Hive: Why I am Considering Leaving After One Week

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Because of the overwhelming number of positive comments and upvotes, something I really did not expect when I wrote this, I have reconsidered and will be giving this at least another week, probably more.

I think many of the points I made were valid, and I think they might yet be counterbalanced by the positive human engagement in this community. So, please decide whether or not to read on, but know that I am afraid you all are stuck with me a little longer.

So Long and Thanks for All the Fish

(Please read above first if you have not already done so.)

I have to be honest. I have been part of Hive for almost a week, and I am already seriously considering leaving. While I have felt extremely welcomed by many members, others, like a certain someone who wrote a post purporting to help newbies, but directed at my transgressions, have left a very bad taste in my mouth.

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I have gone to great lengths to read all the FAQ and rules I could find prior to posting anything, but still I have run afoul of one unwritten rule after another. Yesterday, I got muted for posting something in silver bloggers. I still don't know what I did wrong. I'm old. It's a blog about my life. Where did I run afoul of the rules? Because it was also a thoughtful daily post? Well, for some weird reason, despite the leader of the thoughtful daily post community being lovely to me, I cannot join. Yes. I did try clicking the link.

My post was unmuted a day later, but not before I spent 24 hours wondering what the hell was wrong with my post. I didn't know it was muted. I didn't even know muting posts was a thing.

I read posts about how people here want to grow the community. That will not happen by constantly swatting newcomers like flies. It's not a good strategy, people.

Recently, I saw a comment criticizing a new Hive friend from Nigeria for his post on Leo Finance. It may have been the wrong setting for his post, but the comment was not a friendly, helpful comment. It was vicious and completely discounted the writer's words and feelings. It hurt me to read it.

Besides being unfriendly, this self-appointed community police officer made it clear that she assumed he was deliberately mis-posting. Newsflash: many of us don't even know that there is a benefit to posting in one group over another. I see that she then went on to write a "guide for newbies," which this newbie found completely unhelpful except as a self-serving piece of judgmental rhetoric.

She went on and on in her article about how I was mistaken about the article being appropriate for Leo Finance. Maybe I am mistaken. I am new, after all.

Do I believe that a man who is probably not particularly wealthy taking photographs of one of the largest markets in West Africa and commenting with compassion about the state of mind of the people there informs us about economics? Yes, absolutely. Do I think it is censorship to police such an article and say it is not economics because it does not fit into someone's model of what an economics article should be? Also yes. That's me, though. I like an uncensored internet.

Is narrow thinking and censorship what the Hive is all about? It feels like it to this newbie, and I certainly don't say it lightly.

That being said, people seem to feel very free to express all sorts of exotic theories questioning the existence of a virus that has killed millions of people worldwide. I have been afraid to question this lest I get blacklisted or put on some sort of downvote trail. I don't really know how these things work.

I probably would not dare to write this except reading the handy newbie guide which was judgmental but unhelpful got on my very last nerve. Although I have done well for my first week, all this toxicity is sending me packing.

What I see here on Hive is a system of haves and have nots. The Haves of the Hive purport to want others to join and then, like crabs in a bucket, knock them down. This is not universal. I have met so many friendly and welcoming people. I think you know who you are.

However, I have been made to feel so uncomfortable by others. I feel I need people to vouch for me in order to justify my existence here, which is silly because my writing should stand on its own or not.

I am fortunate: My writing is reasonable. I can put it elsewhere and make a passable living from it.

You know what would be helpful for future hivers? An actual non-judgmental guide: one which does not assume people are posting in the wrong community on purpose for some nefarious reason. Some of us didn't even know there was any financial benefit to one community over another.

I understand that there is a need to help newcomers understand what is expected, so why not write some handy guides? Trust me when I tell you that it is hard to find guides or they are confusing and/or outdated. Given this situation, the classic netiquette guideline applies, "be conservative in what you do and liberal in what you accept from others." If you must correct someone, do it nicely. Be polite. Maybe actually write something kind about the person's post and suggest where they might have posted it instead.

Can a person change where something is posted or delete and repost? I still don't know. Wouldn't that be the sort of useful information you could share instead of muting someone or just writing a nasty little message about how wrong they were to post somewhere?

When I joined the internet when it was invented and made my first web page, no one told me how wrong I was. When I joined Twitter and Facebook, no one slapped me down. When I joined Reddit, Quora, Medium, well, you get the picture. I feel very uncomfortable here on Hive. No, thank you. I can feel uncomfortable on my own without all this assistance.

In the end, the only people who will stay are those too poor to leave, those who really are scammers, and those who just do not care what you have to say (no social skills). Anyone who is a good enough writer to go elsewhere will do so if they are treated this way. The only good writers who will stay are those who have really close buddies on Hive to guide them every little step of the way. Can you say clique?


I have met some great people, but this environment is just plain toxic for a newcomer at this time. If I lived in a developing nation, I would probably stick it out to feed my family. As it is, I don't think I will be here much longer. That is unfortunate because I have "met" a lot of cool people.

I just cannot shake this sick feeling I have had all week since joining, and it's caused by the people who are not so cool and the power they seem to enjoy wielding over others. I am certain very few people will read this, but I wanted to express my views.


I almost left once, and posted a long comment about it, that was 3 years ago. I expected scorn and 'leave then' comments but was surprised when that didn't happen. Yes, it's very clique here.., and there's so many rules it will make you laugh out loud. The difference here is the $$$ you can make.

The community is very guarded over the reward pool. You look like you can write and are educated so it would be a shame for you to leave under a cloud. I will send you some links on the 'rules' which may help you. It's quite a bit of reading but that's just how it is here.

These are all quite old but still relevant. I haven't continued this series in recent times. I will give you a follow and check to see how you are doing. It's a lot less toxic than it used to be, and there is a lot to learn.

@slobberchops Thank you. I really appreciate your taking the time to post those links. I have bookmarked them and will read them. I have read an insane number of articles about the Hive, and yet there is so much more to learn. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Well that's good to hear. It's a lot better than it used to be, I had several posts that netted me a grand $0.00! That would not happen now, unless it was pure crap that was being shovelled out.

I learned a lot from what I read, and also, it is heartening to know that, even someone like you had an "I want to pack up my marbles and go home," moment years ago.

I think one thing that people who have been around for a while don't realize is that a lot of the concepts that seem obvious and everyday are not so obvious. I read things in the FAQ that made no sense to me despite repeated reading until I read what you wrote about them.

I mentioned to you that I think the community could benefit from a wiki. On the one hand, if the wiki has to be written off Hive to be collaborative, people who contributed would not make money, but I think there are a lot of people who might do it anyhow to improve the Hive environment.

