Weekend-engagement topic week 34: Who has influenced you

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I believe there is a lot of value in learning from others; Observing their actions and behaviour, success and failures, contemplating and evaluating the information and concepts and possibly applying the lessons to one's own life.

Taking experiences others have had can help prepare us for our own future, help us grow or develop and to mitigate or avoid possible risks.

Positive influences can provide great value and momentum in life and negative influences can be great lessons also. Just my opinion.

Welcome to Friday and another weekend of the #weekend-engagement topic...This week the topic focuses on your influencers - The people who have influenced you in life.

weekend-engagement topic week 34

All you have to do is comment below and tell us about who has been an influence in your life, explain how they have done so and why you have chosen them in particular. Select one or tell us about several, it's your choice.

It could be a parent or family member, teacher, lecturer, sporting coach, instructor, a notable person whose books you've read, drill sergeant, employer, counsellor, a philosopher, yogi, spiritual leader or representative and could even be another hiver! Just comment below and tell us about them, what they did and why you chose them.

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As always I'll be giving away some hive, direct to the wallets of a few who engage with the topic below, and you'll have until late Sunday night your time to get your comment below.

The weekend-engagement topic is about engagement

This concept is designed to give people a friendly and non-confrontational place to comment and engage with other people with the hope you'll form new relationships, or deepen existing ones. This is why you need to comment below and stay around to interact with the others.

Don't drop links to external posts here, this is not the place for that, however if you want to do a post about your influencers as well as commenting below feel free to use the #weekend-engagement tag as your first tag and place it in THE WEEKEND community so I don't miss it.

And just on the topic of influence...Thank you to @dandays for the inspiration for this weeks topic; Bro, your influence has influenced me to do a post about influencers who have influenced others. 🙂

I'm going to leave you with a nice quote from polymath and Nobel Peace Prize winner (1952), Albert Schweitzer. I think this quote goes nicely with this weeks influencer topic:

“Example is not the main thing in influencing others. It is the only thing.”
Albert Schweitzer

Actually, I can't just leave it at one quote...So here's another piece of Schweitzer gold for you to carry forward into the weekend.

"Sometimes our light goes out but is blown into flame by another human being. Each of us owes deepest thanks to those who have rekindled this light."
Albert Schweitzer

I hope y'all will get involved this week and if you're not keen maybe you could support those who do engage with some commenting and comment-voting or by spreading the news about the #weekend-engagement topic as someone you know may be interested in getting involved.

Be humble and kind folks, and have a great weekend. 🙂

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised.

Be well
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An obvious answer would be my parents. People always said that I look similar to my dad and I wanted to be like him. To me it always seemed like my dad was great at many things( I don't think that I have ever won against him in chess even when he was starting without some figure.), very knowledgeable about almost everything, able to speak about different subjects. Also I started liking watching basketball because we went to watch games with my dad.

ignoring that. like I said in last week's topic I used photos of a few steemit hive girls as an outline for my art. Some of my ,,models'' also inspired stories that I wrote as addition to my visual art. When I saw @reinhard-schmid and @whornung making moving art I tried to do that as well. In his last post @tarazkp said the he has not missed a day of posting here since 2017. Others like myself have been at times gone from here but most of us are still here and somehow active. So if I will buy hive it will be partly because I have seen members from hive sticking to this place in both good and bad times. I know very little about crypto but I see that people I know are not abandoning this ship. That is something I trust. These topics of yours are encouraging me to be more active so you are influencer as well. Also I (super ntrovert) wanted to travel first to Krakow and then to the end of the world Bangkok because I wanted to meet a few people. If that doesn't make them influencers than I am not sure what influencer is.

That is so good that other hivers influenced you, and I think many of us have our hive influencers. It builds a better community.

We hope that there will be again a year that a hivefest can be hold in the presence 🙏

We hope that there will be again a year that a hivefest can be hold in the presence

Well covid restrictions has to end sooner or later... but will probably end later...

@galenkp Is spot on with the parents first, but closely followed by and in addition to is the older siblings. They really do make us who we are.

I never had a sibling. But it is interesting to think how different my life would be if I had one.

Most of the times it would be better one would think. My situation is the exception.

Most of the times it would be better one would think

I have just one son... and he so many times said that he would like to have a sibling. I have a sister, she will be mentioned here hehehe

My parents have influenced me a great deal in so many ways that I can't really say now. Through my stay here in hive, I have come across many that have given a reason to push forward, that is the meaning of being influenced even though when it didn't look encouraging but till this very moment, I have come to enjoy my stay here and I hope you do as well

Thank you. I am also enjoying my stay here.

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I like your point that in some way we are all influencers and I like the way you motivate yourself, I also think that our parents were our first influencers.

Los padres nuestros primeros 9nfluencer solo por impulsar la vida en nosotros, hay un enorme agradecimiento

Parents are, of course, the first influencers in anyone's life and their impact is massive in a person's young life and can affect all of life until the end.

Of course along the way there are so many others too, even people we do not know influence us. News readers, politicians, corporations, marketers, people on the street we observe, sports people and so on. Concepts also influence us...Uber, Facebook, Google, Instagram...The world is full of influences changing the way we act and think...It's up to us to sort them, make sense of them and then ignore or apply as we choose.

It's those choices that affect us most greatly as individuals.

I know you're somewhat introverted and have spent some time off-chain...So, what makes me happy is that you engage here, on the #weekend-engagement topic and with me on some of my posts also. Am I an influence? Maybe...Or maybe just an introverted guy like you who enjoys sharing thoughts, ideas, having fun and interacting with good people.

Thanks for joining in. It is greatly appreciated.


Creo que hive es influencia para que nos encontremos y reconozcamos el talento de las personas que aqui estamos, y cada quien en su tema es influencia para otros. Para mi eres en estos ultimos dias gran influencia para interactuar y motivarme a escribir de la vida y sus momentos, sencillos pero aleccionadores

I'm glad I have had some impact upon you and you've felt inspired to write a little more about your life. I always suggest people write with passion and personality here because those that read our words are people who have their own personality and passionate natures...People respond to people so showing a little of yourself here, some personality, is a good way to go I think.

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For me, my biggest influencer has been my former boss. He is a man who is currently 70 years old, I am 48, so not only was he my boss, he was also my surrogate father, my advisor, my friend and my cruelest opponent. From him I learned about values, about work ethics, and of course he taught me his art, from him I learned the best of the loss adjusting world. He was very demanding when it came to doing a job, his mystique was a precedent for me. In truth, he taught me to work with passion and love, always looking for excellence. But beyond being my boss and my mentor, he was my best friend, my great companion in the moments when I needed him the most. He was my advisor, my companion in hospitals, my companion in joys and celebrations, but above all he was my greatest opponent to my crazy ideas. When he heard that I was not right or at least my ideas did not fit with his, there were pitched battles, in those moments he was hateful and I even hated him, but after the battle was over in my corner of silence with myself, I understood the wisdom of his words and I learned. Not that he was right about everything, but he taught me to be humble in my words. He has truly been my best influencer. I use Deepl.com traslator. Sorry for mistakes in translation.

