Weekend-engagement week 70: Cherished & valued thing

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The friend in my adversity I shall always cherish most. I can better trust those who helped to relieve the gloom of my dark hours than those who are so ready to enjoy with me the sunshine of my prosperity.

Ulysses S. Grant

I was thinking about an item I really want to have this week and whilst it's a non-essential thing and I generally have a need over want ethos I can't get that damned thing out of my head. I want it! Sort of like Gollum and the precious. Tragic right?

This scenario made me wonder about the items we have around us, our possessions, and what they really mean to us, how precious they are and why. I have mementos and keepsakes from my past and they mean a great deal but also things that don't mean so much or have great value to me. I thought it would be interesting to hear about yours.

The #weekend-engagement concept is simple; respond to the topic in the comments below then stay around and engage with others - On Monday 11th October I'll split some hive between a few who respond to the topic in the comments below.

Weekend-engagement topic week 70

➡️ Option one: Tell us about an item you own that you cherish and value

Name an item you have and tell us why you value it. Leave a picture also if you like. It could be a keepsake, souvenir or memento, tool, heirloom, appliance, toy, clothing, book, photograph, electrical equipment, musical instrument, vehicle, bike, tea cup, garden bed, artwork, furniture item...Basically any thing you have. Tell us about it and why it's so valued or what it means to you. It should be easy, unless you don't value anything at all.

➡️ Option two: Tell us about something you don't have but want and why you desire it

This is basically the same as option one but it's about an item or thing you do not have but want. Tell us what it is and why. Drop an image if you like.

✅ Answer in the comments below
✅ Be creative and have some fun
✅ Add an image if you would like
✅ Engage below in the comments
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Read this bit so you know what to do.

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The image above is one of my prized possessions; a painting created by my father. This painting is large, almost two metres wide and it hangs in my lounge room. Dad painted it in 2002 based on a scene in Far North Queensland, Australia where he lived. It has ended up in my care along with several others that I cherish greatly. It reminds me of him each day and that his legacy lives on in me and his other children.

I took this photo with my phone so it doesn't really look that great; in real life it's rather spectacular. I also have cropped it down so maybe the composition suffers for it, but I think you'll get the idea.

That's the topic folks; you have until Sunday night to get your response into the comments below and I hope you'll stay around and get friendly with some of the others who participate as it'll be good to see you around over the weekend. Have a great weekend whether you engage or not though - Life's too short not to.

Design and create your ideal life, don't live it by default - Tomorrow isn't promised so be humble and kind

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The image is mine

 2 months ago  

Ah this is a nice one! And for me an easy one: everyone meet Beri!

Beri and I have shared almost all of our lives together, I was born the 8th of July 1990 and he was gifted to me 3 weeks later. We have been inseparable since, we saw the world, he dried my tears, I told him all my good news first. We moved out and went to uni together, etc etc. Now that we are both getting older and more fragile he doesn't sleep in my bed anymore, but he has the best spot on the couch in our living room.

One of my main things with boyfriends was always that they had to be kind to Beri, assholes who though it was funny to poke him or make fun of him were instantly dumped. If you can't even be kind to a teddybear, why should I be with you? My partner now is very nice with Beri, he is actually the one that knitted him this scarf to help him with some much needed arm support as over the years the arms have become delicate.

I think for me Beri is not so much a thing or an object but more a buddy that has been through everything with me. I would be truly heartbroken if he were to break or somehow disappear. So instead of wishing for new things that I would want, I wish for Beri to stick around as long as I do!

Happy weekend everyone!

Hey Beri you cute little bugger! 😊

What a funny little fellow he is and clearly he's a top notch sort of teddy as he stuck with you all this time!

Thanks for joining in this week and sharing your treasured item friend Beri with us. ✅

I also have a few teddy's left from when my kids were little. Hardest things to give away

 2 months ago  

I always wonder how it will be when I have kids, I hope they find a teddy for life as well!

Yeah, teddy bears hold a certain sentimentality. I still have mine too. (Did a post on it a while back actually.)

I have from all my kids and now passing on to my son's wife

 2 months ago  

I've seen too many murder mystery shows where the lead character murders a whole town of tumbleweed farmers and then sinks them to the bottom of the ocean on stolen cargo ships all because a teddy bear said so.

 2 months ago  

Haha you have? I gotta watch different movies!

 2 months ago  

Good one!


Wow! So nice, Beri must have been so good to you, therefore, you are right, if someone can not be good to a teddybear, how come of a human, it is truly an example, and you are right on this, if someone really loves you, he or she must abide to your ways and love what you loved

I would be truly heartbroken if he were to break or somehow disappear. So instead of wishing for new things that I would want, I wish for Beri to stick around as long as I do!

Happy weekend everyone!

 2 months ago  

Thanks man, Happy weekend!

I wish you the same

All Beris of this world have a good soul :-) they listen and understand everything. They have always time for listening and dont get angry when somebody forgets them for some time. Great that you show us this little nice Beri.

 2 months ago  

Yeah that's exactly how I feel :) Thanks for the kind words!

