Reader Agrees To Believe Everything is Made Up And Never Really Happened

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Last thing I remember a bunch of us are sitting around the fire, it's cold outside, it's always cold on Halloween. Beach weather all but one day in October in Los Angeles. Halloween means long sleeves and bonfire.

Everyone's having a good time; laughing, talking, hangin out. I remember telling jokes. See? Told you it's not real. About 20 of us are out back where the fire pit is. There's chairs and rocks, large tree stumps positioned around the fire to sit on. Everyone's bundled up with a drink in their hand trying to stay warm. The rest of the party's inside, at least 100 people, we're at Carols parents house. They have a huge piece of property off Desert Spring, she asked everyone to park behind the house. There must've been 50 vehicles back there. We're all fresh out of high school, 1996, the first time I quit drinking.


The next several hours exist in flash photography only. The first flash I'm in a weird city. Next—back of a strange car, it's moving. The dude driving who later the following day I learned must've been a police officer and that moving vehicle I was in was in fact a police cruiser said "they got you on video." No video ever surfaced so whether or not that happened or if he even said it remains unknown.

:flash: Single person holding cell, it's tiny. I was in something like this one other time for being out of control but this one's different. There's no beds like general holding where there's two bunk beds against opposite walls divided by a stainless steel toilet where all new inmates promptly learn courtesy flush. No idea how I got here. There's a pay phone on the wall.

"This is the operator. State your first and last name and the number you'd like to phone collect."

That meant the person on the other end of the line would either accept charges or refuse conversation with me. I called Maleesa, we'd been dating for several months at that point, we went to the party together. It wasn't until I repeated her number to the operator I notice blood on my shirt. A lot. I'm wearing a white T-shirt, it's soaked in blood all down the front of me, down my jeans, even on my shoes. Maleesa accepted the charges.

"Where are you? What happened?? Where did you go last night?!!"

All valid questions. Unfortunately I had no fucking clue how to respond, 'I was hoping you could tell me.'

"You just vanished. One second you were there and then you were gone. Everyone's been looking for you."

'Did I drive my truck?'

"No, it's still at Carols house, where are you?!"

Well that's good, thank God. At least whatever I did did not involve driving but that doesn't explain all this blood on me. 'I'm in jail.'

"What?! Wtf did you do? Do I need to come get you?"

'Yeah, if you would please. Thanks. I have blood all over me, any idea what happened?'

As she proceeded to tell me everything was fine before I vanished and how she has no idea where the blood came from I can't see too well out of one eye. The vision in my right eye is blurry. I put my hand up to my face—ouch! Something's wrong. Touch all around my face, each press more sensitive than the last. All of this blood might be mine but there's no mirror to look. I called out to the jailer on duty to find out where I was so she could come pick me up.

'Hello, officer? Anyone home?' I can only see directly in front of me, the hallway goes both directions, I'm staring at concrete. If someone's there, I can only hear them.

"Yes? Go ahead" shouted a woman's voice on my left. All I wanted to know is where I was so Maleesa could come get me.

'Could you tell me where I am, please?'

With that I heard whispers and faint laughter coming from both directions in the hallway. I'm not the only one here, I'm just the only one in this cell. I still have Maleesa on the line, my ear's against the cell door. I put the phone against the door with me. The jailer yelled back, her voice echoed down those concrete corridors.

For the 50th fucking time!! Attempted residential burglary in the first degree! Assault and battery in the first degree! Trespassing! First degree vandalism! Resisting arrest!! Court arraignment's Monday morning at 9am! Bail's one hundred and fifty thousand!!

Shit just got real! Dollars?! 150 thousand what, push-ups? I put the phone back to my ear, 'did you hear that?!'

She's hysterical, "what did you do?!? Oh my God what happened?" Last thing I need right now is panicky anyone who can't explain how I got here. I tried calming her down, 'relax, it'll all get figured out soon enough. 150k however, I'm not going anywhere for awhile.' We talked a little longer, she calmed down before we hung up. I called her four or five times a week for six months, she accepted each one and even visited me once. I asked her not to do that again, 'unless I need a ride home, please don't ever come back here.'

My head's still foggy. I don't know what time it is. I'm in a lot of pain I know that much. I'm an emotional, spiritual and physical wreck and, according to my physical appearance, I should probably see doctor. Whatever time chow time is, that's what time it was. They slid something hot under the door, I don't remember what it was. Can't forget the two slices of stale bread though, they're on the side, ducks won't eat that bread. Behind the toilet is a sink/drinking fountain contraption; stale bread with something hot and tap water—bon appétit.

Shortly after chow time I was moved to general holding where I'd share one of four bunks in a 10x10 cell with three other dudes. It's Saturday morning, court doesn't open until Monday. This is where I'll eat, sleep, shit and mind my own business all weekend.

I laid down and stared at the ceiling. Both men and women would come and go, some louder than others. I heard heavy, mechanical steel doors open and slam shut all weekend. Doors and metal key rings, jailers wear a lot of keys. Dudes came and went from my cell too, they either got bailed out or were released the following morning, not me. As new bunk mates arrived, residing prisoners were eager to learn their charges, "what'd you do?" I heard horrible things like wife beaters, armed robbery, car jacking and worse.

I didn't ask questions. I don't care and it's none of my business but I did respond once. They'd ask what I did and explain their situation, tell me how they're in there for drunk driving but they weren't drunk. Home invasion but they didn't rob anyone, they only received stolen property or whatever the charge was, not me. I only knew what the jailer told me, 'I have no idea' I said.

"What do you mean you have no idea?"

'I mean I have no idea. I woke up here this morning, now leave me alone.'

Monday morning rolled around, my name's on the docket. I'm being escorted down those echoey concrete corridors into the court room alongside about 10 other criminals. Each of us have shackles around our waist, our left hand is cuffed to the prisoners shackles on our left, right hand cuffed to the prisoner on the right. We were escorted single file like that, no use of our hands, there's two rows of seating inside the courtroom. The judge began calling names.

My mother attended that hearing, both she and my grandfather, I wish they didn't do that. I asked her please don't do that again. The judge went down the list of names, most everyones charges were reduced, "time served" and they were released. Others had another week or two to serve but at least they were given a release date, not me.

DanDays, these are serious charges. Three of the five violations constitutes a strike, if I allow you to plea for yourself you'll never see the light of day again. I'm hereby entering a plea of Not Guilty on your behalf. You have the right to an attorney, if you can not afford one, one will be appointed to you. Good luck to you sir.

