So I Recently Began This Thing Where I Take

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Plus or minus a dozen unfiltered photos from more or less the same position beginning with my coffee cup from the living room of our stay overlooking an Atlantic harbor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where big fancy mansions have big fancy yachts docked outside.


And then I snapped one with my feet on the couch like who's chillin the most because it dawned on me not everyone enjoys coffee.


And then it clicked like an emotional Persian protest in Paris intended to bring awareness to the brutality and murdering of women inflicted by the Iranian police of "morality," whatever the fuck that means.

Get up, DanDays - The Luckiest Guy I Know, put one foot in front of the other and hike your ass across the living room floor. Draw the curtains back, all the way back, open the sliding glass doors to max capacity, lean against the handrail and snap several photos of the sunrise for several days.




Then I was uncertain how to introduce the photos. Rarely I'm at a loss for words and refuse to acknowledge that's why I've been absent more often than not lately but I've been in four countries and six states in under three months and everything's a blur right now. Tough to focus on anything that isn't directly in front of me.




And then it hit me like a cold shower in Portugal. When we were there, we lost hot water due to energy restrictions on two separate occasions. The first time I was pissed.

I paid for hot water!

Wtf kinda underdeveloped country shit is this?!

Unacceptable, I'm e-mail'ing Air B&B, I want my money back.

I rushed through the motions: lather, shampoo, rinse, yata yata, rapidly stepping in and out of an ice cold stream of water like a fast forward version of square dancing until I was so fresh and so clean.


Dried off in front of the mirror which wasn't foggy at all by the way. Proceeded to brush my teeth, moisturize my face, apply deodorant, et cetera, all while unsure whether or not I should admit how refreshing that was.




And then it happened again. The second time wasn't nearly as marring as the first because I had time to prepare. A lot of mental preparation is required to take a cold shower.

You got this. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Think of all the people who would give anything just to have running water right now and you're acting like a female dog cuz yours isn't hot.

It'll be quick, don't stand directly under the stream, I wonder if there's any health benefits to this?




Professional athletes take ice baths following a competition to reduce the risk of injuries. When we have aches, pains or swelling, we apply ice. Food storage—ice.

Dear Google: What then, if any, are the benefits to cold showers?

After disallowing cookies to collect and do who knows what with my search data, I learned according to Health Line and Sportskeeda, the benefits are chilling including, but not limited to:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Immune system boost
  • Reduces stress
  • Skin improvement
  • Weight loss
  • Arthritis benefits
  • Improves hair strength
  • Mood and energy enhancement
  • Muscle soreness relief
  • Increased hyper awareness
  • More stuff




So I recently began this thing where I take cold showers and then attempt to talk you into trying it by listing the multitude of health benefits alongside a multitude of distracting photos.



Hey @dandays mate Glad to see ya after a long time!

Oh sounds like you were having fun in Florida.. dayum that place where you staying got a breathtaking view and pretty amazing shades of sunset shots You Got perfectly.

I've been in four countries and six states in under three months

Woah Dude, Awesome.. Hopefully You had a Great and sound experience.

I paid for hot water!

Brah sad loif... I'm with you on Complain!

It's nice to be seen. Sorry for the distance between content like this, sometimes I get going in so many directions at the same time I can't tell what's UP or down.

Not sure if you've ever been to Florida but the best time to be here is now—right now. There's only about two weeks of this and then it's back to heat and humidity. It's a nice place to visit.

My man I wouldn't change any of it. I'm sure I'll be sharing sections of it here and there.

Nice to see you, thanks man.

Cold showers have become a part of my health routine, no joke! My son introduced me to Wim Hof the Ice Man who is freaking awesome and has broken a ton of records and climbed mount Everest in his shorts!

I get ridiculously excited when people talk about cold showers, it seriously upped my energy to levels I hadn't had in ten years. Of course it's a bit of a different scenario when you're not mentally prepared for it XD

If anyone's reading this, you should watch the video clip she attached. Worth all 7 minutes.

That's exciting to hear. So far it's been an experience. I never really got excited about hot water and apparently I blogged about cold.

Thanks for keeping an eye on me. Sorry I haven't stopped by more often, I'm so all over the place I swear I thought it was Monday until about 4 hours ago.

Wow… 4 countries and some states. So you are back in the US I presume 🤓
I soooo feel you. And you know that @dandays… the struggles of moving around a lot. Expat living… where o where do we ever end up. Can we ever settle down.
Guess what, I’m still in Spain. And our plan A and B are slowly disappearing due to company changes and take overs now… sigh… so plan C was cancelled and right back to plan D and back again to plan C hahaha we are allowing it only this month, that people get back to us. And than we cut all loose and jump… hahaha 🤣 we are done waiting for just over 1 year now.

Any plans at where to next? A bit higher up, like you said before.

The cold showers are truly great… and I’m not saying I’m taking them or doing so. Or let you talk me into it… hahaha
Look into Wim Hof… he is the ultimate guy of using cold for his health.

Looking forward to hearing about it all, what happened along the way…
So many changes I see.

I do love your captures of the sunrise 🌅

How are you both? Hope all is well my friend.
Big hugggg 🤗
Talk soon.

