The Curation and Engagement Leagues - More than 25 STEEM in prizes this week!

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Welcome to this weeks Curation and Engagement leagues, kindly sponsored by @carlgnash and @paulag.

To enter the leagues drop a comment below (Lifetime membership - unless you ask to be removed)

The leagues (tables) are reset each week and so any time is a good time to join!

On your marks, get set, curate!



My general views on curation rewards (to score highly in League 1) are:

  • Vote before the big hitters, but not too early!

  • Voting in the first minute will earn you a curation reward of almost 0.000

  • Voting between 1 and 29 minutes will earn an increasing % of the curation rewards split - This value peaking at 30 minutes and remaining the same from this point onwards

  • It is commonly suggested that 15-25 minutes is the best time to vote, especially on known 'power author' posts because they are likely to have more auto-votes coming in at these times - and you want to be ahead of these votes

  • Voting on good dtube/dlive content, and utopian-io approved contributions (prior to the vote by @dtube / @utopian-io, etc) can earn some very good curation rewards

  • Voting on @ocd posts is likely to gain good curation rewards as founder @acidyo, and @anomadsoul support these posts after giving time for other accounts to vote - you will be in front of a couple of large votes here!

As you can see, a combination of many variables such as Steem Power, voting strength, voting weight, time of vote, and more, all play a part in the amount of rewards received.

My general opinion on maximizing engagement (to score highly in League 2) is:

  • Spread your vote and write lots of engaging comments!

  • Use your vote on the comments of others to make yourself (vote) seen and provoke a reply

The data for league 1

The raw data has been collected from SteemSQL - @arcange's MS SQL Server copy of the Steem Blockchain.

The formula used for 'quality of financial curation skill' is:

Curation Rewards DIVIDED BY Steem Power MULTIPLIED BY 1000

This will return the amount of Curation rewards gained per 1000 Steem Power held

The rules (which will cause auto-filtering of your account if not met so just enter anyway and see what happens!) to appear in this league:

  • No programmed voting! Following a trail is OK, using a script to vote for you is not (but well done if you have done that!)

  • Must have voted at least once on a piece of content in the past 7 days

  • Must not have leased or delegated Steem Power in the last 14 days

  • Must not have Started a Power Down (withdrawal of Steem Power) in the last 15 days

The 2nd and 3rd points above are not 'bad' actions, but are required to reduce distortion of the figures.

And, as curation rewards for the past week are actually taken from votes made up to 14 days ago, we need a two week 'window' as mentioned above.

Don't let this put you off entering though - you will be automatically be excluded/appear each week, depending on the criteria above.

League 1 - Curating to maximize returns (Top 100)

The end column is what I think is a genuine indicator of how well you are financially working the curation game with the tools, including vested Steem Power, that you have at your disposal.

This Week's winners!

Congratulations to @tony19r! A new winner again this week, topping his placing of 2nd. Previously, @tony19r commented when asked about his curation method, he said:

Playing his cards tight to his chest it seems - lets see if he'll comment further this time!

A fine job also by @palikari123, @crypto-econom1st, @voiceoff, @misterakpan, @steemitri, @pataty69, @sciack, @reazuliqbal, and @doomsdaychassis for completing the top 10 'financial' curators this week.

All of the above will be getting some STEEM :)

League 2 - Engagement and Excellence - Write on!

This the newer league which is not based around financial rewards and relates to engagement.

Everyone currently on my master list has a chance here - including those powering down or dealing in delegations this past couple of weeks.

I've used some metrics (which is the fancy way of saying that made up some numbers) relating to:

  • Posts (P)
  • Comments - number of (C)
  • Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (C R)
  • Comments - length in characters (C L)
  • Witness votes (W) (for those proxying witness votes, your total is always 30)
  • Upvotes to others (V)
  • Upvotes to different authors (U V)
  • Self-votes - a (getting smaller each week) minus score for this one sorry! (S V)

Firstly, if you are placed in the table above then you are doing great and are among the top 20%! - Well done everyone!

Congratulations to this weeks Engagement League winner, she's back! It's the lovely @lynncoyle1!

With almost 600 comments and around half of these replies made at a depth of 3 of more in a 'conversation' thread, this level of engagement has given Lynn top spot this week!

@glenalbrethsen is an honorable runner up (as he was last week!), typing over 150,000 characters in his 250 replies. A fine job Glen, and congratulations if you were on the receiving end of one of those walls of text!

These two are way ahead in the scoring, but @gillianpearce grabs 3rd spot (ahead of yours truly!) engaging well, and still finding the time to produce 27 posts!

Well done all 3 of you!

Excellent engagement levels and top 10 (? :D ) places for @eaglespirit, @malloryblythe, @maverickinvictus, @leeart, @fullcoverbetting, @melvadg, and @mountainjewel who will all be receiving some STEEM this week.

Do you want to be a part of the leagues? Let me know below!


League 1

League 2

0 votes to self - Spot Prizes

Lucky number 25 in League 2

Prize courtesy of @fullcoverbetting - Well done to @crypto-econom1st!

Delegation Prizes

A week off this week having recently delegated to @comedyopenmic and @dustsweeper - 2 really promising projects.

Well done everyone, continue oiling that Blockchain :D


  • If you have spotted any glaring errors in my post, please let me know so I can fix them

  • If you would like to be added or removed from my personal curation league, let me know

  • If you have any other comments or suggestions, please enter them into the box below

As always, thank you very much for your support!

Asher @abh12345


If you feel that the Curation Leagues are a worthwhile addition to the Steem Blockchain, please consider a vote for our witness - @steemcommunity -

Or, let me 'manage' your witness choices by adding @abh12345 to the 'proxy' field at the same URL.

