Warning, please don't encourage the self-voting/vote-selling of the @ph-fund initiative

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I wrote a post on this yesterday and along with many other stakeholders apart from the ones in the comments all are in agreement that this is nothing but excessive self-voting or vote-selling that goes against the EIP and curation in general and will not be accepted by Hive's stakeholders.

The initiators may tell you it's for your own good but behind the scenes, they're the ones mostly profiting from this and not the platform itself as it incentivizes to vote on anything as long they're getting the rewards.

From this post forward, accounts giving beneficiary to @ph-fund or any other account that suddenly may appear and attempt to do the same thing will face some downvotes to make this activity unprofitable for both the author and curator. What you're doing isn't genuine curation and not genuinely paying delegators fair returns.

Shame to the authors who are enabling this kind of activity and not speaking up about it within the community.

All post rewards going to @hbdstabilizer.

There are 2 pages

This might come in handy when dealing with questions and concerns:

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Please stop inviting more dancing fleas during this time because even though price went up 6x and hbd 2x this is unsustainable for our spinning socks!

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The fumigators are set to arrive any day now while everything else is swept under the rug for the time being.


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Hi deranged. Long time. Remember Whaleshares?.. You must be making an absolute killing on NFT with photography :)

Wow you are making 200 o 250 per post and stopping others to earn 20$ ... bravo..... Nice group voting....


I can't control who supports my work and how much comes in. I'm grateful so many choose to enjoy my work. I'm happy half of that goes back to them. I work hard on my work. One can see others enjoying it by looking at the comment section and seeing them having fun. I've probably posted about 5 times, all year. One can view my blog to verify that.

This part about stopping others earning. I didn't downvote Project Hope. I came here to joke around a bit and get some answers.

This thing you folks are doing where you try really hard to make others look bad, in order to make yourselves look good; that's shady. Looks bad on you. And that's your own damn fault.

If you want to insult me. That's fine. Next time apply a little more honesty to it though. That way it'll sting. You coming here and acting like that, plus demonstrating within the first second of us meeting how dishonest you'll be, well, that's not going to help your cause much. That gives me way too much leverage. Some might call that a "rookie mistake."

Try harder. Be honest. If you'd like to continue being a jerk, the floor is all yours.

He's obviously dishonest.

He's not even brave enough to tag @themarkymark when talking about him.

Rookie mistake.

It seems @themarkymark is your husband and that's why you are serving him. You don't have dare to speak against @themarkymark because you will loss his support and instead of this you will start getting downvotes from him. I know you agree with me inside but outside you are pretending. Let's be honest and answer me that buildwhale supporting shit posts or not? If there is a little shame left?

Lol just because you wish your alternative facts are true doesn’t mean they are.

I disagree with him more than you think behind the scenes.

You can bugger off about downvotes. I’ve lost hundreds of dollars worth a week when I downvoted bigger asses like you.

The Drama never ends 😊 😂. It's popcorn 🍿 time....

There will always people who try to get rich off from others in the short term.

That’s why community leaders and community tokenisation matters to create more long term people who try to makes each other rich

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Short term actions don't mean much, obviously a lot of that gets locked but with their accounts growing, in the end it's still collected unfairly over the rest of the platform.

Hello Mr. @acydio
I realize that your hate campaign is supported by the 50% beneficiary. It is impressive this.
Let's see, if I put 100% to donate to someone, would that be a problem ... I do not know if you have ever done any charity work, although by their level and ability to hate behind a premise of "selling votes", I doubt that it is one of those who could give away.

  • Do you know of any community that has a medical emergency fund to help users...?

Only projet Hope has it. And I, as a doctor and nurse by profession, have been able to help so many with medical orientations, that I have no number for it. And thanks to Poject Hope.

  • Do you know of any community that pays for user training? in my case, (like others), I am not a native English speaker, but luckily now I can do it, because I have been able to receive support for that, I repeat, like so many others as well.

  • And if as well as this hate campaign makes some publication to ask in what other ways Project Hope has been able i pact positively in many people, sure I would understand a little, of course, if your hatred allows it. But obviously, you're not going to make a post to be able to give someone a chance to make someone look good, I don't see that at all viable in you.

I know you're going to tell me that you won't comment on what I just said, because I'm sure you'll tell me that your intention is to "highlight" the 50% beneficiary, the axis of your hate campaign.

And I know it will rain negative votes on me, from you and other Haters. But, let's see, one more question:

  • Do you know that other communities work by sending the "payment for support" through different accounts? Sure you do, you know it, maybe even some of them are your friends, and that's why you don't say anything.

And I would dare to ask you other questions:

  • Do you consider reward.app as a way to incentivize to drain hive? which by the way, I never used it....
  • Is that percentage charged by that reward.app service also burned to incentivize the price increase of Hive? excuse my ignorance, of course, but if that small percentage is burned, I don't think it has much impact on raising the price of hive when it "incentivizes" the massive sale of hive through this service.

These are just doubts I have, in view of the fact that you care a lot about the welfare of the platform, and it is you who is behind this "wonderful service".

I will say goodbye...for now.

Do you know of any community that has a medical emergency fund to help users...?

OCD has been occasionally voting charity posts. What's your drama?

Only projet Hope has it. And I, as a doctor and nurse by profession, have been able to help so many with medical orientations, that I have no number for it. And thanks to Poject Hope.

Project Hope isn't the only one doing it. But it has a knack to flex about it.

Do you know of any community that pays for user training?

There's CTP Swarm where they incentivize crypto and affiliate marketing training all for the clicks and business.

Do you know that other communities work by sending the "payment for support" through different accounts? Sure you do, you know it, maybe even some of them are your friends, and that's why you don't say anything.

Make a post to highlight that, would be nice to know more about these communities doing it. :D

Do you consider reward.app as a way to incentivize to drain hive? which by the way, I never used it....

In concept, that app was meant to incentivize curating content as more % goes to curators. In practice, authors just set the meter to 0 so that the conceptual purpose gets repurposed to just faster liquidation of the rewards.

Is that percentage charged by that reward.app service also burned to incentivize the price increase of Hive? excuse my ignorance, of course, but if that small percentage is burned, I don't think it has much impact on raising the price of hive when it "incentivizes" the massive sale of hive through this service.

Not really, 1% and the small percentage of users actually using the app never made much impact on the price. Whatever you're trying to angle this into won't cover the 50% beneficiary claim. Reward app isn't making acid rich but those 50% beneficiaries do for the admins of project hope.

Hi @adamada
Oh no, it's not about Dramas, it's just that I want to highlight that it's not only what they say in this post, because seeing one side of the coin is not enough to make a logical opinion, I guess you will agree with me that you always have to go a little further to be able to understand things better.

