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Best Video Game Memories

Hello fellow gamers! It is contest time! Growing up, video games were a huge part of my life and a huge part of my social life. I am sure that you feel the same.

I have a ton of awesome memories with video games, from playing GoldenEye on the Nintendo 64 with 4 of my friends all on the same TV, to playing World of Warcraft with people from all over the world. So since we all are big into playing video games, I decided to put this contest together to get some more engagement within the Hive Gaming Community.

As you can guess, the theme for this contest is "BEST VIDEO GAME MEMORIES." This can be anything from getting a new console and playing some games that you have been super excited for, best memories with your gaming buddies, or anything in between. The key to this contest is going to be to make your entry stand out from others. This can be achieved by putting some time and effort into the post and to give it some personality.


Every good contest has rules that need to be followed and this is no exception. One of the main reasons for this contest is to create engagement within the gaming community, so engagement will be a BIG part of this contest to make your entry valid. So make sure that you FOLLOW ALL THE RULES.

  1. Create a post with the title: "Hive Gaming Community - Best Video Game Memories"
  2. Create your post in the Hive Gaming Community.
  3. Use the tags #hivegc and #gamingmemories.
  4. Comment on this post with a link to your entry.
  5. You must comment on at least 2 other contest entries, so you will need to return to this post to see the other entries, or check the #gamingmemories tag for the other entries.

Rule #5 is going to be the important one. Engagement is the key to a successful community. So we want to try and encourage proper engagement within the gaming community. Comments such as "Great post" or "I like your post" will not count towards fulfilling the requirement. Take some time and write a meaningful comment about the post you read. Who knows, you might make a friend or two while participating.


Now for the part everyone is waiting for. There will be a prize pool of 50 Hive that will be split between the 5 top posts. We will also be curating the entries of the contest and more votes will go to the top entries. More prizes may be added later and the prize pool may be adjusted.

The contest will run for 7 days and winners will be chosen after this post pays out. So be sure to get your entry and comments in prior to this post paying out.


We can't wait to see what awesome gaming memories that you all have to share. Thank you for a part of Hive and the gaming community here. Be sure to join the Hive Gaming Community Discord and follow the @hivegc account for more contests and to see the amazing gaming content that is being put out here on the blockchain.

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Thanks for the Donkey Kong memories! It brought me back to my childhood when I first played the original Donkey Kong on an Atari 800. Back then we used cassette tapes to load the games onto our computers and it literally took an hour (when there wasn't an error during loading where you'd have to start over).

Wow! No idea it took that long. I was born in 87 in Mexico, at that time most of the technology arrived late, I remember some of the first games I played were in MS-DOS: Pacman, Flintstones and one where you played das a cat that jumped on above trash cans, I don't remember the name. My older cousin had an Atari, but it was a newer version than the one you mention.

It was a torturous process loading up games on the tape drive but it almost made the game even more of a treat to play because you had to go through such an ordeal just to get it to work! After the 8-bit Atari 400/800s of the early 80s they released the Atari ST that was 16/32 bit and also the Atari 130xe (which was also 8-bit but had more memory). Better yet they released disk drives! Although the 5 1/4" floppies didn't hold that much data back then, it was a massive step up from the cassette drive. You'd get between 2 and 8 floppies when you bought the game (depending on how big it was) and you'd have to switch them out as you went from board to board or into different areas.

Good times!

Wow! It's very interesting to read this, I believe that only a small group of people were into games, right? I've heard that it was not very common back then. Thank you for sharing this!

Computer gaming (and home computer use in general) was way less popular back then for sure. Colecovision and Atari 2600 were the consoles of the early 80s and they were much more popular. There was a certain appeal to the plug and play aspect of the cartridges on the consoles, where you could load up and instantly play (the Atari 800 also supported cartridges although not the same ones and they were much more limited in availability).


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This was awesome! I loved this game as a youngster. I spent a ton of hours on it. Too bad most of the subsequent Donkey Kong games were as good as the original.

Yes, it's hard to beat the original formula. I remember that DK Country 2 and 3 were good but not as good as the original. And seems like Nintendo hasn't found the time or creativity to make a new DK game, or at least I haven't seen one, where Kong is the protagonist.