Has anyone told you how sweet you are today?

I read your comment twice—refreshing like a cold shower. = }

Littlebee, I know you know what I mean. And I know you know nobody sympathizes, last thing they wanna hear is how wa! I've travelived so much boo hoo! I'm over it. I got you though, I understand, been there done that. I feel you.

Did I understand you correctly, Plan C is the two of you venturing elsewhere without your husbands employment?

Yes ma'am, north. We've began making rounds already, saying hello to people we haven't seen in a long time and just enjoying the fall season but it's north or bust.

You're the third person to mention him. I'm always last to find out!! I don't blame you, really, just the thought of it is exhausting. I swear that's part of the enjoyment though, that personal mental challenge because the only person/thing I can't negotiate with is myself.

We're doing well, thanks for asking, better now that we're near Pura's medical team again. I hope this finds you well.

Now then, elaborate on Plan C. <3


It's a nice view but I suddenly feel a chill. As a Canadian, nearing winter, I think a cold shower is insult to injury.

Just thinking about it is fun though huh? The water's easier than the mental challenge to leave the handle on cold once you're in it. Cuz once you said you're gonna do it, negotiations are over.

Whaddup? It's totally good for insults to injury too.

5 minutes in -30 wearing only your underwear. Try that instead. Far more refreshing but don't do it when there's a windchill because you'll freeze your nuts off.

5 minutes! Yeah right. You must be outta your underwear.

Hey a buddy of mine saw Danny Elfman this past Saturday, Halloween weekend. That would've been cool.

Who the hell is Danny Elfman?

Yes! It's not just me.

That doesn't answer question though. Dammit. Google, here I come. Okay. I still don't know who the fuck that is!

Lmao 😂
A great dandays post.

Looks like a nice spot to watch the sunrise. I'm not convinced at all to take cold showers though. I've done it when we've had issues with our hot water heater and really didn't care for it lol.

Tbh on not convinced of all the health benefits of cold showers that people state online either. I'm sure some are accurate and other not so much. Also, what are the negative effects caused by the stress of shocking ones body? 🤔
Weight loss? Sure lowering your body temperature forces it to burn more calories to stay warm, which can lead to weight loss, but in general, more burned calories just tends to make a person more hungry, which makes them eat more, which makes them maintain their natural weight or possibly gain does it really work? Do people who live in Northern countries where it's colder tend to carry less weight than people who live in the South where it's hot all the time? In my experience it is literally the opposite of that... 🤣😂
I'm always skeptical about any wishy washy health claims lol 😆

Hey thanks dude, I appreciate that.

Yes to all of the above. The mental part is the most challenging, not the water. Something about maintaining negotiations are over once I made my mind up is rewarding. Leaving the faucet in the cold position when it makes no sense whatsoever because a hot shower sounds WAY BETTER is pretty fascinating.

I'm not always this all over the place just usually.

Whaddup Leaky! What I didn't do is ask google why I shouldn't take cold showers. I'm sure there's just as many if not more studies proving cold showers are terrible or deadly or something else.

The mental part is the most challenging, not the water.

Yeah totes man. I agree

What I didn't do is ask google why I shouldn't take cold showers

I'm sure the pros outweigh the cons but would be funny if it was the opposite and no one ever checked lol

I still didn't do it. Probably the same author; skin, hair, et cetera with a slightly altered title.

Now then, about those mud baths....

I'll pass on the cold shower offer no matter of what the benefits are, but I'd gladly take your living room view

Hey you! You know I love me some LivingUK visits. Yeah according to the comments it's becoming clearer I'm on my own on this one =}.

I can't see it getting old any time soon. And there's iguanas everywhere, check it out, one crawled on a boat.

Tough to focus on anything that isn't directly in front of me.

Now that sounds pretty chill to me... Like your shower!!! Ha, yes, but we like the OPTION of health benefits, right?

Someone's gotta do it. :wink:

Hello River. Yes, optional of course. I'm only saying these things cuz I googled the pro's. I'm sure there's just as many con's but there's no fun in that.

I've seen some of your recent sand dune fun, you're no stranger to good times either.

He he, we do try ...

All I really want is to be somewhere I don't want to leave. You ever have or had that problem? Maybe it's something I'll get over one of these days.


Coffee, Chill, and Boats.. OH MY! :P

so has your hair gotten much stronger since u started the cold showers?

LoL like a real one too, not one of those fake LoL's people do to be nice.

So strong it's doing curls.


For a couple more days. Had to get a car and stuff. We're headed north, not as far as DC (too cold!), and hope something sticks. Fingers crossed.

Hey thanks man!

That's crazy. I'm glad he said one more story. What a crazy story, stopping by the hospital then dude gets a transplant. Life is a trip.

To be honest I saw tours from previous years and other future ones where that guy keeps popping up🤔

You mean to tell me he's living a social media life in real life?! I should've known.

Fool me once shame on me.

Well, if anything dude got lifetime tour tickets! If only they had more than one or two hit songs from 20 years ago!

Dem dere pics lookz more like you be clicking on sunsets... Lie'n yer ass off gain, ain't cha...!?!?!?!?

