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The card highlighted in the Share Your Battle Challenge this week is one I honestly never heard of. This is the Dark Ha'O...

I do not own one of these cards so it was the perfect opportunity to try out the rental market which turned out to be really easy renting one of these cards just for a day to complete this weekly challenge and learn about the card. These 10 Mana+ cards were basically designed to sell Untamed packs bringing a new dynamic to the game with high mana battles (including one where you can use 99) being introduced. This makes them really powerful under the right circumstances. It goes for 85$ right now for a single edition which is not a price that is in relation to the returns from in-game earnings that can be gotten from it. There are just too many way cheaper options that allow players to get similar results and with Chaos Legion packs going for 2$ (most likely), 85$ worth of them will get you 212.5 single cards and most likely at least 2 legendary cards among them.

The game I played had high mana and rules where monsters have no abilities which makes it so that you want to play a high mana melee tank in the first position, the Dard Ha'On followed ny a bunch of high health magic cards, in this case, the Prismatic Energy, Phantom Soldier, Boogeyman, Spirit Miner to end with a high damage Ranged monster, The Twisted Jester

My opponent made the mistake to play too many ranged cards also not positioning them properly which allowed me to comfortably win the match

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Kron the undying is dying😆😂

nice game !PIZZA !LUV






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Thanks for sharing! - @ashikstd

I actually tried out the renting market just for this challenge.

I think a lot of players are doing this atm includes me.
Well done on the battlefield.