And slammed his gavel against the bench. That was it—over before it started. I wasn't given an opportunity to speak. I didn't have a chance to ask to be released on my own recognizance or anything, no reduced bail, nothing. I'm no closer to knowing why I'm here and still no release date. I listened. My rights to a speedy trail just expired.

I was transferred from overnight holding to general population as soon as I got back to my cell. There's a bus waiting outside with blacked out windows and bars on them, it's a short drive. Shackle left, shackle right next stop—LA County.

Well at least I got to get out of my bloody clothes, still don't know how they got like that. A couple arresting officers looked at me, "what the hell happened to you?"

'I have no idea.'

Strip, tongue out, socks inside out—shake them. Bend over, spread'em, cough, shower. Everything you see criminals go through on TV when they're sent to County.

The dorm's huge, there's at least 9 dorm rooms in whatever tower I was in, each one houses 40-50 inmates. "Up, Brown! Brother, Casper down!" Shouted the dorm room shot caller, a big ass thug, he's pointing at all of us who just arrived. "Up, Brown! Brother, Casper down!" Which meant Latinos/Mexicans/Asians upstairs - black/white downstairs. Each of us were handed a blanket and toiletries, the rules have been laid out, the time to serve time is now.

It took a couple weeks to decide on an attorney, both Maleesa and my mother were interviewing. It's tough for a lawyer to defend a client when only the arresting officer knows what happened. Finally I chose one, she and I have the same last name which is odd, it's not a common name. When my day in court finally arrived, the judge asked her if we're related, "to the best of my knowledge, Your Honor, we are not."

We spoke on the phone a few times, I couldn't remember anything that happened, she was still trying to access the police report. She didn't get her hands on it for a couple months. Then another six weeks passed before we had a formal sit down and she could explain my charges to me. It wasn't until another month after that I received a court date—six months after the arrest date. Not a release date, just a trial.

93 days, not hours passed between our first phone call and meeting in person. 93 seconds is a long time to be restrained without a clue as to why.

I got real good at Spades. I got real good at handball too, we'd play in the yard three times a week. I got so good at handball actually that when I got out, I convinced all my buddies to play at Long Beach Polly with me on the weekends. We did that for years.

It was impermissible to leave our bunks in disarray. Unless we were physically in them, they had to be tidy, all four corners folded evenly and tucked under the pad. No paraphernalia of any kind in sight, no commissary, no nothing that wasn't a permanent fixture. Everything had to be clean and orderly. Gotta piss? Make your bed first. Thirsty? Make your bed first.

I watched beds and drawers, Top Ramen noodles, shoes and inmates get flipped upside down regularly. Guards would get tipped off I guess to drugs or weapons in the dorms and storm inside all decked out head-to-toe in body armor and helmets unannounced. Blue strobe light sirens rang painfully loud which meant drop everything immediately, get on the ground, shut your mouth and stare at the floor while they ransacked something. That happened just about every day, some days more than once. I got my first taste of "lockdown" in LA County.

I met some cool people. I learned quickly who to steer clear of too. Nobody's your friend in there. Nobody's guilty either, that's another one, everyone's innocent in county. I had a Spades partner, Benton, his story was his twin brother did it and used his name. Everyone has a story. Everyone except me.

Nearly five months passed since my initial arrest without a formal sit down with my attorney. I still haven't seen a police report—still don't know what happened. 50 dudes in there with court dates, charges, release dates and me, 'I have no idea.' Finally I get a meeting scheduled with her. It's been a long time. She's been gathering information for my defense.

She's wearing a gray suit, 60'ish years old. Gray hair and glasses, she's a sweetheart. I'm glad we have the same last name otherwise I wouldn't have hired her. We shook hands. I barely had time to stick my hand out and she's apologizing all over herself.

"I'm so sorry it took this long to meet. The court system is backed up something unlawful, it shouldn't be this way, sorry, sorry, sorry." She said something about cases are 6 months to a year out. "The D.A didn't forward your case to me until last week, have you seen it? I subpoenaed the arresting officers report too. I don't think you'll be charged with a crime, I think we'll have you out of here contingent to alcohol rehabilitation."

'Alcohol rehabilitation?' I told her I didn't even drink that much that night. 'Everything was normal that night, I would've been fine.' I explained 'I drank some liquor, a couple beers, a little yayo, some yesca, that's it.' That was all normal I told her. 'Halloween was different, I had allergies that night. I mixed all that stuff with allergy pills and don't remember anything.'

"Do you remember the name of the medication?"

'Sine-Off.' Ironically named, I know this, trust me I've played back that night a million times in my head. Sine-Off is legibly written right on the front of the damn box and I took them anyway.

We're sitting across from each other in a private attorney/client room. She read me the police report.


"According to this report, the homeowners are husband and wife, they're laying in bed watching TV when they hear keys at the front door. Do you know these people? Is there a reason you went to that house?"
img src

'Where's the house? What's their last name?'

She read the names to me, I don't know them. She told me where the house is, I hardly know the area. I know the road but I don't know anyone who lives there. According to the report and, according to the Mapquest image I envisioned in my head, I walked a couple miles from the party. No idea what I was thinking or where I was going, glad I didn't drive. To this day I can only hope I thought it was my grandparents house. They lived in the same direction and both houses were yellow. It's the only scenario that makes sense.

As they hear keys rattling against the front door, the husband grabs a shotgun and tells her call 911, "call the cops!" They had a six foot tall chain link fence around their property, by the way, nobody ever could explain how the hell I managed to get on the trespassing side of that fence.

There's a lot of commotion at the front door; banging, slamming, loud damaging sounds of things breaking, they must've been terrified. What I assume happened is my keys obviously wouldn't open the door, that's why they heard keys rattling around. They had a security door, one of those metal screen doors between me and the main door. According to the police report I ripped that metal door off the hinges and now I'm trying to get my keys in the main door. That's where first degree attempted residential burglary and vandalism came from, that security door—strike 1 and 2. The husband greets me at the door with a shotgun in my face.

"Wtf are you doing?!" I can only imagine this dudes rage. "We called the cops already, you better get the fuck outta here!"

He's obviously confused and irate and who knows what else, he doesn't know me and I don't know him. He's got a shotgun in my face, he's screaming. According to him, he told me they called the cops already and they're on their way, even told me "get outta here" he said. So what do I do? :boom:

I punched him in the face and, like a psychotic animal completely deranged and out of their mind, screamed back as loud as I could, "wtf are you doing in my house?!?" That's where first degree assault and battery charges came from. Had I punched him anywhere other than his property, it would've just been assault but since it happened at his home, it's a first degree felony—strike 3.