Hey jussa cuz I ain't be knowin what's up & what's down mmkay & wuzntilbout 4pm on Wenzdy I learneded tiz in fact Wenzdy mmkay and not Mundee awright don't be meanin I ain't knowna differnce tween set and rise!

All that and my nose didn't grow.


Dang man, I just reread that. Remind me not to type like that again.

I'll probably forget to remind you, but if I don't... I will...

Judging by the accent you might be in one of the Carolinas by nowz...

Dadgumet, I reckon you're onto sump'm ya'hear.

So of course it's censored, right..

Because music videos require age verification on YouTube when underage sex trafficking and wars and deadly Safari adventures or shark attacks and school shootings and mistress murders do not.

So I wasn't sure what I was gonna hear. Verified my Virgin ears are prepared, clicked play, It's been about Fo-Fo years too long since I heard that track.

Like composting—never gets old.

Fuck Florida and fuck cold showers.

When you gonna stop being so passive and tell us how you really feel?

Sorry, it's the Canadian in me.



No cold showers for me, thank you. I don't care what the benefits are. I NEED my hot water. 😅
I like the idea of snapping sunsets at the beautiful location. Each day tells a new story.

The more I reply to these comments the more I think maybe I should've kept that one to myself dot dot dot dot.

Hello @rimicane. Yawright? <3

Kinda tough to leave the house when it looks like that. Oh darn.

Don't be a stranger.

not everyone likes coffee...

What?? What madness is this?

Especially in front of views like that!!


So I was gonna end that coffee paragraph with whoever the fuck they are, right? But the following one ends with whatever the fuck that means and back to back fucks can do ah hell I've tried twice now and don't know where I'm going with this.

Cheers Boom.

Too many fucks can lead to fuckeritis. You probably did best when not fucking around too much. Especially with the coffee.

Nice to see you back! :O)

Much thanks. Trying at least, the dust is still quite a ways from settling.

Even if it doesn't look like it, I stop by your page when my notifications alert me. Your consistent humor is appreciated.

Well thank you get much dudeski!

Well thank you get much dudeski!

I don't care what the health benefits are, but I'm a ninny when it comes to a cold shower, even in the heat of summer!
But like you say @dandays, there are many who don't have the luxury of running water!
No wonder you feel out of sorts with all the moves!
But... the photo are simply stunning!

Oh sweetest Lizelle, again I begin by apologizing. Sorry I put you through those curse words.

Thanks for keeping an eye on me. I hope this finds you well. How's the Air B&B'ing these days, are you having guests often?

It seems most everyone agrees with you on this one and I'm nuts!

Thank you.

I don't blame you one little bit about using curse words when it comes to atrocities like that, seems like some governments want to take us back to the dark ages!
As for the bnb...I must apologize on behalf of your airbnb hosts in Portugal ...wink wink...could not resist that...for the cold water! We aren't getting many leisure guests since the natural disaster of April, the sea water at Durban's main beaches had/still have high e-coli levels because of sewerage spillage following mudslides... We had a short lull but are now being kept very busy with guests coming for weddings, birthdays, illnesses, sadly sometimes followed by funerals, business, the reasons are endless but what is keeping us really busy, is the local training centre, a huge blessing!
We have a massive energy crisis so have 2-hourly outages called loadshedding, thankfully the water stays hot, for now, but the forecast is that this is going to become a disaster, not just an energy crisis! Younger skilled people are running across the waters as government corruption has drained the coffers!
Our son leaves for Netherlands in Jan, wants us to follow once he's settled but our roots are planted very deeply here...we'll see what the future holds!
You take care of yourself and your Pura @dandays xxx

I'm the biggest liar on the blockchain if I said I expected that.

Not sure if I should admit it or not but apparently I'm spending so much time paying attention to other worldly noose I haven't caught a single piece about e-coli and corruption where you're at. I had no idea.

Bad enough your son has had enough.. That's a tough decision to leave your family, conditions must be terrible. I hope it works out for him. Does he know people there? Anyone? How interesting.

The surfers all go up or down the coast as the city beaches are affected. Those mudslides were just hectic, our road is still not repaired, our neighbours cannot rebuild their garden cottage as insurers don't cover reinstatement of land, so they've had to use the money for building retaining walls, fencing etc. Their cottage is no more, only the foundations are left so it may just be paved & become extra parking. Their neighbours cannot rebuild their house, also insurance shortfall, so are selling it as is & plan to move to their daughter in Ireland, once she's settled (she only moved there last year)
Our son's employers (Israeli based) are slowly moving out of SA, so he's going to their Utrecht branch. Has spoken to some of the guys there.
That's my Friday story xxx

You know anyone who reads that will wonder why you're staying, right? Right. Bleak picture. I hope things change real soon. Unfortunately, one thing life has taught me is things only get gradually worse.

Utrecht. Pura and I had such a great time in Amsterdam. Has he ever been to Netherlands? Such a nice community. And tall, too!! Anyone ever mentioned that to you? I'm a little over 6 foot so all through EU and UK especially, I feel particularly tall. We'd often mention it out loud to each other how maybe it's the lack of Vitamin D but for whatever reason, the men are short.

Not Netherlands! I'm not making this up, even urinals in public toilets are a little higher than most in Netherlands. = }

Now that I think about it, @thebigsweed is Nordic and he's like 6-4 if I'm not mistaken.