Best Beri in the world, knows your good times and bad times, helped you find great partners too... Grow old together!

 2 months ago  

We made it this far together! I am sure we can do another like 60 years together! Hopefully haha

Sure to be with you for years to come, my brothers is still in the family 73 years on. I was given dolls that I gave to my sister, still have some of my dinky cars though.

 2 months ago  

That is awesome!

Always something hidden away, one day will have to be passed on.

Hey Beri - nice scarf

 2 months ago  

Beri says thanks!

 2 months ago  

Beri says thanks a lot!

This is the cutest! I melted when I read the part about your boyfriend knitting the scarf. That is super adorable. Beri will stay nice and warm. 🧸

 2 months ago  

Yeah I think he likes his scarf a lot, and I am keeping the boyfriend! He did good!

Yeah Beri!

I do understand his ability to advise you on the boyfriends. Makes perfect sense to me, matter of fact.

Wonderful selection.

 2 months ago  

Thanks a lot! Have a happy weekend!

Looks like Beri is starring directly towards us...Yeah I understand how companionship meant, he now lives as part of you because he has done through a lot with you. I hope he sticks with you for so long

 2 months ago  

Thanks a lot for the kind words! We have indeed been through a lot together!

Such beautiful stories here attached to sentimental items.

Galen you know I love that painting, it's stunning and that aquamarine colour is just superb. Your dad captured life so well.

I keep, hoard, protect and cherish so many little treasures that have practically no monetary value but are irreplaceable to me. All of these have some form of provenance that I personally maintain and I have written about a few of them previously.

Today a new one made it's way into my care which I am absolutely over the moon about.

It is a vintage kitchenalia ice cream scoop. This ice cream scoop belonged to my sister. I found it at her house we were staying in while in Knysna recently along with 5 other varieties of vintage ice cream scoops. Of course this is a running family joke now but this particular one is just so funky, retro cool and now has memories - my sister gifted it to me today and I practically jumped up and down like a kid on Christmas eve. I know, I know I'm weird. Welcome home little ice cream scoop 🍧🍨🍦

Ice cream scoop.png

There's ice cream scoops and there's ice cream scoops and this one is the latter. A legit example of a simple item that can bring so much pleasure to a person. This one is clearly special and valued considering your reaction and it also has a very pleasing look about it...An ice cream scoop with a handle shaped as an ice cream cone? Genius!

Thanks for the comments about my dads painting; I'm sure he'd be pleased to hear you say so.

Yup G-Dog this scoop is super special to us! It is so loved.

I can understand why you treasure that painting that your dad made and I'm glad you have it hanging up on display.

Thank you for a lovely engagement post again this week, I've enjoyed reading these. Have a brilliant day!

You wouldn't know of course, but the old G-dog is an expert with the ice cream scoop. Not being boastful of course, just calling it as it is. My ice cream scoop skills are ninja-level. I know a good ice cream cream scoop when I see one and this one is tantalising.

I value my dad's paintings. One of the most enduring memories I have of him is at his easel painting, brush and palette in hand. It's nice to have a few of his artworks hanging.

I hope you have a good Sunday Andy, that you rest up and and recharge.

I think loving what we got no matter how small it is, explains the personality we are. There's a lot attached to being so appreciative.

You are spot on buddy! I absolutely agree with you.

 2 months ago  

Man this is so cool! I love the retro colors on it! Nice that she saw how much you loved it and gifted it to you!

I'm glad you also think it's cool. I've never seen such a funky ice cream scoop before, so pleased to have it.

Oh, man. I just love it. The product and the story both. My kind of scoop.

Hey @bigtom13

Nice to see you and I'm glad you also appreciate the most awesome scoop to have ice creamed! I enjoyed reading about your sentimentals too, I think jewellery often has a lot of personal vibes that get passed on with it.

 2 months ago  

That's an awesome looking scoop lol

I want ice cream now 🤣🤣🤣 love the scoop!

this is a cute little ice-cream scoop. I would love to have one like this as well. So cute

Aha, I can see how the love for ice creams runs in your family😂😂😂
For you to be able to guard and cherish this spoon it does some good with ice creams.

 2 months ago  

I did not find anything you said weird. I'd like to continue by saying my favoUrite part is I never woulda guessed you'd end on a spoon ice cream scooper after that introduction.

:applause: I encourage this behavioUr.


Cherished and Valued Item

All of these items go together, so it's not technically "one item". Five copper bracelets. One silver chain. One white gold ring. One stone pendant.

Each of the copper bracelets were handmade. The two on the left I made. The top right one was made for me specifically by a healer I used to know. The bottom right was made for me by my father before he died. The center one was made by a close friend who gave me some very helpful guidance.

The chain was my father's. He wore it all his life. I remember him swimming in the ocean with me on his back and my tiny hand (I couldn't even swim then) rested on top of that chain while he swam with me. The memory is embedded in my mind. The white gold ring was my aunt's, a very special type of wedding ring (not in marriage to a person). I was named after her. We had a very close relationship. She died of cancer several years ago.