He wound up like Barry Bonds in the bottom of the 9th and hit me in the face with the butt of his shotgun. G'night! I still can't believe he didn't shoot me. If Pura and I were trying to go to sleep and some psyche ward escapee is trying to break in, I won't ask questions. I'll call 911 only after I know Pura's safe. I'm glad he swung for the fences instead.

So now I'm unconscious, several minutes pass as I slept on their front porch. She called 911, the law's been dispatched and both he and she are outside now, they have weapons drawn on me in case I wake up. I woke up. They said I tried to get up, the husband's trying to keep me down, he's screaming at me "stay down!!" I'm still freaking out, 'why are you in my house?!' According to the homeowners and this is the part that really saved my ass, they both reported I was "unresponsive as though on mind altering drugs." Sine-Off. That and they weren't pressing charges against me is what saved me.

:boom: He hit me again. Lights out. Two shots upside the head with the stock end of a shotgun explains all the blood on me. I was bleeding from my nose, my mouth, my ear, I had a huge shiner in prison the first couple weeks. I looked like a guy who tried to go in a house that wasn't his and didn't die.

Cops arrived, I'm still unconscious. They cuff me and buckled me in the back of the car, wrote up a report with the homeowners or whatever police procedure is. :flash: Weird city :flash: Strange vehicle :flash: "They got you on video," wake up in jail.

"You recorded a blood alcohol level of 0.29," my attorney said. "That, in combination with the allergy pills, since they're not pressing charges, I'll motion to have the case dismissed contingent you enter treatment immediately following release."

0.29? That didn't sound right. The legal limit is 0.08. I was more than three times the legal limit according to that and I didn't think I drank that much that night. I don't remember blowing into a breathalyzer either. '0.29?' I asked. 'I don't remember blowing into a machine.'

She told me I didn't, "they drew your blood at the police station." I have zero memory of that. According to the report, I was unable to properly blow into the breathalyzer after countless failed attempts so they administered an I-V and drew my blood. They said I consented. I find that hard to believe.

Alright, well, at least I know what I'm up against finally. Attorney said she'll get the charges dismissed. I told her I'd like to apologize to the people who live there. That and I'd like to replace their door. She said it'll never happen, "I'm entering a restraining order preventing you from ever returning to that residence."

'Fair enough.'

She'll meet with the judge before the end of the week and schedule a court date. I'll receive notice some time after that. Her recommendation to the D.A which she assures me they'll accept is to release me, order restitution for replacement of their security door, enroll in alcohol treatment, and remain distanced from the property. All I heard was release.

We stood up, shook hands, "do you have anymore questions for me?" I didn't, 'thank you for representing me.' She went back to her world and I turned around, placed both hands behind my back and was escorted to the dorm.


Four more weeks, I received word a couple days later. I'll have served 186 days the next time I'm before a judge.
img src

I stayed out of trouble. Spades and handball as often as possible, mind my P's and Q's always, pay attention to nothing that doesn't concern me. Blue strobe light daily, deafening siren, commissary cart weekly, I'm counting the days.

One thing you do not want to do in an LA County jail is touch the television on Spanish day. Essays get the TV once a week, they can watch whatever they want that day and sometimes that was too much for some people. There was always something someone else wanted to watch on Spanish day. I saw more fights that day than on the yard or anywhere else, even fight day. That's another one—UFC fights and boxing matches.

Correctional officers always had the fight on in the dorm. Whatever fight it was, it was on, even WWF. 50 criminals caged inside a room with live fights on TV always intensified an already intense situation. Fight night we're almost guaranteed a brawl in the dorm room but not like touching the television on Spanish day—guaranteed violence.

One dude told me never write anything or draw on the bunks. He was a "high power" guy which meant red jumpsuit so the correctional officers knew to pay extra attention to him. High power inmates are typically in there for murder or attempted murder, whatever the crime, it's heinous. He told me unless I want to return and see that same bunk or that same cell again, never write on jail house structures. Noted. A lot of gang tags on prison walls.

I'm counting down the days. I didn't shave my face off the whole time I was in there until day 185. I ordered a razor and put on my best face for the judge. They called my name at 4:30 in the morning; shackle left, shackle right, single file to the gray goose—bus with blacked out windows.

Back to the station I woke up in the first day. I'm in a large holding cell this time with about 20 other dudes, each waiting to be seen by the judge. Court opens at 9am, they began calling names one by one.

My attorney came around and found me, she said my case will be heard within the hour. The D.A already agreed to terms, she said, we just need the judge to order it and make it official. I'll be released some time that evening if all goes well, it's been a long time coming, inmate release requires just as much processing as booking. The bailiff called my name.

I stood next to my attorney, we get sworn in, "raise your right hand and repeat after me." The D.A's on the other side of the court room, in walks the judge, "all rise!" He sat down, we sat down, he began reading my charges. I don't know anyone in the courtroom this time, I asked everyone please don't attend. They listened.

Honorable Justice C. P. Mathis residing, I'll never forget that name. He didn't look much older than I am now, late 40's at the most. I wasn't terrified one time the past six months, not even during the riot, but I was absolutely terrified that day—could hardly walk. He held the master key to my freedom. I'm aware although my attorney and the D.A came to an agreement, he has the authority to shitcan the whole thing with or without explanation.

Welcome back to my courtroom, DanDays, how many times are we going to meet like this before you learn drinking isn't your forte? You're not even 21 years old yet are you?

'No Your Honor, I'm not.'

Both your attorney and states evidence recommend I release you back into public on the condition you pay restitution for the replacement of a security door and mandatory drug and alcohol treatment. I'd like to know how you feel about that young man, do you agree with the states recommendation?

'Yes Your Honor, I do. The last six months have been more than enough substance abuse and alcohol treatment, I'm done. But I understand the states position and agree to enroll in classes immediately following my release.'

Are you telling me you don't believe you require drug and alcohol treatment?

'Not at all Your Honor. I'm saying I'm done with all of it. Six months in county is plenty of treatment program but I'm willing to accept the states recommendation.'

It says here you don't believe you have a problem and the only reason you're in my court room today is because of over-the-counter allergy medication. Are you aware how ridiculous that sounds Mr Days? Has anyone explained to you a blood alcohol level of 0.29 is 1/10 away from legally dead?

That was the first time I heard that. Nobody said it like that to me, I was unaware. Judge Mathis made me aware. I honestly didn't think I drank that much that night. I guess 1/10th from legally dead is a lot more than not that much.

'No Your Honor, I did not know that. I should know that. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.'

