I need to lose some weight

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A bit of a dramatic title maybe, but I am now heavier than I've ever been before. Ever since I was a teen I've been swinging that weight from up to down as if I'm Christian Bale depending on which roles I'm going to play in the next movies.



Okay maybe not as dramatic there either, but what I can remember I went up to 95 or so this one time. I remember it well because it was winter, I had been sick for a while longer with the flu and just sat on a couch playing competitive world of warcraft on my laptop with my cat laying on my feet. I was not looking forward to military training that was coming up as it was one of the worst winters in 40 years in Finland at the time (whoever can google can probably figure out my age from this but I don't care, here, I'll save you the time). Before that, I had been working at the reception to a gym ironically, but since it was in the evenings after high school I'd just sit there doing nothing, order a pizza and gain weight and instead of doing cardio when there weren't much customers coming in I'd go hit the bench press and other weight gaining exercises. So it's not like I was just fat but also big, but mostly turned into fat later when I took a break from my part time job due to sickness and had to prepare for the military, and prepare I didn't.

Another winter in Finland

When I got in I was quite a slob, I couldn't run for more than 500 meters (just use the metric system already america wtf are you doing) not to mention I had this thing with my shins, think it's called shin splints (see I bother checking what the translation is since languages can't be helped, but the metric system can). Any time I would run it would turn my muscles around the shins super hard, it got so bad they told me I needed to watch it as it could cause internal bleeding if I just forced it. Luckily in my cabin there was another recruit who was a soccer player and used to have the same issue so he had brought with him something that would help with that. He let me try it out a few times, it was sketchy though, not only was it russian so I couldn't really read anything about it but I later found out it would hurt as if I had put my legs in the fire of Mordor in the shower washing it off. It helped, though, it somehow relaxed the muscles enough so I could keep running, I ordered it myself later from an even sketchier website I had to pay with paypal cause they wouldn't accept my credit cards and Bitcoin had just been invented so it was a bit too early for that.

Over time my shins started to get used to the running and I didn't need to use the magical russian wonder cream anymore, losing weight also helped the muscles who probably had woken up from a deep slumber and wondering what planet they were on when they suddenly had to carry all that extra weight through the snow. Military training was certainly tough early on but I had myself to blame for the excess weight that made it hard, the winter of course didn't help but once spring came along it actually became quite fun to do what we were doing out in the woods and I started to really like my body getting in the best shape it had ever been so much so that I continued running tens of kilometers daily even after military training was over.

Spring in Finland

Unfortunately that didn't last long, we moved to another town, I didn't really know many there and my shins were used to me not running on asphalt so I didn't bother looking for a softer surface to run on and got back to good old world of warcraft for a while where my online and friends from the previous town were still there. I startet gaining weight faster than I was gaining honorkills from wrecking keyboardturning clickers in battlegrounds.


x years spent on this game and all I have to show for it, play2earn games are going to leave these in the dust.

At some point my appetite wasn't as great anymore due to all the smoking I was doing since everyone I met in that town smoked and I picked it up somehow. The loss in weight resulted in me getting a better chance with the ladies which took a lot of my attention every now and then beside the crypto mining I had gotten into. Eventually the former hit a wall and I found myself not being able to move on from a certain girl so I went back to finding happiness in food along with excessive marijuana smoking that got me fatter and more depressed when she couldn't make up her mind and would want to meet me and stop meeting me in consistent intervals.

I needed a change of surroundings, crypto had hit ATH so I figured this could be a good time to move all of this fat to Malta and enjoy the sun there which there never was much of in Finland, climate change didn't help it much. Naturally the bull market didn't last long and with me having most eggs in Ned's basket I found myself spending less time out in the sun and more time attempting to help the ecosystem I was invested in to gain traction and fruition without knowing how tainted it was from the beginning which would keep holding it down most likely forever, then we all know what happened after that chinese brat attempted to buy the community.

Maltese waters

I moved again to a cheaper location so I wouldn't have to sell much of my now close to worthless crypto off, got a lot of help from friends I had met here in the space with loans, etc, which I'm still very grateful for, but my health decided to give me a reality check of all the years of fast foods and other unhealthy habits which lead me to lose a lot of weight due to things I'd rather not paint you a picture of with words.

When the doctors told me what the problem was and that I'd need to have my gallbladder removed they made it sound as if I would never be able to eat "unhealthy" food anymore, I suspect they meant I should take it easy with that but I somehow got into the mindset that that was it, from now on just healthy food and diet. After the operation and that mindset I think it kind of drove me into trying my way forward with having a little unhealthy foods every now and then, then a little more and before you know it I was eating a Ben & Jerry's daily and now find me in the situation where I had to write this post to pressure myself to lose some weight and start a diet to be healthier. Hi.

So what are my plans now?

Well, first off a lot of walking. I'm going to be using an app to track my steps, distance and calories burned. Was thinking of probably also getting into audiobooks from those annoying audible commercials I keep having influencers shove into my face with their referrals while I do these walks which will hopefully at some point allow me to start jogging as my shins still make that impossible, especially since I now weigh more than I ever have.

Any good audiobook recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I'll try to post about my progress every now and then and attempt to be truthful with you and myself, like mentioning that I did have a "last" ben & jerry's yesterday after a month without because of my plans today, somehow it didn't taste as good as I remembered so I kind of regret doing that but maybe it'll make my progress look better after a few months! I think not blaming covid for my weight gain was already kind of truthful to begin with in this post so let's see how it goes.

