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Welcome to the daily compilation post of the Curangel project

Here we highlight the posts picked by our curators, providing you with a resource to discover content worth your time, and maybe even your vote!

Curator @anggreklestari

Icelandic memories
Musical Time Travel
Views of our slow growing and productive garden...
The Art of Tattoo | El Arte del Taruaje 🖋 ENG|ESP
(ENG-ESP) Exquisite baked fish with bell pepper, carrot and onion
Rich nutritious sandwich with back ham and egg – Recipe ESP-ENG
Breaking In The New Pier
PhotoEdits @oscarps - Noise in the water
My most favourite pairs of outfits
Confused Nature or Confused Humans: September Flowers Blooming in August and Musings About Anthropocentrism
Brief - New Decisions -- Breves - Nuevas decisiones
A Night Well Spent at La Tortue Diving Center

Curator @brumest

Colorful digital painting
Dinner Portraist // Akşam Yemeği Portreleri [EN & TR]
no preview
A lovely hivestyler dress now completed
Tuna Bread With Mozzarella
Scenes from a Bike - Edition 9 - #Monomad in the City
Personal Interpretation of "Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat" (Vincent van Gogh)
Giving coffee trees to Bana ethnic people
Ancient House In Cambodia 🏠 🏝 🍁
MONOMAD - Insect Activity in Black And White Eyes
He turned 3 and wanted a water party. The first birthday celebration with little friends at home.

Curator @crazy-andy

Amplituda - monomad challenge
The five-arched Bridge on the river Djurdjevica Tara
Iskar Dam photos from the Air
Clutch of Mystery Eggs
Two Beautiful Moths in the Sumatra Rainforest
Tower Of Fnatasy: First impressions + Personal opinion-- Esta chulito para jugar un par de horitas al día.
Roko feliz de acompañarnos en una paseo familiar // Roko is happy to join us on a family outing.

Curator @equipodelta

Reflexión: Vive y deja Vivir / Un buen Termino
 Fotografía: Retrato fotográfico | Piel de durazno en Photoshop ✨
[Esp-Eng] Tutorial: Así Elaboré Una Sencilla Y Muy Bonita Gargantilla Primaveral .//: This Is How I Made A Simple And Very Pretty Spring Choker .///
Solo con sus recuerdos - Guaco - Cover by David Osuna

Curator @ewkaw

Moth Trap 13th August 2022 - A mixed bag!
American Horror Stories Season 2 episode 1 Dollhouse Review/ Recenzja odcinka
An Outing with our Pet Snek
Sunday's Insect Safari
A bit of Greek atmosphere. My impressions of Athens.
Some tiny mushrooms in the forrest
[ENG-SPA]A gift🎁for my daughter👩//Un obsequio🎁 para mi hija👩
Receta: Empanadas de Queso hechas con mucho amor || Recipe: Cheese Empanadas made with love ♥
Meet Pheenic! Charismatic and friendly homeless cat!😽
Music Mondays: Let's Talk Maracas (Hablemos de Maracas) ENG/ESP
Distributing free cat food to Ukrainians.
Roadtrip across sLOVEnia : sleeping on a cliff + castle Tolmin

Curator @fmbs25

[ Esp - Eng ] El jardín de las quimeras | Ficción Literaria
Sólo Por Hoy [ESP-ENG]
One Hour Photo | Love you, Robin
Como una neblina que nos impide ver [ESP-ENG]

Curator @galenkp

Careful now, I just might visit your dreams Tonight :)
My weekend fixing my bike and taking some pictures🚲 🌸. 🌿
🇮🇳75 Years Of India's Indepedence🇮🇳 - Weekend Fun.
[WE-114] In the Reverie
I Wonder What Birthday Cake Tastes Like in Heaven....
[WE114]- The Trauma I Have and Nobody Knows
The experience of life
"Why did you just do that?" || WE-114

Curator @jotakrevs

Sesión de fotos para Aurora Jabón
Fun fair
Sublime Sunday - Exterminate!!
Beautiful and Sublime Sunday- Sandstorm Sunday
Chasing the sun - MARC #536
Just Saying Hello
Some stages of the lotus flower =/= Einige Stadien der Lotosblume 👹🍣🎎 Wonderful Japan GER-ENG
Star destroyer
Why Is Everyone So Dull?
TacoCat’s Travels #174 (Japan 9.0 - Hokkaido): Enjoying the Scent of Taste of Lavender! 💐
DJINN APPRENTICE FAN ART | splinterlands Art Contest Week 202!

Curator @lourdeshd6

Monomad - Hairy Trumpet (Panus fasciatus)
Wildflowers In The Morning
I got framed for Proof of Brain Photo Contest - FRAMING 🤣🤣
Mushroom Monday - An Abundance of Summer Fungi
Fascinatinginsects | Parasite Wasp Animal
Some very beautiful and interesting grasshopper photo poses - [08]

Curator @minismallholding

Pachamama, Mi Legado (Esp/ Eng)
[Eng/ Esp ] Entertaining Children's Domino / Entretenido Dominó Infantil

Curator @nikv

no preview
Making creative portraits with a projection
Sunrise and Sunsets of Western Australia
Landscaping. Large pond in 1 week.
My plants bearing fruit
CCC's Street Art Contest #105 these10fingers, Cape Town, South Africa
Daily art #1217 Commission
Geometry - Lightpainting on Hive
Fast upcycling or when did we stop sewing our own clothes?
Summer meadow with magenta flowers / Letnia łąka z amarantowymi kwiatami
📷 Blue-green Landscape

Curator @phage93

A Whole New World - Disney's Aladdin Cover - HIVE Open Mic 123
Cute Baby Drawing <3
Piazza al sole - acquarello su carta
Magic the Gathering TCG- A History of Control Deck Strategy
🇪🇦|🇺🇸 Un año más de vida que celebrar amado esposo, instantes en familia que valen oro. || One more year of life to celebrate beloved husband, moments that are worth gold.

Curator @romeskie

Let me take you to Pag-Utlan Camp Cebu!
Home School Vacation - A 5 A-side Football Game Challenge

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