Who are you grateful for on Hive this year?

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For what is likely to be my last post for 2021 (unless I get some decent fireworks pictures), I thought I would end with what will likely be my shortest post for the year.

I tend to be a bit wordy at times.


Like many, this year has been hectic and I think that while many of us have been isolated, we have also been able to connect in different ways and, Hive has definitely been a meeting point for many. While we have all faced challenges, I think it is important to recognize the people who have helped us through the good times and the bad - hence this post.

Who would you like to thank on Hive?

This is not a competition, but I will support the comment here with some votes, but I am hoping that those who wish, can reflect on their Hive journey over the last 12 months and recognize the people who have helped you in some way improve your experience the most. Maybe they helped you understand something, supported you through a tough time, gave you advice that helped you overcome, or some perspective that changed your outlook for the future - it could be literally anything.

While I don't want SPAM tags, perhaps:

  • Comment and tag the person (or few people) you are grateful for
  • Explain a little how they helped you in 2021
  • Thank and show you appreciate them

A little gratitude goes a long way.

For me, it has been a rough year, but thankfully I have collected a great bunch of people who combine to give me all kinds of help and support and have done for years. But, this year, I will spotlight a small group I share a Discord chat with and who have all year been there through the thick and thin, no matter if it is market related, Splinterlands related or personal challenges that we have faced. They are people who have supported in so many ways and I am grateful to have them available for what seems to be 24 hours a day. We have shared many highs and, plenty of lows and I am looking forward to welcoming in the new year with them and rolling even deeper together in 2022.

In no particular order:


Thanks for being there guys and hopefully the future will bring us more ups than downs, and may the corners never be too far away.

As said, I am going to keep this short (for once) but will hopefully see a lot of comments rolling in. None of us are an island and on Hive, we are a community that's value is derived from the relationships we build between us.

As a final note, I would like to thank everyone in general for the various kinds of support throughout the year and hopefully, it hasn't been one sided, and I have been there for you at times too.

Here's to an awesome 2022 together!

See you in the comments.

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I am thankful for meeting these amazing individuals on this decentralized digital nation called Hive:

@geekgirl - for her unusual style in writing stories that reading them refreshed me somehow.

@theycallmedan - for his Community Token Talk giving guidance about the recent trends in Web 3.0

@ura-soul - though many here on Hive share similar perspective, but he is the first I stumbled with that gave me confirmation that I am not alone in my difficulty to swallow the inconsistency in mainstream narrative in the fields of education, media, medical science, public policy, etc.

@taskmaster4450 - for adding new terms to my vocabulary and for his futuristic perspective in the field of financial technology

@mistakili - for his generosity in gifting a stranger with Splinter cards.

Thanks @geekgirl for your generosity! ^_^

Below are some of the people that I really have appreciated on Hive. I had a long sabbatical from Hive as my wife and I got pregnant just when the pandemic hit. And since then the number one focus has been family. Since my son now is a little over one year old I have had time to get back and that’s when I found I still have great supporters here.


@steemmatt is a real nice guy, his comments are both insightful and funny. His posts are also great as he’s turning other peoples trash into treasure.
@tarazkp I like his posts as he is really sharing both his thoughts and life, and really putting his heart into the words he writes. Also when I had some technical problems he was nice enough to help me even though he was just about to head into a meeting.
@abh12345 has supported me on the platform. He still had me on autovote when I came back on Hive, and that was really encouraging as it was hard to get back in the game.
@dswigle is a person that really shines positivity and that is doing a lot for the platform spreading her great energy.

There are more to mention of course, but don’t want to keep it too long either.

Another thing that I would really want to mention are all the curators out there. In essence the Hive system would not work without them. @acidyo is doing an awesome work with curating, @ocd and the @poshtoken ! @curangel, @curie @qurator,@ecency are all doing an awesome job and they are all essential to onboarding and keeping people on the platform !