OCD supports, of course yes, I have seen it, it is just another way to support, a different and valid one.

I am part of CTP community, I even receive their newsletters directly to my mail, they have a good working scheme, I like it too, and yes, it is formative, but obviously, I must say that it is not project.hope the only one that seeks to generate training in users, this one you mentioned, CTP, is a GREAT EXAMPLE, and surely there are others doing it, I just don't know them.

I think it would also be a good post, to highlight those good things that communities do, and that impact beyond the platform.

Even these encounters in situations like the one this post is about, are good, because you can get to know other users and their work.

Ach, what a load of shite. Doctor and nurse my fucking arse.

Doctor and nurse my fucking arse

Have you been on an "adult" site again..? 😂

Hahahhaha, Ah, love it! :OD

I'm a fire truck.

I am eminently qualified to reply on this, I am a hose

Hmm. I see potential here. Would you like to be business partners?

You got wheels? You got wheels you got a deal!

Okay but just so you know, I get to keep half your pay now, so you can get wheels later.

Managed to get this far and do allllll that, without this self-vote/vote selling scheme. Hmmm. Is it necessary?

I have another question. If it's charity and you're okay with giving 50%, and I see you have 6000 HIVE, why not simply give 3000 HIVE, all while expecting nothing in return? Not the same?

And why are you intentionally smearing; pointing fingers in the opposite direction; calling it hate? Surely working towards settling the dispute would be more productive? Not the end of the world.

I'm just a random passerby though. What the hell do I know.

Hi @nonameslefttouse
I don't understand the point of delegating the 3000HP, but it is valid.
And sure, you have every right to your opinion, regardless you are just another bystander, I am too.
And no, I don't mean to point in the opposite direction, as this is not something new, and I must highlight some things, because people reading this post will only take the face of the vision of things that this gentleman wants to give, when there are other things that affect the economics of the platform, and nobody says anything, such as reward.app.
And you have the right to give your opinion, of course, but if you have a better vision of things, of the projects and benefits that this community has brought to many, I think the opinion would be more impartial.

By the way, nice work you are doing, I liked it, it is really very original. I've always wanted to learn how to make digital art, but due to time issues I haven't been able to, I'm sure I'll be able to do it later on. The three dots in your signature caught my attention.

Not delegating. Giving. Handing it over. No posts involved, no votes involved. They want everyone to work, and take a pay cut in order to receive support. And you're claiming it's a form of donation. Why not skip all those steps? Simply hand the donation over from your wallet to theirs. Same thing. Way less work. No headache. Right?

But even claiming it's for a good cause doesn't discount fact it's a paid vote received and that's frowned upon. It could also be considered a form of excessive self voting utilizing an exploit in both the system and human psychology, and that's for sure frowned upon.

We've been through this before. I see people making bold claims PH adds value (maybe .010 HIVE per annoyed wallet) but if this place turns into another free for all favoring exploits over decency, you can kiss my investment goodbye. Not interested in dealing with that nonsense again.

And then you'll put a starving artist out of work. One that you like yet. How is that cool?

For your first paragraph, check my latest reblog, when people who are in need need help and have a history on the immutable database we're on proving they've been valuable contributors to Hive apart from just posting content then the community steps up and helps them, we don't need a centralized sole owner to an account holding an emergency fund that lacks all transparency and trust. Transactions are instant and feeless, it's easy to use them transparently.

Funny you have no number, if only it could be made transparent on a public ledger where literally most things are transparent.

Not sure what you mean with user training but yes many communities guide newcomers and help them get started, how to write better and format their posts, etc. Hive is not in charge to guide people through schools, they can do so with their earnings if they prefer but here again having a centralized specific fund for this removes transparency and gives more leeway to abuse and lack of documentation and proof of what is being done with them.

This isn't a hate campaign, you guys are the ones deciding to see downvotes as hate, many others see them as downvote curation and discouraging the use of schemes that go against the rest of what the platform has agreed is acceptable at this hardfork and the rules it has in place right now.

We're not haters, we work just as hard if not more than people in your community, we all want the best for Hive and it to be as fair as possible to authors, curators and delegators and not give any of the three a bigger advantage cause they may happen to find a "hack" they think they're super innovative about which is something most people had thought of but realized it's not something that's fair and shouldn't be persued.

I don't understand what you mean with "payment for support".

Reward.app has its downsides and the innovation of it was controversial as well but no one is using that part of it (where you can choose to give curators a bigger part of the post rewards). The intentions were for people to be able to write shorter posts/low effort posts and forfeit part of the post rewards they may be getting when autovotes are rampant, which they still are today (my account as a prime example) and I have used it that way often but I haven't seen curators target it for that reason along and been monitoring it if it was being abused in promoting garbage posts. There again downvotes are an easy tool to combat it and both the curators and author are at risk if they don't use it well. Most people have only used it to liquidate their post rewards, it's a shame some don't want to remain powered up and earn curation and use the influence of hivepower but if people want to powerdown they will do it either way (just slower), that doesn't mean much for hive's price or sell pressure as the markets are daily pushing out way more volume than the inflation we have and there's so much more stake being powered down actively than there's inflation going out to authors so it's a minor thing. Aside from that there was another project doing the same thing before (likwid) and it was taking a much bigger service fee for providing liquids in exchange for it getting the stake.

Curating content based on beneficiaries of self-interest is frowned upon and won't be tolerated. Instead of whining about the "hate" and "centralization" and all other things I've been hearing these past few days how about you guys finally man up and be transparent of the cut the owner of the curation project takes, how his personal account is earning way more APR than the other project's accounts and how literally no fucking one in your community is mentioning that with PH's accounts growing so does his fucking cut. Stop living a fucking lie you brainwashed cultist.

There will always be some trying to game the system. I believe that genuine curation based on what you actually like is the best policy, but many are out for maximum profit at any cost. This is a form of self-voting that does Hive in general no good. I think it is perfectly fair to adjust the rewards to cancel out the 'PH' votes.

I am writing a small comment to reflect my views on this.

I know one can consider this beneficiaries thing as a self voting or robbery but there are few things that are wrong.

Downvoting authors who set beneficiaries is not good at all. And no one force someone to set beneficiaries in project hope community.

Also i have never seen them voting for any post blindly. If they are doing it for money they would have voted any content published in the project hope community but that is not the case.

Can't it be decision of oneself to set beneficiary to someone if not then why is this feature available to all the users.

Also i think there are many post on hive Blockchain that are a quality post but don't get good rewards.

