This is A Story About A Place

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You have no idea what I'm about to say and what I'd like you to know is, we're in this together. I'm where you're at.

It's a place.

A really cool place where you can hear the tide roll in and out with or without the sliding glass door open. It's better when it's open.



Won't be any sight seeing here. None of that touristy shit, we're going off script. Never been there before, touristy shit won't have it.


No fancy nineteenth century architecture either where streets look like everyone draws pastel straws and whatever color straw you draw is the color you paint your house.


No venturing, hiking, iconic monument touring, historic church or statues with fancy water features visiting or bicycle renting either. Not this time around.


Where the biggest decision of the day is right or left. It's probably best to alternate in case one side has more boobs out than the other. They do that here. Dudes too, there. First public beach I've been to where they do that. They call those private back home.

Not here.

It's like a reverse psychology and it's working. Dudes don't drool over topless ladies, just the ones in bikinis like normal. Boobs out, no one stares. It's disrespectful, look the other way, give the lady her privacy. Works out great. More beaches should practice this behavior.

Right or left.

Trying to remember which way I went yesterday.

BIG decision.


One thing we're not in is a hurry. Whatever's there isn't going anywhere. The closer we get the louder it is, doesn't stop. Can't stop it. Can't mute it or turn it down, push cancel or set it for another time or anything, it's just on. Tough to explain like knots in a lady's hair dryer.

Straightening irons are no exception. If there's a really short cord attached to an instrument or tool designed to be permanent on one end and attach to a wall receptacle on the other, they manage to wove several equally isometric pretzels in it completely unintentionally. Can't explain it.


Like diesel trucks, some heavier than others. Some loaded with cargo, some without and they're far and then close and then far out again and then back, accompanied frequently by an overshadowing sound of air travel.


Like thunder but not overhead, it's eye level and increases volume as the sun goes down. Night turns it up. Either that or there's less voices competing for lead, making it louder. Or both.

Probably both.

An occasional mist is a reminder to put the camera away and do anything else.









Looks bloody divine. And if men can have boobs out, so should woman. It's only fair.

What she said! What's good for one is good for both. Public beaches are really behind the times.

Ohhhh someone is happy :-)

Sunsets and oceans can't be beaten by anything.

Really glad to see a positive post and best wishes to you both....

Are you back on a bike?

I haven't been releasing negative stuff, have I? I try to steer clear of producing content when my head's in the wrong place.

Bicycles. Not yet! We've been going the lazy route and using electric scooters. Sh.. secret.

Seems like everything's a trampoline these days, Nathen, before we even land, we're planning the next landing. Real close to parking (again), looking forward to it. We got a couple days left where we are and, I'm not gonna lie dude, I'll miss this coffee..

No you haven't been posting anything negative but I just felt a little frustration or exasperation at things not turning out exactly as you'd hoped and I got only happy vibes from this post...which I nearly missed and had to hunt for!

Electric scooters...another reason why you need to lay hats here, we have loads of them on the road and for your mental well being, do as I am now. Sit outside a 7/11 and play with the many street dogs.

Hoping the next quantum leap will find you a home mate.

Best wishes to the pair of you :-)

That picture is stunning!

Ah, ok. "Guilty," totally our fault mate. We had the nerve to make a plan as though everything would work out. Plans are funny like that.

Pura misses her doctor the longer we're out and, about a month ago, her grandmother had some cancer removed quite suddenly. She was pretty disappointed she couldn't be closer for that.

Ever notice how the longer you're away from something permanent the more you confide in your virtual strangers buddies?

Should have some positive updates for you by the end of the month. Positive, not plan, totally different P word.

To be honest, for 20 odd years I've enjoyed chatting to relative strangers online. For me, it's just easier to form relationships and I can easily choose who I speak to or not. Perhaps because of that separation, I find people to be more open and honest without the 'politics' and he said, she said BS I find in closer, face to face relationships.

After 10+ years away though, I do feel guilt at not instantly being there for important events of loved ones and this will become more and more of a problem as the years move on.

It's difficult fella so all we can do is compromise and do the best we can both for ourselves and loved ones.