I agree with you Mr Days, I do not believe you require drug and alcohol treatment. I think six months stripped of your freedom was just the treatment you needed. I hereby dismiss your charges on one condition: restitution for the replacement of a security door and, young man, listen to what I'm about to tell you: If I see you in my courtroom one more time for even the slightest infraction, you'll wish you never met me. I'll turn a traffic violation into a community service sentence, do you understand?

'Yes sir.'

And slammed his gavel against the bench. I never saw him again. That's it. I'll be transferred back to County, they'll process me out, put me back in my bloody clothes, etc. Maleesa's coming to get me. I asked her to please bring me whatever subway sandwich it was they wouldn't stop advertising on TV—I saw that commercial every day for six months, even on Spanish night!

I stopped drinking that time for 10 years, 10 months. For more than a decade my buddies would try to get me to drink a beer or take a shot, hell to the no! I stopped drinking and all the stupid substances immediately following release—10 years, 10 months.

Not sure why I took a shot 10 years later but I did and really liked it. I forgot how great whiskey is when shit goes south like an IRS notice in the mail. Just take a shot. Can't sleep? Take a shot. Can't wake up?? ....

I stopped drinking about five more times between my return to the bottle 10 years after the fact and August 2, 2014. That was a crazy night too! I just hit seven years clean in August. All I can do is keep practicing. Haven't woke up in a strange place since! That's incentivizing. That and I haven't had to call anyone apologizing the next day for saying or doing something I don't remember saying or doing. I have plenty of success making terrible decisions when I'm sober, alcohol makes it way too easy.



Wow! You are a bad man. Just Kidding.

That's a badass story. I've never been butt stroked and never really wanted to be. I've known two guys that got drunk in a strange town then 'walked home', broke in the house and went to sleep. Makes me want to consider one of those security doors :)

I was drunk continuously for over 20 years. I tried to quit a whole bunch of times but never got busted bad enough to get anything but released the next morning. Generally early enough that I could take on a pretty good load before the day got away from me.

Once in a while a drink sounds like a good idea, but I am absolutely convinced that 'just one' would start me right back where I finished up. At least it's easier for me to not find out...

Thanks for sharing a great story, I really appreciate it.

My pleasure Tom. I'm glad you liked it, thank you.

It took me quite awhile to learn I wasn't good at it. You probably understand what I mean by the only I'm not drinking is cuz I'm not. I'm just not good at it sir. I'm so bad at it, I'm the guy who gets furious if he wakes up and there's a drop in the bottle like "how did I miss this?!"

I've personally installed a couple of those security doors man, 'I have no idea' ......why I made that character rip the security door off like that. #2Fiction

Whoever doesn't watch that clip might not appreciate me calling you "asshole."

And by the way...

Will is not acting in this clip. It is...

Non-Fiction also...

Juss' Sayin'

"Butt Rubbing"

True Story....

Will is not...

That's one of the finer examples of an oxymoron I've seen in quite some time.

I really was blown away by your make believing. So glad I took the 25 minutes. No alcohol was ingested while reading this. But Java was...

I want to read it again.

Does this mean you'd consider consuming another fiction if I imagined it?

Life is one Fiction after another.

Mine is full of unbelievable bullshit.

So yes. Yes indeed.

Yay! 🤗
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Woah.. some story. I haven't been in jail since I was 12 (don't ask!). Over here they would tell you off, slap your hand and tell you not to do it again. Why is it then.. there's so much more crime over there?

Even the act of slapping a hand here is probably a misdemeanor. At least a fine. I hope you know I'm sincere when I tell my buddies how in the UK we can do things like ask a cop for directions.

May not seem significant but imagine that world.. where you can't ask a cop anything because they'll arrest you.

Thanks @slobberchops. Ok, I won't ask.

Ps - They don't believe me.

May not seem significant but imagine that world.. where you can't ask a cop anything because they'll arrest you.

Surely not that bad? I got pulled over in AZ for splitting traffic on the freeway once riding a motorcycle. The cop was more interested in me talking about Liverpool than handing me a ticket once he discovered my origins. I still had to waste a full day of my life in that shitty traffic school.

In CA you can split traffic, but not in AZ. I don't watch Chips anymore.

I didn't know you couldn't cut traffic in Az. I grew up on bikes, seriously never knew that.

This voice of mine gets me away with a lot of things abroad and I'm pretty confident yours had a lot to do with that cop being friendly here. Either that or you just got lucky.

Some people disagree with me. But myself, everyone I hang out with, we can't ask a cop for directions. I've been forced to submit on the hood of their car while they can search my vehicle top to bottom for a half hour and all I did was call 9-1-1 cuz I saw a little kid in the middle of nowhere by himself.

I wish I was making that up dude.

Wow.. another great story from the USA. I have been pulled over several times as a tourist, but they never seem to do very much. When they hear the accent and know I don't live there then they can't do much. I have probably driven that stretch of desert in your tale.

Thanks for checking that one out. I wish that was the only one. Check out this one if you have e a minute, it's even worse. 5% of the worlds population and 25% of the worlds prison population is what they say, goooooo America!!

You know what I mean then, man I feel the same way in your country. My wife and I call it magic voice. Doesn't matter who, where, what we're doing. Over in UK, when we speak they hear that voice they hear on TV and you can see complexion change, they're so happy. "Where you from? How long will you be here? Do you know any movie stars? I love Target!"

I know.. I couldn't believe that Target one either. More Brit's asked us about Target than Disneyland. 🤷🏼

I read that one as well, you need to CONFORM!!! I was looking at the comments and remembering all those gone, like @lynncoyle1. I remember her.

I know it, I'm such a bad guy.

I've reached out to her a couple times as recent as 10 months ago. No response or anything for years.

Jail? Am I the only one here, who have not been in jail at all?
I am just curious. A lot of people writing about many memories, detox and all.

I was a terror as a teen, it's all water under the bridge.

You're just better at not making bad decisions.

4759 effing words..!?!

24 minute read..!?!

More like 2 frikkin hours...

I am sloooooooow...


This one is gonna have to wait till I am home. Chilling with a cold Michelobe Ultra. Way toooo long for steering wheel reading. While sitting here waiting for paperwork... BOL's take longer than the loading sometimes. Go figure...

Shipping clerk is working on them they tell me...


I know it! 4,759 is a record for me by a long shot, I swear I didn't know. 'I have no idea.'

No really, I didn't know. I do all this from an iOS device without word or a writing app or those things so it doesn't help with typos, grammar.... character count! It wasn't until I plugged it into Ecency I was "oh damn."

I even shot out a couple lines off chain, 'is that way too much??'