Why no body speak about this thing , isn't that be the priority. i see on many communities people earning $50 per post and if a new comer is writing there he gets very less vote compared .

thing is that project hope do not vote blindly just because someone set 50% beneficiary to them.

content matters and when people se that they are atleast supporting good content they set 50 percent beneficiary.

Anyways i know there are professionals here and i think they should solve this issue and themselves.

I would love if you and more big people can highlight more issues on hive Blockchain in future.

Thank You

Can't it be decision of oneself to set beneficiary to someone if not then why is this feature available to all the users.

Yes, this is an absolute right of everyone. But why 50%? Why so many? For example, I always give 1% to 3% to the community where I post experiments with my pictures without any other expectations. My posts are always judged by effort, I can see that. But 50%, in my opinion, is a collusion, an offer that cannot be refused.

When you set beneficiaries, similar to others outside of this group, you're not expecting them to vote your post up in exchange for having set them as beneficiary. That's one of the major problems here.

YOu git it right. Project.hope, votes on good content on any content, beneficieries are set to 50% only to sy\upport their efforts because that is used to lease more HIVEpower to support authors.

Plaugmarism is a no-no here and Ph-hope helps venezuleans too and others in need, its a community not a get rich alone stuff being talked about here.

This is very funny, the people who are members of this community look like they are in a cult.

Yo, I just read your two posts about this and now I've got a horrible feeling that I have filled a lease out to an account that's part of this vote trading - is @ph-support also part of this elaborate scheme? I'll cancel the lease ASAP if so!!

Well I doubt that's the issue, if you cancel others will most likely replace it, the problem isn't the leasing, it's the way they're funding it by indirectly forcing people to give them a higher cut or they indirectly don't get curated.

Ah, that "indirectly forcing" thing sounds like a similar experience I had in a community I was once heavily involved in... hope the members can see past it and branch out to the wider Hive network.

Just looked the account up and it's connected, I'll cancel my lease and use the HP myself, at least that's a little less HP getting dirtied!

hope the members can see past it and branch out to the wider Hive network.


Hello @acidyo. I appreciate your efforts in growing the hive community and ensuring that there is sanity. However, talking about the economy of project hope, you may ask what the aim of the beneficiary idea is.
The project is being used to support good contents on the blockchain. Likewise, it's being partly used to cater for some Venezuelans who are living in rather tough realities.

For a community that seeks growth, and is not depending on a whale support in the long term, measures had to be put in place to ensure that everyone contributes to the growth of the community - together. Hence, the idea of setting beneficiary in posts. It is a voluntary idea, and it can be any percentage. Considering this as vote selling is not valid, because even the payout is mostly not profitable when compared with the amount of work put into the writing.

Big curation accounts are trying, but they cannot reach every good writer on the blockchain. This is one of the duties that project hope is trying to do. Contrary to your opinion that low quality posts / plagiarism is being encouraged, members of the core team screen posts before curation. Probably more work has to be done in this regards, but that does not make the ideas of the project detrimental to the blockchain.

Likewise, it's being partly used to cater for some Venezuelans who are living in rather tough realities.

So are many others curating their content, is @cervantes or @blocktrades asking them to give them half of the rewards so they can grow more to support them more? You do realize what the more means here right? It means unfairly more compared to the rest of stakeholders, delegators, curators and authors. Like please learn what Hive is and how it works, I'm getting insanely tired after 100+ comments explaining why this scheme is unfair to the rest of communities and stakeholders while you guys all pull the same excuses.

Appreciate the thought, though.


I think there is nothing wrong in it, if genuine authors with small HP want to promote their content. Otherwise it is not easy for them to get attention. However, it could be discussed with PH founders before publishing this post.

Yes that was the same narrative people pulled during the bid bot era.

I just curated the community with some big votes.

I've always wondered how a decentralised platform would protect itself from scammers and people with corrupt thoughts, I can see why you guys think this is bad for the platform and Yes I agree with you all but I want to know if the accused was given a place to explain themselves. Like what if someone get accused because of misinterpretation and thanks for keeping the platform safe and this Valuable information 🤝.

I gave them over 24h to respond, one of their accounts was even in my first post but didn't respond to the question at hand but instead to some random comment I believe, this is another post they could come forth and defend their actions.

Thing is even if they took no cut themselves and profited in any way this still goes against the EIP and curation across the whole platform, cause it incentivizes them to only vote posts of people giving them the post rewards even if they were to only use it to lease more HP or what their plans were exactly it goes against the rest of the rules of other communities and curation across the platform. Even more so it sets up a bad precedent for others to do the same and it will be very difficult to keep tabs on who is doing what with the "extra" rewards and sooner or later you have another bid bot era spawning with the upcoming hardfork to go back to linear curve.

Thank you for disclosing further details and clarifying my doubts and Good Luck 👍

Ganging up to increase rewards is real classy, iyam.


Nice. Can’t wait to watch this unfold.

  • yours Deranged

When I was part of Oracle-D community, I set beneficiary. When I wrote for SteemSTEM, I set beneficiary as a way of supporting the community. It is worthy to note that no one is forced to set beneficiaries in PH, and setting it does not guarantee vote. What PH does is to encourage active engagement within the community which is actually very good for the growth of the community.
I believe we should uphold the core value of decentralization and not allow censorship.

Doing it on your own is fine if you want to support them, but they're doing it because they're asked to and most likely won't see curation if they don't. This makes it unfair to anyone else and their content and quality. Not to mention the implication this has if everyone else started doing the same, authors would be getting less and less rewards.

Hi @acidyo
Good to see that you are concerned about Hive and trying hard to minimize the abuse and this is something I appreciate very much. You are a whale on Hive, and I think that you should give another person a chance to explain his side of the story.

Hive is not just for one person or community so it’s the best of interest for everyone to work together and bring more value to Hive and its ecosystem.

Project Hope is a community that is focused on quality content and engagement so whoever is able to deliver the same is most welcome to join and share the content. Along with content quality, it’s also focused to bring more engagement which is much needed for the hive.

Now coming back to the point which is the problem as per this post is- beneficiary. Its a complete volunteer and those who are doing it are not forced in any way to do this. Whatever project hope is earning through beneficiary reward goes to get more delegation and to support more people on the chain to bring more quality content and value. They support many people weekly through some hive for their life survival and this is one of the best parts about Hive. Hive is not just a social media instead its a life-changing platform and even during this tough covid time many people are getting their earnings only through Hive.

There are many things which need to get fixed, and this could be one of it and I appreciate that you have paid attention to it but have you ever tried to give the opportunity to the founder to explain first. Its up to you whether you like the answer or not, but he at least deserves a chance to speak.

We are promoting Hive on alternate social media to get more attention and more people that includes users and investors but why we all are not working together to make hive an even better place.