Find out more about our project here

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Spectacular job another amazing week for this game changing contest on steemit. abh12345 I thought you were a witness? You talk to more of us on the ground than a snake with tourette's. @lynncoyle1 half human half amazing, once again! Congratulations on the efforts this story is movie worthy, you really should be keeping a journal! Amazing efforts, a lot of recognized names, if you are finishing behind those in the green I would chat with those above and you will very very likely find someone very cool that will give you no choice but to improve yourself on this platform!

hahaha @cryptkeeper17..."a snake with tourettes" :)

This half-human, half-robot thanks you !! :)

haha :)

Yeah well you know, practice what you preach and all that.

Thanks for the words of encouragement, we're all growing slowly but surely, and in the right direction I think :)

Great post! You've earned a 35.21% upvote from @dolphinbot
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Wow! I really didn't see that one coming this week :) Thank you @abh12345 once again for hosting such a positive contest, and @paulag and @carlgnash for all of your support! A big congratulations to you, @glenalbrethsen, @gillianpearce, @eaglespirit, @malloryblythe, @maverickinvictus, @leeart, @fullcoverbetting, @melvadg, and @mountainjewel and everyone on this list!!

You made my day Asher, thank you :)

Thanks @lynncoyle1. I'm just about to write my own acceptance speech! 😁

haha Thank you and congratulations to you as well :)

So well said! Congratulations to the top placers and everyone involved 🌸🌸🌸

Thank you @yogajill and congratulations to you too :)

My pleasure Lynn, a great job on retaining top spot! :D

congrats Lynn! well done and well deserved :)

You are making my day, too! You deserve to take the crown. What kind of celebration does this call for? :D

So glad that I could brighten up your day too!

And that's a good I sit here with my glass of red wine :)

Congratulation @lynncoyle1 well deserved

Thank you @wolfhart :)

Great Job @lynncoyle1!

Thanks! You too :)

Thank you, and congratulations to you. It's good to get the crown out of storage, dust it off and see someone wear it. It certainly suits you. :)

I wouldn't advise, however, trading it for an ice cream truck.

Too late...there's a Mexican guy looking pretty dapper with a crown on his head. And you should see my new set of wheels haha

Well, it was your crown to give away, so hey, to each their own. I bet the crown was an easier trade than the winner's jacket was. Speaking of which, has @themanwithnoname popped in yet? I haven't seen him since last week when he said he was going on a trip. Was thinking he'd be back by now.

haha the winner's takers here...too hot.

I believe he was going to be away for 2 weeks and would periodically check in. It's not the same without him here, is it? :)

Oh, okay, two weeks. He didn't tell me how long, and so I guess I figured one week would be more than enough time to be gone. I mean, what is he thinking? More rest and relaxation? Sheesh.

Actually, it isn't the same. I figure he's the reason why I didn't have my typical 300 comments last week. He's good for at least 30 of them, if not all 50. :)

That's okay. He's got better things to be doing than helping me with my league placement. :)

hahaha that's so true! He's good for at least 50+ for you!! :)

The queen is back on her throne where she deserve to big!
Crazy how engaged you are to the Steem Blockchain. It is really great to see you back at the top spot. This reminds me of the moment I did start at the league. You and @gillianpearce rocking the place!

haha thanks @fullcoverbetting! That's me and @gillianpearce ... just rocking the place :)

I was going to say "those were the days" @fullcoverbetting but actually is fine now. Less intense!

Good to see @lynncoyle1 bakc at the top as you say! 😊

I guess that it is the first time that I did notice a typo in your reply 😁
I am getting nostalgic now. Me in the top 10 and you 2 at the top of the league! Until Glenal came by this how it was, week in, week out 😁
Lets see if the three of us can repeat this. Meaning myself in the top 10 and the two of you on the top 2 places.
You may change the order 😁
Happy commenting!

I'm not going to be in the top two places @fullcoverbetting. Unless @lynncoyle1 and @glenalbrethsen take time out. 😁

I'm happy to land in the top ten. Being third last week was a bit of a fluke a think. As soon as someone else ups their game just a little I'll be gone.

That's fine with me. 😁

I'll be looking out for your return to the top ten though!

Regarding the typo . . . I'm more than a little harassed at the moment. The computer shop wiped all my photographs from my computer yesterday and I've just spent six months organising them into folders.

I'm in the process of trying to get them back but no luck so far. 😢

Ouch, that indeed can create a lot of frustration. Keep calm and think positive!
I am doing my utmost best to catch them up but just like in your case, this probably will never happen!
Ulthough the world cup is approaching fast, which will give me lots of posts to comment on.
I will have to profit from the first two weeks because them I will be on a holiday!
My wife is already pissed that I have to take the laptop with me to keep track of the world cup contest!
But some sacrifices have to be made to support the Steem ecosystem!
I don’t believe it that you third place was a fluke. If you got there, you deserved it!

Congratulations from a newbie aka plankton. I was amazed by the sheer depth of this post and the message it conveying. As my primary purpose with Steemit so far is posting on a daily basis and doing some comments now and then but this tabulation and statistics made me wondering and pondering about myself.

For this duration for which the calculation is made, your contribution in the form of letters were more than 100 thousand...Amazing...I think it need me a 3-4 days leave with leaving all earthly stuffs to do even half of that...

Kudos to you and Congrats again...

Stay blessed..

aww thank you @angelro! When I began on steemit, I too focused on my own posts, but quickly realized that more relationships can be formed with genuine commenting, and it's through those relationships that I gauge my success :)

Asher, its so great to see the engagement levels week to week. I'm happy to see @malloryblythe and @eaglespirit jump to top 5 too! That's awesome!

