Something I Don't Go Around Telling Just Anyone

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If there's one thing you don't wanna miss, it's... around here somewhere, congratulations!! You missed nothing. Gotta wake up prit-tea early to get one passed you—lace up! I'm about to enlighten all these light hairs on the block.


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My Dream Retirement Destination

Hashtag ThisIs2easy. I can sum up my dream retirement destination in less characters than however many characters are in this sentence. Friendly wager says I'm the youngest retiree you've never met.


I'm third generation Journeyman Wireman, aka Union Electrician. My grandfather was a Union Electrician for the railroad. A few uncles and two cousins worked Union installing energy in who knows how many commercial and industrial facilities across the US. I spent the majority of my career on tower cranes and substations.

I was one month in to my 19th year of living when my grandfather drove me to the Union hall. He'd hinted toward it several times in my teens as did my uncle. I didn't care, though, I didn't want to be like them, can't tell me shit! So I acted 18 for a year doing things like getting myself out of trouble and not dying.

I was in my grandfathers garage one morning, 'I don't know Grandpa, guess I'll just do what you guys did so at least I have somewhere to go during the week.' Next thing I remember is 15 South, next stop: IBEW.

He held the door open for me, "this is my grandson." I was introduced to the President and the Business Agent that day.

The Union sent me to University the first five years of my career while also acquiring 8,000 hours of field training. For five years I went to school two nights a week after working however many hours that day. Some time during my first year of classes, the apprenticeship director introduced himself, Terry T. He explained the do's and dont's at school, how to apply that knowledge to the job, various types of projects he's been on, things like that. But what I remember most that night was either something nobody else heard or they just weren't paying attention. He emphasized the required number of pension hours—37,500.

I'm a young kid—youngest. One brother in my class was 52 the day we swore in. Most everyone else, 15 total, were at least in their late 20's our first year. I was 19 when he said 37-5. That number has since increased but it's the only one that matters to me. I didn't hear anything else. I was made aware that night if I work 2,000 hours per year I'd reach full retirement hours before my 40th birthday—it's a date! I worked my ass off the next 20 years.


I didn't vacation much. Friends who I call family did a lot of that, I had to pass most the time. They traveled, spent holidays at popular tourist destinations or took off to Las Vegas for the weekend cuz they were bored. I got in on a few of those but not near as many as I would've liked. What I didn't like was missing work.

Never really had a serious relationship other than a few years in my early 20's but she ended up being Delilah in disguise. I never had children either. I'll be 46 this month and the only diaper I've changed was on a German Shepherd. But I knew how many hours I had before completing my third year of training—7k. Up until my last few years on the job, management never had time to finish the question. When they needed someone to stay late or come in Sunday, I volunteered first.

All of the extra hours worked in my favor because I ended up missing my fourth year of field training due to injury. Over the next 20 years I'd miss two more years for a total of three lost due to injuries. Right around [𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎] is when I hung up my dirt bike boots.

I worked coast to coast in America beginning in the late 90's until finally hanging up my wireman boots in 2017. My home local didn't always have overtime on the table and I had my sights set so I went wherever the overtime was.


In 2008 I was in Las Vegas. That was a bad couple of years for the construction industry and economies worldwide. Fortunately for me, I was on a project funded by more private money than they knew what to do with—didn't miss a beat. I left Las Vegas in 2009 for Washington DC with just under 17k hours in my pocket and more overtime in the future.

I collected hours in quite a few states between '01 and '17, even went back to Las Vegas for a short stint in 2011. Albuquerque's freezing! Mississippi's miserably humid as is Texas and Florida, and San Francisco pays the most. It was summer 2014 when I stopped whatever I was doing and took off for San Francisco to wrap up my career. When I got to the Bay Area, I had just under 35k hours in my pocket. It was right around [𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎] I met Pura.


I didn't feel like working anymore, stopped volunteering to stay late, etc. They quickly caught on and stopped asking me to work weekends. It took about twice as long as originally anticipated to snag those last couple thousand hours. I didn't even like working five days a week anymore and the four days I went in I left early.

According to my math and before the arrival of the most beautiful woman in my life, I would've retired prior to my 40th birthday. I ended up retiring 8 months after my 41st birthday—close enough.

When I was 19 I was quoted 37,500 hours, that didn't mean 36,499 or 37,501. I held up my end of the deal, so did they. Nowadays and for the foreseeable future I do whatever I want and whatever Pura says—The Luckiest Guy I Know. We thought we had it figured out by traveliving the world in 30 day increments until 2020 happened and, well, the rest is current!

@Lizelle, @FionasfavoUrites, thanks for having me. 💖 In response to your topic this week I can name that tune in one sentence. My dream retirement destination:

Anywhere only Pura's authorized to tell me what to do.




Ha, I loved this story. I wondered where it was going to lead, given you were just talking about your working life and not your destination. But yeah, what the wife says, goes, right? Happy days.

 3 months ago  

And it's so much easier when the person directing my is just like me.

Glad you made it by here. Thank you. Sucks being stuck in park doesn't it? We've already gone coast to coast in the states once since returning. And then we went, well, you know, like talking to myself.

What's next, deodorant and yoga sunrises?


Ah, I feel the same with my man. Our adventures are very much hand in hand, and every journey is together. I can always feel the love ooooozing from the page when you talk about Pura.

We've been married 17 years yesterday, or today if I can wrap my head around being in Australia yet having got married in the uK, which is behind us time wise. Never been happier.

Yoga sunrises - hmmmm, more like surfing sunrises, which is always my fave.

 3 months ago  

Congratulations. Way to lead by example.

You know I come late, just so I can read the comments, right? Honestly, they are gold and you bring out the best in people. I retired early (very) and went back a few years ago, but, that had a different purpose, and besides, COVID?

You had an interesting life and I would have to say that nothing is quite as good as it once was. My siblings that are younger than me feel like they got ripped off because they missed the boat, while I was one of the lucky ones (like you obviously) that get the payoff extremely early in life.