There is no fight between you and PH and PH community would love to work with you if given a chance. I still request you to have a discussion with the community founder as I believe that everything can be sorted out with talks and discussion. Maybe you can suggest an even better way for the betterment of the hive and community.

Let's put our time and energy together to bring value to the platform and it would be so nice if you talk to Piotr and end the differences. We are one and want the hive to succeed so such differences are not at helpful.

Thank you so much.
Have a great day.

Whatever project hope is earning through beneficiary reward goes to get more delegation

His posts literally say we need more rewards to lease more stake and give delegators a higher return. It's literally bribing delegators with higher returns to get more HP. That in and of itself is okay in a free market, but it shouldn't come from author rewards, even though they're not forcing people to give them beneficiaries they are indirectly giving them no choice as looking at trending only posts giving them beneficiaries are getting curated. I'm honestly getting a bit tired repeating the same thing over and over again, it's not that difficult to comprehend what's going on here.

I have nothing against the authors, although often times it feels that it's not really original content being rewarded, and people posting here are free to post in any other community and we won't ignore them based on their history, we'll curate them based on their content and won't attempt to get them to give us more returns in exchange for votes, that just goes against everything Hive stands for at the moment.

I have nothing against the authors,

I appreciate this and you have already cleared this which is great.

if any author is trying to post in PH and other communities as well then it's fair what you said here. I like your approach to project hive from abusers.

When we all are here for the same goal that is to take hive forward then it would be even great if we find a way to work together. Thanks for replying and appreciate your time.

That is really funny because every @acidyo post or other whales have big upvotes and nobody have problem with that, and what about @backscratcher ? 400 people are in that and you are ok with that? I saw @daltono for example and he have big upvotes from that for free and that is no problem. Cool Platform, who have more money then he is BIG. Shame @acidyo . Circle of friendship? I thought that is free word

backscratcher hasn't been active in ages. I don't understand the comparison with @daltono, he's not incentivizing people to vote for him in exchange for rewards back.

Shame on your shitty scheme.

backscratcher hasn't been active in ages. ??? WTF xD @acidyo . @daltono is only an example man. Look at upvotes, you have backscratcher and 300-400 others in trail. You don't know nothing man and you think you are a GURU xD. Sorry but that is what I think. Just look at people on that trail backscratcher. On hive.vote you have the same. It is working for today man... and this is not cool

I still confused about this, are they doing unfair Autovote or something else?

Woops, only checked the reply tab and thought we were still on pennsif's post.

TL;DR: they're forcing people to give them 50% of post rewards in exchange for votes so that they can "grow" to be "sustainable", in general the content they curate is mostly of spun articles and of course they've gone on to only vote on posts giving them the 50% kickback which basically is selfvoting.

Ah... I see, that is unfair conduct. They are only think how to get HP as fast they can by using another user who want get vote without thinking for long term.

Thanks for your clearly answer and explain 🙏🏻

Are you part of the curation team involved in this?

$30 rewards to one person for reporting he's curated 5 posts seems a bit steep, no? If there's more people involved and it's reflected in the beneficiaries transparently going to each then maybe it's acceptable although still a bit steep on autovotes. I don't see any other curation projects getting $6 per curated post reported in autovotes. Not even going to get into hbd being more than $1.

I am not quite sure, honestly I don't too active make post and know what happened in this platform lately, but your post and warning is quite valuable for me to be careful and aware how to maintain Hive by make a good self discipline and good manner🙏🏻

I am new to the platform and you will excuse me but I don't understand the topic you are talking about, but I take this opportunity to ask Is it illegal for someone to give their rewards to another? And I ask this because when I post oracle-d and hiveonboard each keep 1% of my post and I have not authorized anyone to do so. is this what the discussion is about?

That is not what this discussion is about, but it looks like a good one to have.

Oracle-d is a front end, they can do as they please, as you can simply use another front end, if you don't like it, but tell me more about hiveonboard, they should not be 'taking' anything from you.

Hi dear @acidyo
This action is totally against of decentralization. I am hard hive believer and promoter because i support decentralization but this action is against decentralization. Most of the projects ask for beneficiary because of expenses and along with this ph supporting venezuela's poor family so that is why users set 50% beneficiary. And i don't think this is wrong.


He probably can't even name one of those "every project" taking beneficiaries. I am pretty amazed at thinking there's some sort of "expenses" involved with clicking buttons.

But hey, being from Venezuela is a free pass for that sort of behavior I guess.

I guess it's only decentralization when people agree with you.

When it's convenient.

Honest advertisement slogan:
Project Hope. Because getting ripped off is better than nothing.


You guys are free to express your thoughts and i respect your thoughts. Similarly, i am free to share my thoughts and I just shared things that i am feeling. Downvoting users just because they are setting beneficiary is not fair. Instead, The issue can be solved through discussion. Please think about it once. Project hope is doing great for hive and other side ocd is doing great too and hive need both communities.

Is there anything about Project Hope that can be improved?

As a writer who publishes some of his articles in the PH community, I would like to share my comments on the subject. When I started posting on Hive, I published posts in various communities. As a result of the PH community's interest in my work, I started posting in this community. As of today, I post my articles in different communities, including Project HOPE, according to the theme. Each community has its own rules, and I try to behave accordingly. I think I should have the freedom to share in the community I prefer.

The issue is about having 50% beneficiary requirements to their community.

and stakeholders have the freedom to be aware of when a community is unfairly incentivizing their posters compared to the global default of all other communities.

This is quite uncalled for, I've been a member of this community since I joined hive and I find it very convenient when I share some part of my beneficiary earnings it's all about improving the economy of the community, it also very disturbing some people are against such act which is solely used to support authors post.
It's very important to understand no one is mandated to set this 50% support it's all done as a voluntary gesture to grow the community.

You sure do make a lot for each of your posts. I even found some that might fit in a tweet. I'd not stop in to make this comment if it were not clear that those in Project Hope want Hive to succeed. Does not you post detract from us moving forward as a community? God knows that crypto ain't perfect, let alone Hive which has contended with a lot.

They're free to do what they were doing before this initiative to unfairly gain an advantage over everyone else on the blockchain, please read the posts.

Wow. You down voted a $20 post from little ol' me and you with $100 plus posts. It's hard for me to imagine that your intentions for the long-term health of Hive are good. At least Project Hope offers an opportunity for some return on my effort as a writer/researcher with an extensive education and experience in crypto. I am not afforded whatever elite group you belong to. My hope is that you rethink your approach. If you don't, I can't fathom how you can both justify your returns for such content nor do I believe that you're on Hive for anything but the short-term, to drain value from it.