And of course, all hail the Queen @lynncoyle1, she truly is amazing and I'm always thrilled to see her spread her uplifting and wonderful messages all over this place! And @glenalbrethsen was just edged out, so my guess is the King and Queen will duke it out this week as the royal order will be restored! Congrats to both of you this week, you both deserve it as you are terrific engagers for sure!

I also want to thank all those that participate every week, as @paulag's data shows, this league (which highlights engagement) is a perfect indicator of retention. If you're engaged, you stay.. Simple as that! So thanks for highlighting it and giving us a fun way to measure this activity!

Thanks for the generous $0.50 steem 0 vote spot prize too, I will donate that to @friendsofgondor to support @fulltimegeek's stewardsofgondor. I also want to thank you for supporting @dustsweeper with your personal delegation too, that is helping to get that program going and helping many newbies/minnows in the process!

Thanks Dave

It's a pleasure to support the @dustsweeper imitative, one that clearly and directly benefits minnows.

The top two had it between them this week, streets clear of the chasing pack, and I agree that I don't see anyone bridging the gap this next week.

Also, great job with the @friendsofgondor project, that one is growing steadily and supports a host of solid steemias.



Thanks Asher (on both compliments)... And yes it should be fun watching the 2 engagers going to town. I have my ticket to the cheap seats and ready to watch :)

Thanks Dave...It's feels so nice having the crown back on my head :) And congratulations to you my friend!

Yes, its back where it belongs! I am happy to see you and Glenn duke it out again this week, and look forward to seeing both the King and Queen lead the way again this week too :)

haha thanks Dave :) You really like to rally things up, hey you rallier ?!! :)

Well, thanks for the congratulations.

Edged out is right. Second week in a row. I'm not sure if duking it out is how I would describe what I will be doing this week, but I would rather not have a repeat of this past week. I just had a hard time finding things to comment on. It was like half of Steemit went on pre-Summer vacation or something. Or they were hiding. That's probably even more likely. :)

Does seem to be a bit of a vacuum. You should really check out some of the entries in thedarkhorse's pay it forward curation contest. He is posting a new one tomorrow. I've been judging and finding some really good posts; the bonus is someone else is doing the footwork :)

Well, thanks for the idea. I've seen the Pay It Forward post before. I can't remember if I ended up looking at any of the posts or not. At any rate, I'll see about checking back there.

Someone was wondering a few weeks back what this place would look like when Summer came and i was like, "Well, it could be the same since half the world will be going into Winter." I guess the northern half might have more of us than the southern half does. Still, it's not even June yet. People need some priorities. Okay, they've got priorities. I'm the one who apparently now needs a life. :)

My first time placing in Leage 2! Thank you Asher!

Bravo Mallory, your competition post certainly caused a stir and is perhaps the main contributor to your placing this week? Nice one :D

That and I basically spent the entire week on here. The contest certainly kept me busy and responding to people, and then joining up with the daily freewrite selfie contest kept me posting as well. It's been a good week!

Welcome to the club!

Glad to hear you feel it was a good and worthwhile week, same again next time? ;)

We'll see! It's just in my personality to binge when I get excited about something, but binges don't last forever. I'm still going with the freewrite contest. The prize is just too good to give up now, though I have no idea how I'm going to keep this up for 50 days. I also don't have a ton of SBD to keep giving away in overly extravagant contests. :p This league is great motivation to keep going with it though!

I'm the same, but have been on the binge for a year now :)

50 days is a long time, hopefully this and the leagues will keep you trucking!

Awesome @malloryblythe, you had quite the amazing week! I'm very happy to see you place this high, its truly a wonderful feat! :)

First time and you made it to the top 10. Well done you! Congrats!

Congratulations @malloryblythe! It's good to see new faces in the Top 10. It's amazing what can be accomplished, isn't it, with time, effort and motivation. Well done, again on the curie. I have a feeling they'll come around again. Regardless, having a contest to generously give it away is very gracious of you, too. :)

Congratulations to the friendly @ lynncoyle1 almost 600 comments in one week is great work! That's why I always say you're the sympathetic soul of the platform, my friend @glenalbrethsen again runner-up
with 150,000 wow characters! your keyboard is really burning and you always have the right words in your comments and in the third place @gillianpearce plus 27 publications, is that you really put your heart into steemit, a thousand congratulations to you and to all the others well done.... it is an honor to be a part of this league and I have to name the mind of all this; my favorite statesman @abh12345 who gives us the opportunity every week to give the best of ourselves and stand out on the net, a big hug for you and a thousand thanks... this league team is my favorite!
PD:I hope my translator is helping.

Thanks @melvadg!

Yes your translator is doing really well, I'm happy to be your favorite statesman! :D

Well done on your score this week!

Thank you so much @melvadg! Your translator is working beautifully :)

thanks to you, always kind

Thank you @melvadg. Your translator is doing an excellent job. 😊

Good to hear the translator's working! happy day

I very much admire everyone who is writing in a second language @melvadg. It's hard enough when English is your first language. The extra effort you must have to put in is truly commendable! 😍

Congrats to you too @melvadg! That is awesome work on your part too! :)

It's done with love, thank you for your kind comment.

I'm late to the party, again, but it's good to be here and thank you for the kind words. I'm glad to be your friend. :) My keyboard, however, wasn't burning up nearly as much this week as it was used to. For some reason, I couldn't find as much to comment on as normal. I don't know why. I went around looking where I normally do, and added a couple of spots, but it was like people just disappeared. I'm going to guess I'm the only one that happened to.

Booyah!! Not upvoting oneself makes a Huge difference!! Woo Hoo!!

Yes you have been very close to the 10, and the 0 upvotes this week has done the trick. Well done!