Been a while since I've blogged about myself, let me know if you enjoyed reading it.


I found that consistency in what you do is probably the number one thing that works for me. With walking, no matter how uninspired I am, I will get out and walk, even if it is for 15 minutes. You build up to where you just want to do more. Your body welcomes it.

If you find something that fits well into your life, you will be more likely to do it. If you have to drive to a gym, buy exotic food that only is available in certain stores... you are going to find it will only work if you make extreme efforts. I like to count my steps walking, but don't use actifit. There was something about posting my everyday exercise online that I didn't like, but, I do a tracker. Walking is cheap and it works. Drinking plenty of water is a bonus. You need that water to flush the junk from your system, and it helps it to become more efficient. Plenty of sleep, no lie! The body works better on it, and it aids in so many different things. Cut the carbohydrates/sugar intake. I don't have sugar in the house unless I am baking. I actually don't miss it, not one bit. Lean meats, fish, and more veggies than fruits.

I will say that I used an exercise video religiously for 8 weeks, every day. The video was 45 minutes long. It is not so much what it did, as much as what it did for me. My entire body started toning up and everything was tighter. This was without diet. Consistency. Honest to God or whoever you worship :)

Walking is great, but, you also will benefit from the movement of your other body parts, and I don't mean lifting. Moving them. I had shin splints too and regularly do calf stretches which seem to help.

Audio books? Arcana Rising - the whole Arcana series is good.

You got this! Now, go toss that sugar! It is easier to kick it when you omit it totally. Only a little bit of sugar keeps that addiction intact.

I think that after being stalled at home during the first lockdown I started to appreciate how needed was to exercise. There was only one time in my life (pre-pandemics) when I started running, kept being consistent and somehow I got fit. Same at the beginning I was dead after 500m but it was such a pleasure to see challenges achieved and finally to see a healthier stronger me running for five miles. Then some health issues, the pandemic, was back to square zero. Indulged a little bit too much like almost everyone XD but above all I felt lazy to be consistent again, I used to start and give up :). Last year I started mindful walking, as my baseline due to reasons is that I'm more tired than usual I decided to give long walks and track it and at the same time do a mindful meditation along, ended up covering longer and longer distance and still not ready for running but more motivated to remain active, or at least to comply with a minimum even in those days where I feel like a coach potato. It helped, I shed the weight and has been stable since Summer @hedac gifted me just yesterday a band to keep track of my steps, sleep and such things, which makes it even easier. I honestly do not do it as much because of the weight but because of endurance, I was tired of losing my breath after going upstairs. :)

Note also when I started to run for me it was important to alternate walking and running in intervals, I would run, get tired, walk until my heart paced back to normal, jog again and so on. But not that I'm discovering anything new. Stay motivated!

And really for me mindful walking was a life changer, I mean I used to listen to my fav music or tutorials or useful things but I found it was best for me to just DISCONNECT, and use something to guide my walk and breathing NOT THINKING ABSOLUTELY on anything at all, just emptying my head and letting thoughs flow... life can wait you're taking a break... :) feels very much like training and resting at the same time. (at least mentally) I made an article around here like half a year ago or so, if you are interested I'll come back to drop the link

Great post, there is so much here to comment on, but I try to be brief:

  • Lifestyle change is hard, people often fail because they change too much in too little time (If you don't like it, you will rarely stick to it.). Make smaller changes gradually.
  • You can follow any fancy or less fancy diet, but at the end it all comes down to calories in and calories out. The difference doesn't need to be that high.
  • @actifit is great
  • Walking is a good start, you should get back to running in no time.
  • I would recommend a Spotify subscription (or similar) and listen to podcasts. I learn a lot this way.
  • Regarding shin splints, besides magical Russian creams (or instead), I recommend stretching, mobility training, and SMR roll. There are great resources for this on YouTube and even TikTok.


  • Get one of these little fuckers, they keep you on your feet 😉:
    Also solves the audiobook issue, because you will be yelling GET BACK YOU ASSHOLE all the time you walk.

I've also been a big boy ever since I was born, I had 5 kilos when I came to this world. lol!
For an audio book, there is a stunning book by all amazing, David Goggins - Can't hurt me
My director gave it to me and was the first ever book I've read.

For losing weight I also had troubles, when I was trying to lose it. But for a real change to happen, we have to change it in ourselves, our belives. First time I went to gym I learned that it's 80% of what we eat, 20% of workout and 100% mindset is needed!

Walking is very underrated nowadays. With help of our mother nature it helps us clean our mind, our body and our soul. There is one healthy trick as well... drinking enough water, I'm using "Flaska" ever since I went in gym, that was over 10 years ago, still got it and helps me drink more water. Water helps us clean, function, hydrate and our body also uses energy to consume and use it.

I was also a gamer, from need for speed, GTA, to Counterstrike, Dota LAN parties and worst obsession was ofcourse WoW.

Definitely recommend the book!
Stay happy, hivmazing, strong and healthy my friend.


In 2021 I also hit my "heaviest" stage, mainly due to Covid and its lockdowns I'd say. Even though I had stopped hitting the gym since the start of Covid. I still was fairly active and eating healthy at the beginning.