That sort of central repository of information, edited by group members, as wikis tend to be, and updated often, would make life so much easier to navigate for newcomers. It is hard to find good, solid information like the links you provided. Many have offered to answer my questions, and I have plagued them with some questions, but the problems are:

  1. I don't want to burn anyone out with my technical questions.

  2. No one person actually has all the answers.

Why do I write such long comments? It is antisocial. Thanks again for your guidance. My main point is, for anyone keeping track (probably no one?), those demystifying Hive links are an excellent resource. Also, I am starting to understand how little I understand. I wish I had known sooner, but better late than never.

I should probably read those too :) Any chance of you turning it into a curated collection for easy reference, please :) ? So far I have been treated with nothing but kindness and generosity, but I really should do more studying.


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Im laying in bed sick to my stomach with Covid... For the first time since the 12th, I actually feel like I might be recovering and I open my discord and see this from you and I'm sick all over again

I was so thrilled to have a new writer coming to find out what DreemPort and hive was all about. Not only were you brave and adventurous...but you were a damn good writer!

I so wish you would reconsider.

I can't tell you that you won't encounter unfriendliness ever again .. because I can assure just will.

It comes with the territory unfortunately.

Good people mix with the bad and the ugly.

But I can tell you that there are so many worthwhile people here! And I think you would really thrive here. I'm so sorry that you've had such a rough go of it and wish that I had been here to help you along...but I have literally... LITERALLY been at death's door.

Please reach out to @shadowspub and talk it through with her before making the final decision? I'm just sick that this happened. I hope it can be salvaged, but if not, I'm just sorry we lost another great writer.

Wait! what??? How did I not know this. I think I heard someone mention that you were sick, but I had no idea that you were desperately ill. Sending you all the healing energy I can conjure up! ❤️⚡❤️⚡❤️⚡

It’s the both of us Melinda! @DreemSteem and I both decided to get this thing... at the exact same time! 😩

Dreems! Hang in there! I’m going to write you tomorrow... today’s been a whole “kettle of fish” so to speak.

You know better!!! You are not allowed to coordinate getting sick! That's one of the unwritten rules!
Get well soon by the way, you never mentioned that!

😳 Oh no! I did not know you were sick too! Sorry about that. That you are here means you are healing and better!

Sending both you and @dreemsteem healing and love. Get well soon. 🙂

I am glad you are both beginning to feel better! What an awful thing this is.

I have just found this message about your illness. I hope you are better today. As a person who survived from Covid, I know how terrible it is. Please stay optimistic and concentrate your strength on struggling with the disease. I believe you will be better soon! 🙏

I wish both of you a quick recovery.

Let's get a whole beehive together and conjure up the most immense amount of good energy possible ♥️

Aww. You are so sweet! And I am worried about your health. Focus on that! That is far important than any (minor) drama I might be facing!

I hope you will just take a few days off and let me come hound you when I'm feeling better lol.

Focus on getting well, my friend! We can talk when you are. A certain someone has me reconsidering. I think you can imagine who.

There are many, who feel the same... I've been here since 2017... and have found great solace for my Multiple Sclerosis via my #thoughtfuldailypost...

Never goodbye, only until then...


Thank you @wesphilbin.

Oh, I see... no big long response to me lol... I am glad you have... reconsidered. To help bring a smile, here's a photo of my stepdaughter's cat, Gizmo.

20180803_191422_HDR-01 (1).jpeg
Taken with Samsung S9 | Edited in Snappseed App

Lol. I would have thought you might be relieved by my uncharacteristic brevity! Seriously, though, you were so supportive, and I appreciate it very much. I feel very, very silly that this post generated so much attention, you know? I didn't think anyone would respond or care and you were one of the first. Also, you really helped point me in the right direction on the Terminal, and now I feel properly chastened because you deserved a proper thank you. So, thank you.

It felt like it went without saying how much I valued your assistance, but, of course these things need to be said and I was remiss not to do so. I am very glad you pointed it out!

I was sorry to hear that you have MS. I have friends living with this condition, and it can be very challenging at times. I think it is wonderful how positive you are.

I truly appreciate you @wesphilbin. I hope you know that.

Such a cute cat, by the way! I love cats so much as you have no doubt figured out!






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Get well @dreemsteem , my best wishes.

Wish you all the best become healthy! @dreemsteem

Oh you poor thing! I hope you are on the mend! This darn pandemic. I'm so freaked out to hear you are at death's door! We need you and your energy. Sending healing vibes!

Anyway, very well said. It's really heartbreaking when new well-meaning people get smacked down. But there are so many good folks here on Hive, and if you can get through the learning gauntlet, it's a wonderful place.

I've had a few friends with breakthrough cases. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

@dreemsteem I hope you are on the mend. I have been worried about you and my thoughts are with you. Thanks again.

Wishing you a quick recovery. I got a hint of your situation just a few moments ago in this thread.

Oh, my God! I wish you to recover as soon as possible, @deardreemsteem ! I survived from covid which I had this spring, so I know how important it is to be positive in mind and have no additional stress. Please concentrate your energy on healing and everything will be alright. !LUV

I pray that you are back in full health soon - and the good news is our new friend is staying ♥️


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I got muted me from Leo Finance, forever for some mistakes I made on Steemit, another platform entirely??!! I see where you are coming from, so I don't blame you for leaving. At least you gave it a shot. Bon Voyage!!

Why did leo finance mute you?

Because I flagged a few people, and didn't vote for the people they wanted me to vote for. The don't like free speech over there apparently. I was joking around with Bernie sanders or someone I don't even remember who, and they acted like I was threatening the person. It was totally stupid of them. I got reinstated on leofinance once, but then they just re-blocked me for no reason after.

Let it go, keep doing good work on hive only.

Yes, 'muting' posts in a community is a thing, but it is usually reserved for blatant infraction of the rules. Examples of such might be posting a fictional writing to a travel community, or posting about crypto to a foodie community. Those things I can understand. However, I have no clue why your post might have been muted in SilverBloggers. Even though I am much older than many people in that community, I never joined because of one rule in their introductory post:

"Important Notice: This is NOT a Geriatric Society so no talk of Dentures, Hearing Aids, Spectacles, Pills and the like will be tolerated; member will be muted if found guilty of this offence;)"

As I can't guarantee that I will never mention my arthritis or failing eyesight in a post, I feel it safer to refrain from joining so I don't accidentally post there. I have worked much-too-hard on my account for the past four years than to jeopardize having a post muted or heavily downvoted for a simple rule infraction.

There is also a photo community here which I will never join. Posts are frequently muted in that community if they do not meet a certain abstract "quality" as determined by the Admins. I have seen many muted posts that contain [what I consider, at least] decent shots. But then again, perhaps that's why I am not a real "photographer" like they are.