Have you calculated if it more beneficial to upvote or to go for a top 10 position? I'm going to be honest and say that if you upvoted all your own posts this week, you would likely earn more than the prize money. But where's the fun in that!?

muahahah yeah thats why i never did it before. i think i just wanted to test it out for a week to see for myself. also, i do feel its beneficial bc i was able to share more with others. i made alot of new baby (noob) friends this week and im in the freewritehouse contest so i was able to upvote more there too, instead of using it on my posts. i feel i will continue to not upvote my posts for that reason. thank you asher for all you do and i hope to hear you play some of your fav songs again! you sound great!! xoxo

i made alot of new baby (noob) friends this week and im in the freewritehouse contest so i was able to upvote more there too, instead of using it on my posts. i feel i will continue to not upvote my posts for that reason.

This is great to hear! I do feel that the 'hidden' benefits of saving your VP for others will bring more value back to minnows, than self-upvoting.

My pleasure each week, thank you for listening in!

yes, at first i was hesitant because i did not have as much to share. now that i have expanded a bit and i'm sharing what was given to me by delegations and such i figured it would be nice to do this. if i couldn't afford it and i saw myself not gaining anything then i would prob change my mind. after all many of us minnows do not have that much to spread around. thank you again and i will definitely listen in again. great stuff! plus i just delegated to PAL too ahahah i love the music being played every time i go in there.

Hey! Nice to see you up in the Top 10. Well done. It's been a long time coming, and I'm glad you found the combination of different things that worked for you. Now, it's just onward and upward, right?

hiya GB!! can you believe it?? you been cheering me on all along and thank you for that!! i won't be #1 like all you all but this is a great group and i love just hearing from you. it was touch and go with my frustrations but figuring it out was pretty cool. making different adjustments and such. thanks again!!

Well, you deserve all the credit for placing where you did last week. I didn't want to see you give up out of frustration when it was readily apparent you had the numbers and were accomplishing good things.

And as far as being No. 1, never say never. I've been knocked off the top spot twice now, so you never know what's going to happen. I keep trying to figure it all out and the landscape keeps changing. Someone will have a surge, or I won't be able to find much to comment on, and the next thing I know I'm congratulating someone else for reaching the top spot. :)

@glenalbrethsen whoa did i miss your comment ??? i thought i responded to you and how strange too! now that @lynncoyle1 got me onto fast reply it picked this up ... who'd a thunk it. :)
i greatly appreciate you taking the time to encourage me sweet man. it did make a difference and the formula is wicked ... i dropped down 5 for less characters ... that abhhh i dunno ahahahahaah
knocked off the top ahahah yeah noooo not for me ... i'd get stressed out and competitive and let all else fail. as it is i'm in this huge freewrite competition and its gettin crayy crayyyy

Booyah is right!!! Congratulations @eaglespirit :)

woo hoo!! thank you queen lynn!! i don't expect to ever reach #1 and that's okay. i do not have that kind of time. i feel i'm on too much as it is ... doh! big hugs and beer cheers! ;) thats our thing

haha I love our thing :)

me too!! just had some Gluten free last night that was pretty good 😋

Great job @eaglespirit! I'm happy to see you so high!

dave!!! thank you so muchhhh ... my self u/v was killin the formula score .. so now i see whats up. :)
nice to see you here and i might need more dust stuff ... someone called it fairy dust and i may need more hehe

that's good, more dust stuff is certainly available... In a way its awesome to see people get dust, it means they are talking to the people with small votes... And isn't that how we build a community?

that's a really good point actually and most of the time i was thinking they were the cheap voters ahahah i try to tell ppl about this but for most its just confusing and they feel .01 is good enough incentive as a gesture of "hello and i'm here." but if it is in fact true that most are from babies (i call planks/noobs) then i am all for spending the extra cash. thanks again for all you do!! ;)

yes I think most of the people give what they can, just have no idea it is wasted... and now its not ;) ... And thank you for the nice compliment :D

yes exactly, its such a crazy thing to do and now look SBD is down .. don't get me started ahahahah

you are so welcome and very deserved. :)

Well done for making it to the top ten @eaglespirit. You're not far off the top three! Keep at it. 😁

yay! thank you GP, so kind of you to come on by and say congrats ... i'm not in it to be #1 like you all but it was interesting figuring out the formula. maybe i had too much time on my hands hehe

I am most definitely not in it to be #1 @eaglespirit. I'm actually not competing at all these days. I only did that for the first two weeks after I joined and I didn't like the feeling it gave me.

If the League didn't exist I wouldn't be doing anything differently.

I enjoying engaging with people. It's the main thing that keeps me here. In fact I'm in a bit of a Steemit slump right now. This morning was really quiet because I was up late last night.

When I came back this evening I found there were more people around and that picks me up again. 😊

oh no kidding? for some reason i thought i saw your names up there and cool that it isn't your weekly goal! good for you.
what kind of feeling did it give you? i think i would feel a lot of pressure, and as you can see, (maybe not) but i am the same way. i enjoy engaging and have been since day 1. i was just upvoting myself and that took me to the lower numbers. i had not seen this league until about 1-2 months ago and i'm almost on steemit 6. i can't believe that, wow!!
i hear ya about slumps, i get that way too .. i was away this past weekend and in a contest so sort of HAD to come up with creative ways of expression and kind of a bit of pressure. oh well, thank you for commenting back and telling me your thoughts. i thought you were a queen on here ahahahaahahahaha silently feeling you are ....

yay re: pick me ups ... weekends are seriously a ghost town on steemit ...

It just made me feel miserable @eaglespirit because it turned into a "should". The thing is in my heart I don't care about winning but I have this competitive side that once engaged takes over. It's like it has a life of it's own.

It's weird writing about it now because I don't feel like that anymore and it's hard to connect with feeling that way. It's almost like some instinct gets triggered and I respond before I'm aware of it.

Anyway, I'm just glad everything has settled down now.