My son won't have a problem with the urinals then 😜, he's much taller than his dad. His great grandpa was German & great grandma Norwegian, he must have inherited more of their genes as he was a tall man.
He's never been there before, is flying us over in May for my beeeg birthday so we can see the tulips, if things go according to plan.
It's pure greed by those in authority that's brought our country to this state.
For now we still have our little haven, & it's not all bad, but basic services like power, water, sewerage, roads and health and...and...are all falling down. The tourist destinations are still great, but getting there one is faced with roads that at are in a poor state. The big resorts all have costly electricity backup and water supplies. It's the poorest of the poor who suffer the most with unemployment. I'm painting a bad picture but things have just gotten worse ever since covid!
But we still have much natural beauty around us, for which we are thankful,
Have yourselves a great weekend @dandays!

But doesn't cold water make your cock shrivel?

Yeah but it's ok, so do hands.

is one of those yachts urs?

cold shower is hard.. for my permanent pain cramp body..

Hey what's up man? Thanks for stopping by.

The mental challenge is tougher than the cold water. Feeling it is one thing but leaving the handle in the cold position when you know how comfortable hot would feel is the toughest part.

is one of those yachts urs?

LoL! Yeah sure, and I tow it with my Lamborghini.

haha lambo is not the best towing machine :D

mental challenge is impossible when you have fucked muscles, fascia, cramps and permanent pain, I still have to shower cold sometimes, but really hope it is not too often this winter

I am trying to leave next year until I am better physically and financially
so I will try to only come back when I do not longer need to worry to not survive winter :/

Dang, you sound about as fucked as me. One thing we can probably agree on is it doesn't get better, just gradually worse.

Interesting. Where would you like to go, are you already decided? Where are you now if you don't mind me asking? Be as vague or accurate as you want or just tell me it's none of my business.

You said cold so I have several guesses.

germany right now

Im very interested in albania, georgia

but it is not easy, especially being on one's own and with the pain & being criminalized by law stuff cuz of my pain, not allowing me to work

but I'm getting through
maybe I should also just stop caring about people and how they feel
just take what they can offer instead of trying to philosophize and them being mad at me and giving no help anymore..

Germany would've been my guess after reading your homepage but there's a lotta shit going on over there right now so I don't wanna accidentally mention the wrong country.

We recently spent some weeks in Prague and Budapest—first hand experience with current events.

Albania was on our radar actually. True story. Gorgeous coast line and super affordable! Now that you mention it, I think we've talked about this before.

Bad timing. Because of current events I was unable to acquire a visa and yata yata, long story short, had to get tf out!

I lost my foot once, motorcycle wreck, ever since I've been standing on one leg which consequently made my spine look like a road map. Your situation is obviously different and I hope you're in better shape than me but virtual or not, I have a vague idea what you're going through.

Here's to a pain free day. 👊🏼

Nice try but I ain't falling for it.

Is Pura's real name Carmen Sandiego?

C for Cleverestresponse.

Never heard of her til now. Wasn't sure if you misspLeLed Carmel. Then I did some research. Very clever sir.

WTF is wrong with you man..?

Facial Moisturizer??

Pink Princess on your tool box and now this...

I am now rethinking my Mountainbiker, Gate Keeper, Java Slayer.

I am not sure if my cat will agree with me. I will have her take a look at this post.

My feelings Wrapped up in a song. I miss the guy I thought you were... Lmao

Juss fuckin' wit you bro. Actually I am more infatuated with you now. And that was a pretty kewl post. Samantha will agree I am sure. As you know, "Sammi Jo Runs this Show"
Boss Kitty Sammi Jo Runs Show.jpg

Ya know, For havin' that mumbly peg you sure as fuk get around.

What in the heck is up my dude! I didn't see you for awhile and had to go look around. Glad I was able to get your attention.

Facial moisturizer, "guilty!" Dude I swear I fought that shit my whole life just until about a year ago. Maybe even less. For whatever reason, I allowed myself to be talked into that time and now I'm hooked!

Before I read your paragraph following Shinedown, I'd already decided on my defense strategy:

Nice to see again sir and I'm not just saying that to be nice. Whenever I see you in the comment section I get cold feet. I mean foot, just one. Or maybe that's a side effect of cold showers dot dot dot.

Always a pleasure Randy. Thanks man. Rub'er ears for me.

My pet human told my I had to see if this would pass the "Scratch N' Sniff" test.. =^,,^=

It did. Sorry my human does not get on here as much as we should. He is pretty busy worshipping me. I just wish he would feed me more often...


Your timing is quite alright.

Speaking of alright, where's that Stars n Stripes dashcover bed of yours made?



Cheers @eii. I appreciate your consistency.

Cold shower reminded you to write this content, must have had a rush of blood to the head. Cold throughout summer is one thing... winter not so much!

Yet we dived into swimming pools with thin layer of ice just some years ago, is it an age thingy? The complaining 🙃

Great to see those brilliant sunrises that was well worth an early coffee start!


Hello JoanStewart. I always love me a Joan visit.