Similar to your thinking, first-time offenders should probably be "warned" gently, in comments about not posting such in that community again, rather than having their post muted or downvoted. Repeat offenders can certainly be dealt with more sharply. The only times I have muted posts in communities where I am Admin is when they have been plagiarized, and then I post a comment to let them know why their post is receiving such treatment.

I will echo sentiment similar to what others have already said... You're a good writer and I enjoy your posts. You have a lot of good content to offer the platform. You seem to have a great personality. So, hopefully, you will reconsider leaving, but I respect your decision whatever it may be.

Thank you @thekittygirl you have echoed much what I was going to say. I saw your post when I was not at my keyboard, @harlowjourney, and am now here. I have read the other comments and endorse many of them.

First, to the elephant in the room: your having been muted in the SBC was a consequence of some pressure on the founder - from other quarters. Least said about that, the better. I am also an admin in that community and didn't know about it, and once our mutual friend, @wesphilbin, reached out, we dealt with it. Please do accept my unreserved apology. As it so happens we also investigated and found other accounts muted and we have no idea why. So, I also need to thank you because you made us revisit a few things. But still, urgh!! And again, I am sorry and lessons learned.

This brings me to what I do want to share: I, too, have been around on this blockchain since mid-2017. My first six months - well they didn't happen - I was too overwhelmed. I returned and at some point also got caught in whale crossfire. There was another incident and about which I was oblivious until it was drawn to my attention, and which I'll not labour. Suffice it to say that all of it was, to put it mildly, horrible and upsetting and very, very stressful. I considered leaving. I received overwhelming support from my blog pals and quietly changed my strategy. For the most part, and until just over a year ago, just really kept my head down and engaged with "my peeps".

By and large, the Hive is a kinder place than S******t. I will say, though, that in the last month or two, there has been a bit of a shift and because I'm involved with an onboarding programme, I see it. This is in the number of scam and puppet and just gamer accounts that are being registered. By the 100s. The quality of writing/post and the amount of plagiarism, well, is of great concern. As a consequence, some folk are hyper vigilant on one hand, and others, have a knee jerk reaction on the other. My sense (and experience tells me) that this will settle again. I also know, that if you allow that, and find your niche, you will flourish.

Again, and on behalf of Silver Bloggers, our unreserved apology an an invitation to join us.

Thank you @fionasfavourites. The way you worded this, it sounds like there was pressure on the founder to mute ME, which seems odd and implausible. I just don't feel like I could be that important to anyone. Lol. So, I think I must have misunderstood. Either that or someone is out to get me and I have not been sufficiently paranoid. (Again, lol.)

I really appreciate your reaching out. I am perhaps oversensitive at times. I try to have a thick skin, but I thought what I wrote was reasonable and it seemed appropriate to the silver bloggers community.

I have tried researching how I can tell whether I have been muted in a community, but I have not found the answer to this yet.

Thanks again for taking the time to set things straight.

You're very welcome and I do hope that we have a clean slate. I do hope that you will join our community. Please feel free to tag me when you next post there :D

First, to the elephant in the room: your having been muted in the SBC was a consequence of some pressure on the founder - from other quarters. Least said about that, the better.

I think the more said about this the better. I. The interests of transparency, why are people who create a community being pressurised to censor other members. Who are these other quarters and why this member?

Please read my response explaining the muting @thekittygirl; it certainly was not aimed at the user, but rather the fact that the post in question was a #dreamchallenge meant for another community, the ThoughtfulDailyPost community. Once I realised this was a new user, I immediately unmuted it and in fact promoted it on Twitter, in OCD and on my own personal feed.

Thank you for explaining! It sounds like an unfortunate incident, indeed, and I am glad all is sorted now! 🙂

@thekittygirl Thank you for your suggestions and supportive words. In light of all the overwhelming support, I feel a bit silly, to be honest. I genuinely expected to hear crickets chirping in response to my post, but I had to get some things off my chest before leaving.

Now, I feel I should give this another solid try, at the very least another week. The community here is amazing. I have never experienced anything like this. Thanks again.

So,lady, now you know that Hive has some amazing community spirit, I'm going to strongly suggest you do what you'd do offline. You'll go where the good is and consider the bad as the 'other side of the tracks'. Kick the negative nellys to the curb and still with the good folk.

Thank you. Excellent advice as always.

Very well said, @thekittygirl.

Hi @thekittygirl, I have responded to @harlowjourney and explained that the reason for muting that blog was that as a #dreamportchallenge it was meant to be posted in the ThoughtfulDailyPost Community.
I was warned just two days before that post to be careful not to allow content meant for other communities in our feed!
I had tweeted his post and shared it on my personal feed. Once I realised that he was a new user, I unmuted it in SIlver Bloggers and curated it for OCD as it was great content.
I would appreciate if you could read my response to @harlowjourney.
On the matter of that tongue-in-cheek Silver Bloggers rule, I am so sorry that it was taken seriously. I am over 68 and honestly thought that it would be seen as a light-hearted touch! It saddens me that this put off possible Silvers, but our actual rules can be found on our Silver Bloggers page!

you were warned? I know you want to kind and fair to others but I think that anyone who has the brass to be warning you, the owner of the community, about what can and can't be posted in your community needs to be shown the door.

Hi @shadowspub, 'warned' actually was the wrong term, it was merely advice from someone who has been a guiding hand. The particular blog was a challenge from another community, something a couple of bloggers have been doing to us of late. We commented as follows to this excellent blog before muting it, also gave the reason for muting it when actioning it. I was at fault for not realizing this was a new user, but all is ok now:

Screenshot_20210927-194919_Samsung Internet.jpg
For example, I would not be posting a qurator foodie challenge in any other community but the one hosting the challenge, and that's what the problem was.
Many of the comments are by bloggers are not seeing the real picture with this muting and subsequent unmuting as most people skim comments and blogs, we're now the bad apples, but we have a real good bunch of active subscribers and it makes me sad that this is how we've been portrayed here.
Anyway, thank you for sharing your views. We were both part of the old thesteemengine run by @ethandsmith not so?

Hi @thekittygirl, I am so sorry that you took that 'tongue in cheek' response seriously.
I've done an edit to that blog as it really was not meant to be offensive, I am over 68 myself!

Notice - it's come to my attention that some bloggers thought this was seriously part of our rules, but this is a Tongue in cheek part of my post:
This is NOT a Geriatric Society so no talk of Dentures, Hearing Aids, Spectacles, Pills and the like will be tolerated; member will be muted if found guilty of this offence;)
We are a fun community and as the founder I am already 68 so of course many of the above-mentioned are part of my daily life!
Our proper rules can be found on our community page.