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I really love the idea of a boss who can also go into a heated discourse or argument to help you consolidate (or change) your ideas.

A mentor is (and should be) so much more than just an example.

Your boss sounds like an awesome human being.


Hello, if he confronted me with my mistakes and that helped me in my security, some time later it was me who confronted him and he found it funny.

A mentor the promotes excellence and not perfection, humility and ethics and challenges a person sounds like a pretty good mentor to me so I'm not surprised to hear that your boss has been of great influence and value to you. Is your boss still an influence to you or are you imparting the wisdom he gave you to others now?

Thanks for joining in the #weekend-engagement topic and don't worry about the translator, it worked fine.


Right now I try to impart the influence he had on me. Unfortunately he moved out of the country, and because of his age, his children decided that it was better for him to be near them.

I'm sure his influence will endure in your life and you'll work to pass it on Good work!

Your boss is really one to be admired, there wasn't any mistake in translation. It is all clear, I have never really had a boss like that. All that I have come in contact with are friendly and we don't have any clash in terms of my duty with them but they have played a good role and influenced my life one way or the other and have really help to increase the value of my work ethics

Hi, yes really good bosses influence in one way or another in our lives and that makes us think that they are really good at being influencers.

That's for certain, just as they have played a roll in our lives, its our duty to do same with people that come our way

Your former boss sounds really awesome. It is amazing that he filled so many different roles in your life.

Yes, he was an excellent man and he filled different roles in my life.

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It's good that you found a mentor like that, sometimes those who demand more of us in some way form us, and in the end we learn to love them for their teachings.

Eso es verdad, aprendemos a amarlos y nos dejan el testigo para seguir influyendo positivamente en otros

Bosses like the one you describe are priceless and hard to find (at least from my experience). Great for you that you were able to have one of these to learn about the work and beyond.
Tough love is hard to get for most of us. The new generation of kids I see can't deal with toughness and the teachings lying beneath.

De acuerdo contigo, es importante enseñar desde niños como lidiar con los diferentes carácteres de las personas

How good is that you had a boss like described. And your attitude, that you could accept it like a learning process and a good influence!

Gracias, así fue, una muy buena i fluencia

I can't think of a boss because I have never had one. However, when I read your comment, I can't help but think of my literature professor in college (@hlezama). He always tried to get the best out of me in his subject, to do work that was worthy, and somehow push me to give more than I could. He always motivated me to be excellent, to love what I do, to read, to analyze, and think. I believe that if I had to think of a boss, he'd be the one.

Asi es, muy pocas veces encontramos mentores, desinteresado,y llenos de voluntad, sabiduría y amor para acompañarnos, en mi vida de estudiante encontre uno que fue mi profesor en la universidad, luego mi jefe en el trabajo, después mi colega y amigo en la universidad nuevamente y ahora es mi angel en el cielo. Como lo quiero y lo extraño, de paso por ser maestro era el influencers de muchos....

Hi, everyone
Hope you are having a good weekend
This topic is great becasue it allows lots of people to expose here what the word INFLUENCER should really mean. I hate what is means commercially these days. With some honorable exceptions, most "influencers" are the result of mediatization and have little to no practical or ethical values to teach young generations.
But that may be just my biased parroquial view on the subject speaking.
I have had lots of great influencers in life
My mother was the first one. From her I learned the value of hard work and work ethics. She was never too tired, too sick, or too depressed to do what she had to do.I have met few people stronger than her. I always thought of her when I started college and was about to quit several times due. I just had to close my eyes and picture her getting up at 4 am, after a bad night of migranes, to start housechores so that everything worked smoothly for 8 children going to school, etc.
My father, was a complicated influence. He was an alcoholic and a very strict disciplinarian. He was a national guard and that made him an absent father most of the time. So, for the time he did poorly as a father he served as a model for all the things I decided I did not want to be. I learned to despise alcohol by watching him drunk (I can drink an occasional drink, though). But then, after some wake-up calls, he changed. He stopped drinking and smoking completely. No therapy was needed, no patches, just sheer determination to do the right thing. That was quite a lesson to me.
Both of them combine a zero tolerance policy towards mischief or misconduct. I learned from them that parents who protect their children when they do wrong to others, far from loving them, are paving their road to perdition. My country needs to go back to those principles. Most young criminals are such because they have had complicit parents or relatives.
Academically, I had this one professor in college who would become my mentor and inspiration for my academic career. Frances Vargas-Gibbons was the epitome of love for knowledge and love for teaching critical thinking. She taught us all that when you decide to devote your life to something, whether that is to sell food in the streets or teach Literature at college, you can't settle for being average. You have to aim at excellence and make sure that every aspect of your life works accordingly to contribute to that excellence. Even if you don't achieve it, just the trying makes you better and makes the path worth traveling.

Very nice @hlezama. I guess it's a given us men would put their mothers first. And I couldn't agree more about the word influencer, like most things nowadays, it's been perverted.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thanks. You too.
I think "perverted" is a good word to describe what has been done to the word "influencer"

Yep, you said it! Influencers, the term I mean has become so skewed and warped to encompass people who couldn't influence themselves into an independent and unique thought. Anyway, I agree with you on that point.

I really like your answer Henrry, open honest and pulls no punches, just the way I like it.

Influencers, role models don't always teach us by doing the right things right? I've learned some of the most amazing lessons from people doing the wrong thing, taking roads I'd never take, and those lessons have been as valuable as the positive and inspirational ones.

Your father...A nice turn-around on his part and all simply because he wanted to...It speaks highly of his character and inner strength that he did it on simple will power and based on the choice to do it. Nice work and a strong example.

Mum's are strange creatures...Strong and capable , an unstoppable force mostly, certainly where their children are concerned. It seems yours was no different. Again, a solid role model and I'm sure you are you because of her influence.

You have to aim at excellence and make sure that every aspect of your life works accordingly to contribute to that excellence. Even if you don't achieve it, just the trying makes you better and makes the path worth traveling.

A nice line here and a great way to finish your comment. I'm glad you used the word excellence and not perfection...It's a much better end-goal to seek.

Thanks for joining in Henrry, I appreciate it.


Ben Franklin did talk about perfection, fully knowing that it was impossible to achieve, but I guess he concluded that in the process you attained excellence and felt much better trying than not.
It's always a pleasure to participate. Hope you guys had a great weekend

I find the pursuit of perfection to be wasteful and quite negative. Firstly, it's not attainable and so wastes a person's time and chasing it and failing can bring negative thoughts and attitudes. It's much better to pursue excellence and goals around that; Of course, the end-goad needs to be attainable. With some mini-goals within the main goal one get's to make a few little achievements along the way keeping one motivated and on track...Small wins more often will add up to bigger ones down the track.