Please keep in mind that I've witnessed conspiratory efforts to take out the old Steemit in the same way. PH is not perfect, but it is an opportunity with a mission for good. From my experience, such actors (what you have apparently demonstrated) don't even post their own content, paying someone a couple of dollars an hour to do it for them- making the effort no different than the centralized writing sector. If you are honestly out to make Hive better, I hope you at least present a logical explanation rather than a play on emotions.

Oh cool, so judging the rewards of this post where I'm forfeiting them to hbdstabilizer and at the same time accusing me of having a ghost writer, cool. I'm not playing by emotions at all, if I downvote by emotions it would be hard to explain downvotes I place on my own posts at times.

Good points :) Now, I did not actually accuse you of employing a ghost writer, though I did allude to it. Actually feels like you care about your content. Still, I'd hoped you'd focus on making Hive better, which is what PH does for me. Heck, I'd be ecstatic to earn half of what you do. I made a near full time effort back on Steem, winning three major contests and placing in the top four in successive weeks. Did not grow my following though, so after the judges needed a different flavor of writer, my time sank below minimum wage (plus the markets went down). PH is a steady approach. It became one of the few communities where work equated to pay rather than a purely social or selective dynamic.

I do attempt to make hive better and have done so in forever, this is one part of it. I don't enjoy calling these things out and spending hours of my limited time responding to people when there's so much else I can and have to do daily involving Hive on and off chain.

It became one of the few communities where work equated to pay rather than a purely social or selective dynamic.

There's re-curring payments coming up in the next hardfork, maybe PH can help their workers out that way.

hmm. thanks for the heads up. I've got to check out the specifics.


xD one for me ps


See the problem @project-hope has solved in this blockchain instead of trying to push it away or label it black. I know issues will arrive when the price of hive will start looking cool. I can now see that my thought are right. I know a lot of person who have left this blockchain because when they engage with this platform after taking days to make a quality post all they got is nothing. Funny enough they end up seeing the heavy bag account bagging upvote upon upvote.

Ever since project hope started running, it has helped to stand it ground by giving hope to those who will struggle on a normal day to even get a dine out of this platform. I know many who will leave this platform if PH does, the reason is because they knows that they will never get support else where with their quality post unless they lick ass.

As per the issue you raised, I think you getting it wrong. Nobody is being forced in PH to set beneficiary reward for any reason, if I am doing it, I am doing it with my own consent. I am happy supporting them and this is my decision. If you are saying you don't love my decisions, then this is not a decentralized blockchain anymore.

You have been one whale I love very much in this blockchain, remembered we all fought for this, please spare more time and look into Project hope, you will surely see reason to support them. The fund is being used for the benefit of this chain.

Lastly, I have supported other project like oracle-d and co in the past, I know project hope won't be the last. I supported them just to see that they can keep up the better work they are doing.

I know a lot of person who have left this blockchain because when they engage with this platform after taking days to make a quality post all they got is nothing.

That's normal in this industry. Right now (the very instant I write this) there are millions of facebook posts, tweets, articles, blogs, Youtube videos and the like going unnoticed. There are some Youtubers who have more videos on their channel than they have views on all their videos combined. Majority of the people producing content, everywhere, earn very little or nothing, for their efforts. Some quit, others keep going because creating content is what they want to do, and eventually, if their content connects with people (which is the content creator's responsibility to create something that connects with people), then their accounts will begin to grow, getting noticed more and more.

There's nothing wrong with blockchain, but there is something wrong with people who expect instant success, easy money, and a free ride.

I know many who will leave this platform if PH does, the reason is because they knows that they will never get support else where with their quality post unless they lick ass.

This is a lie, a myth, and an insult directed towards thousands of people who at some point either randomly or consistently managed to create enough buzz on their own to get noticed and eventually earn organically and honestly. You're also insulting the integrity of thousands more who decided on their own to offer support with no strings attached.

If that's all you think it takes to get ahead in this world, go and try it.
Sounds easy, right? All those people getting thousands of likes on their Facebook posts. They kissed ass for it, right? Successful writers getting read. They kissed ass for those readers, right? All those people with millions of views on the their videos. All they had to do was kiss ass, right?

You know that's wrong.

Is licking ass what gets people ahead in PH? I'm asking because I see a lot of people here licking PH ass.

Can you point out one minor problem you see with PH? Is there anything that can be improved?

I really love your matured reply, I am really grateful. We are one big family in hive and when issues arises, we should learn to deal with it naturedly. I am really concerned seeing that post are being downvoted? Is this the right way to go, is this right? Acidyo could have contacted the person in charge before taking this measure.

Saying people were forced, that statement is wrong or is there proof? There is reason for the beneficiary reward set up, and I wasn't forced ro set it up.

Ph have impacted a lot of lives and also put the beneficiary reward into use. Every system has flaws, I am using this medium to say we should come together as one. This is hive, one big family.

Lastly, the downvote is wrong, it shows the system is not decentralized because you are forcing people not to use a service you are against. This is not the decentralized system we fought for.


You said people leave, and the reason you gave was false. You said people get ahead, and the reason you gave was false.

Saying people were forced..

That's false. I never said people were forced.

because you are forcing people

That's false, I am not applying any force.

I was talking to you, not PH. You are talking to me. I am not a representative of either side in the dispute taking place. I'm an individual attempting to talk to another individual, you.

So I'll ask again.

Can you point out one minor problem you see with PH? Is there anything that can be improved?

I will love to see them documenting all the activities with their fund so that when issue like this arose, people will be able to see how the community has been performing.

I can see how that would be an improvement. If that's the case, I'm shocked to learn members are defending a program without having any solid evidence of their claims.

Congratulations on 1000 upvotes!!

first time I've seen 4 digit upvotes

Every member joining PH community is individually messaged and told about PH goals, future, and the reason behind this 50% fund.

You see the strategy of the community as a way to self-vote and that's what you see from your side and that doesn't mean it is the truth and somehow you are trying to convince people that it's the truth, let me tell you how many others see the community in a very different way, they see it as a way to help, support and show our human side by helping others who are really in need for that (Our brothers and sisters from Venezuela and other parts of the world that need us on their side and you always see the impact of the help if you are one of the community).

The way you judged everything like it is a solid truth is so wrong.

Also few things you shall know I guess before judging:

  1. Members weren't/aren't and will never be forced to add the fund it is completely voluntary from them believing in the goals of the community.
  2. Posts there don't just get upvoted randomly just because the 50% beneficiary is added, content is read, and based on the quality of your content you will be upvoted.
  3. It supports everyone based on their content not their power and reputation as I saw in many others communities that you see low power members will sometimes have no upvotes just because they have low power and on the other hand a high power member shares anything no matter the quality of that content is and gets huge number of upvotes.

