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The card this week that is being highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge is the Beatrix Ironhand...

I personally only own 1 of these cards and I had never tried it out before using it for this challenge. Just looking at the stats, the main weakness of this card seems to be the health for the mana cost which makes it quite vulnerable. Just comparing it to the Earth Elemental card, it has 1 health more & self-heal for half the mana cost. Just based on that, it's not a card that I desperately need to have in my collection especially now when cards are starting to get really expensive. I did notice myself thinking it was cheap at 6$ for a single edition which tells how easy it is to get used to the current prices not putting them into perspective as the burn value in DEC based on the peg is basically 0.20$, so yeah.

The vulnerability of this card was pretty much highlighted in the fight as it the card was almost immediately taken out by the opponent due to low health. The one game rule I really dislike is Poison as it requires that Expensive Sacred Llama Mage summoner which will pretty much make you win the match regardless of what cards you play against an opponent who doesn't have it. I played the Nectar Queen as Tank in the hope that the Fly ability made the opponent at least miss once which didn't happen. I anticipated the Flesh Golem to at least be able to use the self-heal but it didn't get there. The Beatrix Ironhand I played mostly for this challenge and would likely have switched it by some other card. The deck ended with the Sand Worm which was too slow to take out his the back monster of the opponent, the Gelatinous cube which got to the front place way too quickly and the Earth Elemental which remains an awesome card for the 3 mana.

Similar to pretty much all matches in Splinterlands, this one was won by the player with more & better cards (Level 7-5 common cards / Level 4 Epics & 2 Legendaries vs Level 4 common cards. At the current earnings levels the game provides its easier to overlook the pay2win aspect of the game though.

Full Battle Replay

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cool article. did not have time to play it yet.

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you never have enough time, haha!

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Thanks for sharing! - @cieliss

Well done on the battlefield.