I don't know if you've ever smoked and quit smoking but the water valve is kinda like that. It's been more than 8 years now since I smoked a cigarette but I swear there's not a day that goes by where I don't think of the frikkin things. That's like the water valve kinda, not a second goes by where I'm not arguing with myself to switch it to hot!!

Sorry to put you through curse words. It's not until grandma's, ladies, or someone else drops me a line I'm reminded how public this is.


Shits & Giggles, quit smoking never tis what sticks sanity together, nicotine and !BEER or !WINEX after dinner in the eve too....

Smoke with coffee imperative to face the day before the brain wakes up completely realizing what a shit hole we currently living in.

Sailor talk all good, one hears worse in houses of parliament of late!

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That's the cigarette thought I still can't shake, the first one of the day. I've talked to several people who say it's doesn't give them the same head high it does me but I swear there's about a 30 second window somewhere about half way into that first one that's pretty spectacular.

Gets me so loopy I can hardly walk. Then the whole rest of the day I'm, I wish I wouldn't have done that! Now I won't be able to stop again! Danget!! and I regret it and wish I could stop and yata yata so after about 5 failed attempts I did it. Going on 8 years now. Those things are the toughest thing to put down out of all the things I've put down.


Done it twice, given up that is...., now well, let's just say it helps my sanity! Brain farts even need a drug or two to help them on the way the older you get, it's exhaustipating thinking about unsmoking just because they say so!

Back in 2014 I got certified to scuba dive. It's probably the most rewarding cert in my wallet.

During training, I learned all about decompression sickness and how carbon monoxide in smokers increases the risk. Sounded horrible; everything from veins imploding to death. Haven't smoked since. Cigarettes, of course. = }

But they're on my mind regularly so smoke one for me!

Will pull out my pipe and enjoy fresh just for you! Cannot implode, explode or anything else any quicker with the filth around.

Hey @dandays, here is a little bit of BEER from @joanstewart for you. Enjoy it!

Did you know that <a href=' can use BEER at dCity game to buy cards to rule the world.

So I recently began this thing where I take cold showers and then attempt to talk you into trying it by listing the multitude of health benefits alongside a multitude of distracting photos.

LoL, It worked! Mission successful.

Oh yeah! Cookies do be creeps these days indeed °_°. Needless to say, you made the right choice.

The thing you said about complaining about not having hot water when probably, there are some people out there whom, they themselves, DON'T EVEN HAVE WATER AT ALL, is unfortunately a sad truth. People just get so lost I'm this mundane world and their activities, that they fail to appreciate the little things.

Like hot water, or the ability to buy a donut or something. It the little things. Glad you pointed that out.


Damn... Sick picture tho! Tell me, did you just stay up all night all through sunset, taking pictures at every interval like some crazy person?😏 xD

Such a nice comment, thank you. I saw it earlier today but wanted to respond properly and I've been unable to cuz I'm all over the place like a headless chicken.


Whaddup! I don't think we've met. Apologies if we have. One thing you should know about me is I forget shit regularly and repeat myself often repeat myself often.

About that water. People, myself included, are good at taking what we have for granted. Just today I overheard a lady on the phone talking about a game rental thing to whoever they call about game rental things. She said "this is the most inconvenient thing I've ever dealt with!" in a loud, aggressive voice.

At first I was like, I can't believe she's talking that loud. And then I was like, dang what a glorious life when the biggest inconvenience is a video game.

Those were sunrises actually, not sunsets. All I have to do is point and click, everything's right there making it easy for me.

That's okay really, I know how distracted headless chickens can be😅

Also, you're quite right. This is my first time meeting a one Mr/Mz/Mrs Danday :)

repeat myself often repeat myself often.

LoL, I see what you did there ;)

Damn, if only video games were my biggest inconvenience right now 👀. Clearly Ol' Mrs lady wouldn't know a REAL inconvenience if it hit her on the face with a frying pan!

Oh and yeah, my bad... I meant sunrise😅

So I opened your response and went to your page, that was an hour ago. Kidding. Way to etch 3,000 words on the blockchain. I don't know much about real estate but that's a lot.

Pleasure to be met! And thanks for keeping an eye on me. If at any time I disappoint, let me know and I'll kick my ass for you.

Way to etch 3,000 words on the blockchain

LoL, you say it like it's some huge achievement - I call it Thursday:). Although, what you just said gives me an idea for a crazy (world record style post). Take a guess...

Ahh... But the pleasure is all mine really.

If at any time I disappoint, let me know and I'll kick my ass for you.

Oh, I'll do you one better :)

3,000 is impressive. You can knock my record outta the water if you like, I did 4,764 once.

For real?... Nah, now I'm definitely gonna try to beat it.

I'm sorry but I've been looking at your blog for weeks now hopping you will post something, anything.

Ps- you have a cyber stalker now

So you know what's crazy?
I literally stumbled on an article a few weeks back about why you should take cold showers as opposed to warm one. As I was reading your post, I was already bracing my self to come at you for choosing warm water to cold one, then I read to the end and realized, "shit, I forgot how smart he is, he figured it out". Lol

So listen, I'm pissed. Your photos are just out of this world. WHATTTTTT*. Those sunset photos are genuinely brilliant. I'm more than impressed.