Every day I wear two of the bracelets and the chain with the pendant and ring. If I had to let go of every single personal possession, these are the last things I will let go of because of who made them, who gave them to me, and the use I have for the bracelets.

The pendant is quartz with black tourmaline. It has special significance and usage. I purchased it in a special place at transition point in my life.

Yep, this is the sort of stuff I thought people would talk about, keepsakes.

Clearly these things have deep meaning and value for you and I get it; things that others have made or worn tend to hold more significance to us and we tend to attach stories to them for comfort, guidance and even healing. Of course memories also seep into these items sometimes, like with your dad's chain.

Great answer, cool items and awesome photo!

Yep, this is the sort of stuff I thought people would talk about, keepsakes.

I'm typical for once? Thanks.

All of them are tools, quite frankly, so the majority value lies in the tool aspect. There is still meaning and value in terms of those who created or wore the pieces, with the exception of the stone, it's purely a tool only.

I think we all attach many things to objects and people. It appears to be a natural human experience.

memories also seep into these items sometimes, like with your dad's chain.

This does happen for people. I didn't recall the memory until I was wearing it one day and touched it in the same manner, which triggered the memory. Interesting how you say memories seep into these items sometimes. Have you had that sort of experience yourself?

Hmm, yes good questsh.

I have things that I feel contain essence of what was; a moment, a person and such. I wrote about one a while back last year, about a little tea pot that I have that was part of some childhood memories. It was quite a personal post.

contain essence of what was

Interesting way of seeing that. I read that post. I haven't forgotten. Thanks for touching on that.

At first I was like *snakes!" Then I looked closer.

These pendants really mean a lot to you because of the memories of the people attached to them. I'm sure you wouldn't loose then for just anything.

They are all beautiful by the way.

😂 Snakes! Yes, it's always about people for me. The two I made resonate differently since I prefer things handmade by others. Thank you.

 2 months ago  

These are awesome things and it almost looks like it's a dream catcher of sorts. I've got a necklace that I'll hope our son has the same memories with one day, that I'll be giving to him!

I like your suggestion of dream catcher. I do have a real one of those. Lol.

I hope your son does too. It's the connection with the person that establishes that memory, at least from my experience.

Oh, man. I love these.

Rest of the story. The Frog (you'll find my post) was given to me by a healer's husband. I have several things from her and really, they all felt too personal to share. A green tourmaline necklace that I wear specifically when I'm riding my motorcycle. Two 'trees of life' that she gave to my mother and me. And more.

So I get it. And even maybe have an inkling of the import...

Wow, really interesting what you've said. I'm going to look for The Frog post you mention. You're familiar with healers. How interesting. Tree of life and more also very interesting. I see you do get it.

Important tools, so to speak. Lots I could say but I'll leave it there.

 2 months ago  


Rolls eyes Response.

These must be priceless treasures worth more than gold. The memories of your loved ones are fully represented.
I do hope that you pass them on to someone who is worthy next time.

Not priceless, but valuable in their own way along with the memories. I've not given it any thought as to who I would pass them on to, so something to consider, thank you.

Considering last weekend's topic and this weekend's topic I would say that there is a lesson we can learn about what is valuable. Above all people and relationships. No object can even come near, but since today's topic is objects I will try to bring one for show and tell.

Right now I would have to go with my keyboard. It's a little heavy but it's precious to me. With out it I wouldn't know where to let out my frustrations. I don't own any Winchester riffle so the best thing I have to let out steam is to bang on the keyboard.

It's kind of sad, but very practical that most of many of my precious things today are digital.


I've been holding back...

This is a leather Bible a friend made for me. It is precious because of my relationship to this friend and the effort he put in to make this for me. He lives half way around the world but for I feel very close and I'm thankful to have him as a friend.



Posted via proofofbrain.io

I play the piano, and have one of my own, so I understand how valued your keyboard is. A great choice. I also agree that it's a little sad that electronic devices tend to be our most treasured, or important things. I remember a time when this was not the case. I know, I'm so bloody old! 😀

I like that bible cover also, it looks really cool and also that you keep that friendship going despite the distance. Nice work.

I hope you're having a good weekend so far; what's on your agenda for Saturday and Sunday?

Hi @galenkp,

It's a beautiful day in Korea. I'm actually reading that Bible and now in the book of Numbers chapter 7. We are rearranging all the furniture in the house and one step closer into making our living arrangements livable.

I know, I'm so bloody old! 😀

I remember so many times waiting for the dial when other people bought high tech touch tone phones. I don't remember much more beyond the boom box and jogging head phones but since I was little I liked electronics and they always turned out to be be mostly a fad.

Are you still in the outback?

Lol, the boom box! One wasn't cool unless one had a boom box. 😂

Do you remember the Walkman? It used to play cassette tapes. The sound quality was terrible!

I'm at home currently. I've had a few interviews to do and this coming week I think I'll get an offer or two to consider and then will be back to work shortly, a week or two. Time will tell.

I'm glad you've got a good day over there and hope you make the most of the day.