Anyway, I am waiting to see if I can make it to The Badlands before snowfall. :)

You are the best. Not true. Pura is the best, you just got lucky.

 3 months ago  

The luckiest.

Take all the time you need, I'm flattered you're interested. Thank you. But that part about you read the comments and I bring out good one people might be the kindest thing you've ever said. And you've only been kind. Thank you, I really appreciate that and wish there was something better than "thank you" and now I played the gratitude out. =)

Interesting. I agree. And I wouldn't have it any other way. All our goods and our bads we wouldn't trade for anyone else's would we? I don't have siblings like you but I have an idea what you mean, I see it in my fiends. I think they feel the same way I feel: I'm out there playing around just waiting until everyone else can come out.

Covid.. :cough: Yuck. It sure made a heck of a detour for a lot of people.

Thank you @Dswigle.

 15 days ago  

Great story! lol that your desire to work decreased with your desire for Pura. Sounds like you might have needed a good deep love - there's determination, and then there's obsession.

Couple of the links don't work, such as

Right around [𝚑𝚎𝚛𝚎] is when I hung up my dirt bike boots.

I am curious about that. No one got hurt on your watch, but you got hurt plenty on your own.

You are a lucky guy. One who worked hard to be so lucky. I'm happy for you.

 15 days ago  

Ha!! Those aren't links, that's funny though. [Here] as in timing. 😘 Funny.

You have no idea. Have you ever met anyone who's broken a toothbrush in their mouth with their own hand? What about twice? Hi. That's me.

I sure do appreciate you taking the time to read this. I won't normally send you back like that but you happened to ask where I learned it. You actually care. Cool!

Thank you.


Working all those hours, planning to retire at 40, but something bumped that goal a year out - and what a something (someONE) - what a great story! I didn't see it coming, though this might have tipped me off:

Never really had a serious relationship other than a few years in my early 20's but she ended up being Delilah in disguise.

Sounds like you got a novel there.

I never had children either..... When they needed someone to stay late or come in Sunday, I volunteered first.
I worked coast to coast in America ....

Until you suddenly were NOT the go-to guy always working overtime because you met this beautiful blonde....
Great story!

 3 months ago  

Well hello CarolKean, what took you so long to meet me?

Where Midwest are you? I'm from Ca but ever since Covid kicked us back stateside we've been parked in Tennessee. You close?

I appreciate your kind words more than THIS, thank you. I really suck at receiving compliments and I know I should say something more than thank you I just don't know what. I hope you understand.

It's been suggested to me probably five times now to write a book and if I could explain how good that makes me feel I would.


Well, glad we met, finally!
I'm not an easy drive from Tennessee - but it would be fun to meet up! Colorado Steemfest was 14 hour drive from me so I never went. Haven't heard is Steemit/Hive hosted any fests near Chicago or Omaha.
You do write well, and you have so many good stories to tell. Whether or not to take time to write them out, maybe as a collection of essays and short stories, or as a novel, is another question. You have no children, so how else will your memories be carried on unless you write/save to the blockchain/ publish?
Your grandfather working for the railroad - the WORK ETHIC you were raised with - where to begin???

 3 months ago else will your memories be carried on unless you write/save to the blockchain/ publish?

Thank you for putting it that way.

I don't pay attention to Steemit anymore but i hear of above meets regularly.

How cool. My mother was born in Arvada and went to grade school in Omaha. Can't make this stuff up.

My wife and I were just there about 5 years ago. I was introduced to childhood friends of hers, they toured me around town, the lake they used to swim in, school, it was incredible. Even showed me the house she lived in.


Coming from someone at good at writing as you are, thank you!

Bro... To be honest I was playing splinter lands when I saw this post pop up in my Gina bot notifications for a las vegas word trigger. Exactly how I first met ya.

We both worked in Vegas and San Fran as union peeps. Trippy man.

Im 18 years in. After '08 they capped the yearly amount of contributions to 50g earned or like 50 bucks. I saw the 80 hours weeks and 36 hour quad time gigs before '08 with 400 or so contributed towards retirement each quarter. Something like that.

You got out just in time. You literally were the last of generations of people from the Union glory days. It is becoming diluted anymore with non craftsmens and just sharky no talent yes men.

So you went to vegas and left with your life in tact and brought your heart to SF and didn't leave it there??? Oh shit dude you are a wizard.

You live your life in an outstanding way as far as prospective goes. You really do make the most of things and while you can see the bad in things you always outweigh the good seemingly I mean I don't really know you but I sure do feel like I do reading your posts and interacting with you.

In a way you're kind of like a role model for me. You have that same snarky Union mentality of standing up for what's right no matter what. Truly our voice and Community is where we get our power. You do a great job conveying yourself and representing yourself while still speaking your mind in ways others are afraid to.

I can go on a lot more but I don't want to turn this into a Ricky Bobby love story

Reading your posts are a highlight of my week!

Oh and those two ladies you mentioned do they manage the SSG community or just the blogging tag?

I've known some people and had good relationships with people in that community over the past four years now. I don't think I have ever met anyone in a community that has been disrespectful or anything. It's just when I see their posts with a ladies of hive banner I kind of awkwardly walk backwards away. Half the time I don't convey myself well and I'm afraid I'll say something just all wrong to wealthy women especially as a non precious metal holder🤣

Long story short especially with your reference I could probably start following those two and be more conscious about my words if I were to comment on their posts. Clearly, as a guy of hive and you promoting them they're probably cool😋😎

 3 months ago  

Know that I'll be back to respond proper to some of the kindest things I've been told on here but wanted to say 'No, they do not do anything ssg and this is the first I've heard of that/them.'

Thank you

 3 months ago  

Firstly, sorry I haven't been calling you Brother til now my brother.