Just putting the record straight and the muting and subsequent unmuting was explained to the author as it was a ThoughtfulDailyPost Community challenge.
It really was not meant to be unkind!

All is understood now. Thank you for this! 💜

It's sad and scary when a single misplaced post which is good quality might ruin four years of work. Isn't there any way to appeal?







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Don't let the bad apples spoil it for you! I'm so sorry that you have had a bad experience, but I've been here over 4 years and have learned to hang out with the good folks and ignore the others. And take my word for it, there are an abundance of good folks! And good communities that don't pounce on mistakes and are willing to guide you along! Give yourself a bit more time to find your friends. We are waiting to meet you! ❤️💐❤️

I am also on the Steem/Hive blockchain for more than 4 years (since 2017.05.17), and I can say something similar. There are some good people. Although I also had (and sometimes I still have) some periods, where I considered leaving the Steem/Hive blockchain (for other reasons).

I actually/really left the Steem blockchain multiple times, but I always returned to it. But nowadays I almost completely left it. Nowadays other than my Actifit reports, I do not really post anything to the Steem blockchain.

Nowadays I have more than 1300 followers, but most of them left the platform long months/years ago. And this is just/only me. Hundreds of thousands of people left this platform. So we have to admit the fact that there is (or at least was) definitely a huge problem with the user retention of this platform. Probably it is still a big problem, just/only the reasons are different.

Thank you. I appreciate the support. A couple of awesome people reached out to me, and I am taking a bit of time to rethink the situation. I try to have a thick skin, but it can be challenging sometimes. Thanks again for your kind comment.

I've had a couple of moments where I was disgusted enough that I considered packing up and slamming the door, but after seething for a time, all of the great experiences and lovely people that I have met here were a much stronger draw. I hope you find the lovely people! You are welcome to post into the Feel Good Community and if you like to take photos, Shadow Hunters is filled with great people.

It is a shame you are considering leaving Hive Block Chain. I enjoyed your post here, then I had to go and see what happened. Yes there are ass-has on Hive. Not as many per capita as most internet places, but being a smallish site right now when they raise their ugly heads it is hard to ignore them.

You were very respectful and reasonable in your responses to the source of discord. Getting used to Hive Block Chain is like stepping into a brand new society. There are some people on hive that want to make it an all inclusive society, and some that want to live in the dark ages of Kings and Queens. I honestly do not know which is worse the Kings, the Queens or the court Jesters.

I hope you are able to put the bad behind and move on past the bad and sour tasting period until you find you feet in this new land. I have seen a lot on Hive and over on steem in the last 4 years, and some people/things just never change. One thing Hive is good at and that is changing, adopting new shapes and forms of where we want to head as an independent society on line. I think you will be a good voice as we travel this new format and build what others would like to tear down or own or rule over.

Beautifully said. We do have a rather bizarre ecosystem here. But it is evolving all the time and there is plenty of room to grow.

I really appreciate what you wrote here. There have been so many kind comments. I did not expect this level of support. It is humbling. I tried to respond to all the comments and I am sorry that I missed yours for a few days since it was such a lovely one!

I am sure you had a lot of comments to work through, I do not feel slighted in the least. Hive actually needs people like you, especially on the building of a new society not imagined before. There are so many different cultures represented on Hive, and so many different countries and their forms of governance, and bring all of that together, and as a group trying to find common ground to build on, not an easy task at all.

Oh dear.. for someone who's been here for just a week, you've come far, you've done quite well. Please don't quit now for some bad apple.

Hive belongs to everyone and to no one.
I hope you change your mind about leaving so we wouldn't miss your great contents.


Thank you. As you can probably tell, I have decided that I was hasty in my assessment. I am overwhelmed by the support.

Good to know :)

Enjoy your stay on Hive.. you're doing pretty good.

Maybe give it another week.

You're just experiencing idiots with a severe case of 'big fish, very small pond' syndrome.

It is a learning curve, and one of the problems is you do have to deal with idiots on here.

There are plenty nice people too.

Thank you. That is a good way to look at it. Also, I think giving it another week is probably a good idea. I feel I may have been hasty.

I won't take position on the conflicts you mentioned as I haven't witnessed them but your concerns are pretty close to mine and your prediction about which people will stay here in the long run is spot on. I shared the same thoughts about Hive's future months ago. How many decent writers can tolerate the fact that a covidiot gets effortlessly so much love while well crafted texts like yours can go unnoticed. I'm not gonna tell you what to do, you seem wise enough to decide what fits you best. I know already that it's worse here without people like you.

Thank you for your kind words. I have decided to be patient for a while anyhow. Part of me feels silly for this post, but I learned so much as a result of it that it is hard to truly regret it.

I'm glad you rethink about it. I think most decent people get saturated from internet platforms sooner or later from all the BS that's around but at the end of the day those platforms are made and used by humans hence they're far from perfect and will always be like this so until there's no better alternative...or in other words as we humorously say in Greece "Stay till you leave" 🙂 Looking forward to your next contributions here.

Lol. "Stay until you leave." I like that.

Have to admit I haven't seen your other posts. I can attest to there being many more supportive people here and few negative. It has definitely improved here over the old steem days. I'd suggest if you want to stay that there are options for many other communities and groups that are very supportive and friendly. Stick around and meet a few more of them!

Thank you. With the light of a fresh day, I wonder whether I was hasty yesterday. I appreciate the support.

I think sometimes it is easy to allow negative voices to become overwhelming even if they are actually in the minority.

Hi :-) maybe you want the sight of another newbee?
There are still times when I'm not sure about the unwritten rules on hive. It's hard to find informations here how to make first steps. I had the luck beeing picked up by the german community and the Terminal just after joining. Otherwise I probably wouldnt have stayed.

Then stepped into @melinda010100 's contest world and even with my bad english was warmly welcome.
Einstein said something like "the only question to answer is, if it's a unfriendly or a friendly universe" I choose to look at the very friendly side and members of hive.

When I look at the comments here in your post I see many names of people doing a lot of good things here. You could appreciate this and trust and follow them :-)

@thekittygirl @brittandjosie @wesphilbin and stayton :-) haha they were sooo friendly and pacient answering all my questions

Hope you give hive another chance and looking forward to read many of your future postings :-)

@beeber I think you are quite correct. Thank you.

Muting posts is horrible. Also downvoting is pernicious. However, I would encourage you to stay!

It’s why I am choosing the @ecency app and front end more and more over @peakd. That feature is EXTREMELY unfriendly.

As for the zero out culture and the “rebalancing” that’s been going on (not to mention “downvote dusting”... those are strangling the life out of all that’s good about this blockchain.

This is it.

Time for people to put their foot down and DEMAND a fundamental change to the blockchain... before it’s too late.