I was a caddy at the golf course to earn money to buy a Walkman but by the time I had enough money to buy a Walkman my friend already bought a discman. That's life chasing after material. Someone always has something better. Try to have fun with work and the interviews if that is possible. I will try to have fun getting rid of my kid's elementary school stuff.^^







@galenkp, you've been given LUV from @mineopoly.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (7/10)

Lol, that's awesome. Golf caddy to earn money for walkman. Ah yes,the good old days.

Good luck with your weekend and schoolwork for your little tacker. I hope you find some time for yourself also.

Damn. I sorta get the keyboard. I'm not even sort of musical so playing the radio is about the limit of my talents.

The music brought back a surge of memories. My grandmother was self taught on the Pianer and everything she played was either gospel or hymns from church. I've often wondered how she convinced my Grandfather that she needed a piano. He was not exactly frivolous with money. I know I heard 'Precious Memories' from her and I think Jim Reeves (on the phonograph)...

Beautiful memories


A precious friendship indeed. That is truly from the heart especially with all the effort that must have went into it.

It's kind of sad, but very practical that most of many of my precious things today are digital.

Hahaha I heavily relate to this as well. I do have few items here and there that have practical value but quite a lot are digital. I am greatful to still keep hard copy books around for my leisure reading.

Even the books get heavy whenever we move from place to place @moon-city. But we still keep a load of books. Some of them we should really throw out. We haven't been to the library since corona maybe we should visit there now and work on organizing some of the stuff we don't need.


I definitely agree with you here! The books I have are relatively in good condition so I am aiming to give it away to a library near me so I can lighten up the load here in my house. I have not been inside a library either in a very long time.

Overall, the less things I keep around, the better I am able to manage them. My overall space stays less cluttered and cleaning is a lot faster lol. I see quite some perks of going digital

 2 months ago  

How long you been doing those quotes now? That Ulysses one just trumped all the others.

When we began traveliving, we liberated ourselves by parting with our possessions. The most difficult for me was my record collection, I'm talking more than 10k pieces of vinyl. I'm gonna stop now cuz you might've just inspired a whole article (AGAIN!) about the one thing I'll never lose site of.

Even when we returned stateside I already had Pura's mother ready to get it back to me. She holds it for me when I'm not in the country—my grandfathers flag. He was a Submariner in the US Navy, they did the whole folding of the flag, 21 gun salute, etc at his memorial. Eh, lol! My uncles (his boys) were pissed when grandma gave it to me and not them. 👊🏼


It's a legit quote huh? I always look for quotes that mean something to me or kind of resonate and this one is certainly one that does both.

Thanks for sharing this cool item mate; it has deep meaning and value to you clearly. Respect for your grandpa also. Submariner = Crazy bugger in my opinion. Brave souls though. You must be proud.

 2 months ago  

I am sir. To the point I get chills when my virtual homeboy recognizes my pride.

Yes'ir. I love that quote. I'll make sure to let you know when if a future quote resonates more to me. Might be awhile.

I feel proud of him man, I can only imagine how proud you are. It says a lot about a person who looks back and honours those that came before, especially ones who did very difficult things, usually willingly.


 2 months ago  

I wasn't sure how to compliment the painting. I've been thinking of a good way and the weekend's gonna be over soon so I'll just wing it and say I wish I could look at it every day.

Thank you mate. It gets a lot of attention when people come into my house and see it. It's pretty large so commands attention but people always say it's like looking out a window over the beach.

It's actually the second he did...He'd been commissioned by some rich-ass dude to do this scene with his daughter in it, along down the beach wearing a yellow bikini. It was pretty damned legit. Fucken legit bro.

We all coaxed him into doing another but he refused to make it the same so he fundamentally changed it and left out the 20 year old hottie. Lol.

I have a few of dads paintings and this one is one of my faves.

 2 months ago  

Damn man! That's like 2,000 words.

2013 to be exact.

 2 months ago  

See what happens when you tensile strengthen strings? I forgot to tell you I was waiting for img src on this one and when I found it, it was yours. I was all "first the quote and now this?!"

Hashtag Fire!! And for anyone tuned in who doesn't like The Cult: Firstly, you have issues. Secondly, I've included this alternate source for your listening pleasure however the messages in each are essentially equal.

Who can go past a little bit of Nelly bro! So hot in herre...

Brilliant quote

Wow! such was an honour, the gave it to you because they Saw greatness in you,
Your potential was what drives them, to me, they were not mistaking....

 2 months ago  

Really nice of you to say that, thank you.

What's on the agenda in South Nigeria this weekend, anything exciting in the works?

You are welcome

Governor's in all the South South States complain of "open grazing" I think some Governor's made law that must be undergo by cattle rearers, since farming are complaining of their farmland being destroy by cow, that moved from one place to another, in search of goods and pasture.

 2 months ago  

Costa Rica has the same practice, "open grazing." It was so odd to me at first but I understand now. But seeing cattle and big huge bulls marching down the beach never gets old.

That is the thing, although it is not good as the cow may destroy farmers crops, causing traffic on the roads or beach and as that, the cow dung is acidic, it can cause damage to crops or others animals

 2 months ago  

Ah, ok. Well in that case I can see why everything would turn to bullshit.

We are used to their bullshit anyway.....