My buddy Galen is hosting a competition this week and I'm judging. Been paying a lot of attention to that and trying to muster up a worthy response to you at the same time.

Another thing you got stiffed on are 1-1 pension hours. There was a short time in the beginning of my career where 702 was crediting pension hours per time worked so 1.5 hours or double time meant 1.5/double the pension hours.

I know I'm one of the last brother. Many used to be like me unfortunately everyone who taught me everything I know are dead or retired. I'm third generation so I never so much as bought Chinese hats. I'm obviously not that way anymore but Union is all my heritage knows.

My pleasure to be a role model and I mean that sincerely. Just know only about 10% of what I do is tried and true, the other 90 is one fuck up after the other. 😉

Lizelle is one of the sweetest ladies on here. Whenever she partners up with someone like FionasFavourites, I make sure to help out. Their latest one is about retirement... You're probably too young. <-- Get to work!

Thank you for appreciating my content. And thanks for supporting as many content producers as you do. 👍🏿

𝒟 𝒶𝓃𝒹 𝒜

Yeah it is all based on payrollers and the diff contracts we had for pension contributions. There wasn't a templated contract everyone followed after the nevada resort association was dissolved(mob). When the mob in Vegas disbanded in the 80s/90s in the corporate world we lost that single contract with right to work.

With GES there was no caps on contributions and overtime counted. But freeman and blackrock took over and now being union doesn't make sense. Been told to start disability process anyhow so maybe in 2 years I can fully retire...

Are you just hosting or judging too...

 3 months ago  

Only judging.

You know that's pretty depressing to hear right?

Early outs. Bro you know they cancelled that part of our amendment right? There is no disability out in #0477 anymore.

What's your other account? I know you have another one, greenk or something like that. Is that the one you release your own content on? Do you do a lot of reposting with that account as well or just this one?

So you're in Vegas right now then?

The @dynamicgreentk account is my account I built up over the past 4 years in a sloppy fashion. I do make my personal blogs there now better now.

dynamichivers is my community account for engagement and dynamicsteemians is old steem community account I use for curation as there are still lots of people voting with trail still, helps posts get boosted to HOT section on hive.

yes in Vegas. I want to move but I have to hire lawyer for estate in probate.

 3 months ago  

Where are you? About. Summerlin area, North Vegas, South Pointe area?

Yeah my IP address is giving me away right? on mobile it bounces ya to LA.

South Vegas currently. lived in all of those areas though.

 3 months ago  

That's cool dude. I miss Vegas. I've only been there two times since my mother never left Sunrise. Fuckin Sunrise. But I miss it. I had a lot of fun there. Some of my best and worst stories are from that 08 era.

Nice to see you putting one out for the light-hairs. ;)

I'm not sure I'm quite clear on what 'retirement' means to me personally, but props to you for achieving it at such a young age, that takes some pretty intense dedication & commitment, I'd imagine.

Do you think you and Pura will be going back to your travel-the-world-in-30-day increments plan as and when borders/flights open up again? 🙏

 3 months ago  

Wassup man? Thanks for checkin this one out. Even if I had to summons you.

We check daily for updates if that answers your question. Special passports and odd rumors haven't sounded positive lately so it's tough to plan a starting date. And waiting sucks!

"I'd imagine." Good one. 👍🏿

The only thing I'm really certain of regarding retirement is I have a new base pay now. Whether I did it right or wrong never really concerns me cuz another thing I'm certain of is everything's subject to chaaaa....

Ay, my pleasure man, and one good summons deserves another, right? Hehe.

Yeah, that makes sense. Y'all be experienced travellers. :) I'm such a travel noob I wouldn't even know what to check daily, lol.

I'm not a fan of waiting either, I'd probably make like a travel-vision-board or anything I could to keep my 'hands in the clay' so I wouldn't go 'stir-crazy.'

And totally agree, being unconcerned with such things is recommended, as long as you're happy, and new base pay feels good, that's what matters man. Wishing you and Pura as many moments of joy as possible in this strange new world we live in, and may travel be facilitated sooner than anyone expects. :) 🙏

 3 months ago  

Damn dude. TOS strikes again. It takes me a minute to get to you but I will get there, right now I'm judging a contest too. I got set aside about a 1/2 hour for ryze content. See you soon.

Congratulations on another big reward.

lol, all good man, feel free to skip entirely, zero obligation haha, I'm grateful for everyone who already read. Was just playin'. :) And props for judging the contest (link?), I'm sure people appreciate your contribution, you're a good man. :) 🙏

 3 months ago  

Of course! Not sure why I didn't do that already. You too @cynshineonline, consider entering this one you guys. I've had a lot more fun judging than I expected.

Ooooh, all good, appreciate the invite! Due date is a bit tight for me, but maybe @cynshineonline will write something? :) Either way, thanks for thinking of me and hopefully I catch the next one (if you end up judging again!) 🙏

I've worked on the story a bit. it's also a bit tight for me but we shall see if I can pull it together and finish on time ❤️❤️❤️

Oh wow. I have an interesting story about my grandparents so I just might enter. Thank you so much for the tag @dandays 🙏❤️

Congrats on your retirement! May I ask, that is if you don't mind, what are the financial arrangements like in both of your relationships? I mean if you bought or rented a place together, do you split rental or mortgage, groceries, and electricity bills exactly 50/50? In some relationships, men provide housing while women furnished the place. In the South, women must pay for all wedding expenses and even provide a house (her daddy pays of course) if she is from a well-to-do family. What are typically the standard arrangements in California? Even if you truly love a woman, if she is unable to earn her keep, will her inability to contribute financially become a burden to the relationship? Thanks!

 3 months ago (edited) 

Thank you. More than THIS.

Good questions really. Western culture especially these days requires both to work. Things are financially out of reach most the time these days to survive on one income.

It's not so much who can or can not provide financially for the family here, moreover it isn't uncommon anymore for the woman to make the money and the man to raise the kids.