Yeah, we had a good weekend. I worked around the house, just did a few small jobs I've been ignoring. Faith has been gardening all weekend, including today as well, (Monday). Hopefully yours was good too.

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Well, I can say about this. Despite having an age difference of like 20 years, we have so much in common. In my case, I think I have more negative influencers in my life than positive ones. But I have this prerogative that I should take the positive from the negative and learn to be better.

Well, you have handled it with the maturity of someone 20 years older.
To do the right thing and to become someone you can look at the mirror, whe you are surrounded by bad examples is doubly admirable.

Thanks for your words. It's a battle I think I can win. :)

Same. I always put my Mom first who spending her whole life taking care of us. She never thinks of for herself, never travels, enjoys cooking for us every single day ...keeps all savings for her children, worry about my future when she is no longer with us who will look after me so she urges me to get marry now 😚. Honestly I really want Mom to go out and travel to other cities but she never wants 😶
For Mom, her children is all her life :)

It looks like our mothers are more alike than we might have thought.
I think that in the case of Latin American mothers, the generation that is now in their 70s or 80s was very protective and self-sacrificing, to the extreme, I'd say. I too wish they had been a bit selfish to give themselves some me-time and materialize some personal projects.
Things are changing now, though, at least here (my guess is that everywhere). Young mothers want some independence and do not feel guilty for wanting to pursue goals other than motherhood and domesticity. Of course, everythig in extremes is bad and we see pathetic examples of everything our old mothers warned us and feared about.

Now this is a good question, I saw it when you posted it and wanted to jump straight in but I needed time to think.

For me personally, it's hard. I grew up in a community where we were surrounded by drug dealers and thugs. They later made a TV Series called Underbelly. When you're in the Ghetto and all around you is just factories and labourer roles. Not much appeals to you. Until you see the big time drug dealer rolling past in a brand new hotted up club sport or sports car, Cash falling out of their pockets and women lining up.

This is what I believe has led to alot of social issues in the Western Suburbs. Not many influential people come up through here. Yes now we have celebrities residing in Footscray and Sunshine but that's because of gentrification and those areas, in my books. Aren't working class suburbs anymore. Hence why I've moved further out. I've "made it" in life. But I enjoy my working class grittiness, not scared of a rumble and I'm all for supporting people. My time is better spent further out.

I think this is where I differ, I went through hell growing up. I always found it odd that the people around me always had a "can't do attitude". I've always believed only you have the power to make change. I am also one of those people that thrive on "can't do". If you tell me I can't do something or it won't happen. The next time you see me I'll be doing it or on my way to doing it.

I have a number of influential people in my life, mainly learning from others failures and successes. I was once a security guard at Melbourne Airport and a regular was Jeff Kennett. A former Victorian Liberal Premier. We had plenty of discussions. I was a young lad, over 10 years ago. I used to always complain about how he stuffed things. He always stood by his decisions. One of our last engagements he turned around and said "When are you going to stop complaining and do something about it, why don't YOU change things then?" I said How? I can't? He responded with "Why not?". I had no response.

I toyed with the idea of getting involved in politics or making change over a few weeks. I decided to enroll into uni. Quit work and off I went. My partner at the time was worried. How would we survive with no income?. But we did.

At uni I met another influential person, my teacher was the leader of the Socialist Alliance for the area. Some things I agreed with, many I did not. She enraged me so much that I decided to engage with politics and I made a decision to run for local government.

I joined the party that best fit my views and attended branch meetings, where I met another influential person. Long story short, they told me I would never get the support or be able to run for local government from the party and I was dreaming. Remember my thing about I can't?

By the time the elections rolled around I had the support of the party and the local community. I ran, I missed out by 250votes. I only spent $1500 on my election. Politics is dirty and I will go into why I lost on another post. But legal costs exceeded $20,000.

For me currently, my influential person is my wife. Everything she has been through and everything she has supported me through (we have been together since we were 11 and 12 all through our teens and 20s)
Last year we both ran for office, my work got a bit touchy on the subject so I had to stop campaigning in the middle of an election pending an investigation (I was cleared) my wife, stood strong and rallied the community securing victory and becoming the first Indigenous councillor of that municipality (and all of Melbourne's West) shes just as active as me in politics and community life, shes a nurse by trade and still is. She helps out with food banks, volunteering and many other community initiatives. Shes even established community health centres in her free time (which isn't often)

I really admire how you scaled through, not allowing your environment to influence your thinking or actions negatively. Your story is a good success story that should be put out there for people to read and learn from, for all you have said about your wife, she is truly a strong woman

Thank you, she certainly is !ENGAGE 25

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You had quite a journey from drug dealing community to dealing with dirty politicians. It is nice that you found someone who stayed with you during hard times.

we have been together since we were 11 and 12 all through our teens and 20s

this almost sounds like a fairy tale or at least a movie.

Thank you, yes its been a constant battle but it has been worth it and wouldn't change anything about it.


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For me currently, my influential person is my wife

Hats off, for this statement. Those who have their life partners as influencers have actually hit the mark. You can always give strength and example to each other. Congratulations.

P.S. You beat me with the years you've known your wife. I met my husband when I was sixteen.

Thank you, it's great knowing a person for so long and sharing your life's journey together. Everyday feels great.

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

So...All that bad environment stuff, the dropkick drug dealers, thugs, pimps, ho's, addicts and general low life's...They influenced you. They showed you a life you could have and you chose differently based on your observations of them. Influencers. Well done for being the you you preferred to be rather than slip back towards the lowest common denominator like so many do. You rose above.

I like what Kennet said, I remember him well, his policy and candid, forthright, attitude. Go do something about it. Yep, easy to say, harder to do. But do it you did, and that speaks highly of you; Your drive, ambition, inner-belief and attitude.

I'm not surprised your wife is an influence on you, but I also feel you are on her and am sure she would agree. That's how it often works.

We are all just people, none intrinsically better than the next...It's our choices that make it so however, that set us apart. We can choose how we act, our attitudes, behaviours and, therefore our projected outcomes.

You chose, based on many influences throughout your life. Seems like you made some good choices...And followed up with action.


That is a really good pick up, all those negative influences showed me what I didn't want out of life. Sadly a number of my school friends went down that path. ALOT are dead, in jail or fried from drug abuse.

Someone once that my wife and I, being together for so long are like two trees planted together. They bind with each other creating a canopy that creates shade below.

If you plant a smaller trees next to a grown tree, the younger tree does not always have the same chance of surviving. When two trees are planted together their roots intertwine strengthening each other, holding each other with strong foundations. Their branches filling in each other's gaps and even the strongest winds can not topple them.

Below, nature lives as plants an animals escape the harsh environment and reside in strong trees.