I could not sleep...

So I asked meeself..?

Porn? D&A? Porn? D&A?

Kitty Porn..!


I seen a comment about "Butt Rubbing" or some crazy shit like that under your post..?

So fearing nightmares I opted out, and will don my catsuit mansuit and purr my way through those 4 gazzilion words at home.

Did I ever mention my ADD/OCD..?


I'd like you to personally identify where it says butt rubbing and I'll have my copyright associate, for lack of a better term, hung!

Your what?

AD who? Do? AD what?

Least it ain't raining.

Pura's off today.

The new candle smells good. I ever tell you about that? How I have to light a candle in the mornings when I'm by myself and won't turn on the li.. Squirrel!!


Haaaaaa... Scrolled every frikkin comment twice.!!

"Butt End of the Gun..."


Still have not read the gazzilion word Phik-Shun yet...

Maybe after lunch..?


I know it dude, damn hell shucks. 'I have no idea.'

You know I am just messin' wit ya right.? I have Massive respect for your writings. And this latest never ending, gothic, mini series sized, biblical level posting, as @bulldog-joy would say, Well this post of yours is some off the wall next level True Story Fiction writings right here.

Of course I am just going by hear say, rumors, and speculations. Yep, You guessed it, I still have not read your auto biography yet. I read all the frikkin' comments twice, thanks to my mental illnesses. (You should see me creating a post/or comment)

It is a Mentally Retarded <--- (that is just biggotted and insensative) It is a slow, "Gifted Child" shit show

So I gotta grab me a beer... Or a 12 pack in this situation. Did I say I read slow? I Go WTF..? I Back up,
I re-read. I Get confused, I start over, I lose my place, I then suffer from misinterpretation and confusion.

Please post 2 minute 3-400 worders in the future. With pictures and giphy's. It helps keeps my sanity intact...

I also dress up to read your postings. I wear a "suit."

That part about reading the comments twice, do you say that to everyone or did you really do that? I'm not sure if you understand how cool of a compliment that is. Thank you.

Have I told you lately it's my pleasure to entertain you? It is.

Thank you for not reading it while you're driving. Please never read anything i typed while driving. Take your time.


Fwd or not, I want to drive one now. There's probably a shitload of Kellogg's trucks on standby.

My friend...

@dandays first day on the job...


Everyone sinks a big rig on the shoulder on their first day, everyone knows that. The real concern here is who the hell filmed that?! Hashtag Way2Shaky.


Mine was a #45,000 load of Budweiser beer. Backed in to what I thought was frozen ground to do a turn around after a wrong turn.

Almost tipped it over. Landing gear stopped it. $400 tow bill. In 1996. Would that be like $4k now..?

I visualized the whole event. How cold was it? How long did it take the truck to get you out?

Do you really want to know? It is embarrassing, belittling, humbling, and Non-Fiction. There was Po-Po involved. Cop called me a "Dumb Ass Truck Driver."

Made me so mad I cried. OK, that is just Artistic License It was so fucking cold, my eyes were watering...

Artistic License...

Artistic license refers to deviation from fact or form for artistic purposes. It can include alteration of the conventions of grammar or language, or the rewording of pre-existing text. Wikipedia


Man, this brings back so many fucking memories. My DoC detox program was only a 30 day one but that seemed more than sufficient. So assault while on private property gets bumped up to a felony automatically? Damn.

The entirely fictional nature of this piece is duly noted.

Good because it's all fiction, I'm trying my hand at fikshun. Fixtion... I'm still working on it.

I'm glad you liked this one Jethro, thank you. Thanks for reblogging. I've boosted I don't know how much content and you're the first to boost me. That felt good. I'm working on a cooler way to say thank you.

I had no idea how long it was until I plugged it into Ecency. Oops.

Hey, you ain't gotta thank me for that, I think you earned it.

Fiction, diction, it's all wordplay to me. Keep it up, I'm looking forward to your next fikshuns.

🤔 I agree to believe that it's all made up? However, the 4759 words were worth reading and it did not even take me 24 min to do so. True or not, entertaining at least 😉 .

'I have no idea'... it was that long—promise. I've never put that many words together. I do all this from a notepad on iOS, it doesn't have like correcting things or helper tool things or... character counting thing.

When I plugged it into Ecency and saw how many words it was I actually reached out to a couple people offline like "is 4,759 too much?"

Nice to hear from you Bulldog-Joy, where the fuqbeen?

Been distracted by life lol and nope, 4759 is not too much. People read the bible are you kidding me 😂 .

I've read that one cover to cover more than anything. I lost count somewhere after 10.


Damn man that's one hell of a work of fiction. Glad to see that the character learned some lessons and kept his sense of humour.

Always hated county, way to many problems and never enough space. Not to mention if you got a big mouth It causes trouble. As for why I know that...


Happy to have you back on here, It was a damn good read.👊

Thank you more than THIS. I try not to be gone so long, sorry about that, it's never intentional. You're stuck with me, I won't ditch you without warning.

Man I got along well in there, I didn't have any problems. This mouth was way out of tune back then but it was still this one. I was just telling Ed how when they called my name for release, the whole joint erupted. They were all so happy for me.

How's your 31 day challenge going? Tired yet? Running out of content or way too much? What day you on? Did you know I'd ask this many questions?

4759 WORDS!!

I even took my time to read this one, it went super fast! If it was real 😄, I cannot imagine how that sub must have tasted.

You're the third person to mention the sub, that's dope. You know how when Luniz did 5 On It they had no i.d.e.a it would be the epitome of one hit wonder? Well it's not like that or anything but it's pretty interesting the number of comments I'm getting about the sandwich.

Guess I could've at least remembered what kinda 5 dollar foot long it was.

Quite the tall tale! Rivals the like of the big old Blue Ox named Babe! That Paul Bunyon is a hell of a guy.

Thankfully I have never seen the inside of a police station or jail except to get my gun license. Not a place I intend to ever be but shit gets crazy sometimes. I’ve gotten lucky once or twice and had a close call.

Mixing medications and substances is pretty crazy. I’ve had some friends who have had similar issues and it doesn’t end well for them. I’m glad that, in this fictional tale, it was only that. I have two guys I know in prison for life for doing stupid shit in the name of a group. Some sad shit, they were decent people when I knew them.

I remember going to a Mystery of The Trees joint, big redwoods. Near the Oregon border as a kid with my grandparents. I went fishing with them every summer in Trinidad, Ca. a little down Hwy 1.

Life terms both of them? Dang man.. that's unfathomable.

