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Curator @anggreklestari

Jagna Ran Out of Cakes!
Health Benefits of Bitter leaf and an insight to my Yam and Pawpaw farm
Some Days You Just Want To Be Defiant
no preview
Afternoon in achromatic - Monomad Challenge [ENG/ESP]
Don't be afraid of change - A hair journey reflexion [ESP - ENG]
Chapter II Passing flat (there is no such thing as death) ⚛️ Pasar de plano (no existe la muerte)
Civita di Bagnoregio - the "dying city" suspended in the void
Mindless Self-Indulgence: Sketches & Thoughts | Pages From My Sketchbook Part 5
Magic of Venice - watercolor on paper
[Blog #92] Storming the Walls of Fuerte San Miguel, Uruguay
Green Adventure Salad

Curator @brumest

Another b/w collection for the #monomad challenge
#monomad - A super wonderful day with an incredible team, one of them was this model.
Bryan II [eng|esp]
Girlfriend. - monomad
Some Smartphone Pictures I did the last months
"Silent hunting" for blackberries "Тихе полювання " на ожину
Getting back on the bike
Super Worm Beetles Hatching.
Monomad | Little Butterfly | Black And White
My Mighty Green Soup - The Ultimate Immune Booster Soup
Special edition Flowers for today | Sintrong Flower 🥰

Curator @crazy-andy

Art made by Artificial Intelligence is getting insane
Visit the mysterious beach: Batu Beach in the town of Sigli
Havana Malecon / Malecón de la Habana
Re-editing Old Images From 2008!
Dying Light : Pakour and zombies
Exploring the Secluded Beauty of Baganian, Zamboanga del Sur
Garden Photography

Curator @equipodelta

I Would Fold a Thousand Cranes |EN/ES|
Música en casa - Porque Podemos (Originalsong)
[Esp/Eng] Bolsita de regalo para galletas. // cookie gift bag.
I get an abandoned Lenovo brand CPU - I bring it back to life | Cleaning & Restoration (ENG/ESP)
Carta a mi cuerpo - ¿Es la forma de tu cuerpo quien presenta tus aptitudes?
Mi nuevo emprendimiento • My new venture
[Esp-Eng] Número 3 en capas // Number 3 in layers.
[Splinterlands] EPONA - Art Contest

Curator @ewkaw

Nirvana for Three Tune Tuesday Week 64
Park de Sa Feixina, Carrer de Manacor and more of monochromatic Palma [Eng - Esp] | My entry to the MONOMAD CHALLENGE
Switching to zero-waste dissolvable shampoo tablets
Ślimak winniczek (Helix pomatia)
Boardwalks, Greece - my entry today to the #monomad daily contest by @monochromes
Dziennik #132 - silne bodźce
WednesdayWalk #27 By Toffer: A Random Photos On My Yesterday Walked
Surreal Floating Castle [Digital Art]
A SONG OF ICE , STONES AND WATER (D/ENG/ESP) - My entry for the monomad challenge
Monomad || kids playing soccer
Wednesday Walk - Rufford Abbey Sculpture Park

Curator @fmbs25

Ella no es perfecta.
Story: Alexithymia [ES-EN]
Venganza [ESP-ENG]
➤ "The Strange Coffee Lover"

Curator @galenkp

A healthy hot springs bath and a tasty barbecue
Delivered last night! More for the outdoors
A very cultural, gastronomic and religious weekend in Margarita Island.
Weekend Woods Maintenance

Curator @jotakrevs

Kalmar Continued
Welcome to "Boschland": (AI world Creation)
Collecting view towers - in the land of northern wetlands
Final Photo Dump - Kakadu National Park - Australia
[ Esp - En ] Entre el recuerdo y el olvido | Poema
La mala hierba (Relato corto)
Monomad Challenge-Pottery Crafts From Clay Which Is Getting Eroded By Time
Courtyard spaces. The Center
Hawk At The Abandoned Asylum
Wednesday Walk along the Okhta River
My experience using the AI Midjourney.