2021 though, got me good, made me very rusty and lazy because of the extensive lockdowns. Soon enough my eating habits and sleep cycle got messed up too. Started developing love handles and my pants were barely fitting lol. That's when I knew I had to get lean and fit again.

So I started with the diet first, clean and healthy, then added in a few free-hand exercises. It took me a month or two, to get lean and at least get some of my pants to fit haha. Even though losing weight was never an issue for me, gaining weight was always a problem and still is to an extent.

I would suggest focusing on the diet first, veggies, more protein bit low on the carbs, a decent amount of healthy fats. Added with cardio, early morning walks on an empty stomach do help. Yet, I suggest sprinting like crazy or maybe some intense cardio sessions, for 30 minutes tops. A lot of sweating, that's usually an indicator that proper work is being done towards losing weight. But the key actually is consistency, as many of us already know. We give up in the long run most of the time, that's the issue.

Yet, with consistency and time, you'll get it done soon enough. Cheers and good luck to you 🥃

Good luck on your weight loss, man. The main thing with weight loss is calories in/calories out. I would calculate your daily calorie requirements and just cut that by 900-1000, without going under 1200 calories a day at least. Walking also is good to burn extra calories and build muscle, so do that when you can obviously. I've lost 86 kilograms in the last 17 months just by counting calories, fasting for 17-18 hours a day (That's also just to make my stomach feel better/healthier overall) and going on a walk once or twice a week. Just stick with it and you'll be dropping weight in no time, dood.

Damn, nice progress!

Thanks, dood <3

You'll crush it just set your mind to it. I enjoyed the part about gaming and play2earn I feel once play2earn games get to some higher standards that they will start taking over the market. It just makes sense I rather play a game where I own the skins, elements etc instead of them just residing on my account which could disappear at any point.

Finland looks BEAUTIFUL! It's dead of winter here and I'm feeling it lol can't wait for spring to turn up so I can start getting on more of my outdoor homesteading projects. You'll be surprised what some outside walks will do for you. Not just for your body overall but for your mind. Enjoy it!

Nice getting to know you a little more. Weight can be a real challenge for a lot of people but I think it's good to keep in mind that there are different body types in the world and not everyone has to look the same or fit into one particular mold. I don't mean to give unsolicited advice here so take this however you wish to, but it could be beneficial to focus on a healthier lifestyle (activity and nutrition) opposed to the physical weight. Like maybe setting realistic and achievable daily goals for activity and food. A daily walk (which you mentioned) is a great example of that 👍. You could have food goals as well like eating a salad with dinner every night or something (whatever works for you). That's my two cents - do with it what you wish 😁

Podcasts are great for walks. I could maybe recommend those if you want depending on what sorts of stuff you are into?

Happy to help you make a plan and schedule to help you reach your goals here. Have had the pleasure of helping quite a few friends who struggled with weight not only get rid of obesity but continued further to quite impressive levels of athleticism.

100% success record so far :)

I'll let u know how my first attempt goes. Walked over 8k steps yesterday, half of them carrying a backpack with 14 liters of water from the store. A bit sore today, lol.

That's a good start! I managed to average about 10k steps all of last year. That's despite having weeks with covid isolation etc, so had to make up with several days of 50k+ when hiking :P.

I can do a write up of all you, or anyone else looking to lose weight effectively and with good regards to health, needs to know. Call it 15 years of exp in one post ^^.


  1. Insist on getting 20-30 min of walking early in the day, before eating, and as soon as there's daylight available. It has amazing benefits also for sleep quality and mood as I explained in a post today.
  2. Get at least 2 rounds of strength training in per week for each muscle group. It literally only requires 3 exercises: One squatting movement, one pushing movement, and one pulling movement. When you're gaining muscle, your body has to get the energy from somewhere, so even if a 30 min strength session may burn fewer calories than 30 minutes of running, it still burns more throughout the 24-48 hour window where it has an effect in total.
  3. Try to make sure you always stop eating 2 hours before going to bed. This is primarily a recommendation to improve sleep quality, but doing so in combination with 1. also helps make sure you enter at least a mild form of intermittent fasting.

Ofc food is also important, but if you manage to do 1-3, then as long as it's healthy food, varied so that you get sufficient nutrients and in decent proportion, the exact source of the nutrients hardly matter.

Gl tho!

Nice, thanks, will try to abide by this. :D

Update post coming up soon!

I’ve had my Tonal gym for a few weeks now and everyone in my home is starting my to see the results of consistently working out with it. It is so much better than trying to go to the gym and workout there. I am hoping to lose about 40 pounds or so. That would put my down to about 215 pounds. My wife and I usually go on walks too, but it is hard during the winter cause it is so cold and makes you not want to go outside, but it was a bit warmer a few days ago and we were able to go out on a nice walk. We are hoping that 2022 is our year to get our health back. This photo was from our first walk.


Looks like a nice place to walk!

What kind of Pikachu is that? xD

It's a Rare Ghost Pikachu. The NFTs I got into over on Ethereum

I'm in the same situation basically. My weight has just been gaining and gaining the last year. I used to be a gym regular pre-Covid but that was when I was a student and didn't have a full time day job. If I want to do go to the gym now I'll have to do it in the evenings and if I have to spend two hours going to the gym that takes away 30% of my free time. I've downloaded an app called Zombie Run with the hopes I would start doing some running outside but I never did. You could check it out if you wanna evolve your walks some day.

