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Once of the really useful cards of the previous Reward card set is highlighted this week in the Share Your Battle Challenge. This is the Centauri Mage...

This card has good health, reasonable speed and attack, and awesome abilities which makes it quite useful. Earth is one of the summoners I play the least and this card is at its most powerful in combination with another card that has some armor. I personally lack those in my collection and oftentimes when I use the Centauri Mage, I don't get the most out of it.

I just had to see in my played matches list to find a game where I used this card in a game where Only the Life or Death summoner could be used with rather high mana. The idea was to make a deck where the opponent would miss multiple times with the combination of Fly and Blind abilities. The Nectar Queen is generally a good 1st place tank with lots og health and good speed. It could also make use of the enrage ability. The Legendary Oaken Behemoth which costs 12 Mana helped to both make use of the Repair ability and the Enrage from the game rules. Another heavy hitter in 3rd place with the Sand Worm followed by the Centauri Mage and the >b>Spirit miner mainly to blind all the enemy monsters. the good old Furious Chicken even in a high mana match like this showed its use to block potential sneak damage.

The combination of Fly and Blind really paid off for this match as my opponent had a ton of misses trying to damage my tanks and the repair ability of the Centauri Mage also worked quite well for a relatively clean win.

Full Battle Replay

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They are amazing cards out hoping get hands on one.

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