The west used to all be 'free range'. Some of it still is. It's not a good idea to drive fast at night in 'free range' zones :) Go ahead, ask me how I know.

Costa Rica? My brother just bought a place there. Right now today, he's in Panama looking at another place. Yep, investment places, though he has a 'temporary resident visa' in CR.

 2 months ago  

I have nothing good to say about CR my friend so I'll stop now. We stayed there for 6 months. Where was I?

I know this! Sir, we were in a golf cart the first time we came up on a herd of cattle. A no door or roof having golf cart. It was pitch black outside. I felt so unprotected in that thing.

Then I learned it was Mornal and nobody owns the cattle. They're just doing what everyone else does... search for food and shelter.

Panama was cool though! 👍🏿

I was maybe 18 and taking a girl home and cutting her curfew pretty close (I'm thinking midnight) when I caught a cow in the headlights. I went completely defensive with brakes and steering. I JUST bumped the bull at the end. If I'd have hurt her daddy's bull I'd have been in shit deeper than you can imagine.

 2 months ago  

Talking about historic flags! This really takes a spot into the cherished kind of memorabilia.

 2 months ago  

Thank you. It's my favorite possession. I'm kinda disappointed in haven't mentioned I til now.

 2 months ago  

I think it just got the perfect moment to be a showcase.

This is very cool @dandays and I'm glad that it is so prized, perhaps that's why it made it's way to you, they knew you would look after it.

Unfortunately the war medals that were in my family from my mothers side got into the hands of the wrong grandson who sold them all, so it makes me very happy and proud to see when people look after these memorabilia of people that gave up so much for country and kin. You should be very proud of it being bestowed into your care and that it is part of your history and lineage.

Go well buddy


 2 months ago (edited) 

That was so nice. Now that I think about it, you're always nice. That's nice.

I think of that regularly, my grandmother knew who to give that flag to even out of her own boys. It's been everywhere I am for over 20 years now.

When we got back to the states last year, first thing we did when we got a car was drive all the way across the country to California from Florida to get it. I won't ship it.

And when we leave again, I'll drive it all the way back to California where I know it's safe.

Sorry about your memorabilia, those kinda stories are the worst. How is that grandson doing these days?

Hey @dandays Thanks for the reply.

It's great that you take the time and effort to keep it safe and I wouldn't ship it either if it were an item in my possession.

Hmmm interesting question, I actually don't know where he is - he kinda fell off the radar shortly after he did that stupid deed.

Re: on being nice - I try to be a good human being, but I do have the capacity to not be nice, should I choose to (or need to) the same as the next person I suppose. Most times I'd prefer to remain dignified.

Look after yourself bud.


 2 months ago  

See what I mean? You did it again. =D

So what'd Lory's mommy make her for breakfast this morning?

Funny, my autocorrect refused to spLeL Lory. It changed her name to Alley two times without my permission but I saw that shit like "you're wrong Autocorrect!!"

Lol autocorrect often does not possess the ability to be dignified or nice! Well done on catching it.

Lory chose to have a rather boring option of wheatbix this morning, although she did have more exciting options to choose from. Funny I used to love wheatbix as a kid too, barely appeals to me these days though.

Glad to read you are having an ok weekend that side and your posts comments have now got me questioning how to ensure family heirlooms remain in the care of the right people. Seems many of us have some planning to do.

Have a good one bud.

 2 months ago  

Write It Down!


Wheatbix, between autocorrect and google I don't know who to believe so why don't you tell me. Is that a cereal like Wheat Chex?

Yes I do need to write it down.

Wheatbix is a cereal yes, but I totally F-ed up the branded spelling ...on the box it says weet bix. It's not those cute little pillow thingies, those look far more exciting lol.

Best Item I have seen here so far, it gets my up vote.

Even though the wooden spoon (spatula) and a psycho babysitter hold personal meaning for me...

Freedom has never been free. But Hot Dogs are with a fuel purchase at Bongo Bills Truck Stop and Casino.


 2 months ago  

Thank you sir, I love that flag. My favorite possession. I haven't got a chance to go through all the engagement yet but it's really cool several of you appreciate that flag.

You attach the dopest clips. Whoever caught that eagle on film musta been like BIGGEST EMOJI EVER!


Clock starting now...


And Reading in 4... 3... 2...

 2 months ago  

I'll believe it when I see read that you saw it.

Took me 25 minutes. Did I say how great it was. It was and I did...


 2 months ago  

Hashtag ThugLife.

Grandma must have recognized the care you would show toward family heirloom by placing it in your keeping.

Now this duty falls to you when old to find the right family member to look after as you have.

 2 months ago  

I never thought about that. I'm embarrassed I haven't mentioned the flag until now but even more so I haven't thought about where it should go next! Dammit.

I better get to searching for a couple cousins I think are still alive and write it down!

Thank you.

Get it to them beforehand, or write a Will, make sure once you gone it get's to the right one....

Witnessed enough fighting over dem old bones in families, actually sad, but yup it happens.

 2 months ago  

Me too Joan! I even wrote about it once. Family changes after they bury a loved one. Thank you. It's written now.