I'm just a lazy bum full og bad excuses.

This read satisfied my acidyo mystery a little bit lol thank you.

jokes aside, ive talked to you like probably 4 times in my life but youve honestly sounded like an incredibly pure/honest person, i dont like to sound weird or anything but i honestly can tell, you will be doing greater shit in life cause you seem like that type of person.

Heh thanks, as I've said since I've gotten here, I care about the community. If a time ever comes where I don't take the time to answer to everyone and give everyone a chance then I fully expect not to be welcomed here with rewards.

PS! Go post more :D

Hey man ! shin splints are super annoying, especially when you actually want to exercise so you can loose weight. I never used this Russian super cream but I had special soles I could put in the shoe that would make sure that I wouldn’t put pressure on the insides of my legs as my feet are a little angles that way. That completely solved it and I can recommend it. If you go to a sport stor that seeks running shoes etc they now have technology to see exactly what the problem is and how it can be solved with the right shoes and soles.

I have also gained a lot of weight lately, also had the flu and then a cold and before you know it you gained quite few kilos infront of the sofa watching tv and feeling sorry for yourself.

When it comes to loosing weight diet is everything really. I hate cutting down on the amount so I just switch to Keto or GI ( glycemic index) .

Walking is definitely awesome way to loose weight especially in the beginning if you’re a bit on the heavy side.

Damn, technology is moving along nicely. Will definitely have to ask about that, had no idea, thanks for letting me know about this! :o

Yeah I also dislike having to cut down on how much I eat, especially hate trying to fall asleep hungry, it's the worst. Will have to look more into what I can eat more of during this to kind of still feel full.

I very much enjoyed reading your story leading you to lifestyle changes.

Walking is awesome, and somehow I go harder having all the tracking data letting me know how much I’m burning, distance elapsed, speed etc. With it being winter, I’ve been using the gym just up the hill from my house and have recently transitioned from walking to jogging on the treadmill (10 minute miles). I gotta say it feels awesome when I’m done running 3 of them.

As someone who has lost a lot of weight and kept most of it off for a long period of time, I really appreciate such a candid, honest portrayal of where you’re at and why you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s super relatable:)

Hope you crush it btw!

Oh, and what genre of audiobook? I just read Day Zero by C. Robert Cargill and it was excellent. Fast-paced dystopian Sci-fi from the perspective of an AI nannybot that read like a movie screenplay.

sci-fi is my love so will definitely have to check that out soon! Currently reading Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir.

Ooh, that one is on my to read list! I've heard nothing but good things about that tale, hope you're enjoying it!

Last summer I read The Last Watch by J.S. Dewes, and really enjoyed it!

And I'll shut up now, the librarian,/voracious book devourer in me will go on for days about such things lol...

You may want to know this community exists in case you don't (scrolled through some of your posts but didn't see any in it)


Oh! I follow that community and have lurked there a bit, but I've never posted there. Thanks for the reminder, I should probably get off of my flintlocks and post about some of the many books I read lol!

Hope you have a splendid audiobook infused walk today:)

You didn't mention fluids here, but cutting out all drinks but water will also help a great deal. It helps with metabolism, organ function, and avoids all calories that can sneak up on you with things like soda, beer, juices, etc.. Try drinking just water and tea and see what happens. I've stuck with almost all water for years now and am just fine. I do have the occasional milk, orange juice, kombucha, or sports drink when playing baseball, but it's a small %. Avoid sugars and you'll see and feel such a difference. It also saves money. I'd also suggest trying to do 100 reps of various exercises every day, even if your tired or sore. Don't go to bed until they're done, and you'll hit a point where they'll become really easy to build some confidence. Then 100 becomes 150... Walking can only do so much. Staying active around the clock with a some intermittent exercising at home keeps your metabolism boosted and larger muscle groups at work. It doesn't have to be structured. Just consistent.

Yeah sugar is definitely a big reason of my current weight, it's not going to be easy but trying to ease off on it by still having coffee with it but no soda's. What are your thoughts on those "fake sugar" sodas?

I'm not a dietician, but I just fundamentally try to avoid artificial anything. Just seems like the logical move since we are what we eat, and our bodies deserve the right fuel.

I do miss the occasional soda (cream and orange), but it wasn't something I had often. I try to think of those YouTube videos of Coke being used to polish metal or dissolve eggshells, and then I think of what is might be doing internally if drank regularly. That deters me whether it has fake sugar or not, ya know?

I also stay completely away from natural sweeteners which are in protein powders and protein bars, etc.. I don't trust them for a variety of reasons. I actively make sure they're not in the things I buy. "While the FDA says these sweeteners will not cause cancer, they are linked to increased cravings of sweet foods, cavities, and changes in the gut microbiome." I personally don't want to risk anything that may be rumored to be linked to cancer.

Another idea is to turn to more natural and raw foods that our bodies are best designed to handle. While turning to non-GMO and organic is probably even better, it's impractical these days. Processed foods are easier to avoid though. They may have the nutritional value, but processed anything is probably not great, and there are lots of ingredients that our bodies weren't intended to consume. I don't want to mess with that when I can control things, but it's impossible to avoid them - so I just avoid when possible.