Myself however, you heard my story. My pensions provide plenty of financial security for us both. Pura works sometimes cuz she really likes to bake so she'll work at a bakery for awhile but only cuz she wants to. She manages produce for a chain market right now cuz we're in America and medical coverages are ridiculous here. When we're touring or near a coast, she really enjoys bar tending cuz she's good at it and meets a lot of people. Each she does for a different purpose though, the money is nice, but we don't need it.

God is great.

Did I answer your question?

Thank you so much for your helpful replies!
Very clear and concise answers.
Understood every word extremely well.
Pura is indeed an enterprising and resourceful woman! 😄

So many hours...but retired already! Wow! Lucky man indeed, it was so worth it. I have to say that the diaper part... for a dog, lol 🤣. Then again, I should not laugh, I remember my many diapers...all the time at all the worse possible occasions. Congrats again!

 3 months ago  

Thanks a lot man, I appreciate that. I'm not done working per se, I'm just done working like that. Any sort of work is a lot more pleasant when I'm the only one telling me what to do.

Appreciate you keeping an eye on me sir. Don't be a stranger.

A few sentences in and I died with desk slamming laughter.

That looks like golden-yellow-orange-red lining. Now, is there a special secret to make a silver lining that glowing gorgeousness?

You do know that the only way to spell “favourite” is to put the U(you) in it?

Friendly wager says I'm the youngest retiree you've never met.

How about if you’ve never had to retire because you were retired from retiring from the get go? That sculpture looks pretty stabbing dangerous, btw. I wouldn’t want to fall from the sky and be impaled on it.

Now I see why you have such an interest in travel. Love this word “traveliving”.

the only diaper I've changed was on a German Shepherd

I need, need, need to hear this story.

Wow, great story, hung on every word. Love your photos and where you’re going with them. The one at the end with you and Pura made me go….awwwwwwwwwwwwww, that’s so beautiful. I was wondering how you shot that and then saw your monster-like long tatted up arm (looks like its own sculpture there, btw) holding up the phone to take that shot. Impressive!

 3 months ago (edited) 

Well, it was a GoPro so not quite as challenging but dang I appreciated the way that one turned out. Thanks for noticing.

Long arms, 'guilty,' easier to reach high things. Tattoos, 'guilty,' bout 60% canvased.

I'd have to open the pad to give precise ratios but basically white with a hint of gray and white with a hint of turquoise.

I've switched styles over the years and grabbed attention in different ways in the intro. Do you think it's time to switch off funny and turn on serious?

Thank you so much. I know my content can get lengthy at times well, unless of course you're @ryzeonline and every got dang thing you publish is a Terms Of Service, it can get lengthy is what I meant. I'm glad I can keep your attention the whole time, Nine, better tell me if I don't. Thank you.

Don't let that mention go to your fucking head Jay!

Where was I?

Oh yeah, Blood Red. Get it? I haven't had one for nearly nine (can't make that up) years now, The Rook. Haven't been able to sit still is why. But German Shepherds have puppies sometimes if you don't put a diaper in the females so males can't treat them like the female dogs that they are.

I know it!! That description was dope, I know this. Someone should publish these responses, I know, I know. 😉

That street art was at least 60 feet tall. How cool was that?!

Thank yoU foUr being so kind. YoU are a UniqUe story, yoUrself, withoUt a doUbt.


That's a cool shot with the GoPro (eyeballs your GoPro, again)

Long arms, 'guilty,' easier to reach high things. Tattoos, 'guilty,' bout 60% canvased.

I just wish I could pull of something like that but my arms would never be able to reach for it. Tats, love them, as you know already. Such a great photo. Another awwwwwwwwww, cause it's still in my mind. Beautiful for many reasons.

Do you think it's time to switch off funny and turn on serious?

You have a serious? OMG! If your serious is like your funny, I kinda want to see. At the same time... DO NOT SWITCH OFF would make me cry. You have my full attention throughout every post you write. If that ever changes (it won't, I can see that), I'll let you know. You know I will.😂

Totally dope description! 🤣 What a thing that I didn't know was a thing with German Shepherds. The pictures in my mind of this are quite something. 🤣 I just learned something new. Thank you.

Sixty feet tall, eh? Yup that's cool and I rather like the sculpture.

Thank yoU foUr being so kind. YoU are a UniqUe story, yoUrself, withoUt a doUbt.

You are something else, eh, some kind of funny wonderful wild word wizard. I love it that you've put the U in every word.

You're welcome, I truly love your posts.

 3 months ago  

You have a serious? OMG!


Are you serious? You don't skim or anything? You've never been all like laaaamme or worse? I have some authors I get kinda smiley giddy about when they release content cuz in my mind I'm guaranteed entertainment before I open it. I know this. There's some who've never disappointed, i honestly don't think they can.

Like that or no, hell no, not like that at all?

I'm serious, so very, very very serious, T O T A L L Y S E R I O U S not, seriously like Sirius, siriusly.

You don't skim or anything?


You've never been all like laaaamme or worse?

Never, ever, up to the present momentous flicker of time. You never disappoint.


I like to think I'm expanding my horizons, my post yesterday was ~600 words, 4min. approx. read time, lol! 🤣

 3 months ago  

Who are you and what have you done with Jay?!

classified ;) 🙏

Wow, why have I not being reading you post all this while. Ah men, I can be really lazy.

Your writing is really beautiful, it has this twisted and aged, yet modern and relatable humor. With wits at peak level. Its always a pleasure to hear from you.

Your dedication is amazing. It's crazy to think you've actually worked 35,700 hours all your lifetime, and you have had to make some big sacrifices along the way. makes me remember, Whenever I play soccer on my mobile, and I score a goal, the commentators say, "three of the best for him, and an example to young players everywhere". You're an example to young people across the state. Well deserved vacation, and you struck gold with Pura. It's what we all pray for, a beautiful partner.