Makes you feel better knowing you have noted where it goes, seen some wicked shit in my time with families.

Ironically my Mom was given 6 months to live, Dad made a year later, when we all met, everything.... and I mean everything had been labelled by my Mom in those 6 months.

Memory serves me well, not going to happen in my home if I can avoid it.

That flag is an amazing memorial to your grandfather. I still remember my father's record collection. Some of the faces spooked me out like Joan Baez and Jim Croce, others were just trippy to me back then like the Yellow Submarine album. I would look at the covers more than listen. They were all gone in 1983.

 2 months ago  

83 is significant to me too, my wife was born that year. I parted with so many records, I remember each cover you mentioned. I have a vague idea how your dad must've felt. Devastated only worse.

I'm glad I pictured that flag, not sure what took me so long.

What's it like living in Korea? That's frikkin cool! How long you been there? What made you call it home?


Damn man. Your grandfather was a pig boat (diesel) guy. Those were some tough and dedicated sailors, I'll tell you what.

I have a really good buddy in San Diego that's 80 now. He started out on a pig boat and 30 years later was the COB on a boomer. Hell of a man, hell of a friend, hell of a motorcycle rider.

Thanks for the memories. Mine and yours.

 2 months ago  

My pleasure. Anytime I can spark a memory like that, I only wish I would've shared it sooner.

Yes'ir. Submariner. Good morning Tom!

:insert pipes that vibrate off the road like:
potato chip- potato chip- potato chip....


 2 months ago  

That's a wonderful topic, @galenkp

My most treasured item on the list is the bicycle although I have a lot of items on the list. It has served as my primary means of transportation and has given me exercise every day. There are many benefits that come with bicycling such as the fact that it is good for my health and I am able to get outside more than if I were to take public transportation. In addition, it's highly valued for its accessibility, affordability, and low maintenance cost. Although it's not a professional or expensive bike, it really suits me and my cycling level now. 😁😁


That looks like a pretty legit bike indeed! Do you ride it to work or is it just recreational? Also, have you tried jumping it off a ramp? I used to want to jump my bike off ramps as a kid all the time, most didn't end well for me and ended in pain. 😀

Gosh, I've read some of those stories Galen and it amazes me sometimes that you are still alive and not missing limbs.

All my bits are where they should be Andy, but some have had a torrid time of it.

I'm sorry I laughed at this, I feel horrible, but the way you word these things G-dog, I can't help it.

Please take care ok?

It's ok Andy, I don't mind people laughing at me; I like it actually. It means they have positive thoughts and if I can be at the root of them? Well, I think that's legit.

I'll take care...I'm easier on my bits as I age...But I'm still hoping for advances in technology and the mainstream release of boinic bits just in case I lapse into some form of nutbaggery or other that doesn't go well for some of the more sensitive parts of me. It's always a possibility.

 2 months ago  

My bike is used for recreational purposes 😅

have you tried jumping it off a ramp?

Is it a serious question, Galen? I don't sound like the kind of professional you are 😄😄

Lol, yeah it was a serious question. I can get on a push bike without having the need to jump it off something. These days I need to be a little more careful though, my body doesn't recover as well as it did when I was a kid. 🤪

Nice! I kinda miss my biking days (as a student).
A bit of music and I would just enjoy the scenery.

Just make sure not to fall 😅

 2 months ago  

Hahaha Oh man, I almost forgot my accident last time 😂😂 but I still cycled the following day as I remember. Getting to cycle along the beach and flat streets in my city with music on, yeah,☺️ is a great experience for me 🤩🤩

Wow. This is such a good desire with food intent. The health aspect is believable and it's easy access to move around. A bicycle will serve a good purpose.

This remind me of my Dady bicycle when i was little. I loved seating at the back held on tight to my dad's waist while we ride along to the farm.

Sweet old days😊

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 2 months ago  

Lovely memory ❤️
Back when I was in high school, I often sat behind my ex's bicycle. It was romantic 😉😉
Hey nice to meet you and thanks for engaging 😘

I can imagine that feeling,😊

Thank you for having me.

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Sturdy looking cycle, nice mode of transport to enjoy in more ways than one.

 2 months ago  

Ah I like this, I use my bike for transport every day as well! So much better for you than sitting in a car all day!

 2 months ago  

Thank you 😉
Cycling is my favorite activity when the weather is cool, not when it is 40 degrees outside during the summertime in my country 😄

 2 months ago  

Haha I can imagine, that is wayyy too hot

I once has a bicycle when I was 20 years old but my friend took it from me, he requested that I gave it to him, as a gift, so that he would be using it to remember me, since he and his family were relocating from our State to another state

 2 months ago  


Such a great excuse to have your bicycle, haha, he is smart

What are friends for?
At times you know what they said, isn't really what they meant but you do it for friendship sake.

 2 months ago  

I'm sorry I was kidding
Don't get me wrong :)

I know you, and to be sincere I enjoyed your comments 🤗
How are you doing today?

 2 months ago  

Thank you for understanding friend, I had a busy day outing and cycling. And you?