Curator @lourdeshd6

Flowers everywhere
The mushroom day turned out to be Tuesday
Sedum spurium and friends
Fatass Journal... 2022#228 - Aug 16
Cycling to Sarafovo in August
#BlackAndWhite - Entrada para el #monomad challenge - En la calle [Esp/Eng]

Curator @minismallholding

Los Idolos se desvanecen
Nueva iniciativa REINVENT-ARTE / New initiative: Reinvent yourself
Esa Vida Nuestra **Tú debieras, tú deberías o tú debiste** / Iniciativa//That Life of Ours **You should, you should have**/Initiative.
Esp/Eng: .Science at home; having fun, while learning: tornado in the red sea! Ciencia en casa; me divierto, mientras aprendo: tornado en el mar rojo!
Conociéndome Mejor: Aprendiendo con la Ventana de Johari (ESP/ENG)
Un ritual de amor para la tierra. DÍA DE LA PACHAMAMA - RETO ESCRITURA CREATIVA. (Español/Ingles).
Horse Dung Fungus
🌸 🌳 🍌Weekly cleaning and harvesting 🌱 🍃 🍂
June/July Homeschool Miscellany
Mi sopa de clorofila / My chlorophyll soup

Curator @nikv

Golden Oldies
Cellardyke - A Picturesque Scottish Coastal Town
Black rice with the red sea perch\Schwarzer Reis mit Rotbarsch
Life is filled with surprises
[ENG/ESP] Makeup Peacock./Maquillaje Pavo Real.
Colores Profundos / Más allá de mis Entendimientos
Wednesday Walk: a visit at the temple to look for the old coffee shop.
Walk around ~ the port and beach in Sotogrande Spain 🇪🇸
Cassava with cheese, eggs with peas and cucumber - Yuca con queso, huevos con arvejas y pepino
Lonely seagull
Dancing with the water - Bailando con el agua
Succulents and cacti
Making Charcoal for the Compost Heap: Musing About the Benefits of Charcoal and Ash | A HiveGarden Journal Entry

Curator @romeskie

Farewell cover by @zbabe: A dedication song for you my friend @erikasue
Delicious Eggdrop Soup
[ESP/ENG] Delicioso pan sin levadura de tomate y queso gratinado. 😋 / Delicious unleavened bread with tomato and gratin cheese 😋

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My horse dung fungus post looks a little out of place with all those beautiful Spanish posts curated by @minismallholding. Maybe she's been hankering for some of that Spanish warmth on these cold South Aussie days

Thanks, of course to @curangel for hosting this great collection!

Hanging around with the Hispanics is warming enough. 😁

Thank you very much for your support, it is very valuable to me @anggreklestari and @curangel

Appreciation for the massive support, I really appreciate.

Thank you for the warm support @curangel and @romeskie 🤗💓

Thanks @brumest and @curangel have a nice day ❤️

Thank you so much @curangel and @nikv for the support and feature of my Wednesday walk post. 😊👋🏻 Much appreciated!

Congratulations to the other featured authors 🥳🥳
Have a great Thursday all!

Thanks again @anggreklestari & @curangel !

I appreciate your kind support. ❤️

Thank you curangel ☺️☺️ @anggreklestari

@jotakrevs and @curangel thank you so much for support my work 🙏

Agradecida de todo corazón, que bueno saber que lo que se hace con amor se valora, mil gracias. 🌹💯🙏

Thanks thanks. n.n

Thanks @brumest and all @curangel team for the mention and support, really appreciate it!
Best regards.

Gracias por el apoyo @romeskie 🤗 Y al proyecto @curangel 😊😊😊😊😊

Thank you for your featuring my post and most of all thank you @anggreklestari, for curating it. I appreciate it a lot 😃

Thank you very much for your love and support @curangel and Curator @ewkaw. I greatly benefited by your efforts. For these things I pray to God, that you all be well and happy.

Thanks to @lourdeshd6 and to all the team of @curangel for the support and the hard work.

Cheers guys... 🍻

Thank you so much @jotakrevs and @curangel for the curation feature. It's always an honor to be selected by curangel and it's amazing curators! Congrats to everyone else too!

Thank you so much @ewkaw and @curangel

Once again I am grateful to all the @curangel team in the hands of @galenkp. Blessings to all 😁

You're welcome.

Thank you! Have a great day! :)

Thanks for the support @minismallholding @curangel

Gracias @curangel, y @minismallholding, por su valioso apoyo, para seguir creciendo en este medio.

Feliz día!

Muchas gracias por tanto apoyo siempre!!! Es realmente motivador!!!

Thank you my friends @curanel & @jotakrevs for the support, God bless you, best regards.

Siempre agradecido con todo el equipo por la estupenda labor que hacer. Que sigan los éxtios!! Gracias xD