Life is one big never ending challenge. We just have to play the game :-)

That was an extremely cool read and a fantastic last line! I miss the ocean, it's been a minute since I've last sat eye level with the thunder :) Gorgeous pics too

Is the fork over? I saw you respond but then I didn't and then it came back and out it went again. = }

Hello, Dreemit. I don't believe we've met yet, I'm DanDays - The Luckiest Guy I Know. Thanks for keeping an eye on me! If I disappoint just drop me a line and I'll have a talk with myself.

See you on the beach! I mean, I'm not looking.

No, I don't believe we have! I've run across your comments here and there and made a mental note to check you out.. but if I don't move those notes into a physical place, my brain gets distracted! This time I clicked on your comment in a post my friend nonames reblogged...and was definitely Not disappointed!

Luckiest guy you know...well no wonder I made that mental note, we are obviously kindred! Nice to meet you too!

(If you see me on the beach it must mean it's cold out, far more likely to spot me dodging dolphins and sharks :0)

Well I'm glad you did and I'm pretty exhausted so maybe I'm seeing things which wouldn't be the first time, by the way, but did you just change profile pics in front of me?

I changed it this morning, but it kept waffling back and forth for some reason 😆

I will be doing a post on this eventually, but the incredibly talented @therealpaul finished painting a cover for the second book in a series I'm writing, and that's a little piece of it :) Not quite ready for the reveal as I want to edit the book through here, and will kick off with a post about that cover.

He also did the cover of my first book, with some digital editing done by another friend who was once here, (and most well known as @son-of-satire until he sold that account.)

Reborn cover by paul.jpg


COVER REBORN BOOK (1)-page-001 (1).jpg

Why didn't you tell me you're a celebrity, I almost came here before I brushed my teeth could you imagine?!

Ha! I'm not a very good self promoter really, but what I can do is promote my friends which in turn promotes my books lol!

I'm so glad you're enjoying the sea, the sand and going whichever way the wind day takes you. It's high time you take a break from the concrete jungle, enjoy it @dandays!

I love the way you can't turn it off. No amount of sand or sandbags or tractors or anything can make it stop. They say the sun and moon makes tides high and low. Whatever it is, I sleep well to it.

Thank you Lizelle. <3

So true, nothing can stop it, the neverending sound of the waves is the best lullaby!

Good morning my friend, Robin has been keeping me up to date with where you're at and what you're plans may be.
Left or right, it doesn't seem to matter, what a wonderful way to live.

Sounds and looks like all is well with you and Pura.
Life is good.

She you updates too? Dang man, can you do anything without her?! Totally rhetorical = }.

We're hangin in there sir, much appreciate you keeping with us. Looking forward to returning to the land you roam but between me and you, it's just us here, right? Counting down the days like this and forgetting which way I went yesterday doesn't suck.

Imagine if all rights and lefts were that peaceful.

It would be tough if she wasn't my wingman that's for sure. The one thing that I know I couldn't do without her would be to eat so well.
Looking forward to returning, that doesn't sound like the guy I think I know, or should that be I thought I knew.
Choices can be difficult little buggers, even when you know exactly what the best choice is. That guy that sits on your shoulder sporting those little horns can be very convincing.
I like to think that age has brought wisdom along with it but on occasion I still find myself, enough said!

wich ocean's wave your are hearing breaking...? i am hearing the Atlantic Ocean's waves breaking in the moment.

You got all that from my description?! And here I thought I couldn't describe what it sounds like.

Whaddup! Thank you.

i can read between the lines... 🔥


Looks like a great place to be!

Who needs/wants that tourist [email protected]?

u have a really cool way to show/talk (write) about stuff.. Maybe u should be a tour guide?? :P

Whaddup Chinito! I don't think we've met yet, I'm DanDays - The Luckiest Guy I know.

Follow me. Watch your step. As we emerge from the subway here, we'll be in the middle of a rave with techno so loud it echos to tomorrow.

Howzit?! 😊😎🤙

Yea, I just started following u.. maybe u would like the awesome vid i just found on youtube cuz it's great music to do ur hiving to..


Welcome! Glad to have you. Let me know if I disappoint and I'll kick my ass for you.

So you're saying you're in witness protection?

I've been advised not to respond to this. I hope you understand.

Respond to what?

On an unrelated note, what's this liketu thing? I've seen some people posting to it but they all had that obnoxious watermark on all their photos. Did they do away with that?