I hope everyone will have another look at the situation from another angle before judging, peace.

It's a hack, short and simple. They can just continue to curate great content and grow their community by deservingly get more delegations by returning a fair amount of rewards to their delegators like everyone else does. If they want to grow as fast as possible they could remove the cuts they take from themselves as profit so delegators get more, why should the authors be the ones paying for it? You guys literally need a reality check.

Sorry mate but you might have missed a part from what I mentioned, it is what you believe there some people will say as what you just said and it is what you think is right and some others will say we do that because we believe in the community goals, so I suggest before gathering as many people as you can to agree with you, you contact the founder of the community and if you could believe and see the evidence of the fund in the way we (Authors) there see it, it will be the end of endless points of views and if not then it is back to you on what you are going to do.

Authors there post because they don't think about money as the main priority as much as they think helping others is way more essential.

You've got it backwards, the amount of people giving them 50% beneficiary is pure proof that they are only posting for the rewards, else they get ignored and considering literally everything on the communities trending is with the 50% beneficiary it's not hard to deduce what they're main focus is; money. They can hide their true colors as much as they want but as long as they're taking a cut from each curation return and giving cuts to a leasing service it's costing the authors. It's either an unfair way to gain a lot of stake and later remove the initiative (unfair cause people aren't delegating to them because what they're doing or curating is so amazing, they're just delegating for the higher returns that come from the authors setting beneficiary their way) or just an unfair short term money grab either way. Thankfully the curation curve will change drastically with the next hardfork and most people voting on the same day will get the same returns so we can quit this front-running for maximization bullshit and as some people in this community marketing some 23% APR on their curation trails.

In my humble opinion, I see no issue with what the project hope community is doing. The authors are pretty happy and comfortable in the community. I’ve been on this platform since the inception and I have to say, I have not felt at home in any community. My major area of focus is in gaming, art and business related topics… I have written and still write a lot of quality posts on this platform and most of the time, I receive nothing… sometimes in the past, I get votes here and there from true curators who really appreciates quality contents, but that is just by luck and chance…

I love business related topics so project hope felt like home to me… You talk of the beneficiary rewards, but in my opinion, no one was forced into setting it… The authors who are setting the rewards are HAPPY doing it and supporting the community. What matters is are the community members happy doing it?… if they are… then it is decentralization.

There is a high chance that without the project hope community, I would have long giving up on this platform because it wasn’t worth it to put in so much thinking and time to create contents only to get nothing... For me, Project hope has been an amazing community where I feel very comfortable to publish contents and I am also happy giving out the beneficiary reward to support the growth of the community which in turn gives me the encouragement to continue creating contents on this platform.

You can support them with donations and delegations if you're truly doing it for the support. That way they won't just curate based on their own interests and not because of the content or the authors behind the content.

After reading this post and its 250 comments (corresponding to approximately 53 users) of which 20 are members of Project Hope like me, and have expressed their position and views in relation to the community.
In particular, no one has forced me to select the % of beneficiary that I assign to my publications in the community, I post in it because I like and manage the thematic areas and axes that they contemplate as well as I consider that I am on a platform where I can freely choose which community to publish, without feeling frightened for being penalized for doing so.
However, I also post in other communities as you can see it on my blog, where I feel at ease and have also received after a lot of time and work that I am recognized for my posts.
I subscribed to Project Hope for 2 years, where I could feel from the beginning how my posts were taken into account, not only with votes but also with comments from other members.
I can emphasize that one of the premises of Project Hope is to promote feedback among its members, through respectful comments and whose purpose is to enrich the proposed topic or complement it in a positive way.
That is why I look very amazed at some of the statements made in the previous comments, where they generally question the works published in the community, that comments affect me directly because I post in it.
I hope that the question being asked of Project Hope and its members will be reviewed impartially and objectively.

I admit there's a generalization that posts posted in this community are spun content/plagiarism but even ignoring that what the current activity is is not acceptable. They need to come up with other ways to fund more HP or garner more delegations than this scheme, simple as that. Someone shouldn't be curated because they're giving the curator donations, votes back or other services, they should be curated for the content and what kind of user they are on hive (active, engaging, passionate) not some kind of quid pro quo stuff that's going on right now.

lolz !!!! downvoting users just because they are setting beneficiary. This is fucking terrible.

Hive is the city of fighting and controversies.


Hive is a crab bucket, it was designed to work this way.
If it was too easy, it wouldn't be cool.

Greetings! @acidyo
I have heard about you, and I think that you're doing a great work with OCD. Reading your comments, I don't know you much, but I think that you're a great person. @crypto.piotr is a fantastic person as well. You're both great people. I want you to please understand that we the members of Project Hope love it here. I personally love this community. You may be wealthy, but this project is giving opportunity to people from humbler backgrounds to have a smile. Nobody is been forced to add the ph-fund as beneficiary. We do it voluntarily. And please do not say that we are indirectly coerced to do it. We are not. We are happy to do it. Let's put whatever differences aside. This project encourages the general growth of Hive. And I'm sure that's what we all want.

Downvoting the posts of humble authors, isn't fair. These authors have spent hours putting together this work, and voluntarily given beneficiary to ph-fund. Please it's completely not fair, to do that to humbler people. I understand your concern and I understand the angle you're coming from, but please, we're ok here. As you can see from the comments, many of our members, just like myself, are ok with our community and how it's run. We should be supporting ourselves to see that Hive grows. I'm trying to speak to the part of you, that understands that Project Hope is helping many people with it's mode of operation. If you continue to fight this community, you're fighting the growth and well being of many human beings like yourself. Please use your your valuable time and effort in ways that will help all of us grow and become better. Don't throw away all I've mentioned, please give it some thoughts. Thanks a bunch for taking time to read!. My best wishes are with you @acidyo!

A fantastic person would put work, integrity, history and trust on the line to get more support and delegations and for their community. Not ask them to give them more of their rewards so they can bribe stakeholders with more delegations so they can later "return the favor" by voting you back with more stake. It creates an endless loop of this beneficiary thing continuing, him wanting to keep delegators in and in the end the people in your community getting an unfair share of the reward pool compared to all other communities while he makes a lot more in fees and cuts he takes from his own project. Trust me when I say that it's important that this activity doesn't continue, not just for the authors and the risk of the owner of these accounts just disappearing and abandoning the community at some point while going autovote and cashing in, but also that if this is allowed it sets a precedent for other bigger accounts to do the same and before we know it along with the changes in curation curve in the next HF we're back to selling votes and content not being rewarded for it's quality, effort and the author behind it but whoever is paying more or giving more back to the curators.

