nothing seems real, give your self some time and think things over.

Great, this would be helpful events in build this platforms. @prettyjules

Just want to know, highest number of upvotes or highest earnings on the comment (entry)?

Thanks for organizing this contest and for the love you have for people @prettyjules, Here is my entry

I was really sick and was admitted at the hospital, I was having crisis and i had shortage of blood. The doctor said i needed 3 pant of blood and to undergo series of tests. My parents didn't have enough money to pay bills, my dad's blood type was the same as mine, so he could only donate 1 pant of blood. We were searching for money to buy the remaining pants of blood and to undergo the tests which costs thousands of Naira. I was pale and was going, just when it seems all hope was lost, the owner of the hospital came and ordered his staff to do the tests free and to give me blood from their blood bank. It was just like an Angel in disguise of a humanbeing.

Nice post👍

Great initiative from you @prettyjules, even thought you have forgotten me 😀😀😃😃😅😅

Anyways, since you have started sharing SBD, please remember to send mine.

Well done work!

Lol @chijiokecj i can't forget you.

Hahaha! Seeing is believing o

Hi guys, this is my entry for the contest.......

On my way to the office one faithful morning, i realized the cash i had with me would not be enough for my T-fair to the office then i decided to use the ATM close to my Bus-stop. On getting to the ATM stand i discovered that the ATM was unable to dispense cash and meanwhile i was already running late for work....
I decided to ask for help from a lady close to me and she agreed to help on the condition that she was going to pay part of the money. Getting to our destination she said i should keep my money that she was going to pay all, i was so happy and short of words i thanked her and we went our separate ways. I can imagine myself waiting at the bus-stop without no help or someone to talk to but i am grateful that i was able to get help at he time i needed it most......


Thanks for your entry

I am Charles Okeke and i got this awesome help from my platoon inspector during my NYSC camp days in Awgu, Enugu state Nigeria. The day i was given my NYSC uniform, the trouser got missing from my bag. So i have no complete uniform to join the camp closing parade. I cried to my camp commandant and pleaded for replacement. But no assurance. I continued to beg for almost 10days. To my utmost surprise, the last night before camp closing parade, she called me and handed me a new set of uniform, not just the trouser. I was very happy.

Thanks for your entry.

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Hello Dear @prettyjules158,

Thank you for hosting this contest!

Here is my entry

When I moved to New York the adjustment from the west coast was difficult. I ended up couch surfing for awhile and it was tough to get work. I met a lovely friend who invited me to stay with her until I got my life straightened out.

My kind friend was a widow with five boys that worked hard to take care of them and her home. She was one of the kindest women I have ever met in my life and if not for her I would have ended up homeless. There really are angels amongst us!

Respectfully submitted, @eaglespirit

Thanks for your entry.

Thank you for having me. :)

Thank you for this opportunity to hone my skills. I overshot the 100 words and had to go back and do some editing. My entry:
The little aviator
As the oldest of four, I grew up with ample opportunities to help. Helping three younger brothers navigate school, dating, and family was often a fulltime job, that helped define me. I will always remember entertaining my middle brother by reading to him. At age six he had believed that a towel cape granted him the ability of flight, from our rooftop. So, as he lay in bed that first night with his arm in a cast, I read him a book, which I can only hope made up for not discouraging his first and last attempt at flight.


Helping is always a win-win situation as it makes the person I helped feel good and also makes me feel good.

Not long ago I discovered a blog by someone called @terminallyill.

He was writing fantastic tutorials but wasn’t getting the recognition he deserved.

So I wrote a post about him which you can read here

He was the happiest man on earth that day and it led to him being discovered.

His appreciation touched me and we became good friends.

A simple act of kindness goes a long way in making the world a better place