So a big thanks to everyone and wish you guys all an awesome New year and looking forward to an awesome 2022 on Hive !

the @dswigle wiggle is definitely a shining light on Hive - always so positive and thoughtful! :)

Thanks for the shoutouts and "happy New Year - as of 11 minutes ago for you? :)

Happy New Years ! Yep, we’re are a bit later than you guys to welcome the new year, so you’re probably a few beers ahead of me ;) The firework just started slowing down now and the Prosecco is finished, so soon time for bed .

Thank you for the shoutout from the shoutout! You just made me smile with the wiggle thing! :)

I should probably revise the autos :)

Good to see you back in the game!

Hahah yea i was going to make a note about that! Sometimes it's dangerous to remind people. I tried to remind my wife yesterday that it was here time to empty the dishwasher since I emptied on Monday. She then kindly reminded me that before the Monday it was probably a week or more since the last time I emptied it .. In other words I’m in charge of the dishwasher this week.

Thank you so much @dandesign86 ! I just looked at my mentions from over the New Year as I have been absent on here! You are so awesome and I appreciate the shoutout!

It’s my pleasure! I just think it’s important to give credit where credit’s due. What is so awesome about Hive is the fact that it’s the community that gives the platform it’s value, and you’re very good at engaging and helping to grow the community!

Thank you. That is truly heartwarming to hear. 💜

Good to see some familiar names there (all of them) - have you any different plans for 2022?

It seems everything will go on as usual for now. It depends on the pandemic. Whatever I want to do, it comes on my way.

I have had a difficult year and somehow, this entire community has kept me in one way or the other. From emotional support to uplifting energy, I have had the pleasure of having it all.

@rocky1 🙏

@tarazkp & @whatsup For the financial and technical nutrition.

@ruth-girl & @empress-eremmy Thank you so!

@warpedpoetic You will always be Mwalim.

@owasco and @trucklife-family @riverflows You insanely & divinely inspire my pens.

@chinyerevivian 💕

Happy 2022!

Glad to see you still banging around the blockchain - the years go fast these days :)

As you wisely insisted on spreading the hive gospel, you unintentionally heavily invested in my being around till this hour & I can never thank you enough for that :)

Oh, and yes, time is speeding somewhere nowadays!

May we all stand in the blaze of love this year and every year thereafter!

I am here to claim the love and all the good vibes 🌻

Happy new Year Tezmel. May 2022 bring far less sadness and sorrow

Here is to more warm smiles and all the effort you have been nudging me to put 🌻

This is pretty simple for me. I am extermly grateful for all the help in growing my account.

  • @abh12345
    • Last year in I think it was May Asher gave me a delegation to help me get to the Dolphin Level. I was close and in June last year I reached that goal with his help. I also very much appreciate his running the Engagement League it helps keep me motivated.
  • @meesterboom
    • He was a big help to me this year with his delegation to help me reach my year end goal of 10,000 HP, which I reached at the end of November. When I need a pick me up funny kind of story, I know where to go, He does have some great short stories to read.
  • @tarazkp I really appreciate all the financial help via delegation and through your post.I think you have some of the most real content on Hive and I very much enjoy reading about your day, your thoughts, your ideas.

There are many people on Hive, and it is for more than the delegations you three have provided me to get me to where I am today. I mostly value you three for the engagement, life gets very hard at times and I know I can pretty much count on a response from all three of you to my comments to make me feel like I am not just shouting into an empty woods.

I hope everyone has a good New Year, I am sure I will, and I look forward to what the New Year brings.

You have always been consistent and when I saw you aiming for your target I wanted to help you on the road so glad it helped a little.

I hope you have a very good new year and a prosperous 2022!! Time for new targets and more Blockchain nonsense and fun!! :0D

Yes more blockchain nonsense but mostly time for more fun.

I have been so happy to watch your progress over the last year or so and glad that you made it to 10K well before the end of the year!

Have a great start to 2022!

Great start to the new Year was getting my wife's vehicle stuck trying to move it out of the way of the plow guy, so now it will be Monday before it becomes unstuck and parked where the plow guy wanted it. Fortunately I think I can still get my vehicle past the stuck one.