Not played this game before but from the look of things, it looks like a really fun game. I used to enjoy game like this back in the days and i wished i had come across the game back then.

Yes, it was a good game! I really enjoyed it when I was a kid, nowadays I'm not the biggest fan of platformers.

Great game I also liked to play. I love that little Monkey and his big Gorilla friend. I also remember that during this time I was always listening to Moloko while I played it. :)

I had to google who Moloko was, and I have indeed heard her music. I think it has a good rhythm to play DK Country at the same time.

Thank you for your comment!

I had a tape from my older cousin. at this time I did not know who that is as well, I just liked to listen to it.

This was such a pleasure to participate in! I am thankful for this contest and for the other entries. This has been an awesome experience taking a much-needed walk down memory lane! So many awesome childhood memories came flooding in. It was difficult to condense it all down to this one post! hahaha Here is my entry. I hope it brings some joy to you and helps you experience a memory boost in how video games have impacted your lives!

Loving your post my man, you make me feel all your history

This is going to be a great contest! I am excited to see all the entries and make my own. So many awesome memories from gaming.


My best memories are with the PS1. When you are a child, you perceive video games in a different way. Without criticizing (regardless of the quality of the graphics or the story), you are your favorite hero, saving the world once again and being happy.... A feeling that lasts a short time and, paradoxically, a lifetime.

Very well put. I can still remember the magic I felt playing those games as a child all those years ago.

I am glad you gave us a week to do this. I will have many memories to sift through for this competition.

Are we allowed to enter more than once?

Multiple entries are fine. Can't wait to see your entry.

Let's go! I'm ready to bring awesome memories for it! Thank you so much for this kind of things! You inspire people to create awesome content!

I tried commenting on your post at the link but i need to sign in and i dont know how to do that. So I'm commenting here instead. Here a copy of what i wanted to post there.

Very good read. I need to learn a few tricks or two on formatting. Your entire post looks beautiful like it could be in a magazine.

I was a PS2 guy. I'd play GTA Vice City for hours. I was hesitant to play the game as i was counter culture at the time, but a then girlfriend i lived with got me to play it. And i was hooked. I spent at least 100 hours crawling all over that game.

I think the best statement in your post was the last one. The happiest moments of my life was Me, the protagonist of the game and the world to discover. I agree with that sentiment. I love most games that are emersive. Where you feel like you are exploring a new world.

whisper whisper there's an extension for chrome/brave called I love peakd that auto-converts all links to peakd links :D

Ooooh thanks for the hint. I shall look into this ? Gratzi me amigo.

I loved the Playstation 1 as it was the first I bought together with my brother. We had so many great hours with it.

I almost cried with this post! Remembering those hours playing on my PS1, it's really awesome to remember this!

I'm even downloading a PS emulator on my pc to play those classics again, great job!

Amazing. Your game list were fun games to play for me as well but i think i enjoyed Mortal Kombat more as it was such an amazing game which for me had a pretty decent graphics compared to many games on 16 bit console.

Wow, you just reminded me of Contra. That game was epic :). I think it was the best game on 8bit console in my opinion. it has such a fun gameplay

Oh my god .. I just took a dip in the decades past, you opened drawers in the memory that I didn't even remember anymore hahaha good games and good times :-)

 2 years ago  

My post for the contest:
My top 3 games from my childhood... and actually today as well to some point

I have many memories related to video games. My whole life has been surrounded by them thanks to my father who in spite of being a Boomer, had a good taste in videogames and thanks to him in some Christmas I was lucky to receive a few consoles. I will make a great effort to describe the best moments of my life playing video games. Excellent initiative.

Wooooow José, Castlevania, cuanto tiempo ha pasado. Hasta allá no llego, pero SUPER MARIO es un clásico eterno, cuando estaba en Venezuela solía ir a el tipo de convenciones que posteaste, saludos.

A usted como que se le cayó la cedula jeje. Creo que la mayoría hemos jugado súper mario.

Chamo tu publicación me hizo sentirme intimidada. Me falta un camión de experiencia para poder llamarme gamer, creo que solo me he ganado la g hasta ahora.

Te propongo algo, la próxima vez que vaya a tu casa solo hablaremos de juegos, quizá así alcance la a jajajaja.