Keep enjoying yourself @eaglespirit. That's the main thing isn't? 💙

Yes, I can imagine, which is one of the main reasons why I stated I am not going for #1. It would make me way too competitive ... it's in the Indian blood.. Wahahahahah

Yes, it is about enjoyment and I am nearing my 6th month and its all about consistency and enjoying. One thing on my side is loving to write and I have learned so much and continuing on with that too. It's very important to me as well as learning from folks like you.

Makes it all worth it! :)

Congratulations to all winners! and to @lynncoyle1 for assuming your role once again at the it up!
To @abh12345 I have to say man, it feels good to be a part of your contest, you're doing a great job here, it's been real and consistent. Thanks for doing the good work that you do!

Well, thank you for the kind words. I can't speak for everyone, but I appreciate them as they pertain to me. :)

I want to echo your thoughts regarding the good that is happening here in the leagues. If you're feeling it and seeing it, then others are seeing it to as we get out on their posts to curate and engage. So thanks to you, too, for being a part of this.

I'm glad that you feel the same way! @glenalbrethsen
Oh... and nice to meet you :)

Thank you @abh12345! So we have an other italian in the top 10 😀 congratulations @sciack

A good spot - The Italians making their presence felt - but not at the World Cup! :O

ahah... unfortunely :((

They will be missed - and there will be less red cards and dives! haha


Bwa the Portugueses will probably continue to do this :)
Still strange a World Cup without Italy! I do have lots of Italian friends, so it is time for some payback on the friendly banter front :)

Thanks @voiceoff! You did a fantastic score too!

Again, congrats to everyone!
And @lynncoyle1, glad to see you wear the crown again. It suits you perfectly. <3

I was surprised to see my name in the list however - I haven’t been very active.
But to use the famous words of Schwarznegger: I’ll be back!! ;0)

I was also surprised, and didn't expect to see you at all considering. But, I will not be surprised when you are back! :D

Thanks, Asher. You’re a good guy :0)

(I’m not sure what the fact that I’m in the list means for the level of activity of everyone else who’s not in the list. But then again... being in there made me smile, and that was exactly what I could use right now ;0) )


This community is full of good guys, I'm glad to be a part.

See you back in the top 10 soon :)

Nice to see you, surprised or otherwise. How did the surgery go? That was last week right? Starting to feel better, I hope. Congratulations on showing. I wondered if our numbers over all were down, too. I know mine was. Haven't finished below 30,000 points in a while.

Tnx, @glenalbrethsen.
It went well, tnx. Slowly starting to feel a little better - too slow, taking into consideration that I wasn’t even fully recovered from the previous surgery, and I’ve been down since February. I’m trying to get myself motivated again, but it’s not easy. But I’ll get there... eventually ;0)

For the numbers, I would need to check on that

I'm glad it went well. Sorry it takes so long for the healing part, but when it takes this time (crossing fingers, hoping, praying, and whatever else), it will finally be worth it. Then, I would suggest not overdoing it. You'll still want to be careful, right? No tackling the dog, no wrestling chipmunks, maybe sitting down while you plant the garden or in some other more amenable position. Avoiding jumps from airplanes, bungee jumping, skiing, rock climbing, other types of plunges to your death. You know, the basics. :)

Yes, the basics :0)
For now, my girlfriend is doing all of the gardening jobs for me. All i need to do is take careful strolls around and tell her how I want it. Quite a luxurious start of the gardening season, to be honest... Yesterday she even went in while i was still asleep, so she’s actually starting to like it, hahaha.

I am so happy!!!
Thanks Asher!

Nice job @sciack, the Italian connection in the top 10! :D

Well great to see that @crypto-econom1st took the 25th place.
You were curious last week what the price was and now you know for sure.
I have sponsored you 1 SteembasicIncome share!

I will comment on the results later on this week. Because the world cup contest is absorbing a lot of time!

Nice work @fullcoverbetting!

Good luck organising the competition, I saw you are doubling the numbers!

Yep. The numberif entrants is unexpected. I was hoping in 10 but it could easily become 200.

Congratulations on the Top 10 finish. Had to give you a hard time. Not sure why, though! And once again, well done with the Lucky 25 sponsoring. I'm sure @crypto-econom1st appreciates it. :)

No offense taken @glenalbrethsen
It is always an honor to sponsor the Lucky 25! Glad that I am able to do this!
The funny things is that he was asking @abh12345 about this price. Looks like he was aiming for it :)
I did not spend lots of time outside my own blog though. Hope that will change in the next few weeks! The world cup contest is stealing a lot of valuable steem time away :)

Oh, yeah. The World Cup. I hear that's a big deal. Like all over the world. :)

Never got into that brand of football. It can be exciting, and it can be a lot of running around, depending on who's playing. I watched a lot last time primarily because the U.S. was in it. Now, I guess they got eliminated a long time ago.

Still, my wife (she's from Mexico) will probably watch some, along with my youngest son, who is into all kinds of sports, so I'm bound to walk in and see a match going.

Do you remember who did eliminate the US during the last World Cup?
I do :)

Nope. Sorry. Can't even imagine who, let alone remember. I'm lucky if I remember what happened last year with College and Pro Football (American), which I do pay more attention to than anything else, so a sport that I don't really follow, there's no chance I'm going to remember, especially from four years ago. :)

It was Belgium for sure. Your goalie played the game of his life but got beaten in the end my his team mate Lukaku!
Was back then good enough for a celebration here in Belgium :)

Woo hoo! Congratulations @lynncoyle! So happy to see you back at the top, and glad to see that @glenalbrethsen has only dropped one place. With you pair in the top two places all's right with the commenting world, in my humble opinion. 😁

No idea how I ended up in third place. It seems like it's harder to find the quality posts these days so I'm commenting less but maybe I'm imagining it. And a number of people I used to have conversations with are posting a lot less, if at all.