Hi again @acidyo,

compared to all other communities, while he makes a lot more in fees and cuts he takes from his project.

I want to point out that nobody is stopping anyone or any community from adding beneficiaries if they want to. So long as it doesn't come down to voting undeserving articles, or plagiarized articles, but high quality contents then it's all good. If you take time to go read posts in the Project Hope community, you'll find really very high quality posts, that the authors put in great amount of work and creativity in putting together. Normally, such great contents tend to go to waste without any upvotes. But Project Hope has created a system where the hard working author gets good reward for his post and the community grows as well, by splitting the rewards with the author. It's an absolute win-win. Nobody is complaining.

This is a decentralized system, if any big accounts or communities want to do same, then it's absolutely up to them. But it shouldn't be a comparison, as everyone has an open field. So long as it's not abused with voting low quality content, then it's all good. Hardworking authors are looking for an opportunity where they can be appreciated, and Project Hope gives that. This is an amazing idea to help the Hive blockchain grow, if Project Hope wasn't doing it's great contribution for the better good of Hive, I'm sure many authors that drop posts in PH community would have left Hive already. I'm sure that is not what we want. This has increased the awareness of Hive blockchain and investors are coming in. That's what we all want. Please trust me, so long as the approach isn't abused by voting low quality posts, but high quality content, then it's a brilliant approach. The benefits are obvious, hardworking authors are happy coming in because they see the benefits, they work harder to produce high quality posts, cause they see the benefits. My aim is to make you see reason and convince you that there's actual great good in this, so long as the posts voted are high quality contents. Please see reason. Thanks a million for reading! Best regards @acidyo

Hello everyone!!! Let's take a chill pill(smiles). I'm happy person and fun person!!! I'm just seeing downvotes flying everywhere (hahahaha). We are one(Hive Community), let's see a greater future of Hive. @pfunk and @acidyo, I understand you what you guys are fighting for. But Project Hope isn't doing any bad. More Hive is coming in through this nice initiatives. More people will buy hive because of the hive reward they will get from delegation rewards. Project Hope is a good project. I mean no disrespect to Hive Community, to @acidyo and @pfunk. Peace!!!

Hello Hive Community, it's your favorite girl @gifxlove. I'm was never forced to set up 50% beneficiary to the community account. I did it because of how impactful the community is it's members. Project Hope, has given many people hope for a brighter future.

There is very little genuine curation happening on this platform anyway. I feel it doesn't matter what ph is doing because it's not like this platform is perfect and ph is the only imperfection. Let new users come to the platform, and find communities that help them earn as a blogger. If you find the content on a ph post useless, please downvote it. But as long as members of ph are ok with what one central figure is doing, let it be. This isn't a large enough platform where we try and kill communities. If in the long run, users see that PH is defrauding them, they'll quit the community. Develop a system that prevents PH from attracting users. Right now, a better way would be to get ph to incorporate some form of manual curation on the content, that automatically removes members that seek short term benefit from a community like ph. Let's face it, this is not a perfect platform. The platform needs users and an average person will not join a platform because it allows decentralised blogging. There is nothing for an average person here apart from content rewards. May be allowing communities that help people achieve that responsibly should be allowed. And rarely will you see people coming here to read content. I don't want to name names but there are plenty of shit posts here about vision this vision that, and the only thing these posts do is encourage new users to earn a fraction of what those posts do. People care about earnings, that's it.


Shame to the authors who are enabling this kind of activity

Come on friend we just want to eat

Actually, in this Project hope business model there are no losers, it is a perfect win-win-win relationship, everyone wins. The reality is that if for some reason this dynamic disappeared, the most affected would be me. Let me explain myself, I create my content and I am always supported and I configure ph-fund to 50% and I am the happiest person in the world, thanks to Projecthope I can eat peacefully because I live in Venezuela, a country devastated by an economic crisis and most of the Members of Projecthope live in third world countries, we do this to be able to eat and that our families eat and we are grateful, Projecthope saved my life are angels sent by God, for years I asked God to help me and God listened to me and he send to projecthope, so they are not a community that seeks to profit from the work of the authors, they really are a community that helps that gives hope, they do not hurt anyone.

I want to add that I am in an English course paid for by projecthope and soon I will start a trading course, I could detail how miserable my life was before projecthope, how desperate those days were, but I would make this comment too long and tragic , I can only tell you that although I have a PS4 that I managed to buy before Venezuela was economically destroyed, I have never been able to buy a single game, I know you are a gamer, so imagine having a console and never having been able to buy a game because The country you live in is destroyed, well that is nothing compared to the despair of not being able to buy food.

Finally, I just want to add that if for some reason projecthope disappears, the only injured person will be me, nobody has ever forced me to configure anything, I do it with a smile because I know that this is going to be transformed into food for me and my mother who risks her life at work because she is a nurse and earns $ 10 a month.

Thank you for your valuable time dear @acidyo and I hope God enlightens you and makes the right decision, remember that behind each account here in Hive there is a person, there is a family and there is a story.

the only injured person will be me

Why are you hitting yourself?

are you kidding me ? its funny to you ?

Well, I already received my first downvote, I am saving for a medical surgery for my mother and this whole situation complicates things for me.

I just hope that God shows you the way and that you become a better person.
God bless you

It's not funny at all. Your recent post:

Sitting at roughly $10, as of this writing. I see you've attracted your own support without much help from PH. Well done. So what happens next? Now you gamble.

You've already DOWNVOTED yourself by forfeiting half to PH. What could have been $5 in your pocket, since half gets deducted from the $10, is now $2.50, correct? About there?

So what happens next? If the big vote comes, maybe you'll see $20? Cut that in half, 10. Cut that in half, 5. You're right back where you started without PH. Correct?

Am I missing something? I don't think it's funny at all. You're either down, or maybe break even.

First you say:

I know that this is going to be transformed into food for me and my mother who risks her life at work because she is a nurse and earns $ 10 a month.

Then you say:

I am saving for a medical surgery for my mother and this whole situation complicates things for me.

Maybe ask your mom what she thinks of this instead of trying to make me feel sorry for you. You're either downvoting yourself to 2.50 if you don't see PH votes, or breaking even if you do. They were no help is this scenario. So far they've been a hinderance.

Am I bad person? Are the post rewards the only benefit you receive from posting here? Scrolled through your wallet and only see rewards incoming. Am I missing something?


It's easy to be against when a cause is unknown, each community has its rules and each user accepts them or not, I know from a good source of many help that ph has provided, especially to Venezuelans.

Hi. There are some unknowns.

I know from a good source of many help that ph has provided, especially to Venezuelans.

Can you provide evidence that isn't based on hearsay?

I know from a good source of many help that ph has provided

Do you have anything to go on beyond some hearsay?