The formula is simple. Burn more than you consume. Put the right fuel in the tank. Lots of quality water. Stay positive. Stay consistent. Stay active. It takes time for your body to change its habits, but like holding in a bear market, the momentum changes. Once it does, you can sustain it for as long as you want until it becomes second-natured. You'll also be getting results with your muscles, but it won't be easy to notice until the layers come off. You have to trust the process under the hood from the inside out.

100 reps of anything a day on top of whatever you like. It could even be hand-gripping exercises if you need to start small. Keep the blood flowing and metabolism up.

To be honest, I admit I laughed while reading the whole article thinking you were the average Warcraft player (now known as LoL players).

That thing about eating unhealthy things very usually and not training is fucked up, something similar happened to me but more related to fat. Because I gained a lot of weight in a very short time I basically got hypertension (and added to a lot of college stress) and also my body couldn't support itself (lots of back pain). Training was what allowed my body to feel like it was on another planet.

losing weight also helped the muscles who probably had woken up from a deep slumber and wondering what planet they were on when they suddenly had to carry all that extra weight through the snow.

I died with this

In Bogotá I have done nothing but eat and lay on a mattress working and sleeping, but from the 15th I will start going to a gym so I don't have to write posts cursing myself for being so lazy in the future.

Take care man!

I am glad that you opened up to us about your story which I really enjoyed reading.
I am one of the people that have to exercise all the time just to keep normal, otherwise, my weight always goes up and down. It feels like my metabolism is in a comma.
Have you ever read "The Slight Edge" book, which is just the perfect thing you need to help you keep the consistency and all the easy steps to help you succeed in life which included exercise? I would strongly recommend it because it states all the easy steps to get into your best self. It's the best book I have read.
I will be following your journey and wish you all the best. Just remember. Take it to step by step, day by day. It's those consistent daily baby steps that will make you succeed without much effort but just keep on moving forward and don't stop.

Slipping back into unhealthy habits is annoying. Know that from experience.

Dieting is kind of a word I don't like, because diet is temporary. The best long term results come with permanent change in eating habits. Dieting is also unnecessary hard especially if you limit your calories, because it easily sets you up for relapsing.

Anyhow, you didn't ask any advice, but one trick I recommend experimenting (that I've done recently): eat less carbs and lots of protein in the morning. Vice versa, in the evening more carbs, less protein.

This way the body utilizes it more during the day. It also keeps your hunger away longer which makes it easier to resist unhealthy foods. The most important reason for me though, is that it increases alertness. I have a tendency to have low energy and initial, so food is one way I try to optimize that. Seems to work ok for me.

I did like you writing with a personal touch. Good luck on improving your health. Keep the updates coming!

I also believe in adopting a lifestyle. A good morning meal can definetely help a lot

Thanks for the advice, appreciated nonetheless! Will have to see what I do about the food intake, right now it's easy to cut down a little on it as lately I've just been eating until I hate myself (a little exaggerated but yeah) :P

I think I'll already see great results by walking longer and more often during the day and eating a bit less, then once I notice the weight isn't wanting to budge any lower I'll look more into how I can improve on proteins and carbs. Right now it feels like that's the next step once I'm able to actually jog again rather than just walk.

Sounds like a plan 👍

I love how you included Christian Bale and his many different looks. He is personally my favorite Batman ever and I doubt Robert Pattinson is going to change that opinion. Please tell me that you have watched Equilibrium, it was right around his Reign of Fire period of 83 KG. Such a great film.

As for your health and fitness journey, I know you're capable of making huge strides forward and will surely be successful. If you need further motivation, I highly recommend getting an Apple Watch, or equivalent if you don't use an iPhone. Being able to keep track of fitness stats and see progress in detailed infographics keeps me going hard. It is even better when I can start competitions with people such as my girlfriend and brother and we all know who went the distance each day.

Shin splints suck so much. I had a short period of having to deal with them when I was about 12 or 13. I was running so much during soccer season that my legs were just dying. Luckily it eventually went away and I only suffered periodically for a short time. Turns out it was just my cleats and when I switched to a different pair the problem was solved.

It's a great movie, think the first one I watched with him was American Psycho and I still liked him later on considering the start I had xD Also ya I agree, I tweeted some time ago as I was rewatching his Batman movies that he was the best one though looking at the trailer with Pattinson I can't say it looks bad, might become a good one either way.

I need to think about the watch, having something around my hand gives me a weird sense of uncomfortability when I'm walking/running as I mentioned here somewhere else in the comments, but I like stats as much as the next guy so definitely phone and music with me to track that.

Bale has such a deep library of solid films.
I don't expect Pattinson to be a bad Batman, I just don't think of him when I picture a badass hero like Batman. Maybe he will surprise me though, I know he's a capable actor.

I honestly was so against having a watch for the longest time. Then I was gifted my brother's old one and I've been wearing it daily since then. I saw a girl at the gym today with her watch attached to her shoestrings. I don't think that would work with an Apple Watch since there are sensors that need to see your skin to calculate... but some other type of fitness band that only tracks by movement would work like that. It's going to be a lot less accurate without advanced sensors though.