Anyway, I'm very grateful for the winnings @abh12345. Thank you for compiling the Leagues, as always. and to @carlgnash and @paulag for your sponsorship.

Second week in a row for the second place finish, but only be eked out by less than 1,000 points is better than being beaten by much more. I had a similar week as you did. There just didn't seem to be a whole lot of people around posting or commenting. What I did find to comment on, people didn't seem to reply so much, so anyway, it was my worst week in a while.

That said, congratulations on your Top 3 finish. At this point, I'm thinking it doesn't matter how we got up here, just that we did, and we'll try to regroup this week. Whatever that may mean. :)

I was delighted to end up third @glenalbrethsen and don't expect to do so again if others up their game. And that's also fine with me.

Glad to hear you had a similar experience to mine regarding fewer people around posting and/or commenting, from the point of view that I wasn't imagining it.

I'm also starting to notice a marked difference in days of the week. Monday and Tuesday are by far the busiest for me. On those days I skip more posts than on others and don't have enough Steem Power to upvote all I'd like to. Then it starts to tail off.

Weekends are definitely the quietest which is good because that's also usually my busiest family time. 😊

Mondays are by far my busiest, and depending on how busy, so are my Tuesdays. There was one week a few weeks back where it took me to Wednesday to catch up. I did make it through all the posts in my feed, though. I just didn't make it out much farther than that, like I would normally.

As far as comments go, Wednesdays are generally the worst for finding things. Last week, though, it started with Monday (which is typically the best), and went through Thursday. Friday finally picked up, and then I sat and camped in the challenge30days tag for the latter part of Saturday because people stopped posting after a certain hour. :)

I haven't really noticed any patterns for finding posts to comment on @glenabrethsen. I seem to run out of time nowadays before I can start exploring new accounts.

I used to look through the new tag but it seems to be mostly spam accounts of reps lower than 30 so I've given up doing that. I haven't found anything to replace it yet.

I miss most the conversation of the people who've gone silent that I used to have a nice chat with. 😢

I think most of the people I'm currently following are still out there, they just aren't posting as much (I see them commenting here and there). The rest of you all are a part of the league, so I am trying to comment on as many of everyone's posts as I can. As you say, though, time does eventually run out, and I don't always come up with something to say.

I go to the introduceyourself tag and that's exactly what I find, too. Plus a lot of languages that I don't understand. So, not going to be very meaningful if I go and say, "Welcome to Steemit! Have fun!" to everyone if I don't have a clue as to what they're saying. Hopefully someone who does is doing that anyway.

I find it tough to really use any of the general tags, because they get used for a lot more than just the topic, and since there's five different tags people can choose from, that muddies things up some more.

I need to do a better job of getting into the tags that are specifically for a challenge or something, like dragosroua's challenge30days tag. I've had some success with the nobidbot tag, but there's only about a dozen people who use it on a regular basis and not all of those posts are things I share interest with.

That's the biggest issue, aside from finding good posts, is whether or not I have anything to say when I'm done reading the post. :)

They are the standout performers at present that is for sure!

You must still be finding the time and the posts to comment on, a shame that people are still dropping off - maybe they need an engagement league invite! :D

I have had a lot less time recently which is why I was so surprised to be at number three. I'm pretty sure I was less active this week than I was in previous weeks when I was lower down the League. There must have been less competition or something. 😁

Yes that could be it. The 3-10 places are pretty bunched up, I think your post count put you ahead of me in the end!

Thank you @gillianpearce! Truthfully, I never expected to be in the 10 ten this's funny what our perceptions are versus reality...and that includes you too :) We should each pat ourselves on the back haha

Not sure I deserve the pat as much as you do @lynncoyle1. But I'll take it anyway. 😁

You and @glenalbrethsen are the true stars here. From myself downwards it was all very close in the top ten positions.

well this is exciting- we finally made top 10! yay! probably due to the insane amount of commenting i did last sunday regarding your #welcometosteemit challenge. thanks for everything, asher! and congrats to everyone :)

From engagement comes more engagement, yayy :D

My pleasure, have a lovely evening guys!

Congratulations on the Top 10 placement, and winning Asher's welcometosteemit contest. Overall, a pretty good week, wouldn't you say?

As it is, you all can be found commenting places I end up at, so it's not surprising at all you came in Top 10, but having others commenting more on your own post and being able to reply to them certainly pushes things up a notch. Now, if it could only be like that every week and more often each week. Maybe @abh12345 will have to come up with another contest. I mean, he's not busy enough already, right? What's one more thing? :)

Congratulation @lynncoyle1, on regaining the top spot, and to you also @glenalbrethsen, you two are simply amazing. I struggled this week with my commenting, and with finding a variety of people to vote and comment on. All my numbers were below my average numbers. (last night I went and found the last 6 from April 1st.) Still I did manage to stay pretty close the the number of "comments" this week 261, average 263.5. So I am not to displeased with that, holding steady, There were a few shorter comments though, so I need to work on that aspect a little better.

I think everyone is doing a great job out there on commenting. I don't know if I will make it back into the top 11 or not, there are so many out there now trying to make a difference, it is like steemit is growing, not only in numbers but in people showing respect for each other. Steemit is passed the crawl stage we are all gaining our footing, and running around like those terrible 2's, but not quite as terrible as it used to be. We are in the boundary learning phase.

there are so many out there now trying to make a difference, it is like steemit is growing, not only in numbers but in people showing respect for each other.

I have noticed this too and it's great to see :)

No worries about a mid-table finish, that is still way above the average across the Leagues, and streets ahead of those who are 'active' on the platform.

Thank you so much @bashadow, and congratulations to you as well! I love your observations too; what a nice way to view all of this :) I'm hoping you're having a great Sunday!