He was a friend from the airport, I'll never forget those words.

Wise words and ones to hold close to oneself in life I'd say.

We're all trees mate, all two-hundred foot tall trees, but we start as a little seed, an acorn as such maybe.

We just have to plant the seed that it germinates, nourish it with the right elements and not feed it the wrong ones like negativity and blame, hate, hubris, ego, selfishness and elitism.

Two trees growing together, intertwined? I get it. Faith and I have been together for thirty three years from a young age...Yep, I get it.

Plant a tree in life, be a tree, and you'll have shade, shelter and it'll bear fruit.

Hey @galenkp, here is a little bit of BEER from @melbourneswest for you. Enjoy it!

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I agree with you, during our life there are many influential people, in a positive way and in a negative way too, but the important thing is what is in our heart and where we want to go.

A great life story and how the bad influenced you to be better, I admire how you have advanced and climbed in life, your wife is a brave woman who also likes to help, I wish you much success. You could write a book about your story

Perhaps, one day I will. Books in Australia are expensive to write though. Unless it is a best seller there isn't much recouping of costs of production.

Oh gosh this is really hard. I learn from so many people, and never treat any one person as an absolute guru, so I find this really tricky! I really admire anyone kind or empathetic - the ones that walk the talk, you know? And they have to be ordinary people, not celebrities, as I have this stubborn streak in me that refuses to subscribe to anyone who everyone else does. So I never would have joined a cult, haha.

I have learnt a lot from my mother, whose stoicism and refusal to allow her brain go to the negative when Dad was sick showed me what strength really was. I learnt from my Grandmother, who migrated from Germany and raised three boys in a foreign land after the second world war, and was an avid gardener and taught me not to settle for a man who was less than, and how to value medicinal plants. I have learnt from my son, who is so grounded and earthed. I have learnt from my husband's patience and perseverence. I have learnt from my Dad, who taught me nature was everything, and how to surf, and enthusiasm for all things. I have learnt from people on HIVE about all kinds of things, but you know, I just couldn't name one. It doesn't feel right.

Be humble and kind..

Yeah, I like that. Especially the kind part.

@riverflows, who was so tired she forgot to change accounts.

Sounds like you're blessed!
I mean the fact that you have positive family influences all around you!

I have a follow up question since we're on the topic: What kind of influence are you most proud of having on others?

Now THAT is a damn fine question, @gvkanten !!

Hahha thanks! Still waiting on the answer 😃.
No pressure @riverflows, just wondering...

never treat any one person as an absolute guru

I wasn't asking for an absolute guru, just any old person or people who have been of influence to you in life and you seemed to have nailed it.

Absolutely everyone is influenced in some way by someone else in life and to have influencers in your life like mum and grandma, your lad (I didn't know you had one), dad and hubby...Well, I think that's a pretty good list of people to learn from.

You know, I've been influenced by some of the most terrible people in life; I mean truly heinous individuals...This doesn't mean I was influenced to be like them, the total opposite actually. That's the thing with influence, it comes in different shapes and sizes and someone teaching me what not to do influences me away from that thing and towards the positive, righteous or productive things. We can learn a lot about ourselves from the actions and influences of others whether what they do is good or bad.

Thanks for joining in, I appreciate it and I hope you enjoy a weekend of humble kindness. 😉


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Reading your reply really did change a thing or two of some of my perspectives, I love the way you said it all mostly the part where you said

It doesn't feel right

Thanks you

Very beautiful what you say, we are all teachers and learners in this garden called life. The most beautiful thing is that you learned from your grandmother the art of medicinal plants and your mother taught you about strength and courage.

What a blessing to have so many wonderful people by your side, you can feel blessed, I agree with you that humility and kindness should go hand in hand and should not be lacking in any person.

I share your view of what influencer should mean. Most celebrities aren't in the best sense of the word. They may influence public opinion and create trends but that does not make them admirable.
We find regular folk every day who teach by example and, as you highlight, they tend to be characterized by being humble and kind. That does the trick and comes with a lot of other great influencing qualities.

Very well said @riverflows. If we would have just one influencer, one absolute guru, that would not be healthy for us :) The diversity of the people who influenced you and in which way during your life is wonderful.

When I think of the people who have influenced my life and made me the person I am today, I can't think of just one.

First of all, there is my mother; a woman who had me when she was just a teenager, 16 years old to be exact. Part of her youth was hard, with an alcoholic father and a mother who was strict in every way. That is why at such a young age she left home and started her life with my father. Life treated her hard at certain times, but she always fought to give the best to my sisters and me. She always inculcated in me that I had to study to be someone in life, that I had to get good grades, that I had to get a good education. She always instilled in me that I should get good grades in school so that I could attend a university and get a college degree. At a certain point she was stricter with me than she was with my sisters, but today I am grateful for that.

Then, there is my father. A man I only saw on vacations until I only saw him on a few occasions. A person who disengaged himself from my life because he was an alcoholic and after leaving us, he immersed himself in the world of drugs. An accident that left him almost on the verge of death was the push he needed to leave that life, even though he was not part of my life. He missed very important moments of my growth as a daughter and as a person. I think that I don't want to be like him. From his bad experiences, I have learned not to make the same mistakes.

One of the people who have also influenced me is professor Henrry Lezama(@hlezama), I see him as a role model. Thanks to him I have learned to be more objective, more critical. He has been one of the people who have supported me the most in my writing, and he has also helped me to grow as a person. With his help, I have a nice library at home. I will never tire of thanking him.

Finally, I would like to mention my two best friends. Their influence has been such that I have learned to accept myself as I am, with my virtues and defects. People who have enlightened me on the path of truth, of connecting with my inner self and being more receptive to the world. To not be afraid and to always see the positive side of things.

All these people and more have been a great influence in my life. They have taught me a lot; to think, to be analytic, to be objective, to not make the same mistakes they did in the past.

Thank you, @galenkp. This topic made me a little emotional.

Hi June, thanks for joining in this week and with such a personal response too...So nice to see.

In life influences can come through good and bad examples and from the strangest sources at times too! I htink this is the case for you as your father showed you a perfect example of what not to do and influenced you to seek a different path. Of course then your mother showed you many good examples, as has Henrry whom I am very fond of myself.

So many people fail to learn from examples set by others but it seems you've managed to gain the knack of doing so and I feel your life will be more fulfilled because of it.

Thanks for joining in on this week's topic. I appreciate it.


Thanks to you for bringing this topic to the table. There are many things going on in my life that sometimes is difficult to keep my mind quiet. I'm responsible for so many sad poems and stories, that I could say that in every one of them there is a part of what I have lived.
The thing I loved about this topic, is that it made me reflect on my parents and the people around me.

I'm responsible for so many sad poems and story

I hope someday you do some happy ones.