Yeah, it's easy to find one's self in a situation where it's easier to sit at the computer planning on getting in shape than actually doing it. I do that daily, myself (I'm thinking of my poor, lonely treadmill in the other room, and my mountain bike in the shed who has probably forgotten I even exist). But, as the Chinese say (and not that Justin Sun fuck), the journey of a 1,610 kilometers begins with one step. (even the Chinese use metric). So, good luck! I had bought myself a "smart scale" for christmas and it's already bitching at me.

I love this publication, it is nice to know a little more to the hard of the hive, know his human side and living many of the same experiences that all mortals, on the subject of weight well go man in my experience I have learned that while eating healthy and exercise is vital when losing weight so is enjoying the process to avoid relapsing into unhealthy habits, that's why I have a rule in my life as long as the amount of calories consumed is less than the amount of daily calories I burn, in my case this rule is working for me and I have managed to lose weight. ... I wish you success with your plans.

You'll never make us use the metric system alive, ACID. I can say, I relate to what a lot of you shared, and am surprised you passed the herb around. I haven't had the best self-image for different reasons, and in part, it's because I don't maintain my health as much as I'd like believe I do. Maybe because I wish for better health with a side of vanity in mind that I don't go through with it, but I still understand the struggle. I'll keep you accountable if you'll keep me. Today's -13C round these parts so maybe no outdoor trips, for now, eh?

-13 is nothing, go out. :P

That winter I was in the military we had -35 and 20m/s winds, calculate what that felt like standing guard.

Been a while since I've blogged about myself, let me know if you enjoyed reading it.

Very much so! I recently had the same realization, I’ve been flipping between keto and low-carb for about three months. This is my second time doing this. Last time I got down to 9-10% body fat. I’ve been far less aggressive this time. Back then I wanted to get in body builder shape. Nowadays I just want to be able to tie my shoes without my guy crushing the air out of my lungs :)

Hi @acidyo ! I have the yo-yo weight problem myself. If I am active and I eat a mostly keto diet with no sugar, it seems to help a lot. I replaced sugar with honey for my coffee. It was an adjustment, but, now I can't tell the difference. Honey is still sugar, but, it is more natural. I don't starve because you have to eat a lot of meat for keto. I lost 25 kilos (see Americans can use the metric system) in about three months.

Good luck with your weight loss. I know you can do it!

I wish good luck and all the best with your weight losing plans (and with everything else).

I will be 30 years old on 2022.09.17, and nowadays I am around 50 kg. I was skinny and "light" during all my life, and my weight is around 50 kg since I do not know how many years. And I always had a good appetite. When I was a kid/child, my brother used to mock me a few times saying that I am a "skeleton", but I have not paid much attention to it. I always accepted my body, and I am good and comfortable with it. I do not even want to change it at all, no matter what other people say and think about it.

Have a nice day. All the best. Greetings and much love from Hungary.

I gave up sugar in coffee two months ago. I was a main reason why I wasn't losing anything as I was hitting the gym alot. It was torture for a couple of weeks but now I wouldn't have coffee with sugar. A friend of mine who is a fitness freak told me to write down everything I eat in a day and why. When I was hitting the fridge at 11pm at night, I had no reason only boredom for eating. I don't agree with diets as such as you will always revert to type. It's better doing something you will be able to do to fit into your lifestyle. Cutting out little things and building on that. After 6 weeks you notice the difference. Best of luck.

I'm doing regular exercises (running 30+km per week, riding 50kms+ per week) and sometimes core trainings and HIIT, strength trainings (2 times a week), and plus lots of walking.

All of these exercies wouldn't hold my current weight if I don't stop myself in the table. Losing weight is 80% diet, 20% workout according to my experience. (108 kg -> 80 kg)

Damn with your training I thought you could eat whatever and still be fine.

of course there are other factors like genetics, not everyone is the same. But it's true that "you cannot outrun a bad diet" :)

with that training you can eat a lot compared to a normal person, obviously, but still you need good, healthy food to consume.

I gained a lot of weight in the first months of the pandemic. I was almost ashamed of the end of the closure and going out in public. Then I met karatay nutrition and I lost 19 kilos. It's been 2 years and I've only regained 56 kilos and these days I am trying to lose those kilos.

Will need to research that, thanks!

I sure did enjoyed reading about you, I've been a bit curious about what you'd look like 😁 now I can imagine or not? Maybe I'll keep looking forward to your blogs about yourself.

Looking weight is not an easy thing but when you're determined to get it done, it works. I wonder what that Russian stuff your colleague gave was, to have made an improvement.

And about you updating us about your weight loss progress, I'll suggest actifit community for your walks 😊

It's nice to read this about you Acid 😃 thanks for sharing ✌️

now I can imagine or not?

You'd think that but I don't look like the typical Finn so probably no :P

Yeah I think I'm mostly just gonna pressure myself into excercising more than eating less, I don't think there's much wrong with the food I eat lately but I definitely need to get rid of soda's and other sugary things. Except for coffee I guess, can't drink that without sugar. Should still reduce my general sugar intake by a ton and see improvement quick.

Yeah, you should reduce the sugar intake... It'll go a long way for sure

I remember you mentioned some health issues in when I was active here in the pre-COVID era (possibly related to the bladder, if I trust my memory; I am however unsure on this one). I am all with you with this issue and wish you good luck with the exercises.