That feature is EXTREMELY unfriendly.

I love that feature! Its amazing we can block people who don't know the rules. But newcomers do need more chances :)

I also love @peakd's "hide tag" options, so I don't see any shit from @dbuzz :D

What is "downvote dusting," @wil.metcalfe? I wish there was something to be done about ritual downvoters who do it without reason. Most of them have little impact from a rewards standpoint, but I don't think they do anything good or positive for the blockchain.

Hi Jayna!

I have been meaning to get back to you since waaaayyyy back but life has indeed managed to keep me busy!

I’m so glad you took the time to read and comment here.

“Downvote Dusting” or as I like to call it “Spam Downvoting” is the practice of locking a bot onto someone so that it automatically downvotes EVERYTHING they do on the blockchain. Be it commenting or making a post. Good bad or ugly it doesn’t matter because like a house fly 🪰 the bot unceremoniously will downvote irrespective of any thing the account owner does.

This happened to me awhile ago when I was wrongfully accused of “comment farming”. Another madeUP term I see flying around here often... I have a name for that as well. Officially it is called “Comment Ranking”. Comment ranking is good for Hive as it encourages engaging and actual readership of people’s posts. A comment is proof that the post was impactful enough to read. It’s also a real world effort where someone took their time and decided to connect with the author.

So yeah! After 7 days the posts rewards are held in place and the comments are also cemented in place in the order they were valued at... this often means that (unless someone comment ranked) these comments will often sit ranked below a bot’s auto-response, etc.

So what I do is I read over all the comments and rank them with 100% votes to the ones I like best or think add the most to the content created. This is what “Comment Ranking” is and I believe that it is a special opportunity... and all too often people don’t take the time to value comments.

If you would like to read more about the “downvote dusting” incident that happened a couple months ago I’ll leave a link to the post I made about it bellow this comment.

So again!

Thank you for asking me a question in the comments. It’s much appreciated!


Thanks for that great info, @wil.metcalfe. I'll check out the link you provided.

This is so interesting. I have learned so much this week. Not all positive, but still.


you do know that community muting is not a peakd feature? It's part of how communities were constructed to give community owners a way to moderate their community.

Completely understand the positive uses... however Shadows... there is a mounting presence of less that friendly uses of the feature. The pros and the cons need to be weighed IMHO.

I really don't see why the concern. Anyone who doesn't want to see a community using muting, can simply not be part of that community. We all have our own blogs to post on. I almost never post in a community as I rarely even think to.

The muting only is in effect in that community. The post can still be found on the blockchain. I've recommended more than once to people that if they do post in a community to crosspost to their own Hive blog. So if something happens that a community decides to mute the post, it's still there for all to easily see.


Muting is amazing when people don't follow the rules.
Newcomers should be given more chances though :)

You are a fantastic writer so I'll urge you to stay! Just as Ms Melinda said, we have lots of good folks here and communities that are not strict. You just need to research them.

Newbies do not have it easy here and I'm thankful for The Terminal that had my back at the beginning and they still do amongst other kind hearted folks.

No doubt, you will come across mean, entitled people. That's how every society works - there's the good, bad and the ugly.

I experienced something similar in a discord group yesterday when I politely asked whether anyone noticed that autovotes were not working. Only for an entitled, mean girl to jump in, assume I was there to 'promote my post' (hahaha) and ask that couldn't I just manually vote? 😂

If you must correct someone, do it nicely. Be polite.

I couldn't agree more!

It's okay you aired your feeling here. That's what writing is about - a means of expressing ourselves and views. I hope you will reconsider your decision. 🙂

@kemmyb Thank you for saying that I am a fantastic writer. That is very kind. I agree with you about people assuming the worst. I always find it unfortunate when people assume the worst of others, especially when they don't know anything about those others. I am probably a bit too sensitive at times, but I very much appreciate all the wonderfully supportive comments like yours, and I think I will be giving this another shot.

I wish there'd be more communication and the lack of an explanation for any perceived infraction just makes things worse without the opportunity to make it a gainful learning experience. I know the feeling, and I will not Downvote or Flag without a clear explanation, constructive critique, and the opportunity for correction.
Especially with some grace extended for Newbies.

That is a very sane way to do things. I appreciate the comment and support.

I've been around for a few years and even I get frustrated by some of the rules. I'm not a natural writer so my heart drops when I see I'm expected to write an X amount of words etc or jump through hoops to post. Some will explain things in a nice way but others will be a bit too blunt. I join in when I feel up to it. The majority of people here are lovely. I hope you stick around. You will definitely find your people if you do!

Thank you. I am overwhelmed by the support shown by everyone here. I appreciate that you took the time to comment.

@harlowjourney ... I'm so sorry this happened to you.

Yes, there are some sick, evil people on Hive ... as the traditional hierarchies of the world are breaking down for certain people not rich and not powerful elsewhere, they tend to bully online when they can. Bonus points for Hive being worth much more now than last year in terms of fiat money, and people getting to play big-time rich person here when they scarcely have five-figure money staked away. Can't play big shot anywhere else, but they will on Hive...

... however, these people can be outwitted. Expressing yourself and letting those of us that want to help find you is a key thing to do.

If you decide to stay, try the Freewriters community. They have a daily prompt that you can handle with fiction, non-fiction, poem, or picture, and are CHILL. ColorChallenge -- SUPER CHILL. QSounds for music with a story -- CHILL. Gems -- writing, art, photos, pretty much anything positive and uplifting -- SUPER CHILL.

Hive is at a crossroads right now, and, like everywhere else, certain people are trying to keep certain other people from benefiting unless they can gatekeep. It IS a struggle to get good and started, but "each on teach one" is a real thing also. Yet "go where you are celebrated, not tolerated" is a real thing too -- we would hate to see you go, but, I think most of us here would understand your decision.

@deeanndmathews Thank you for your very wise and compassionate comments. I think I will try staying at least a little longer, given the overwhelming and unexpected support, and I will check out some of the groups you mentioned, particularly the freewriting one appeals to me, but I will investigate the others also.

I really like the quote "go where you are celebrated, not tolerated." That is truly lovely. I had not heard that before.

Thanks again.

For the lack of better works at 0500 in the morning...Fuck em'!😀

You are going to do what you are going to do, but I think you can see by the comments, that you will be appreciated here.

I am following you now because it is obvious to me that you have writing chops. Not only that I have a feeling you are going to be entertaining as well and not just another writer of a long boring 1500 word post of what you did all day long.

Head down, horn out, Keep on chargin'!

Thank you. That is wonderfully supportive. I appreciate it!


Hi @harlowjourney. I read your post word for word. You are a gifted and articulate writer. Don’t leave us.

