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Hi, I'm @inertia. I am writing and updating this post from a modified version of chronicle that lets me do diff-match-patch. My hope is to update it indefinitely so that it is literally my profile page.


My very first post on the platform is That's Nutrition! wherein I posted a picture of a bottle of hot sauce. I originally posted this picture on reddit where it got 1,358 reddit upvotes. I thought since it was mildly popular on reddit, it'd do well here. Turns out, not so much. In fact, my first 3 posts were pretty much duds.

But that got me thinking, since interprets markdown, I have plenty of markdown content in my github repositories. I should post those. So I posted OpenBazaar API Ruby Client. Sure enough, @ned upvoted it.

Then I posted a bunch of stuff I liked like playlists and videos I didn't create, which were not received well. It was a learning curve. It was luck. But it was also fun.

In fact, my original theory about posting github repo markdown didn't pan out on my next attempt: CobbleBot

I did various memes, various news article reposts. I also started to basically mine content from my old blogs, especially ones that were no longer hosted. Nothing really seemed to click. I'd get 30¢ here, 2¢ there.

Then I posted Bob the Builder Lives in a Socialist Society and got a nice payout. Turns out original content really seemed to be the ticket. Only, it wasn't technically original. It was a repost from one of my old blogs. Still, I felt like I was getting the hang of it.

In fact, by my very next post, Blockchain Fiction: Warner to be Executed, I was getting even more excited by the possibilities.

It's not really practical to dig deep into my old post anymore. So here's a digest version.

About Me (and my family)

A little bit about me and more on my family.


Jesus stuff.


I'm not really that skilled at photography, but I know what I like.


I am a one-trick-pony with regards to poetry.


Most of the programming I do is in ruby. If you're not yet into ruby, here's how I would recommend going about picking a programming language to learn: How to Pick a Programming Language


What got me into crypto in the first place.


Like, you know, liberty.


I write fiction, sometimes.

About the Steem Hive Platform

These are about various ideas or just commentary on the platform itself.


Checking some of your old post, you really had a rough start like seriously your introduce yourself post got $2+, if I didn't see it, I wouldn't have believe it.

Although, original content is still value even till today but with the help of bidbots, seems reward is mostly gotten literally by yourself.

Some of the community still around but guess when a few people is available the work become tedious and tiring.

95 posts?

Nothing and he still continued, am never ever going to complain again

My 95 posts were not all in a row! However, it was a rough start. I'm still here and the tides change. :)

I'm still here and the tides change. :)

Yes saw that after going through your blog and your present rep says it all 😀

In the early days I would have been delighted with $2. The economics of steemit have changed. I don't think the buying of massive votes as a good development. We need to see most posts like this one with community support on the trending page.

We need to see most posts like this one with community support on the trending page

New investors would only come if the already invested users are able to acknowledge the legitimacy of the business, that's when we have organic individuals vote start dominating the trending page rather than paid for votes

My 95 posts were not all in a row! However, it was a rough start. I'm still here and the tides change. :)

U analyzed that crytically thumps up

I posted several things from old blogs. Maybe I should find some of the episodes of The Sitter Downers (a defunct podcast with around five listeners) discussing your political and theological views from ten years ago. We really loved it when you started writing in :)

That might be fun. Yeah, my day job was in Java back then. And gmail was brand new technology.

I just read your thoughts on Autism and I found it to be a very interesting point of view. Organizing your posts by topic was a great idea and an efficient way to help us get to know you a little better. :)

Your wife reminds me a little of my 2nd grade art teacher.
Your kids are stinkin' adorable!
I misread "5 Minutes With Charlie Shrem" as "5 Minutes With Charlie Sheen".

I just read your thoughts on Autism and I found it to be a very interesting point of view.

Yeah, it's just a theory. It might just be from the influence of House and other various media input. There was this episode where he was treating a dude who could play the piano even though he had cognitive deficiencies in other areas due to an accident.

You must be talking about the episode with Dave Matthews as the piano player. :)

You briefly mentioned non-verbal autism, and you got really close for what it seems to be like for my son. His vocabulary is HUGE, but his ability to express himself by stringing those words together is limited to a few small 3-4 word phrases.
When he is forcing to get words out, I can tell he knows what he wants to say, but gets frustrated that he can't get it out of his mouth. When you said they must feel like "Why can't I just get it out! Come on!" (I'm paraphrasing, I think.) you're spot on, in my personal experience.

For my oldest, if he really wants us to know what he wants, he'll use the color of the thing. Sometimes, the color sticks even though it makes no sense over time. Sometimes it depends on the location and situation.

  • black - I want to go to my room to be alone.
  • yellow - I want to listen to that one CD I like that you have in the van.
  • green - I want to play with that one particular toy.
  • pink - I want my sister to get out of my face.
  • red - I want to watch YouTube.
  • purple - I want some ice water (not just water, specifically ice water).
  • orange - I want an orange.

Blue and white have been used, but not for anything that has stuck.