I always have a great Sunday, I have this to view and check, and plan the week ahead, I do my newbieresteemday post, and I generally have an IFC post to do and start to think about the Marketplace post, so Sunday is a busy day. But I enjoy it.

I'm sorry to hear about the struggling with comments this past week, but I shared it. My numbers were way down because I found it harder to find things to comment on, and then when I did, there weren't as many people replying. I guess it's a good thing we've got the league and all of us members, because I think that's where the bulk of the engagement for me took place. :)

I guess you can lead a horse to water... :)

@abh12345 Thanks for organizing this week after week. I guess most of us all are waiting on Sunday until the moment you did publish it!
It is little bit addictive :)
This engagement league shows that there are real people on the Steem blockchain willing to interact with each other. Increasing the comment/vote ratio! Which does de Steem blockchain really needs! I guess that ratio would be a lot less without this league :)

Congrats not only to the people in the top of the engagements league but to everybody who does participate. We all know that if you don want to get into top of these league, the available time is vital! I will try to sponsors the Lucky 25 as long as I can, because I do think that it gives a little more dimension to the ones which not so much time at hand, but still willing to interact!
I am surprised and not surprised to be within the top 10. Commenting on all the entries of the sbc world cup contest helps. But I rather would have taken my top 10 back by mostly commenting on other peoples articles. Guess that this will have to wait until after the cup and the holiday!

It is also great to read all the friendly banter in the comments. And most important the fact that people do read the comments and reply on them! This is a real showcase how things should be going here on the blockchain!
To bad, it is one of the exceptions!
Keep it going mate!

Thanks Peter, great comments.

Not much to add to that really, I think you are spot on! 😁

Me being spot on happens once in a year!
Glad that I could save it until almost half way the year, has happened before that this moment already came in January!

@glenalbrethsen, @gillianpearce.

Congratulations, guys! Good to see your name high on the table.

And also @lynncoyle1. Congrats.

Thank you @aneukpineung78! Your comments were very much appreciated. 😊

Thank you so much @aneukpineung78 :)

Well, it's a view I'm grown accustomed to, except just another spot higher. :)

Thanks for the well-wishes. Congratulations to you, again. I'm hoping for a better week this week than last, though. I'm not sure what happened, but it seems like people went on vacation or something. I spent much more time searching and reading than I normally have to get a place to comment, and then folks just didn't reciprocate. Hard to hold a conversation that way.

If this is the way it's going to be during the summertime, I might have to start holding contests comment contests or something. :)

Wooo hooooo finally made top 10 on one of the lists.

woohooooo nice job buddy :)

Thanks. That whole steemit being down for me thing really messed me up.

Congratulations on making the Top 10 of the curation league. I find it to be the hardest of the two leagues, so well done. It sounds like you've been making changes or doing something different lately to get there. Whatever it is, it's working. May it continue. :)

Thank you. I have put a lot of research into it and am trying to fine tune everything. I would have had a better week but steemit was down for me for a couple days and then i was just not able to get on much when it was not down. I always shoot for first place so I will be gunning for it this week.

That's a good way to live—go for the top. I didn't notice Steemit down this week so much. It was the week before when I was also sick. I think there was a day where it was kind of buggy but not nearly as bad as normal. Maybe it was the node you routed through? I wonder how many other people were affected by it. At any rate, it's not good when that happens. Very tough to be productive. And when Steemit is down, that typically means the rest of the apps, like Busy are, too, so it's STEEM-wide.

Yes busy was down, and steem world was also down. Steemworld would just load to 15% then stay there forever. When it did finally come back up I was busy with real life so I couldn't do much then either.

Nice work! Now, can you hold position? :D

I am going to try. This was actually my worst week in a long time. All the other times i messed up by delegating or renting SP or something that would disqualify me. Thanks for putting this on.

When does this run from? I guess when is the start and stop times is what I am trying to ask. I was just wondering because I have earned almost 10 SP since then. I was just curious.

As I look over the list I have to be impressed with everyone . To be in such company is humbling . The impact on the platform is what is important and such an impact by so few is an achievement in and of itself . What Asher has pointed out here is just that .
Being in the top 20% if your on the list . The gravity of that has not completely taken hold on me . If we are not a community then I don't know what one is .
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be a small part of this endeavor .

Top 20% on the list, top 5% on the platform I would guess :)

My pleasure, thanks for taking part.

5% of the platform . wow what a large number and impressive stat to be in .
It gives people a good feeling to know that they are making a positive impact on the platform . This is a good idea you came up with here . Its a positive / incentive project

I have to agree wholeheartedly with what you say about the impact this league and its members are having on Steemit. From greater retention among leaguers than among the whole of Steemit as found in a recent post by @paulag, to just the reactions people have when someone actually comments on their post, I know we're making a difference, and I know people are noticing. We just need to keep growing and keep going, right?

I'm with you .
If you add up all the votes from the members that's staggering and the "new vote cast" well that's engaging with people you don't know , how impressive is that

It is very impressive, and at the same time, everyone should be doing it because it's one of the reasons why we're on Steemit. But I guess if everyone did it, then we wouldn't have a need for the leagues, and then we might not have as much fun trying to make Steemit the place it's supposed to be. :)

If we are not a community then I don't know what one is .

Truer words have not been spoken here! And you say you're not a wordsmith! :)

Truer words have not been spoken here! And you say you're not a wordsmith! :)

If I was a wordsmith I have some to say here .
200,000 Comments - length in characters are you kidding me . (rounded up way up) some people just yack and yack lol I don't care what anyone says your still my hero

Aww thanks @wolfhart, that's so nice of you to say :)

I am going to get the last word here even if I have to call Brain and have him hide your phone , put you in steemit time out LOL ...................... I wonder if (. ) counts as a character 🤔 ROFL

Wow! Congratulations to the Winners and all participants. These performance levels are amazingggg!!!