Thanks for checking this one out, practicing my fikshin. I had no idea it was that many characters when I was writing it. I was just bullshitting along like la deda deda and... 'he got hit'... and then he played... 'chess spades.'

It's nowhere anyone wants to be. Nowadays it doesn't take much to land an extended stay. Maybe that's why kids won't leave the house??

Thank you.

Haha I know it kept going but I read it all. The story is one you can't turn away from! From the confusion of why you're in there to getting the butt end of the gun told to you finally, it had me riveted.

John and Harold. Almost forgot their actual names for a few minutes last night, I am still trying to remember John's last name. Both guys who tried to get mixed up in gangs to be cool and got caught. I think both are at the supermax in Massachusetts, don't know if it's really a definite super max but it's the highest level prison in the state we've got.

Eh, how old were they roughly when they got sent there? How long has it been? Dang that sucks. Super max?! Yikes.

Thanks @cmplxty, I really appreciate that dude.

Yay! 🤗
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Is this a story based on actual facts, with the names and faces blurred out to protect their identity? Or is it a tall tale told from a genius writer, who may or may not watch a lot of crime movies, with a scared straight theme? Hum? I just hope it doesn't turn into a series to binge on.

Wow Dandays, you have a gift for words that puts the reader right there, watching a crazy night unfold. I could not stop reading it. My mouth dropped open a few times. My heart ached a bit also if I can be honest. What really hit me was the "Sine off". I have actually seen patient come into the ER off their rocker from mixing alcohol with that type of over the counter medication. It's crazy. And what does a kid know? Just out of high school, most kids think they are actually grown up and just want some fun and freedom. Tough lessen. I am just happy the homeowner with the gun had his shit together or maybe this story would never have made it onto the blockchain. Geez us.

But the story had a good ending and that's what really counts. We all do some dumb things in our youth, trick is to learn from it, never to repeat.

A masterful piece of prose.

Ps, just read "that one". and they wonder why we mistrust the po po. I can't believe they get away with that kind of harassment. I'm scared to be stopped driving home from Jersey when I am by myself. I just don't trust them, I have heard too many stories about how they love to feel the power. Wakos in every profession I guess, but some police are known to have that Napoleon complex. I actually know a few, it kills me that we are at their mercy. Try have three teenage sons, just learning to drive, crap, they would get pulled over regularly, only to be pushed around mentally then let go, never knowing why they were stopped.

Is it wrong for me to say I'm so glad you know what I mean? It's embarrassing to admit the truth sometimes. Everything you said I totally believe.

@farm-mom. When Pura and I are out somewhere driving, has to be driving, we are both on high alert. It's habit. That's how she and I drive. Everyone I know drives the same. We have to keep an eye out for each other when we're.... "cop!" It doesn't mean speeding, loud music, doesn't mean anything you're thinking... "cop!"

The very next thing in everyone's mind:
Put your tattoos away!

Quick! Get'em below the windows stat!

It's habit. Instinctual. IT SUCKS farm-mom. In the UK, you can ask cops for directions. Can you believe that?!?

I saw your response before this one, it's so nice I need more time to respond properly.


Don’t sweat it, live your best self every day. Be good to yourself . Love will follow.


Check it out, an unbiased opinion that supports what I was saying. And she's a grandma!!

A series to binge on is one of those farm-mom comments again she probably didn't realize will likely resonate with me for a life sentence.
:gavel slam:


Good morning! Sure am glad you liked this one, thank you. It's just us here, right? I got Pura and people like Ed Privat in my ear really pushing me to attempt a book. Pura says between this one and the Curtis one it's there already. Ed would like me to just elaborate on details while in prison and extend this story. That would be simple. I could write another 5k words just on Jesse. He was the dude who did not allow that channel to change on Spanish day ever. That dude was gnarly!

My point is, you said:

Wow Dandays, you have a gift for words that puts the reader right there, watching a crazy night unfold. I could not stop reading it. My mouth dropped open a few times. My heart ached a bit also if I can be honest.

That might've been the last little nudge I needed.

Thank you.

Good morning my friend. I agree with Pura and Ed. Why not give it a try, you have the material and you have the ability to slide some humor into those dark experiences to keep the reader from crashing. I think if you stay focused you could pump out a novel in no time. When Pura slips out to work, you sit down and go to work also.
Dream big.


You enjoy writing, so why not, be good for your soul.
That being said, you must promise to send me a signed copy as soon as it hits the book stores. 😉



Did IT






Well it's about time.

7:24 to 7:49

My Time served with you in the pokey.

I am gonna "Sine-off" now and go outside and breath some fresh air, enjoy some freedom while we still have it.

Oh by the Way... Hancock has got nothing on You. That is some fucked up shit. So glad it was all make believe (fiction)

You are right. If that was my door. It would have been time served in the morgue.

Can't wait for the autobiography. That will be next level shizzit.!!

Every comment has been spot on. I read them all twice remember.

I would tell You how absolutely fucking awesome that 4 gazzilion words all put in order to tell...

A Story...

But I think You already know it. At least the parts you can recall... Lmao.

Dude strikes again (1). I hereby declare your comments never disappoint sir!
:gavel slam:

Really, it's a quality characteristic. I don't know anyone else who keeps comments so got dang exciting. Takes me like 5k words.

I'm glad you liked this one. Really cool of you to keep me updated when and why you weren't able to stop by. You made it to where I was just as excited awaiting your thoughts.

Crazy right? My imagination that is. I considered having the homeowner kill the lunatic at the door like any fucking one else would have done but that would've stopped the story around 2k words and then what? I already started writing about Aug 2 2014 a long time ago, maybe I'll finish it one of these days but could you imagine how negative feedback from this one would've reflected on ᵗʰᵉ ᵗⁱᵐᵉ ᴵ ʷᵒᵏᵉ ᵘᵖ ⁱⁿ ᵃ ᵈⁱᶠᶠᵉʳᵉⁿᵗ ᶜᵒᵘⁿᵗʳʸ¿

Secret—I've had people recently in my ear trying to convince me to attempt a book. Whether or not you're joking about autobiography, I appreciate it.

Thank you Randy

Halloween! Such fun and exciting times😁

Trick or treat!

I've seen similar dance moves before I just can't remember where.

Goodness gracious me @dandays!!! What a story! And a total travesty of justice; over-reaction from all sides I would say!
Here in our country we have to be so careful if someone enters our home and is going to physically harm one when trying to stop the intruder and if we happen to kill that person with our firearm or whatever weapon we use, we could end up in jail and be charged with murder and it could take a very long time to get to court and try to prove that your life and your family's was in grave danger! If this incident you went through happened here in SA, you could have charged that home owner with assault as you had no weapon on you!
A long story, almost as long as you waited to find out what you did! But you had me mesmerized as I also wanted to know!
Shew, unbelievable after you were assaulted like that!!!