I got plenty of room for stalkers. = }

Anytime Stevenson7 compliments my photos I must've done something right. Thanks a lot man. There's a few of you who set the bar regarding photography, I don't take your compliments for granted.

Did you try it yet—cold shower? I mean cold, too, not just luke warm or room temp. It's a mental challenge, seriously, leaving that handle in the cold position when all it takes is a little twist of the wrist to make it hot is a helluva mind exercise first thing in the a.m.

Sorry I don't get by more often. We've literally been all over the map lately. The dust is beginning to show signs of settling though and what I'm seeing appears to be turning out quite nicely. I'll be sure to update you. I'm just going in every direction at the same time these days, paying attention to blockchain content or anything else right now is even tougher than leaving the handle on cold.

Cheers dude.

I'm going to save us the awkward, "who's going to stop texting"first moment.

But just so you know, you've got friends here who think of you.


Don't reply or else

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, so you're back on home dirt safe and sound, well, maybe sound.
It sounds like you and Pura once again traveled all over the place, four countries and six states in under three months, youth sure does have its benefits.

Cold showers, no need to convince me. It's tough stepping into a cold shower especially without notice and when your head isn't ready for it.

For as long as I can remember I have finished off every shower with the hot water turned completely off. Let the water run for a minute or two, step out and I'm like a new man.
My kids tell me that's why we had three boys, cold water is good for the male sperm cells, go figure. Hey, if you're looking to have a kid and you want a boy, stay out of hot tubs. untitled.gif

Fort Lauderdale, Florida looks like it avoided the brunt of the storm.

Good luck with your future plans.

We hope Pura is doing well and let her know that we had the turkey meatballs from the recipe book, about an hour ago. I think Robin has made them at least 6 times.

I read some of the comments and yes, I'M Nordic, both Norwegian, Swedish from my dad's side.
Peace my friend.

You just made her day. Nice to see her eyes light up like that before 9am. Gonna be a good day. That's not an exaggeration. Her eyes lit up, voice raised a few octaves, totally delighted. Very cool, Mr and Mrs Jurg.

Thank you

It's just me and you here, right? My man, between my leg and back and her pancreas and digestive system, we could hardly keep up anymore. Something had to give. I haven't shared the part about Budapest yet where my knee went out. Hobbled back to the stay by taxi and Pura's shoulder as a crutch. Leg elevated on ice while she took back off IN Budapest in search of a cane. Blonde.. tattoos.. American.. in Hungary.. in search of a cane! She was gone about 3 hours, took like five different spots to finally find one all while translating with her app and electric scooter navigation. Dude I've been walking with it ever since. Not a single UK physician would see me. I even went to private, cash-only one, wouldn't even X-Ray me because of my temp visa. Need some quality US medical attention—stat!

And that's only half of it. Pura never did get an MRI. 6 months and all they did was waste our time with various GP's and annoying phone calls with imaging appointments being rescheduled, one after the other.

Don't know what you got til it's gone.

There's a little aftermath here, you see it in the streets occasionally—palm tree branches and taped off drainage but apparently Ft. Lauderdale avoided the brunt of it.

Being able to add some delight to Pura's day makes me smile. You may want to let her know that every time Robin makes the Turkey balls, I end up overeating, roll around on the floor and end up in a food coma. By the next morning when everything has made its way out of my stomach, I look to see if I have left any for a snack, which is usually not the case.
While we are on the topic of food made using the recipes from your book, I keep reminding Robin to do a post on what she has made. She is a little concerned with doing so because Pura's name is on the cover. I told her it's probably not a big deal and that we could simply cover it or do a little something over her name.

Real bummer about your leg and the entire situation with not being able to get the care you both need. I would have gotten very nervous after about an hour with Pura being out on her own for so long 3 hours must have felt like eternity.

I know this reply is late and hopefully by now you both have been able to see the doctors you need. It has to feel good to be back in the states after such an experience.

Have a good day my friend.

Yes, we're progressing nicely, thank you.

You ain't kidding. Those three hours felt like a whole day.

Oh man, I don't know where to begin. You tell her we said please do. If letting her name getting out was an issue, she wouldn't be working on a second cookbook as I write this. We'd love to hear about her creations making their way to Robin's kitchen. If we collect any stalkers, I'll send'em to your place. 👊🏼

The positivity we've received regarding that book really makes us think we're doing something right.

Much love Jurg's. Thank you.

PS - I hear you've forgotten how to practice patience during this rehabilitation process. Mhmm.. ducks outta the way of a left cross.

I'm not sure what happened to my reply to your reply which I thought I sent days ago. After replying to your reply or did I make a comment to your comment, who knows, I mentioned to Robin what you had replied/commented about letting Pura's name get out, not being an issue. When I told her you would be sending any stalkers our way we both had a chuckle, me for the second time.

Good luck with 2nd cookbook, I'm sure that it will turn out as splendid as the 1st.

After undergoing 3 joint replacements in less than a year, my patience has run the f--k out.

Hopefully, your knee is doing better.

Okay, I'm now going to push the reply button, that must have been the issue the first go around. I know, excuses, excuses.

Oh, man! You make me miss living on the water. I can't wait to get back to that lifestyle.