Me too. I would like to do that. :)

There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Probably not the story you were looking for but might be the story you never knew you needed. We could get into personal stories into who influenced me but I'm not sure I want that on the blockchain yet.

I once was at a coop style antique store and I came across a booth and the seller had a bunch of hockey cards including a $800 Gretzky rookie card. He just happened to be in and we discussed a bit and learned a lot of the cards were from his own collection he accumulated hoping they would rise in value since his childhood and now he was making a retirement living selling his cards. The thought sat on my mind for a while, the whole thing sounded ridiculous at best but he was happy and it appeared to be working. Proof is in the puddin right? So I started analyzing players since that ship as sailed for the great gretzky or Sidney Crosby but surely another great would rise up because I aspired to be that asshole to turn a cardboard piece of paper into a fortune just for holding on ( I will be happy if that fortune is an ounce of gold).

That player I selected almost a decade ago based on my experience at the market was Alex Ovetchkin having bought the card when he was a semi nobody a long time ago, I paid $60 for it. I was informed today it is now selling on ebay for $2500 cad and climbing. The funnier part, @silvergingerman got jealous bitch syndrome and bought the card for cheap too way back when and now we both have one and we both are that asshole. That blew my mind today.

The real moral of the story, What I learned from that fellow, that finding undervalued items or products and hanging on to them for the right time can be lucrative so I have done that in various ways in my life to diversify in creative ways and just wait for it's moment to shine because it can be worth the wait.

Hmm, this is an influencer story for sure. I mean, the the old guy in the booth sort of influenced you to think about the card scenario, you researched, determined how it might work for you, and you acted. $60 to $2,500 is a 4,066% increase so I'd say that's not a bad ROI in a fairly short amount of time. And @silvergingerman methinks jealous bitch syndrome worked pretty well on this occasion also. Nice work.

Methinks, also that 'methinks' is un underused word these days.


A case if third hand influence. Like influence inception. Influenced by the influenced. Ok I'll stop now. 😂

That player is also on the road to shatter more all time records like most goals scored ever, beating the first legend if he does, meaning that card could keep climbing.

Sometimes influence is influenced by other influences that are influenced by an influence from an unexpected influence.

Go Alex Ovetchkin, you good thing! There's a lot riding on you! May your legendary status have a positive influence on the price of the card Rebecca bought because of the influence of the person who was influenced...Ah hell, you know what I mean.

That's neck deep into influence bro! lol

It's a lot of influence, I know. Some may say it's too much influence but I'm not so sure; Can one have too much influence?

Yes one can. This is self explanatory. A commercial for a furniture store in Canada.

Lol...Welcome to influence.


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Hi @ladybug146, It's a good thing you were influenced to buy the card at the time. You had the option not to. Now the card is valued as high as $2,500! That's something. And @silvergingerman partook of this influence and bought too.

The important thing is knowing whether such undervalued item may be lucrative in the immediate or far future. I guess we apply the same principle to investments especially in crypto. We buy, HODL and when it surges in value, we sell or keep holding.

That is exactly what I was referring to, It help me see the perspective in getting in early and just hodle what I get because undervalued doesn't mean it will always be. I think Hive is an opportunity that is going to blow the minds of those that hodled instead of sell.

I quite agree. I joined hive at the start of this month and hoping it 'blows my mind'! 😉☺️

Well, you are here and that's a great step! I wish you luck on your journey. Keep going one post at a time and engaging around the platform, it builds up before you know it.

I'll keep doing so. Thanks a lot! 😊🍀

undervalued doesn't mean it will always be

Oh, how nicely said this. 👌

That player I selected almost a decade ago based on my experience at the market was Alex Ovetchkin having bought the card when he was a semi nobody a long time ago, I paid $60 for it. I was informed today it is now selling on ebay for $2500 cad and climbing.

Damn... that's a nice investment.

Another interesting topic @galenkp!
Something to think about!

My obvious answer here would be my mom cause she did more for me than I could ever repay.... But... I'm going for the less obvious and I'm going to someone outside my family.

I started playing basketball 🏀 when I was 11 years old (believe it or not I swam and played tennis before that). I was living in Suriname at the time and I'd seen some NBA highlights which totally sparked my fire. After telling/asking my mom I ended up at my basketball team: CLD
(which stands for Caribbean Little Devils) 😃😃😃

My first coach was the great Rudi Nijman, a true Surinamese basketball legend and one of the best coaches. This man didn't only teach us the basics of basketball, he taught us life lessons along the way. He always made sure that we put school first! He taught us discipline, he taught us respect for each other... He taught us positive thinking! He did all of this without necessarily drawing attention to it, some of them are just things he said during the practice or in one of his famous stories. And the funny thing is as a kid you didn't even realize it.
It's only years later, that you recognize these values!

He has since passed away but if I had to think of an influencer, especially given the fact that 1) I still play basketball, 2) Many of my friends till this day stem from these basketball days! 3) I'm currently trying to pass it on by coaching basketball here in Curacao.

Wow! What a great man Rudi Nijman was! I see he positively influenced you without realizing it. The best times to shapen a person is from childhood and growing up years because that is when we are most receptive and nursing dreams about our future.

Here you are now because of your coach's influence, passing on the knowledge and experience to other young minds. I wish success on this endeavor! 💪

Thank you!

Exactly, this is why I'm some grateful, cause if he was a bad coach/man I probably would have less of these values...
And it's a reminder for myself of the responsibility I have now.

Do you play any sports?

Nope! 😄 I'm not a sports person. I tried volleyball in school but could not get it. 🤷‍♀️

Haha you can always try chess or checkers, I think it qualifies 😃

Nope! 😄 I'm not a sports person. I tried volleyball in school but could not get it. 🤷‍♀️

This is a great story indeed. Of course, let's take a moment to thank Mrs. Gvkanten for all she did for you, but choosing a sporting coach is cool. These people have so much influence over how young people develop, not just from a sporting perspective but in life aspects as you say. We learn how to win gracefully and with humility, how to accept loss, strive harder to improve and how to interact with others as part of a team. They tech us about so many things and, as you say, many of those lessons stay with us for life.

Thanks for joining in this week, I appreciate it and hope you have a great weekend.


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Same -Mom is the person who has had a significant influence on me. She has spent whole life taking care her children.
I'm sorry to hear about the legend Rudi Nijman. He definitely amazing coach. It's true that when we were a kid we too carefree and innocent to realize things 😊
I hope you will be a successful basketball coach and inspire many other kids like the way Rudi Nijman did 😍

Haha yes I'm a proud mama's boy in that regard 😂.
Thanks I'm gonna at least try!
How about you? Do you play any sports?

I don't play sport but I'm an active person. Love hiking, bicycle riding and swimming :)

Learning values as a kid is much easier and your coach did justice to that by being a good mentor and influencer to your life. Just as you have being influenced positively, its great to know you are doing same by coaching others

Exactly! And I also realize it could have turned out bad if I happened to have a bad coach/influence.
So I was lucky!
What kind of life lessons would you want to instill in kids?