Hi again, @abh12345. ;) @bashadow was kind enough to comment on one of my posts and give me a heads up about your Curation and Engagement Leagues. Would it be possible for me to join?

They really are :D

Hi again @angelacs, I was wondering if you would arrive as I've seen lots on engaging comments from you recently.

You are now on the lists, welcome!

Yayyyyy!!!! Thank you, @abh12345!!!

I was wondering if you would arrive

I didn't pay enough attention before when I saw mention of the Leagues to hunt it down and find out more. ;)

But nothing before the right time. Happy to be here and Thanks again for the heads up, @bashadow.

Is there any specific guidance you have for League newbs, Asher?

I figure it would have to do with your metrics....

Posts (P)
Comments - number of (C)
Comments - replies to replies - depth > 2 (C R)
Comments - length in characters (C L)
Witness votes (W) (for those proxying witness votes, your total is always 30)
Upvotes to others (V)
Upvotes to different authors (U V)
Self-votes - a (getting smaller each week) minus score for this one sorry! (S V)

And I'll go through comments here and dig through a couple of your past League posts, but this is weekly, right? If it is, this is sure going to be a wild ride, trying to not trail behind your current Leaguers more than a million miles or so. ;)

Hey! Welcome to the leagues! I guess I didn't know you weren't already a part of them or I would have invited you, too. Sorry about that, but good job @bashadow! It's definitely been an attitude changing experience for me.

As for our performance levels, they're actually generally higher, so just a heads up on that. :) No pressure, though. The prizes are nice, and they do add motivation, but the fun and the importance of the leagues is just getting out there and doing our best to post, comment and curate as much as we can.

Good to see Lynn back in the top spot but I was pretty sure Glenn would be the one as he left a lot of long novels in a lot of people that I see that he comments on :)

It long and have so much value not just to the conversation but also the moral of the person that someone took the time to read his post and make a wonderful comment.

I can barely get out of my comments for 11 posts how can someone make 27 posts and still have energy to comment hahahha that is just amazing!!

Good to see @eaglespirit in the top 10!! you can do it!

I was surprised with League 1 being in the top 20 but I was able to secure a coiple of posts that got curied so that would explain why I got 4 SP for the week.

Too bad I won't be able to monitor that since I will be delegating to the account @giftinkindph some of my SP and it will go on and support some charities like @youarehope, @Tarc and @backtoschool.

I finally made it's intro post and entered it a win Steem donation contest so I'm full set to go with my project!

Also because of it I might not be able to comment as much since I will be busy buying and packing stuff hahaha!

Thank you very much sir, we @backtoschool are forever grateful for your support and will always work to achieve our optimum goal which is sending the less privileged Nigerian Students @backtoschool and donating to help the handicapped and also be of immense assistance to creative minded students in paying their tuition fees. Above all @backtoschool is ready to expand it's shores across the globe with time sir.
Thank you.
i am @chibuzorwisdom 10th Admin Representative @backtoschool.

Sounds like a busy time for you. Not a bad thing I suppose :)

Yeah 27 posts is pretty epic, almost 4 a day!

Delegations will knock you out of L1, but don't worry - I've not been there for months!


Hey, Asher. How's it going?

I don't know where I expected to end up this week, but it wasn't number one. So, that's all good.

That said, once again, another close finish between the two top spots. Still a good thing to have parity in this league as much as it is possible.

It's good to even have the curation and engagement leagues, so thank you, as always @abh12345 for making all of this happen.

Which means a thank you also goes out to both @paulag and @carlgnash for your ongoing and unwavering sponsorships of these leagues.

What can I say, @lynncoyle1? If the crown fits, wear it! Congratulations on the win. Your weekly efforts all over Steemit are awe inspiring to all, and therefore your successes well deserved and earned.

To the rest of the Top 10—@gillianpearce (we've got our backs, right? :) , @eaglespirit (yaaaaaay!), @malloryblythe (I don't think we've met but well done for your league placement and congratulations on the curie (and then giving it away!), @maverickinvictus (hanging tough, staying true :), @leeart (nice! we'll just keep appreciating all comments and replies, right? :), @fullcoverbetting (wait—you?! weren't you busy or something? Nice job. :), @melvadg (it's good to have you as a friend, congratulations! :), and @mountainjewel (welcometosteemit winner and back in the Top 10).

To everyone else, well done and keep it up. Our efforts are not going unnoticed.

Thanks Glen, congratulations to you as well!

My pleasure Glen

You just missed out again, a fine battle between you and @lynncoyle1 this time. Mr consistency :)

Our efforts are not going unnoticed.

Well I'd like to think so. The prize pool this week was a bonus (I used half the months sponsorship oops!), but the post hasn't attracted any extra 'whale' support thus far. Still, a host of new entrants and we shall see what happens next time.


Okay, so it sounds like we need to go do some fundraising maybe? Bake sales? Car washes? Candy bars? I don't know. I think we keep making waves. More people joining means more people being retained longer, as well as more engagement and curation, so if there's any desire to keep this platform afloat, that trifecta has to get noticed. I mean, you draw attention on your other posts, so it's not like people don't know you're around, or what you're doing. So, is it a pot sweetening deal? And how do we go about that if "for the sake of the community and platform" isn't enough, without violating the intent and purpose of the leagues. I'm not a "you need to abandon the purpose of the leagues to save the leagues" kind of guy.

As it is, if we need to back off the rewards, I'm game. I enjoy receiving the incentive, but let's face it, I'm not in it just for the STEEM every week. There's much more to doing this than that. It's a mindset, a worldview, and I've bought into it. So, what do we need to do to blow the doors off this place?