Can you believe - I can't ride a bike?

You never learned how? Or is it you just don't have the knack of bike riding?

I never learned how and once in England friends showed me and I rode for a short distance but then got really scared of oncoming cars

Lol, yes cars and push bikes aren't a good mix.

Now I have to resort to Taxi's and my kids driving me. Still not happy to use the busses since the pandemic

Yep, public transport isn't much fun at the best of times.

 2 months ago  

Oh really? You will love cycling every day once you try it 🤩

As mentioned @trangbaby - I tried one but then chickened out when the cars drove towards me

Its night time here but looking at this beautiful shot makes me want to bike close to a beach tomorrow. ⛱

Biking is one of my favourite ways of getting around places as well. This is such a peaceful shot.

 2 months ago  

Thank you moon-city. Let's do it. Today I was cycling again, so I would like to send you some more beautiful views to keep you motivated ❤️




I love that bicycle! Reminds me of the time I use to ride with my little sister, she's the expert by the way. She'll give me tips on how to ride better and we'll have a good laugh whenever I fall. Good old memories.

 2 months ago  

Thank you. You both seemed to enjoy the ride together, and your sister seems competent at biking. I'm just a starter and do need to improve more. The day I sent a friend the video of me cycling and he told me that the saddle on my bike is too low 😅😅😅 and I told him that it's because my legs are short 😂😂

Yeah, we did enjoy the ride together.

The day I sent a friend the video of me cycling and he told me that the saddle on my bike is too low 😅😅😅 and I told him that it's because my legs are short 😂😂

😂😂 No, you didn't! What did he say😂😂

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 2 months ago  

Uh huh. Mono-e-mono you and I.

 2 months ago  

Yeah I know ...we both do cycling 😅

Hello dear friends. I am happy to be able to participate in the 70th week of Weekend and share with all of you pictures of a precious Mother's Day gift that my husband gave me. It is very meaningful to me and I use it in special moments, when I go for a walk. We got married very young and at that time we were not working and we were unable to buy wedding rings. When he started working he gave me that stainless steel chain and I have had it for 16 years now, originally it had a white pearl in the middle that unfortunately fell from the base. I tried to stick it back but I never could. I keep it with a lot of love and it is very valuable to me.



As for the question of what would I like to have and why do I want it? Well, I would like to have my own cell phone. My husband and I have one in common and have had so many priorities at home that it has been impossible to buy another. I work doing online sales and many times my husband needs it to make his recordings or answer his messages and it is a bit cumbersome. Hence the need for everyone to have theirs.


Jewelry is probably one of the keepsakes that most of us have and cherish. Wearing it means we can take the memories and emotional connection with us wherever we go. Thanks for sharing your special item with us and I hope you manage to get a second phone sometime as it seems quite a struggle for you both to be using a single phone between you.

Thanks for joining in and I hope you'll be back.

The turtledove, one of my pets from babies, this was a gift from my grandfather a few days ago before he died, he advised me, this baby turtledove has a sweet voice, at any time he will be tame, and can be released and he will come back again easily, grandfather really loves this bird as an entertainer in the morning grandfather, every morning he makes a beautiful sound, it's a sign of a beautiful early morning. this bird is very special to me, this is the most beautiful will that has ever been entrusted to me before my grandfather died.


This is a cool photo and a great item to use for this week's topic!

I'm sorry to hear your grandfather passed away however he has left you with a great gift to help you remember him by.

I wonder, have you named this bird? He looks like a Robert to me. 😀

I don't have a name for the bird yet, I tried to train it by whistling, this is the most beautiful gift for me, my grandfather is a bird lover, every day he takes care of him, my grandfather often tastes coffee in the morning, always plays with his birds. , I allow you to take this picture as the topic of this week, glad to hear you, appreciate my grandfather's gift. 😉



Such great pictures and a well behaved bird to sit there and let you take them.

 2 months ago  

That is so cool! Hopefully you can become a dove whisperer like your grandfather!

Wow wonderful sentence ...
It is precisely in difficult circumstances that one must know true friends
Otherwise, everyone is ready to have fun
What is very valuable to me is my external hard drive because all my dance movies are in it and I feel like I am nothing without it and I also love my car very much because I love its red color.
What I do not have is a romantic relationship that is mine but I have to wait for time ...

I know you love dancing so understand what those dance movies will mean to you. Which is your favourite movie?

Also, I'm sure romance will happen for you in life, just keep being yourself and it'll happen at the right time.

I can say that dancing is the most important and best part of my life
Among the dances I do:
I like Azeri dance the most but I do not post videos because it is less understandable for non-Iranians and I feel they can not communicate with it.
I hope about the romantic relationship and wait ...

That's a lot of different dance styles. I can't do any of them. In fact, I dance so terribly that people become irrevocably emotionally scarred just by watching me dance...And so I do not do it.

Oh my God, I laughed a lot
Dancing gives you a sense of liberation
Just practice a little
I will post hip hop dance training videos soon
Start with them and dance to your favorite song in the forest
I'm sure you will feel good

If I dance too vigorously I might throw a hip out and that will be expensive! Nah, I'll leave dancing to those better suited for it.