Thank you very much, I'm glad you reached that goal ahead of time :)

Hey Taraz, I had to do a double take on this post...:)

I'm still learning on Hive, which is a big focal point in my life atm. My husband introduced me to Hive and told me to take pictures and write something, anything about the picture. That's not such a wise thing to say to me, because I really will do just that. I learn quickly though, so I realised ok, not really ANYTHING!

I appreciate:

@qwerrie, who first proposed to help improve my logo for my coffee community. I thought it was a kind gesture, and I accepted the offer. For months I had been communicating and enjoyed my messages with qwerrie, because they were straightforward with honest opinions. Later when I got active on discord, I discovered that qwerrie is a man:) I was shocked! Sorry qwerrie😊 I appreciate your support always and enjoy chatting with you despite the language barrier. Thank you:)

@galenkp, still relatively new on Hive, I'd always wanted to get further clarity and in depth knowledge about Hive, and communities in general.
A few months back Galen posted offering to help growing communities; I reached out to him, something that was not easy for me to do. We collaborated on a coffee posting contest. Galen has become a bit of a mentor. Thank you Galen for all your support. It's always a pleasure communicating with you:)

@acidyo / @ocd I'm thankful for the support and opportunities I have been able to embark upon through your support by being a community curator. I do enjoy browsing and reading quality posts on hive. That's how I first stumbled upon Galen and Taraz. There are a few others like @meesterboom and @slobberchops who have always stood out for me in terms of individuality and personality which I admire, and sometimes I will do a particular search just to read. I do recognise and appreciate persons who put effort in their posts.

@krazzytrukker, you make me laugh. Sometimes I try to figure out what you are going on about, and I may not always get it, but I always get a good laugh. Thank you for being you, and for not taking yourself too seriously :)

There are others of course, but I think I'll save it for another round.

Happy New Year all, and best wishes for 2022!🙏

You do great Milz and it's a pleasure to help you where I can...In my knucklehead way.

And yeah, don't write anything. Count to ten first...You know of which post I speak.

Good to have you and Cam around. Happy new year..

Thank you Galen!

😊 yes I do know which post 😚

Happy new year from us:)

It is hard to choose some names as many members, even those with which you do not interact too much, are worth a thank you when they comment on one of your posts or give you a vote. To choose a few I would mention those I have interacted with some more.

@tarazkp for his daily posts which give me a chance to stop for a while every day, get out of my daily tasks, and interact with.

@galenkp for his amazing weekend engagement pots as well as his personal sharings.

@soyrosa for his support when I launched Beyourself community

@toofasteddie for supporting many of my posts and sharing his daily runs in town.

@taskmaster4450 for all the great content he shares daily

And also a big thanks to all those developing new projects on this amazing platform.

Happy new year to all the Hive family!

<3 Was cool to ‘meet’ you through your ideas for Hive!

@soyrosa is awesome!

And you are always welcome on my posts :)

Awwwwww - hugs Taraz

Thanks for the shout out mate, all the best for 2022!

Hello @tarazkp! Thanks for the opportunity to express our appreciation to those who have encouraged and helped us on Hive. Indeed 2021 is a tough year but Hive made it easier for me. Happy new year to you! ☺️

I'm especially thankful to @selfhelp4trolls ...one of the selfless and brilliant people I know on Hive. Thank you for giving me a chance on your team. 😁

Special gratitude to my special ladies @dreemsteem and @shadowspub who introduced me to Hive. I'll soon be a year old (January 2nd) and have lovely memories to fall back on, thanks to you.

Here's hoping 2022 will be better! Happy New Year's Eve. 💖✌️

hehehehehe wowwwwwwww happy birthday to you!!!! hehehehehehe almost!