There's something rewarding about being up at sunrise. I absolutely love it. I know my health is tip-top when I am able to do that.

A lot of mental preparation is required to take a cold shower.

I'd say to anyone seeking cryotherapy to go for it and leave me to have my hot water. I still take hot showers when I'm in the tropics... and internally, it's ambient water for my drinking pleasure:)))

Funny. My drinking water is the same. I prefer room temp, not that ice cold shower water stuff! = }

Good morning afternoon MillyCF. Thanks for checking this one out. I'm the biggest liar online if I said these morning sunrises aren't a great way to begin the day.

I'm from Los Angeles so I'm accustom to sunsets. Real easy to make a sunset on time, very little scheduling is required. Sunrises, however, not so much. More often than not, an alarm clock or something similar is required but oh so worth it!

Thank you. <3

Lots of beautiful sunrises you have had. Those ones with the bumpy clouds that are all red that spread across the sky like a rash are really pretty, but the best are those blue glow still reflection sort you have also - ones where if you could walk into the picture Mary Poppins style, you might accidentally fall into the water while trying to walk on sky...neither of which makes any sense, but you get my point.

I had a forced cold shower before too, when I had a dozen teenaged nieces and nephews in my house soaking up all the hot water for themselves. Similar reaction the first time: These ungrateful brats have me cooking and cleaning for them, and then they dare to steal my hot water?! But then afterward it was so refreshing that I wasn't even annoyed anymore.

If that's what you call not making any sense, you're formally invited to be senseless more often.

Tough to take a bad photo here. Even my dinosaur iPhone 8 is like, you don't need the GoPro for this.

Good morning, GinnyAnette. Thanks for checking me out. I just got done responding to your other message, I'm really enjoying keeping up with your road trip.

Damn kids! Like being germ infested little humans who can't fend for themselves isn't enough. = D

Good morning, so you are in Florida, nice place you have there. Your photos are really beautiful. When the hurricane hit Florida, I cried. So many people were made homeless overnight, and a lot of seniors that had put their life savings into a retirement home had nowhere to go and lost everything. Tough to start over at 70 y/o.

Speaking of years old, my hubby will turn 70 tomorrow, Nov. 6th. It is hard to wrap my head around this number, where did all the time go, but then I look at my family and realize we have spent our time wisely. My grandkids bring us so much joy and fun. Last weekend I left my patient home alone for the first time since his last surgery. I went to Jersey and celebrated a birthday and Halloween with my kids and their kids. After four days, I floated home with a big smile and a heart full of love.



What I want to know is what you and pura were for Halloween. My daughter and I were Tweedle de and Tweedle dumb. You were probably Ying and yang.

I am really glad you are doing well, seems pura is holding her own, AMEN TO THAT.

Enjoy the sunshine state, great time of the year to be there.
Sending hugs!!


Tweetle who? I thought you were front counter at Wienerschnitzel, was about to order a beyond meat hot dog with chili and fries.

Hello @farm-mom with the luckiest grandkids.

Thanks a lot for the reblog. Sorry for the curse words

I was just chatting with the Big almost 70 year old. He said you made turkey meatballs recently. I told Pura. She got so excited her voice raised a few octaves.

There's still some visible aftermath, mostly drain repairs and palm tree clean up. Apparently the east coast was spared in comparison to west coast, Ft Lauderdale in particular. We saw the destruction over in Cape and Tampa on the noose, horrible.

Have a great weekend, Jurg's, thanks a lot for keeping up with us this whole time.

Hey, I am trying to figure out what to do this winter since our fav Florida locations have been destroyed. I am just happy I didn't book a big house again, which they tend to keep your deposit if you cancel, I would have been pissed.

I am kicking around Aruba and Mexico and stopover in Sarasota to see my best friend and sister. Haven't made any real plans yet since the big man is still recovering, the Holidays are around the corner and Bob worries about the flights being canceled and sleeping in the airport, which has happened before.

All I know is when the real winter hits home, we are outta here.

Let pura know we love that meatball recipe, I made a big batch yesterday, thinking we would get at least 2 dinners out of it, but when I looked in the frig this morning there was just 3 balls left. 3 that's odd don't ya think, dang! hehehe

I will let her know for sure. Things like that really boost her confidence.

She's been talking about putting together a more refined cookbook. Her grandparents, you, and some others appreciate her first attempt, makes her want to do an it her one.

That's been a lot of the conversation lately along with food truck talk. She has a good idea. A panini, coffee & pastry truck (PCP) all of which will be sugar free. With her pancreatitis, she can't consume sugar anymore. Over the past year or so she's really excelled at not sparing any taste for sugar, something I encourage her to peruse. Helluva niche.

Well wherever you guys go is gonna be a party!

Oh, I think that is a great idea PCP, who doesn't love a packed panini followed by a good cup of joe and a sugar-free pastry, there are lots of ways to sweeten baked goods without sugar.
Love the new cookbook thingy also, I can't tell you how many times I have read her first one. It's a beautiful book. I love the personal touch of the photos. Now I will have to get to her sweet section and try some baked goods.