He did this color thing all on his own. It might have originated with orange. Fruit is absolute favorite food. He'll eat it until he pukes.

That is truly remarkable! I've heard of people associating words with colors before, and it makes sense to me in a way.

Thinking like a speech pathologist, might colors be a way in to get him to expand his phrasing? Our way in to our son was vehicles. That's how he learned colors, shapes, spelling, even used car shaped pop beads to get his motor skills going.
If he will echo you at all, you might be able to eventually get him to say "I want red."
Then, "I want red youtube."
Then remove the red for "I want youtube."
It won't change overnight, of course. But if you can break through and get that first "I want" the others may come on easier.

I really enjoy when the speech therapists will allow me to be in the room when they work with him. I try to retain as much as I can to use at home.

Yep, he's become more and more receptive to expanding the phrases. He loves the sounds of words. He just doesn't seem to find them as useful.

He likes to see what single word he can say to get us to talk or sing for a long time while he sits back and grins.

Just entertaining to him. Word judo. "What's the minimum verbalization I can get away with today?" To be honest, I actually get that. If I could get away with "coffee!!" I would. But I also value interpersonal relationships.

He's much more interested in reverse echolalia. And why not? We ask him to say these meaningless phrases, why can't he ask us to do the same?

He loves to make deals. "I'll get off the bus if you will promise I can listen to the Wiggles Popcorn Album right when we get in the door." But he says, "popcorn" and grins and sits in his seat until we say "ok, popcorn."

He's making deals with us because we make deals with him. We taught him it's all about making deals. I'm actually glad he realized that and finds it useful. We get to know what's on his mind.

He also likes A B verbalization, which is new. I say A, he says B in response. So, one time I told him to say hi to someone named Nichole. He said "Hi Quarter." Get it? Nickle -> Quarter!

That's the exchange he'd prefer. Formulatic. Extremely minimal. In reality, we do try to push him beyond one-word requests.

I didn't know that you were working for Steemit now. Good stuff man, you are a solid person to have on the team. It's good for everyone to know that the learning curve and struggles are real, and thanks for making it easy to catch up on some of the older gems, if only they could still be upvoted easily..

if only they could still be upvoted easily..

It would certainly be nice if there was a formal solution for this, but I know it's a tough nut to crack if we want scalability sooner than later (in terms of the technology involved).

But I've also had some success with simply re-posting content that I thought was over-looked.

Also, many of my ruby posts are close to the re-post definition. If I publish an update to an app, I'll just change the first paragraph to highlight the changes and make sure the rest still fits. Otherwise, it's the same post.

There's no reason why people can't re-post what they've written previously, just adding a paragraph to the top referencing why they're re-posting.

I missed this somehow. I thought you might be working with SteemIt, but I wasn't sure until now!

I can not even begin to tell you how excited I am to hear that, and for totally selfish reasons.

Yeah, part of it was that the work I'm doing is specific to community developers, which is almost exactly what I'd blog about anyway, so there wasn't anything to really discuss. Only now, I'm working with a great team. That would certainly be relevant to discuss.

What's funny is, I haven't met anyone on the Steem platform before TokenFest, and the first people I meet are the folks at Steemit, Inc.

Congratulations to SteemIt, Inc and to you on the new job.

4/4 people I know who have worked for SteemIt, Inc have said really positive things about working there. They have all been people I like also, that has to mean something!

I never thought the day would come when we would see Inertia's face! :)
Glad to hear you are happy working with Steemit Inc.
I learned Ruby on Rails for a project a while ago - I kind of like it, but for now I am back with PHP. I have to say that I am interested by your Ruby posts for Steem though, I'll be checking some out for sure.

Great name, now I'm curious about it. As wikipedia states:

The mass of a body determines the momentum, p, of the body at given velocity, v; it is a proportionality factor in the formula:

p = mv
The factor m is referred to as inertial mass.

But mass, as related to the "inertia" of a body, can also be defined by the formula:

Here, F is force, m is inertial mass, and a is acceleration.

Please interpret this in steem terms.

@Inertia, am glad to see this post as resteemed by @surpassinggogle - I know he shares this as it depicts @ulogs, #ulogging. it's indeed all joys for me to see you make a review of all your posts. I inteded doing this, but the push wasn't there, now, you just "inertia-red" me into it. I see that it is quite important that we find time to make an appraisal of ourself. Here in the steemit in particular to see what exactly we contributed. Such appraisal as you've done will tell how balanced or lopsided our contributions were. Thank you once again for this.

You truly had an unpleasant begin like genuinely your present yourself post got more then $2+
On the off chance that I didn't see it, I wouldn't have trust it.
Anyway I trust
There has normally two sorts of individuals. One who figure such a great amount before accomplishing something and they can't just accept circumstances for what they are without finding that part and there has another who can't think at all and can undoubtedly take the path of least resistance and in any case individuals truly prefers him. It is better than average for you on the off chance that you can undoubtedly release any issue and you take individuals effortlessly and their words as well.