Can't wait for this next year to come in abundance for us all!!!!! hehehe(and then you get to California, missy. no excuses. 2022 is when I meet you face to face and hug you!) hehehehe

Hahahaha! Thank you for the birthday wishes...2022 is hopefully going to be great. I can't wait too! 😄

almost a year... just seems like yesterday we were guiding the new hiver along and now you roll like a pro. You've been a apt learner.

The only problem with @dreemsteem is, not enough swearing!!! :D

just a wee word to the wise ... that some of us already know

If you bring out her swearing.. you best be wearing armour cause you'll have triggered the tiger ... that's not a pretty sight

I usually try to be the observer ...not the target

LOL... i won't add to what Shadows has already said LOL

i just try to keep that tiger caged as much as possible 🙃

Release the Tiger!! :D

❤️ You are one of my favorites too! Thank you 😆 I like this taraz guy too ;-)

@tarazkp, this was another nice Hive initiative, that brightens me up. thank you, and let me add a slice of !PIZZA to treat you.

actually, it was a long year -- and a good part of it was spent within the blockchain, I had a lot of activities and engagement with folks, have got a few nice new acquaintances, and witnessed some old ones have wilted. this the way it goes, everybody knows.

  • 1st of all I'd like to thank @alexanderfluke -- he took me onboard of his Russian hive community project, that is a nice and very sufficient activity I am happy to be a part of... I see it as a really important one for the Hive and its Russian-speaking members.

  • @cliffagreen pick me up for the #creativecoin curation team which also makes me happy, as it gives me an extra opportunity to curate awesome stuff, and often leaves me with a good 'aftertaste'. I cannot but underline this as one of sufficient moments, looking back at my Hive-2001 year.

  • I cannot but mention @barbara-orenya, @bucipuci and @nelinoeva - your creative challenges were always a pleasure to jump on, and shaped a good part of my Hive roadmap in 2021.

  • @ex-rain, @yangyanje and @mirz were my most intresting new acquaintances.

  • @millycf1976 and #CinnamonCoffee, @minismallholding and #HomeEdders, #HiveBookClub - thank you for being there! 🙏 I always think about posting my stories here.

Glad to have been able to make a small impact for you. I'm pretty sure it wasn't for #HiveBookClub, though, just #HomeEdders for me.


let me share a !PIZZA with you, alone with the best wishes to you and your family.

( I am rather a slave of my mood, at times :)))))

Thank you very much @qwerrie , very touched to hear that... 🥺

Nice to meet you on this great platform, and you introduced me to someone who is now my idol and inspiration when I share something here.

He is @borjan ,let me mention you in this comment 🙏

😉 😏


this was another nice Hive initiative, that brightens me up. thank you, and let me add a slice of !PIZZA to treat you.

You are welcome!

And, wow, quite a few names I don't know much about - I will have to go and have a look now, thanks!

Hive is growing, how one can know all the new names worth knowing?.. our capacity is too limited too :P

and here is more !PIZZA 🍕🤸

Thank you @qwerrie for the mention. 🙂
Hope you will keep on adding value with your creative posts.
Happy New Year!

Glad to have you on our curation team @qwerrie! Thank you!

The crew above is a good one indeed. I am not exaggerating when I say that I might have dropped off the old hiving not long after the fork but it was the general enthusiasm and energy of you guys that kept me in the game as it were.

2022 is going to be a great one and I really hope that there are few corners and that we get around them quickly :0D

Oh oh and happy New year in a few hours!!

You're a champ Boomy, and I wish you and yours a great 2022.

You are a bloody Titan mate, I wish the very same to you and yours! The bell has just rung. Happy new year!

New year and new opportunities my brother.

You'll have to imagine my big old bro hug because I'm not there. 😊

I've got it and right back atcha! :0D

that I might have dropped off the old hiving not long after the fork

It would have been very different!

I had a few drinks between and the new year is here - Yours is just around the corner! ;P

Haha, it is just around the corner! I have had a few myself, hope I make it to the bells!! :0D

I'm thankful for @aggroed being part of #hive.