Just as you stated above, discipline, respect and you can add perseverance to it

How wonderful influence you had. All coaches, teachers and mentors should have this kind of influence. I had as well a big influence from my teacher, but it will come in my response to Galen's topic.

Indeed! Okay I'm going to check out your comment cause I'm wondering which teacher influenced you :)

Hola, llegando por aqui y leyendo lo importante que son los otros en nuestra vida, como seres sociales somos parte de un grupo, donde formamos esos referentes, valores, creencias, que nos hacen ser como somos, una personas con virtudes, valores, talentos, miedos, sombras entre otros.
De los primeros influencers los encontramos en la familia, quien nos crian, con lo mejor que tienen para dar,luego los maestros en la escuela tienen parte importantes y asi vamos encontrando en la vida a esas personas, que nos dejan un aprendizaje, personas que quizás no conoces y por un instante te hace reconocer lo valioso que eres, para asi tambien, poder impactar en otros.
Hoy deseo compartir mi experiencia de fin de semana,que viene muy bien con este tema y estoy feliz con eso.
Como les decia, la vida esta llena de aprendizajes, de momentos p
hay que estar muy atentos, para reconocerlos. En mi grupo de biodanza (danza de la vida, integración, armónica del ser) tengo un gran grupo de amigos, quienes nos reunimos enventualmente a danzar y expresar, también,los mas internos miedos con coraje, el miedo es un sentimiento que nos atrapa, nos pone trampas, nos paralizan y cuesta avanzar y salir adelante. En este grupo hermoso, reunidos con protección, luego de un largo periodo de encierro, encuentro motivos para dar pasos, para respirar, recuperar fuerzas, disfrutar la vida, amar al otro, reconocerse en otros, valorar cada momento.
Hoy particularmente, en nuestro grupo de 6 , realizamos una actividad en el parque, al aire libre donde invitamos a otras personas nuevas nunca las habíamos visto, iniciamos la danza y fue maravilloso como esas personas nuevas, se conectaron con nuestra energia, como trasmitir solo son sonrisas, danza y miradas, un amor renovador.
Ellos a nosotros y nosotros a ellos un proceso de fluidez y aprendizaje mutuo.
Muchas veces sin querer tambien somos influencia para otros, para desconocidos. Que dejan una sensación de gran satisfacción y agradeciendo.
Les comparto una foto de este día maravilloso, asi como, me comprometo conmigo, escribir un post de esta bella experiencia.


Todos somos uno.



Influence can come from people close to us and strangers both. Influence is a thing that we feel even without being able to touch it and no matter where it comes from it can be of great benefit.

Thanks for sharing your dance group photo and I'm sure that the group members all take great benefit from those around them and today it seems your sphere of influence reached out and touched others also.

Thanks for joining in this week and I hope the rest of your weekend is good.


There has already been too much ENGAGE today.

Philip Dowse taught me how to go to work every day. I needed that. As a young apprentice I excelled and was appreciated as I perfected my craft. But it took me about three years to realize they needed me there every day, Philly taught me that.

Curtis Wilson, RIP. I built my first Harley with that man. I probably learned more in that garage during that six months than I have anywhere else. He taught me how to prioritize. What's real and what's not, what matter and what doesn't. I was able to tell him those things before he left. Fuck cancer!

My grandfather, the only man in my life. He was a bad mofo, too, without him I know I wouldn't be where I am. Probably still wouldn't even know how to shave.

Philip Dowse was the boss? It's cool that he took the time to educate you to the fact that showing up consistently has some distinct benefits. I know you don't need to work now but I guess that same ethos applies to other things. Showing up in a relationship is important...Same sort of principle.

Good on old Curtis Wilson (I don't know if he was old or not) for giving you some home truths, furnishing you with the ability to think a little deeper probably too. It's sad when we lose influential people like that ahead of time.

And of course, old granddad. I miss mine a lot and learned a great deal from him. I think if I was making a list he would be up towards the top, maybe at the very top.

Some good chaps right there dandays, and I appreciate your sharing them and the reasons they meant so much.


My pleasure. I appreciate your dedicated responses.

Philip Dowse was a boss of mine one time during my career but it wasn't for a few years after we met. There's a little more to this story actually, I'm glad you asked.

In our trade, we have journeyman and apprentices, right? A lot of us journeyman went on to be foreman, engineers, inspectors, etc. When I met Philly, he was my journeyman and I was his apprentice, I was his responsibility. Man he tuned me up nice. Very first time I met him went like this:

Our foreman introduced us and he said "this is Jim S's nephew, take care of him." Philly said "fuck Jim S. and anyone who knows him!" Man I was so intimidated like "wtf?!" Come to find out he and my uncle went through the Air Force together and the first time he met me was in my mothers arms in diapers about 20 years earlier—I didn't know that. Anywho.. he was just playing and just as excited to tune me up as I was to get tuned up.

Curtis, he went by CW. Dude was a giant. 6-6 about 250, President and Enforcer of his motorcycle club. You name it, pony tail down to his waste, "biker." One of the most instrumental pieces of my life. I haven't spoken to his family for about a month, thank you, I'm going to change that today. He was young bro, cancer for him at 55—gone!

And my grandfather, yes'ir. The reality is, I wouldn't have any of these stories if it wasn't for him. 👍🏿

Great man, thanks for filling in some blanks...I was going to say Phillying in some blanks as a Philly-reference but decided against it as it might be seen as a bad dad-style joke...So I didn't mention it. 😂

I had a mate whose dad was Sergeant at Arms for one of the most feared motorcycle groups here (we have a pretty bad organised crime situation with those people) and he was not one to trifle with. Also...You may not know this but back two years I served on a jury for a murder trial where one had bludgeoned another's head into pulp with a huge spanner for some reason or other. Wasn't pleasant but the right result occurred. I don't mix in those circles though, despite riding bikes.

Sergeant of Arms, I know those titles. I was never into'em either Galen. CW taught me how to build, was the President, I wasn't interested, I just rode with them and went home after. Both my uncles, I never told you this, they're both gone now but they were both Angels out of San Diego, Ca. Again, I'd just go to a party here and there, I never needed a patch to ride.

What's is a "spanner?"

Phillying.. you know I got so many nicknames for that man and I never put Philly and ing together. He just got another nickname. 👍🏿 I got a buncha ideas already.

 last year (edited) 

Ring spanner. Wrench. The one used was about half as long as a baseball bat, and heavy. I hefted it in the jury room, the very one used. Bagged of course.

Spanner wrench, I'm with you now sir. Dang. I'm glad I never had to do anything like that—serve on a jury. Especially that kinda case

Does it mess with you? How long ago again? Sorry if you already told me.