Thanks for sharing your valuable post.And we're
always with you.

Super cool! It's like "let me introduce myself" but on Reputation Level 70!😉

You truly deserve some accolades for these massive contribution you have made to the steem community. You have truly paid your dues. Kudos to you @inertia

Do you have quite a library thanks for sharing so much I know of one other person who has put together asteemit library. @creatr. Libraries like these can be a wonderful resource. Thanks @inertia

Highly rEsteemed!

Good to hear you are working for Steemit. It's great to see so many projects built around this platform. Hope you can encourage more developers to get involved.

Newer users may not appreciate what steemit was like in the old days. Some made thousands on a post, but most of us struggled to make cents. It was worth persisting.

Wishing you all the best

One thing is pretty clear, we need to learn and evolve to be successful here. There is no clear definition of what works and what not in the short run, irrespective of original or not, but consistency is the key in the long run.

wow!!! That's a nice introduction.
How do you feel???
Have a nice day!!!wish you for your better life..
Thanks for sharing..

I am bookmarking a lot of these posts for reading later.

Well, here we are now after this journey from the beginning. Nice to meet you and read about you :)

HEY, BROTHER! So nice to know there is a fellow Christian poet in a position of influence here.

Cool to learn more about you and how your are doing things with Steemit Inc. We host a weekly steem based radio show we call The Resteem Radio Show, where we interview Steemians. If you would ever be interested in chatting with us some time, let me know! Would be great to chat. You can check out the show on my blog if you are interested.

Good to know! THANK YOU 😁🤙

Hello @inertia a pleasure to meet you! Certainly you have a very varied blog you have very important information that they serve us all and thanks to this publication we can have everything classified!
Your photos are very good, especially I liked one that is called "Prism - Sunrise on the lake" is beautiful.
The beginnings are often difficult, I tell you from experience. While I read your publication I identified with some things that you say, when I started in Steemit, it was very difficult the first months, I'm from Venezuela and I published in my language, but I did not have much help and I had to learn things for myself in something that It was completely new to me.

I made memes, poetry, photos and things like that but it did not go well at all, when I decided to do what I really like that is to draw! I went a little better, but then I received some favorable votes from some important people of the platform, and they wanted to mark me because they said that I did not do the drawings.
after receiving many insults I decided not to publish more there and I had to find other ways writing in English, at that moment it was horrible, a second start!

but now that I think about it, I think it was the best thing that happened to me, with the passing of time things have improved a lot, I've met many friends and I never tire of learning new things from Steemit every day.
Steemit in my life and I do what I like ..
Soon we will have many more users, the million will be small.
I would like to know a little more about your work and to know about the improvements that come for Steemit.

Reading this post just make me feel that I know you better Inertial. I've read in the past some of your post and enjoyed your attitude and willingness to help others. While I still struggle (for about 6 months) to identify what content gets more interest on Steemit, I learn new things every day.

I am a software test engineer and my brother is a developer and I am always looking for something to get involved with him and maybe you can pin-point some resources or show me a path we could enroll to in order to integrate or develop some tools for STEEMIT platform. That would be greatly appreciated!!!

You are an inspiration to many steemians like me who is having hard time promoting my contents. My introductory post made $0.02 but i never gave up. Thank you sir for sharing your story with us

Really wonderful . i am totally impressed. Happy journey in steemit.

This is the biggest news I've ever heard, I use to think the Development guys of were invisible, or maybe they stay away from the platform, wow I've known you way back, your humility is astounding, your memes and Dev posts are amazing, amazing again at @inertia and oh one last thing I use to think you were a woman

I just got this from a resteem from @surpassinggoogle and wow its a great post with much info....I have always seen this username but didnot take much time digging into it!

You have poured out your heart here and given us your Steemit story.I just checked your first post had 7 votes and 1 comment and the same reddit post had 1355 votes and 155 comments! interesting how life can be hard in the start on Steemit hahaha.

I like the way you make your post titles,straight to the point! I have bookmarked this so that i get a full day of reading all the links here.

I have checked briefly through some posts and liked one of your favorite quotes below hahaha

"Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." - Benjamin Franklin

You have also stressed that original content wins on Steemit and its better you create a niche.

I saw you tried memes,photography,playlists and videos hahaha.It is good you finally discovered your niche!

I remain Jarau from Uganda ...the lead Steemit Promoter.

I think you will enjoy interacting in the poetry classes headed by @d-pend and also join @comedyopenmic if you are not already there

That's a good review, @interia
Although, original content is still value even till today but with the help of bidbots, seems reward is mostly gotten literally by yourself.Good content.

Wish you a great success here at Steemit and every field of your life!

How to work you are amazing. In addition to cleaning you too Checking some of your old posts, you really have a rough start like you seriously introduce yourself got $ 2 +, that's what I'm wary of and if I do not see it, I will not believe it. @inertia you is the base