Another front end. Those watermarks occur when you post from LikeTu but it's only available on PC. I began chatting with dude about seven months ago about it cuz nerds like me only have iOS devices. I keep hearing it'll be available soon.

So I posted to the community through PeakD, this is my second time, hence the no watermark. Worked out well last time, their upvotes are nice.

So you are in France now? You should visit @arcange and Co.!

tu parles français? Kidding, we were Bonjour all over the place a couple weeks ago though. Wait'll you hear the one about the little itty bitty thin slice of cheese we got that cost more than weed.

Arcange, that figures, I'm always last to find out.

Thank you sir.

That does look like a cool place. Nice view of the water.
People only pretend not to look. No one actually passes on a chance to look at boobs. They only pretend to do that.


It doesn't suck at all and the open window sounds way better than the fan app on the phone. Saves battery too. We're conserving energy.

Pretenders, that figures. I'll pay closer attention today so I don't look out of place.

Looks like the right place for you both to find calm thouhts and just be there for a while.
Proof me wrong ;-) this place brings out the poet dandays?
Greetings to the warm spanish coast and your better half !LUV

Thank you for your witness vote!
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Well ay-lo Beebuh. Accidentally did that in my British accent. Sometimes I forget where I am.

Like this balcony. Doesn't sound like any other balcony I've been on. It's dark right now and I can see the white tops of the waves. Sunrise in about two hours, I'm ready.


Uuuuuh, dandays is getting closer.... 😬 just another six hour car ride away from dan dude mondoshawan. Must i be concerned now? They just announce the 8th ScamVid wave here...
Makes me think, may you are the folks traveling around all the time with some Corona Beers and everyone is afraid now. 😁 U didn't bring the salty bags with you, did you?!

I've never left the house without my salty bags. Good thing it's only a topless beach.

Is that scam thing still going around? I thought it was over. Last I heard it's only on the internet. I got that from the internet though.

What's up man? Never a bad time for Dan Dude to stop by. Only six hours? See you when you get here.

Excellent, can't imagine a bottomless beach... actually now my mind is blind!

The moment you arrived in France they announced the 8th one... so tell me. Are you involved in this and can i join, looks like i could travel faster if that's it!

Six hours with a car.... would take me at least a week to walk there. No way i could afford another way to do so. So give it some time and check behind you in a bit again.

Speaking of looking backwards, you ever crossed a street in England? They drive on the wrong side of the road there so you gotta look backwards when crossing. Tough to walk across an intersection watching where you came from instead of where you're going.

See you behind me next week!

Yep, my first trip to London was teaching me that, which started with a twisted ankle, since the edges of the pavement are like mountains too... and finished with a Pub fight show at "Punch and Judy". 😁

'Til next week then!

See you behind me next week!

Is that West Indian speak for a certain sound?


How to make England say wtf is that thing in the sky in Three.. Two..


Incorrect buzzer. Correct answer is #kma

Wicked photo, but why is the sun white? The sun is yellow dude.

I see you are in want of social interaction in your vicinity. May you be blessed with the beauty of @dandays's company. @dandays, a suggestion, bring green things, cheese, meat, and wine offerings.

Hahaha, i would be okay with just Guinness and some Fish & Chips... 😁

What you'd be okay with and what is a slice of cheese more than that is better. #JUSTsaying 😏

@mondoshawan will appreciate this.

So we're in Paris and dude at an outdoor market across from Notre Dame had a cheese sample. I never should've accepted. Told Pura, you gotta try that...

Best cheese ever. Oh, by the way, I plan on writing a whole piece about that one, thin, tiny slice of cheese so ima need ya'all to keep a secret. Sh!

She agreed, best cheese ever. Bomb ass cheese. I burped it up for several hours and even the burps were delicious! Anywho.. She asked what it was, "truffle cheese," he said. So I bought a slice. He continued asking how thick and I really just wanted a slice cuz we had a fresh baguette we'd enjoy it with so I said a little smaller, a little smaller, and he adjusted the blade accordingly.

Finally, he cut us a slice and wrapped it up. It was about the size of the palm of my wife's hand and no thicker than a No.2 pencil at its thickest edge. Weighed it, handed it to me, and said €34.30.

For a fucking slice of cheese!