I see a glimpse of tats, too, I love it.

Cheers Dan

 3 months ago  

Damn dude if I could reblog this comment I would. Thank you.

37-5! Not 35-7 dammit, wtf's wrong with you? Pay attention.

Wassup man? So this is how it usually works, I stay in character for some or all of the content including this section. Figured an explanation was proper since you didn't skip me.

Take all the time you need, I'm glad you found the joint. Tell all your friends.

I don't usually read things out loud to her. She has her things and I have mine, we like it that way. On rare occasion someone says something I have to read out loud to her. Really, it's been a long time since I was, 'eh, listen to this....'

Your second paragraph. Thank you.

I don't know how you do it, but I always want to read what you write.😅

Say hi to her for me. Tell her it's the lad that never travels but is a photographer, hard to believe yeah.,😅

@tipu curate

 3 months ago  

Thank you!

What a cool story, always kinda wondered how you managed to live that lifestyle of yours. Hard work, who woulda imagined?? Maybe I should try that.

 3 months ago  

BrandT, whaddup? Yes'ir there goes another one of my secrets. I have a bad leg though, I have to think differently. I knew if I was gonna make a move like that and try to bank something security I better do it before I can't walk.

And I still can by the way so that's bonus.

I remember reading the one you wrote about the accident. Wild stuff. Walking—it's one of those things that we tend to take for granted I guess.

When I first read the title of your post I thought you were just gonna tell us all how big your dick was. EIGHTEEN INCHES, BOOM, PUBLISH THAT!

 3 months ago  

Did you miss my dick one? Dude it was done in no time. Fastest piece I ever released!

I bet you banged it out so fast they had to invent a new word for banging.

If you didn't ass around for a year you could have retired a year earlier!!!!

Honestly, hats off to you for working so hard when you were young, it's gonna pay off for the rest of your life and you can enjoy life with Pura now. Hope all is well and she's feeling better. Be good!!!

 3 months ago  

I had a biscuit for the purpose of this I just started chewing and laughed out loud at the assing around part to where crumbs came out my mouth. That was funny.

I admire your achievements as well LivingUK, thanks for noticing. And thanks for keeping an eye on me.

Wireman's license or Electrician call it what you wish one of the better trades to get into, you are fortunate your Grandpappy took control of you at a young age.

Look at you now, Pura at your side still young enough to enjoy that retirement, and yes the ladies mentioned are pure gems!

!BEER Why not?

 3 months ago  

I'll drink to that!

Coffee, of course, maybe a Coke Zero if I'm feeling frisky. Good morning Joan. Thank you for the reblog.

Yes, I wish I could've thanked him. He wasn't there the night I graduated but my grandmother was. She said "your grandpa would be proud." I'll take it!

If only more parents or grand parents just gave us definite direction years ago, you know a short cut to retirement... yeah you were super lucky!

You did the time, and can go back at any time you need a little extra...

Coffee for supercharger in the mornings, coke makes rust so rather a !BEER

Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

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Sorry to hear about some ruined plans like many last 2020 but glad you still got some good things still with you. After several years fulfilling those requirements, where did you get the drive to continue fulfilling the hours? Just couldn't imagine myself spending my a large chunk of my life in some debt only paid by time in service. You think if they made you pay with $, you'd finish it sooner?

 3 months ago  

Certainly, I'm just one of many change of plans thanks to 2020. Here's to hoping everyone gets back to doing what they're good at.

A couple things I think. My grandfather, of course, my uncles who went before me. Without saying anything they guided. Also though, I do all of this on one leg, just a matter of time til I won't be on my feet anymore. Even at 19, I probably had a vague idea if I was gonna make a play to secure my future, I better do it while I can.

I don't understand what you mean by debt. You mean by grinding away 20 years, debt, or are referring to finance?

A couple things I think. My grandfather, of course, my uncles who went before me. Without saying anything they guided. Also though, I do all of this on one leg, just a matter of time til I won't be on my feet anymore. Even at 19, I probably had a vague idea if I was gonna make a play to secure my future, I better do it while I can.

Good luck on securing that future for yourself. Hope Hive is worth more to make that retirement comfy (I wish it does when I need it). The debt I meant was the grinding part, though that's my perspective if the similar circumstance happened to me. Happy you found your silver lining during the journey. :>

 3 months ago  

Copy that, i understand. Yes, a lot of grinding, 37-5k hours worth. Ain't cheap to be The Luckiest Guy I Know.

Thank you!

At long last I know why you were/are? traveliving so much with the stunning Pura by your side, it's those 37,500 hours you put in, even though your lovely Pura slowed you down in the end!
Talking about hours, I told you a long while ago about those pesky guys who call asking about the hourly rate at our bnb as if we're some cheap lodge and you gave me the answer a while back without even knowing. So I now tell them our minimum stay is 48 hours and those really desperate still ask 'How Much?' When they hear my answer they disappear into thin air!
But thank you for telling us about your dream destination @dandays; wherever Pura goes, you will follow, so we'll continue following your journey as you share it here on Hive! The luckiest guy you really are! How is Pura healthwise?
Silver-Blond Lizzie
PS looking forward to your judging of the awesome Grandparents contest arranged by @galenkp!

 3 months ago  

Dear @lizelle,

Don't you hate it when you respond with the wrong account? 😉

I knew you'd outsmart those pimps. Is your stay fairly booked up again or how is that going? Are people traveling?

Show me someone who doesn't think Lizelle's the sweetest I'll show you someone who ain't human. Thank you so much for being interested. I had no idea I'd either overcome or embrace vulnerability (not sure exactly which I'm doing) like this or something.. yata yata. It's all new to me.' But if someone with your heart appreciates it, I must be doing something right.

That's one of them, Silver Blondie. Plenty more secrets where that came from.

Thank you.