As a side note, I wish you in fact better luck than to me. I have tried to walk and run more myself to compensate the loss of healthy activities (and travels) due to being stuck at home by virtue of the pandemic (and other reasons that implied that I basically stopped traveling).

PS: I enjoyed the tone of this post :)

You have no idea how much it sucks to not be able to travel at the moment (or it being super restricted), might need to post about that another time. Hope for a better future soon for both of us.

With a big part of the family living on the other side of the pond, it definitely sucks for personal reasons, on top of the work problem (I used to travel really a lot before, spending easily 3 months per year abroad). On the other hand, I have the chance that the other part of the family is reachable by car, so that we can drive there in 4-5 hours without leaving the EU (we only need to fill a few forms). Not everyone has this possibility... (typical life for people living far away from their original country).

On this topic, I totally sympathise with you. I too have gone from 70 to 95 and back to somewhere in between. Strangely, I have been active this whole time, running 5k to 10k most days. It must be the food I eat and otherwise pretty sedentary lifestyle.

You know what they say, you can't outrun a bad diet. Clearly that is the truth for me.

Still, I have committed myself to running a marathon, and I think the journey is most definitely worth more than the end result. You said that you are going to start walking and tracking your steps and calories. That's how I started too, and it became strangely addictive. I believe you have the character to turn this around 180 and probably make yourself the best shape of your life!

Yeah let's see how it goes with the walking for the first week, will try to improve on it every week.

Get any smart watch and setup the health tracker. I got a samsung, my wife a Fitbit, my parents have a Xiaomi and a Huawei. All of them helps you at least to be aware of what a slob you are hahaha! At least all of them notifies you when you've been sitting too long and counts your steeps. At some point you feel it like a game and at 11:45 pm if you are 1000 steps shot, you start walking inside your house to complete your daily goal.

for almost 2 years now, due to the pandemic, I have been working from home and this has created problems for my weight.

The big problem is that I am quite lazy and therefore not very consistent in sports. I like to take a walk from time to time and this has helped me to maintain a certain weight threshold.

But my approach to food is quite wrong and difficult to control.

I honestly thought this account was a bot until now 🙈 well, not entirely, but to some extent.

It's so good to read about you.

You're closer to getting better weight Wise, you acknowledged what you've been doing wrong and not staking blames.. that's a step in the right direction.

May not happen all at once but keep at it. Good health, especially for things we can control, is ours to claim by the culmination of our daily little or big efforts.

Well done.

Yeah been really busy lately with things "behind the scenes".

This triggered some inspiration. I felt like quitting smoking for about ten whole minutes!

Trying for fifteen now, but I had to start back at zero because, you know...

Try those vapes, they helped me. There's even some that look and taste like cigarettes nowadays.

Usually when I quit or plan on slowing down so quitting is easier, I just buy a big bag of good old fashioned legal Canadian weed as a replacement. Works well and also medicates, taking the edge off. That edge is usually what makes people start again. The vapes also help but don't medicate. And they always tasted like chemical to me. Had one that even made me throw up.

I’m so proud of you for sharing your journey! You should buy a pizza to celebrate!

lol shut up


It's really nice to read about you. I recently had a back pain due to too much eating and lot of sugar, I didn't care till it became serious. Now I take alot of bitters and herbal medicine. Good Health is as good as a 100x margin win.

It's also good you did write this, as it also adds more motivation to shed some weight. Keep us informed It is is really cool.

The loss in weight resulted in me getting a better chance with the ladies

🤣🤣🤣 true anyway, they love it tall and slim, so I think.

Any good audiobook recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I'd recommend anything Austen Jane written.

To be specific with one, "Persuasion" is a good one!

Have a lovely day!



Will have to look into that author, thanks!

Oh, sorry to hear that you've been feeling uncomfortable with your body!

Walking seems fine, but If I were you, I'd try to combine it with running. This would allow your body to get used to the activity once again (I know you mentioned shin splints, but you'd be surprised of how fast the body can remember what it 'used to do') and also, great cardio to burn those calories :P Perhaps, you can start by walking 100m and running 100m for some kms, then you can change the progression as you start feeling better.

I'm a runner freak, so I would recommend any audiobook by Dean Karzanes, he's the ultramarathon weirdo that has run incredibly exhausting races (and has lived to talk about it, lol). I find it really motivating... it's either that or a good AC/DC dose to keep up the pace, lol.

Yeah that's a good suggestion, it's just that when I do get the shin splints it also makes walking difficult as the muscles get super hard and I need to take a few minutes to attempt to stretch them before I can walk normally again. Will have to try, my cardio is down the drain as well so will be happy if I can "powerwalk" without sounding like I just walked up the empire states stairs.

I went up to 95 or so this one time.

Laughs in 130 KGs

I was going down and working out regularly before I got a nasty cut to the foot. I think taking it easy and slowly working a diet/work out into your daily routine would bring great benefit. Just don't do that crazy thing where you'd eat strictly and work out three hours and exhaust yourself. Start slow and you will get there. That's my plan once my foot gets fully healed anyway.

Good luck. And thank God we no longer have to put our eggs in Ned's basket.

That was my old "record", I'm a little over 100 now.

Yeah I'm definitely going to start slow and attempt to do a little bit more each day, could start with daily steps I take for instance.