I read quite a few other comments so I can attempt to not say what has already been said.

Sometimes I think Hive is like the Wild West. You’ve got your good hard working settlers, your outlaws and brawlers, your sheriffs and deputies and a whole lot of quirky personalities in the mix. So there are going to be run-ins with the deputies (some legit and some self-appointed with oversized egos — think Barney Fife on steroids), and all kinds of shenanigans.

I’ve had my occasional run-in with them. It’s disheartening. But my feeling is that, as in life in the real world, we shouldn’t let the encounters with a few self-important blowhards dictate our experience. (I say this not knowing what actually transpired or with whom.)

To take my Wild West analogy further, there’s something really cool about communities, which is that if one turns out to be run by tyrannical sheriffs, you can move to another. Just don’t move to a ghost town. Ha ha.

Those who have been around a while do forget what it was like to be new. It’s an unfortunate fact. We need to love and nurture our newbies as they find their way. I think most people agree with that but we are so loose-knit that it’s a challenge to galvanize around onboarding. The @heyhaveyamet group does an awesome job of welcoming newcomers. I predict this aspect of Hive will grow, as it is badly needed!

I hope you will reconsider. We are a motley bunch but there is so much good here.

@jayna Thank you for your comments. I really like your Wild West analogy. I think it is apt. As I mentioned in other comments, I appreciate all this support so much and it was totally unexpected. I will likely stick around for a while. I try to have a thick skin, but I don't think it is as thick as I might hope, you know?

Thanks also for the kind words about my writing.

That is wonderful news. You sent up a flare and the call was answered. Nothing you said was a huge surprise, and in fact it resonated with quite a few. It's important to hold up a mirror to poor behavior that hampers the goals of growth and prosperity of the platform!

Honestly the way some people go about moderating their communities is just awful. Some can be so judgemental and not at all try to explain WHY.

I hope you choose to stay and work past this unpleasant interaction, I'm curtain you can have FAAAR more pleasant interactions here to counter this one bad one.

And thank you for voicing your concerns, this will let us reflect and hopefully make people improve how they deal with muting posts and moderating their communities.


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Check out my gaming stream on VIMM.TV | Vote for me as a Hive witness! and Hive-engine witness!

Thank you. There have been so many supportive responses to this post such as yours that I am seriously considering giving this a better shot! I am surprised and comforted by the overwhelmingly positive responses.

@harlowjourney! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @shmoogleosukami.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (1/20)

I am so very sorry this happened.
So many good people here, and again, the toxic attitudes of the minority have poisoned a great writer. I can only add my voice, and plead, "Please Stay"

Thank you. I think I will at least give it another week. I truly appreciate all the support. It was unexpected and made me rethink things.

I've found jerks all over.
I am ignoring them... and focusing on good

I got to your post via @joerhino comment. Yes, I see that one way to get interesting posts and users is to go through his comments :)

You are absolutely spot on with your assessment of the platform. It could have been worse for you, some people got totally fried with their first post. I am from a 3rd world country and the part about people from developing countries sticking it out just to make ends meet is absolutely true.

While I am lucky enough never to have experienced much hostility directly on this platform, I have seen things that made me cringe, and the fact that there's next-to-nothing I could do made it worse. I happen to be a curator for one of the communities here and while I try to be as nice and just as possible, I have been labeled in a variety of ways. Thank goodness, the admins of the project are reasonable folks who do not just take decisions based on the vox populi but on reasonable evidence.

Nevertheless, I just try to make friends and create my own circle. You can do the same if you wish. there are communities that are not judgemental and will accept posts based on different topics if you are the type that is not always after the reward. I will give you a follow and hope that you stay and continue with your journey on here.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. I meant to reply to it days ago, but I think it must have been my bedtime. It stuck with me, in fact, and I was in the process of writing something else when I suddenly remembered your comment and that I had not responded.

I feel so grateful at the overwhelming support I received on this post, and it has been hard to give every comment the considered response it deserves.

What struck me about your comment, among other things, was that you mentioned that what I said about people from developing nations resonated with you. I find this to be a very interesting and strange dynamic of the hive.

On the one hand it gives people from a wide variety of cultures the opportunity to interact, but, at the same time, there is this pachyderm in the room. Specifically, the wealth gap is vast. A few upvotes to one person might mean coffee while to another they might mean survival, and I am not sure everyone is aware of this. It makes downvoting for trivial reasons particularly cruel.

While I see the need for the downvoting option, I think it should be used with extreme caution. I have seen many posts with which I vehemently disagree. I downvote none of them. I think people are entitled to be mistaken in their views. Lol. Seriously, though, I wish people would reserve the downvote for extremes like phishing or worse.

That being said, the positives I have seen this week are, for one thing, this overwhelming support, and, for another, I realized that people are reading my words. That might sound obvious, but when I write elsewhere, I often can tell from comments that people are, at best, skimming, and, at worst, only reading the headlines. Of course I want to be treated well and I would love to make a bit of money, but to have my words actually be read and considered by others is a great honour in my opinion.

I really love to write and maybe it’s sort of a weird addiction too, but too often, people have begged me not to do it! Lol. I am speaking here of friends and family who have been the unhappy recipients of overly lengthy email diatribes on one topic or another.

Anyhow, thanks again for your insights. As I mentioned, they stayed with me and I combed through the comments until I found them again to reply at long last. My apologies for the delay.

People have got things going in real life, so I don't take any offense when they don't respond to comments once in a while, as long as it is not a habit. A late response has never been an issue with me either. I really appreciate that you eventually are able to respond.

Hive is a blessing to many, including myself. I have never tried to hide this fact from anyone. I don't even pretend for a second like the rewards don't matter. But I don't throw tantrums if I don't get rewarded and I've never also tried to game the system in any way. I'm a firm believer in giving as much value as possible back to the platform as I get from it. I want the chain to grow so that I can also grow with it, so I'm always conscious of everything I post.

Much as we've got people surviving on hive, there are also bad actors looking to profit from the opportunity that the blockchain has got to offer. Hence, the evolution of downvotes. A thief remains a thief, even if he does it to survive. Disagreeing with a post is never enough a reason to downvote though, to be honest. I reserve my downvotes for blatant (emphasis on blatant) case of plagiarism or abuse. At worst, I will rather not upvote.

On your writings, perhaps you just limit your posts to a particular length. The attention span of an average hiver doesn't exceed 5 minutes by my own estimation. In other words, if you want genuine engagement on your contents, don't make them too long. Build your own audience around your niche and ignore every other dramas that could be going on on the chain.

Thank you for your insights. I think you are wise.

While the rules can certainly be complicated, I think there are really a few simple guidelines to follow to avoid trouble...most of the time.