There are lots of people here that I connect with on a daily basis that make this a fun place to be and share common interests. I could name any of those that show up every day and have some fun but out of everyone I think that aggroed is underappreciated.

He gets a lot of stick and can come across blunt at times but he has done more than most to create this ecosystem with splinterlands, hive engine and tribes forming the core of everything that we do here.

Yet he still gets so much abuse when it would have been easy to move and not build everything with their own team. His contributions and the whole team around him have made this a better place to be and made it what we have today.

So I would give him some thanks in appreciation. 🙃

It's easy to complain, it's not easy to create solutions.

Good call :)

I think a lot of people owe @aggroed a fair bit of gratitude, same with @yabapmatt

Hopefully 2022 is going to be huge for SL and will then attract more development onto Hive that can use the HDF to drive fast growth with attractive solutions :)

Have a great new year mate!

That tends to happen with people who are in the focused spotlight sadly. I think he takes it in stride and does an excellent job of keeping innovation going here on Hive!

well put and true

I kinda did a post about the great people I have met here in the Hive. All Fantastic Four of ya... LoL

OK maybe a few more.

The Luckiest Guy I Don't Really Know is...

Yes @tarazkp you are one of em. You and your knucklehead bro. You are Great people to me. Almost Superheroes.

I could go on to mention many others like @nineclaws @curatorcat @denmarkguy @dreemsteem @bashadow @solominer too many to list.

I should have done the...

✨Option Fourty Four

The Fantastic Fourty Four

Thanks to All who have helped me. Made me laugh, and kept me coming back for more.

Best Wishes in the New Year.!!

Sammi Hammock (11) 2021-02-02.jpg


Not a bad list of names for sure.

Just remember, the first day of 2022 is Caturday! :)


I like this human.!!


Meow! You're speaking my cat language 😸

Happy New Year 2022 @tarazkp.

Thank you very much and to you too!!

Happy New Year, I am grateful for the whole Hive community members because each one of us are helping the Hive as great as possible.

It is a pretty good community all in all :)

2022 is going to be good, that land.., that's what I want!

2022 - the year of the digital slumlords! :D

First of all, I wouldn't start without thanking you @tarazkp because most at times, I usually get to your blog and get a whole lot of knowledge about life, finance and all the rest, therefore i am grateful.

I would never stop to thank @galenkp also, to me he is such a mentor, to @dandays, I am grateful to you for being the one that make me smile in the blockchain and feels at home, and see life as happy as it should be , to @harlowjourney, i am grateful for being an amazing person to me in the blockchain and to all that i am unable to mention, thank you so much.

I pray that may we continue to soar higher and wish each and everyone of us a Better and prosperous 2022.

Thanks for the mention. Happy new year.

WOW! 🤸🤸🤸 Wish you the same 🥰

What do you mean happy? I'm so miserable I make the grinch look like Cinderella. ;D

Thank you. Happy new year.

You are right 🤗🤸🥰 and I am happy for all the things I see you do, let me break bottles for us🍾🍾

Thank you so much. I am grateful for you also, my friend.

I'm definitely going to take some time to reflect on the awesome people that have made the year more enjoyable and certainly memorable!

In no order of course, I've spent a lot of time interacting with awesome people like the following:
@tarazkp (couldn't leave you out of it man, even if it's your own post hahaha)

I know I'm probably missing some but these are the ones that were at the top of my mind! I know it's hard to do some self reflection sometimes but I think it's important to reflect on what happened in 2021 and see what we can do to improve 2022 and beyond.

Cheers man, look forward to what we can bring in the new year!

Love me some Willie! A nice chill song, never heard this one before, thanks man!

Love me some Willie!

I bet.

Hahahah, I knew someone was going to go that route LOL

Out of the way people!

...thanks man! 😊

Now let's call some more together, besides the ones already mentioned.


Swing by for a group hug and thanks for just being there! That goes out to everyone who hasn't been mentioned by me but others and each Hiveian!