Good morning @lizelle. How are you now? I caught the recent part about a metallic taste amongst other things. Are you good now, what's going on?

Different form of Justice eh? I'm just glad he didn't handle it the way I or anyone I know would've handled it. Cuz then I wouldn't have been able to ask so you like my fikshins do ya? ;)

Thank you. I had no idea it was that long Lizelle. I don't have any typing programs or whatever they're called things that help or count characters and grammar and... So when I plugged it in to Ecency I saw the word count like oh crap!

I know it took awhile to read. Thank you more than THIS for making time.


Nice you, you nearly had me there? Especially liked the Subway bit, great detail to attention.

Did you say great detail to attention? 💖

I forced about 3 thousand more words on you than you can handle didn't I? I know you're about 15 hundred and under. In my defense!! I do all this on a notepad with iOS. It doesn't have neat tools like typo finders and character counters. I promise I had no idea it was that long til I plugged it into Ecency. 🥶

Thank you!

You know, this could be real, @dandays! Your writing is so precise, so spot on with the surrounding facts that it is hard to separate reality from fantasy. That is seriously good, one of the things I admire when you are penning your words.

The only thing I know for a fact is that you worked so hard during this time, courtesy of grandpa that this would have been impossible. But, your words made it all possible.

And God Bless Subway. :)

Most excellent, Dude!

Dios bendiga El Metro!

Well this is a nice surprise, always a pleasure when dswigle stops by, quick! Do I have anything in my teeth?!

Yes. My grandfather. I'm so blessed to have him.

I could copy/paste the first paragraph you said and say thank you but I'm never comfortable with thank you, it's so bla. That was so nice, I appreciate that. It's my pleasure to entertain you.


Shame on me! It was a quick flyby because I saw your name run up on the flagpole and I just had to run over and investigate. Also, in case you needed to be sprung. How will you know, it's working Friday tonight so I am busy throwing together a post. Did I really say ? Because, in case you didn't know, I put them together carefully. I mean, is the Pope Catholic?

I promise I'll try to stop by a little bit more often because how often do you get subpar comments? I'm sure you just don't get enough of them. But now I'm going to spam you with them. Hey you, @dandays! I hope you're having an awesome day!

Awesome? Pssh. It's borderline illegal it's so good! Pura's off today and tomorrow. She gets her Downton Abby right now and I'm doing this so don't you worry about scaring me with a good time.


Oh, yeah! Dowtown Abbey. I love her already.

Oh yeah she only does the cool stuff. And she's nice to me too! Oh my god and a showstopper too. Have I told you I'm The Luckiest Guy...... you know what I'm gonna say.

So darned lucky, you are! In fact, you are the luckiest guy alive. I know what that looks like because I'm the luckiest girl alive and I would use that but I hear it's already been taken by some guy called Dan something or other. :P

But it's okay because I know it to be true. Honest to God that's good enough for me, except maybe when I'm, you know, bragging to you.

What? She doesn't get a foot massage while she's relaxing? Unheard of! Just saying.

Oh for sure she does! Her feet are super sensitive, I use that to my advantage regularly, she hates it if I tickle her feet. But just rubbed without lotion, yes ma'am. Home-run. It's my secret weapon. 🤫

ahaha! awesome reading this! i was curious from the start what sort of case exactly was our main character in jail for, the almost deadpan way of narration adds a comic effect on the build-up 😁 thanks for sharing this work of yours!

My pleasure. I hereby order you to stop by more often if you're gonna say nice things like that.
:gavel slam:

Wassup? I'm glad you liked it. I'm not sure how else to say it. I keep meaning to work on a better pantomime than thank you or I really appreciate that, thank you and every time I think of a new one, someone already has it!

𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓀 𝒴𝑜𝓊 more than THIS.

Holy shit what an incredible story. You know the writing rocks when you can read all 4,759 words and not even realize the length. Oustanding. Thanks for sharing, dude…


The first pantomime you can think that's 4,759 times better than thank you Brandt. That one.

I don't have a computer or anything so I do this from iOS. I keep hearing how great Word is and whatever other ones. What I'm saying is I do this on a notepad. It doesn't have fancy tools, for example, a character count 2... 3... notta.

I had no idea. Really. I was just writing the story but when I plugged it into Ecency I was all BLUE FACE EMOJI! I've never ever put that many words together. Record for me. And I left out a lot! Like Jesse. Dooood!

He was theee essay. Not the shot caller, that was another couple dudes. Jesse was serious about maintaining Spanish night and everyone learned the hard way.

Pantomime. 👊🏼

Maybe you should think about getting a laptop, dude.

You sound like everyone else. I'm gonna just have to do it I guess, apparently everyone except me understands I need one.

They're all the same anymore right? Are they still real expensive?

I haven't bought a laptop in several years although the one I've got is probably gonna blow up sooner than later. I think you can get a cheapish Windows machine at Walmart for like $300–$400 these days. Just a guess though, haven't done much shopping around.

I have been using Macs for a long time but they are ridiculously expensive. My next laptop will just be a cheap trick that ships with Windows, then I'll wipe it clean and install Linux and go from there.

I've never had a Mac but our other devices are apple. Don't know much about computers but I know those Mac's are thousands of dollars.

I think I have enough voices in my head now all saying the same thing at the same time I can take action. Are used computers ever a good idea you think? I ask cuz these days Best Buy is empty.

Hmm I don't feel like I know quite enough about computers to give you an authoritative yes or no re: buying used. Personally I would buy new, but I think you can find refurbished laptops if you do some poking around online. The risk with buying used is I don't think they come with a warranty and it's hard to know for sure what condition the innards are really in.

Cool. We're in the same Internet café.

I remember when all that happened to you ole buddy... You've just confirmed your true identity to me Danny Boy... with this story; but, no fear... I won't out you to the rest of these inquisitive rascals on the chain.

There often was a hint, I knew you from somewhere before. Nice trick trying to fool me by changing all those names, dates and places... You still living in Brooklyn?

Eh yo! Dats Bwooklyn aight!!

Can't get one passed you. Over here thinking I'm ready to tackle a fiction piece and just like Joey Bagodonuts yer'out heeya bussin my younowuts!

I knew I could type hick but this Joisey shit's all your fault

Always a pleasure when you stop by. Nice to see you making some appearances again. I cut out the part where the character does curls with bath towels and you still got me.

for you

Good morning @eii. Thanks for keeping an eye on me.