 3 months ago  

I saw that too late but knew you'd understand, blame the grey/silver hairs!
Funny how the awful riots brought some business our way, we're really busy again but mostly business bookings. Leisure guests are not keen to travel yet, but some have booked for the school holidays end Sept. Thank you for being YOU!

Oh, you legend, you, @dandays! I love this and I salute your 19-year old determination. Pura is one lucky gal. You've both reached your dream retirement destinations, me thinks? Fantastic!

 3 months ago  

Sure am glad you don't mind me mentioning you however many times. Sorry about that. I hate edits so when I learned not just one but I had the dang address to my page break instead of the competition I kept having to edit the thing. Funny now that replay it.

You're too kind Fiona, thank you. Always a pleasure to support a couple of the blockchains finest. 💖

Oh, please, you're not really sorry because clearly I'm a favoUrite! 🤣 And I'll take it from a legend like you, @dandays!!

This photo of you two made me so happy. It makes her good news even better for me. What a touching and loving ending. and YAY for retiring at 41 and doing what you love. It's what @ryzeonline and I live for...doing what we love.

So much love to you and Pura,

great photos and 2020 shat on so many people's plans but good thing it all turned out ok ❤️

 3 months ago  

Well this is a pleasant surprise, hello Mrs Line... online.. ryze, :cut:

:action: Well this is a pleasant surprise Cyn! 💖

Yeah, 2020 caused a whole lotta reorganizing. Well for everyone who isn't a Costco and a Best Buy and stuff. They literally kicked me out of England. 'Ok, ok, you don't have to be so dramatic.'

Thank you, Cyn, I'm glad you think so. I'm just one blink away from screwing everything up so anytime I get it right is BIG news.

LOL maybe I should talk to the DMV and see if they can change my license to Cyn @ryzeonline or maybe just Cyn Online? 😂

they kicked me out of America so I feel you...ok ok I left but the people made me kick myself out LOL

Well here's to you continuing to get it right. Crossing my fingers for you but something tells me you do better than you think 😉❤️❤️❤️

It is a pleasure to greet you and Pura,
but even more pleasure to read and get to know you through this post. I think even I get tired of so many hours worked hehehe, but in my humble opinion you are not only a lucky man, but an intelligent man, hardworking, who saw something that others do not understand and you went for it. Today you can be an example for many young people.
I did not do it like you, I am 43 years old and I lost a lot of my life but today I try to give all the tools to my son so that he can achieve it, and we are doing well. He is only 17 years old and he is already well focused.
Thank you for making us part of it. Stay tuned for more to read.

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 3 months ago  

It's a pleasure to be met.

Your translation app works perfectly. I can't believe I didn't notice the grandparent blog was your second publication on the blockchain. Firstly, welcome! Hive wasn't the same without you. If I wasn't judging this competition I would've notice that's your second release the first time I stopped by. In all fairness, had it not been for that contest, we might not be meeting at all so I'm thankful for that.

How are you enjoying the platform so far? Let me know if you need anything. I don't know everything but I'll teach you everything I know.

Thank you kindly for the thoughtful words, I'm glad you think so, thank you. 🙌 And your son is lucky to have you. And I am absolutely honored to be your first follow. Thank you.

I'm glad we met @mbdonzelle. God bless Venezuela. 💖

Those two ladies are pretty rad. I seem to recall seeing something about a young retired buck taking on judging responsibilities for another contest in said community...

Kind of jealous of the retired situation you got yourself in there, but I can only imagine just how friggin' hard you had to work to log all those hours in. Hats off to you, and glad you have such a rad chick to spend the rest of those lazy days with! I'd say she's worth the missed vacations and weekends earlier on in life. ;)

 3 months ago  

I had a bad link in there. Dammit!
Now it says "edited."

Wassup Plants?! Where in the heck have you been? Crazy right? And on one leg two. Autocorrect had keg just now and I'm not sure I appreciate that.

Can you believe the mate?! Trusting mios... The worlds gone Bonka'z!

Thanks for noticing Plants. Take as much time as you want between visits, I was messing with you, I know where you live.



 3 months ago  

Yeah dude, that happened.

Even the contest link, every single mother F'ing link, the community link even ha! They all directed the reader to my damn page break!! As I write this now it's hilarious! But I waited like 20 minutes to proof read and clicked the first link like "WHAT?!"




Second link, same thing. So, yeah, I fixed each link one edit at a time. The ladies musta been like "what the..."

And while I'm editing, that part about you've never met doesn't apply to @plantstoplanks. We had the pleasure of doing lunch with her and @dksart in the A-t-l.


Hey one of them photos looks familiar 😎

I'd say I'm jealous but fuck putting in hours like that. I took the opposite approach, figured I'd never get to retire anyways, might as well do the minimum amount of work necessary and do as I pleased the rest of the time. I was looking for my first real job when the Great Recession hit so that may have influenced my approach.

Give pura my regards and don't do anything I wouldn't do!

 3 months ago  

"Guilty!" I have a really nice shot of my boot 470 feet up on top of a crane but I can't find it and wa! Wa! I had to dig up an old one. I asked a fine scholar of a photographer to edit that one for me once. 👊🏼

I'm not surprised you knew Stevenson.

About those hours, I'm still trying to figure out what's not ok. I had a quote on here I share with whoever wants to listen but edited it out last minute, 'I don't regret where I've been, I regret the price I paid to get where I'm at.'

With my bad wheel.. I kinda rolled the dice while I could. Hey but I got all kinda time now dude and I'm down the street. C'mon down n tell'er yerself ya'hear.

Thanks Colonel.

Looks like I’ve got hope still if a guy in your class was 52! Lol. I am considering a change in industry and want to keep everything on the table. I don’t know about union work nowadays but maybe I’ll go to night school for electrical. My family has a long tradition of electricians as well and I would love to have that as a skill. Did it for years with my dad so I’m not totally green!

I was wondering how you retired, that’s great! Those overtime hours are good to have when you have the goal in mind of working 37,500 hours. Sadly that’s all changed, for the worst as well.