Your decision is respectable
In my opinion, everyone does one thing much better than others

➡️ Option two: "Tell us about something you don't have but want and why you desire it..."

Again this week, I choose option two...

Hey G-Dog, Can I get a 3rd option?

"I will take what is behind door #3 Monty..."

I guess what I really want is..?

$$$ M O N E Y.!! $$$

My Crypto Portfolio is up 200% this week. It gives me hope.

What I really want is to be debt free. To have a clean slate. To retire from the daily grind and get off the road. The winning lottery ticket. I do not need to be rich, but to just be done with the financial struggle.


Bro I wish you to get to that financial independence! 🤑
Wish you to get out of the shit simulation fraudolent system!

I do understand the struggle, I'm young and may have just started the real rat race shit (28yo) but I do share your same view and hope, trying to get that green candles to get some money! Not to be rich as you say, to be free, free to have time, free to work whenever I fucking want! Free to draw if I feel fancy, free to do the silly things I like doing, free to be me! Well you get the point hahaha

I may be delusional but honestly I try to learn every day, actively do and research, do my DD, I have stepped up my game by a lot in this few years just by never giving up and keeping to go ahead!
I started trading maybe like 5 years ago and crypto believer since day one, remember fighting with my mom in 2008-2009 because I wanted to buy GPUs to mine and leave on 24/7 but she just thought I was mad! To this day I feel stupid for not being rich lol I was 16 and living in Italy so I didn't have no card or bank account but man I was years ahead lol I wanted to go all in on mining, if I had just insisted and maybe idk just got her to buy some btc rather then setting up mining... Well I learned from that that you need to always believe in yourself and just follow that gut feeling! Believing in yourself and in sticking up with your plan is what will grant you the key to financial indipendence and again I want to wish you the best of luck in your trading adventures! Let's get them tendies! 🤑🤑🤑*

Sorry for the few swear words lol you got me hyped up so much with your answer and I wanted to leave my thoughts here! Hope it's ok, cheers 😎

Loved your answer as you'd have guessed by now 🤣

Debt free is a good thing to aim for although society isn't really geared for it these days; keeping us poor seems to be better for the corporations and government. How did things shake out after you lost that crypto a little while back? Any luck getting it back?

Oh yes...

Here is the short version.

"Mind officially blown here. The hackers put the inflated amount into my ethereum wallet. The full amount after the bump up.!!"

Long version here.

Last Saturday Night...

It was not hamburgers that were stolen, but over $3k ... https://peakd.com/hive-168869/@krazzytrukker/fear-the-hamburglar-hackers

I started with 1k. Have since added about $500.

Just hit $8500 last night.

I will make a few bold moves when it does that again to double that amount.

I use Coinbase. I have had the best luck with them. Tried others, but they are User friendly, and they integrates with the 5 laptops I have mining on prohash for Doge.

Binance is ok, but horrible withdrawal fees. I will pull out of there with an ACH transfer soon.

I like Bittrex and have made a few bucks there.

I wish I had invested in Hive when it was at .20 cents. $1500 x 7 would have.been a sweet bump last week.

Yeah, I use Binance and Bittrex as well. I split my trading over both so one exchange doesn't have it all. The bulk of my holdings are on my Trezor wallet though. I did pretty well last week with the hive increase. I had sells laddered all the way up to $2USD so managed to sell all the way through the increase range. Of course, it all got put back in as buys and I'm looking forward to hive dropping back so they all go through...And then it can go back up again.

 2 months ago  

200% from what, $10? That's a real vague way of bragging. Watch, I'll show you what I mean.

Fuel prices have increased 85% since some crazy ass viral thing took over humanity.

$1500 Fiat. Up to $8500 top of bump. 6-7k bouncing now.

 2 months ago  

Nice dude!

Very nice.

When we landed here in August last year, 87 was $1.67/gal. Today at the same station it's $3.09.

Thanks a lot for the stimulus checks assholes!

 2 months ago  

I own a lot of mementos. There's a lot of written stuff. I have a handmade wristband that was a birthday gift. Some coins and a smoking pipe from my grandpa. But something I'll really have on mind and keep and cherish forever is this picture from the girl who owns my first sale from the workshop. This is also something from this year, but it seems like it's been a long time since that Cuatro left my hands. I do hope it is producing a lot of music.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-21 at 4.09.23 PM (1).jpeg

That's so cool. I am sure that guitar is doing well, it's great that you got a photo of it before it left.

 2 months ago  

That makes us two. I bet it is getting some love.

This is a cool item bro! Something you crafted with your hands that is making music and making that young lass happy I'm sure. Did she send you the picture in thanks?

 2 months ago  

It was a gift from her older sister who is in Uruguay. She sent me some pictures for my social media. I need to to keep some updated with stuff if I want to attract clients.

I hope it worked to bring more business in.

 2 months ago  

It's been tough, but I keep trying posting regularly and well, I have a new one up ready to sell.

Sometimes valuable things are difficult to affect but the reward that comes from the effort can be as welcome as the thing itself. 😉

 2 months ago