It does a bit, it's all pretty graphic and all, quite draining emotionally also. They offer counseling after it's done but I was all good; I've seen enough in my life not to be affected.

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Then it may seem though to keep up with the daily work, some days we get tired to get up and dress up for work but still we push ourselves and get it done. You did had some good influencers who contributed nicely to your life.

Good morning @jizzyjoe, I'm glad you think so man, thank you.

Good morning to you too and you are welcome. !wine

Good thing I tagged you, just realized I responded to myself. I do that regularly it seems. Its not as bad as upvoting myself and I'm ashamed to admit this but I've done that, too—TWICE!

Lol, its not as thing to be ashamed of. Most persons do regularly upvote their post, I have also done it but its rear

Oh, certainly. I'm not judgin, I just don't upvote my own content is all.

Well, except for those two

Lol, I didn't see it that you were judging. Its only a thing of choice, I have never read it to be wrong in upvoting your own post in hive. If you have, please do tell me


I will take the opportunity to mention a situation.... some two-three weeks ago, you replied to my comment, but I actually thought you replied to Galen... so I was not sure and didn't respond. 😢 Maybe you replied to mine, and I felt bad some time no responding, as I was not sure if it was for me or not 🤣
Sorry if I left you without a response 🙏

This is interesting. 🤔

Let's just pretend it was to Galen then that way neither you or I can hurt the one feeling we accidentally brought with us to the internet.

But do you remember of a "not responded comment" by me? If not, let's pretend it was to Galen :)

I can't remember what I had for breakfast.

Well, you know what G-dog?

Now that you asks, I realize that I don't have someone whatsoever who have influenced me. Really!
I mean, indeed no one to whom I could sincerely call an influencer in my life in the strict sense of the word as it appears in the context of the picture with the light bulb above and what you've said at the beginning in the introduction of this post.

However, it's possible that I may also be misinterpreting your question and I'm missing the true and deeper sense of what you really means as have had an influencer in our lives.

Nonetheless, I do believe that I actually had an unforgettable experience when I was very very young that although it was barely a very short and fleeting episode of premature enlightenment in my life, perhaps what happened on that very early and especial occasion is precisely what you are looking for as the answer to your question in this post.

The specific story of that transcendental experience may be a bit long. So, I'm just gonna limit myself to mentioning the name of this person below which will contain the embedded link that will lead you to the post in which I narrate this experience and then just let that it be you who judge if what I've told there in that old post answers your question well.

I have the hunch that despite this was not precisely by observing his example, his actions and behavior, success and failures, the biggest and true influencer in my life was Antonio The Andalusian.

Cheers!! :)

You mean a mentor, someone who taught you your craft, a teacher, nothing? I got several I can think of. You never had a teacher lie to you and tell you how you can be anything you want and all humans are created equal and stuff like that? That's influential shit!

What are they teaching in Venezuela??

@dandays, I suspect we just have different concepts of what an influencer really is. Those that you are mentioning are just that: mentors, teachers, whatevah but not necessarily influencers.

More to the point. And also taking advantage of the opportunity to answer @kemmyb question: "Is it possible not to have a single influencer in one's life?

According to your words mentioning mentors & teachers as influencers. Then, I guess there are no biggest influencers in our life than our own parents and siblings. Prolly being our mom the one who is at the top of that influencer list. Right?

However, all of them are only "that" too: Our mom, our dad and our brothers. No more no less. And certainly not specifically 'influencers' as I understand the phrase.

Hence, according what you are saying and what @galenkp also said in a comment above in this thread, then, we'd have to say that everyone, absolutely everyone, has been an influencer in our lives. But that according my own interpretation, maybe I'm classifying a true influencer in a somewhat higher level. :)

Therefore, if you both just take the time to read thoroughly the old post I'm doing reference above when I name to Antonio the Andalusian as an authentic "influencer" in my life. It's more likely you also will understand my own position and point of view of what an influencer is to me.


Thanks for the detailed explanation. This must mean you thought I was serious and not just messin with you.

If that's the case, who is this and what have you done with @por500bolos?

Antonio the Andalusianc, dirt bike rider, right?

If that's the case, who is this and what have you done with @por500bolos?

Hahaha fucker, just don't be a pussy and click & read that old post right away. You will know the right answer in a jiffy. :D

I didn't know if I caught you on a sensitive day or wtf. My previous response woulda said fuckin with you but I wasn't sure if maybe the cat shit in your cereal this morning so I said messin.

I totally get it. Cat shit cereal days are the worst.

My previous response woulda said fuckin with you but I wasn't sure if maybe the cat shit in your cereal this morning so I said messin.

Oh yeah! "Fucking with you" instead of "Messin with you" would have sound way more straight, authentic and influential to me. Hahahaha

Over here in my neck of the woods: Fucker = Jodedor (kind of joker = bromista synonym)

And don't worry mate. My plate of cereal is always full of cat shit. And perhaps that's the reason I would have to apologize with everyone here for my delayed replies. I know my engagement score must be next to zero. Unfortunately, my internet connection here in my place is so bad and sluggish that it's always crawling to a halt. I can't post shit during the whole day. I'm unable to even open the Google Search page during the sunlight hours. I just have to wait until midnight (my time) to post or reply. Yeah! I can only engage when prolly everyone close to my timeframe is already snoring. Snoring as it should be with normal people.

Obviously I am not normal. I can't be normal. I guess I've always been a "night owl" by nature. But nowadays given the external dictatorship that I'm under by my current ISP, I'm afraid 'they' are not giving me options to change my 'nature' any time soon. :)

Well this reads more like the por500bolos that I'm familiar with.

Dictatorship ISP. I wanna write 'that's funny' but it's probably 100% true so it ain't funny—I won't write it. We had a challenging time when we were trying to acclimate to central and South America during our journey. Water shuts off 10 hours/day. Power goes in and out and, yeah, internet was shotty at best.

You're doin great!

Hi @por500bolos. Is it possible not to have a single influencer in one's life? At first reading of this weekend engagement topic, I thought so too... I couldn't really pinpoint a particularly big figure in my life that influenced me in a big way....

Then I thought some more and realized they are little bits of influence (I don't know if this makes sense) here and there to make up who I am today. Lemme read about this Antonio the Andalusian. 😊

Everyone is influenced in some way by others; An influence doesn't have to be a single huge event, or even come from someone we know. Our thoughts are influenced all the time...That's what marketing does, what reading does, television, friends, family and everyone else on the planet.

Now that you asks, I realize that I don't have someone whatsoever who have influenced me. Really!

And yet...

I have the hunch that despite this was not precisely by observing his example, his actions and behavior, success and failures, the biggest and true influencer in my life was Antonio The Andalusian.

Thanks for sharing the name of your biggest and true influencer in your life and for joining in on the #weekend-engagement topic post this week.