Por fortuna para los gamers la cuarentena no les afecta mucho su rutina diaria.

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jeje y si te presentara algunos amigos dirías que yo solo llevo la letra G jajaja. Lo importante es lo bien que lo pasas con cualquier juego. Como todo, la gente lo lleva a los extremos pero lo principal es compartir con personas que disfrutan un juego igual que tu. Cuando nos reunamos, no solo hablaremos sino que también jugaremos jeje.

Yes, ya tenemos planes.

Queeeeeeee???? hay personas peores que tu? que fueeerte. No a esos no los quiero conocer, seguro viven en un sótano y nunca les da la luz del sol.

jajajajja para nada, los ves y no parecen ni que jugaran, pero no toques el tema de juegos o comienza la cadena XD

Ok ok copiado. Tu me haces señas para saber cuales son.

Hey guys :) this is my entry

Screenshot_20200614052839_Dungeon Chronicle.jpg

This was a super good post! I already mentioned it over there but i wanted everyone here to see me say it too. Maybe some will go check it out that otherwise wouldn't.

Haha thanks so much dude, your post is awesome too! Your are the winner ;)

I already mentioned but loved your post, it is awesome too see the love this community gives to videogames.

Thanks so much sweet, I appreciate it so much 😊

Me pasó también mientras publicaba que desconocía el nombre original de algunas de las consolas retro que tuve! Lo bueno fue volverlas a ver y revivir todos esos momentos de la infancia. El juego de las olimpiadas sin duda uno de los grandes clásicos, en especial cuando tocaba la especialidad de 100 metros con vallas, y cuando era el turno del salto largo! un reto que nos generaba indudables momentos de diversión, excelente contenido!

Well it was fun checking out other people's memories and I saw some things that I enjoyed as a kid too.

Here's my entry:

I remember having to boot DOOM from DOS on my mom's computer when she was away. She was always worried that I would somehow ruin her computer with my "asinine" games.

:) I did not write about my doom 2 adventure with 10-15 💾 and I can't install it even though change the floppies which were broken... :/

It's easy to load and play now with today's computers. I just ran through Doom II recently. It's still a fun game today right?

Exactly...Nowadays you can play everything with emulators on computers...

I liked your post friend, I voted for you and left you a comment, a greeting

Here is my post, I hope you enjoy my post, unfortunately I had to take some pictures because apparently the post was too heavy XD.

I must say, I have wonderful memories with videogames, I think it is great to share them with everybody. Id say my best and first memories are from the Nintendo 64, my first videogame console ever which I had lot of fun with friends and family. Thanks to the community for giving me a chance to participate in this contest.

I still think mario74 was one of the most innovative games of its time and one of best Marios.

Super Mario 64 was a game too ahead of its time, at least to me, it was my first videogame actually.

I agree. I think people were half stunned by it. I loved the nintendo 64. I remember how much i lived pilot wings. I can still hear its music in my head.

The nintendo 64 was such a wonderful console, whenever I remember its big catalogue of games, oh boy, the nostalgia hit me hard, it is glad to meet another one that think that about the nintendo 64

You know. I can think of a few people who are dying to play the good old Nintendo 64 again. They're expensive as hell to find nowadays.

I live in Venezuela and actually they are cheap here, like, you can find them at 8 dollars but it is really hard to live here, you recieve like 3 or 5 dollars per month, so people preffer to buy food instead.

Damn, my friends and family suffered a lot of troubles for this game haha! I remember the family reunions where it ended in screams and rage quits (in real life lol) from my cousins and my little brother, even sometimes they argue a lot and shut down the console when they were losing haha!

Im not gonna lie, I really suuuuck at fighting games, but I find them really awesome, a shame I play so bad haha. By any chance, have you ever played Tatsunoko vs Capcom? It was on the Nintendo Wii and I loved it.

I didnt play much of street fighter back then, since it was more of Mortal Kombat for me. But the few times i played street fighter, I really enjoyed every bit of the game especially the KO and combos. :D

many friendships suffered because of this game :)

I played this one quite a bit on the SNES, I loved it.

Besides Mario Bross, it was one of my first games, I loved it and sometimes I had to go to the neighbors to play it hahaha.