@dandays, you've been given LUV from @eii.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/10)

Such fun

My pleasure. Thanks for squeezing me in during your daily activities.


I need the next installment ASAP.

Damn, this is a great story. And well written in an almost chilling way. Dude, you should be a famous author.

Can I be a famous author and still fumble my way through appropriate thank you's? How the hell am I supposed to say thank you to that?! I swear the nicest things I've heard are the things I've heard on here

Thank you. It's my pleasure to entertain you.

Welcome to the blockchain. I'm glad you found the joint. I'm honored to be amongst your first follows. First woulda been pretty cool but I've always pictured better in second place anyway. 👊🏼

Let me know if I disappoint, I'll smack myself upside the head with a shotgun. 🇧🇪

I'm looking at your RC's now. Fuckin things. Sorry about your intro post, I ran an article once and a page break stole my cover image. Irreplaceable.

I rarely release content under 500 words. I'm typically between 800-1500. Sometimes I get to writing though and don't know the character count until I plug into Ecency. I'm so archaic I'm still writing on a notepad. No assistance like character count, grammatical errors n convenient shit like that.

I'm willing to help you. At 1% I doubt you'll even be able to respond to me but I don't want that to deter you from the platform. If you can't get a response off, please just let those things rebuild about 24 hrs and we'll try to figure something out.

If you plan on releasing an introduction post, I can guide you around to get OCD support. By powering that up 100% you'll probably earn enough RC's to do what we're doing now. There's always the option of staking 50-100 Hive through an exchange like Blocktrades, too, that'll bump your RC's. I understand this option isn't for everyone.

Take your time, don't trip. If you need RC's to redo an intro post, say something and I can delegate some of mine to you but I'd only let it run 7 days. You'd need to do a little research first and meet the criteria for an intro post. You'll receive OCD support if you do and that'll build some RC's.

There's two blogs for guidelines to receive OCD support on an introduction post, @rishi556 and @lovesniper.

I hope this helps.

What a great way to avoid criticism, by warning you'll smack yourself with a shotgun. 🤣

But seriously, your writing is definitely a number of cuts above the average. I see people tend to avoid long posts on social media, yet your long posts grip one to keep on reading. Not many bloggers can accomplish that, me neither.

A huge thanks for following me, I'm the one that should say you should let me know if my (coming) posts disappoint. At least you're under the top five, and I'm hoping to get hundreds on that list. Will be spying on your profile to see how you became such a fat whale, apart from just good writing.

I deleted my introduction post by accident a few days ago, and with my Hive power so low as newbie it is a schleb to get something published. I keep on getting the 'insufficient resources' error message. I'm going to lure several of my friends on FB over here, hopefully that will boost my ranking here.

I'm not entirely new to the blockchain though, have a SteemIt account since 2018. But I abandoned it after a few months, only to return there a week or so ago. It appears that many users are abandoning SteemIt for Hive, I'll make the latter my preferred platform then too.

I was just thinking about you again. I think maybe cuz you're from the old blockchain I assume you know but in case you don't, while working to increase RC's, keep your voting to a minimum since you're an engager like most of us. Character count and votes require resource credits.


Ok... those things that make good movies, those things that say at the end taken from real life.

Made up, made the whole thing up. Just practicing my fikshin skills, I got a long way to go, I can't even spLeL it right.

Are you fluent in English also or do you translate my words? If you are, how many languages do you speak?

Thank you.

Ah, it's not from real life...well your skills are very good, I believed them? I almost sat down to cry hehehehehe
I only speak Spanish, although I'm trying to learn English. I still have to use the translator. But I try to read in English to see how much I understand.
Thanks to you

I'm impressed @mbdonzella. I so appreciate you taking the time to translate my articles.

It's just you and I here, right? I'm about to let you in on some insider information. I misspelled fiction intentionally cuz it's not. 🤫


As I told you first I try to read in English to help in my learning and then I translate it to see what crazy things I understood hehe. besides it's a pleasure to read your articles, I must not miss any of them.
This is getting good, we look like the CIA.... or famous science fiction writers.
If I tell so many things that happened in my life, it would seem like fiction. Thank you that in those times there was no internet. Maybe you will encourage me to write those real stories, and leave without knowing that it is fiction and that it was real hehehe

What I've learned on this platform is the realer we are as in the more we're ourselves and less anything else, the more the audience appreciates it.

You're off to a great start.

Oh yes I very much agree with that. Even if we write to share our own lived stories, or the thousand and one stories we can create in our mind and capture it. The most important thing is that both come from us, there is no imitation in this. i know, i know.
Thank you, I also like what comes out of your mind and is captured through your hands.

Please summarize the moral of the story.
One sentence! @dandays #BetchcaCant

An awesome read that I couldn't stop reading till I found out wtf happened.

Allergy pills and alcohol go together like princesses and prison.

Good morning Nina. I just saw you stopped by Cupcakes & Ganache, thanks for keeping up with me, quite a variety in story plot eh?

Hashtag Fikshin.


This is such a strange story.
I really though you were framed for no fault of yours.. looks like the alcohol in your blood stream was a different spirit that took over your body.
Thanks for sharing your story @dandays.

Mine? Nah.. Twas the night of Halloween and everything was fikshin. BOO!

Ever hear the one about the princess who went to prison? It's an old joke.

Good morning Sofs, thanks for checking this one out. I've received some of the nicest compliments right here in this comment section. I had no idea it was that many words until I plugged it into Ecency. 🥶 Thanks for doing time with me.



Sure do appreciate your help on this one. You're even more fastidious than presumed. See on you on the next one. I named you beneficiary.

𝒯𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓀 𝓎𝑜𝓊

You're welcome and also thank you very much @dandays.

You know, I got so into reading it that I had to keep reminding myself that I was "helping", not reading for enjoyment. This is such a stunning post. I really can't say that enough. You've written in such a
way that it brings so much of yourself forward. I learned a lot about you reading this.

You mean you know all about Jesse now? The essay who kicked the living shit outta anyone who dared even mention they heard about someone thinking about changing the channel on Spanish day?

Even the shot caller didn't fuck with Jesse. I swear I could do another 5k just on that dude. Even when CO's would roll in to break it up, they're idea of getting involved meant stay away from Jesse and protect the guys he's slaughtering.

🤣🤣🤣 That last sentence added the cherries on top of the cake. I'm visualizing it now.

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It's working.

Weird huh? Can't collect tokens with the Outof_Thinair account. I don't get it.

Some sort of bias, maybe. 🤔

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