😁 Welcome to the real world Neo! Hahahahahahahaahahahahahahaha... Better start eating meat, that's less expensive and btw... do not shop in Paris, they got the average french price doubled at least. Bro...! Hahahaha....

NEO!! That's funny. "Guilty."

Fish, that's it. Dude I'm such a finicky eater. Hashtag Princess. Pura's not. She'll often mention how much easier it'd be if I ate meat but she's a chef so... meh.
= }

Uuuuh... i'm so feeling with her since i'm a chef too. But at least you eat fish though i'm quite surprised for the most finicky eaters do not touch that

"Guilty." Fresh or sea, I'm not opposed although there's some things I just don't care for like lobster and oysters and a couple other things. Birds and pigs and cows and stuff though, I can't handle it.

And you're a chef?! See you in 5 days.

Bet that's not a problem in Merika, #justsaying

Not bad!!!

I am definitely NOT where you're at. I'm in my house, planning a getaway next to a waterway. Not in Paris, though. Not even close.


No, nothing sucks here. I should probably rephrase that.

Hello Owasco. What waterway are you headed for?

One more. When we were there we went for a dinner cruise. Real nice. Got a little cold but we were dressed for it. Felt bad for the people who weren't.


I'll be on a tributary of the Hudson River. A marsh to be more exact. A tiny house airbnb near where I used to live, in Piermont NY.

That sounds exciting. Good timing, too, not too cold, not too hot. Going by yourself or something else?

Just me and my dog, Hazel. Visiting the friends and places I miss, especially a jazz club I used to frequent. I hope to sing there a couple times at the open mic and piano bar. Boy do I miss that.

Whoever don't like dogs can't be trusted. = } Rub'er ears for me. Or his. Hazel sounds girly so I assume her and, if not, don't tell Hazel I called him a her.

Her preferred pronoun is she, yes. Goodness, am I glad I had the foresight to get a puppy six months ago. Companionship, love, warmth and grounding responsibilities. I don't know how people live without pets. When SHTF, they are constants. When all is well, they delight.

You had me at "Trucks".

"Like diesel trucks, some heavier than others..."

But why am I not getting alerts when you post..?


Sammi Jo...

Tip the Man please. He made a great post and knocked it out if the park with the photography too.

Samantha Jo is my personal accountant and banker...


Samantha Jo is my personal accountant and banker...

And road dog dot dot dot dot.


Not sure about your alerts, that sucks. Glad you found this when you did. But I guess if you're gonna tip me like that when you miss my content I'll see you about a week after my next one! = }

Totally kidding.

Thanks man. Your patronage however long we've been doing this is next level.

That arm pump guy is beeping the horn with his left finger. While driving one of those giant dump trucks. I would so love to cash in this "C.ommercial D.river L.icense" to go play in the dirt...


Beautiful photos!! i loved the post

Hey thanks for finding me. I don't think we've met yet—pleasure's mine.

Glad you enjoyed this one. Typically I try to release fresh content more frequently but we've been even more mobile than Mornal lately and these comments / responses are about the only time I have to open my phone.

The dust is settling comfortably, though. See you soon.

it is a pleasure to meet you too @dandys

you should post often, you do it really great

I don't know what could be happening but I hope you get over it when you can and that everything goes well for you

Sad to say this, but your first and last photos look like some sort of restrictive fenced in situation. You're not incarcerated are you?

All the rest of the photos are gorgeous.

I already forgot what they look like.

Is that a claw I see? Someone pinch me. Not that hard.

Smooth moves .9. I'll see your .9 and raise you .09.

Whew, brushes sweat from forehead. Thought a rescue break out party might be of merit.

A single claw...the rest are occupied with cheeseburgers...remember those?

Cool 9, nine. Looks like a scorpion tail. My alma mater is one of those. Not tail! Scorpion.

Yes, I see them occasionally on dinner menus. That was cheesy.

It does have a scorpion tail feel.

Yes, I see them occasionally on dinner menus. That was cheesy.

LOL! Homemade is the best.

I voted this, because I like stories about places.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time. I like responding to comments.

I liked seeing the pictures of the places you took pictures. Dear friend, how did you create the animated name of your ID that you put at the end with what software?