1). No blatant plagiarism
2.) If you post to a community, make sure you understand the rules of the community and make on topic posts.
3.) Don't tag your posts inappropriately (e.g. don't tag it #crypto if it s about the weather)
4.) Upvote posts you like
5.) Be careful with downvotes
6.) Posts deemed to be political or otherwise controversial can lead to trouble. Not saying they should not be made, just that they can lead to seeing a lot of 'unfriendliness' but that's true anywhere on the net and isn't particularly unique to hive.

There are probably some people and communities that don't show quite enough patience with honest mistakes from newbies but in general it is not a big deal. Don't let a few bad experiences here dissuade you. You will probably have more. However, in the long run, you should have far more good ones.

Thank you. Those are some excellent points!

Hey Harlow,
I'm sorry that happened to you, but I have to correct you on one thing, and it could be, you are unaware or you just don't want to acknowledge it, I don't know. Traditional social media sites are censorious as f***. When you have the "wrong" opinion or attitude, you are gone in no time. There are whole communities of people, who were totally fine a couple of years or months ago on those sites (be it YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, Twitter et al) and in a second, the algorithm is flipped against them and they are shadow-banned/banned completely/called toxic and much more.
I won't get into politics, because the banning waves of late are much wider then a couple of years ago.
In that, decentralized social media like Hive may not be perfect (yet? 😊), but considerably better than traditional social media.
I wish you luck, wether you stay here and give it another try or you write on another site.
But I think, you will get the hang of it pretty quick and learn, that you can pretty much anywhere collide with others, but here, you can carve out your small space of happiness and grow your readership without harrassment or censorship.

I appreciate your perspective. I think, in light of all the supportive comments, I am likely to stick around a while, and I hope you are correct. I have felt like one narrative is preferred on the Hive, but I like your point of view, and I hope my first impression is mistaken.

One thing I know for sure is that, although it is important to have opinions and beliefs, it is equally important to watch, listen, and learn. Then, we must be prepared to alter our opinions and beliefs based on the new information we have gathered.

So, I will keep an open mind and bear what you have said in my thoughts.

I'm glad, you're sticking around for a while. I have to say, it is quite disorienting for a newbie. I felt the same way, read a thousand posts and had many more questions. It is a steep learning curve.
I for one joined the German-speaking discord and the discord for ecency, in my opinion the best frontends for Hive with a very beginner friendly (and friendly all around) community and community leaders. (@good-karma and @melinda010100 helped me with some questions early on and were very patient). That could be a path for you as well.

I only just found you, Harlow (through TheTerminal), so I am very happy to hear that you will stay a little longer. I like your writing style and sense of humor 😁.

Shitty people are everywhere, try to not let them get to you too much. I know from experience that is easier said than done, but - keep trying. I am.

There are a ton of great people on Hive in different communities. Give it a little time to find the right ones and ignore the idiots.

Definitely following you now to read more of your content. I just wished I had small percentage of your writing skills.

Thank you for your kind words and support. I smiled when I read, "shitty people are everywhere." Lol. So true.

I am sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience. Please don´t judge the whole ecosystem after a few bad examples. E.g. in the German community (I am not a native English speaker) we welcome new joiners and support them. But every community is different and has their own rules. That´s one side of the decentralization. It has it´s pros and cons, like everything.
I would strongly suggest that you give it still a try. We need good writers!
Yes, it is more difficult for newbies here in general, especially for nocoiners, but there is also more to earn than on any other social media platform and nobody can censor you here.

Thank you. I think you are right!

Gotta love the red dwarf comment thrown in there. As for anything about covid etc. We all have opinions that's the fun part 😉

Better guides might be in order but the platform is pretty young.

Your writing speaks for itself, so I wouldn't chuck in the towel just yet. I'm still fairly new at all this myself, but for what it counts I enjoyed reading your work.

Judging by the comments I'm not the only one!

Dude there is plenty of great guides out there.. it's disappointing that I'm able to find them but this guy isn't able.

Hmmmmmm, you know what they say?
What doesn't kill, makes you stronger, 💪how could you have leave, just like that 🤷, I saw this post through @merit.ahama making assumptions of #truth in @dcooperation community contest and using you as an instance, and i was surprised about it, don't leave, stay🤗, I believe they are people here on hive, that would be pleased to enlighten newbies about the community, the only thing here is that, people are not the same, you know we come from different backgrounds, so our lifestyle and thinking may not be the same.

But leaving should not be an option please stay, for we need you, hive need you and I bee you.

😂 Thanks for taking time out to beg her not to leave, I want to believe she will have a change of heart after the one week elapse.

@harlowjourney please stay 🥺

she is such a good person 🥰, If she leave I will cry bitterly, I am looking forward to her next post

@merit.ahama @repayme4568 You are both so very kind. I am grateful. As you can probably tell, I am reconsidering my initial (probably hasty) assessment. I have learned so much this week, and I have received an astounding amount of support. It is humbling.

You are welcome 🥰

I'm glad a couple of healthy upvotes managed to change your whole entire mind cuz I wasn't sure which label looked better on me; have or have not.

I'm curious which newbie guide you found unhelpful, judgmental rhetoric.

Welcome to Hive or peace out! ✌🏻

good byes are always difficult

The beginning is hard. It is still hard for me.. ... haha.. keep positive and keep at it..

Thank you so much!

Melinda's advice is good advice, if I were you I would follow it

Goodmorning and thank you! The fact this happened is not great , but the fact you took it upon you to leave a brilliant rant is great. Yes it needs to be said by the persons that go through it.

This is also the reason why we started the terminal , when I started almost 4 years ago there wasn’t any place to ask questions so we opened the house of help. And I know we do good. Did good and all free of charge. The fact that you didn’t have a link to for instance @ryzeonline ( he did a great blog and vlog about getting to know hive ) is unfortunate and I can understand your feelings, I wanna leave myself ! But maybe just do like I do and see what the hive ride will bring. This week had all that you don’t want maybe next week will be totally different and I hope that the people Who aren’t tagged here but we’re the reason will read this and loose sleep
Over it.

For what it’s worth I hope you feel better on whatever platform if hive isn’t your home

@brittandjosie Thank you. I am overwhelmed by the support. I learned a lot this week. I was introduced to the Terminal by @wes.philbin who was exceptionally welcoming. I got a lot of invaluable guidance from @shadowspub, who has been very helpful to me from the beginning. Also, the links that @slobberchops kindly placed in the comments here about Demystifying the Hive were extremely helpful. Then I did a bunch of my own research.

I still have much to learn, but it was a good start I think. I feel much less anxious and lost.

(Many other people were very helpful also, of course. It's been kind of amazing.)