Yeah, fuck @ned.

just use the metric system already america wtf are you doing

500m is one 里 or 리 or (l/r)i

Any good audiobook recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

AI 2040 was a cool read/listen. Q little bit like black mirror but not as distopian and includes some technical explainations.

I like getting to know you a bit. I think as humans we all struggle with weight. Does not matter if we are fit or overweight it’s just the human condition. All I can say is do what makes you feel good. I’ve found that walking is great for the body and mind. I’m sad I’m back in the office because I was walking 5 miles a day when I worked from home.

The most important thing is to be persistent and to do what you planned to do every day. But it takes time. Even a year or so. I have a Xiaomi Mi5 wristband and I can count my steps + running + a few more sports. As for food, no more bread and cook it yourself if you can.
Audiobooks. No, I don't have any advice I mostly listen to music. 😎

What about rye bread? :P

It's ok, but better no bread at all and no pasta and no beer. Terrible, huh? 😎 but I'm drinking beer for #beersaturday 🍺

I feel your pain, I thought I was doing great until this fecking lockdown and next thing I know I am bouncing around like that StayPuft monster in Ghostbusters


It's me!! I am coming!!


Great post. I still could not figure out your age though :P
I listen to podcasts whenever I am out walking or running. Podcasts are short and long, can be saved and curated based on your needs. I listen to crypto podcasts to figure what's happening with the macro market and what new projects are out there the VCs are favoring right now.

Finns usually go to military training at the age of 18-19, the winter I was talking about occurred in 2009, so yeah I'm just over 30.

Crypto podcasts is a great recommendations, hadn't thought of podcasts at all, cheers!

It's always interesting to read these personal posts about you (yeh, we all love to stick our noses in people's personal life). Last time I found out you're a real person, went to school and had a job. This time you got a cat. Perhaps next time you're gonna tell us you knit and do tap dance when you get bored of gaming. Look forward to that revelation 😉

I used to knit when I was like 8 and saw my mom do it, learned it quickly too AFAIR. Then other kids started making fun of me so I stopped. :'(

Wow, got more than I bargained for! You really can knit!!! Bet the kids don't dare to make fun of you now

I could, doubt I know anymore. Most never found out thankfully, they already made jokes of my "pretty handwriting" which I probably got from learning how to draw early. Can't even begin to imagine if they knew about the knitting.

I couldn't stop laughing when I read the part where I smoked too much. Really, at those times, we just want to eat the whole fridge and lie down on the comfy sofa. Fast food is consumed for convenience. I have now switched to spending most of my time smoking marijuana and combining activities like climbing, hiking. My difference with you is that the cannabis here is very expensive, of poor quality, and banned. It's been quite cold lately and I've been less active and my weight is still going up at 7.
If you have a perfect training plan, then implementing it (80%) is also a good result😆

lol trust me, the quality of weed was poor there too, illegal but you only got a small fine if they found it, expensive af and most of the time you didn't get full 1 grams cause the dealers kept taking some for themselves. 🤣

95? I think that's fine for an average Caucasian. Mostly asians struggle to get that weight without getting bulky or obese for some cases. And if you wanted to be fit with that 95 or less, you have to do more than walking or jogging.

I'm more like 105 atm. xD


Taking beautiful and long walks is always good, both for the mind and for the body.

That lifestyle of his may not be good over time! Talk about dedication to his work tho, the perfect employee, lol!

GL with ur progress!
Try to get a fitbit! I got one now, it is really helpful when you go for a walk/jogging! It also give you compliments while you exercise haha!

I got this one and I would recommend this for helping you on your journey: Fitbit charger 5

Cool, will look into it! Not a big fan of watches in general, especially during excercise. I get this weird uncomfortable feeling around my hands, similar to when I wear gloves while walking/running. Hard to describe but it's irritating. xD

Hehe I know what you mean🤣👌

you're not fat, you're just a method actor who's really into a role you have for a movie, it never fails.

Walking will help a lot. We usually gain weight easily but it is hard to reduce weight but a regular long walk or running will help a lot... Creating a good music playlist will help a lot while walking...

Hopefully, soon you will see yourself fit and fine. Our body is complicated though...

Hated every second reading about your interest filled life.
Hated every second devouring your Finnish military story.
Hated every second wondering when you will write up another story about the time you ended up in god know where.
Hated every second I sit here now wondering if I should re read your post again about health struggles.
Hated every second so much that I have to start all over again with reading your damned story.


Hmm, you good? :P

Any good audiobook recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

You know what? As a matter of fact, maybe this podcast goes well with the subject of this post. :D

How do you even find these things?

Well, I suppose in the only possible way... Searching & researching. LoL };)

I'm also facing weight issues recently and intermittent fasting has done wonders for me. Not only on the weight loss side but a lot of the body aches/pains went away. It's a struggle as it's never easy to maintain discipline 24/7.

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Nice work...
keep it up
When we have to make our health fit we have to work hard like running, gym and daily exercises

Why do you keep raining downvotes on my articles man? I might never understand your motives. Hope you smile after voting down the obviously peasant rewards I get. It's funny.

i lost alot of weight dancing, if ur not able to go to a sweaty club and dance it off in unsanitary close conditions just recreate it in your own home. dim the lights and turn up your speakers. take whatever substances needed. preferably non fattening, and the kinds that stimulate weightloss, do this for several hours, loose yourself in the rhythm, do it almost every day or night. Thank me later ;)