I want to say that when I joined Project Hope, I wasn't forced to add the ph-fund as beneficiary. I understood that the idea was great, and the community needs to sustain itself, so it can be there of us the members. The funds that PH community generates, it uses a lot of it for the benefit of the members. As it helps member get health care, education and so on. It's a mutually benefitting relationship.

And ProjectHope votes on good posts, plagiarism free. Downvoting the hard work of authors is just not right. This is a decentralized system, we have our freewill to add beneficiaries to whoever we deem fit. Kindly have a rethink, and stop all this. Do have a nice day!

I understood that the idea was great, and the community needs to sustain itself, so it can be there of us the members. The funds that PH community generates, it uses a lot of it for the benefit of the members.

What's wrong with it just creating it's own posts to self upvote and setting the community members as beneficiaries? it's what you do only the opposite and this gives more value to the members involved than the other way around. Members could just send their liquid rewards to the community account if they believe in it so much. The whole 50% is just a means to be sophisticated as self voting.

And ProjectHope votes on good posts, plagiarism free. Downvoting the hard work of authors is just not right.

This isn't plagiarism?

I can say, I have never bought any votes from Project Hope. I freely set up my beneficiary to 50% and I'm okay with my rewards been split because it is for the betterment of the community. Thank you very much for your concern.

Thank you so much now I understand what I have to do thank you @acidyo for your kind information!!!

Hello sir
In my opinion @projecthope community is doing a good work of charity he didn't get any money for himself , i think setting beneficiary to ph fund is also good work. Also if curation only that posts who have quality also too.

It's hilarious they're asking accounts who haven't commented in a year to vouch for them.

Good day everyone. I will like to say, Project Hope is simply one of the best community on the Hive blockchain and it is community that looks after her members well-being and well-welfare. I love the beneficiary initiative as I know I'm contributing back to the community future growth. Every member on a community should be able to give back to it's community. I don't comply giving 50% to @ph-fund, I can even contribute more. I'm glad I'm in Project Hope, thank you @project.hope and the team behind such a lovely community.

Wow, this post generated a lot of heated arguments and controversies alike and I really can't go through all. Kudos to @acidyo for taking out his/her time to reply.

However, it's all relative. People more likely to shrug, brush off and accept the 50% beneficiary are mostly those who don't get voted anywhere else (as PH tries it's best to vote every post made in community) or fanatics.
I must say, on hive in general i see wonderful contents getting between $1 - $5 (on a favourable day, some don't even get to the $1 margin) payouts, pathetic! and then I see a post with less than 30 words getting ten times over(hive's becoming more of steemit in the long run).
I love projecthope. Always been together from the start but I definitely don't buy the idea of a 50% beneficiary.

The sad truth is no one gives a damn about content curation anymore, we're probably just here to blow some steam and make some cash.

Where are you seeing great posts not getting rewards and 30 word posts getting 10x more? How can you even compare it to Steem where there's literally just vote-selling/trading and sockpuppetry going on with little curation from steemit delegations?

People do care about content curation, check the @ocd and @ocdb accounts, I'm the one casting votes from it daily and hopefully we can cast even more in the future with more users and a higher price.

There is nothing like Hive out there where newcomers can instantly see their first rewards and those who try can eventually get constant rewards. Having said that, not everyone is meant to be a content creator. Are they having an easier time on youtube/facebook/etc to earn their first check?

I don't think the issue of great posts not getting rewards/ adequate rewards should be debated. (there's no such thing as adequate rewards. I just can't seem to find my words here). It's pretty much known. I've made a couple of posts myself and set OCD as tags, perhaps your community doesn't work that way so I'd begin posting via the OCD community and see how it goes myself as manual curation is something I value.

Mind you, I take a neutral standpoint here so my words aren't obscured by any form of partiality or belief.
However, I must say. Being the creator of one of the biggest communities on hive if not the biggest. Your claim is right, you're kicking against something worth it but your approach isn't quite the best @acidyo

no one checks tags anymore it's all about communities

Hello @acidyo

I just read your post and I am really sorry to tell you that most of the things you wrote up there are actually pure misconceptions about Project Hope Community. I actually don't know if you've once took your time to know about the aims and objectives of the community including it's impacts on this platform.

There was a recent publication made by the community account which has to do with accepting more members into the community and this has really shown that most people are really feeling the impact of Project Hope community in their lives. There's actually no doubt that there will definitely be more people wanting to join such great community with good prospect.

This same community has also led to the promotion of this platform by bringing in more new comers to join this great platform. I personally know of some people who joined Hive all because of
Project Hope and this community has really helped such people achieve their dreams by creating more content and getting rewarded in return for the quality content they provide on the platform. This is also why Project Hope Community has been the top community when it comes to creating and sharing content on this platform.

From this post forward, accounts giving beneficiary to @ph-fund or any other account that suddenly may appear and attempt to do the same thing will face some downvotes to make this activity unprofitable for both the author and curator. What you're doing isn't genuine curation and not genuinely paying delegators fair returns.

I really understand your point here about setting up some percentage to the community account. I think the mistake you made here was that you actually don't know what the funds are used for.
Secondly, no one is making it compulsory or imperative for members to set up the percentage. There are lot of users posting in the community without setting up any percentage and some of them still get upvoted and more engagement on their post. I think no one has the right to dictate or decide for people on what they want to do.. It's actually a free world.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️♥️

Stop downvoting my posts OK, just because I support project hope. STOP BULLYING ME!!

You have no right dictating to me what I should do with my post. Don't test my patience.

You maybe a whale, don't use that power to attact.


Don't attack others who do no harm to you, YOU ARE DISTROYING HIVE PLATFORM.


I can't even imagine how you must act towards actual bullies

Well, I will like to say this that setting beneficiary to any account is not against Hive rules and the intention why and the reason why I set beneficiary to any account should not be the reason why my post will be downvoted.

When I joined Hive I discovered that by default some account were already set as beneficiary which further show that Hive in itself is not against setting beneficiary.

I will like you to review the reason for your decision and see things from the PROJECTHOPE community perspective and try and understand why the community users are setting their reward as 50% beneficiary to ph-fund.

We the users of the Projecthope community are happy and glad setting our post as 50% beneficiary to @ph-fund and the fund received by ph-fund is further reinvest into the Hive platform and also use to help other people that are less privileged which have kept both the users and the community going in the long run.

How does someone post for half a year and only follow one person? What are you doing here except for milking rewards on shitty grammar posts? No surprise you want to give them a cut in exchange for blind upvotes. I don't even know why I'm bothering replying

Heh just wanted 2 thank you for consistently voting on my posts👍😊

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