 3 months ago  

Dude the hours required now are 45,500, two increases since I got in the trade.

It's never too late. I had my grandfather or else I wouldn't have got in that early and back then I didn't know how valuable it would be to be able to fix your garbage disposal over the phone. I can fix anything over the phone. "A trade" is valuable priceless. I didn't know that when I was a kid. Thank God for grandpa.

Yes'ir, you know another of my secrets.

The Union was really good to me. What you've read here doesn't cover I have over 150k worth of surgeries on my leg during my career also and all I ever paid was that $5 copay. Damn thing's 20 bucks now, it used to five.

How old are you? If you're serious now or ever, get ahold of me and I can help you out by at least telling you where to go, who to talk to, and what to say.

Always a pleasure when you stop by.

Do you know how to read a memo that I send you via PeakD? I'll send you a quick memo message.

Not surprised the hours increased! They tend to do that, make it harder to achieve things that are good like that. Gotta keep people working like dogs! All good though, electrical is a great trade. We are giving it some good consideration right now.

 3 months ago  

Yes'ir, got the message. If I'm supposed to be able to decode it I'm in bad shape.

Lol not sure why when I moved my mouse interacting with this chat box here, it unfollowed you. Haters!!

I sent three messages. Combine those last two together! the first one was a test to make sure I remembered how to do a memo lol

 3 months ago (edited) 

If you were me and I sent you three random ass long strings of characters to your wallet and then unfollowed :click: then followed you back :click: would you think I was having a stroke?

 3 months ago  

Dude. What the heck did you send me?

 3 months ago  

So uh. How many times you gonna make me respond right here before you tell me what the hell I don't understand?

Lol sorry dude I sent you a message on PeakD chat. We were out fishing and I just got the little man to sleep.

Message 1 was a test to make sure I had it right. Message two is the first part of the number, message 3 is the second part. Piece them together. Message 4 was trying to explain it lol

Just trying to text you for things like this off chain. I’m trying to keep certain things off it if I could.

 3 months ago (edited) 

I'm not sure I've ever been this confused on the blockchain. I received four of your sends with memos attached. You said piece the last two together. Did you see the memos you sent me? This is a section of the two I pieced together:



 3 months ago  

I got the second one too. What in the heck am I looking at? Is this one of those radio broadcast system test things?

Emmm, I thought you are working stand-up comedian... don't ask me why bro :)
It turns out that your real job is much safer.

If I were younger, I would be jealous of your achievement of such an early retirement. But judging your story from the height of the wisdom of my 33 years, I'm kindly envious of your dedication to your goal. You are not only a luckiest guy, but also a tough guy.

P.S. The lady of your heart is very beautiful ;) It's ok, my wife lets me look at beautiful women, she also likes to look at them... a little alarming.

 3 months ago  

Wtf are you saying, that was hilarious!

Oh I get it. Mine would think I'm weird if I didn't look. I'm allowed like a minute and a half to stare but I'm not supposed to mentally undress them.

33 was a good year. That woulda been 'about '07.' I envy you. You're dumber than you think, think you know everything, wonder how I got away with back-to-back thinks just now and don't realize how much better it gets as you age. Man, 37's a good one! So is 45. That shit they say about prime being 40's ain't no joke.

I appreciate you noticing tough, thank you. I don't usually do this but I think you might appreciate it. A few more juicy details like how many legs I have. 👍🏿

Thank you!

I don't usually do this but I think you might appreciate it.

Thank you for sharing, I really learned a lot about you (It's easy when all I knew before was that you are some dude on the other side of the monitor). You're a great storyteller, despite the fact that you only have one leg... I'm not sure if this is related somehow.

But seriously, you are a great fellow, you made an impression on me, I am glad that I met you. I'll be watching you more closely -_-

 3 months ago  

I can wake up to messages like this every morning.

Thank you @natord. Happy Friday. Any plans this weekend?

Oh, yes, tomorrow is my son's christening. It will be a little strange, with my atheism... maybe I can formulate this in a blog, I don't know yet :)

Happy Friday and weekend u too!

 3 months ago  

I see, you've never buried your only parent.

I was on your side of the fence for a long time dude. In 2013 I switched sides.

Hey that's cool, least you guys got something to look forward to. A Christening sounds like something I definitely would not be into. In fact I'd probably hobble as my gimp ass probably could the other way. So, yeah, have fun for both of us! 😉

Talk about focus - until Pura of course
And I love that your dream destination is Anywhere with Pura
hmmm, that makes a great title for a love story...
And yes, she is gorgeous :D

 3 months ago  

Thank you so much. Thank you for noticing and I'm glad you think so. Yes, I was out of focus until I met her.

It's so easy to talk about those we love isn't it?


I love that what I thought was focus is out of focus for you
And now that you mentioned it, I'd say spot on :D

Life is good and spending it with someone you so admire makes life great.
My Grandmother, who we referred to as Nan, had some great advice which I still practice today, WORK FIRST PLAY LATER, Robert.
You followed this advice to the max and for all of your hard work, you are now living a dream and are able to do whatever the two of you want.

 3 months ago  

It's when someone who's lived as much as you have says that it resonates most. Thank you.

You know about my bad wheel, that played a huge part. Grandpa taught me how to play chess. I must've made the move that didn't plan on walking forever. Meant no kids. No philanthropy ideas or a lot of things. Right or wrong move? So far so great and Sweed agrees.

Grandmas are the best!

Brother the first time I got married, can't make this up. Grandma wasn't around the second time. The first time, in my hotel room shortly before the reception, she said "long lasting relationships understand that neither know anything and can only learn together." I put quote marks but that's not exactly how it went, it's exactly how it goes though.

The comment above your comment belongs below your comment because it's for @dandays, not the @bigsweed.
I've done this on more than one occasion, I'll use age as an excuse.