Tag more for a group hug and the awesome host of this, @tarazkp! Gosh, I'm so nice. @galenkp tell your brother that I'm not a freak, would ya? 😂

Happy New Years to you all!

Group huuuuug!


It was a crazy Hive year! Thank you Anna for bringing the smile and bit... just "a bit"... or craziness 😀🍷
Happy New Year!

Hahah that's an awesome group hug there! Sorry Vin, I forgot about you man! 😥Let's all get in there for a great new years hug!

Too late Anna, he already knows you are. 🤔😉

I farted while we were all hugging.Now you're all in my fart cloud


Blame it on the dogs, or cats, or the one that stands next to you. Always look very outraged and disgusted and then slowly walk away.

Been a pretty good year! It is hard to squeeze everyone in I belive - but @dandays is getting some love from all over - the way he likes it.

Have a n awesome one mate - talk soon :)

It feels so good I was wondering if maybe you could do these more than once a year.

@tarazkp @cmplxty happy new year fellas. It's been a pleasure getting to know you both. I just deleted let's keep it up in '22 cuz I don't wanna jynx anyone!

Cheers gentlemen, salud. 👊🏼

It seems a weekly "Dandays appreciation" post is in order - perhaps a HDF proposal.

Have a great one mate. :)

You're a good chap mate, and I've appreciated your engagement. Have an awesome 2022.

I reckon you're biased when it comes to that Galen character. 😜

Gosh I hope 2022 brings a bit more joy with it. There are certainly a few people here who've kept me sane through this year. Too many to tag and I've already thanked most of them for their support through the year. I'll just say that some of my favourites here are those I know will always reply when I comment on their posts. They'll all know who they are. 😉

I reckon you're biased when it comes to that Galen character.

Slightly, but he has helped out heaps over the last year (all years)

It is always good to have a group of "internet randoms" that you can actually rely on - I never though I would have a group of my own :)

Very meaningful question for the last day.
My journey of nearly 4 months on Hive is not too long to understand how it works smoothly, and I think it is quite a difficult time. Why? Yes, there are thousands of questions, especially when I lack the opportunity to update the internet in a timely manner compared to my peers.
Luckily the person who introduced me to Hive was a wonderful girl @trangbaby. She helped me understand what Hive means when it comes to respect for individuals and data, transparency and we are the owners. Blogging is my person, be patient and connect and help each other. Technically I sometimes make mistakes when tagging, posting in the community is correct when I use it on mobile instead of laptop. Thank you for always sitting patiently listening to me ask a lot.
Happy New Year to everyone and to @trangbaby and @tarazkp

@trangbaby does a wonderful job of on-boarding and introducing people to Hive, I'm glad someone called her out on this! Keep doing the awesome stuff you are and stick around with us!

Thank you so much, the journey with great supporters will make the journey more enjoyable. And you too.
Happy New Year

Thank you @cmplxty. I find it enjoyable and proud to see how many Vietnamese are on Hive and how enthusiastic they are about it, making me much happier :)

Happy New Year :)

Glad to see you got some great support to onboard you onto Hive, but a word of warning - It has been almost 5 years for me and I still have thousands of questions!! :D

Happy New Year!

It's scary to be without questions, to fall behind, and to stand still. I love people who like to ask questions? Children are effective learning machines

You've done a great job and I can see how enthusiastic you want to learn about Hive.
I'm proud of you. Keep up the good work. ::)

I hope you have had a great year and wish you a Happy New Year. And may the new year bring happiness. And be good for the hive.

Happy New year to you also :)

Thank you dear friend @tarazkp , I sincerely hope that you are very well together with your family and that 2022 will be one of great prosperity and happiness. Successes

Cheers and right back at you!

Uhm, I'm really not a fan of tagging people much, unless we know each other in the offline world, or probably there's a discussion that should really interest you in my opinion, so then, not gonna tag now.

If I'm being honest, I am grateful for everyone following me currently, without them, I don't have an audience here, so they are pretty much my backbone. I can't tag all of them, not even one, but I can say I love every one of them!