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Many here, but the most influential was Bruce Lee. Not only for the fighting skills and movies, but more for the Philosophy. Some of which I have taken as my own. Most influential for me is:

"Absorb what is useful,
Discard what is not.
Add what is uniquely your own." --Bruce Lee

Enjoy! and "Be like water..."

Whoever don't think of Bruce Lee when they're drinking a glass of water can't be trusted.

Lol, why do you day that?

Cuz he's got that infamous line of his "be like water." So it's common I'm holding water, or see a glass of water and how perfectly level it is, just still and fluid. That's Bruce Lee! "Like water."

Oh, now I get what you mean

Hahaaa...You are fun man 🤩 And if I drink lots water each day, Can I be like him? 🤣

Nope! I do that now, doesn't make me any closer to Brucle Lee, I just pee regularly.


It's amazing how people only see things from one angle. They see a person. A martial artist. An actor.

When in actual fact a study of the man, the true man, can reveal so many things that will help a person navigate their own lives, and not just with respect of Bruce Lee, but just about everyone.

There are influences everywhere...We just need to see them, then have the courage to apply the ones that fit.

Bruce Lee was an incredible HUMAN and a role-model-influencer-leader-master-teacher in just so many ways.

It makes me wonder if we all lived a little more boldly, a little more colourfully and a little more publicly, how much might WE inspire and motivate others??


If we look more intently around us there are shining examples and influences everywhere. We tend to get caught up in things that don't matter though, mostly, the noise and inconsequential details that society presents us, and so miss the little gems laying about that would could pick up.

With Bruce Lee some just see the martial artist, the fighter...He was much more.

Colourfully/boldly/publicly yes.

Honestly, generously, selflessly, humbly, passionately, simply...All the ly's really. We all have the power to empower others, to motivate and inspire. Some chose to make it happen, and some do the opposite. It's a choice.

That was a Bruce Lee response.

Lol, and now I'm off to martial arts some planks of wood and a few bricks.

Oh @ksteem Bruce Lee definitely a super star and talent man. I'm a big fan of his kungfu movies and I never bored of watching his films again and again since I was little. My childhood CRUSH 😍

This is an interesting one.. I realize now that I don't really know anything about Bruce Lee... Other than the most famous scenes or pop culture jokes.
Might be time to look into him... But where does one start?

Google mate, start there. Search Bruce Lee quotes. You'll soon see how wise he was. That will lead you to the story of his life and you'll learn that there's more to the man than breaking wood with his hand. Do yourself a favour in life and get it done.

Yes indeed, "Boards, don't hit back" --BL

No much hit back after old Brucy boy delivered a punch. 😉

Ah yes, now here is someone that has influenced many around the world, and with quotes like that there's no wonder.

I find it amazing that some people can be (feel) so aimless and unfocused when there are shining examples of triumph and success over adversity to learn from. I guess it comes down to choices. People say they can't acheive without opportunity...Some create the opportunity for themselves...And acheive, or fail and try again until they do..

The road map is there, others have come before us, and yet so many choose to ignore it and be a lump of flesh, bone and water.


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"Absorb what is useful,
Discard what is not.
Add what is uniquely your own." --Bruce Lee

This is the key! Thank you for highlighting this quote, we should not forget it.

Another weekend here already and the first month of the year almost to be buried. What inspires me and influences me is you @galenkp how you can keep up and do all this apart from all your other commitments honestly do you have a special computer that you talk to and it types it done for you what is your secret... i don't think i could ever be you and i do envy you in what you do on this platform...Cheers buddy you are amazing. Have a great weekend 👍

Lol! I thought I was the only one! @galenkp is an influencer too! When I read, I'm always on the lookout for quotable quotes and I have seen some from your posts sir. That is a positive influence for me!

Hey man, yep January is pretty much dead and we're into February in only 48 hours or so. Incredible huh? I'm 51 in March mate, so...Yeah, when a person get's that old time seems to move faster! 😭

Hey, I really appreciate your comment and nice sentiment. I don't really have an answer to how I get everything done, I just seem to manage it. I wish I had a computer that did it all for me but, alas, all I have is the one I'm typing this on and my phone, and all the typing is manual.

I enjoy what I do here, sure it takes some time, sure at times it seems like work, but mostly it's enjoyment, a hobby just like my others. If I didn't enjoy it I wouldn't do it.

Thank you for your kind words. We all have a place at the table, or in the hive I guess. We all have value to add - The difference is that some choose not to add it, or to dilute it down to the barest minimum. Not you of course. You show up each post, put in, and add passion, personality and effort...You just grind it out, show respect to others, interact and play a part...That's all any of us could ask from ourselves...So don't envy what I do because you do it too!

Thanks for joining in my bro, have a great weekend...Call someone you value and respect and tell them so...Be thankful for life, and get it lived!

Stay humble and kind brah.


Don't remind me February next week i remember February 5 years ago when i turned the big 50 and it just seems like yesterday where did them 5 years go ...Damn time does fly but i can't complain i still feel like the young goats in the flied even though i will be 55 next week 😆🎉🎈🚀😆

And thank you for your most kind and inspirational words respect and kindness is the only way forward and i always keep that in mind in no matter what situation 👍

Thank you bro have a great weekend also take care and be safe.

You're 55 next week? You don't look a day over 54 and 51 weeks old!

Just kidding. I didn't realise you were older than me though, for some reason I though we were about the same age.

Thanks for the compliment buddy it's the Italian blood in me and eating all that home made Salami and Pizza's...haha 😆

Lunga vita al cibo italiano 😋

Haha...Thanks @mipiano can;t complain about mum's cooking 😉

Oh really 55? Nah you look younger honestly hehee!! Age just a number. As long as we keep a peaceful mind and happy soul, we're young forever 😅😂 Sometimes I can't realize that how old I am and just call some teenagers I met here " hey older sister/ brother" 😁😆

Ahhhh...you are so sweet thank you and as you say it's only a number i feel young and alive everyday the beach life and consistent training keeps me young and my mom's Italian food of course 😆

Have a great weekend sister Trang 😉

Lucky you living in a beautiful place in OZ and eat Italian food 😁
No worries Bro. Hope you had an awesome weekend :))

Haha... i love that "No worries Bro" are you starting to practice your Aussie slang language before you come to Oz...

Good on you mate 😆

Wow! you really don't look like 55, you look younger. Most times it does seem like time do fly but we just got to make the best out of it, happy birthday in advance. !wine

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Thank you @jizzyjoe for your compliment and your advance birthday wishes and i will save the wine for my birthday...Cheers 😉🎈🎉

You are welcome

Oh Really 51 or 15 @galenkp 🤣? I meant your energy and positive attitude. Aww your birthday coming soon 😊

When a person get's that old time seems to move faster - hahaa so meant the younger a person is the slower she( I) moves ...!!! When I write a post I takes me 3-4 hours to think, write and edit photos hahaa...slowme 🤣

Turning 51, acting 15.