Curangel curation compilation February 20, 2021

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Welcome to the daily compilation post of the Curangel project

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Curator @anggreklestari

#LEARNANDEARN Contest What did you learn this week in Hive? - Concurso ¿qué aprendiste esta semana en Hive?
Making 3D Shapes
Reflection Hunters Contest - Ilinca
no preview
Asian dinner
Quince dessert with cream
The city of the Knights Templars, Tomar, Portugal (9 pics)
The Banded Metallic-Green Jumping Spider (Nicylla s./Thiania b.)
A little Japan trip in HCMC
Quick and healthy breakfast : Banana Oats Porridge
More doggo love in the snow!
Fascinating Insects: Capturing the spider perching on my hand
Tara Ladiye, a traditional folk song of Himalayas.

Curator @brumest

🧵🧵 Bolsita de Tela con Cordón ✨✨ || 🧵🧵 Drawstring Bag ✨✨
A stroll through Amden
Going back in time
Photographing geese at 50mm, I was looking to portray their eyes, my entry to today's monomad challenge.
Cyprus, Larnaca district
Snow and Fungi! ❄️🍄
Museum of Space Exploration
Brownies that take my cravings to a healthy place!
Hive Philippines Travel Photos #01: Sirao Garden Cebu
Back to the marsh - Actifit: February 19 2021

Curator @crazy-andy

30 minutes to analyze the play of two ADCs in Arena of Valor
The old riverside party venue led to musing on masks.
A Witch in the Kitchen: "Delicious Pickled Beets" - Hive Creative Contest [EN] // Una Bruja en la Cocina: "Deliciosas Remolachas Encurtidas" [ES]
When The To-Do List Can't Be Delayed Any Longer, Summary Of A Very Busy Day // Cuando la lista de tareas no puede retrasarse más, Resumen de un día muy ocupado.
Greatness and singing of Bernardine Church... Masterpieces of ancient Lviv #1
Mushroom rain [Happy Fungie Friday
Snow Day: Thick Ice and Snow at Home [Winter Photos]
Tokyo Narita airport - first impressions after arriving in Japan / Lotnisko Tokio Narita - pierwsze wrażenia po przylocie do Japonii
Architects who worked out of the box!
A few photographs with beautiful views of the golden mountains.
The Stonehenge of Thailand and a better viewpoint than the official viewpoint! Moh Hin Khao, Thailand
Sky's The Limit (24 pics)
Not quite forgotten, but almost invisible - remains of the Krakow Fortress.

Curator @equipodelta

🌊 Sumergirse / Submerge (Illustration) 🌊 [ESP-ENG]
"Estos celos" cover by @danieldedosd2
Active Bee- "Lo Que Son Las Cosas" Ednita Nazario / cover song por @elinorrg
Openmic week 45 - Cover Song Como Fue by @omairita.
Starfire Traditional Drawing
Trust The Process
My entry to the challenge What will the future of the year 2067 look like? #PredictTheFuture

Curator @ewkaw

Wątróbka🐷-smaczna, zdrowa i tania
no preview
Słaba strona mojej pamięci
2021-02-18 ASTRALMIR 2013 część 3
Louise - Monomad
Nudies slugs of the Sea
DEMON HAND concept art for possible indie game
Give the Dog a Bone - Monomad Challenge
Visit an ancient maritime fortress in Aceh, Sumatra
Homemade Popcorn....
Saturday Memories - Unplanned Visit to Beziers, France
Moje narkotyki, odc. 4 – Luty w Krynicy Zdrój
Las Terrenas - jedna z najpiękniejszych plaż na jakich byłem (Dominikana z plecakiem #11)

Curator @lourdeshd6

Eagle And Branches 🐦 Feathered Friends Contest Entry
Hair Shirt Chrysalis, Original Poetry, Digital Photography and Art, The Wisp (Showcase)
The monomad challenge || Dew drops in the morning
El sol siempre volverá a salir para todos
Hive Stock Images - Rose with Dewdrop
llena tu mirada de un hermoso amanecer

Curator @m31

Wreck Diving the Lena Shipwreck (19 Photos)

Curator @minismallholding

[ENG-SPN] My son does not listen to me
Hi! I'm Effie and this is my first post

Curator @nikv

Bird in the window — MONOMAD
A night of star light and wishes
Work in progress acrylic painting
My insane life long dream to have my music played by a full orchestra just happened, UNF**KING BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!
Mushrooms Along The Little Gunpowder Trail
Orbs of Trains Departed
Cas Bridge Rotation
Strange garden 46
My Garden Journal February 2021

Curator @ritch

Drawing inspired by a Hiver @maleidamarcano. (ESP/ENG)
Hive Open Mic Week 45 - Canta Domingo, canta (Cover)
no preview
Cariño (Cover)
Gabrielinho MUSIC - "Mentiras" - Los amigos invisibles ( Venezuela ) coversong por @gabrielinho

Curator @roadstories

Diego Ojeda - Como te digo (cover) || By @edwardstobia
PsicoLOCA #4 (Spa/Eng)
Doing a new session with my brother [ENG] [ES]

Curator @romeskie

[Esp Eng] Preparando un almuerzo sencillo con pollo/Making a simple chicken lunch

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