You rock, superstar. Thanks for offering encouragement to Harlow here, founding The Terminal, and mentioning my blogs (grin).

This post and your comment here in part inspired me to write this: Plagiarism, Pitchforks, & Witch-Hunts... Hive-Style! - It's a fun story with some insight into these topics and experiences. I tagged you over there but I figured I'd mention it here too since it's relevant.

Anyway, thanks for always spreading good vibes and keeping an open mind, it's super appreciated. Much love miss! 🙏

Thank you. I have bookmarked this to read. I skimmed it and love what I have read so far, but I always think skimming dishonours the writer, which is why I bookmarked it to read when I have time for a more careful read.

Thanks so much. I too tend to avoid skimming for similar reasons, and I applaud others who do the same. I trust it'll be an enjoyable read for you when the time is right. :) 🙏

Hey @harlowjourney, I loved your POST and am sooo sorry that I was one of the reasons you wanted to leave, BUT the reason I gave for initially muting your post from the silverbloggers account @hive-106316 which I run, by the way; was that your post was a #dreemportchallenge which should have been posted through the ThoughtfulDailyPost community as per my comment in your post:

I was warned to be careful not to let content that are meant for other communities sit in the Silver Bloggers feed.
When @wesphilbin commented, I realised you were a new user and were having difficulties so I immediately unmuted it. My sincere apologies for not investigating that first.
To let you know also, as it was such a brilliant post, I did share it on Twitter and upvoted and shared it from my personal account @lizelle and once I unmuted it in Silver Bloggers, I curated it for an OCD upvote.
I will respond directly to @thekittygirl about that Silver Bloggers 'rule' which really is a tongue in cheek rule not meant to be taken seriously.
I am 68 and a bit, so of course have many of the things I said were forbidden to be mentioned in our community. I honestly did not mean this to be taken seriously as our proper rules are on our community page!
I do hope we're going to be seeing a lot more of you, and please know that your content will always be welcomed in our community, as long as it's not a challenge meant for another community.


Appreciate you reaching out, rather than just "letting it go". I try to help everyone... even when I probably shouldn't lol... But that's who I am. And I thank you for responding...


Thank you @wesphilbin, I felt sooo bad that I did not check that this was a new user; we have a couple of bloggers who post challenges that belong in other communities in ours and were warned about that.
You are an angel!






@lizelle, you've been given LUV from @wesphilbin.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (4/10)

@lizelle I apologize for not responding sooner. I do understand now, and I really appreciate that you boosted me on Twitter. I have also enjoyed our interactions so far on that post, etc., and I hope that continues! I appreciate your efforts.

Was it shocking, upsetting, and confusing to be muted, apparently (at the time) for no reason? Yes. However, I am glad you took the time to explain so that I am not paranoid about why!

Thanks again!

Glad you understand it was the challenge that was for another community and nothing aimed at you, it was explained as such in the muting, your article was great, look forward to your great content👌

You are the sweetest man on Hive @dandays 💞

Welcome to the hive.
We are a tough crowd, if we weren't success here wouldn't be cool.
Good luck.

This gave me a laugh. Thank you.

If you feel the best thing for you is to leave then you need to listen to yourself and make it happen. I'll wish you all the best as you leave and hope you find a place where you feel more comfortable.

If you feel there may be a few here and there who are worth engaging with and who make you feel like staying around then do that. I'm sure, even after an initial setback, you'll find something to enjoy here, people that add value rather than take it, but only you can decide for you.

Either way, all the best; it was fun to engage with you in my #weekend-engagement post last week so there's a positive I can take away.

All the best.

Thank you, @galenkp for your kind words. I also enjoyed the weekend engagement. As a result of all this unexpected support, I will most likely stick around for at least a little while longer.

I felt very slapped down, but now I see that there is a wonderful sense of community here. I appreciate the way you phrase things -- that it is my decision. Clearly, you value individuality and autonomy. I do as well. Thanks again.

As a Community founder I will usually give someone a warning if they post in my communities outside of the guidelines I set - It's my community after all. If they do so again I will mute it without warning and 100% downvote also because I see the repeat occurrence as willful and disrespectful. The guidelines are on the front page and clear to see. I even have a posting guide pinned.

I think one warning notification is ample and I have zero care factor whether a person is new or not; the warning should be enough. I feel that that's quite fair. It keeps the Community on-point and on-topic which is what the Communities are all about.

I've seen posts like this over the four years I've been around, you know, the I'm going to quit posts. A lot who have written them are still here though, still posting and still posting I'm going to quit posts too. I'll admit I don't really get it and I don't know why people just don't disappear if they want to quit.

The thing is, it's a community of individuals who can all do as they please so being overly sensitive about someone else's actions isn't very productive and will probably make a person feel even worse than usual. A person needs to control what they can control and let the rest go. There little point wasting energy on things outside ones sphere of influence.

So, that's what was behind my comment. Want to quit? Ok, do so. Want to stay? Ok, do so. Either way it's your decision and the blockchain will go on.

My suggestion is to find people you like to engage with and do that. It shouldn't be too hard. If it doesn't add value to you then do yourself a favour and leave.

Maybe I'll see you around if you decide to stay and engage with me and if not I wish you all the best.

You read all of the guide and the FAQ's that you could before even making a post ...
But you didn't know about the mute function.

Was the blog you posted to the silver saver community regarding your life have anything to do with silver? Or did you just mention briefly about it?

Actually, the community mentioned (Silver Bloggers) is for people in the 'mature' time of their lives, 'silver'-haired folk, as it were. It was not the SilverGoldStackers (precious metals collecting) community.

@thekittygirl I did not catch that we had a misunderstanding here. Thank you for noticing.

It was easy for me to catch it, as I am a member of the SilverGoldStackers (precious metals) community! 😁

That makes sense!

Have you seen my detailed response some 22 hours ago at all @harlowjourney or have I been muted on your feed?

I did see it! I thought I had replied. I apologize. I have tried to reply to every comment, and it has been a struggle to make sure it is done. I do understand what happened. I am happy to put it all behind us if you are. I have enjoyed interacting with you and I hope that continues.

Great, I'm glad you understand as this really is a great blockchain, been a lifesaver especially during Covid hard lockdowns when we could not go anywhere! Enjoy the platform @harlowjourney 🤗

Ooooh haha I see... that is fucked up that whatever person decided to mute @harlowjourney ..I hope that situation is fixed, and that admin learns from their mistakes.

Sadly that post was a response to a challenge from another community but we did not realise this was a new user who was a tad lost and posted it in the wrong community, so we unmuted his post plus tweeted it and curated it for an OCD upvote!

Have you read the guidelines for that community? I did.

Nope, I have never even thought of posting there.

Yay! 🤗
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