I'm glad you like it, thank you. And thanks for asking. A gentleman on here made that for me, @aleister. He's a graphic designer, musician and photographer. If he's not too busy maybe he'll commission for you.

What I did was went to him with the idea, what I wanted it to do, say, colors, et cetera and he did the rest.

Wait, is that the waffle tower? Are you in pair-ee?? The beach looks so quiet. Where are the boobs??

My hair dryer has no knots and never has, but I'm no lady...

Do you even have hair?!

Good morning. It's morning where you are when I wrote this.

We were but now we're not. Ever hear how horrible the French are? Rude, unwelcoming to travelers, et cetera. I'd heard that from all over the place and I'm here to report: bullshit! They're super friendly. Out of everywhere we've been, that's only the second time Pura said she wants to live there.

Where are the boobs??

Between the neck and belly button.

I went to France when I was a wee lass and it was beautiful and people were very friendly indeed! Then we went to Italy and there were nuns and they liked to pinch little girls' cheeks with a vengeance. Sadly, that it my most vivid memory of Italy.

Do you even have hair?!

heyfuckyou I live in Oregon, I have all the hair.

Between the neck and belly button.

That's it, I'm going out for un café.

Uhm.. We could see the Coliseum from our stay, there's that. Lots of history, that too. We were there a month. New Years in Rome was pretty spectacular. Oh, and right below our stay was the best focaccia bread in the world.

That's how I avoid saying what I really think

Sounds lovely!!

It was the nuns, wasn't it? Those monochromatic bastards. Are the men there really sexist women chasers or is that just a tv thing?

Nah didn't see a whole lot of that. Maybe if you don't speak English. You don't have to worry about unwanted attention in Rome if you speak English. Even cab drivers peel out and leave you on the curb once they hear you talk.

Huh. Well if I go I guess I'll just caw and rattle and flap my wings.

Oooo, that was a lovely sunset there. Where it was, that place kinda left or right

It just keeps doing it too Boom, 19:18 every day, like a clock. = }

That is strange, like we are on a spinning ball or something. Incredible!

Remember that brake check thing they did a couple years ago and the whole thing stopped spinning?

:edit: That was a close one! I almost forgot to tell you, I'm going left today.

Don't go left!! Everyone knows that way use the dark path!!

Feng Shui innit?


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pokes you on your post because I can

Kinda fun having you back, 'tis only you that has your style, 😁

Waking up to this reply didn't suck at all. Thank you Nine. I'm not that bad. = }

Nope, you're not that bad, never would say you are. 😏

Bro... You back in the formerly United States of Murica yet .?


Man, I've been in so many places this past month, exhausted is an inaccurate description. I don't know when my birthday is. Four countries and five states in six weeks.

I actually tried putting some content together the other day, if nothing else, just to update you guys, but my mind's going in too many directions right now to focus. But for the record, I did shoot you a line on discord for a potential drive by.


Dammit. 🤬😡🤬

I should put down the steering wheel. 🚛🚛🚛

Feed the cats.🐱😹🐱

Sleep less. 🥱😴🥱

Hive (discord) more... 💻⌨️💻

Thank you for voting for my tower post. I need a little external input for my brain again. I'm thinking about crossposts and Twitter. What do you think about crossposts in other communities in general and when one is asked to do so by a community? And when should these be done (just after posting the new post?)? Or what do you think about publishing your own posts on Twitter (POSH token and new Twitter badge on PeakD)? Every opinion counts.

Wassup man? I'm flattered you respect my opinions.

I'm not much help as far as POSH and Twitter because to this day this is my only social media type experience. I've still never been to the Face one, Twitterland or Instawhatever it's called. However, I see POSH'd content regularly on the Blockchain and think any attempt to promote Hive is a good thing.

As far as crossposts, I've never done that—not once. I've had plenty of content crossposted but never did so myself. When I see the same authors repeat the same self crossposts day in/day out, eventually I can't help but to see it as spammy and unnecessary to which I instinctually try to avoid.

If a community member asks for content to be crossposted, then I think that member should do the crossposting. That way it remains neutral. I understand the purpose—give likeminded individuals access to content they may not have otherwise located. But unless it's being crossposted by a neutral, third party, I'm not a fan of it.

Hope that helps.

If any time you attempt these things we talk about and achieve different results, I'm all eyes. 👊🏼