The moves you have made so far seem to be working great. Being happy and having a partner that is truly a soulmate is working out in spades for both of us. I only hope that our better halves feel the same way! 😁
Great advice from Grandma, those words ring of so much truth.

Talking about grandparents,
I got two special pieces of artwork from my brother when he visited two weekends ago.
My Grandfather, my mom's father, who I never had the pleasure of meeting, passed away when my mom was only 16. He did two wood carvings. They had hung in my parent's home for as long as I can remember. When both of my parents passed, the carvings were tucked away in the attic.
I asked my brother if I could get one of them and to my surprise, he gave me both of them when he visited.
On the one carving, you can see where he signed and dated the piece.

William Barnaman

I've admired these works for a long time and I can now enjoy their beauty every day as they remind me of happy days long gone.
Have a splendid weekend my friend.

 3 months ago  


And thanks for the heads up. I've responded to myself I don't know how many times like doh!! The worst is upvoting myself, I've done that twice!! Both times like 'oh you gotta be kidding me....'

Been there also, have you ever downvoted yourself to even it out?
Yo man, just trying to sneak in a few minutes on #hive before duty calls. I'll get back to you with a few pictures, promise!

 3 months ago  

Take your time. I knew if you would've you could've. Looking forward to seeing them.

Have a great day Sweed. Yes, I downvoted myself both times and, between me and you, I didn't feel any less dirty.

Found peace and joy at last.
I'm happy for you.

Through the mishaps and injuries, you still stood strong.
A role model indeed. It's worthy of emulation.

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 3 months ago  

You're now summonsed to say nice thing to me all the time!

Thank you.

How's it going @malopie? Don't think we've met. I have a terrible memory so if we have just pretend we haven't. Pleasure to be met.

You've been pretty busy in your first few months. Are you enjoying the platform? Is this you on the cover of The Witch's Diary?


Yes! I definitely am enjoying the platform, thanks for asking.

Nice to meet you too.

No, that's not me on the cover of the story.

And it's always my pleasure, you're most welcome.

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 3 months ago  

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How adorable! I need to meet that boss of yours now, I mean now. You only take orders from her what wonderful husband material you make.. Jokes apart
I am so happy for you.. enjoy life.
This may be the only regret I have, we couldn't afford to retire early.
Who knows maybe we can make up for it.. darn this covid.. its spoiling all my traveling plans too

 3 months ago  

No, you're adorable calling me wonderful husband material. I sure am glad you think so. Some days I'm better than others, still trying to get the hang of it.

I can make her laugh. That's me secret weapon.

Thanks for checkin this one out, Sofs, I know busy you are with content and curating. I appreciate you making time for me.

Covid.. Yuck!

I finished it!!! It was awesome, pretty happy to see a lot of people enjoying it, well done!

 3 months ago  

Well with all the deep searches, 3 kids, 2 dogs, deep searches, husband, oh and there's music too, deep searches, I appreciate the time you do make for me sir.

Thank you.

great read man. i love your determination and choice of goals. freedom and love have always been my guide. early retirement wasn't my priority, being my own boss with no employees i rather like my trade in carpentry but i have more freedom and have averaged fewer hours per year than most folks can believe possible, taking more than half the year off the last 20 years and before that at different times taking years off at a time raising kids, travelling the world and composing music. and my wife of 18 years has never worked more than half as much as me. it's all a matter of living by what is important, understanding money and how the world works.

lots of folks talk about freedom but it's so nice to hear from others like yourselves who actually have the wisdom to live it

 3 months ago  

I really appreciate this, thank you. My decision to not have children is what enabled me to stay true to my goal. Kids are a game changer, I chose not to take that route.

Was it correct? Man we'll never know. Who knows? I've received quite a few nice comments. As I type this I'm comfortable, so is Pura, we're fed and don't sweat finances. Whoever needs more than that needs their head checked. Amen.

Stop by any time. 👍🏿

i love your content

 3 months ago  

I appreciate that, thank you. Welcome to your second day on the blockchain. Your first three follows are quality choices.

 3 months ago  

Now that's quite a story. I didn't start thinking of retirement until I was in my 50's. I guess I just liked working, which I did, plus when you have four children, college to pay for and all that stuff it was never really an option.
I am glad it all worked out for you, sounds like your grandad knew what he was doing. You were smart to travel to different jobsites, nothing beats overtime.
Now one question, do you have any silver in your hair?😁😉😉🙄

 3 months ago (edited) 

I was married once before this so yes, oh hell yes I have silver on my head @farm-mom.

This story doesn't write itself if I had kids. Can't do this and that. I'll probably be like "dammit!" when I'm crippled, way beyond your years right now and could really use some help around the house or wiping my..... nose but whatever, figure it out when I get there. The last 20 year move turned out decent and I'm just getting warmed up. Wish me luck!

My Grandfather. Thank God.


 3 months ago  

Everyone has their story, trick is to find happiness each and everyday. You can plan the future to the nth degree, then like a flick of a switch, bang, everything is off the table. Life is not really about the future, it's about the present. Like this very morning, @thebigsweed woke up smiling at me, telling me how much he liked my shirt, see, real simple but happy. Just like I am gabbing with you, simple but fun.

As far as wiping your nose, you will deal with that when the time comes, or maybe it will never come to that, one never knows. What you do know, is that you have the love of your life right next to you and you know, you are the luckiest guy YOU know.

Hugs to ya both.

It was a really nice white T-shirt.

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Nice to finally get to know you.
But I believe that short story left out a shit ton of fun.
I will follow along for more snippets and secrets of who exactly is this mysterious mister @dandays


 3 months ago  

Hell yeah KrazzyTrukker, thanks for keeping an eye on me. Good morning, wait! I mean....

That's another one, cat's out the bag of secrets. I appreciate you following along. Extra points for the cat dude hookin up the dog dude with a dog gif.

Always a pleasure when you stop by. Thank you.

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