Street fighter is one of the best fighting games, I always liked this game my friend

A lot of memories! I'm already said it on your post (almost don't find it again here jeje)...
With this game is where I started to like fight games. !!

Thank you for this great initiative, it helps to motivate us at HIVE!

Duck Hunt was a great one! I remember how we were all dazzled as kids by the fact that the system could pick up where we were shooting the gun. Remember the robot that came with the original Nintendo? It didn't seem to do very much aside from rotate and move a little but in the 80s it seemed like real wizardry. Thanks for the memories!

Honestly 17 hours ago I entered and surfed on #hivegc, then I saw this post which contains a contest. Extraordinary !!

     But wait, this is not a contest to be extraordinary, but the meaning of this contest, omg!  Makes me immediately want to go back to the past, where I and them my little friends play video games.  Sometimes we skip study hours because we get too excited about video games.

     Next, read on in my entry and there I have explored and delved deeper into the memories of previous video games

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Excellent initiative, fair and necessary for the community

 2 years ago  

What a great initiative, it will be very difficult to choose between so many beautiful memories that the world of videogames left me, and I am glad to see so many in the community participating I will do my best I have little time and I would like to learn more about the platform, greetings to all and luck!

My kind of contest.

Great initiative, @hivegc!

 2 years ago  

That's quite a post. I like the part about crazy Bret.

Indagando en Hive, encontré esta comunidad súper cool, les dejo mi primera entrada de la semana y espero sean muchas más y que muchos gamers se motiven a compartir sus momentos con todos nosotros

Love the idea of this contest as i think it will be a bonding experience with all us gaming community members. Its a great way to get to know each other better. And thats the spirit of Hive i like

Didnt play donkey kong but from the look of things and what ive read, It looks like a fun game with amazing gameplay. Back in the days, i was more focused on sport and fighting games that i didnt really explore other vast number of game titles available on the sega mega drive 2 console. Nonetheless, gaming back then was a whole lot of fun.

Super Mario still remains one of the most iconic games i have ever played. Addictive and super fun gameplay.

Thanks for that contest guys! Writing this one really brought back some of my best memories as a kid!

Good luck to every participant

Here is my Entry. I already see some games here I played as well. This is going to be a lot of fun.

This is my entry for this awesome contest, guys!

It brought a lot of good memories to me, I felt really happy by creating this post, I hope you enjoy it!

I talked about RAMPAGE!

One of my absolute favorites! We used to play this Arcade version at the Roller Skating Rink back in the day. I always wanted the Godzilla looking dude and my favorite was reaching behind me to eat people. Going to check your post now!

Oh yeah buddy! This is one of the best arcades that I had the privilege to play in my childhood!

My favorite always was George (The Gorilla) because it remind me King Kong and I really love that mad Gorilla haha so it was really funny to imagine to be that huge dude smashing all the things that I found in the city haha

Yeah, my dad's favorite movie creature was Ray Harry Hausen's King Kong. I always thought of GodZilla and King Kong thinking they should make a movie of a Giant WereWolf. Awesome post!

PTSD from Rampage

I kept knocking my friend off the buildings playing this on the NES and he got so mad that he grabbed me by the hair and pressed my ear against a glass. Good thing we were in first grade and he didn't have the strength or weight to break the glass, but it was the first time I remember any violence or aggression like that and it really hurt my ear.

Hi @rosz Hi how are you I saw your post, I also loved circus, it was really exciting, hehehe I think this game has a feminine touch

Well a fantastic Idea !
Here is my post, a s gaming timeline from 1985 and Commodore 16 till Lineage II in Pc :) I hope you enjoy!


I remember kids a bit older than me speaking of Commodore 64 like it was a legend. I didn't see one until 1995 and was very disappointed. How exactly did games load from cassette tapes? It must have been very slow.

Yeah, you had to wait until the cassette finished running, and then all input were loaded to the commodore and you could play. Estimated time ... well, 30-40 min.

Like an early version of Skyrim. I'm really looking forward to this next generation of gaming where everything is SSD and is supposed to load quickly like the N64 did.

Finally someone remembers Golden Axe! Thanks for sharing

:) glad you got some nice memories

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