MY COUSIN JUST MOVED TO FT. LAUDERDALE. Coral Springs. If you see a pale-ass befreckled amazonian redhead that otherwise looks like me, tell her Anna told you to tell her hi.

I got excited. Now I'm gonna go back and finish reading your post.

Really sweet lady. I could tell she's not a big fan of all the attention though. She told me to tell you STOP GIVING OUT HER COORDINATES!

Ha, she looooooves when I give out her coordinates.

Well fuck yeah 💪

Well whaddup! Thank you, I'm glad you approve this message.

Na. This cannot be healthy !LOL dont believe everything what Dr google says ;-)
Portugal now?
Nice to see a proof of dandays alive

How do locomotives know where they're going?
Lots of training

Credit: reddit
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Hello Beeber. <3 It's nice to be seen.

It's healthy if you ask the right question. Just don't ask google what the potential risks are, I'm sure it's pretty balanced.

Trust your body and your instinct !LUV

Hey there, I too when away for a while, but so glad to see your post (missed those). I got some cathching up to do, but wanted to say hi ("Hey" in Canadian). Amazing pics (I like to see the same image with a different skies, looks like a great place). Cheers!!

Eh what's up eh? I'm typing Canadian don'cha'know?

Was nice seeing you in my feed again. Been a long time hasn't it? We've been at this what.. 5 something years now. Glad you didn't forget how to find me.

You would feel at home in Canada talking like that :-D. Yup -: 5 years, so I won't forget how to find you for sure!

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Ok I'm back.

Apply one cold shower to an anxiety attack to reduce or alleviate symptoms. (You don't need to do this if you live in Portland, just save your anxiety attacks for autumn and winter and step outside naked. If you live in Vermont or Alaska, just fall through the ice in a pond.)

Pretty pictures. I like coffee.

Well who are you, Back or Anna?

Good morning.

I was just checking out your Valdez photos. Without seeming too stockery, you're in Portland, right? Was that Valdez trip a different trip or was that part of your recent road trip where your battery went dead at the lodge the lady and her husband took over where you bought her book? I even edited rewrote rearranged the question, it still seems stockery.

..and step outside naked.

You ever streaked a public beach? Once you're out in the break, it clicks that at some point you have to run back. Both ways, in case you're wondering, it's super tough to run like nearly tripping over your own feet cuz you're laughing hysterically. Or so I've heard.

This is a long response already and I didn't ask if ice ponds induce heart attacks.

Well who are you, Back or Anna?

Hi Dad! Yer funny.

I've been slowly posting each day of my month-long adventure I took in August, partly because I have so many photos, and partly because it was life-changing. Mostly because I need to make money to pay down the credit card bill and because I have to write.

I am in Portland more often than not, if you must know, you damn stalker. Or are you a stocker? Hey stock boy, run in the back and see if we have any more Folgers Instant Orange Juice, would you? And if you and Pura ever come out this way you better not ask if I want to meet up for a coffee or a drink (coffee is a drink, Anna, wtf) because that would really creep me out.

You ever streaked a public beach? Once you're out in the break, it clicks that at some point you have to run back. Both ways, in case you're wondering,

Firstly, LOL! For reals. Not the blank face inserted emoji to be polite. Secondly, not exactly, but I used to hang out at Black's Beach in San Diego, where nobody has to wear clothes. I spent some time not wearing clothes there. Once I was surf-fishing in just my bottoms and pulled in a cute baby shark by accident. Some guy wearing nothing but his dingle came running over because he wanted to see. The shark. And maybe my boobs. I felt uncomfortable, and was also irrationally afraid I might accidently hook his junk. That might have been the turning point for my attendance at streaker beach. That and it was just about the time when camera phones were becoming a thing.

I win this round of Long Comment Contest of the Day.

Without reading my comment I was like did I really mispLell stalker. Oh hell yes I did—twice! I'm not gonna fix it either. I worked at Thrify Ice Cream once, remember that place? I cleaned floors, served ice cream, stocked (c.k.e.d, ya) shelves. I had the baddest collection of eye drops back then. <- Bet you weren't expecting that. That's when I learned clear eyes is the best (or that!). None of which explain my spLeLlink error by the way, this is a distraction.

Like shark fishing.

Good morning. It's morning here. Your character count doesn't scare me.

I've never even heard of Black's Beach, I'm always last to find out!

Still got a compulsory twitch stare thing when I see orange Crosstrek's. If you see a dude in a black Outback hurt his neck trying to get your attention, he's just a stocker. They're totally harmless.

The chiropractor at my work drives a black outback, but I have a feeling you aren't him, even though I've never seen the two of you in the same room together.

I liked that you misspelled stocker. It gave me something to do. And I DO remember Thrifty ice cream, and Thrifty Drugstore. You didn't misPLElell that either, you were just being thrifty with your Ts. You really only need one T per word these days, if any at all. Language is always evolving, particularly when it comes to defunct drug store ice cream.

Chocolate malted crunch and mint chip on a cone. Back when gluten was still non-gmo by default.

I am physically incapable of using eyedrops. My eyes won't let my hands put shit in them and my hands are like, why tf would I put shit in my eyes, anyway?? (aka wimpy)

Portland has a naked beach somewhere on Sauvie Island. But being naked in Portland is only for bike rides.