Happy New Year In Advance

No need to tag if you don't want - I generall refrain too.

Do you find it funny how connected you might get to this place because of the community?

Not particularly funny, it's just amazing

Happy new year dear... I am grateful to @engrsayful brother for being a part of #Hive.

Happy new year mate :)

Thank you for mentioning me. Happy new year to you as well

Happy new year brother

Happy new year. May it bring more ups

same to you mate. Big plans for the night?

There is a gathering of people I may take my family too. Not sure how long we’ll be keeping the youngster up and out. With a little touch of that desire to just bail on it all and chill in with the wifey and kiddo and animals because there’s no doubt bound to be some drama...


Been a year of building this family. Forming a household.

Without much bother from the plandemic, thankful for my job and where I live being so.... rural. I imagine not everyone has fared the same.

Blessings to you and your family.

I know that feeling well. We just got home from the neighbors - the first time our little one has been out past midnight like this and, she was sledding at the turn :D

Let's go 2022....

Timing the naps up hoping for that same result tho!

Still have 6 hours!

I am grateful to everyone who has a positive move to make the blockchain grow to another level. I came back to the blockchain a few months ago after been away for a long time and am grateful for some people for showing me a positive move to be on the blockchain.

First I would like to thank @cryptoandcoffee for helping me in one way or the other to make a nice post and source my images well.

@tarazkp not because you organize something like this doesn't mean that's why am mentioning your name. You've really helped me in reading which has change my mindset before I comment on people's post, in the sense of giving my own idea or thought to a particular post or topic.

I also appreciate @eco-alex for topics dropped for the week for people to share their thought and idea as well and also food competition which is really awesome and that also have helped me positively.

And also I would like to thank the following people for their amazing work in the blockchain.

I wish you all a happy new year

I am really glad to see @cryptoandcoffee mentioned here helping people out :)

You have some named some very good users here who do a decent job of keeping the community ticking - nice one.

Below are the people I’m grateful for

@rufans @josediccus @emeka4 @bettybunny

Happy new year 🎆 see you all in 2022 I know it is going to be a beautiful year and we will accomplish more than we did in 2021.

Have a great 2022!

☺️you too!

so today I congrats all my family friends on a new year and I'm thinking of changing my self to become a better person

What would be the first thing you'd want to change?

income other than crypto cause we have gov arresting and to learn coding and web3.0 and to stop wasting time in my life on meaning less things

I'm very grateful for @trangbaby. The way I met her, the detail guide she brought to me on Hive and her support made my life brighter🌸
Happy new year all of you. Wish all the best for you in 2022

Great to hear! Hopefully 2022 is brilliant for all of us :)

Thank you em :) Your presence here means a lot to me ❤️

Happy New Year. I'm sorry to hear you had a difficult 2021. I hope you have a great 2022.

Happy New Year mate!

2022 will be better - but it isn't a very high bar :D

How did you bring in the new year?

I'll have to look into why your year was no good, I'm a little out of the loop around here.

I actually enjoyed my 2021, probably because I had somewhat low expectations after 2020. I am really looking forward to 2022, but not because I have unrealistic expectations, mostly for personal reasons (kid on the way).

Last night, I was at home with my wife drinking cheap booze from Costco. Unfortunately, the bars and restaurants are closed at 10PM these days and my wife can't even go in at all anyway because she didn't get a vaccine yet.

I'll have to look into why your year was no good, I'm a little out of the loop around here.

I had a stroke. Been a bit of a disruption. =)

mostly for personal reasons (kid on the way).

Congratulations! When is it due?

and my wife can't even go in at all anyway because she didn't get a vaccine yet.

Not recommended for pregnancy, at least from my understanding - so a good thing.

2022 is gonna be an interesting one for you, regardless of what happens in other areas :)

I had a stroke. Been a bit of a disruption. =)

I'd say so. Glad you are feeling positive for next year. I figured it wasn't world events blues with you.

Congratulations! When is it due?

Thanks! With a bit of luck he's coming out on 2022.02.22.

Not recommended for pregnancy, at least from my understanding - so a good thing.

Most of the people recommending it for during pregnancy haven't been pregnant during the pandemic. Korea wouldn't even allow pregnant people to get it until early November, so that is hardly encouraging. Also, she has had bad experiences with vaccines in the past, I only needed 2 shots for the Hep A vax to stick (normal) while she needed 5. So it's doubtful this would even protect her.

Thanks for the delegation, I'll be sure to use it to help super charge my comeback.

@tarazkp - you often explained things in a ways that even a caveman like me could understand. Also who knows if I would have even invested anything into hive without your encouragement.

@galenkp - you helped me when I was not able to use hive.

I got some of my biggest upvotes from splinterlands, ocdb, neoxian, hivegc ...

Also the contests of @galenkp, splinterlands and @organduo has helped me to stay consistent about making content here.

Thanks for the mention mate, and I hope 2022 brings some good things your way and you have a few plans the expedite the process.

happy new year to you as well.

Also who knows if I would have even invested anything into hive without your encouragement.

Dont blame me if you lose everything or, getting much wealthier :)

Those competitions are a great way to stay active and I like to see the shoutout to @organduo too :)

Smart, intelligent tarazkp!
Cryptocurrencies are ephemeral candy wrappers, the value of which is created by people like you. I wish you good health in the New Year, successful trades and human happiness!
I added a few tokens to the effect, I will continue to support you.

Hope you had a great end to the year and start to 2022 mate :)

Yes. I finished and published a short essay on my blog, a study on Mary of Magdala. If you have time, please read. No need to like. I do not need your money. I am only interested in your opinion about my modest historical conclusions.

First I want to thank someone who introduced this platform to me, but he never shared his post it's been so long, he is a friend and also a brother, at that time he saw me often sharing insect macro photos on Instagram, and he said that Hive is a good place to post my photo, he is @subkiusman

Thanks to @akukamaruzzaman , @maridmc , @ykroys they are friends who taught me a lot about this platform.

and here i found an amazing new friend, she is @mipiano, great pianist and also kind.

And a special thank you to @qwerrie and @borjan , qwerrie brought me to this post.
on the other side, he suggested me to see borjan post, and I began to write like him, share something and become a post as a place to tell stories.

Thanks also to my comrades in arms while searching for macro objects, @iq-bal , @flamego , and don't forget to @mohd.iqbal who just bought a macro lens for his smartphone

Thank you to everyone who has supported me here, to those who have supported my post, to those of you who I dare not tag your names here, Once again, thank you so much 🤗

Hive is a great platform, thanks to good and great people 👏

Helping you was a great pleasure! Keep enjoying your stay at hive. Loving hugs to you✨

Thanks 🤗

Great @mirz ☺️🤗

Thanks 🤗

Thank you Taraz. I am touched.

There is a lot of stuff that I do at hive, that’s “dirty work” but many of you give me the reason to do it.

You mentioned us 7, I am grateful for the same as well. We spend some quality time for sure.

There are numerous others out there on hive who makes it totally worth it. Thank you all! Happy new year. We got this!

We spend some quality time for sure.

It makes a huge difference to the reasons for keeping on doing this in my opinion and I really hope it won't be too long until we are all having a beer at @abh12345's villa :)

Happy New year mate!

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1000% I am grateful for @bozz. He got me started on this platform, gave me time to think about it, and made my voice heard when so many young Hivians spend months getting the recognition I've gotten. He always makes sure to use his platform to promote me and give me a really good start. The delegation I was given has helped me immensely and has kept me going through all of this time, the grind is real and hard, but he made it much easier.

Now as there's not much I can do that could repay this, I try and make sure to not let him down and do everything in my power to be helpful and show that the generosity is appreciated. Whenever I can, I make sure to try to take the extra step to help him as he did me.

Aww, thanks! Happy New Year!

Can we ditch the corners and get a long straight with an open road in 2022?